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Found 14 results

  1. Early reviews are in for the 'Bunty Aur Babli' sequel and critics are less than pleased
  2. Amitabh Bachchan recently terminated his contract with a pan masala brand saying that he didn’t know that it ‘falls under surrogate advertising’. This came after he was requested by a national anti-tobacco organization to withdraw himself from the advertising campaign. The ad campaign promoted pan masala and the national anti-tobacco organization advised him that withdrawing himself from the brand would stop youngsters from getting addicted to tobacco. Earlier, his fans had also criticized the move. View this post on Instagram An official statement was released, saying, “Kamala Pasand … a few days after the commercial was aired, Mr Bachchan contacted the brand and stepped out of it last week. Upon checking why this sudden move – it was revealed that when Mr Bachchan became associated with the brand, he wasn’t aware that it falls under surrogate advertising Mr Bachchan has terminated the contract with the Brand, has written to them his termination and has returned the money received for the promotion.” View this post on Instagram Earlier, a letter had been addressed to Amitabh Bachchan and Shekhar Salkar, President National Organization for Tobacco Eradication, stating pan masala ads should be stopped immediately. The letter read, “As an oncologist and member of an NGO working in the field of tobacco cessation, I am aggrieved and provoked to wage war against the dubious measures, such embellishment done by various influential and famous Bollywood actors like Shah Rukh Khan, Ajay Devgn, Ranveer Singh, and Hrithik Roshan, leading to increased tobacco use among students.” Earlier, Amitabh Bachchan had responded to a fan who asked him why he chose to endorse the brand. He said, “If some people are getting benefits from an industry, we should not think as to ‘why am I getting associated with it?’ If it is an industry, then we too should think of it as our industry. Now, you may think that I should not be doing it, but I get paid for it.” View the full article
  3. Nobody likes to watch ads in the middle of their favourite shows and movies and that is probably why we would rather watch on OTT platforms rather than on TV. However, there are a few ads that strike a chord with us because either they are extremely creative and witty or intriguing and inspirational. Case in point, the new ad of Pan Bahar featuring top superstars from two different film industries of India. © YouTube/Pan Bahar The product in question, mouth fresheners, has a penchant for having motivational ad campaigns about the success and fame of Bollywood celebrities, where you see them boasting about their well, success and fame. Pan Bahar too has roped in famous celebrities like Saif Ali Khan to demonstrate their slogan ‘pehchan kamyabi ki’. © YouTube/Pan Bahar However, this time, the ad went a bit higher and brought together two popular actors from Bollywood and Tollywood, Tiger Shroff and Mahesh Babu to endorse the product. However, that’s not why people are loving the new ad. It’s because they are finding the concept highly inspirational and motivational. © YouTube/Pan Bahar According to Mahesh Babu’s fans, the South superstar endorsing the brand is a fitting example of what success looks like. Also, they think while it’s a motivational ad, seeing Mahesh Babu definitely makes it better. © Instagram/Mahesh Babu Here’s what people are saying about the new ad: Such an amazing way to educate people about how to work hark and be better in the all new @PanBaharElaichi advertisement. #MaheshWithPanBaharElaichi@urstrulyMahesh pic.twitter.com/vpLZxyih5e — Ramesh Bala (@rameshlaus) September 28, 2021This is such a cool advertisement. it motivates me to be better and hustle!! Also, @urstrulyMahesh is like cherry on the cake. #MaheshWithPanBaharElaichi pic.twitter.com/799noLlW2T — Haricharan Pudipeddi (@pudiharicharan) September 28, 2021Pan Bahar ad nailed it. What a motivation full advertisement by Pan Bahar Elaichi featuring Mahesh Babu. #MaheshWithPanBaharElaichi pic.twitter.com/HXTALfNH3u — Himanshu Pandit (@itshimanshu41) September 28, 2021The new ad of @PanBaharElaichi is out and it makes me feel so high and tempted to work harder. The looks of @urstrulyMahesh are next level .So good to see him in this ad.#MaheshWithPanBaharElaichi pic.twitter.com/zX5dg8VWsk — Balaji Munna (@Balaji_munna) September 28, 2021In the ad, Mahesh Babu and Tiger Shroff credit their fans and audience for motivating them to hustle every day. They say that while shiny awards and trophies, fat bank balance and luxury cars are a perk, seeing their fans watching their movies is what makes them successful. People are loving the new take on success and the envious lives of these celebs is getting them all jittery and driven to achieve their dreams too. © YouTube/Pan Bahar What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments. View the full article
  4. The pandemic has brought about a stupid side of people that have forced us to believe that common sense is not at all common. A lot of people don’t understand the grim situation that the world is in amid the health crisis that we are facing. Recently, a 35-year-old Coronavirus positive man ran away from the isolation ward of SN Medical College in Agra just because he was craving pan masala. Yes, you read that right! © BCCL He fought with the staff and fled the ward to buy pan masala. He went to a shop and after sufficing his craving, he visited the house of a friend. The authorities of the isolation ward informed the police and then an hour-long search was conducted to trace the patient and that’s when he was found at his relative’s house. Now, everyone who met him including his friend and family is put under quarantine due to his stupidity. © BCCL He expressed to the authorities that he couldn’t find any pan shops open that day and so he had to go a bit farther. He then decided to visit his friend and his friend was unaware of his Coronavirus report status. Here’s what people on Twitter have to say about the incident- Aur Bolo Zubaan Kesari ! — Sumeet Singh Thakur (@thakurtohgayo) July 14, 2020Heights of insanity....is this how we are going to eradicate this virus or people literally want to stay idle for lives 🤯 — Ambica (@Ambica2580) July 14, 2020Please put out the name, picture and address of such crooks. Important to shame them — Unapologetic_nationalist 🇮🇳 (@sanjayrao2009) July 14, 2020Shd give him a few punches on his mouth & it will be filled with red pan masala. — Frontal Assault (@AssaultFrontal) July 14, 2020The patient also requested the family to admit him in a private hospital for treatment. Now, he is under a strict watch at the isolation ward of SN Medical College. It was also reported that he is mentally unstable and will take further treatment as well. View the full article
  5. Anushka Sharma has mostly been associated with meaningful ad campaigns. Be it the Manyavar advertisements with her husband and Indian skipper Virat Kohli, or her long standing association with Pantene. We have also witnessed that Anushka has been very vocal about her stance on certain endorsements, and declining those that do not align with her personal ideologies. Be it adopting and openly promoting a vegan lifestyle or declining offers for fairness cream ads, Anushka has been selective about the brands she has associated herself with. Let goodness shine ! â¨â¨â¨ #AchchaiKiChamak @DS_SilverPearls #RajnigandhaPearls pic.twitter.com/JsoxvvA6iI — Anushka Sharma (@AnushkaSharma) January 14, 2019 Anushka took to Twitter earlier this week, and shared a short video snippet of her new commercial promoting a pan masala brand's product. Ever since Twitter has tormented the 'Zero' star with negative comments and trolled her for giving up on her said ethics. While some have called Anushka out on Twitter for promoting a brand that's responsible for numerous health risks amongst its consumers, others have simply come forward to share their disappointment with her. Here's what Twitter is saying: Won't this be surrogate advertising. Promoting a brand known for its banned product. ! wonder why on earth she need to endorse a tobacco brand and take a stand that it's for promotion of cardamom. — Inconviniencd Public (@sushovan03) January 14, 2019 लà¥à¤ à¤à¤¹à¤° à¤à¤¾ पà¥à¤°à¤à¤¾à¤° à¤à¤°à¤à¥ भॠशà¥à¤¹à¤°à¤¤ बà¤à¥à¤° रहॠहॠà¤à¤° हमॠà¤à¥à¤¨à¤à¤¾à¤° à¤à¤¹à¤¤à¥ हॠलà¥à¤ बिना à¤à¥à¤ à¤à¤¿à¤ हॠ— Satish Kumar (@esatish999988) January 14, 2019 Are nahi yaar. Hadd hai. Rajnigandha ??ð¡ Cheee..ð¤¦‍âï¸ð¤¦‍âï¸ — Mohit Singh (@im_ms_) January 15, 2019 pic.twitter.com/6S7aGSJOme — Ritesh Ghorecha (@RiteshGhorecha) January 14, 2019 Anushka sharma's ad on Rajnigandha 'pearl' is absolutely horrendous. No clue as to what's happening in that ad. — Savitha (@SavithaKartha) January 16, 2019 As a role model/celebrity, please do not promote harmful products through surrogate advertising. — Parichay (@ParichaySharan) January 14, 2019 after @priyankachopra you have let this country down by endorsing #Rajnigandhasilverpearls. Do you know #panmasala causes cancer? Do you such products, also when advertised by a tobacco brand, are a gateway for the masses to get on to tobacco addition? — Vaishakhi Mallik (@vaishakhimallik) January 15, 2019 बस यहॠपà¥à¤°à¤à¤¾à¤° à¤à¤°à¤¨à¤¾ बà¤à¤¾ था..@imVkohli सॠà¤à¥à¤ सà¥à¤ लà¥à¤à¤¿à¤¯à¥ वॠà¤à¥à¤ à¤à¤¸à¥ बà¥à¤°à¤¾à¤à¤¡ à¤à¤¾ पà¥à¤°à¤à¤¾à¤° नहॠà¤à¤°à¤¤à¥ à¤à¥ सà¥à¤¹à¤¤ à¤à¥ लिठनà¥à¤à¤¸à¤¾à¤¨à¤¦à¥à¤¹ हà¥,à¤à¤¸à¤à¥ पà¥à¤à¥ तॠबड़ॠपà¥à¤®à¤¾à¤¨à¥ पर लिà¤à¤¾ रहता हॠà¤à¤¿ *सà¥à¤µà¤¾à¤¸à¥à¤¥à¥à¤¯ à¤à¥ लिठहानिà¤à¤¾à¤°à¤* । हद हॠà¤à¤¯à¤¾ हॠ, लà¥à¤ पà¥à¤ à¤à¥ लिठà¤à¥à¤ भॠà¤à¤° सà¤à¤¤à¥ हà¥à¥¤à¥¤ — Sudheer Mishra (@Sudheer95656356) January 14, 2019 @AnushkaSharma this my first tweet 4 u. Admired you coz of ur character & movies. Seeing u in an ad of rajnigandha pearls left me in shock. Could not match ur character with the ad. — Udipto Bhowmik (@udiptobowmik) January 16, 2019 @AnushkaSharma If Rajnigandha truly believed that goodness can make the world a better place, they should stop manufacture of gutkha which disfigures & kills it's users. They are using you to kill more people. pic.twitter.com/wL6joGV8HN — IndianCancerSociety (@IndianCancerSoc) January 15, 2019
  6. In 2016, Pan Bahar, an Indian pan masala brand shook the whole world by roping in Pierce Brosnan to endorse their product. While, they hit a jackpot with the Hollywood makeover, our beloved Mr. Bond found himself surrounded not by criminals but by memes and jokes, which were hilarious to deal with. When someone shifts from liking his vodka martini 'shaken, not stirred' to chewing a pan masala because 'class never goes out of style', there was obviously no way on earth that he could have escaped being the butt of all jokes. © Twitter And with the conviction he endorsed the pan masala, some of us were already considering chewing this elixir of success because this is 'Pehchan Kamyabi Ki'. I am sure the moment you heard Pierce Brosnan and Pan Bahar, you started imagining Brosnan as James Bond, introducing himself in the movie – “Mah naeeee is Booon, thooo (spits pan masala), James Bond.” After being trolled for this endorsement, 'The November Man' has finally spoken. The 64-year-old actor stated that the company Pan Bahar “cheated” him and kept him in the dark about the “hazardous” nature of the product. © Facebook After he was issued a show-cause notice, the actor sent in a written reply to the Delhi State Tobacco Control Cell. According to a report in The Times Of India, Additional Director (Health) S K Arora told PTI, “In a written reply to the Delhi State Tobacco Control Cell, the actor stated that he got cheated by the company as the latter did not disclose the hazardous nature of the product and other terms and conditions of the contract of advertisement.” © Facebook In fact, Brosnan further said that his agreement with the brand was over, and he was ready to extend support and cooperation to the department against such campaigns. Arora further said, “He has given an undertaking in writing that he would never assist any company with regard to promotion of such products or other such harmful products in future.”He further appealed to all the celebrities to not indulge in such advertisements since they adversely influence the minds of youngsters. Under section 5 of The Cigarette and Other Tobacco Product Act (COTPA), 2003 direct or indirect advertisement of tobacco products is banned. Not cool, Pan Bahar, not cool.
  7. Four of the five attackers aboard Pan Am Flight 73 who hijacked the plane during an airport stopover in Karachi, which resulted in the deaths of 20 passengers and crew-FBI website The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has released age-processed photos of four alleged suspects in the 1986 Pan Am Flight 73 hijacking in Karachi, in which 20 people died. ?The FBI is hoping to generate new leads with the release of new age-progressed images of four alleged hijackers involved in a 1986 attack in Pakistan that killed two Americans,? a statement by the agency said. Five attackers aboard Pan Am Flight 73 hijacked the plane during an airport stopover in Karachi, which resulted in the deaths of 20 passengers and crew. The four suspects?Wadoud Muhammad Hafiz al-Turki, Jamal Saeed Abdul Rahim, Muhammad Abdullah Khalil Hussain ar-Rahayyal, and Muhammad Ahmed al-Munawar?are believed to have been members of the Abu Nidal Organization, which was designated a terrorist organisation by the US Department of State. Each of the men is on the FBI?s Most Wanted Terrorists List. The case is being investigated by the FBI?s Washington Field Office, the statement added. According to the FBI, Wadoud Muhammad Hafiz al-Turki was born in Baghdad, while Jamal Saeed Abdul Rahim and Muhammad Abdullah Khalil Hussain ar-Rahayyal were born in Lebanon. Muhammad Ahmed al-Munawar was born in Kuwait. ?It?s always been an active case of ours,? said the lead FBI agent on the case. He said images of the suspects obtained by the FBI in the year 2000 were age-progressed by the FBI Laboratory. ?We?re hoping that with the age-progression photos next to the original photos maybe that will jar some memories or maybe someone has seen these guys walking around.? The aircraft, with 360 passengers onboard, had just arrived from Sahar International Airport in Mumbai, and was preparing to depart Jinnah International Airport in Karachi for Frankfurt Airport in Frankfurt am Main, West Germany, ultimately continuing on to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City, United States. A June 2001 grand jury charged that the militants were planning to use the hijacked plane to pick up Palestinian prisoners in both Cyprus and Israel. The 17-hour long hijacking came to an end when the hijackers opened fire on the passengers at 9:30pm, prompting action from the SSG commando unit, headed by Brigadier Tariq Mehmood, and the Shaheen Company of the SSG's 1st Commando Battalion carried out the operation. Passengers aboard the plane included nationals of Algeria, Canada, France, India , Pakistan and United States. All four hijackers were convicted in Pakistan and sentenced to death in 1988, before having their sentences reduced to life imprisonment. They were released in 2008 and deported to Palestinian territories. Authorities subsequently released the leader of the hijackers, Zayd Hassan Abd al-Latif Masud al-Safarini, in 2001, who was shortly arrested by the US in Bangkok on his way to Jordan. He was convicted in 2004 and sentenced to 160 years in prison.
  8. In a written reply, the Minister of State for Finance Santosh Kumar Gangwar recently informed the Rajya Sabha that as of 27th July, 11,44,211 PAN Cards have been deleted or deactivated after identifying specific cases where multiple cards were found to be allotted to the same person. Since a person cannot have more than one PAN card, a penalty of â¹10,000 will be imposed on anyone with multiple cards, under section 272B of the Income-Tax Act, 1961. In case a person has been allotted any additional cards, they should surrender it immediately. Since there is so much confusion surrounding PAN cards, here's your step by step guide to check whether your card is still valid or not. 1. First you have to go to www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in and click on ‘Know Your PAN', which can be found on the left side under the 'Services' section. 2. After clicking on ‘Know Your PAN', the site will redirect you to a page where you are required to fill in your details like name, status, date of birth and contact number. © Twitter 3. After submitting the required details, the site will take you to another page where you will have to put in the OTP sent to your registered mobile number. 4. After entering the OTP, click on validate. © Twitter 5. Now, if your card has not been deactivated, the next page will show your PAN card details as ‘Active'. 6. But, in case the same personal details have been used for more than one PAN card registration, a pop up message will appear that says, “There are multiple records for this query. Provide additional information.”
  9. ﺗﻢ ﺑﻦ ﺟﯿﺎ ﺟﺎﺋﮯ ﮐﯿﺴﮯ ﯾﮧ ﺍﮐﯿﻠﮯ ﭘﻦ ﮐﯽ ﺍﺩﺍﺳﯿﺎﮞ ﯾﮧ ﻓﺮﺍﻕ ﻟﻤﺤﮯ ﻋﺬﺍﺏ ﺳﮯ ﮐﺒﮭﯽ ﺩﺷﺖِ ﺩﻝ ﭘﮧ ﺁ ﺭﮐﯿﮟ ﺗﯿﺮﯼ ﭼﺎﮨﺘﻮﮞ ﮐﮯ ﺳﺤﺎﺏ ﺳﮯ ﻣﯿﮟ ﮨﻮﮞ ﺗﺠﮫ ﮐﻮ ﺟﺎﮞ ﺳﮯ ﻋﺰﯾﺰﺗﺮ ﻣﯿﮟ ﯾﮧ ﮐﯿﺴﮯ ﻣﺎﻥ ﻟﻮﮞ ﺍﺟﻨﺒﯽ ﺗﯿﺮﯼ ﺑﺎﺕ ﻟﮕﺘﯽ ﮨﮯ ﻭﮨﻢ ﺳﯽ ﺗﯿﺮﮮ ﻟﻔﻆ ﻟﮕﺘﮯ ﮨﯿﮟ ﺧﻮﺍﺏ ﺳﮯ ﯾﮧ ﺟﻮ ﻣﯿﺮﺍ ﺭﻧﮓ ﻭ ﺭﻭﭖ ﮨﮯ ﯾﻮﻧﮩﯽ ﺑﮯ ﺳﺒﺐ ﻧﮩﯿﮟ ﮨﮯ ﺩﻭﺳﺘﻮ ﻣﯿﺮﮮ ﺧﻮﺷﺒﻮﺅﮞ ﺳﮯ ﮨﯿﮟ ﺳﻠﺴﻠﮯ ﻣﯿﺮﯼ ﻧﺴﺒﺘﯿﮟ ﮨﯿﮟ ﮔﻼﺏ ﺳﮯ ﺍﺳﮯ ﺟﯿﺘﻨﺎ ﮨﮯ ﺗﻮ ﮨﻤﻨﺸﯿﮟ ﯾﻮﻧﮩﯽ ﮔﻔﺘﮕﻮ ﺳﮯ ﻧﮧ ﮐﺎﻡ ﻟﮯ ﮐﻮﺋﯽ ﭼﺎﻧﺪ ﻻﮐﮯ ﺟﺒﯿﮟ ﭘﮧ ﺭﮐﮫ ﻻ ﮐﻮﺋﯽ ﮔﮩﺮ ﺗﮩﮧِ ﺁﺏ ﺳﮯ ﻭﮨﯽ ﻣﻌﺘﺒﺮ ﮨﮯ ﻣﯿﺮﮮ ﻟﯿﮯ ﻭﮦ ﺟﻮ ﺣﺎﺻﻞِ ﺩﻝ ﻭ ﺟﺎﻥ ﮨﮯ ﻭﮦ ﺟﻮ ﺑﺎﺏ ﺗﻢ ﻧﮯ ﭼُﺮﺍ ﻟﯿﺎ ﻣﯿﺮﯼ ﺯﻧﺪﮔﯽ ﮐﯽ ﮐﺘﺎﺏ ﺳﮯ !!...
  10. After the whole ‘Pierce Brosnan endorsing Pan Bahar’ debacle that caused a huge uproar on the internet, much anger and so many memes later, Pierce Brosnan has come forth and given a statement in the People Magazine saying that he was misled by the brand and that his contract said that the product is in fact a Mouth Freshener and teeth whitener. He said that he was “deeply shocked and saddened” and that he has the “greatest love and affection for India and its people” © Facebook He explained further by saying this, “As a man who has spent decades championing women’s healthcare and environmental protection, I was distressed to learn of Pan Bahar’s unauthorized and deceptive use of my image to endorse their range of pan masala products.” “I would never have entered into an agreement to promote a product in India that is dangerous to one’s health.” Brosnan who lost his wife as well as daughter to ovarian cancer explains further saying that “Having endured, in my own personal life, the loss of my first wife and daughter as well as numerous friends to cancer, I am fully committed to supporting women’s healthcare and research programs that improve human health and alleviate suffering.” © Facebook He has demanded Pan Bahar to remove his image from all their products and has said that he was “grossly manipulated” and was made the Brand Ambassador of the entire range of products which was a violation of his contract. In the end he said that “I shall endeavor to rectify this matter,” the statement concluded. “In the meantime, please accept my sincerest and heartfelt apologies to all whom I have offended.” Not cool Pan Bahar, not cool!
  11. یہ اکیلے پن کی اداسیاں، یہ فراق لمحے عذاب سے یہ اکیلے پن کی اداسیاں، یہ فراق لمحے عذاب سے کبھی دشتِ دل پہ آ رکیں تیری چاہتوں کے سحاب سے میں ہوں تجھ کو جاں سے عزیز تر، میں یہ کیسے مان لوں اجنبی تیری بات لگتی ہے وہم سی، تیرے لفظ لگتے ہیں خواب سے !یہ جو میرا رنگ و روپ ہے یونہی بے سبب نہیں دوستو میرے خوشبوؤں سے ہیں سلسلے میری نسبتیں ہیں گلاب سے اسے جیتنا ہے تو ہمنشیں! یونہی گفتگو سے نہ کام لے کوئی چاند لا کے جبیں پہ رکھ، لا کوئی گہر تہہِ آب سے وہی معتبر ہے میرے لیے، وہ جو حاصلِ دل و جان ہے وہ جو باب تم نے چرا لیا میری زندگی کی کتاب سے
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