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Found 3 results

  1. It's time for Capcom to take the stage with one of its most beloved franchise, where devil hunters look like stylish yet badass. Even though after the reboot in 2013, Ninja Theory has put a fresh spin on characters and delivered a glorious comeback for the franchise. Before you first get started with the game, we suggest you watch the six-minute backstory cutscene, since it has been a while since the last game. Even I needed to remember a lot of the backstory, simply because it's been quite long since I've played a DmC game. The backstory is a little confusing, but we recommend you watch it nonetheless. © Capcom The 'Devil May Cry' franchise has always been about a demon that had two offsprings and how those two offsprings end up fighting each other, while the world is in turmoil because of the other demons as well. Just like the 'Metal Gear Solid' series, the plot of the game is confusing, non-sensical and cringe-worthy. Having said that, its an integral part of the franchise and adds to the charm of the game. Weapons in the game are as ridiculous as the story because there are many different types of swords and guns you get to play with — all from hell. The first sword you get to use takes inspiration from the motorcycle and can be revved up to engulf the weapon with flame. You play as Nero, the same character who lost his arm in the previous game. He's always pissed because of that fact and is always looking for a fight. However, he now has a robotic arm that can be used as a weapon and at times, is even more powerful than the sword. This arm can fire lasers, stop time and be ridden as a rocket. © Capcom Nero is naturally very pissed and takes out all his anger on demons. He can kill demons in a single swipe and uses his robotic arm to destroy enemies with ease. Being a hacking and slashing game, you can use many combos such as combating demons with your sword followed by a combo of robo-arm assaults and fill them up with revolver shots. He is fast, furious and dangerous when used correctly. © Capcom You can also play as 'V', who's is calmer and more composed than Nero. He has pet demons who can do all of the fightings for him due to his ailing health. He can call in three different demons while in combat i.e. a bird, a panther and a giant one-eyed golem. You have the choice to play as him soon after the opening segment. However, we have to say that 'V' bears a lot of resemblance to Kylo Ren from 'Star Wars'. © Capcom V is probably the most interesting character to control as you want to keep him out of any enemies' path. From a distance, you can lock-on to enemies and attach with all your demon or just focus on one demon with one of your fighting partners. You can also build your 'Devil Trigger Gauge' by simply reading from a book of William Blake poetry as you stroll around the battlefield. The hack and slash element of the game may seem easy and simple from afar, however, the game implements a very complex combat style. It does become button mashing in the end, however, you want to chain those combos and abilities for a more exciting experience. Sure, the game is mostly passive and does not generate as much tension as previous games, it's still quite a lot of fun to play. © Capcom But a 'Devil May Cry' game is not complete unless you play as Dante, and you get to play as the iconic character sometime later in the game. He as the same motorcycle swords we all have grown up with and then some. For example, Dante can carry up to three types of guns four melee weapons and a very dangerous hat. If you love to punch/kick demons, there's a special boot/glove combo you can use in combat. There's also a charge-up meter that temporarily turns him into a devil and a separate meter that turns him into an even more dangerous devil. The game takes place in Red Grave City, a fictional city taken influence from London. The game is set in between an industrial metropolis that has been taken over by Urizen and his demonic minions. You will visit the parallels of London Bridge, Piccadilly Circus and underground metro tunnels to battle all the enemies. We played the game on the RTX 2080 Ti, and the game looked absolutely beautiful. Even though the game does not support RTX tech natively, it still looked like a dream in 4K and 60 FPS. The Final Say 'Devil May Cry 5' feels like a fresh of breath air amongst all the Battle Royale and incomplete games. It has masterfully incorporated its world with one of the best hack and slash games for the modern generation. It may not be perfect due to its' muddled plot, however, you will enjoy the game regardless. Just make sure your Devil Trigger is completely pulled to kill them devils.
  2. OnePlus 7 is expected to launch in a few months if we take the company's recent product launch cycle into consideration. The OP 7T is expected to launch in the second quarter of 2019 and it seems like the company is about to adopt a brave new design for OnePlus smartphones. We've seen something similar with the OPPO Find X before and it seems like OnePlus may implement something similar. © Twitter It may seem too soon for a OnePlus leak; however a previous leak suggests the same design choice when an image leaked a concept phone in a protective case. OnePlus 7 Leaked#oneplus7 #OnePlus pic.twitter.com/Rb8SzTm8Ix — ä¸æ³æµç§°ä¹å«å°è (@Steven_Sbw) February 13, 2019 The leak came from a twitter account that has no previous record of accurate rumours and cannot be verified at the moment. The account does not explain the origin of the image, which makes the leak a bit sceptical. The image in the tweet, however, is in line with a previous leak where the device does not have a notch or even a punch-hole selfie camera. This implies that the smartphone may use a sliding mechanism similar to what you have seen on the OPPO Find X. OPPO, Vivo and OnePlus are owned by the same holding company i.e. BBK Electronics which makes this claim a bit plausible. Vivo and OPPO both launched a smartphone with a sliding mechanism or a pop-out camera last year. So it doesn't seem far-fetched that OnePlus may borrow the same design from its sister companies. What remains to be seen is the durability of a sliding mechanism and phones in the past have been known to wear down with use. It's a problem with any smartphone that has moving parts which make this a brave design choice for OnePlus if this rumour is to be believed. © Twitter From the image above we can see clearly that the device has a noticeable bezel possibly because of the sliding mechanism. It seems to be thicker than the rest of the phone which is very reminiscent of the OPPO Find X. Since this is a rumour based on an unverified tweet, the picture cannot be corroborated at the moment. We will know more about the smartphone closer to its launch but for now, this leak should be met with scepticism.
  3. If you've always wanted a full-fledged role-playing Harry Potter game, then it may just be your lucky day. A video has been leaked online that showcases the unannounced game set in the Harry Potter universe. The video was removed by Warner Brothers, and sources say the video was leaked from a focus group conducted in the U.S. © Reddit © Reddit Sources say, the game is set in a 19th Century version of Harry Potter's world and is probably set in the prequel era of the universe. The game is currently rumoured to be under development by Avalanche Software. The Reddit user who posted the footage said they were approached in a mall to watch the trailer and complete a short survey for $8. During these focus group sessions, cameras and smartphones are not usually allowed, however, the company conducting the survey failed to do so. © Reddit © Reddit Last year, Avalanche Software had put up a job posting for a writer with “a deep understanding of the British culture” to work on an RPG with “branching storytelling.” Avalanche Software is currently owned by Warner Brothers who in turn, own the rights to publish games based on the Harry Potter world. © Reddit Supporting images also show that players can choose to play as eight different wizards and can choose their own house, a path of good or evil and customise attributes such as a look and clothing. The footage basically showed the typical create-your-own-character screen. As of now, there is no confirmation whether the game will release anytime soon or whether the footage is real or not. Having said that, this game can prove to be one of the most exciting new additions to the franchise, especially for fans who've been wanting a proper game ever since the books were first released. Source: Reddit