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Found 71 results

  1. Google has announced the Pixel 5 and the Pixel 4a 5G during its Launch Night In hardware event. There were absolutely no hardware surprises as we pretty much knew everything beforehand, thanks to all the leaks and the rumours. But if there's one thing that we like from the array of new features, then it is probably the new 'Hold For Me' feature. As you've probably already guessed it by the title, this new feature takes advantage of the Google Assistant and the 'Duplex' feature that was introduced earlier. In this case, the Google Assistant will essentially monitor your phone calls after you've been placed on hold. A water-resistant phone that creates quite a splash. The new #Pixel5 has 8 GB of RAM and wireless and reverse wireless charging to use with your Pixel Stand or to charge your Pixel Buds on-the-go.https://t.co/YYzCyiRlDR #LaunchNightIn pic.twitter.com/JB9NVMeWvK — Made By Google (@madebygoogle) September 30, 2020 And as soon as there's a person on the other side ready to talk to you again, Google Assistant will then alert you about the same. This is an incredible feature and we see how this can be super useful for everyone in many ways. We can already see this working in our favour when we're stuck on those long waiting lines, having to listen to the hold music for a long time. Well, this new feature is made just for that. This feature will be available to the Pixel 5 and the Pixel 4a 5G users first, but it looks like other Pixel phones will also get it in the future. © Google That being said, we're not entirely sure if/when this feature will come to India. It's limited to the US now, so let's hope for the best. View the full article
  2. The Australian batting great was a familiar sight in the Pakistan Super League, where his compassion has left enduring memories for players
  3. Bollywood is standing divided after Kangana Ranaut spoke about the drug cartel in the industry. She went on to tweet that everyone should give a drug test and she is on a mission to clear the ‘gutter’ of Bollywood. With each passing day, we think it’s getting uglier and there seems to be no end to it. Now, Urmila Matondkar has joined the dialogue and has hit back at the Manikarnika actor with three strong and sensible statements. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@urmilamatondkarofficial) In an interview with India Today, Urmila raised these valid points in response to Kangana's remarks about Bollywood 1. Urmila said that Kangana also needs to acknowledge the state of drugs in Himachal Pradesh. “The entire country is facing the menace of drugs. Does she (Kangana) know Himachal is the origin of drugs? She should start from her own state,” she told India Today. 2. She also questioned Kangana for always playing the victim card. She said, “If one person shouts all the time, doesn’t mean the person is speaking the truth. Some people want to crib all the time and play the victim card and if all that fails, they play the woman card.” View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@kanganaranaut) 3. She also questioned why Kangana was quiet all the time and why didn’t she give all the information she had to the police. “Why did this person who has been given Y-security from the taxpayers’ money didn’t give information about the drug nexus to the police?” she added. For the uninitiated, Kangana had claimed that she feels unsafe in Mumbai and even compared the city with Pakistan occupied Kashmir which created a big controversy. Do you agree with what Urmila said in her statement? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  4. Every time we open a packet of chips, more than being excited to bite the crunchy chips, we are disappointed, because of the quantity the packet has. Agreed, that we pay only Rs 10 for it, but it appears that we spend that money for the air in it and not the chips. © iStock This whole theory has now stirred a debate online, after Reddit, posted a picture and wrote "An empirical analysis of 10 Rs chips packets ft. Lays, Bingo and Haldiram" An empirical analysis of 10 rs chips packets ft. Lays, Bingo and Haldiramhttps://t.co/V9trk5kiEj pic.twitter.com/wqRUvmgHgF — r/India on Reddit (@redditindia) July 27, 2020 On Reddit though, people had nostalgic moments and got emotional about Balaji Chips and even Bingo Red Chilli Flavour as well, for that matter. Someone also wrote "Anyone remembers Funflips and OYO's? - Okay, need a packet right away! © Reddit © Reddit © Reddit The picture put in the Tweet, gives a satisfactory answer to our million-dollar question, as to which brand sells an ideal amount of chips. All the packets are open and laid out on steel plates for the whole world to judge. Clearly, in this battle, Haldiram takes the cake as it has a satisfactory amount of chips and Lays proved to be disappointing. Nonetheless, people are now thanking the person for the revelation and here's how they are reacting to it. pic.twitter.com/VsIzu6O1ic — Kunal Sachdeva (@ksachdeva005) July 28, 2020 Where is the King of all? Balaji...? — Shubham Shah (@IamShubhamShah) July 28, 2020 Hahaha! What about the air? They actually sell good quality air with free chips ;) — Tinu Cherian Abraham (@tinucherian) July 27, 2020 An empirical analysis of 10 rs chips packets ft. Lays, Bingo and Haldiramhttps://t.co/V9trk5kiEj pic.twitter.com/wqRUvmgHgF — r/India on Reddit (@redditindia) July 27, 2020 They should have seasonal pricing. In winters, can be priced 2x in Delhi for the better air inside. — Nitish Jain (@nitishj_123) July 28, 2020 Tweeter has lost its tracks, from politics to potato, the way chips are mixed with spices and so the politics. We always differentiate the things — Suresh Chandrani (@ChandraniSuresh) July 28, 2020 Only if that was true! Why is so much analysis needed when weight is printed behind the pack — SG (@shrinivassg) July 27, 2020 I tried bingo blue flavor. It was actually great! Lays' blue flavour has now become mild...lost the magic. — Eshan (@_eshan) July 27, 2020 That's the spirit! @R_E_S_P_svee_T let's conduct our own study including praan and kurkure — Ish (@YoulgnorantSlut) July 27, 2020 True. I miss Cheetos. I wonder if they’re still available nowadays in India. — Amruth kiran (@Amruthkiran94) July 27, 2020 Mai bhut naraj hu... haldiram wala free ki hawa jada nai deta. — ਅਮਿਤ ਕੁਮਾਰ ਸ਼ਰਮਾ (@amyth_sharma) July 27, 2020 Taste is inversely proportional to Quantity !! — G Norwtigni Daererauoy (@MPHavalgi) July 28, 2020 View the full article
  5. What if tax was a person? How annoying would that be? Watch to find out. View the full article
  6. It's been a while that Shashi Tharoor has made news for his tweets, but he's back with a bang and, surprisingly, not a word that we'll have to Google to understand. Basically, Twitter user Drunk Journalist tweeted some of their personal predictions about who will join BJP soon. Now, when you think of someone joining BJP, Shashi Tharoor would be the last person that you'll think of, but he was still somehow on this person's list, along with Milind Deora. My next two bets who will be joining BJP soon 1) Milind Deora 2) Shashi Tharoor â Drunk Journalist (@drunkJournalist) March 10, 2020 Shashi Tharoor must have stumbled upon the tweet, or maybe he was just searching for his name on Twitter, but he decided to set the record straight, while having some fun, of course. A 'drunk' journalist might think Shashi Tharoor will join BJP, but a sober one will never. I wish I can trust you sir. But I have seen many loyal Congressmen like yourself say they won't but then we have seen them joining BJP in herds. I hope what you saying is true. Let's see. â Drunk Journalist (@drunkJournalist) March 10, 2020 Actually, everyone is just very hopeful that it doesn't happen for real. It is never true until it is denied, say some. But I hope Shashi is right. https://t.co/v1HedVfrzJ â Harsh Gupta मधà¥à¤¸à¥à¤¦à¤¨ (@harshmadhusudan) March 10, 2020 There's a lot going on here. I agree.Milind will join BJP.Tharoor will never quit Congress.Simple reason - Tharoor wins.Milind loses.Scindia lost his fiefdom which is worse than Rahul Gandhi losing Amethi bcoz Rahul is commoner,Scindia is Maharaja.Shows minions have lost faith in the lord. So desperate forRS https://t.co/ko1E5O19od â Sujata Anandan (@sujataanandan) March 11, 2020 People are praising him. Dr. Tharoor is man of principles. People like him keep our faith in democratic ideals alive! Thanks sir! https://t.co/iCno9m67lU â Rajiv Tyagi 5 Million Ton Economy (@Memeswallah) March 10, 2020 Hmm. By the way sir, I am a teetotaller. Anyway Sab Kuch Yaad Rakha Jaayega. https://t.co/MQh82lhsSm â Drunk Journalist (@drunkJournalist) March 10, 2020 Superb, apparently. Superb reply sir, now all our hopes are from u..... https://t.co/rbBXCBbU0w â ajay42 (@ajayheregain) March 10, 2020 Let's see. You never know these days sir. Tweet history is no guarantee for not switching https://t.co/DorL9DqTRV â Aditya Kalsotra (@Adityaspeaks_) March 10, 2020 Was there any? Thanks for clearing the doubt @ShashiTharoor @drunkJournalist ð» https://t.co/kObp4Qek1O â Zubair Meer زبÛر ÙÛر (@kashmir__tweets) March 10, 2020 Is that a possibility? Hahaha!!! However, it would be nice to see someone as accomplished as @ShashiTharoor, as the next Congress President!!! https://t.co/LphUuyGz6Y â Prashant Prathap (@prashantp_5) March 10, 2020 Never. Haha. This man never fails to impress us with his wit and vocabulary. @ShashiTharoor https://t.co/Aro6tqVeSU â Rintu Mariam (@Rintumariam) March 10, 2020 View the full article
  7. According to the Sindh health department, four suspected patients were tested for the coronavirus. One tested positive.
  8. ISLAMABAD: Former JUI-F senator Hafiz Hamdullah on Thursday taunted Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry by saying that the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) has religious scholars and legal experts as members but the only person it lacks is Hareem Shah. Hamdullah was reacting to Chaudhry's criticism of the CII's declaration earlier that certain NAB ordinance clauses were 'in violation of Islamic laws'. Read more: CII terms several clauses of NAB Ordinance 'against Islam' The ex-senator said religious scholars and legal experts were members of the body. He sarcastically commented that the only thing that the council lacked was Tik Tok star Hareem Shah. He said it was unfortunate that a federal minister was disrespecting a national institution such as the CII. Hamdullah wondered whether it was a feature of the 'State of Medinah' for a federal minister to question the religious body's performance. Hamdullah said Chaudhry had earlier been replaced from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting for his poor performance and sharp tongue. He urged the federal minister to pull up his socks or resign instead of criticising others. Certain sections of NAB ordinance in violation of Islamic laws: Chairman CIIChairman Dr Qibla Ayaz had said that sections 14-D, 15-A and 26-A of the National Accountability Bureau Ordinance were 'in violation of Islamic laws'. Section 14-D of the ordinance states that the burden of proof "shall lie with the accused", whereas Section 15-A says that a convicted person "shall cease to hold public office" and "stand disqualified for a period of ten years" from holding a public office. Section 26 empowers the NAB chairman to grant pardon under a plea bargain deal. The CII chairman further said that detaining, handcuffing and parading the accused in front of the media "is un-Islamic”. Fawad Chaudhry slaps TV anchor Mubasher LucmanChaudhry had slapped TV anchor Mubasher Lucman a few days ago after he had salaciously linked the Tik Tok star to the federal minister during his show. The move prompted Chaudhry to confront the TV anchor at an event and slap him. Read more: Fawad Chaudhry slaps TV anchor Mubasher Lucman After the CII said stated its observation, Chaudhry slammed the council by questioning why the government was spending a huge sum on an institution that never provided any guidance to religious scholars. “Spending millions of rupees on it is beyond my understanding. CII needs restructuring and people who are highly qualified. [People] aware of latest trends should be tasked with running it," he tweeted.
  9. Neymar has helped PSG to two titles in a weak Ligue 1 but has failed to inspire them to the heights in the Champions League. ? Photo: FileWhen Paris Saint-Germain travel to Spain on Tuesday to face Real Madrid in the Champions League it will be...
  10. Svitolina had the better of long baseline rallies against an uncharacteristically errant Halep, who finished with 38 unforced errors. Photo: AFPDefending champion Elina Svitolina stormed into the semi-finals of the season-ending WTA Finals after a...
  11. Hi, I'm 23 and I have only travelled to like 3 countries in my life. That's it. But, a 21-year-old just became the youngest person ever to travel to every single country in the world. Recently, Lexie Alford managed to reach probably the most difficult country to step in - North Korea - and completed her mission of travelling across the world's 196 sovereign nations. View this post on Instagram OFFICIALLY TRAVELED TO EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLDð𤯠â â â â â â â â â it's crazy to have years of hard work culminate into one single moment. I'm so grateful to everyone that's helped me get here. The greatest chapter of my life is coming to a close. Cheers to a new beginning ðâ â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â Photos by @thomasbrag A post shared by Lexie Alford (@lexielimitless) on Jun 1, 2019 at 5:27pm PDT Right now, she hasn't officially broken the Guinness World Record as all of her 10,000 pieces of evidence is being verified but I'm guessing she's made it. Turns out, she started on this record-breaking journey without even knowing about it. Since her family owned a travel agency, she has been travelling to new places since she was a kid. She said, “Travel has been a part of my life since before I can remember. My parents would take me out of school and place me on independent study for weeks and months at a time every year.” View this post on Instagram 5 in-person trips to the embassy in Los Angeles, 2 formal interviews, 3 different tour companies/fixers, 2 LOIs, countless phone calls and 6 months later I finally made it to PAKISTAN ðµð° â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â The media always exaggerates and blows out of proportion but so far I can't get enough of this incredible country! Every day has brought not only new tastes & sights but also a renewed sense of appreciation for the kindness of people in faraway places. Even this truck driver's nice way of telling me to move out of the way was to just start driving forward slowly ðâ â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â â Thank you so much @cpicglobal for making this dream come true for me! A post shared by Lexie Alford (@lexielimitless) on Apr 27, 2019 at 11:26pm PDT She added, “My parents placed a lot of importance on exposing me to every way of life around the world and that had a very profound impact on the person I am today. I've always had a curiosity about other people's ways of life and how they find happiness.” View this post on Instagram Roasting marshmallows over the DOOR TO HELL ð¥ â â â â â â â â Last week I was camping in the middle of nowhere with @fearlessandfar & a bunch of drunk Russian speaking men. Being fed way too much food from the kindest locals and running around this pit of fire was definitely one of the most epic & memorable nights of my life. No one really knows how Darvaza Crater was created but it's been burning for over 40 years. Its such a fitting addition to this otherwise mysterious landscape. Have you ever seen anything like this before?? 𤯠#Turkmenistan A post shared by Lexie Alford (@lexielimitless) on Mar 26, 2019 at 2:00pm PDT She seriously went after the record just a couple of years ago when she turned 18. She realized she had already been to 72 countries and decided to take up the challenge and break the record. She said, “The very first time I thought about breaking the world record was in October 2016 in my home, California. I graduated from high school two years early and had gotten an associate's degree from a local college. I was ready to start my gap year when I dropped the idea of going back to school and began to pursue the record full-time.” And, she pays for everything herself as well: “I always knew I wanted to take time off to travel so I've been working every job I could find and saving since I was 12-years-old.” View this post on Instagram Curious girl ð A post shared by Lexie Alford (@lexielimitless) on Oct 23, 2018 at 10:30am PDT She also talked about how she manages her finances so she can go to new places and have new experiences. She said, “I do a lot of research in advance to find the best deals, utilize points and miles for my flights, stay in cheap accommodation like hostels or create content for hotels in exchange for accommodation. I've also made sure to keep my monthly overhead as low as possible by living at home with my parents, I don't have a car payment or student debt and I don't spend my money on unnecessary material possessions.” (Well, these are some useful tips for everyone with 'wanderlust' in their Instagram bios) View this post on Instagram Wakanda sunsets ðâ â â â â â â â â How many photos do you have on your camera roll? I'm almost to 23,000ð I think I may have a problem #sendhelp A post shared by Lexie Alford (@lexielimitless) on Jul 31, 2018 at 1:15pm PDT Here's her entire story and it can actually be pretty inspiring for people who want to travel, not gonna lie.
  12. Imagine being able to say it out loud: “I am the only person to skate in Antarctica and have my name in a record book to prove it.” Well, Lakshmi Sona Singh can actually do it. Getting her name registered in India's prestigious Limca Book of Records (2019), the 35-year-old London based amateur skater put on her roller blades, stepped onto the Paradise Harbour, Antarctica and glided her way into becoming the first (and only) person to do so, on 16 December 2017. Credit: Lakshmi Sona Singh Working as a Sales Manager in a UK-based telecom services company, Lakshmi had been a great skating enthusiast ever since her childhood days in Surat, Gurjarat, where her parents introduced her to a set of wheels when she was six. However, much like the most of us, education, a good job and the ever-so-heavy burden of settling down became her priorities with her love for skating got buried deep within her heart. But as they say, “passion never dies.” Nearly three decades later, Lakshmi decided to turn her dreams of skating among the pristine surroundings of Antarctica, into reality. “I just decided to pack a bag and grab my skates,” she told us. Credit: Lakshmi Sona Singh Sure, her journey to Antarctica was not that easy. Saving up for this single trip for years, Lakshmi faced some criticism from her parents and her brother, who thought it was impossible and absolutely crazy for her to continue to work towards this goal of hers. But when she finally booked her tickets and fervourly called her parents at 3 in the morning to break the news, they had to give in to her unshaken commitment. “I was confident about finishing my journey. There was so much excitement that there was no room for nervousness, although I did get a lot of strange looks from the people who were around me on the ship when they saw my roller blades,” she said jokingly. Credit: Lakshmi Sona Singh She also had to let go of one of her clothing baggage as the weight of the roller blades itself was too much to carry, but Lakshmi was on a mission and it was a very small price to pay. Now that this endeavour of hers has come to a successful end, Lakshmi is determined to skate at the North Pole next and eventually on every other continent, with the hopes of making another record of skating on all seven continents. We wish her the best of luck!
  13. Lets play a game Friends Apne apne fvrts songs Apne sy oper wale posting person ko dedicate kero do comments and dedicate song to person above you. 1st Song from my side to all Tere naina tere naina tere naina ryyy Naino ki chaal hai, makhmali haal hai Neechi palkon se badle samaa Naina sharamaye jo, ya ankhain bar aaye jo Tham ke ruk jaaye dono jahaan Rab ki neemat hai teri nigaahein Jisme basti hai uski duayein Aise naino ki baaton mein koi kyun na aaye Hoo Tere naina, tere naina, tere naina ryy
  14. If you're in love with someone, it's mostly because you're attracted to one or more of the inherent qualities the person possesses. Either you're attracted to their outward beauty or you've fallen for certain traits the person has. Whatever your reason is, you find a way to justify what love means to you, when it comes to her. © Fox Searchlight Pictures But sometimes people may be truly undulating in the symphony of love without realising the person they're in love with, is absolutely wrong for them. Or even if they're aware of it, coming out of it is an entire process in itself. But most people don't realise they're in love with the wrong person, because they're more attached to the feeling of being in love, than the person itself. Let's face it, not all relationships, dynamics, equations and feelings are meant to be and that's okay to accept. It's okay to accept only because you have to protect your own heart first. © Getty images So, to simplify this further, we have listed down 5 researched and scientific facts to tell you when the person you're in love with, is wrong for you: (1) When The Relationship/Dynamic Is Taking A Toll On Your Mental Health If you feel heaviness within you and you seem to be unhappy most times, maybe the feeling is a derivate of the relationship you're in? This is the first sign of unhappiness and is absolutely non-negotiable. Your mental state is the most important thing and if you feel it's slipping away circumstantially, you need to either step up and change things around or cut the source entirely off. © Getty images (2) When You're Always The One Compromising While we all have our individuality, and that's a great thing, in a relationship it's always best to work as a team. That's because both the sides have needs. Some basic and some complex and the partner(s) always have to compromise to ensure the others needs are met. But if you're constantly stepping forward and compromising all the time wherein she's not willing to budge, does she really want to make an effort for you? That's something to think about for sure, isn't it? © Getty images (3) When The Person Keeps Feeding Your Insecurities There will be a time where you'll realise that your insecurities don't have a standstill or a place they can disappear to. The person you're with doesn't make an effort to give you closure on certain things and sometimes, it becomes an issue of trust. If she's constantly feeding off of your insecurities, it's about time to let go of her and move on because that's the trait of a toxic parasite. © Getty images (4) When Your Family & Friends Don't Like Her Much Every time she's around either your family or your friends, they always have a disapproving look on their face and it's there for a reason. Maybe she did something they didn't like and didn't apologise, maybe she doesn't respect them enough or maybe they just don't get the right vibe from her. It's still fine when one or two people from your friend circle or your family sense it, but a bunch of them being uncomfortable around her is a certain red flag! © Getty images (5) When Your Fights & Arguments Never Find A Resolve While it's healthy to fight in a relationship, most times, it's not healthy to sweep things under the rug and not resolve them then and there. Most times, the things you sweep under the rug come out at some point and become even more fierce in nature, for any relationship. A healthy fight is something that can be talked out and let go once and for all. It's not supposed to accumulate into something bigger in the future and if that happens often, and there's no resolve to it, the relationship or the person isn't really the right fit. © Getty images It's always for the best if you figure out these tell-tale sign early off with the person, before you get more involved with them. It'll definitely hurt lesser and take lesser time to get over. Not everyone is suited for you and you really need to pick and choose wisely in today's day and age in order to have a successful and sustainable relationship with them.
  15. Colin O'Brady from Portland, Oregon just wrote history by becoming the first person to get across the Antarctica alone, with no outside aid. He trekked across the continent over a span of 54 days, which was almost considered impossible until the man did it, and achieved the impossible! While O'Brady made his journey across the 1,500 kilometres in the bone-chilling cold, his friends and family could track his movement real-time online. Once he successfully completed his journey, O'Brady called his family in Portland and said “I did it” through his teary exhilaration. View this post on Instagram Day 54: FINISH LINE!!! I did it! The Impossible First â. 32 hours and 30 minutes after leaving my last camp early Christmas morning, I covered the remaining ~80 miles in one continuous “Antarctica Ultramarathon” push to the finish line. The wooden post in the background of this picture marks the edge of the Ross Ice Shelf, where Antarctica's land mass ends and the sea ice begins. As I pulled my sled over this invisible line, I accomplished my goal: to become the first person in history to traverse the continent of Antarctica coast to coast solo, unsupported and unaided. While the last 32 hours were some of the most challenging hours of my life, they have quite honestly been some of the best moments I have ever experienced. I was locked in a deep flow state the entire time, equally focused on the end goal, while allowing my mind to recount the profound lessons of this journey. I'm delirious writing this as I haven't slept yet. There is so much to process and integrate and there will be many more posts to acknowledge the incredible group of people who supported this project. But for now, I want to simply recognize my #1 who I, of course, called immediately upon finishing. I burst into tears making this call. I was never alone out there. @jennabesaw you walked every step with me and guided me with your courage and strength. WE DID IT!! We turned our dream into reality and proved that The Impossible First is indeed possible. “It always seems impossible until it's done.” - Nelson Mandela. #TheImpossibleFirst #BePossible A post shared by Colin O'Brady (@colinobrady) on Dec 26, 2018 at 12:55pm PST His wife Jenna Besaw said in an interview, “it was an emotional call. He seemed overwhelmed by love and gratitude, and he really wanted to say thank you to all of us.” 33-year-old O'Brady posted about the first leg of his journey on Instagram, which he labelled as 'The Impossible First'. On Wednesday, O'Brady wrote that he covered the last 129 kilometres in one big impromptu push to the finish line that took over a day's time! View this post on Instagram Day 50: STRUNG OUT BUT STILL MOVING. I can't believe I been out here all alone for 50 days. Even having lived it, I can't quite wrap my mind around it. This wind storm still has not subsided so I spent another day getting beat down. Fingers crossed I catch a break on the weather soon. I've been writing a lot about the mental game as it's clearly the most crucial part of this challenge (or any challenge for that matter). However today I want to honor my body and health. I wholeheartedly believe that nothing in life is more important that being healthy. Without that it's hard to do or do fully. I'm so fortunate to have parents that instilled that in me from a young age, teaching me the importance of healthy eating and exercise. My dad is an organic farmer so I guess you could say it's in my blood. Despite feeling exhausted and worn out, I'm grateful for having lived a healthy lifestyle, for without that I'm certain my body would have given up by now. And on the health front, I'm glad to be partnered with @Grandrounds who go above and beyond to guide people to the highest quality healthcare. It's incredible to know they provide access to medical expertise literally anywhere on the planet! #GrandRounds #TheImpossibleFirst #BePossible A post shared by Colin O'Brady (@colinobrady) on Dec 22, 2018 at 8:46pm PST In his exact words, this is how he felt once he crossed the 'invisible line' onto the other side where his goal lay, “While the last 32 hours were some of the most challenging hours of my life, they have quite honestly been some of the best moments I have ever experienced. I was locked in a deep flow state the entire time, equally focused on the end goal, while allowing my mind to recount the profound lessons of this journey.” View this post on Instagram Day 42: DREAMS INTO REALITY. Even though I'm 50 miles past the South Pole now, I can't help but post one more image from the day I arrived - a dream come true. Plus, today is a very historic date. On December 14, 1911, this day exactly 107 years ago, Amundsen became the first person to reach the South Pole. Talk about inspiration. That was a true journey into the unknown that took years and years to complete. I finished a bike ride in 2016 and got the spark of inspiration for this project. I immediately came home and wrote it all down on my whiteboard. Since that day I've been working everyday to turn this dream into reality; training, fundraising, researching. The key is that each day I took a step toward making my dream a reality even with countless setbacks and mistakes made along the way, I kept trying. I haven't realized the dream yet. That's what I'm doing every day out here...taking step after step to make it come true. Whatever you are dreaming of in life, be that in business, art, music, love, entrepreneurship, sports - it can be anything. Stop just dreaming and take the first step. As in the immortal words of Walt Disney, “If you can dream it, you can do it!!” But dreaming alone won't get you there. If it's going to work, action is required. #TheImpossibleFirst #BePossible Shoutout to @samuel.a.harrison for snapping this amazing shot of me. Samuel and another scientist from the South Pole station read about my journey in the @nytimes and came outside to the Pole to cheer me on! A post shared by Colin O'Brady (@colinobrady) on Dec 14, 2018 at 4:55pm PST It isn't the first time that someone has tried to traverse across Antarctica, but all those who did, either had assistance, reinforced supplies or kites that propelled them forward. 2016 saw the tragic end of British explorer Henry Worsley, who attempted an unassisted journey across Antarctica, and died of exhaustion towards the end of the trek. View this post on Instagram Day 37: GROWTH. I'm no longer the same person I was when I left on the journey, can you see it in my face? I've suffered, been deathly afraid, cold and alone. I've laughed and danced, cried tears of joy and been awestruck with love and inspiration. They say growth happens when you step outside your comfort zone. I can safely say that's 100% true in this case, and I'd say it's very possible I haven't yet felt the highest highs and the lowest lows of this journey yet. Nearing the bottom of the world...18 miles in the books today. Closer each step. #TheImpossibleFirst #BePossible A post shared by Colin O'Brady (@colinobrady) on Dec 9, 2018 at 5:24pm PST The trek hasn't been an easy one for him, and he confessed that he considered quitting a number of times along the way. In November, this is what he had to say, “There were several times I considered stopping, putting my tent back up and calling it a day. I wanted so badly to quit today as I was feeling exhausted and alone, but remembering all of the positivity that so many people have been sending, I took a deep breath and focused on maintaining forward progress one step at a time and managed to finish a full day.” View this post on Instagram January 2016 at the South Pole. This photo was taken at the beginning of my Explorers Grand Slam expedition. Less than three years later, I'm looking forward to passing through there again! I'm 30 days into my journey to complete a solo, unsupported, unaided crossing of Antarctica. Yesterday I reached 87 degrees the final waypoint before turning my path directly toward the Pole. Today, I'm ~170 miles from the South Pole and making my way one step at a time! If you haven't seen the Sunday @NYTimes article already, pick up a copy today. Top of the fold cover of Sunday Sports, the article features a day in the life rundown of what my hour-by-hour routine looks like as I cross Antarctica. @jennabesaw tells me there is a beautiful illustration of my IG photo update from Day 15. I can't wait to see it; will someone save me a copy? ðThanks again to @adamskolnick for reporting. Link in Bio. Check it out! And, be on the lookout for my regular evening IG update later today. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/29/sports/antarctica-ski-race.html A post shared by Colin O'Brady (@colinobrady) on Dec 2, 2018 at 9:53am PST O'Brady didn't give up on his dreams and constantly kept his goals in sight, which is why he was able to achieve the unachievable! All of us, regardless of our nationality must be proud of O'Brady's grit and achievements! View this post on Instagram DAY 9: THE NEW YORK TIMES. This photo ran in NYTimes today with a great piece “Man Against Nature, And Man” about my Impossible First project and Lou Rudd's expedition. I have nothing but the utmost respect and empathy for anyone who sets audacious goals for themselves and takes action to achieve them. Wishing Lou a safe and successful journey. #TheImpossibleFirst #BePossible https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/11/sports/antarctica-race.html A post shared by Colin O'Brady (@colinobrady) on Nov 11, 2018 at 6:05pm PST The man who has 3 world records to his name, covered 7 summits and is a pro-endurance athlete, deserves to be at the top of the world for what he has achieved. This one calls for major celebrations, which only seem inevitable once O'Brady reaches home to the cheerful welcome of his family and friends.
  16. 'What do you want to be when you grow up?' a ninth grade English paper once asked me. It was a 20-mark essay, and I had 20 minutes to earn them. I rolled up my sleeves, and pulled out my cursive best. The thing is, I wanted to be a great many things. © Unsplash/Joel Bengs I wanted to be a chef, I wanted to be an actor, I wanted to be a painter, I wanted to be an astronaut, and for two weeks after I turned 11, I even wanted to be a National Geographic correspondent, if only because my older sister said that she wanted to be one. My essay – and the time allotted to write it - might have come to an end at this point, but my story didn't. From the age of six to sixteen, I raced through changes. My styles, my sexual leanings and my haircuts changed, and so did my dreams. Only, what did I never dream of being? Myself. All my years of adolescence, I had struggled to find myself, even though I struggled comfortably – I was so used to push my problems under a hypothetical carpet, and pretend they didn't exist, that I never realized the lies I was hoarding up – little white lies, they wouldn't hurt anyone, would they? It was an easy, lazy life. I used this complacency as a security blanket, and wound it around myself whenever thoughts of the future terrified me. What would coming out (as a gay man) be like? Would it be a cakewalk or a walk down the plank? Would I have to talk about my feelings? Would I have someone to talk about my feelings to (a fair question, because I grew up thinking that you were only allowed to talk about your feelings at expensive therapy sessions, sappy book clubs or when watching romantic tearjerkers)? © Unsplash/Steve Halama Growing up was always a mark of independence – no more school, no more staying at home, no more rules, no more restrictions, no more getting worried over your mother's eighteen missed calls (well, almost) – it seemed like a technicolour dream, being so free-spirited. But honestly, I didn't know what I would do with all the freedom. Independence (or the mere thought of it) petrified me. What would I do being free? Would I finally have to be myself? People are terrified to be themselves, especially when bravery is an option, and not an obligation I've been called manipulative, selfish, a coward, a sore loser. Why would I want to be myself then? I'd rather be someone nicer and more admirable; I'd rather be someone else. And that's exactly what I did. Some enjoy the peace that comes with accepting who you are, but most of us waltz on the fence in the middle. Take sexuality, for instance. We can stir ourselves to walk free and fabulous, but we'd rather stay safe and sound in the cage of heteronormativity. I made myself feel at home in the cage till I was twenty-one. The thing about independence is that it doesn't come gift-wrapped and express delivered to your front doorstep. It needs to be earned, or fought for. © Pexels Coming to terms with your sexuality and stepping out of the closet isn't easy – especially when in a country like India, where minds can be as narrow as Bandra's bylanes, even if you are an upper-class well-educated man (and sometimes, especially if you an upper-class, well educated man). Everyday life is a battle. As countless films and American television shows have told us, you don't just wake up one morning and walk out into the sunlit world. To reach the closet door, you need to push through your woolens, those 'buy-one-get-one-free' shirts you bought on an impulse but will never wear, and the odd tangle of smelly socks, greying underwear and smutty novels you don't want your mother to find. It will be tough, especially if you've been hoarding – and holding back - all your life. And even when you do, it's a never-ending process – those closet doors that everyone talks about? They are revolving. Week after week, you will find yourself coming out to friends, family, acquaintances, and (occasionally) drunken strangers at the bar. Perhaps, one day it will not be the big deal that it is today, and you won't have to worry whether your words are followed by a kiss to the cheek or a punch to the mouth. Every new acceptance is a fresh slice of independence, and you'll wolf it all down without worrying about empty calories or complex carbs. It will be liberating, the way you feel after you've survived a last-minute clearance sale. Only this is the clearance sale of regrets. Fortunately, my personal coming out story reeks of acceptance and Hallmark cards – it happened at the dinner table, one Friday evening back in early 2015, over cups of chamomile and desiccated coconut biscuits. I sat my parents down, and told them everything in a diligently rehearsed 17-minute monologue. © Unsplash/Dan Gold In 18 minutes, it was done. Questions were asked, hugs were exchanged, a tear was shed (that would be me). My mum went for a walk with her friends, and my dad continued solving the crossword puzzle. They accepted it with a simple shrug (and lots of love and support over the next couple of years, but this is the not a story about that). My sexuality was just another fact. What about the war of words I had been expecting? The emotional bloodshed? The years of torment at the hands of society? They never came, even though the history books said that they would. Times are changing, and somewhere over pop culture references and more inclusive media representations, my parents and peers had changed as well. The history books had it wrong. What they did get right was this - freedom felt liberating. © Reuters The freedom to stay single. The freedom to be a sexual deviant. The freedom to wear a skirt (if you are a man) or a jersey (if you are a woman). The freedom to wear both. The freedom to wear neither. The freedom to never find your way back home. The freedom to stay in for the night, with Netflix and a bottle of wine (that would be me again). What do we do with the freedom then? Do we let it consume us? Terrify us into never seeking it out? We do neither. We simply unwind and enjoy it with a cup of tea. Preferably chamomile.
  17. The transgender community protesting the killing. Photo: Geo NewsHAFIZABAD: A transgender person was shot dead in the city on Thursday night at a wedding ceremony, Geo News reported.According to the police, the incident occurred at a wedding when...
  18. Mark Zuckerberg currently trails behind Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. Photo: Reuters Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is now the third richest person in the world, surpassing investor Warren Buffett.The 34-year-old...
  19. The Burari house deaths have shocked the entire country and rightly so because of the brutality of the alleged suicides. The mass suicides in the quiet neighbourhood of North Delhi have puzzled investigators and there is no clarity yet as to why the whole family decided to commit suicide. Even as the case details are being studied in detail, the police have now come up with a 12th person theory that might suggest the presence of another person at the time of the suicides. “We are working on two theories. Either the family believed that a superpower would enter through the gate and save them the moment they hanged (themselves), or a 12th person was present in the house at the time of the deaths, ” an investigating officer told HT as to why the main door was open. © Twitter The investigators also found new handwritten notes which corroborate some theories about Lalit Bhatia who police think was mentally ill. “The entire family was devastated by the death (of the patriarch), but his youngest son Lalit Bhatia was the most affected,” the investigator revealed. “Lalit would often speak in his dead father's voice and tone and would claim that he could see his father,” he further explained how it might have lead to these shocking mass suicides. Earlier the police had confirmed that the handwriting on these notes was of Lalit and that he had engaged in some ritualistic practices too before convincing the family to commit suicide. Apparently, a Havan had been performed before the family performed the final ritual. © Twitter “Our interaction with psychologists has indicated that the family could be suffering from 'shared psychotic disorder' in which all the members in a group do the bidding of their leader as they trust them unconditionally and believe they would be led out of the worldly problems,” a senior police officer told HT. New evidence from the suicide-house came to light after a team from crime branch visited the house and searched the entire premises for over an hour. “We found over 25 small and large notebooks, registers and pages containing hand-written content. They were found in a blue bag in what looked like the study room of the two teenagers, Dhruv and Shivam,” said another officer. © Twitter As for the content of those notebooks, the police believe that most of the cryptic writings related to the patriarch of the family who died sometime in 2007. “The contents were mainly about the father of Lalit Bhatia. We suspect Lalit wrote these notes and guided the other family members in the ritualistic activities,” said another probing officer. While it's shocking that eleven people of the family could be convinced to commit suicide, the details that are trickling in every day suggest outside influence and it remains to be seen whether that 12th person was someone who was present at the time of the suicides.
  20. PTI leader Shah Mahmood Qureshi addressed a press conference on Friday, June 22, 2018. Photo: Geo News screen grab 1ISLAMABAD: PTI leader Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Friday said he did not consider Jahangir Tareen a competitor since he cannot contest...
  21. Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif while weighing on the controversy surrounding book penned down by former chief of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Lt Gen (retd) Asad Durrani remarked that there is no point in investigating just one person....
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