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Found 56 results

  1. Amanda Gorman, in a series of tweets, extends support to Meghan Markle over her bravery in the tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey
  2. Lawrence Ferlinghetti, the last great poet of the Beat Generation, died on Tuesday
  3. Dr Azmi was a poet of mourning literature who was associated with PTV for several years as a singer
  4. Naseer Turabi?s funeral prayers will be held today after Zuhr prayers at Imambargah Shuhada-e-Karbala in Karachi
  5. Amitabh Bachchan is extremely active on Twitter and was more so in 2020. Big B is the second most-followed person on Twitter, after Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He keeps sharing anecdotes from his past and also shares motivational poems but this time, he goofed up. T 3761 - थोड़ा पानी रंज का उबालिये खूब सारा दूध ख़ुशियों का *थोड़ी पत्तियां ख़यालों की..* थोड़े गम को कूटकर बारीक, हँसी की चीनी मिला दीजिये.. *उबलने दीजिये ख़्वाबों को* *कुछ देर तक..!* यह ज़िंदगी की चाय है जनाब.. इसे तसल्ली के कप में छानकर *घूंट घूंट कर मज़ा लीजिये...!!* pic.twitter.com/qwGbczzcLp — Amitabh Bachchan (@SrBachchan) December 23, 2020 A fan pointed out that the lines belonged to her and was not credited for the same. “Sir, I am fortunate to have my lines on your wall. My happiness and pride would have been doubled if my name was on your wall,” said the writer. सर आपकी वॉल पर मेरी पंक्तियां आना मेरे लिये सौभाग्य है। मेरी खुशी और गर्व दुगुना हो जाता अगर आपकी वॉल पर मेरा नाम होता️ आपके जवाब की आशा में pic.twitter.com/ycKOjtWQCt — Tisha Agarwal (@TishaAgarwal14) December 24, 2020It was yesterday that Big B realized that he has not given credits to the writer and said that it was forwarded to him on WhatsApp. He loved it and posted it without giving it much thought. However, he was quick to apologize publicly on his Twitter account. He wrote, “T 3765 - @TishaAgarwal14 .. Tisha जी , मुझे अभी अभी पता चला की एक ट्वीट जो मैंने छापा था वो आपकी कविता थी । मैं क्षमा प्रार्थी हूँ , मुझे ज्ञान नहीं था इसका ! मुझे किसी ने मेरे Twitter या मेरे WhatsApp पर ये भेजा , मुझे अच्छा लगा ,और मैंने छाप दिया । मई माफ़ी चाहता हूँ|” He added, “T 3765 - "थोड़ा पानी रंज का उबालिये खूब सारा दूध ख़ुशियों का थोड़ी पत्तियां ख़यालों की.." (this tweet credit should go to @TishaAgarwal, I was not aware of its origin .. someone sent it to me, I liked it and posted it. apologies.) T 3765 - @TishaAgarwal14 .. Tisha जी , मुझे अभी अभी पता चला की एक ट्वीट जो मैंने छापा था वो आपकी कविता थी । मैं क्षमा प्रार्थी हूँ , मुझे ज्ञान नहीं था इसका ! मुझे किसी ने मेरे Twitter या मेरे WhatsApp पर ये भेजा , मुझे अच्छा लगा ,और मैंने छाप दिया । मई माफ़ी चाहता हूँ — Amitabh Bachchan (@SrBachchan) December 27, 2020T 3765 - "थोड़ा पानी रंज का उबालिये खूब सारा दूध ख़ुशियों का *थोड़ी पत्तियां ख़यालों की..*" ...more .. this tweet credit should go to @TishaAgarwal , I was not aware of its origin .. someone sent it to me , I thought it to be good and posted .. apologies pic.twitter.com/6YAOKXdIxe — Amitabh Bachchan (@SrBachchan) December 27, 2020 After his apology, people started to bash him and remind him that he should have been sensitive and sensible enough to not share someone else’s work as he, himself, is the son of legendary poet, Harivansh Rai Bachchan. Bachchan Saab should have written the same at the bottom that the origin not aware. Somebody sent the message not aware, origin not aware..no clarity in thought and expression. interesting to see such response from Bachchan.might be he is learning this behavior from Miss Bachchan — Heera (@Heera32073456) December 29, 2020One expects more sensitivity from you in the first place as you are son of someone we really look upto - एक महान कवि । कोई भी रचना आखिर किसी ने तो लिखी होगी तो आपको ज़रूर अपने आपको रचनाकार के नाम से अवगत कराना चाहिए। #Love4SSR — roohanireiki (@RanjaniMitra) December 27, 20201 of 2 Try to give ppl credit b4 u embarrass yourself. If it was written by your dad, u would have mentioned his name, correct? If someone sends U anything, at least have a decency & say like “I’m not sure who has written these beautiful lines, but I thought of sharing with u”.. — DK (@KafleDai) December 29, 2020Ghazab karte hain sir copy pest kar liya ab mafi yadi koi aur aapke sath karta hain to aap jane kya kya kar jate hain copyright and all yaha sirf mafi — simran singh shukla (@MansiSh43062414) December 27, 2020Bollywood m sbhi Copy paste hi toh krte h..wo poem ho ya Films.. Kbi South ki film copy krte h..kbi hollywood Films ki..kbi Gandhe Remakes bnate h..yhi toh Bollywood ki reality h..wese Reality or bhi h jo NCB or CBI nikaal rhi h.. — भानू प्रताप सिंह(राष्ट्रवादी) (@nationalismONLY) December 27, 2020 View the full article
  6. Renowned Indian poet Javed Akhtar on Thursday voiced his support for his Pakistani counterpart Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poem Hum Dekhainge, slamming nationalists for claiming it was "anti-Hindu". Akhtar said: "Saying that this poem is anti-Hindu, is just so absurd that I cannot speak on it in a serious manner. When you talk against fundamentalism, shortsightedness, and hatred, people call you anti-national," he said. Such claims were made by dull and dumb people, he said, adding that the poem was written by "Faiz against Pakistani dictator Zia-ul-Haq's government … which was a communal, regressive, and a fundamentalist regime,” he noted. Further explaining Goonjayga An-Al-Haq Ka Naara, which people claim was anti-Hindu, he said it was the word of Sufi poets who were against fundamentalist and regressive regimes. The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur set up a committee to look into whether the poem, Hum Dekhenge, was offensive to Hindu sentiments. The move came after a faculty member complaint that the students who took out a peaceful march in the campus on December 17 against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019, and in solidarity with Jamia Millia Islamia students who sung it as a mark of protest. Since the CAA's enactment on December 12, 2019, protests have erupted in various parts of the India, including New Delhi. It grants citizenship to Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Parsis, Buddhists, and Christians fleeing religious persecution from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh and came to India on or before December 31, 2014.
  7. ﮐﺒﮭﯽ ﯾﺎﺩ ﺁﺅ ﺗﻮ ﺍﺱ ﻃﺮﺡﮐﮧ ﻟﮩﻮ ﮐﯽ ﺳﺎﺭﯼ ﺗﻤﺎﺯﺗﯿﮟ ﺗﻤﮩﯿﮟ ﺩﮬﻮﭖ ﺩﮬﻮﭖ ﺳﻤﯿﭧ ﻟﯿﮟ ﺗﻤﮩﮟ ﺭﻧﮓ ﺭﻧﮓ ﻧﮑﮭﺎﺭ ﺩﯾﮟ ﺗﻤﮩﯿﮟ ﺣﺮﻑ ﺣﺮﻑ ﻣﯿﮟ ﺳﻮﭺ ﻟﯿﮟ ﺗﻤﮩﯿﮟ ﺩﯾﮑﮭﻨﮯ ﮐﺎ ﺟﻮ ﺷﻮﻕ ﮨﻮ ﺗﻮ ﺩﯾﺎﺭِ ﮨﺠﺮ ﮐﯽ ﺗﯿﺮﮔﯽ ﮐﻮ ﻣﮋﮦ ﮐﯽ ﻧﻮﮎ ﺳﮯ ﻧﻮﭺ ﻟﯿﮟ ﮐﺒﮭﯽ ﯾﺎﺩ ﺁﺅ ﺗﻮ ﺍﺱ ﻃﺮﺡ ﮐﮧ ﺩﻝ ﻭ ﻧﻈﺮ ﻣﯿﮟ ﺍُﺗﺮ ﺳﮑﻮ ﮐﺒﮭﯽ ﺣﺪ ﺳﮯ ﺣﺒﺲِ ﺟﻨﻮﮞ ﺑﮍﮬﮯ ﺗﻮ ﺣﻮﺍﺱ ﺑﻦ ﮐﮯ ﺑﮑﮭﺮ ﺳﮑﻮ ﮐﺒﮭﯽ ﮐِﮭﻞ ﺳﮑﻮ ﺷﺐِ ﻭﺻﻞ ﻣﯿﮟ ﮐﺒﮭﯽ ﺧﻮﻥِ ﺟﮕﺮ ﻣﯿﮟ ﺳﻨﻮﺭ ﺳﮑﻮ ﺳﺮِ ﺭﮨﮕﺰﺭ ﺟﻮ ﻣﻠﻮ ﮐﺒﮭﯽ ﻧﮧ ﭨﮭﮩﺮ ﺳﮑﻮ ﻧﮧ ﮔﺰﺭ ﺳﮑﻮ ﻣﺮﺍ ﺩﺭﺩ ﭘﮭﺮ ﺳﮯ ﻏﺰﻝ ﺑﻨﮯ ﮐﺒﮭﯽ ﮔﻨﮕﻨﺎﺅ ﺗﻮ ﺍﺱ ﻃﺮﺡ ﻣﺮﮮ ﺯﺧﻢ ﭘﮭﺮ ﺳﮯ ﮔﻼﺏ ﮨﻮﮞ ﮐﺒﮭﯽ ﻣﺴﮑﺮﺍﺅ ﺗﻮ ﺍﺱ ﻃﺮﺡ ﻣﺮﯼ ﺩﮬﮍﮐﻨﯿﮟ ﺑﮭﯽ ﻟﺮﺯ ﺍﭨﮭﯿﮟ ﮐﺒﮭﯽ ﭼﻮﭦ ﮐﮭﺎﺅ ﺗﻮ ﺍﺱ ﻃﺮﺡ ﺟﻮ ﻧﮩﯿﮟ ﺗﻮ ﭘﮭﺮ ﺑﮍﮮ ﺷﻮﻕ ﺳﮯ ﺳﺒﮭﯽ ﺭﺍﺑﻄﮯ ﺳﺒﮭﯽ ﺿﺎﺑﻄﮯ ﮐﺴﯽ ﺩﮬﻮﭖ ﭼﮭﺎﺅﮞ ﻣﯿﮟ ﺗﻮﮌ ﺩﻭ ﻧﮧ ﺷﮑﺴﺖِ ﺩﻝ ﮐﺎ ﺳﺘﻢ ﺳﮩﻮ ﻧﮧ ﺳﻨﻮ ﮐﺴﯽ ﮐﺎ ﻋﺬﺍﺏِ ﺟﺎﮞ ﻧﮧ ﮐﺴﯽ ﺳﮯ ﺍﭘﻨﯽ ﺧﻠﺶ ﮐﮩﻮ ﯾﻮﻧﮩﯽ ﺧﻮﺵ ﭘﮭﺮﻭ، ﯾﻮﻧﮩﯽ ﺧﻮﺵ ﺭﮨﻮ ﻧﮧ ﺍُﺟﮍ ﺳﮑﯿﮟ ، ﻧﮧ ﺳﻨﻮﺭ ﺳﮑﯿﮟ ﮐﺒﮭﯽ ﺩﻝ ﺩُﮐﮭﺎﺅ ﺗﻮ ﺍﺱ ﻃﺮﺡ ﻧﮧ ﺳﻤﭧ ﺳﮑﯿﮟ ، ﻧﮧ ﺑﮑﮭﺮ ﺳﮑﯿﮟ ﮐﺒﮭﯽ ﺑﮭﻮﻝ ﺟﺎﺅ ﺗﻮ ﺍﺱ ﻃﺮﺡ ﮐﺴﯽ ﻃﻮﺭ ﺟﺎﮞ ﺳﮯ ﮔﺰﺭ ﺳﮑﯿﮟ ﮐﺒﮭﯽ ﯾﺎﺩ ﺁﺅ ﺗﻮ ﺍﺱ ﻃﺮﺡ !!
  8. خون اپنا ہو یا پرایا ہو نسلِ آدم کا خون ہے آخر جنگ مشرق میں ہو کہ مغرب میں امنِ عالم کا خون ہے آخر بم گھروں پر گریں کہ سرحد پر روحِ تعمیر زخم کھاتی ہے کھیت اپنے جلیں کہ اوروں کے زیست فاقوں سے تلملاتی ہے ٹینک آگے بڑھیں کہ پیچھے ہٹیں کوکھ دھرتی کی بانجھ ہوتی ہے فتح کا جشن ہو کہ ہار کا سوگ زندگی میّتوں پہ روتی ہے جنگ تو خود ہی ایک مسئلہ ہے جنگ کیا مسئلوں کا حل دے گی آگ اور خون آج بخشے گی بھوک اور احتیاج کل دے گی اس لئے اے شریف انسانو! جنگ ٹلتی رہے تو بہتر ہے آپ اور ہم سبھی کے آنگن میں شمع جلتی رہے تو بہتر ہے برتری کے ثبوت کی خاطر خوں بہانا ہی کیا ضروری ہے گھر کی تاریکیاں مٹانے کو گھر جلانا ہی کیا ضروری ہے جنگ کے اور بھی تو میداں ہیں صرف میدانِ کشت وخوں ہی نہیں حاصلِ زندگی خِرد بھی ہے حاصلِ زندگی جنوں ہی نہیں آؤ اس تیرہ بخت دنیا میں فکر کی روشنی کو عام کریں امن کو جن سے تقویت پہنچے ایسی جنگوں کا اہتمام کریں جنگ، وحشت سے بربریّت سے امن، تہذیب و ارتقا کے لئے جنگ، مرگ آفریں سیاست سے امن، انسان کی بقا کے لئے جنگ، افلاس اور غلامی سے امن، بہتر نظام کی خاطر جنگ، بھٹکی ہوئی قیادت سے امن، بے بس عوام کی خاطر جنگ، سرمائے کے تسلّط سے امن، جمہور کی خوشی کے لئے جنگ، جنگوں کے فلسفے کے خلاف امن، پُر امن زندگی کے لئے (ساحر لدھیانوی)
  9. There are two kinds of people in the world - one kind is known for their remarkable words and one kind is known for their work. Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee belonged to both parts of the world - a man who was known for his work and his way with words. The 93-year-old was one of the most iconic leaders, who ruled the nation between 1998 to 2004 and is till date loved and appreciated by people. In fact, Vajpayee served thrice as the PM of India and during his tenure drafted certain key policies that shaped the country's economy. An orator extraordinaire and a poet by heart, Vajpayee passed away today at 93 in Delhi's AIIMS hospital, where he had been undergoing treatment for a kidney ailment. © Twitter AIIMS released a statement a few minutes ago, “It is with profound grief that we inform about the sad demise of Former Prime MInister of India, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee at 05:05 PM on 16.08.2018.” The statement further read, “Unfortunately, his condition deteriorated over the last 36 hours and he was put on life support systems. Despite the best of efforts, we have lost him today.” © AIIMS In the memory of this visionary man who gave the world some of the classic poetic masterpieces such as 'Kya Khoya Kya Paya', 'Sreshtha Kabita' and more; here's a look at some of his inspiring quotes and poems that will forever stay with us.
  10. [embed_video1 url=http://stream.jeem.tv/vod/3509231217889f0778db818fa99af02f.mp4/playlist.m3u8?wmsAuthSign=c2VydmVyX3RpbWU9NS8xMy8yMDE4IDI6MjI6MjAgUE0maGFzaF92YWx1ZT0wa2w1dDZZNUFmYm80Tk9vZXY5VEhBPT0mdmFsaWRtaW51dGVzPTYwJmlkPTE=...
  11. [embed_video1 url=http://stream.jeem.tv/vod/3509231217889f0778db818fa99af02f.mp4/playlist.m3u8?wmsAuthSign=c2VydmVyX3RpbWU9NS8xMy8yMDE4IDI6MjI6MjAgUE0maGFzaF92YWx1ZT0wa2w1dDZZNUFmYm80Tk9vZXY5VEhBPT0mdmFsaWRtaW51dGVzPTYwJmlkPTE=...
  12. For most of us, handling a single job- no matter how small or big it is, is a huge task. Juggling between personal and professional life, often leaves us exhausted and with no time at hand to do other things. But a man from Bengaluru is living proof of the fact that anyone and everyone can excel at different things, given that they have the enthusiasm and zeal to do it. Meet Shivakumar G.C., an auto-rickshaw driver who hails from Bengaluru. © Facebook/Shiva Chandra His life as an auto driver began in 1993 after watching Shankar Nag's popular film 'Auto Raja'. Owing to his honesty and utter respect for the passengers, he has won more than 30 awards, majority of which are from the Bengaluru City Police. © Facebook/Shiva Chandra © Facebook/Shiva Chandra One look at his auto-rickshaw and you'd immediately realize that he is unlike any other driver you have met. © Facebook/Shiva Chandra First things first, his super colorful auto is a sight to behold and also has an explanation behind it. Covered with photos and quotes of eminent writers and personalities, his auto is a reflection of all those who have inspired in his life. © Facebook/Shiva Chandra Another aspect of his 'special' auto is that it is equipped with a small library of sorts and also a first-aid box. Now, the first-aid box might not sound too cool but hey, at least the man cares about his customers' safety. And the library is meant to help his customers pass time. He also offers a 50% discount to senior citizens, students and people with disabilities while pregnant women are not charged anything at all. But if you think that's about it and the 'coolness' quotient ends here, we are delighted to tell you that this man is multi-talented. Shiva, who dropped out of school in 8th grade, has now penned more than 1500 poems. Need more? Twice a week, he turns into a radio jockey and hosts a show for Radio Active. © Facebook And just when he thought this can't get any better, we got to know that he is the founder of an NGO named Gurukul Seva Trust that helps students from the lower economic background by providing books and uniforms worth 1 Lakh every year. The way Shivakumar leads his life is enough for us to understand that no job is big or small and that spreading positivity in any and every way, never goes unnoticed.
  13. Piyush Mishra is one of those poets who work connects and speaks the language of the youth. Whether he is writing a book or motivating students in Hindu college in Delhi University, his voice never goes without touching every heart who hears him. His talks on daily life, love, and war are mesmerizing as well as full of wisdom with a touch of humor in them. Also, he has a unique voice that you can recollect from his movies like 'Gangs of Wasseypur' and 'Pink'. As a film lyricist and singer, he is also known for his songs "Arre Ruk Ja Re Bandeh" (Black Friday), "Aarambh Hai Prachand" (Gulaal), "Ik Bagal" (Gangs of Wasseypur), and "Husna" (MTV Coke Studio). Here is a recollection of some of his best literary works out there. © MensXP © MotivateMe © Catch Hindi © Mycitylinks © MensXP © TopYaps © YouTube/Pushkar Push © antiserious © DTU Times © Filmfare Middle East
  14. Munnu Bhai. Photo: File LAHORE: Renowned columnist and poet Munir Ahmed Qureshi, more commonly known as Munnu Bhai, passed away here on Friday, family sources confirmed to Geo News. He was 84 years old. The senior journalist was suffering from kidney and cardiac problems for quite some time, and was also going through routine dialysis treatment. Munno Bhai was born in Wazirabad on February 6, 1933. He was affiliated with journalism for more than 25 years. He also wrote dramas for Pakistan Television, his most famous being 'Sohna Chandni' which will always be remembered by his fans. In 2007, he was given Pride of Performance award by the state of Pakistan. Pakistan Peoples Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has expressed his condolence following news of Munno Bhai's death.
  15. KARACHI: Prominent Pakistani poet and literary figure Rasa Chughtai passed away late Friday night here in the city, Geo News reported. He was 90. The poet's funeral prayers will be offered in Taj Mosque in Industrial Area, Korangi No. 5, after Zuhr today. Chughtai was born in 1928, Sawai Madhopur Jaipur of pre-partition India's Jaipur state. In his early days, he was associated with numerous newspapers and publications, including Hurriyet. Later, his collection of poems was published as Zanjeer-e-Hamsaigi. The complete works of Chughtai ? who also held expertise in ghazal-writing ? were also published subsequently, called Tere Aane Ka Intezaar Raha.
  16. Google, as per its tradition of honouring iconic personalities, paid homage to one of Urdu literature?s most iconic poets Mirza Ghalib on his 220th birthday. KARACHI: Global search engine Google, as per its tradition of honouring iconic personalities, paid homage to one of Urdu literature?s most iconic poets Mirza Ghalib on his 220th birthday. Born in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, during the reign of Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah, Mirza Asadullah Baig Khan is known in popular culture by many names, but most commonly as Ghalib (meaning conqueror). The poet showed a gift for language at an early age and was educated in Persian, Urdu, and Arabic, explains Google in its description. Early concepts of the Doodle. Photo: Google "His verse is characterized by a lingering sadness borne of a tumultuous and often tragic life ? from being orphaned at an early age, to losing all of his seven children in their infancy, to the political upheaval that surrounded the fall of Mughal rule in India. He struggled financially, never holding a regular paying job but instead depending on patronage from royalty and more affluent friends," according to Google. Ghalib navigated through these hardships with wit, intellect, and an all-encompassing love for life. His contributions to Urdu poetry and prose were not fully appreciated in his lifetime, but his legacy has come to be widely celebrated, most particularly for his mastery of the Urdu ghazal (amatory poem). On September 21, Google doodle paid homage to legendary Pakistani singer Noor Jehan on the occasion of her 91st birth anniversary. Google pays tribute to Noor Jehan on 91st birth anniversary Jehan, who is also known as the ?Queen of Melody?, was born on this day in 1925 in Kasur In a career spanning over decades, the legendary singer had reportedly recorded around 10,000 songs. Jehan?s biggest claim to fame was her role in lending her voice to boost morale of Pakistani forces during the 1965 war ? for which she was awarded the top-most civilian award ?Tamgha-e-Imtiaz?.
  17. WASHINGTON: Pulitzer-prize winning poet John Ashbery ? a post-modern American trailblazer ? died aged 90 in Hudson, New York, his family told US media Sunday. The experimental vanguardist was sometimes accused of writing poems that were at times less than accessible to a wider audience. "Well, I'm told that they're not," he said in a 2005 interview with NPR. "What they are is about the privacy of all of us, and the difficulty of our own thinking," he said. Yet "they are, I think, accessible if anyone cares to access them." His twists in register or tone routinely were so swift as to leave heads spinning. Yet they left many pleasantly disconcerted. Ashbery ? who said he felt influenced by John Yeats ? studied at Columbia University. The Rochester, New York native loved to mix everyday language and thoughts with elevated language. His 1975 collection Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror" made history when he became the lone writer to earn three major accolades the same year for the same work: the Pulitzer in addition to a National Book Award and a National Book Critics Circle Award. In 2012, Ashbery received the National Humanities Medal from the then-president Barack Obama. COVER IMAGE: This photo ? taken on February 13, 2012 ? shows US President Barack Obama presenting the 2011 National Arts and Humanities Medal to poet John Ashbery during a ceremony in White House's East Room, Washington, DC. AFP/Jewel Samad/Files
  18. Cat Stevens has channeled the Sufi poet Yunus Emre for a song about divine love as he announced his latest album since his return to Western folk pop. "See What Love Did To Me," released on Thursday, is the first single off "The Laughing Apple," which will come out September 15 and mark Stevens's fourth album since he ended a three-decade retreat from music following his conversion to Islam. The song is dominated by the gentle and joyous folk guitar that characterized the English artist's hits in the 1970s such as "Wild World," "Father and Son" and "Peace Train." Yet Stevens, who also goes by the name Yusuf, adds in global influences. An African lute subtly accompanies his guitar around the chorus, while a bridge halfway through the song reaches into the synthesized string orchestrations of Bollywood. Stevens sings of love as he looks at the miracles of nature and the force of the divine. "I was a blindfolded bumble-bee / And now I see what God did for me / He made me see life flowery," Stevens sings. In a statement, Stevens said the lyrics were inspired by verses from Yunus Emre, one of the classic poets from Islam's mystical movement of Sufism. Emre, who was born in the 13th century, had a formative influence on the development of Turkish, choosing to write in the language rather than in Farsi or Arabic, which were more common for Sufis. Born in London to a Greek Cypriot father and Swedish mother, Stevens won a wide international following in the early 1970s but said he felt a need for a greater spiritual path. Stevens, who turns 69 on Friday, converted in 1977 and changed his name to Yusuf Islam. He gave few concerts for the next three decades before returning with an album in 2006.
  19. Short Biography of Nasir Kazmi a Poet of Modern Urdu Ghazal ناصر کاظمی 8 دسمبر، 1925 ہندوستانی پنجاب کے شہر امبالہ میں ایک ہندوستانی رائل آرمی کے ایک صوبیدار میجر محمد سلطان کے گھر پیدا ہوئے والد کی نوکر ی کی وجہ سے ناصر کو کئی شہروں میں رہنے کا موقع ملتا رہا۔ مگر ناصر کاظمی نے اپنا میٹرک کا امتحان مسلم ہائی اسکول انبالہ سے پاس کیا۔ پھر کالج کی تعلیم کے لیے وہ لاہور کے اسلامیہ کالج آگئے جہاں پر وہ ہاسٹل میں رہائش پزیر رہے۔باوجود اس کے ناصر کاظمی رفیق خاور کے چہیتے شاگرد رہے ناصر کا دل جانے کیو ں پڑھائی سے اچاٹ ہوگیا ۔۔ اور نا صر نے اپنا بی اے بھی ادھورا چھوڑ دیا اور تعلیم کو خیر آباد کہہ دیا۔ پاکستان بننے کے بعد ناصر کاظمی لاہور منتقل ہوگئے مگر جلد ہی ان کے سر سے والدین کا سایہ شفقت اٹھ گیا۔ جس وجہ سے وہ بہت اداس اور ملول رہنے لگے۔ ناصر کافی عرصہ تک لاہور سے شائع ہونے والے مجلات سے بھی منسلک رہے۔ پھر یہ سب چھوڑ کی ریڈیو پاکستان سے ایسے منسلک ہوئے کے پھر ریڈیو پاکستان اور شاعری کے ہوکر رہے گئے۔ ناصر نے اپنی شعر گوئی کا آغاز تو پاکستان بننے سے پہلے ہی کر دیا تھا۔ناصر کی شعر گوئی کا آغاز ۱۹۴۰ء سے ہوا۔حفیظ ہوشیارپوری سے تلمذ حاصل تھا۔ پاکستان بننے کے بعد ناصر نے جدید غزل کو ایک نیا اسلوب دیا ۔ بہت سے لوگ ان کو نئے دور کی غزل کا موجد بھی کہتے ہیں گو کہ ان کی کچھ نظمیں بالا کی چاشنی اور ادب کا مزاج لے کر مشہور ہویں "برگِ نَے" ”دیوان“ اور ”پہلی بارش“ ناصر کاظمی کی غزلوں کے مجموعے اور ”نشاطِ خواب“ نظموں کا مجموعہ ہے۔ سٔر کی چھایا ان کا منظوم ڈراما ہے۔ برگِ نَے ان کا پہلا مجموعہ کلام تھا جو 1952ء میں شائع ہوا۔ ناصر کاظمی 2 مارچ، 1972ءکو لاہور میں اپنے خالق حقیقی سے جاملے۔۔ گئے دنوں کا سراغ لے کر کدھر سے آیا کدھر گیا وہ عجیب مانوس اجنبی تھا مجھے تو حیران کر گیا وہ بس ایک موتی سی چھب دکھا کر بس ایک میٹھی سی دھن سنا کر ستارۂ شام بن کے آیا برنگ خواب سحر گیا وہ خوشی کی رت ہو کہ غم کا موسم نظر اسے ڈھونڈتی ہے ہر دم وہ بوئے گل تھا کہ نغمۂ جاں مرے تو دل میں اتر گیا وہ نہ اب وہ یادوں کا چڑھتا دریا نہ فرصتوں کی اداس برکھا یوں ہی ذرا سی کسک ہے دل میں جو زخم گہرا تھا بھر گیا وہ کچھ اب سنبھلنے لگی ہے جاں بھی بدل چلا دور آسماں بھی جو رات بھاری تھی ٹل گئی ہے جو دن کڑا تھا گزر گیا وہ بس ایک منزل ہے بوالہوس کی ہزار رستے ہیں اہل دل کے یہی تو ہے فرق مجھ میں اس میں گزر گیا میں ٹھہر گیا وہ شکستہ پا راہ میں کھڑا ہوں گئے دنوں کو بلا رہا ہوں جو قافلہ میرا ہم سفر تھا مثال گرد سفر گیا وہ مرا تو خوں ہو گیا ہے پانی ستم گروں کی پلک نہ بھیگی جو نالہ اٹھا تھا رات دل سے نہ جانے کیوں بے اثر گیا وہ وہ مے کدے کو جگانے والا وہ رات کی نیند اڑانے والا یہ آج کیا اس کے جی میں آئی کہ شام ہوتے ہی گھر گیا وہ وہ ہجر کی رات کا ستارہ وہ ہم نفس ہم سخن ہمارا صدا رہے اس کا نام پیارا سنا ہے کل رات مر گیا وہ وہ جس کے شانے پہ ہاتھ رکھ کر سفر کیا تو نے منزلوں کا تری گلی سے نہ جانے کیوں آج سر جھکائے گزر گیا وہ وہ رات کا بے نوا مسافر وہ تیرا شاعر وہ تیرا ناصرؔ تری گلی تک تو ہم نے دیکھا تھا پھر نہ جانے کدھر گیا وہ nasir kazmi poetry nasir kazmi poetry images nasir kazmi poetry urdu Faiz Ahmad Faiz Poet of Hope Love and Revelation Saghar Siddiqui A Poet of Sadness & Love Urdu Sad Poetry Dukh by Faraz
  20. Enheduanna was born more than 4,200 years ago. Enheduanna was a woman; but not just any woman. She was a high priestess to a temple in what we now know as southern Iraq. Enheduanna was the world's first poet. She would write poems and edit hymnals. It is even speculated that she might have taught women at the temple to read and write. © Wordpress In the 1920s archaeologists discovered works by Enheduanna for the first time. Then, in the 1960s, her works began to be published in the English language. We do not see her name mentioned in school textbooks. In fact, before now, you probably didn't even know about the fact that the world's first poet was a woman. However, if you did ever come across Enheduanna's name or her work, it would be either because you saw Niel DeGrasse Tyson's reboot of Cosmos when she makes an appearance during the show. Or you would have read about her in one of Betty Meador's books; that is if you even know who Betty Meador is. © Sheroes Of History One of the larger reasons why you probably don't know who Enheduanna even is would relate to the fact that there aren't many Mesopotamian scholars known to this date. Here's an excerpt to one of Enheduanna's hymnals: The Adoration Of Inanna Of Ur Queen of all the ME, Radiant Light, Life-giving Woman, beloved of An (and) Urash, Hierodule of An, much bejeweled, Who loves the life-giving tiara, fit for High Priestesshood, Who grasps in (her) hand, the seven ME, My Queen, you who are the Guardian of All the Great ME, You have lifted the ME, have tied the ME to Your hands, Have gathered the ME, pressed the ME to Your breast. You have filled the land with venom, like a dragon. Hashtag, the more you know.
  21. Bollywood’s lovely lass Katrina Kaif, who has been in news since her debut on Instagram a few days ago, is one of the few actresses to have starred opposite the three major Khans of the Bollywood. Speaking at India Today's Mind Rocks Guwahati 2017, the actress got candid about working with Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan. About Salman Khan, she remarked, "He is a strong man. He will always set an example for people who look up to him. It is difficult to guess what he thinks. His strength and silence are admirable qualities. He is an incredible person." She is all prepared to reunite with the star in the sequel of Ek Tha Tiger; Tiger Zinda Hai. The movie is likely to release during Christmas. One the other hand, "Shah Rukh Khan is a very knowledgeable person. He speaks like a poet and has got an energy which never stops,” remarked the actress, who has starred opposite him in Jab Tak Hai Jaan. Speaking about Aamir, she said that “he has a different approach to working. His approach is very meticulous. He puts in a lot of physical work and mental preparation. No one puts that kind of dedication to work." The two have starred in Dhoom 3.
  22. دین سے دور ، نہ مذہب سے الگ بیٹھا ہوں تیری دہلیز پہ ہوں، سب سے الگ بیٹھا ہوں ڈھنگ کی بات کہے کوئی ، تو بولوں میں بھی مطلبی ہوں، کسی مطلب سے الگ بیٹھا ہوں بزمِ احباب میں حاصل نہ ہوا چین مجھے مطمئن دل ہے بہت ، جب سے الگ بیٹھا ہوں غیر سے دور، مگر اُس کی نگاہوں کے قریں محفلِ یار میں اس ڈھب سے الگ بیٹھا ہوں یہی مسلک ہے مرا، اور یہی میرا مقام آج تک خواہشِ منصب سے الگ بیٹھا ہوں عمرکرتا ہوں بسر گوشہ ء تنہائی میں جب سے وہ روٹھ گئے ، تب سے الگ بیٹھا ہوں c میرا انداز نصیر اہلِ جہاں سے ہے جدا سب میں شامل ہوں ، مگر سب سے الگ بیٹھا ہوں
  23. سُننے والوں کے لیے تیری ہنسی نعمت ہے توُ جو روئے تو تُجھے دیکھنے والا روئے آبشاروں کی طرح ، ابرِ مُسلسل کی طرح آپ کی یادمیں آخر کوئی کِتنا روئے جتنے بیزار ہیں مُسکان میّسر سب کو جو بھی اس بزم میں ہو محوِ تماشا روئے اُس کی تقدیر میں اتنا تو تبسُم لکھ دے یاد کر کے اُسے ہم دشت میں جتنا روئے سانحہ یہ تھا کہ تو نے ہمیں مصلوب کیا ملک افلاک پہ گوہر تہہِ دریا روئے اس سے بڑھ جائے گی کُچھ تاب و روانی دلبر چشمِ بے تاب سے کہہ دے لبِ دریا روئے
  24. تاج تیرے لئے اک مظہر الفت ہی سہی تجھ کو اس وادی ء رنگیں سے عقیدت ہی سہی میری محبوب ! کہیں اور ملا کر مجھ سے بزم شاہی میں غریبوں کا گزر کیا معنی ثبت جس راہ میں ہوں سطوت شاہی کے نشاں اس پہ الفت بھری روحوں کا سفر کیا معنی ؟ میری محبوب ! پس پردہ تشہیر وفا تو نے سطوت کے نشانوں کو تو دیکھا ہوتا مردہ شاہوں کے مقابر سے بہلنے والی اپنے تاریک مکانوں کو تو دیکھا ہوتا ان گنت لوگوں نے دنیا میں محبت کی ہے کون کہتا ہے کہ صادق نہ تھے جزبے ان کے لیکن ان کے لئے تشہیر کا سامان نہیں کیونکہ وہ لوگ بھی اپنی ہی طرح مفلس تھے یہ عمارات و مقابر ، یہ فصیلیں یہ حصار مطلق الحکم شہنشاہوں کی عظمت کے ستوں سینہ ء دہر کے ناسور ہیں کہنہ ناسور جزب ہے ان میں ترے اور مرے اجداد کا خوں میری محبوب ! انہیں بھی تو محبت ہو گی جن کی صنائی نے بخشی ہے اسے شکل جمیل ان کے پیاروں کے مقابر رہے بے نام و نمود آج تک ان پہ جلائی نہ کسی نے قندیل یہ چمن زار ،یہ جمنا کا کنارہ ، یہ محل یہ منقش درو دیوار ، یہ محراب ، یہ طاق اک شہنشاہ نے دولت کا سہارہ لے کر ہم غریبوں کی محبت کا اڑایا ہے مزاق میری محبوب ! کہیں اور ملا کر مجھ سے
  25. ، بہت کوشش کرو گے تُم !!کہ اب موسم جو بدلیں تو، ہماری یاد نہ آۓ ۔۔۔ ،،،،،،مگر ایسا نہیں ہوگا ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ ،کہیں جو ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ سرد موسم میں دِسمبر کی ہواؤں میں ۔۔۔۔۔ تُمھارے دل کے گوشوں میں ۔۔۔۔۔ جمی ہیں برف کی طرح ۔۔۔۔۔ وہ یادیں کیسے پگھلیں گی ۔۔۔۔۔ ؟؟؟ ،کبھی گرمی کی تپتی سُرخ گھڑیوں میں میرے ماضی کو سوچو گے ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ تو آنکھیں بھیگ جائیں گی ۔۔ گھڑی پیچھے کو دوڑے گی ۔۔۔۔ کئی سالوں کی گُم گشتہ، ہماری یاد آۓ گی بچھڑ جاؤ !! مگر سُن لو ۔۔۔۔۔ ہمارے درمیان، ایسی کوئی تو بات بھی ہوگی ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ جِسے تُم یاد رکھو گے ۔۔۔۔۔ مُجھے تُم یاد رکھو گے ۔۔۔۔
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