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Found 22 results

  1. The Professor from Money Heist is obviously one of the most handsome characters weâve seen on TV in a long time and I have been crushing over this man like anything. His beard gives his that rugged and a raw appeal which has been appealing to both men and women alike. Just yesterday, it was Ayushmann Khurrana who expressed that he wants to play the role of Professor in the Bollywood remake of Money Heist. Now, after Kartik Aaryan shared his bearded look on Instagram, people have started comparing him with The Professor. View this post on InstagramKaise shave kar dun yaar ? Yeh bhi sexy kam nahi hai ð¤A post shared by (@kartikaaryan) A few social media users said he looks exactly like Ãlvaro Morte but then there were people who said he looked like a âsastaâ version of The Professor and Kartik can never even match up to his brilliance in his performance. © Kartik Aaryan Instagram © Kartik Aaryan Instagram © Kartik Aaryan Instagram © Viral Bhayani Instagram © Viral Bhayani Instagram Well, Money Heist has become one of the most-watched shows of the season and people are loving its twists and turns. In an interview with PTI, Alvaro said, âI am sending all my love from here. All the strength and courage I can send through this confinement and lockdown. I hope the show entertains you a little bit.â His character that has been one of the main reasons that people have started watching the show and the actor makes sure that he keeps the character relatable and engaging. View this post on InstagramMuchas gracias a todos por vuestros comentarios. Es muy emocionante ver cómo todo lo que hemos trabajado os sigue llegando al corazón. Gracias, gracias, gracias! @lacasadepapel #lcdp3A post shared by (@alvaromorte) âI love to study my characters and include a physical point of view. I analyze the character from inside and then add gestures to the physicality that, I think, goes along with the character. For the role of The Professor, I inspired myself from the superhero universe. I find his glasses to be like a mask. I found a very specific way of doing it in this double movement. I studied a lot to include this in the character,â he added in the interview. If you have watched all the seasons just like me, you would agree with the fact that you want to see season 5 as soon as possible. Till then, if a Bollywood version is made, who do you think can play the role easily? View the full article
  2. The university has formed a three-member committee to probe the sexual harassment allegation filed by the MPhil student
  3. Let's admit that almost everyone has or had one teacher they were biased towards and always looked up to. That teacher was the coolest human being they ever came across. However, that coolness was never related to Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics. Honestly, I can never imagine a Maths or Physics teacher without a grumpy face. They always looked angry or upset wth something or someone. But, Professor David Wright is different and way cooler than people half his age. At 71, this man is jumping on pogo sticks, running around his classroom, making ice-cream for his class, playing with makeshift skate boards and more, just to make his students enjoy the class instead of being bored from all the lectures. Y'all need to see this video collage of all the crazy things my Physics Professor did this semesterð­. He's in his 70s and is still doing all of this for usð¥ºð pic.twitter.com/JaICjzVB5I — Erica⨠(@its_riccaa) December 11, 2019 This professor has now gone viral and is winning hearts online after one of his students shared a video of how cool he is, and how there's no air around him despite having his own science show. The student wrote, "Y'all need to see this video collage of all the crazy things my Physics Professor did this semester. He's in his 70s and is still doing all of this for us." Had our teachers been this fun, we would have never left our schools or colleges - tsk, tsk. You can tell he enjoys this so much and I... pic.twitter.com/ZlJXHLJ2lr — Candice Nicole (@CandiceNikole_) December 12, 2019 Now I wish I had him as my teacher, that is inspiring and unfair that Gov't doesn't pay enough to attract more such talent. pic.twitter.com/Uuj2KfeEL1 — Dadbod (@Dadbod97992267) December 13, 2019 I hate physics but this guy reminds me of my physics professor who actually made the subject really fun. Bless the hearts of passionate and inspiring professors like them — Yve (ì) ðð¦ & ð¡ SUGA's Interlude (@aurorablueskies) December 12, 2019 Shout out to the kids that let him have fun without booing him — Fat Doug Mendoza (@yu_gee_oh) December 13, 2019 Shout out to the kids that let him have fun without booing him — Fat Doug Mendoza (@yu_gee_oh) December 13, 2019 Shout out to these kinds of teachers that do it for the love — Megan the Stallion's knees (@WurrboutYoSelf) December 12, 2019 This is a man who genuinely loves to teach people ð𥺠pic.twitter.com/xnmacil7bn — Lyanna Mormont (@ksinatraa) December 12, 2019 That's a damn good professor and he can run pretty fast for being in his 70s — ðð¼âï¸ð Brit Brat ðð (@Brittheblonde1) December 12, 2019 I would love being in his class — Tyana Mari (@TyanaMari) December 12, 2019 This guy is like the real life Rick from Rick & Morty — V (@vaIdrin) December 11, 2019 As per the news reports, Professor Wright teaches conceptual physics at Tidewater Community College, Virginia. View the full article
  4. What started out as a democratic debate on live TV for Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT) professor Madhumita Ray, soon turned into a war of words and might, when she went on national television to say that India should opt for peace and not war when it comes to dealing with Pakistan, post the deadly Pulwama terror attack. Following the debate on Kanak News on 18th February, which also featured Colonel Purna Chandra Patnaik (retd.) of the Indian Army, where she urged that India shouldn't resort to war against Pakistan post the Pulwama attack, the Development Theory & Practice and Sociology professor at KIIT was asked to hand in her resignation. (c) KIIT/LinkedIN Social media erupted after the programme was aired and under the pressure of public scrutiny and wrath, the KIIT management asked Madhumita to quit. “On February 20, I was ordered by the management to resign and leave the university within 24 hours. I did so on the next day.” Madhumita told Odisha Sun Times. However, KIIT has said that public complaints led to this action against Madhumita. However, regardless of what her statement brings her way, Madhumita has stood by her words and beliefs. She told Odisha Sun Times, “I feel what I said is right and stand by my words. War is not at all a solution.” We believe that Madhumita's comment should have been received with graciousness and a liberal approach, expected of a democratic nation where every individual is allowed to keep their point and express their personal opinions, just like how others who disagree with a said opinion are allowed to express their dissent. I know Madhumita Ray too, & I hope better sense prevails in Kalinga Institute. https://t.co/QEeVbbA86E — arkajasingh (@arkajasingh) February 26, 2019 At a time when hate and intolerance come easy, we need to look for ways that ensure that innocent lives are not treated as collateral damage, when it comes to dealing with matters of border security and geographies, as far as possible. But to take away someone's means of livelihood for sharing their opinion, and one that is rooted in experience and concern, is unjust and unfortunate. Considering that Madhumita wasn't even given a notice period goes on to show that KIIT has not just been unethical, but also unprofessional in handling the matter.
  5. We are not sure about 'achhe din', but it seems like the popularity of moral policing around porn consumption in the country is really gaining momentum. Recently, The Indian Express carried a report that talked about how a neurology professor from the Institute of Medical Sciences (IMS) in Banaras Hindu University (BHU) launched an app that blocks porn sites and plays bhajans instead. © Google Playstore Called the 'Har Har Mahadev' app, it was created under the aegis of professor Dr. Vijay Nath Mishra from the Department of Neurology at IMS. Created with the aim to help curb people's addiction to porn and violent content online, the app blocks over 3,800 porn websites. What it does instead is, play devotional songs and inspirational speeches by personalities like Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela when one tries to open a porn site. Talking about his intention behind this move, Dr. Mishra was quoted by The Indian Express as saying, “When I decided to develop this app, I had my children and family in mind and my patients who come in with behavioural problems. Devotional songs praising God will play if anyone tries to open a porn site. Addiction to pornography cannot be treated but this is a humble attempt at changing one's behaviour.” © Twitter/mishravijaya25 Dr. Mishra belongs to the family of head priests at Varanasi's Sankat Mochan Temple and seems to have undertaken this initiative to “cure” patients who are addicted to “social evils” such as watching porn by introducing them to religious songs. We're not sure if that would work, but just to get it out of the way, will you download this app?
  6. What if you ate cakes, Oreos, sugary cereals and Doritos for a majority of your meals? The most common answer for it would be saying that you will become obese and balloon up in size. Some trainers or uneducated gurus will go to the extent of saying that this will cause you cancer. That is because they have an academy pushing sports nutrition courses that teach pseudoscience and fad diets in the guise of 'science' and say things like calories do not count. © Twinkies But Seriously, What Would Happen If You Eat Junk Foods Most Of The Time? That is what a professor of human nutrition of the University of Kansas did for 10 weeks to prove a point. The Point He PROVED: Calories Count © YouTube Professor Mark Haub aka the Twinkies professor started eating a diet that ensured he ate less than 1800 calories in a day. For a person of his weight, he would need around 2600 calories a day to maintain weight. This effectively put him in a calorie deficit. Two-thirds of his calories came for absolute junk food and sugary stuff like Twinkies (a brand of cakes), Oreos, Doritos, and a variety of sugary cereals. Along with that, he ate some green veggies, a protein shake, and a multivitamin per day. The results: 1. He lost 27 pounds of body weight in 10 weeks. 2. His body fat dropped from 33.4 to 24.6 percent. 3. His BMI dropped from 28.8 to 24.9. 4. His cholesterol profile improved. 5. His HDL or the 'good cholesterol' increased by 20 percent, his LDL or the 'bad cholesterol' decreased by 20 percent and his triglycerides dropped by 39 percent. Calories © Pixabay The main thing that he ensured in his diet was consistently eating lesser calories than what his body burns in a day. This does not mean you should go on a junk food diet starting this moment. It is not healthy and if you are looking at a long-term habit formation or improved athletic performance, this style of eating is far from ideal. Still, it proves a point, a point that is the basis of how different diets work. The different diets give results by putting you in a caloric deficit. Then you decide to go low-carb, high-carb, low-fat, high-fat, it is totally up to you. You do not need to go hunting for a special fat loss diet. Start making choices that you can stick to and decrease your calorie intake. Here is an article I have written on how to lose weight and not your mind: https://www.mensxp.com/health/nutrition/40518-want-to-keep-your-sanity-while-dieting-give-this-a-try.html. Just wearing t-shirts that say 'I train your trainer' or injecting steroids do not make you inherently great at understanding the scientific literature or for the matter, understanding the very basics of nutrition. Oh, and yes, calories do count. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.
  7. Every day we hear stories of people getting into road accidents. And in most cases, the accident victims aren't alive to share their ordeal. When we see an accident happen in front of our eyes, the first thing that all of us do is take out our smartphones. But, only a few call the police or the ambulance for help, rest of the people stand there and make a video or click pictures of it. In fact, sometimes, people turn a blind eye towards any accident out of fear, that if they intervene, they'll probably land in trouble or will have to go through numerous interrogations. Pexels Honestly, saving someone's life is not that difficult if we ensure that they get timely help, and one can do it without making videos of an accident. And Aloke Kumar, an Assistant Professor from IIM Calcutta knows it too well, after some good Samaritans saved his son's life. Professor Kumar recently penned a heartfelt post on Facebook, thanking all those people who helped his son reach home safely and get proper treatment, after he met with an accident a few days ago. His son Abhishek was returning from the Parsee Fire Temple at Metcalfe St, Lal Bazar in Kolkata, when he was hit by a speeding public bus. Abhishek was not only thrown off his two-wheeler, but also hit his head on the road and blacked out for some time. Facebook People who were gathered at the spot not only got him back to his senses, but did everything they possibly could at that time to help him. “He was offered water.” “Many called 100 for Police.” “Some offered to take him to SSKM Hospital but he requested them to call his father at his mobile.” “They rushed him home and one of them offered to stay until I arrived.” These were the words of Professor Aloke, who couldn't thank the people enough for their selflessness. Wikimedia (for representation) Professor Aloke concluded his post saying, “Who were these people who first came to his help, called the police, called me, reached him home, paid the cab out of their pocket? I DO NOT know any of them. This is Calcutta I always knew. This is Calcutta I stayed behind. This is Calcutta I love.” Stories like these and people like the ones who helped Abhishek are the reasons why we still have our faith in humanity restored. Did they do anything extraordinary? No. Did they find themselves in trouble for saving him? No. They did what everyone should do, but sadly don't. The only thing they got for their help was respect from Professor Aloke, his son Abhishek and every other person who is reading this story.
  8. While half of the world was obsessing over Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas and another half over 'Veere Di Wedding', 'Cool Uncle' Professor Sanjeev Srivastava came in and stole the show with his killer moves, proving celebrities need to up their game! (c) Facebook It all began with a dance performance at a wedding, where he owned the stage with his epic moves. Within a few minutes, his video went viral making him an Internet sensation overnight. Srivastava is a huge Govinda fan and today has thousands of fans who totally love him. (c) Facebook If you haven't checked his video yet, wait till you see him dancing like a pro. He was just born for this and you will see how. This video was first shared on WhatsApp and then went viral over the entire Internet. And it just took uncle's amazing moves to make him the poster boy aka the brand ambassador by Vidisha Municipal Corporation in Madhya Pradesh. Not much has been revealed about this post but it was definitely his dance that landed him there! (c) Facebook In fact, this video was even praised by Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan who took to Twitter and said, "Believe it or not, Madhya Pradesh water has something special in it." If you haven't seen his other video, give it a watch for an entertaining Sunday. Got new video #CoolUncle #AnushkaSharma pic.twitter.com/DdF66TRtzf — Awesh Mohammad (@AweshMohammad2) June 2, 2018 This uncle kills it everytime with the Govinda moves. So cool! pic.twitter.com/fpaYLWeClU — G dawg (@bootsandchicken) June 2, 2018 Bollywood, you have some tough competition coming up!
  9. Professor Dr Riaz Ahmed. Photo taken from VimeoKARACHI: A professor of the University of Karachi, who had reportedly gone missing, returned home on Sunday.According to an association of Karachi University professors, Associate Professor Dr Riaz...
  10. Professor Dr Riaz Ahmed. Photo taken from VimeoKARACHI: A professor of the University of Karachi, who had reportedly gone missing, returned home on Sunday.According to an association of Karachi University professors, Associate Professor Dr Riaz...
  11. University of Karachi. Photo: FileKARACHI: Karachi University Applied Chemistry?s Associate Professor Dr Riaz Ahmed has gone missing from Karachi, his family confirmed on Saturday.The family said that Dr Riaz was in the varsity till 8 pm on...
  12. Government College University Lahore/File photo LAHORE: A professor at Government College University (GCU) Lahore was shot dead Wednesday morning while resisting an armed robbery, police said. According to police, Professor Dr Akbar Cheema was travelling in his car when armed robbers intercepted him near Kalma Chowk to rob him of his valuables. When the professor resisted the robbery, they fatally shot him. The suspects, who were on a motorcycle, fled the scene after the shooting. Police transferred the deceased professor?s body to hospital for post-mortem and have launched an investigation into the incident. Dr Cheema was a professor at the GCU?s Botany Department.
  13. If you think you are falling short on reasons to watch the 'X-Men' series from the scratch, we just found one ultimate reason for you and no it's not an addition of a new character. The reason is James McAvoy. © Twitter Why? Because how else can we believe that this man who we are going to talk about now is the same guy, who once went to extreme lengths as Mr. Tumnus to help his friend Lucy Pevensie, from the White Witch in 'Chronicles of Narnia'. This is the same guy who later went on to become Professor X in the Marvel Universe, a telekinesis expert who f**ked our minds like no one else. And if you can stretch your mind a little far back, you might even imagine him as Robbie Turner from 'Atonement', Bruce Robertson from 'Filth' or Kevin Wendell Crumb from 'Split'. The point is we don't think we are the only ones who remember James McAvoy, solely for one of these avatars. A skinny or let's say a regular British bloke, who was never close to being hench. © Twitter But, now the tables have turned, and how! Folks, let's welcome James McAvoy version 2.0, who looks nothing short of a beast. © Instagram His chest and arms are popping out like crazy, so are our eyes after looking at this unbelievable transformation that our beloved Professor X has undergone for his upcoming movie. © Marvel Entertainment This year, McAvoy floored his fans with his exceptional performance in 'Split', where he played 23 different personalities (he suffers from Dissociative Personality Disorder). All these personalities combine to form the 24th personality called 'The Beast' and these pictures are convincing enough. © Blinding Edge Pictures These photos of him walking on the streets Philadelphia, with an attitude that shouts “I don't care how long you stare at me”, is breaking the internet and making his female fans lose their minds. © Twitter It's not photoshop, folks! This is 38-year-old McAvoy's hard work for his role in M. Night Shyamalan's upcoming movie 'Glass', a sequel to 'Split', which is expected to release in 2019. This movie will also feature Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson. Sports science!thanks for the Knowledge @magnuslygdback Strong as Glass! #sportsscience #seriouslifting #quadpulldows #bodybuilding #magnuslygdback #seriousgainz #seriousgains #gains #glassmovie #Unbearable #splitmovie #gymlife A post shared by James Mcavoy (@jamesmcavoyrealdeal) on Nov 16, 2017 at 5:11am PST The internet is losing its mind over McAvoy's insane transformation and we can totally understand why. James McAvoy's twink-to-hunk transformation feels like it should be an A1 story for the Gay Twitter Times-Gazette. pic.twitter.com/ZCdYRNmG4N — Slade (@Slade) December 5, 2017 Ok but who the **** told James McAvoy that he fucking could? pic.twitter.com/ID08Mi5oGF — Is It Mardi Gras Yet? (@IfIWereMagneto) December 5, 2017 now that armie hammer's stint as the Internet's Boyfriend is over, can we pls focus our attention on james mcavoy pic.twitter.com/bsWVpxhPrJ — priya (@priya_ebooks) December 4, 2017 We need to talk about James McAvoy. I say we, I mean I. pic.twitter.com/l28DF0LqAt — Jennifer Williams (@JenWilliamsMEN) December 5, 2017 James McAvoy has been sexy since before he played Mr. Tumnus wtf are you all doing only realising him now pic.twitter.com/8n3qy9lT9t — Denvereindeer ð (@dnvrky) December 6, 2017 I mean, I've always loved James McAvoy. I have since I was 13 But, seeing him all bulked up now has me all pic.twitter.com/jsJVGyNx87 — McAvoy (@SheOfJericho) December 6, 2017 i'm dead, y'all.. it's James McAvoy ð pic.twitter.com/R6v9RzOOlJ — manda. (@kiwifthaz) December 6, 2017 Friend: “I literally just googled new buff James mcavoy.” — Sita (@sssssita) December 6, 2017 Everyone is obsessing over James McAvoy now but he has literally been my biggest celeb crush for the past 9 years ð don't try telling me how great he is because I KNOWWW — Ciera⨠(@HeyItsCiera) December 6, 2017 everyone is so suddenly into james mcavoy now but hunny i was one hundred percent down for bestiality the SECOND i saw those furry fawn legs in the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe — baby björk (@siltprophet) December 6, 2017 too bad for y'all i already wifed james mcavoy awhile back before he was thicc but it's cool. — kaylaâ¡ï¸| december 17ð (@ragncrok) December 6, 2017 James McAvoy is the new anyone ð My knees are weak but I'm... pic.twitter.com/BhNdtTekOk — Toby Kingslea (@Toby_Kingslea) December 6, 2017 Can anyone hear faint sounds of Armie Hammer shouting “NO”, as McAvoy steals the tag of 'Internet's new boyfriend' away from him?
  14. [embed_video1 url=http://stream.jeem.tv/vod/cb5a77f6ff5fb4e06aaa195a8e2a7a9a.mp4/playlist.m3u8?wmsAuthSign=c2VydmVyX3RpbWU9MTEvMy8yMDE3IDE6NTA6MjIgUE0maGFzaF92YWx1ZT1tRGJ5Sk90Z2ZwUHF1VUdEa0VKUW5RPT0mdmFsaWRtaW51dGVzPTYwJmlkPTE= style=center] KARACHI: The family of slain Karachi University (KU) Professor Dr. Shakeel Auj is still seeking justice despite three years have passed to the incident, which came as a shock to many of his associates and disciples. Dr. Auj, who was then the dean of Islamic Studies, was murdered in September 2014, when unknown hitmen fired shots at his vehicle on the University Road. Ironically, the bereaved family has neither been served justice nor the compensatory amount promised to them. Dr. Auj's family members say the Sindh government has issued the compensation sum. His son, Hassan Auj, told Geo News Friday that the Sindh government had announced Rs30 million compensation for them, but they never got it. He said all efforts on behalf of the family and KU teachers' association proved futile. Suspected killer of Professor Shakeel Auj freed for lack of evidence Others accused of being involved in the murder are absconding. "On Nov 1, I received a call from Commissioner Officer and they asked me to collect the cheque," Hassan said, adding, "When I went there it was only Rs200,000 cheque for which they demanded Rs5000 commission as well." In July, an anti-terrorism court (ATC) freed a suspect accused of Dr. Auj's murder over lack of evidence. The suspect, Mansoor, was freed after the court stated that the state prosecutor failed to provide sufficient evidence in the case. Four months after Professor Auj's killing, the then Karachi police chief Ghulam Qadir Thebo, held a press conference and claimed the police had apprehended the murderer of two professors including Prof Shakeel Auj. The alleged shooter, identified as Mohammad Mansoor, was said to be a worker of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement.
  15. King and his Australian colleague Timothy Weeks were kidnapped in August 2016 as they were returning to their compound in the Afghan capital-Twitter KABUL: The Afghan Taliban said on Monday that Kevin King, one of two professors from the American University of Afghanistan who were kidnapped at gunpoint in Kabul last year, is seriously ill and needs urgent medical attention. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said King, an American, was suffering from ?dangerous? heart disease and kidney problem. ?His illness has intensified, his feet have swollen and sometimes he becomes unconscious and his condition worsens every day,? Mujahid said in a statement. ?We have tried to treat him time to time but we do not have medical facilities as we are in a war situation,? he added. King and his Australian colleague Timothy Weeks were kidnapped in August 2016 as they were returning to their compound in the Afghan capital. Afghan and Western officials believe they are being held by the Haqqani network, a militant group affiliated with the Taliban which has carried out many previous kidnappings. They acknowledge that an unsuccessful rescue attempt was made in eastern Afghanistan months after the two were taken. The Taliban statement came around two weeks after Pakistani troops rescued Canadian Joshua Boyle and his American wife Caitlan Coleman, who had been held by the Haqqanis since being kidnapped in 2012, from an area near the Afghan border. Earlier this year, the Taliban released a video of King and Weeks, showing them pleading with their government to release Taliban prisoners in turn for their freedom. Kidnapping high profile targets has become a lucrative business for the Taliban and other militant groups in Afghanistan who in return often demand huge ransom or release of their members.
  16. Wyndham Lathem (L) and Andrew Warren (R). Law enforcement mug shots/Chicago Sun Times via AP CHICAGO: A US professor who went on the run following the murder of a Chicago hairstylist will plead not guilty to the killing, his lawyer said Monday. Wyndham Lathem ? a professor at Northwestern University's Chicago campus ? and Andrew Warren, a university employee from England, were implicated in the stabbing death of the 26-year-old man found dead in Lathem's apartment. Police said the victim was stabbed repeatedly and with such force that the blade of the knife used in the crime broke. The pair went on the run and a nationwide manhunt was launched to find them before they turned themselves in on Friday in California. Lathem was scheduled to appear before a judge Monday afternoon prior to his return to Chicago, and his lawyer Kenneth Wine confirmed to AFP that the 42-year-old professor would plead not guilty. His lawyers have received "dozens of calls and letters of support", Wine said in a statement. "They all describe him in the same way ? a kind, intelligent, and gentle soul," he added. "What he is accused of is totally contrary to the way he has lived his entire life." Police said they found Trenton Cornell-Duranleau on July 27 dead of multiple stab wounds. While on the run, Lathem sent a video message to friends and family apologising for his role in the murder, police said. They did not offer a motive for the slaying and have not released much information about how the three men were connected ? aside from revealing that the victim had been living with Lathem in his apartment. Warren was expected in court Friday, according to the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper.
  17. KARACHI: The suspect accused of murdering Karachi University's dean of Islamic Studies, Professor Dr Shakeel Auj, was freed by an anti-terrorism court (ATC) on Wednesday for lack of evidence. The suspect, Mansoor, was freed after the court stated that the state prosecutor failed to provide sufficient evidence in the case. Others accused of being involved in the murder are absconding. Auj was murdered in September 2014 and nearly four months later, the Karachi Police chief at the time, Ghulam Qadir Thebo, held a press conference on the January 28 and claimed the police had apprehended the murderer of two professors including Prof Shakeel Auj. The alleged shooter, identified as Mohammad Mansoor, was said to be a worker of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement. Shakeel Auj: one murder, two killers On September 18, 2014 the Dean, Faculty of Islamic studies at the Karachi University was gunned down in Karachi near NIPA in Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Nearly four months later, the Karachi Police Chief at... On April 29th three months after the police had apprehended Mansoor, another assistant professor, Dr. Waheed-ur-Rehman was killed in the vicinity of Federal B Area. Two days after the assistant professors murder, on May 2nd, the Al-Qaeda branch in the Indian Sub-Continent (AQIS) released a video claiming responsibility of killing Pakistani and Bangladeshi bloggers including Prof Shakeel Auj ? whose name was on the top of the list. In the nine-minute video, AQIS?s Ameer Asim Umar threatened to execute more people who, according to his beliefs, were involved in committing blasphemy. Shakeel Auj's murder, how he became a target It started in September 2012 when an alleged letter by some KU students surfaced asking about the Fatwa on Prof. Shakeel Auj. The alleged letter mentioned that ?He [Shakeel Auj] makes fun of Hadees and Quranic teachings and also negates them?. The alleged fatwa mentioned in the letter was said to have been issued by Dar-ul-Uloom Karachi. However, the seminary issued a clarification; that the fatwa mentioned in the letter was never issued by their institution adding that they never issued any such statement about Professor Shakeel Auj. Auj was receiving threatening messages and approached the KU administration as well as the police for help. A case was registered and a professor was apprehended, only to be set free later by the courts.
  18. Anybody who has studied science knows HC Verma was the go-to god of physics. His two-volume book ‘Concepts Of Physics' was the bible for every science student and no one could explain the subject better than he did. © Twitter A couple of days ago, the legendary Harish Chandra Verma, physics professor at IIT Kanpur and an experimental research physicist in nuclear physics, announced his retirement after a 38-year long career. Finally locked my IITK lab and submitted the keys to Office. End of 38 years of formal teaching and research. — H C Verma (@HCVermaIITK) July 1, 2017 After his announcement, the internet was flooded with emotional farewell messages on Facebook and Twitter, with people getting both nostalgic and grateful to the man who helped them achieve their dreams. But, H. C. Verma might be done with teaching Physics but he sure as hell isn't done writing books about it. Since Professor Verma couldn't finalize the name of his new book, he decided to send out a tweet asking people on Twitter for suggestions. Concept of physics को हिंदी में प्रकाशित करने जा रहा हूं, लेकिन नाम को लेकर असमंजस में हूँ। suggest name — H C Verma (@HCVermaIITK) July 4, 2017 And, people did come through, well, kind of. Here's what everyone suggested : Physics for cows, with Nuclear physics of cows — vipin 305 (@vipin_305) July 4, 2017 भक्क भौतिकी के — Mohit (@pessimystiqueM) July 4, 2017 हम में से कई उस किताब को #HCVERMA के ही नाम से जानते हैं। चाहे आप जो भी रख लें, किताब तो HCVERMA के नाम से ही बिकेगी। 😀😀 — Lakhan Kumar (@Navangtuk) July 4, 2017 "भौतिकी की भसड़" — Kirti (@Ghani_Bawri) July 4, 2017 "वाह भौतिकी के" — ㅤ (@firkiii) July 4, 2017 Bh se bhautiki — Yash Tiwari (@vandalistiwari) July 4, 2017 Naam Kuch Bhi Ho... First Copy Humare Rohit Shetty Ko Dena Sir jii...Unko Iski Sakt Jarrorat Hai!! 😸😂 Newton's law ki Dhajjiya Udaya Isne! — A_myth Shah (@As_seenby_u) July 4, 2017 और क्या चाहिए! pic.twitter.com/WAyIauhXpu — ISHIT (@vyasishit) July 5, 2017 Well, Twitter will always be Twitter. Do you have any suggestion for the name?
  19. Anybody who has studied science knows HC Verma was the go-to god of Physics. His two-volume book ‘Concepts Of Physics' was the bible for every science student and sailed us through some very tough exams. No one could explain it better than he did. Harish Chandra Verma, physics professor at IIT Kanpur and an experimental research physicist in nuclear physics, has retired after a 38-year long career. (C) Facebook/HC Verma “Finally locked my IITK lab and submitted the keys to office. End of 38 years of formal teaching and research,” he tweeted. Finally locked my IITK lab and submitted the keys to Office. End of 38 years of formal teaching and research. — H C Verma (@HCVermaIITK) July 1, 2017 The internet obviously flooded with emotional farewell messages on Facebook and Twitter, with people getting both nostalgic and grateful to the man who helped them achieve their dreams. An entire generation of engineers owes a gratitude towards you Sir!.A perfect example of touching millions of lives. #conceptsofphysics https://t.co/LHdAMgh4KP — Awhan Mohanty (@awhanmohanty) July 1, 2017 We wonder how many engineers in the country partly owe their success to him. Thank you @HCVermaIITK! You were an integral part of every Indian student's quest for an Engg. degree in the last 25 yrs! #ConceptsOfPhysics https://t.co/klHjAKswbZ — Anupam Dikhit (@Asymmetrica) July 2, 2017 True that It was always a proud moment when we used to solve problems from your book. #ConceptsOfPhysics #ToughnChallenging #ThanksForTheMemories https://t.co/4drlf0fGWy — the FAKE Blogger!!! (@jitu_87) July 1, 2017 Thanks a lot sir!!! Never knew you wrote Concepts of Physics at the age of 40!!! Amazing! #HCverma #conceptsofphysics https://t.co/Ns6hGtNy5q — Shaunak Bangale (@shaunakbangale) July 1, 2017 And the results showed #HcVerma spent 8 yrs of his life in writing #ConceptsOfPhysics. His book is used by almost all students preparing for IIT-JEE ~ Wikipedia — Humourous Monk (@ankit_gupta) July 1, 2017 End of an era. still remember 'concept of physics'. hallmark of clarity, simplicity and enormous power #HCVermahttps://t.co/mmsWJ1wrOj — Ashu (@Ashu_2017) July 1, 2017 No One, Not Even Newton Or Einstein, could have solved all HC Verma problems in one go! #ConceptsOfPhysics — Sarthak Ranka (@Horn_ok_pls) July 1, 2017 Every science student right now:
  20. There’s nothing like the humiliation which comes along with losing a bet. You have to cough up money or some sort of “payment” to your friends and you look like a fool for being wrong too. But, when you make a promise on social media, the pain of losing becomes all the more humiliating. This is what British professor Matthew Goodwin learned yesterday. Paramount Pictures He had earlier predicted that the Labor Party wouldn’t be able to poll greater than 38% and if they did he would eat his new Brexit book. I'm saying this out loud. I do not believe that Labour, under Jeremy Corbyn, will poll 38%. I will happily eat my new Brexit book if they do — Matthew Goodwin (@GoodwinMJ) May 27, 2017 In what was and will most probably be the funniest part of the UK elections this year, Goodwin went on live TV yesterday and ate his book. We can’t stop laughing. Check it out: This man just ate (some of) his book live on Sky News after making an incorrect #GE2017 prediction @GoodwinMJ pic.twitter.com/13IaFLaJvx — Sky News (@SkyNews) June 10, 2017 While whether Goodwin is an expert on UK politics or not is debatable, one thing we can tell you without any doubt whatsoever is that he is a man of his word. Columbia Pictures
  21. LAHORE: Retired Punjab University professor Tahira was killed during a robbery by the university’s electrician and his accomplices, revealed Crime Investigation Agency SP Tariq Mastoi in a press conference on Saturday. Tahira was a former professor at the Punjab University's department of Molecular Genetics and lived alone at her house, according to the police. She was found dead at her house in Lahore’s E-Block on April 18. The initial postmortem report had revealed that a sharp object was used to murder her. According to SP Tariq, the university’s electrician and his accomplices were involved in the murder of the professor. The suspects stole her mobile phone, cash and then killed her, he said. Moreover, the SP also said that as many as 10 suspects have been arrested by the police in different raids for involvement in different crimes.
  22. Microscopes are considered some of the most expensive and inconvenient pieces of research equipment ever developed by man. The complex piece of equipment is responsible for curing and identifying diseases since 1644. However, the idea that one can print a freaking microscope onto an A4 sized paper was unheard of until Manu Prakash invented one. A simple tool like the microscope can be a lifesaver, especially in developing nations where diseases like malaria is ubiquitous. A microscope can correctly diagnose and treat a disease and prevent deaths but access to microscopes is restrained to test labs, causing delays and false diagnoses. © YouTube Manu Prakash was on a trip with students in the developing world and noticed how little infrastructure there was to deal with diseases like malaria and dengue. "In Kenya, there are not enough anti-malarial drugs but even still they are given blindly. They are being over-used because people are so scared," he said. © YouTube While sophisticated microscopes may cause a million dollars, Prakash managed to make a more basic microscope that does the job. The microscope is built entirely out of paper and it can be made by simply folding it. Dubbed the Foldscope, the microscope can be fitted on one sheet of A4 paper, which makes it very easy to ship in large quantities. "You can throw it in water, stand on it, jump on it and throw it from a five-storey building," said Mr Prakash. © Foldscope Initially, they made a 1,000 of these microscopes "at a price point where they were almost disposable," said Prof Prakash. If you want to know how the foldable microscope works, check out this video where Prakash detected a mosquito from river water that carried the malaria parasite.
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