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Found 265 results

  1. PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari addresses the event; PML-N's Maryam Nawaz asks for prayers for her deceased grandmother
  2. Pakistan hopeful of resuming IMF programme soon, says Advisor to PM on Finance Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh
  3. Report says main reason for shortage is an increase in demand for silicon and disruptions caused by coronavirus
  4. PM Secretariat originally wanted 50% reduction in power tariff while ECC recommends 25-30%
  5. "Donald Trump is very unpredictable, because he's not like normal politicians. He plays by his own rules," says PM Imran
  6. You probably are thinking that it is obviously easier said than it’s done. Absolutely not denying that fact, and neither lacing it with any fancy words that will wrap this painful thought in embroidered words is going to help. When you love someone, and if you’re really lucky, they decide to love you back and stay in your life. However, sometimes letting go of a one-sided, toxic or even a dead relationship is a bigger blessing than anyone of us can fathom. If you’re struggling through it, or know anyone who might need this, here are some personal thoughts on what I believe we need to remind ourselves when we have decided to let go, but we continue to struggle. © pexels Don’t Take Everything PersonallyOkay, before you say ‘yeah right’ and roll your eyes, hold on. Allow me to explain and that even though it is happening to you, it is not meant to be personal to you. If you think about it, when you have truly given it your all, worked your way up for someone, made your share of compromises and yet you continue to receive a half-baked version of their love, please analyse the basic fact that it is possible that maybe you are not even the problem. Most times, what others do and how they perceive a relationship has got less to do with us and more to do with their own share of trauma, insecurities, validation issues and unresolved emotions. © UTV motion pictures I have seen some couples struggle for years to sort things out when both of them are unable to fulfil their set of expectations, and I have also seen some people work things out with minimum arguments or grudges harboured against each other. Let Go Of The ‘Confusion’ That Was Not Caused By YouOftentimes than not, in most relationships that have run their course, and one partner is sadly moving on because ‘nothing was happening’, or the wheels of their relationship were jammed, you will notice that it is usually this weird vibe of confusion that surrounds the existing love. Sometimes, a partner is unsure and confused about their own goals, their own vision in life and the kind of future they see for themselves. That cocktail of emotions makes it difficult for them to put you in line with any future plan so conveniently, it is termed as ‘confusion’ and the onus of the irritation is often put on the partner who is clueless about the other person’s personal struggle. © UTV Please remind yourself that if you are clear about your plans, if your commitment lacks no effort, if their love is compromised because they probably feel guilty sometimes after blaming you for the pressure you put, then it's probably best to not borrow this confusion and blur your own vision. In case you fall in that trap, a lack of self-confidence, lack of worth, and every negative emotion will begin piling up which will make the vibe more toxic. Remember, you were clear with what you want, they were confused. Face The Truth & Start HealingThere is no other way of saying it except swallowing the bitter pill. You loved someone truly and they could not love you back or maybe they once did, and can no longer love you the way you want. Find strength in the fact that you are letting go of something which was not meant for you in the first place and when you open your heart, you will be allowing it to make space for someone who will love you for what you are. The right people come with no manuals, or confusions that make them force you to swim in the dark water of their unresolved emotions. Please remember that this is not a rejection of your emotions, this is you picking up your own pieces and mending your heart for your own sake. © RatPac-Dune Entertainment Put together the love you put in someone and give that love to yourself. When you love yourself and make yourself a priority, the world begins to fall in love with you. We often bend our rules and happily compromise for being accepted by someone else but what about what we want? Sure, moving on will be tough, but staying in a relationship that is not moving forward itself is tougher. You are more than the ‘maybe’, the ‘not yet’ and the ‘I don’t know’ that is breathed by someone who is unsure of what they need in their life. You will heal when you feel the right love. View the full article
  7. National Award-winning actor Manoj Bajpayee has been quite vocal about the flaws of the industry . He has been speaking about the unethical ways of Bollywood and he himself has been at the receiving end of the system that’s obsessed with stars and their glamorous shenanigans. He has proved his mettle through his hard work and he has fought back all the negativity that came his way. He is one of the finest actors we have seen in the industry. He is never bogged down by the idea of playing the smallest of the characters in a film because he believes in making an impact and not the length of the role. In the industry where the idea of being a star has been given importance, Manoj proved that talent can take you far. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@bajpayee.manoj) In a recent interview with Times Of India, he spoke about how Bollywood is obsessed with the star system and cited the example of exhibitors and distributors prioritizing stars over the content of a film. Here are the three valid points that Manoj shared and they surely serve the purpose of being an eye-opener. 1. He spoke about how the system of Bollywood has damaged the quality of the content that should have been promoted because of its obsession with the starry status. He said, “As far as the star system is concerned, it has done more damage than good to the quality and content. Now the young stars are focusing again on the content.” View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@bajpayee.manoj) 2. He said how even exhibitors and distributors didn’t support the content. It’s no secret that movies with Salman Khan were given extra screens and movies that rode with content were completely ignored. Manoj said that his films too got a ‘step-motherly’ treatment. “When the exhibitors and distributors start concentrating on stars what happens is the quality films and small films start getting step-motherly treatment. My films have faced this,” added the actor. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@bajpayee.manoj)3. He also hopes that the star system shouldn’t get in the way of the upcoming talent that we are getting to see in the current times. He said, “Whether it is cinema viewing or OTT or TV, people will find their stars. They find their favourites and they become their star. How big those stars will be? Will they be big like the ones we have since COVID-19 came in? I don’t know. I just hope that the star system doesn’t become an obstruction to the new upcoming talents.” We agree with all the points that Manoj has mentioned and things are changing for the better in the pandemic times when we are heavily relying on OTT platforms for our entertainment. With the advent of OTT, we have seen talented actors like Jitendra Kumar, Abhishek Banerjee, and many others ruling the space based on their skill set and not their starry status. On an ending note, we would also like to add that let’s end this obsession with stars and their starry ways and stand up for talent and good content. View the full article
  8. PDM lashes out at PM Imran Khan over inflation, curbing freedom of speech and stealing general elections in Gujranwala jalsa
  9. Senator Shibli Faraz has challenged the opposition parties to fill the city's Jinnah Stadium
  10. The Nepra had recommended the increase in tariff in Dec 2019 but its implementation was withheld due to several reasons
  11. We're all usually used to a never-ending Mumbai vs Delhi debate on the internet, but for a change, the rest of India came together to roast Mumbai to the ground. As we all know now, just because Mumbaikars really couldn't stop talking about it, there was a city-wide power outage in Mumbai for a few hours and that just resulted in the rest of the country collectively eye-rolling at them. Now that the power is being gradually restored in all parts of the city, people from smaller cities are reminding Mumbai people that it's a recurring thing for them. Mumbaikars after experiencing #powercut : pic.twitter.com/EYSBg34Jbt — Dev Kumar (@DeeKay2310) October 12, 2020 Aw, someone managed to capture the historic event. Bombay Twitter tweeting about the unprecedented event of a power cut, circa 2020 pic.twitter.com/LNFDVw6tXb — Bratticus (@bharatunnithan) October 12, 2020 Even celebs got in on making memes. It’s a tense situation #powercut pic.twitter.com/3Eh8OYPApf — kunal kemmu (@kunalkemmu) October 12, 2020 Oops. It's hard to get things done in Mumbai without power. Also...the electricity is gone. — Vir Das (@thevirdas) October 12, 2020 Wow. #powercut South Bombay Girl after hearing that there is #powercut in Mumbai : pic.twitter.com/u7ZVvmPszI — Jitesh Rochlani ➐ (@JRism99) October 12, 2020 What a completely spot-on meme! Mumbaikars to people staying in Badlapur, Kalyan after the sudden powercut:-#powercut #electricity #Mumbai pic.twitter.com/vh4GNSKH6D — Boscoite️ (@NowHiShake) October 12, 2020 Sad. Mumbai experiences #PowerCut today in several parts Meanwhile Ulhasnagar & Ambernath residents to Mumbai : pic.twitter.com/k3IxN9f0yY — Ashish Chanchlani (@ashchanchlani) October 12, 2020 Don't mess with small-town people. Mumbaikars - Yaar this #powercut sucks. People who stays around Ulhasnagar and Dahanu - pic.twitter.com/RJNHpNNNAu — Pratik Jadhav (@PratikJ01) October 12, 2020 Exactly. Delhi reacts to Mumbai citizens having a meltdown over the power cut pic.twitter.com/2bb5oH90fh — Nidhi Razdan (@Nidhi) October 12, 2020 Hmm. People in Mumbai: oh no! There’s a #powercut what’re we supposed to do now?!?? People in Delhi: pic.twitter.com/vDT12oYozi — Afifa (@__affi__) October 12, 2020 Yep. Mumbaikars crying due to #powercut *Le villagers who experience it everyday : pic.twitter.com/FiR1kFl8k1 — Sarang chaitanya (@sarangsayss) October 12, 2020 Some Among Us content for everyone. Mumbaikars right now :-#powercut pic.twitter.com/fHCkm5i5V9 — A-cashhh (@whateverakash) October 12, 2020 All of Mumbai was Andheri for a few hours. Mumbai should be renamed to Andheri LMFAO — Prags (@pragatisinngh) October 12, 2020 Sad reality. #powercut #electricity#PowerFailure #MumbaiPowerFailure Meanwhile people of UP: pic.twitter.com/L6TQyohUvK — Prattyush Sinha (@SinhaHoney) October 12, 2020 Oh no. mumbaikars today #powercut pic.twitter.com/x8tShlT9sf — The Daily Hera Pheri Meme Project (@dailyherapheri) October 12, 2020 Oops. Mumbaikars jumping on phones to tweet to the world that we are suffering #PowerCut first time in 20 yrs. Meanwhile PowerGrid : pic.twitter.com/ylb6UdQmjW — Hugo Stiglitz (@aatli_baatli) October 12, 2020 That is giving me anxiety. LIVE visuals from an apartment in Mumbai with inverter............#PowerCut pic.twitter.com/pXWRLiu6tI — Krishna (@Atheist_Krishna) October 12, 2020 Among Us is taking over. Mood. #powercut #gridfailure pic.twitter.com/wGNf2GBBA5 — Vedant Walia (@vedant_walia) October 12, 2020 Yep. On a Monday like today, realising the importance of wifi and a reminder that vodadone data sucks. Also the inverter is giving up. #powercut thoughts. — Rana Ayyub (@RanaAyyub) October 12, 2020 Oh no. Me on my way to fix mumbai electricity #powercut #mumbai #Blackout pic.twitter.com/5PZr9HIaJ9 — Harshad (@Harshad16016795) October 12, 2020 10/10 tweet. #powercut People Living in Maharashtra People Living outside Maharashtra pic.twitter.com/LS8k3R5WRq — (@iamjitusrivas) October 12, 2020 View the full article
  12. Power distributing companies shall reflect the fuel charges adjustment in respect of July 2020 in the billing month of October 2020
  13. Over the last couple of days, every time we scrolled through social media there was only one highlight that caught our eye – our favourite singers talking the Galaxy F41. From Neha Kakkar to Divine, all our favourite celebrities were hitting the ‘gram to talk about the grand ‘Full On’ launch of the Galaxy F41 on 8th October. But what’s the ‘Full On’ factor? We decided to dig in and find out all about it. View this post on Instagram What’s up guys! @samsungindia sent me their brand new smartphone #GalaxyF41, and invited me to perform at the #FullOnFestival! Looking forward to perform for you guys and taking the new #GalaxyF41 for a spin! Get notified on @flipkart A post shared by DIVINE (@vivianakadivine) on Sep 29, 2020 at 10:28am PDT What’s ‘Full On’? It’s a state-of-mind – the Gen Z way of life. We either go full in, or not at all. It’s all about living the little moments and making the most of it, squeezing out every little flavour and joy of life. After all, we are a generation that can’t stay still. There’s no holding us back! With the grand launch of the Galaxy F41, Samsung is bringing this ‘Full On’ philosophy of the much-anticipated F Series to life in a never-before-seen avatar. In a first, the smartphone giant is rolling out a Full On Festival to mark the launch of their F series. On 5th October at 5.30 pm, this virtual festival will light up your digital screens with the brightest stars. Some of the celebrities headlining this grand event include Rahul Dua, Neeti Mohan, Neha Kakkar, and Divine. And make no mistake, they are just as excited as the fans to be a part of this virtual experience. View this post on Instagram Hi fam! @Samsungindia has sent me the #FullOn fab #GalaxyF41 and I have to say, this phone is worth the hype 😍 They’ve also asked me to perform at the #FullOnFestival. Super excited! 🥳 Wanna experience the new Galaxy F41? Get notified on @flipkart A post shared by Neha Kakkar (@nehakakkar) on Sep 28, 2020 at 10:49pm PDT The best part about Samsung’s 'Full On' Festival is that it is absolutely free of cost! All you need to do is head straight to the Samsung social handles to join in on the fun. You can also keep a tab on our social handles to attend the festival. Another thing that you need to add to your must-know list is the Full On features of the Galaxy F41. The Galaxy F41 boasts of a DSLR like 64MP Primary Camera. The #FullOn 64MP camera lets you capture the world around you and earn all the brownie points on social media! The F series also has the revolutionary Single Take feature that lets you capture the same moment in 10 different formats. With just one click you can get 7 different photos and 3 different videos. Another powerful feature is the 6000 mAh Battery that’ll let you stay connected to the digital world without running for a charger all day long. The long-lasting battery lets you live #FullOn. The phone also has a sAMOLED Infinity-U Display that’s best in class and lets you experience the most vivid colours and enjoy stress-free screen time while watching movies or gaming. We are #FullOn pumped about this grand unveiling. Watch out Samsung and Flipkart digital handles to know more and register for the Full On Festival. View the full article
  14. ADMIN

    Bulls power PSX

    A total of 371,732,175 shares worth Rs12.504 billion exchanged hands
  15. A Newshub-Reid Research Poll showed support for Ardern?s Labour Party at 50.1%, though this is down from the record 60.9% recorded earlier this year
  16. These days, social media is being criticised for getting too toxic, adversely affecting the mental health of individuals, both celebrities and common people alike, and becoming a breeding ground for unnecessary hate. While all of the above are a hundred per cent true, there have been moments when Indians came together and used the ever-evolving internet for a greatest cause to show support towards someone who truly deserves it. Here are five times when the Indian social media showed how powerful & influencing it can be when needed: 1. CBI Probe For Sushant Singh Rajput’s CaseSupreme Court directs CBI to investigate Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. Truth must prevail. #CBITakesOver — Manoj Joshi (@actormanojjoshi) August 19, 2020 When the news of actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death first broke, people from all over the country were in disbelief. The story of such a talented, A-lister, taking his own life didn’t quite make sense. Unlike many other movements related to a social cause that lost momentum within a couple of weeks since the incident, Indian social media continued to demand a CBI probe in this case. Finally, on Wednesday, the Indian Supreme Court validated the ongoing CBI investigation recommended by the Bihar government. 2. Gaurav Taneja’s Fight Against AirAsia’s Safety ViolationToday I have been officially suspended from @AirAsiaIndian for standing up for safe operations of an aircraft and its passengers.@AwakenIndia #SabkeLiye — Gaurav Taneja (@flyingbeast320) June 14, 2020 In June 2020, AirAsia sacked whistleblower pilot and YouTuber Gaurav Taneja who had alleged violations of safety norms by the low-cost airlines. Taneja had tweeted that he was being suspended "for standing up for safe operations of an aircraft and its passengers". Capt Manish Uppal and Mukesh Neema from @AirAsiaIndian are suspended by @DGCAIndia for safety violations and risking people lives for profits. All the “safety experts” who were acting as PR agents of @AirAsiaIndian , you are caught with your pants down. #AirAsiaIsUnsafe — Gaurav Taneja (@flyingbeast320) August 10, 2020 After two months of Taneja’s battle against the airline, raising awareness about the issues that were being brushed under the carpet and publicising cases and allegations towards their potential safety hazards on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) suspended two senior executives of AirAsia India for a period of three months over "safety violations". 3. The Anti-Nepotism Movement#VarunDhawan No matter what happened Boycott means boycott have no res6foe this Nepotism and Bollywood . pic.twitter.com/JSszqGbbVA — SushantSignRajput (@sushantsignrajp) August 14, 2020 While the problem of Nepotism in various industries has been rampant and every once in a while, someone would talk about it on the internet, the death of Sushant Singh Rajput also led to the anti-nepotism movement, specifically in the Indian film industry. From boycotting movies full of star kids to highlighting some of the great talents who didn’t come from a family of actors nor had a godfather in the industry, the Indian social media brought about a massive change in the way we used to watch Bollywood movies. Also Read: 5 Actors From Bihar Who Conquered Bollywood With Nothing But Pure Talent 4. The ‘Made in China’ BoycottBCCI officially suspends title sponsorship deal with Vivo for #IPL2020https://t.co/atK3VpnIoJ pic.twitter.com/RineZ1IHq7 — Times Now Sports (@timesnowsports) August 6, 2020Ever since the brutal clash between the Indian and Chinese forces in Galwan Valley, Indian citizens have relentlessly promoted the idea of using Indian products and services while moving away from consuming goods that have been made in China. From the Indian Premier League suspending Chinese technological company VIVO as their brand for the season to a significant drop in Chinese smartphone share in the country, the boycott seems to be working. 5. Protest Against Exams During COVID: Are NEET and JEE exams getting postponed? While everyone is required to stay home and work, why to put student life at risk and not wait for situation to get a bit normal? — Bhuvan Bam (@Bhuvan_Bam) August 20, 2020 One of the recent issues being discussed online is the need to postpone competitive examinations under the extreme conditions caused due to the coronavirus pandemic. Exams like JEE and NEET decide a person’s future. To put the health of the students at risk certainly isn’t the way forward. Request to postpone the JEE & NEET exams by the majority of the students is not merely an excuse but the genuine call in current scenario to avoid COVID-19 risks! #postponejeeneet — Ajey Nagar (@CarryMinati) August 20, 2020 This is not an excuse to skip the hard work that goes into preparing for such examinations but a genuine concern keeping in mind the state of affairs in the country, the pandemic and the high-risk factor that comes along with it. While nothing has been decided yet for sure, based on the evidence shared about, the true strength of Indian social media must prevail this time as well. View the full article
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