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Found 3 results

  1. Sometimes, some people are just at the right spot and end up capturing a moment of a lifetime. This is exactly what happened when a photographer happened to be at the Yosemite National Park in New York and managed to capture the exact moment when a guy proposed to someone. Who wouldn't want to have that moment with them forever? That's the reason Matthew Dippel, the man behind the photograph, took to Twitter to find the couple and give them this special gift. Twitter help, idk who these two are but I hope this finds them. I took this at Taft Point at Yosemite National Park, on October 6th, 2018. pic.twitter.com/Rdzy0QqFbY — Matthew Dippel (@DippelMatt) October 17, 2018 As we all know, sometimes the internet can be a great place with people helping each other and that's why the picture soon went viral, with everyone trying their best to help find the couple. But, even with so many retweets and everyone sharing the picture, there was still no luck. Update #2: Still no luck. A lot of people saying they found them but doesn't turn out to be the right couple. If you honestly think you found them message me please! I can't keep scrolling through the comments to look. Thanks everyone! — Matthew Dippel (@DippelMatt) October 19, 2018 Honestly, that's not them, you can easily tell. I'm not sure if that's them unfortunately, it appears the dude in my photo is more casual and has a hat on, and she doesn't have on as flowy of a dress on. I could be completely wrong but look pic.twitter.com/6iiXaUrXDo — Matthew Dippel (@DippelMatt) October 18, 2018 Then comes the sad news of a couple falling to their deaths at the exact same spot. I really hope this isn't them. That would be horrible. https://t.co/DgVtmhIYG2 — Rando Mall (@randofrommall) October 25, 2018 No, it wasn't the same couple as the viral picture couple, but it's tragic nonetheless. I don't believe it was but I pray that it was not the same couple as in my photo. My couple was from 3 weeks ago and this was from this week, all my love to anyone who might have known that couple. — Matthew Dippel (@DippelMatt) October 25, 2018 Coming back to the photograph, at one point Matthew seemed to have believed that the couple wished to not be found but he was still on his quest. Tunnel Vision. Update: At this point I'm beginning to believe they have seen it and choose to remain unnamed. I will continue searching for a while, so don't worry I'm not giving up, just not making it priority #1 anymore. pic.twitter.com/Ar1n3nchhz — Matthew Dippel (@DippelMatt) October 25, 2018 And, then came the good news! UPDATE: I FOUND THEM. Check out my latest tweet to all the details. — Matthew Dippel (@DippelMatt) October 27, 2018 He posted the update everyone was waiting for. pic.twitter.com/ay9NZMF8wD — Matthew Dippel (@DippelMatt) October 27, 2018 While this couple got a happy ending, another couple's visit to the same spot turned out to be the last place they ever visited. Turns out, the two people who passed away at the same spot, as mentioned above, were Vishnu Viswanath and Meenakshi Moorthy, a Malayali couple behind the travel account Holidays and HappilyEverAfters on Instagram. View this post on Instagram Heylooow incredible people of the Instagram world! ð¤Just wanted to let you all know that this account "minaxivishnu" is renamed to “HolidaysandHappilyEverAfters” , in sync with our brand new blog ⨠... Most of you already know this mermaid-haired wanderess Minaxi and her captain Vishnu, but in case some of you missed, we are an NYC based gypsy couple ð«“Consumed by Wanderlust ð, Compelled by Adventures ðand Conviction in HappilyEverAfters” ð I, Minaxi looove to waltz with words ð¶ð and will remain the high-spirited story-teller at our blog and all social media, while Vishnu is the go-to “techie-in-residence” ð»ï¸. He is also the head photographer ð¸of most our pretty pics! (aided and abetted by his mermaid of course ð) ... Diagnosed with the curious case of interminable travel bugðº, as we wander around the world we absolutely love sharing our adventures with this community ð¤, and each and every single comment and conversation we share with all of you undeniably makes us a helluva happy bunny ðð° ... As much as all social media uses the word followers/subscribers, we hate it ðand would rather use the word friends or even family, as some of you have quite made a habit of warming the cockles of our heart ðð Sooo, welcome aboard all you dear fabulous friends ð¤and wander ðwith us in our happy place of HolidaysAndHappilyEverAfters ð • • • #travelblog #travelblogger #traveldiaries #newblog #travelogue #expatblogger #blogging #femaletravelbloggers #darlingescapes #sheexplores #welivetoexplore #maketimetoseetheworld #lifewelltravelled #exploringglobe #letsgoeverywhere #instatravel #mytravelaffairs #travelcouple #newyorkcity #nyc_instagram #newyorklike #ig_nycity #igersofnyc #newyork_ig #nyc_highlights #nyc_explorers #timessquare #streetsofnewyork #timeoutnewyork #timeoutsociety A post shared by TravelCreativesâ¤ï¸Minaxi+Vishnu (@holidaysandhappilyeverafters) on Apr 30, 2017 at 2:14pm PDT Their bodies were discovered about 800 feet below the Taft Point. Park spokesman Jamie Richards was quoted as saying in the report that “We still do not know what caused them to fall. We're trying to understand what happened. We may never know, (but) from everything we see, this was a tragic fall.” It really could've just been a tragic accident as the couple was known to post daring cliffside pictures, and have mentioned it in their captions several times. View this post on Instagram CHASING SUNSETS or CHASING LIKES ??? ð ... Sooo today on #socialmediabadasstribe we are talking about limits of #doitforthegram.ð¶Yeah sure it can be limitless but guys, we reaaaallly need to have boundaries(this is handy as life lessons too but we will revisit that laterð) A lot of us including yours truly is a fan of daredevilry attempts of standing at the edge of cliffs and skyscrapersð, but did you know that wind gusts can be FATAL??? ï¸ Is our life just worth one photo? ... When we squirm at another selfie attempt gone south ð± from a skyscraper, let's remember to save that in our core memory and not the memory dump ð¢(I am still on the Inside Out ð¬ train y'all ð¬) Same applies when we get our knickers in a twist and hog a spot till we get the perfect shotð I know I know, I am guilty as charged for all of this ð¤¦‍âï¸ and if I didn't have Mr. Two Goody Shoes, Vishnu 𤭠with me, I am not even sure if I would have written this post. ... Let us all try to be responsible digital citizens and use our “numbers” to be transparent and honest, shall we?ð¤ None of us is perfect and the more we accept it and share our flaws as much as our wins, we are one step closer to creating a sane social media without the scary brouhahas.ð⨠... Still there?ð Woohoo, a backflip is in order, or wait maybe a pizza? ð What about a unicorn ice-cream ð¦ ð¦ with some Disney-approved cotton candy ð­ð¬ and pixie dust infused sprinkles ð§‍âï¸ if…..IF you could tell me the one time you were effin' proud of being candid and real AF in social media? ð ... PS - Not sponsored but sweatshirt is from @radearthsupply • • • #grandcanyonnps #northrim #instagramaz #visitarizona #travelarizona #shotzdelight #discovertheroad #usaroadtrip #visittheusa #outdoorsusa #exploretheusa #womenwhoexplore #iamtb #radparks #thediscoverer #gtgi #sheisnotlost #wearetravelgirls #hikemore #radgirlslife #travelreality #dreamscape @womenwhoexplore @visit_arizona @visittheusa @shotzdelight A post shared by TravelCreativesâ¤ï¸Minaxi+Vishnu (@holidaysandhappilyeverafters) on Mar 28, 2018 at 8:45am PDT Rest in Peace.
  2. All those people who think that women are the more emotional ones and that women let their feelings cloud their judgement, should see a Chinese guy's over the top emotional reaction to a woman rejecting his public marriage proposal. A 'crazy rich Asian' proposed to a girl with a Lamborghini only to be rejected, because money isn't everything and she's not a gold-digger. When you ask someone to marry you, the other person has the option of saying yes or no, right? So, you need to be prepared for the unfavourable outcome as well, and not throw tantrums when things don't go according to your plan. © Asia Wire Moreover, if you have to bring in some sort of incentive to get the other person to say yes, then you've already lost, sorry. The only reason this guy bought an orange Lamborghini was to increase his chances and he knew it. Come on, man, love can't be bought. © Asia Wire “I bought your favourite sports car for you.” “I'm so sorry, I don't want to. I'm so sorry.” © Asia Wire It's pretty clear that she's not interested. What do you do now? Accept the answer or make a huge scene? The guy went on to say, “I have money! I can buy as many of these cars as you like. I can buy whatever you want. Marry me! Marry me!” © Asia Wire The woman is still polite and turns him down again calmly, but he remains persistent and it starts getting annoying. She has had enough and kind of snaps at him, saying “You have money, so what?” and walks off. © Asia Wire But, the drama doesn't end there. The poor little rich guy's tantrums continue, and he throws a bouquet at the camera before destroying the products that were on display behind him. © Asia Wire Well, at least he didn't take out the anger on the car, that would've been sadder. Moral of the story – don't be like this guy!
  3. Narrowing down the date, time and place for a marriage proposal can be quite a task for anyone who intends to go down that lane. From the fear of being turned down to the harrowing thoughts of making an absolute mess, there are a lot of things that come to mind when someone decides to propose to their respective partners. But, that wasn't the case with Indian chess player Niklesh Jain. While chess players from all over the globe came to Georgia to make a mark at the 2018 Batumi Olympiad, Niklesh went into the tournament with something else in mind. Labelling the tournament as a "temple for chess players", the Indian chess player was convinced that it was the perfect place for him to propose to his long-time girlfriend Angela Franco, who represents Colombia in competitive chess. Roping in his girlfriend's sister for help, Niklesh devised a plan to surprise Angela during the tournament. She was getting ready for Colombia's second round match against China in the main hall, when Niklesh got down on his knee and popped the all-important question with a sparkling ring in his hand. Taken by surprise, Angela blushed and even turned away before gleefully accepting her boyfriend's proposal. Every participant present in the main hall applauded and cheered for the couple as they continued to smile and celebrate. The video of the entire incident was captured on camera and has since, gone viral on the social media. “Actually I am a chess player and she is too. There were a few places where I could have proposed her, but then I thought what better could it be then the Chess Olympiads. There are 189 countries who are playing here and for us, this is our temple,” Niklesh was quoted as saying by Chess.com. “I had been planning this for some time. We have been dating for 1.5 years after we met in Barcelona in the Catalan circuit. We were playing our matches next to each other. I won that game against a tough opponent, even though I was not trying to impress her. But we started talking,” he added. If his heartfelt marriage proposal got him fame on social media, his moving words after the incident earned him more praise. “The world is for peace, for love and there's no language, no colour, no bar of anything. We should be a good human being and this is good for world,” Niklesh concluded.