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Found 369 results

  1. Guru Randhawa’s latest Instagram post has sparked engagement rumours. Guru posted a picture with a mystery girl and in the picture, Randhawa is seen wearing a black coloured Pathani suit while the girl is seen in orange attire. Well, the singer has piqued the curiosity of his fans as he decided not to reveal the face and caption added more fuel to it as he wrote, “New Year, New Beginnings", along with a red-heart emoticon. View this post on Instagram Many friends from the industry including Arvind Khaira, Juggy D, and others sent congratulatory messages to him through the comments section. © Guru Randhawa © Guru Randhawa Last year, in an interview with HT Brunch, Guru said that he is in no hurry to tie the knot. “I am settled. The settlement is in the mind. There is no pressure on me to get married,” he said, adding, “I’m in a great space of mind at the moment. The love I get is gratifying and motivating, but I have no immediate plans of biting the bullet!” While some fans are confused as they are also thinking it might be a strategy for announcing his new song, some want to know who’s the girl and want to know the dates of his wedding. © Guru Randhawa © Guru Randhawa We wonder what’s the truth behind this. View the full article
  2. Mirza posted a picture of herself on Instagram donning a white long traditional dress paired with yellow chunri
  3. The coolest thing to happen during this shit show of a year was the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction. The once in a lifetime event that occurred on Monday was because of the two planets being closest to each other in 400 years and it could've been observed by anyone, no special equipment was needed. But, so many of us were robbed of observing this incredible thing because of the pollution in the sky but we still have pictures to marvel at. One such picture that managed to capture not just the two planets, but also our largest moons of Jupiter was clicked by an Indian photographer. View the full article
  4. The farmers' protest is the biggest protest not just in the country, but the world. Our annadatas have been trying to make the government hear their pleas and take back the farm laws that will affect them and their livelihood. The resilience of the farmers braving the cold weather and the resistance is admirable and fighting for their rights. But, even then, they're being used for propaganda. © BJP Punjab A poster released by BJP Punjab talking about the MSP data had a picture of a farmer proudly smiling. Well, it would have been alright if the man in the picture himself wasn't protesting against the government here in Delhi. Oh wait, that's exactly what happened. © Twitter Calling out the 'besharmi' of the government, he said that he never gave anyone permission to use his seven-year-old picture for anything. He himself is currently at Singhu border protesting against PM Modi while BJP used his picture to create a different narrative. The best part is that not only he's not mincing his words when talking about the matter, he's also decided to take legal action while asking people to report the BJP ad. The call out in Punjabi just hits different. Besharmi Di Vi Koi Hadd Hundi Ae Par Lagdaa Inaa Kol JIO De Unlimted Internet Waang Ina Kol Besharmi Di Hadd Vi... Posted by Harp Farmer on Monday, December 21, 2020So many lies, how is it fair? So the @BJP4India again engaging in lies and misinformation!!! Please don't!! @amitmalviya https://t.co/IPKEbYePqa — Shreeya (@Shreeya_01) December 22, 2020 Wow is the word. Wow! #BJP Wow! Nothing matters !!!#RepealBlackLaws #FarmersProtest #DilliChalo https://t.co/TctNYl2Ce7 — Raj Riar Hughes • Support Our Farmers (@rajriarhughes) December 22, 2020 That honestly sounds perfect. © Facebook Shameful. © Facebook Yep. © Facebook Support farmers. © Facebook View the full article
  5. Hailie Jade, the daughter of Eminem, is followed by over two million people on Instagram
  6. Remember the good old times when we were not in a global pandemic and people were crazy about one chef and how he salted his food? Well, salt bae is still thriving with his hilarious way of adding salt to his food and Krishna Shroff recently had the opportunity to meet him. © Instagram Sharing a picture with him, along with a video of him doing what he does best, she seemed to be enjoying her time in Dubai to the fullest. © Instagram Look at the video! What a throwback, ammirite? View this post on InstagramKrishna recently broke up with her ex-boyfriend Eban Hyams and he had the perfect comment for after this post. © Instagram Looks like someone is a little 'salty'. A lot of people were excited to see salt bae again and were living vicariously through her. © Instagram People were concerned about it being beef. © Instagram The best, for sure. © Instagram View the full article
  7. Josh Brolin has never shied from talking about his naked adventures. Remember when he burned his butthole while 'butt-chugging' sunlight and shared his hilarious sunburn story with everyone? View this post on Instagram Now, he's chilling fully naked, thankfully not pointing his butthole to the sun, and had a pretty philosophical thought about it. View this post on InstagramHe wrote, "At the end of the day, life will be judged by how often you were naked. Nobody told they meant metaphorically." But, people had another thought about this whole thing that involves his famous giant purple character, of course. © Marvel People were quick to point out that we're finally seeing what Thanos' retirement plan actually was, and honestly, it looks pretty spot on. This totally looks like what Thanos must have done after snapping half of the universe's life into thin air. © Instagram Holding up pretty good, I suppose. © Instagram Way too easy for Ant-Man to enact that one plan. © Instagram Thanos, when Avengers arrived to get the stones. © Instagram A great plan, tbh. © Instagram View the full article
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