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Found 3 results

  1. The entire world is preparing to witness the gory aesthetics of the battle of Winterfell as the armies have united with the Starks to save themselves from the wrath of the Night Walker and his wights. we got hold of some unseen images from the next episode which gives out a few hints from what can we expect. The one image which surprised and confused us at the same time is where you can see Khaleesi and Jon Snow standing on a hill top as the battle of Winterfell is on in the background ( or that is how it seems to be ), or it could possibly be them looking out for the Night King's arrival. © HBO another image has Tyrion and Varys having a deep conversation in the crypts. There's an image of Sansa Stark in a pensive mood , who later joins her sister Arya. © HBO © HBO © HBO There's an image of Brienne of Tarth with Jamie Lannister as they face the army of the dead © HBO And a scared Jon Snow looks horrified which I don't know, probably announces the arrival of the Night King? © HBO With a myriad of theories flying around us, the wait is making us go mad already! In case you don't wake up at 6:30 am every Monday to witness the madness first hand, you can also catch 'Game Of Thrones' on Star World every Tuesday at 10 pm.
  2. Iron Man is officially 54, yay! Yesterday was Robert Downey Jr's birthday and obviously, so much love is pouring in for him from everyone - from his fans to all his Marvel-ous co-stars - and RDJ being RDJ decided to give everyone a gift. First, he shared a really cool picture with literally every character from Marvel. It's such a cool edit, especially Goose and the choice of picture for Tom Holland. View this post on Instagram Thanks for the #boss #birthday greeting @bosslogic ... #celebrate #goodtimes #MCU A post shared by Robert Downey Jr. (@robertdowneyjr) on Apr 4, 2019 at 6:16am PDT Then came the crossword! View this post on Instagram Here's another little birthday gift from me to you all... #happybirthday #crosswords A post shared by Robert Downey Jr. (@robertdowneyjr) on Apr 4, 2019 at 8:56am PDT Imagine being this cool even when you're in your 50s, but I guess when you're Iron Man, you never ever stop being cool. I'm also proud of the fact I got all of the answers on the first try, unlike Mark Ruffalo. Everyone else also loved this, obviously. "Me, but for the last 10 years" the man knows he and tony stark and interchangable ironman tho, it's ironman https://t.co/wbsNN9UuJh — short hair tom stans RISE (@babyzendeesha) April 4, 2019 Please. well pic.twitter.com/549M8X7Y0s — ðµð®ð®ð·ðª (@ohhibby) April 4, 2019 All the answers, FYI. did it baby!! hope you're having a fab day, all my love @RobertDowneyJr ððpic.twitter.com/8JdtGU1OGh — gibsy (@maevegibs) April 4, 2019 He's so cute. NUMBER 3 IS MY FANS MAYBE IM CRYINF https://t.co/WD5WwIKTiE — âµ ððð¢ð­ð¥ð¢ð§ âµ 19| au in ð(@carolsjstark) April 4, 2019 Mark Ruffalo and RDJ are the most fun Avengers. Thanks for including me in your bday puzzle, @robertdowneyjr ðpic.twitter.com/dXJdfCLJTH — Mark Ruffalo (@MarkRuffalo) April 4, 2019 Okay, even Chris Hemsworth, because this video with Tessa Thompson is the best thing I've seen today. Happy birthday @RobertDowneyJr lots of love from all your avenger friends who are forever grateful for your awesomeness @TessaThompson_x pic.twitter.com/npXSIhu9rQ — Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth) April 4, 2019 I honestly want to know why Chadwick Boseman used the hashtag #Avengers. In case people forgot what movies they were in together? Impossible not to love this guy. Happy Birthday, @RobertDowneyJr! #Avengers pic.twitter.com/1Kq7KAM68J — Chadwick Boseman (@chadwickboseman) April 4, 2019 Chris Evans knows what's up. Happy birthday to the man, the myth, the incomparable, the indomitable, @RobertDowneyJr You're a true original. Thank you for carrying us these last 10 years!!!! ð — Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) April 4, 2019 The best picture, tho. Happy Birthday, @RobertDowneyJr! Thank you for your kindness, leadership, and generosity all 50 years. You are the best ðpic.twitter.com/xwR1dEy0Y1 — Mark Ruffalo (@MarkRuffalo) April 4, 2019 Ever since I saw this, I only had one question - Why this particular picture, Tom? View this post on Instagram What happened next is history. To a mentor on and off screen, happy birthday boss man. Hope you have a wonderful day #teamstark A post shared by âï¸ (@tomholland2013) on Apr 4, 2019 at 7:11am PDT
  3. Now that iOS 12 has officially rolled out to devices, it's time to take note of some of the best features we are currently digging. The new operating system was pushed out yesterday to eager users and is now available for iPhone 5c or higher and the 2013 iPad or higher devices. Once you've installed the latest update on your iPhone, here are some features you need to check out. Some features are exclusive to certain devices and some features are available across the board. Here are the six iOS 12 features that we are currently loving: 1. Screen Detox © MensXP We're addicted to our smartphones or other devices that have a screen. The iOS 12 now lets users track which apps they use most often. 'Screen Time' can now be found in Settings, where you can set limits on usage of certain apps and even schedule DND features to snooze all notifications. 2. Memoji © MensXP The iOS 12 has now expanded the Animoji feature with more detailed face tracking and has added the ability to create an Animoji from your own face. This basically lets users make a cartoon version of their face and can be later be used for recording animations and voice. These animations can be sent via iMessage or can be shared on other social media platforms. 3. Measure Objects © MensXP Newer iPhones already had support for augmented reality and now the same feature can be used for measuring objects. A new app called 'Measure' has been introduced where users can simply tap the 'Plus' button and start measuring their environment. Here's me using the app to measure my table which turned out to be smaller than I expected. I used the measuring app using the existing table as a reference for the actual desired size of my next table. 4. Shared AR © Apple As a part of ARKit 2, users can now play AR games and use other AR apps with other iPhone users. For example, we can now simultaneously play games with our partner as the two devices reflect the same AR generated environment. This is a nifty tool for home planners and even kids who want to do more with their iPads and iPhones. 5. Group FaceTime Video Calls © Apple This feature is still not out yet, however, we have seen it work behind closed doors. Users will now be able to make video calls with up to 32 people at once and can even use Animoji and Memoji. The feature is scheduled to launch sometime this fall and we can't wait to use it. 6. Siri Shortcuts © Apple The new 'Shortcuts' app is now available on iOS 12 and it essentially lets you combine app functions into one Siri command. For example, if you have to tell Siri to direct you home, with Shortcuts you can follow up that command with Siri automatically texting your family that you're on your way home. If you happen to have a Smart Air Conditioner that is compatible with HomeKit, it will automatically switch it on since you're heading home.