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Found 11 results

  1. Leonardo Di Caprio has most recently been in news for his relationship status updates, as commitment seems to be a weak point for him. The 'Titanic' actor has had a string of relationships in the past and is currently dating a gorgeous 21-year-old model, Camila Morrone. View this post on Instagram The gown.. @reemacra @micahmarcus A post shared by Camila Morrone (@camilamorrone) on Nov 4, 2018 at 9:17am PST View this post on Instagram Instagram versus reality A post shared by Camila Morrone (@camilamorrone) on Dec 14, 2018 at 3:08pm PST She was born in LA and is one of the top models out there, besides being an actress as well. View this post on Instagram All the angles⨠thank you @vanityfair & team⨠A post shared by Camila Morrone (@camilamorrone) on Feb 25, 2019 at 1:52pm PST View this post on Instagram #sxsw premiere day for @mickeyandthebear A post shared by Camila Morrone (@camilamorrone) on Mar 9, 2019 at 1:34pm PST The two have been dating for a while and are rumoured to be in a serious relationship. View this post on Instagram Another photo of Cami and Leo at the screening of 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood' in Cannes, France. ©ï¸ @starfaceagence #camilamorrone #camimorrone #onceuponatimeinhollywood #leodicaprio #leonardodicaprio #bradpitt A post shared by Camila Morrone Updates (@newsmorrone) on May 21, 2019 at 3:21pm PDT View this post on Instagram One last Met photo because everyone else is doing it. ð¸: @mediaguy07 A post shared by Camila Morrone (@camilamorrone) on May 10, 2019 at 8:30am PDT Camila refers to Al Pacino as her step-father, because her mother was in a very long relationship with the actor and she is very close to him as well. View this post on Instagram Gelato in Capri at 10 am. I think I'm happyð®ð¹ A post shared by Camila Morrone (@camilamorrone) on Aug 3, 2018 at 11:36am PDT View this post on Instagram ðºð¸ ð¦ð· ð®ð¹ A post shared by Camila Morrone (@camilamorrone) on Jul 4, 2018 at 1:49pm PDT Camila and Leonardo were spotted in Cannes on a lunch date where the actor was playing the perfect boyfriend, as he happily clicked the beautiful woman's pictures. Leonardo DiCaprio being the perfect instagram boyfriend taking photos of his girlfriend during their lunch date in Cannes (2019) pic.twitter.com/SUQ3vGvA6k — Leo Doing Things (@LeoActivities) May 20, 2019 Leonardo is clearly a lucky man, we guess.
  2. Smartphone cameras, as we all know, have gotten a lot better now. The newly launched Huawei P30 Pro, for instance, lets you capture some stunning pictures of the moon like the one which we've shown in our review of the phone. But you don't always need a new and flashy flagship phone to take a good picture. Sometimes you simply use a two-year-old phone like the Galaxy S8 and come up with breathtaking pictures like this - © Twitter Yes, that's the planet Saturn. On March 29, the planet lined up perfectly with the moon, making it seem like it's touching the surface of the moon. It's a relatively common yet easy-to-miss event called a 'conjunction'. Pretty sure most of you reading this didn't know much about this event. But lucky for us earthlings, an astrophotographer Grant Petersen managed to capture the event. What's more surprising is that he captured it with his two-year-old Samsung Galaxy S8. Awesome, right? © Twitter Yes, the Galaxy S8 has really good cameras. But in all fairness, it's not entirely capable of taking a picture like that on its own. He mounted the phone to a telescope. In fact, the final image is a combination of several photos. His setup, as he explains, included an 8-inch Dobsonian telescope, a Galaxy S8 smartphone and an adapter to connect it to a lens, and lastly, an eyepiece. As the planet started aligning with the moon, Petersen recorded it in a 60-frame-per-second video. Then after the event, he processed the images using a technique called stacking to merge several of the video frames to get the final copy. This picture, in case you're wondering, was taken from Johannesburg, South Africa. He then decided to share the image on Twitter for the world to see. Simply stunning!
  3. For the most part, Ranbir Kapoor seems like quite a private person since he's not really on social media and isn't always directly interacting with his fans. Well, that's probably what he prefers, but it's a shame since we don't ever get to see his personal side more often and couldn't even tell how relatable he actually is. Until now. Today, when he arrived at the Mumbai Airport, he was obviously surrounded by paparazzi and seemed like he was in a fun mood since he basically started making small talk with the photographers present there. While walking outside, he asked one of them, “Yeh chappal kahaan se li?” to which, the photographer replied, “Andheri Station.” View this post on Instagram #ranbirkapoor says where did you buy these chappals? Our man says from Andheri station.ððð A post shared by Viral Bhayani (@viralbhayani) on Apr 1, 2019 at 12:42pm PDT Wow, how many times have we asked the same question to our friends, and sometimes even random people? Next, I really, really want to see pictures of Ranbir going to the Andheri Station and finding the chappals, that would be hilarious. This is the type of quality content we deserve and even Anand Ahuja is enjoying it. The chappal is having a viral moment now. Probably the real reason.
  4. You will hardly hear anyone say nice things about their boss or the job they do, because people always have something or the other to crib about. We all have good and bad days, but no matter how bad your bad days are, it can't get worse than the guy who was working as North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's photographer. via GIPHY Recently, the 47-year-old photographer was fired from his job and the reason will make you want to go and hug your boss, right now. Reportedly, the North Korean leader removed his personal photographer for damaging his "supreme dignity". How? By blocking the crowd's view of him, his neck to be more precise, for JUST three seconds. According to Pyongyang sources, as Daily Mail wrote, he was guilty of "adjusting the angle so that the camera's flash covered the Dear and Respected Supreme Leader Comrade's neck". And that's not it, he has also been blamed for violating two more rules. One, banning photography within two metres of the ruler, and the second, prohibiting pictures or videos from being taken directly in front of him. Kim Jong Un's personal photographer fired for breaking photography rules https://t.co/KUQyBjAsT6 pic.twitter.com/MGsnOmQH4j — NorthKoreaRealTime (@BuckTurgidson79) March 20, 2019 This incident took place when Kim Jong-un made a public appearance during North Korea's elections on March 10. Kim Jong-un had stopped to wave at the crowd and at that very moment, Ri stepped in front of him to take a picture and blocked his view. The poor guy was fired almost instantly. The guy's camera flash not only made him lose his job but also got him kicked out of the Workers' Party of Korea, thus making him a second-class citizen now. © Twitter So basically, the guy who is identified by his surname Ri, was fired for taking his job too seriously and going out of his way to click better pictures of Kim Jong-un? Next time your boss asks you to show more dedication and enthusiasm towards the work you do, show them this news.
  5. When it comes to ageing gracefully, we often shower praises on our Bollywood superstars who we think look great for their age. However, Chuando Tan, a photographer from Singapore, can give all of them a run for their money. He is 52, but does not look a day over 22! Here are 10 pictures of him - killing it with his fashion as well as his fitness game: 1. He can make a plain white T-shirt look like a runway-ready piece. View this post on Instagram A post shared by C H U A N D O éä¼ å¤ (@chuando_chuandoandfrey) on Sep 25, 2018 at 4:17am PDT 2. We have no idea what on earth he's eating to maintain that skin, but well-plaid! View this post on Instagram A post shared by C H U A N D O éä¼ å¤ (@chuando_chuandoandfrey) on Apr 18, 2018 at 5:09am PDT 3. The over-the-shoulder jacket style should be a staple for everyone. View this post on Instagram A post shared by C H U A N D O éä¼ å¤ (@chuando_chuandoandfrey) on Jan 24, 2018 at 4:26am PST 4. A fitted, barely-buttoned denim shirt. Fashion, he wrote. View this post on Instagram A post shared by C H U A N D O éä¼ å¤ (@chuando_chuandoandfrey) on Nov 7, 2017 at 4:08am PST 5. Silk pants? Bring 'em on. View this post on Instagram A post shared by C H U A N D O éä¼ å¤ (@chuando_chuandoandfrey) on Sep 22, 2018 at 5:07am PDT 6. Beach outfit is 'abs'olutely on point. View this post on Instagram A post shared by C H U A N D O éä¼ å¤ (@chuando_chuandoandfrey) on Aug 6, 2018 at 5:08am PDT 7. The casual game is strong here. View this post on Instagram A post shared by C H U A N D O éä¼ å¤ (@chuando_chuandoandfrey) on May 21, 2018 at 5:52am PDT 8. To whoever said formals and casuals can't co-exist. View this post on Instagram A post shared by C H U A N D O éä¼ å¤ (@chuando_chuandoandfrey) on Oct 30, 2017 at 3:39am PDT 9. Pink is, and shall always be 'in'. View this post on Instagram A post shared by C H U A N D O éä¼ å¤ (@chuando_chuandoandfrey) on Jan 4, 2017 at 6:13am PST 10. And, with those abs, his birthday suit is his most valuable suit. View this post on Instagram A post shared by C H U A N D O éä¼ å¤ (@chuando_chuandoandfrey) on Oct 31, 2017 at 3:38am PDT We're just jealous. Very jealous.
  6. Every kingdom stands tall and unthreatened courtesy to the knights in shining armour who hold down the fort against the enemies' onslaught, with all their might. The Indian subcontinent boasts of such mighty knights of its own. The only difference is, they don't wear those glinting armours. Instead, these knights sport camo-prints and put on such a display of bravado that is matched only by a few others. © Arjun Menon Their job profile isn't something you come across very often. You will find them setting up their homes in the most remote areas of the country, or someplace with adverse climatic conditions, marking their territories and standing guard over it, should its borders be threatened. © Arjun Menon These are the men and women who form the Indian Armed Forces, and they are the reason you and I can concern ourselves with all the memes in the world. But how many times have we stopped to wonder about the many life-threatening challenges and attacks these superheroes have to survive on a daily basis, so we get to party until 4 in the morning or get a good night of sleep? © Arjun Menon But somebody thought about it. And decided to bring the unseen side of their story for the masses to behold. Travel photographer Arjun Menon is the man behind the spectacular show of these heroes in their natural surroundings, doing what they do best. © Arjun Menon Arjun had the chance to document how a day in the life of these superheroes looks like, and he spent weeks tailing them across the changing geographies of the land. The end result was 'The Extraordinary' photo-series and the pictures are for all of us to see and marvel over. The Backstory This is a daunting task to accomplish and we wonder what how Arjun got around to accomplishing it. If you ask this question to Arjun he would tell you that 'The Extraordinary' was his personal passion project. Before you wonder why, it's because Arjun himself comes from an Army background. © Arjun Menon Arjun's father was a pilot with the Indian Army Aviation, and ever since he was a kid, Arjun took pride in the fact that his father could fly a heavy, mean machine high up in the skies, performing combat training or helping out paratroopers jump off his helicopter, besides many other things. Arjun lost his father to a helicopter crash 16 years ago, and ever since he had wished to bring the trials and tribulations of the Indian Army to the fore, through the only means he knew - photography. © Arjun Menon The Extraordinary Project Once Arjun decided what exactly he wanted to achieve through this project, he set his plans into motion. For Arjun, the aim of this project was to explore and throw light on the extraordinary feats these men and women accomplish throughout their tenure, without yearning for credit or appreciation. © Arjun Menon The Final Journey Arjun set out to bring his dreams to fruition and sought chances to observe and document the army soldiers in action - practising or in pseudo combats. But initially, the Indian Army wasn't too sure about giving in to Arjun's demands of being sent to secret bases to click the photographs. It took multiple visits to Delhi and some convincing before they believed that Arjun's motivations were right. © Arjun Menon Next? Arjun got to travel to different confidential bases across India to document it all. Arjun shot in some very difficult locations, and the soldiers completely cooperated with Arjun to bring each of his visions to life. The Takeaway Having spent so much personal time with the soldiers, clicking the photographs and observing their workday up close, Arjun released how incredible each of them are. From temperatures ranging between -18 degrees to 48 degree Celsius, and in topographies that would make an ordinary person give up within minutes, these superheroes continue to perform their duty without a word of complaint. © Arjun Menon A lot of hardwork and love has gone into this project, and all Arjun wishes to accomplish through this photo series is to inspire the youth of this nation to consider the Indian Army as a career option. That he says, would be his “mission accomplished”.
  7. Over the years, the world of cricket has witnessed many opening batsmen making their mark in international cricket. From Saeed Anwar, Mathew Hayden to Virender Sehwag, all these Phenoms had a special talent of hitting the ball long and strong. While their blistering batting performances cut a sorry figure for the opposition bowlers, it also provided their respective sides roaring starts in the game. In the modern era of the sport, Rohit Sharma seems to be doing that job for India in limited-overs cricket. Rapidly establishing his reputation as one of the most destructive openers in the game, Rohit's malleable wrists and knack to find gaps with effortless drives have allowed India to set the ball rolling early in the innings. © BCCL While his job in the Indian line-up is predominantly at the top of the order, providing flying starts to his team, Rohit seems to have swapped his role as Virat Kohli's men get engrossed with the much-anticipated tour of Australia. Swapping his willow for a camera, Rohit seems to have become Team India's official photographer Down Under. The 31-year-old decided to test his 'shooting skills' with the camera as he went behind the lens to click the photos of Manish Pandey ahead of their first T20I at the Gabba. While Manish missed out on the spot in India's 12-man side for the first T20I, he was adequately aided by Rohit for the video. Directing Pandey to act for the video, Rohit said some encouraging words: "Pretend as if you're getting ready. It'll be just 10 seconds. You've to do something. I am going to do some direction. Let's see how it goes. A bit of a camera work rather, not direction actually," Rohit explained to the viewers. While the candid video brought a smile to the faces of Indian cricket fans, they will now be hoping for the 'Hitman' to resume his cricketing duties as the Kohli brigade gears up to establish dominance Down Under.
  8. Do you remember what you were doing at the age of 10? Whatever it was, I can guarantee it wasn't anything close to winning the Wildlife Photographer of the Year award. Arshdeep Singh is just 10-years-old and he's already officially cooler than me. He won the exciting award for his photograph 'Pipe Owls' in the 10-years-and-under category. The Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition is organised by Britain's Natural History Museum. No wonder he won though, just look at how cool the picture he clicked is! © Natural History Museum There's obviously a story behind the picture as well. Arshdeep came across a spotted owlet popping its head out from an old waste-pipe while he was driving through Punjab's Kapurthala with his father. After asking his father to stop the car, he rested the camera on the half-open window of the car at eye level, and soon enough, a second owlet popped up and he captured the moment beautifully. I don't know exactly what happened, but it feels like the entire thing went something like this – View this post on Instagram wait for it #catsofinstagram #cats #thedailykitten #cutepetclub #bestmeow #myroommateisacat #catsofworld #instapet #petsofinstagram #kittens #9gagnoticeme A post shared by @ charlieisahoe on Sep 20, 2017 at 12:52pm PDT Turns out the photography talent runs in the family; Arshdeep's father is Randeep Singh, a well-known photographer. He's been around photography his whole life and started clicking pictures at the age of six and then ventured into the field of wildlife photography in 2012. Wait, there are more ways in which this little boy is cooler than us. His photographs have previously been featured in Lonely Planet UK, Lonely Planet Germany, Lonely Planet India, BBC Wildlife UK and more.
  9. Nine years after its foundation stone was laid, Sikkim finally got its first ever airport in Pakyong today. The aerodrome was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. © Twitter PM Modi is on a two-day visit to the state and arrived on Sunday. While most people were busy looking at the beauty of this engineering marvel, we saw something that was sort of hidden from all of us- PM Modi's photography skills. © Twitter People often complain about PM Modi's national and international tours. However, we don't want to bring politics in here, so we'll only talk about how his trips almost always give us major travel goals. In all honesty, he is living a life every wanderlust dreams of living. © Twitter Had PM Modi not been a politician, he could have made for a good travel photographer and these pictures are proof. Alright! Maybe, we exaggerated a bit, but it's the effort that counts, right? He clicked these pictures from his chopper and shared them on social media with the caption, "Serene and splendid! Clicked these pictures on the way to Sikkim. Enchanting and incredible! #IncredibleIndia." Serene and splendid! Clicked these pictures on the way to Sikkim. Enchanting and incredible! #IncredibleIndia pic.twitter.com/OWKcc93Sb1 — Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) September 23, 2018 These pictures not only manage to capture the beauty of Sikkim but also have wanderlust written all over them. Talking about the airport, it's located on top of a hill nearly 2 km above Pakyong village at 4,500 feet above sea level between the Himalayas. It also happens to be North-East India's first greenfield airport. The cost of constructing this airport is more than Rs. 600 crores and it is located around 33 km from Gangtok. Reportedly, the first commercial flight from Pakyong will take off on October © Twitter The inauguration of this airport and these pictures are reasons enough to make travel plans to Sikkim soon. What do you guys think?
  10. There are so many romantic movies where there's at least one scene of the two people who are madly in love kissing in the rain. We grew up believing it to be one of the most romantic moment and would love to experience it on our own as well. But, then we realize where we live, and that fantasy is ruined, much like how our family's reputation will be 'ruined' if anyone sees it. But, we can all agree it's a beautiful moment nonetheless. Since monsoon is upon us and it's pouring everywhere, a young photographer in Bangladesh decided to take advantage of the incredible weather and all the good things it brings with itself. Jibon Ahmed captured a picture of a couple kissing in the rain in Dhaka University, with the backdrop of people just going about their day and working. What a moment! It's like utopia where two people seemingly in love isn't anyone else's concern; it's almost as if they are in their own world. Jibon Ahmed He shared the picture with the caption “This is a poem of the blessed rains, let love be free.” It was such an amazing picture, it started going viral. People's reaction, however, was a little divided. While some showed appreciation for the message of love it carried, others had to get political with it. But, that was just the beginning. It has been reported that just a few days after the pictures was shared, Jibon, the photographer, was assaulted by some other photographers at that university. Apparently, Jibon, who works as a photojournalist with a news website, has also been fired from his job. This stupid and honestly misplaced attack against Jibon made people speak up in his favour and come to his defence. Fahima Durrat, a professor at Dhaka University, shared her views on Facebook. People showed their outrage and support on Twitter as well. Shocking to see the outrage against this photograph and physical assault on the photographer. We should kiss everywhere and we should kiss often. Let's fight back. One kiss at a time! #kiss #Bangladesh #viral #TSC #moralpolice #photography #jibonahmed https://t.co/1U3rfmYG39 — Shehzeen Choudhury (@ShehzeenSays) July 25, 2018 And, here's a meme perfectly highlighting the hypocrisy.
  11. Mario Mandzukic celebrates his winning goal for Croatia after he and his teammates fell on top of AFP photographer Yuri Cortez. Photo: AFP MOSCOW: When Croatia scored the goal that took them into the World Cup final on Wednesday, an AFP...