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Found 5 results

  1. Known for their drum-like drinking capacity, binge-watching superpowers and the ability to make a lot out of a little, millennials are dominating the Indian, retail, restaurant and travel market. Considering the potential of their consumers while also staying true to its spending capabilities, companies like Swiggy, Uber and The Body Shop have come up with loyalty programmes, in order to woo the savvy urban professionals. However, as a sensible and sticking-to-budget kind of shopper, you must approach these schemes with a 'what's in this for me?' kind of attitude. because let's just face it, we endear our pocket money and salaries more than anything else. Here is a list of all the 'salary friendly' reward programs you can use in India: 1) Times Points TimesPoints is one of the most unique reward programs in the country - it rewards you for staying abreast with happenings around the country & the world. You earn 'points' in your wallet for every moment that you spend on its partner platforms like the Times of India, Navbharat Times, Maharashtra Times and NewsPoint among others. You can then redeem these points across 200+ brands including Amazon, Shoppers Stop, Myntra, Paytm and more. 2) Zomato Gold This masterstroke by Zomato changed India's dine-out culture and that too for good. Initially one of its kind, Zomato Gold offers one-plus-one on food and two-plus-two on drinks at famous restaurants, giving us the unmatched joy of complimentary food. Present across major cities of India, Zomato Gold's Starter Pack costs a meagre Rs. 300 and offers three unlocks with no expiry date. The Medium Pack costs Rs. 700 along with ten unlocks and the Unlimited Pack costs Rs. 1500 with limitless unlocks for a year. Going on a date never felt so pocket-friendly. 3) Times Card In case you're wondering about getting yourself a credit card, its got to be this one. A Times Card will get you more for less and add a dose of excitement to your life with exclusive benefits to your expenditure on lifestyle activities such as shopping, movies & dining. Thanks to Times Card, your dad will not now shed tears at the end of the month. 4) Gourmet Passport If you like going on gastronomical journeys with friends and family, Gourmet Passport is the membership program for you. It offers you Buy-One-Get-One-Free on buffets, food & drinks at over 800 fine dining restaurants and bars across 5-star hotels and standalone chains. As a member you can save over Rs. 50,000 on the dining out expenses annually! 5) Amazon Prime If you don't know what Amazon Prime is, it's time for you to get out from under that rock. If there is one brand that has recognised the ambitious yet cost-effective nature of Indian consumers perfectly, it has to be Amazon. A membership which costs just 129 bucks and provides you with the ultimate movie and music experience. Along with that, the ever special one-day delivery scheme to go with Amazon's 'Apni Dukan' campaign, makes it a loyalty program surely worth taking. 6) Flipkart Plus With its ever decreasing popularity, Flipkart needed something big to shake up consumers and tell them about their existence. And we're quite sure that Flipkart has done just that with its Flipkart Plus loyalty program. Customers can subscribe to this without paying an extra penny. Yes, you read it right. The Plus program will offer you a host of benefits like free delivery on certain products, faster delivery time, early access to big sales and other discounts. A user would earn 1 coin for every Rs 250 spent, but on one transaction, you can only get a maximum of 10 coins. This amounts to spending Rs 2,500 in one transaction, and making five such purchases (Rs 12,500) would get you the 50 coins you need to become an annual member. Not only this, if you have accumulated over 50 coins and become a member of Flipkart Plus, then these are the other rewards you will get: 1. A â¹1,000 voucher on Flipkart 2. A â¹1,200 voucher on BookMyShow 3. An annual subscription to Hotstar Premium 4. An annual subscription to Zomato Gold 5. A â¹1,100 gift card for MakeMyTrip
  2. Well, you can hate them or love them, but you know you've never been able to ignore them because we've had no option but to keep up with all the Kardashians and the Jenners. The women from these two powerful clans have carved an iconic name for themselves in the world and Kylie Jenner has done much more than that, as she has basically created history. View this post on Instagram @PAPERMAGAZINE A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on Feb 19, 2019 at 12:49pm PST According to Forbes and the latest news report, Kylie Jenner has dethroned Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and is now the youngest billionaire in the world. Also, she is the youngest self-made billionaire of all time as well. Her venture, Kylie Cosmetics ended up raking close to $360 million and is the wealthiest sister now with a net worth of over 1 billion dollars. View this post on Instagram i can't wait to launch a new product for @kyliecosmetics ð can you guess what it is? ⨠A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on Feb 16, 2019 at 8:27am PST Now, 'self-made' is quite a debatable term in the millennial world and people on the internet are divided on what 'self made' means for Kylie Jenner. Kylie Jenner becomes the first youngest billionaire I respect that she aint sit around and try to come up off her sisters she started her own now they look up to her âð½ #KylieJenner pic.twitter.com/IMUMVPkMaP — BIG HOMIE TREð¤´ð½ (@Trashunn) March 6, 2019 I don't know @KylieJenner personally but I am so proud of her, self made or not. She took those millions and turned them into a billion. Pat yourself on the back on your way to the bank while we are out here debating whether you are self made or not. #KylieJenner — Millionaire.Co.Za (@ntsepym) March 6, 2019 If you're seriously hung up on the “self-made” title when it comes to #kyliejenner you're pathetically jealous. You could be surrounded by millions & still not make a billion. She didn't take anyone's ideas. She built her empire with a vision & hard work. Let her shine... â¨â¨â¨ pic.twitter.com/q5gfDaJYWn — BOSSHARD™ (@TLOC__) March 6, 2019 While some are applauding the beauty with brains and her sheer talent of converting her inheritance into something big, for many on social media, all of this is just a joke. The same people who think Kylie Jenner is self-made are the same people who think she's all natural ð¤¦ð½‍âï¸ #KylieJenner pic.twitter.com/j4r8vbVSZF — Nicole Perez (@nicole_perez1) March 6, 2019 About ten percent of Kylie Jenner's body parts aren't even “self-made,” much less her fortune. ð #ForbesBillionaires pic.twitter.com/alv3psDUwa — James Vakacabeqoli (@jvakacabeqoli) March 5, 2019 Kylie has taken over Mark Zuckerberg's spot, who became a young billionaire courtesy Facebook. Well, all things said and done, she is a woman in power and say all that you want, we were still asking for pocket money at 21 bro.
  3. Samsung has finally offered new details about its upcoming smartphone, that has been rumoured for a while to launch soon. In an interview with CNET, Samsung's DJ Koh revealed that the foldable smartphone will basically be a tablet that can turn into a pocket-sized smartphone. © Samsung It has been rumoured to be called the 'Galaxy F' and Koh claims, that the device will probably be one of the more practical devices in the market when it launches. Koh did not reveal any details about the foldable smartphone and neither did he mention any launch date. “When we deliver a foldable phone, it has to be really meaningful to our customer,” Koh said in an interview. “If the user experience is not up to my standard, I don't want to deliver those kinds of products.” Koh stressed that the device will not a gimmick and will probably be a nice product when it launches. “It may be a niche market, but definitely, it will expand,” Koh told CNET. “I'm positive that we do need a foldable phone.” © Twitter The South Korean company has been trying to develop a foldable smartphone since 2013, when the company teased a bendable OLED display at CES 2013. Koh, however, did confirm that the smartphone will launch sometime this year and could even make an appearance at Samsung's Developer Conference next month. Huawei is also looking to launch a similar smartphone as early as next month and it seems like the competition in this space is getting heated already. Huawei is currently the world's second largest smartphone maker and is now creeping up Samsung's territory to dethrone the South Korean giant. Source: Cnet
  4. A wallet is to a man what make-up is to a woman - something you cannot leave your house without. And when it comes to wallets, you can never go wrong with leather. After all, a leather wallet pretty much makes for one of the most tried and tested fashion staples for men out there. But like all good things in life, leather wallets can be a bit expensive, especially those that belong to premium brands. But why should you have to compromise on quality just to get your hands on something that is budget-friendly? Well, since we at MensXP believe that quality and affordability aren't mutually exclusive, we've listed the best budget leather wallets for men in India. Check Out The Best Budget Leather Wallets For Men In India Levi's Leather Brown Men's Wallet © Amazon India When we think of leather wallets, most of us imagine a black variant. Well, that is just one of the reasons why you should opt for this badass brown leather wallet from Levi's that'll make you stand out from the crowd. Product description: Brown leather wallet, has eight compartments, one flap coin pocket and six months of warranty. MRP: Rs 769 Buy it here Peter England Wine Coloured Men's Wallet © Amazon India As any wine lover will swear by, anything that has to do with 'wine' is always good. Stylish but not overpowering, this wine-coloured wallet makes for a modish and affordable option. Product description: Wine coloured leather wallet, has four compartments, one flap coin pocket and three months of warranty. MRP: Rs 1,088 Buy it here Flying Machine Coffee Brown Men's Wallet © Amazon India Since most people tend to opt for simplistic and basic wallets, why not buck the trend and opt for this stylish and unique leather wallet from Flying Machine? Product description: Coffee brown leather wallet, has eight card slots, four slip pockets and twelve months of warranty. MRP: Rs 1,183 Buy it here Titan Black Men's Wallet © Amazon India We love stripes on our clothes as much as we do on our wallets. As such, opting for this black striped wallet from Titan makes for a fashion-forward choice. Product description: Black leather wallet, has four card holders, one flap coin pocket and six months of warranty. MRP: Rs 1,244 Buy it here Carlton Marine Blue Men's Wallet © Amazon India Colourblock is a trend that has taken over the world of fashion, and it's a trend that's not just confined to clothes. So opting for this navy blue and grey colour-blocked wallet will certainly add some class and quirk to your fashion staples. Product description: Navy blue leather wallet, has four card holders, three compartments, one flap coin pocket, two smart hidden pockets and six months of warranty. MRP: Rs 1,254 Buy it here U.S. Polo Assn. Men Wallet © Amazon India If you were looking for wallet that isn't all that quirky, but still isn't as boring as a regular wallet, then this black leather wallet with striped detail makes for the perfect choice. Product description: Black leather wallet, has four card holders, two compartments, one flap coin pocket, and six months of warranty. MRP: Rs 1,079 Buy it here Levi's Black Men's Wallet © Amazon India Finally, we have another premium wallet from Levi's. Though it's slightly more expensive than its counterpart, it more than makes up for it by providing you with lots of space and a classic touch. Product description: Black leather wallet, has eight compartments, one flap coin pocket and six months of warranty. MRP: Rs 1,099 Buy it here
  5. So much has been said about Henry Cavill's facial hair by now. At one point, everyone was just talking about his moustache, but that's understandable because that moustache cost Warner Bros about $25 million dollars, kinda. Yep, how can anyone forget the insane amount spent on removing our very own Superman's 'KingStache' in 'Justice League' just because he was shooting for 'Mission Impossible: Fallout'? Cavill had to go back and reshoot some scenes for the DC movie and couldn't just shave off the famous stache, giving birth to a string of epic memes. JUSTICE LEAGUE EXEC: We can just CGI Henry Cavill's mustache out it will be fine and not look weird at all HENRY CAVILL: pic.twitter.com/Ag41j6LbPn — Dana Schwartz (@DanaSchwartzzz) November 17, 2017 Everything that can be said and done about the hilarious CGI has been said and done, I mean, it was such a seemingly ridiculous thing, it would've been an 'impossible mission' to escape the ridicule it got. And now, the much awaited 'Mission Impossible: Fallout' is here and has been receiving an incredible response. But, let's forget about Tom Cruise and focus on Henry in the movie. There was one particular scene that has mesmerized a lot of people. I'm talking about the part where he seems to actually reload his arm – his freaking arm – right in the middle of a fight. While this is really cool, there's still something weird going on; it's almost like a blink-and-miss moment, but thankfully we have a gif with infinite loops. There are two things happening – actually, there are things that are apparently growing (no, not that, get your head out of the gutter!) First, his beard seems to magically grow in just a second. Wow man, what's your secret? I'm sure a lot of guys would be interested to know this method. © Paramount Pictures And as for the second, his beard isn't the only thing that's growing; his shirt pocket also 'grows' out of nowhere. © Paramount Pictures Me right now – (I don't know what everyone will do with this information, but it's still important, okay?) When will this poor guy escape CGI? Especially when it's targeted at his facial hair almost every time. But well, we can also take into consideration that he is THE Superman and he can do anything. (Is that why he's in 'Mission Impossible' to make it possible?) Well, we have an explanation from the man himself. While talking to Fox 32 News, Henry revealed he had seen the gif and offered a simple explanation – “It's because I punch so hard when reloading my fists, that I actually grew a beard in that moment. I made facial hair history.” I had the chance to ask Henry Cavill about that “arm pump / beard growth” gif that's circling the internet. This is the reason I went to college for journalism. CC: @ReelBlend @fox32news @MissionFilm pic.twitter.com/gte8g8kQRg — Jake Hamilton (@JakesTakes) July 23, 2018 People are still confused about it. Should @asapscience try to explain why when Henry Cavill reloads his arms he grows more beard? Or should we just move on with life. pic.twitter.com/Ah0M3e27ua — Gregory Brown (@Whalewatchmeplz) July 31, 2018 Sounds perfectly reasonable. Henry Cavill cocked his arms then grew a beard and manifested a shirt pocket. THIS is why he is Superman. https://t.co/xCOgqaHI9h — Jay Washington (@MrJayWashington) July 31, 2018 Me too, Chris, me too. Someone pointed out Henry Cavill seems to grow more beard when he reloads his arms and now I can't stop watching, confused by how it seems so right pic.twitter.com/qBrNqM5ClD — Chris Pugh (@ChrisLikesDinos) July 10, 2018