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Found 247 results

  1. On 14th June, we all were relaxing as it was a Sunday but everything changed when the news started to flash that Sushant Singh Rajput is no more and the reason stated was that he died by suicide. We were numb and hundreds of questions started to bother us when his last pictures surfaced on the internet. His case was more complicated than it looked like and there were set of revelations that were to come in light. The fans and well-wishers flooded the social media platforms and questioned if he was murdered because pictures of his deceased body told a different tale than it was being presented on the TV. For those who have met him, they were unable to wrap their heads around the whole theory of suicide but it looked like a well-planned murder. On YouTube, some forensic experts started to do the virtual autopsy and claimed that he was brutally beaten up before being choked to death. In no time, people started to ask for justice for Sushant Singh Rajput and it’s more than 50 days, there’s no development in the direction of finding the truth. When Sushant’s father filed an FIR against Rhea Chakraborty, the whole narrative of the case changed, and here’s when news channels swung into action and since then, there have been some very shocking revelations. We are sharing with you the 10 most shocking claims that came out in his case and it might change your perspective to see it. 1. As per a report in Mid-Day, a forensic surgeon, on the condition of anonymity, told the tabloid that the forensic surgeons who had done the autopsy on Sushant may not have collected the crucial finger swabs and nail clippings. The report quoted a forensic surgeon saying, “This swab could have indicated if dust particles from the ceiling fan were present on Sushant's fingers. This would have cleared the ambiguity over foul play. The dust particles would have been on the cloth used for hanging, on the ceiling fan and fingertips. The type of dust particles on all would have offered a clue. Even if the fingertips did not have dust, the cloth and fan would surely have had.” The forensic surgeon told the daily, “The forensic surgeons/scientists could have asked to take specific fingerprints, which a fingerprint expert may miss out on as every crime scene is different. An analysis of the same by a forensic surgeon and forensic scientist usually helps gather more evidence.” 2. Sushant Singh Rajput's family's appointed lawyer Vikas Singh, in an interview with Pinkvilla, had made some shocking revelations about Rhea Chakraborty. Well, she claimed that Sushant’s sister Priyanka Singh molested her at a party. Rhea invited Sushant and Priyanka to her brother Showick Chakraborty's birthday party. It was on 20th April that Sushant and his sister were at the party and things got ugly when Rhea allegedly told him that his sister took advantage of her. The lawyer said, “Rhea told Sushant the earlier night, after the birthday party, that his sister Priyanka tried to take advantage of her and molest her on the intervening night of 18-19th April at Sushant’s residence, Sushant believed Rhea and had an altercation with his sister Priyanka and Priyanka couldn't even believe that Sushant would get manipulated this way but she wanted peace and vacated the apartment. Once she reached Delhi and told her husband about it, her husband told her that what happened was not correct as he was also there on the intervening night of 18-19th April 2019 and reasoned it out with Sushant directly through WhatsApp messages but Sushant wasn't ready to listen." Eventually, he did come back to realize that Rhea manipulated to create a rift between the siblings. 3. Rhea Chakraborty and the family left their building right after the Bihar Government sent the officials to investigate her. She was not available and the Bihar police also added their motive is not to punish any innocent. “If Rhea has not done anything wrong then she should stop playing hide-and-seek with the police and come forward to clarify the things," the Bihar Police said. 4. Sushant’s former cook Ashok said the actor hardly took any medicine when he was working there. It was after the Europe trip, that things started to change. Ashok was asked not to continue and wasn’t given any concrete reason for that. "I was working as a cook in Sushant's house and I am a chef. I worked for three-four years with him up till September 2019. Everything seemed fine till I was working there, neither did I see him taking any medicine during that time. I don't know what happened afterward," Ashok told ANI. He added, “Sushant was in touch with his family till the time I was working. Even I spoke to his family members on some occasions when they used to call him. He was a strong man and how can he be depressed?" 5. The theory behind who saw him hanging is also very shady because there are different versions of it. Sidharth Pithani said he was the first one to see the body hanging and the cook also claimed the same thing. Yesterday, Sidharth Pithani, in an interview with Times Now said that he asked the key-maker to go and check who first found him hanging. He kept changing his statements every 5 minutes in the interview. He also added that he physically cut the cloth and brought down his body after his ‘jiju’ asked him but the family has denied all his claims. Then, he said the key makers were asked to leave just after they opened the door. 6. His conflicting statements in the interview made it sure that he is hiding a lot of things. He earlier said that he didn’t witness any fight between Rhea and Sushant and then went on to claim he knew about their troubled relationship. He had earlier said that he had professional ties with Sushant but then claimed that he left his job to be by the actor’s side. He said that he wasn’t aware of the fact that Rhea was handling expenses and then claimed that he had informed the family about the expenses. He also admitted that he did give medicines to him but only recalled one of the names. Here’s the interview. 7. Sushant’s former close aide Ankit Acharya told that the actor never slept with locked doors. He also claimed that he too was asked to leave and he went later to see Sushant, he was not allowed to meet him. He also revealed that he got to know that a different kind of ‘Pooja’ happened at home. He also said that Rhea used to party on his expenses. Sushant’s bodyguard also claimed that Rhea did ask him to get the medicines for the actor. 8. Sushant’s friend on the basis of anonymity told Republic that the actor had told him about Sandip Ssingh and he knows everything but the friend also added Ssingh is a mysterious character because he is twisting statements. He also said that Bollywood biggies are somewhere connected. 9. Sushant’s family friend Smita also revealed that Disha Salian’s death did upset him and he was scared. He kept telling his sister that they won’t leave me. He was very anxious but he wasn’t depressed. Bihar DGP also agreed that both the deaths are linked. 10. Sandip Ssingh claimed on TV that it was only one ambulance that came but the videos claim otherwise. There were three ambulances on the premises. There are more such revelations but for us, these 10 were too big and would change your perspective of seeing his death because it's way more complicated than it looks like. We sincerely hope that the truth prevails and justice is served. View the full article
  2. The thought of Indian politics leaves a strange aftertaste in our mouths. at least for some of us. Thinking about our politicians or public representatives that they are, should fill our hearts with hope and confidence, but more often than not it makes us think of corrupt, undeserving, power-hungry people who fail to live up to our expectations after making tall promises before the elections. From lack of proper qualifications to criminal backgrounds and absolute cluelessness about general as well as current affairs, we have seen it all from our netas which make us question if there are any good ones left around at all. But you will be happy to know that amid the muck of ignorant and dense politicians, we have also found 14 highly-qualified Indian politicians who have proved that not every neta is an angootha chhaap. 1. Sachin Pilot © Facebook Sachin Pilot The Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan and Congress leader Sachin Pilot holds a strong educational background. Sachin has a BA from St. Stephens College, University of Delhi followed by a PGDM in Marketing from IMT Ghaziabad as well as an MBA from Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. 2. Shashi Tharoor © Facebook Shashi Tharoor We are all aware of Mr Tharoor and his terrific wordplay, and given his academic backing, all of those heavy words suddenly make sense. The Congress MP holds a Bachelor’s degree in History from St Stephen's College, DU, a Master’s degree in International Relations and Law and Diplomacy from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University as well as a PhD in International Relations and Affairs from the Fletcher School. 3. Subramanian Swamy © EconomicTimes Another leading Indian political leader who is gifted with the way of words, Mr Swamy is a BSc Mathematics graduate from the renowned Hindu College, University of Delhi. He also holds an MSc in Statistics from Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata as well as a PhD in Economics from Harvard University. 4. Jayant Sinha © Facebook Jayant Sinha Not many may be aware that BJP Lok Sabha MP Jayant Sinha is an IIT Delhi graduate in BTech. Having completed his graduation, Mr Sinha is said to have pursued his MSc in Energy Management & Policy from the University of Pennsylvania, and later, added an MBA from Harvard Business School to his list of qualifications. 5. Salman Khurshid © Facebook - Salman Khurshid Veteran Congress Leader Salman Khurshid is a man of law quite literally. Although an Arts graduate from St. Stephen's College, DU in B.A. English and Jurisprudence, Mr Khurshid went on to pursue M.A., Bachelor of Civil Law from St Edmund Hall, Oxford University and is a notable advocate in the country. 6. Suresh Prabhu © Facebook Suresh Prabhu BJP leader Suresh Prabhu also holds a distinguished educational profile with a BCom Honours from M. L. Dahanukar College, followed by a Bachelor in Law from New Law College, Ruparel College campus in Mumbai. Mr Prabhu is also a qualified Chartered Accountant and member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India who held the 11th rank in his CA exams. 7. Dr Manmohan Singh © Wikipedia You would have to be living under a rock if you don’t already know what an educated person Manmohan Singh is. Don’t go by his usual silence because his academic excellence can shut you up for good. Mr Singh holds both a BA and a MA degree in Economics from Panjab University along with an Economics Tripos at University of Cambridge as a member of St John's College as well as a DPhil from the University of Oxford as a member of Nuffield College. 8. Arvind Kejriwal © Facebook Arvind Kejriwal The Chief Minister of Delhi and AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal is originally an engineer with a BTech degree from IIT Kharagpur. Although he didn’t pursue higher education, Kejriwal did clear the Civil Services examination and joined the Indian Revenue Service (IRS) as an Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax in 1995. 9. Atishi Marlena © Facebook Atishi AAP leader Atishi too holds a strong academic background with a Bachelor’s degree in History from St. Stephen's College, University of Delhi, followed by a Master’s degree from Oxford University. She has also worked as a Rhodes scholar at Magdalen College, Oxford. 10. Nirmala Sitharaman © Economictimes Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s love for numbers and stats goes back to her college days where she did her BA in Economics from Seethalakshmi Ramaswami College in Tiruchirapalli. She followed that up with an MA in Economics as well as an MPhil from Jawaharlal Nehru University. 11. Jyotiraditya Scindia © Facebook Jyotiraditya Scindia Former Congress MP Jyotiraditya Scindia is also highly dependable when it comes to holding a noteworthy educational background. A BA graduate in Economics from Harvard College, Harvard University, Mr Scindia also holds an MBA from the famed Stanford University. 12. Dr Harsh Vardhan © Wikipedia Union Health Minister and veteran BJP leader Dr Harsh Vardhan is an MBBS from Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Memorial Medical College, Kanpur University, and also holds a Master of Surgery in Otorhinolaryngology from the same college in Kanpur University. 13. Prithviraj Chavan © Facebook Prithviraj Chavan Former Maharashtra CM Prithviraj Chavan is a qualified mechanical engineer with a BTech degree from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani and a Master of Science from the University of California, Berkeley. 14. Sugata Bose © Wikipedia All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) leader Sugata Bose holds a Bachelor's degree from the famed Presidency College of University of Calcutta as well as a PhD from the University of Cambridge. Mr Bose is also said to have worked as a research fellow at St. Catharine's College, Cambridge. Were the educational qualification details about any particular leader a revelation to you? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  3. Google CEO Sundar Pichai who was named as one of the Worldâs Most Reputable CEOs by Forbes in 2018, would have never imagined making it to such a reputable list, let alone becoming the CEO of one of Big Four tech giants of the world 27 years ago when he first set foot in the USA as Pichai Sundararajan. As a young man in his early 20s, Pichai had arrived in the US to pursue his Masters at the prestigious Stanford University, an opportunity that would go on to change his lifeâs trajectory and cost his family an entire yearâs worth of income. © Reuters Despite his humble beginnings, Sundar Pichai went on to write his future on his own terms, and revolutionised the world by changing how people interacted with technology using the internet and Google products that would become survival essentials in the future. But here are 10 other things about Sundar Pichaiâs humble beginnings which prove that strong intent and sincere hard work will always be greater than monetary riches. 1. Sudhar Pichai was born in a lower middle-class family in Chennaiâs Madurai where he lived with his parents and younger brother in a two-room apartment in Ashok Nagar. © wikibio 2. Sundar Pichaiâs father, Regunatha, worked as an electrical engineer at General Electric Company, while his mother Lakshmi worked as a stenographer. However, she eventually gave up her job after Sundar Pichai and his brother were born 3. Growing up, Sundar Pichai or his brother didnât have exclusive rooms for themselves in the house. And due to lack of enough space, Pichai and his brother would sleep on the floor of their living room. © Reuters 4. With his father as the sole earning member of the household, the Pichai family fell in the moderate income bracket and couldnât afford most luxurious commodities such as a refrigerator, television or a car. 5. Sundar Pichai and his family survived a major crisis due to a serious drought during his growing up years, which ended up having such a grave psychological impact on him that even today he sleeps with a bottle of water right beside his bed. © YouTube 6. Sundar Pichai was 10-years-old when his family could finally afford their first rotary phone. The functioning and usefulness of this device would go on to plant the seeds of technological curiosity and innovation in the mind of a young Sundar Pichai. 7. While most of his neighbours had refrigerators at home, Sudhar Pichaiâs family also got one of their own eventually, though much later. Recalling how it reinstated the power and value of technology in his mind, Sundar Pichai said, âWe waited a long time to get a refrigerator, too, and I saw how my momâs life changed: she didnât need to cook every day, she could spend more time with us. So there is a side of me that has viscerally seen how technology can make a difference, and I still feel it.â © YouTube 8. Since owning a car wasnât an option, Sundar Pichai depended on local city buses or an old Lambretta scooter the family had to serve as a means of transportation. 9. Upon his graduation from IIT Kharagpur, Sundar Pichai landed a scholarship to pursue his Masters from Stanford in the US, but the price of the air ticket alone cost more than his fatherâs annual salary. So Pichaiâs father took a loan and used up the familyâs savings worth $1,000 to fund his flight ticket and initial expenses. © Reuters 10. Pichai, who didnât have regular access to a computer until he moved to the US for his graduate school, shared that life in America was not any easier. The cost of living was expensive and he would have to pay $2 per minute for a phone call home. Even a backpack cost the same as his fatherâs monthly salary in India. Yet, despite all odds and a major academic shift, not only did Sundar Pichai continue to persevere, but he also went on to attain great success in his life. By simply believing in himself and putting in the hard work to turn his dreams into reality, Pichai Sundararajan became what millions only aspire to be, the CEO of Google. View the full article
  4. A reel villain Sonu Sood has turned into a real-life âmessiahâ for all the migrant workers as he is leaving no stone unturned for all those people who are finding it hard to sustain in the expensive metropolitan cities. He is going an extra mile for all those migrant workers who are stuck. Well, he has been able to do all of this as he has worked hard to earn a fortune. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@sonu_sood)According to reports, he is also one of the highest-paid stars in the industry. As per reports, Sonu Sood's net worth is estimated to be somewhere around Rs 130.339 crores. ($17 million). Well, he has been using fortune to support all these people who are in need. As he has earned this fortune, he has also invested in things that he likes. We did a bit of digging and we are listing 5 of expensive things that he owns. He might a âmessiahâ but also a star and a human being who has a normal life back at home. So after knowing his net worth, letâs take a look at the expensive things he has bought over the time in his career. 1. Porsche Panamera: Rs 1.49 Crore To Rs 2.57 Crore © cartrade Sonu Sood bought the Panamera a few years back and uses it for attending all the high profile events. The car he drives is powered by a 3.0-liter V6 turbocharged diesel engine that generates a maximum power of 250 Bhp. It comes in the price ranging between Rs 1.49 crore and Rs 2.57 crore. 2. Shakti Sagar Production House: Rs 1.7 Crore He opened his production house Shakti Sagar productions in 2016. According to reports, he invested 17 million or Rs 1.7 crore into making his own production house. 3. Moga Family Home: Renovated For Rs 20 Crore © Google, Labeled For Reuse Itâs Sonu Soodâs family home but it was he who renovated the whole house investing Rs 20 crore. In an interview with DNA, he told, âWe completely rebuilt our old home. In fact, no one can recognize it anymore. Every brick, every piece of furniture has been replaced.â He also added, âMy home in Moga has turned into something really special. It is my proudest achievement to date.â 4. His Spacious 2600 Sq Feet Apartment: Rs 20 crore View this post on InstagramThis is a very special moment for me! Shuttling between shoot locations leaves me with little time for my family; but then building a Dream Home for my sister was a dream I just had to fulfil. Brilliantly designed Furniture and Furnishings from @GodrejInterio simply elevated the look of the home. Canât wait to #MakeSpaceForLife and make some new memories with my sister and family at her new Home. @thetribalbox @basileaf @malvika_sachar @gautam_sachar_gots_A post shared by (@sonu_sood) He owns a luxurious 2,600-sq ft, four-bedroom hall apartment in Andheri, Mumbai. In an interview, Sonu stated why he has invested in this property. He said, âhave been living in Andheri for many years, even before my career took off and I love this place. All my friends are close by. My gym, my childrenâs schools, good restaurants, various shopping malls, and multiplexes, are all in the vicinity.â He got his house designed as per Vastu Shastra norms. 5. Mercedes Benz ML-Class: Rs 66.7 Lakh © viral bhayani He bought this way long back in time but he has still kept in top-notch condition. If you have been in Mumbai, you would have an idea that the actor uses it for his daily commute. To add, he also owns a hotel in Juhu that he has currently given as a quarantine facility View the full article
  5. Known as the âgreatest showmanâ of the Indian film industry, Raj Kapoor was a man of many talents. A celebrated actor, respected film director and a trusted producer, Raj Kapoor worked hard to keep his fatherâs legacy alive. Despite never completing his matriculation, Raj Kapoor went on to achieve great success in the world of performing arts. From turning into a global icon through his movies and performances to his car being lifted on the shoulders of ardent Russian fans, Raj Kapoor saw it all in his lifetime. © Filmfare At the peak of his career, Raj Kapoor enjoyed the fruits of his rich inheritance and tried to further it by leaving behind a rich legacy of his own. So, here are 4 riches that belonged to the late Raj Kapoor which will reaffirm that he lived life like the true superstar that he was: 1. RK StudiosPerhaps one of the greatest inheritances Raj Kapoor left behind for his children, an iconic building a two-acre property in Mumbaiâs Chembur area which had seen the shooting of some of Bollywoodâs most memorable films such as Shri 420 and Bobby. © BCCL Said to be worth approximately over Rs 500 crore, the Kapoor family sold the RK Studios land to Godrej Properties in 2018, having been unable to keep it running or generate enough revenue for its maintenance. 2. RK CottageLocated right behind the RK Studios, the 3,000 sq ft. RK cottage was occupied by Raj Kapoor, his wife Krishna Raj Kapoor and their children since 1946. From Rishi and Neetu Kapoor to Karishma and Sanjay Kapur, the residence held memorable weddings and receptions on its premises. © Twitter VishiArtist However, the iconic property was put on sale 13 years ago much against the wishes of Raj Kapoorâs wife and daughter. Estimated to be worth a whopping Rs 30 crore at the time, hopeful builders wished to turn it into a residential complex. 3. Rajbaug Farmhouse © BCCL Another piece of priceless property that Raj Kapoor left behind for his family. Located in Pune, right next to the Raj Kapoor Memorial, Rajbaug is still believed to be partially owned by the Kapoor clan who often visit the bungalow for staycations. 4. Fleet Of Ambassador Cars © Pinterest Growing up, travelling by cars was a luxury that even Raj Kapoor couldnât afford frequently, despite coming from a pretty affluent family. However, he went on to change all that and ended up owning a fleet of cars, especially the Ambassador cars which were the trend back then and his personal favourite too. Not only did he own Ambassadors of his own, but also gifted them to close friends, like in the case of Bobbyâs success at the box office. View the full article
  6. For someone who was often labelled as brash and overtly aggressive early in his career, Virat Kohli has come a long way to not only mature into an astute leader for Team India, but also as one of the best batsmen in modern-day cricket. Today, he stands tall with numerous batting and captaincy records highlighting his success in international cricket. Owing to his success with the willow, Kohli is one of the only three cricketers to enjoy a lucrative A+ central contract with the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) that allows him to earn a staggering Rs 7 crore per year. Apart from that, he earns quite handsomely through brand endorsements due to his popularity amongst fans. For someone who has success, fame and money, it's quite obvious to see Kohli boasting of some of the most desirable and ridiculously expensive things. From swanky cars, luxury pads to exclusive timepieces, 'King Kohli' has got it all. Here's a look at 5 of the most expensive things owned by the Indian captain that truly make him a cut above the rest: 1. Rolex Daytona Rainbow Everose Gold (Rs 69 Lakh) © YouTube Often labelled as the 'king' of modern-day cricket, the 31-year-old, for all his wealth, quite understandably owns properties in the plush areas of Indian cities. Amongst the houses he owns, Kohli has one luxurious bungalow in Gurugram, Haryana. Located in DLF Phase 1, the 500-square-yard bungalow is no less than a palace. With modern architecture and jaw-dropping interiors, Kohli's bungalow, just like its owner, breathes elegance and style. From the exquisite swimming pool, well-decked bar to alluring designs inside, the house is everything that Kohli represents, both on and off the field. The Indian captain shelled out a whopping Rs 80 crore to buy this property right after his marriage to Anushka Sharma in Italy. View the full article
  7. Nawazuddin Siddiqui is not an actor but a complete work of art in himself. He can play the role of a gangster, lover, a cop, and almost everything else for that matter. Call him Bollywoodâs chameleon if you must, because he can fit himself into any character and make it look as real as possible. Donât let his âseriousâ face fool you though, because he has the perfect comic timing as well that can tickle your funny bone and leave you rolling on the floor laughing. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@nawazuddin._siddiqui)In an interview with NDTV, revealing that he performed in about a hundred comedy plays, back in the day in Delhi, Nawaz shared that he has a great sense of comic timing but is always offered serious roles because of his facial features. Well, we do agree with the fact that he has an impeccable sense of humour and has a unique way of pulling off a comic scene in a movie, despite coming across as a stern individual. In another interview, he said, âI enjoy comedies because you donât have to think or stress too much in these films like I have to do for my serious roles.â Despite having the image of an actor who outshines the rest in serious roles, Nawazuddin Siddiqui can certainly pull off comic scenes effortlessly as well, and we have dug 5 such scenes that will make you see our point: 1. Chand Nawab In Bajrangi Bhaijaan Well, Nawazuddin had many crucial scenes in the movie that displayed his comic avatar but the scene wherein he is struggling to film his piece-to-camera as people keep interrupting him, is probably the funniest part. You wonât be able to contain your laughter after seeing him impersonate the real reporter from Pakistan. 2. Ali In Freaky Ali Though the film tanked at the box office, Nawazuddin garnered praise from the audience for his comic timing. Not just one, there are many rib-tickling scenes in the movie. Let me tell you about one hilarious scene, in particular, where he is seen selling chaddis and he mocks a kid whoâs dressed as superman. Actually, you can absolutely watch the movie and let him surprise you with his perfect comic timing. 3. Faizal Khan In Gangs Of Wasseypur If you have seen the movie, you cannot forget the scene wherein Nawaz keeps his hand on Huma Qureshi's hand without permission. This scene has a separate fan base altogether. In fact, throughout the movie, he keeps asking for Humaâs permission, be it for *** or a movie date. Itâs a sheer delight to see him pull off these scenes with an almost blank expression on his face and still manage to make you howl with laughter. 4. Shiv Gajra In Kick Infusing comedy into a serious scene is pure art and Nawaz knows how to nail it. In one of the scenes from Kick, he fakes his death and then comes the crazy sequence that canât be explained in words. Itâs better for you to see for yourself and then appreciate Nawaz for his brilliance in acting. Let me give you a hint: Maut Ko Chhu Ke Tak Se Wapas Aa Sakta Hoon. 5. Liak In Badlapur Yes, itâs a serious movie but Nawaz added that humour element which took things to the next level. In one of the scenes, he is in prison but still thinking of *** with his girlfriend. The way he pulls off the scene wherein he is conversing with her is an absolute masterpiece. If you watch the movie, you will find a string of punchlines that will make you believe in his argument that he has great comic timing. Nawazuddin, a man of your calibre should not be boxed to one type of role. Here is hoping you get all the comedy roles your heart desires. View the full article
  8. Anand Mahindra has to be one of the most down-to-earth Indian billionaires out there. The man is so kind, enterprising and witty, he seems very accessible to the common man. His 7.7 million Twitter followership is only factual proof of his popularity, whereas it is Anand Mahindraâs active interactions on Twitter which actually show how much people respect and admire the man that he is. © Reuters With an estimated net worth of 1.6 billion dollars, Anand Mahindra is one of Indiaâs richest men, but unlike his fellow contemporaries, Anand Mahindra doesnât believe in wearing his riches on his sleeves. The man is known for his kind simplicity and a humble outlook towards life which makes him a great inspiration. The man doesnât own a ton of expensive commodities, but the bare necessities that one is at least expected to possess as the Chairman of a conglomerate such as Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M). Here are 5 other points which will reaffirm our claim that billionaire Anand Mahindra swears by leading a simple life despite his wealth: 1. Has Been Living In The Same House For Years © BCCL Located on the Nepean Sea Road in Mumbai, reports claim that Anand Mahindra had been living as a tenant in the same bungalow his grandfather and Founder of M&M, KC Mahindra had first rented decades before he was even born. However, when the owners decided to demolish and redevelop the property and asked Mr Mahindra to vacate his house, he went ahead and purchased the 13,000 sq ft property called âGulistanâ for a whopping Rs 270 almost a decade ago. He continues to live in his childhood home even today. 2. Drives A Simple Car © Quora Though an automobile honcho himself, Mr Mahindra doesnât own many swanky cars. The Mahindra Chairman swears by his own products and has regular Mahindra SUVs at his disposal. Though he updates his cars once in a while, he used to ride Mahindra Scorpio and TUV 300 Plus, which are pretty mid-range SUVs in the market, and got his last update in 2019 when he purchasedhis current car Alturas G4. 3. Doesn't Wear A Watch © BCCL Itâs hard to believe that someone as important and as busy as this man can go with wearing a watch, right? But by his own admission, Mr Mahindra doesnât wear watches or have a glitzy collection of designer watches much unlike what others might expect of a billionaire like him. In a tweet dated August 2018, Mr Mahindra shared that he had stopped wearing watches, though a particular design was tantalising him to change his mind. But mind you, even then, he was wondering if the said watch would be too expensive. 4. Gets Amazed By Simple WhatsApp Forwards © Reuters If you have been a loyal follower, you know that Anand Mahindra has a dedicated hashtag named #whatsappwonderbox which he uses to share inspiring or innovative messages that come to him as WhatsApp forwards. Mr Mahindra is known to regularly share his findings with his followers, along with his personal thoughts on the matter. And his admirers will tell you that Mr Mahindraâs ability to find goodness and usefulness in the simplest of things sets him apart from many others. 5. He Confessed To Wearing A Lungi At Home © Twitter Found On Anand Mahindra's Tweet Not very long ago, Mr Mahindra made a revelation on his Twitter account that many found difficult to believe. While sharing a post on the new work from home video-call attires amind the COVID-19 lockdown, Anand Mahindra shared that he wears a lungi at home. And not just that, he also admitted to wearing one while on a video-call meeting with his team. Who would have thought, right? View the full article
  9. Irrfan Khan, one of India's finest actors breathed his last on April 29, 2020, at Mumbai's Kokilaben hospital. It feels like itâs the end of an era. Irrfan struggled to fame and had entertained us for years to achieve what he was in the last phase of his life. He grew up in a middle-class family in Jaipur, where the idea of acting was way too far-fetched. But, Irrfan did follow his passion and itâs his art that made two generations watch him on both the small screen and the big screens. We grew up watching Irrfan or let me say we grew with him. We have seen him laughing, weeping, and doing everything thatâs relatable. We have been talking about his movies but we need to celebrate the work he did on the small screens too because his body of work spoke volumes about him as an actor even back then. Here are the TV shows which brought out the best in him: 1. ChandrakantaIrrfanâs show Chandrakanta got him attention as the actor played a double role of twin brothers Badrinath and Somnath. Well, Irrfan was not interested in doing the shot but as fate had it, he became the part of the show and even got the attention of the viewers. Going back in time, Irrfanâs characterization was such that he got all attention for his role in the show. 2. Banegi Apni BaatIrrfan adds soul to his character and he was particular about his scenes in the show that he made his wife Sutapa Sikdar who was a screenplay writer of the show. Irrfan played the role of a guy named Kumar and his subtle way of portraying the character was worth a shot. 3. DarrWho can forget this show by Irrfan? Well, he played the role of a psycho serial killer and nailed the character to T. As far as we have known Irrfan, he can play the toughest of roles effortlessly on the screen. 4. ChanakyaDo you remember this show? If not, let me tell you that it was a 47-part historical drama wherein Irrfan played the role of Senapati Bhadrashaal making sure that he can also ace historical characters. 5. Mano Ya Na ManoWell, this one I can never forget as I used to watch this series with my parents as it used to talk about myths, ancient beliefs, and eerie happenings. His dulcet voice added authenticity to the show and you would love watching the episodes. Try it if you havenât seen them. Irrfan, you were a blessing and still are! View the full article
  10. Irrfan Khan - Bollywoodâs most iconic dark horse and an actor who passed away before his fans and film-lovers could fully explore the depths of his artistic calibre, leaves behind a memorable acting legacy. His performances were worth every single paisa and every minute of our time spent watching him spill his magic on-screen was worth it. Irrfan's psychedelic acting career, which spans close to 35 years. is sprinkled with riveting performances and innumerable roles. Many of which became iconic with passing time and others which remained undiscovered. © Maddock Films Starting off with a meagre role of a letter writer in Mira Nair's Salaam Bombay, to the brooding yet refreshing portrayal of Robert in Puzzle and winning over our hearts recently as the doting father in Angrezi Medium, Irrfan's journey both in Bollywood and Hollywood covers almost all the shades of the colour (read acting) palette. Yet, among the many unexplored roles the fine actor played over the years, here are 5 lesser-known performances by the star that are worth a mention today: 1. Anupam - The Goal Released in 1999 under the direction of Gul Bahar Singh, The Goal was inspired by a Bengali short story by Prafulla Roy where we see Irrfan take over the screen as a devoted football coach, Anupam. © Children's Film Society As Anupam, Irrfan not only comes through as a noble trainer but also gives us a glimpse of a sincere, enterprising coach who would help genuine talent flourish, even at the cost of personal setbacks. The film, given its story and exceptional camaraderie between Irrfan and child actor Tapas Dhali, went on to win numerous awards. 2. Lafcadia - The Warrior Another poignant performance by Irrfan Khan at the turn of the century, which allowed him to make his mark in the industry was the 2001 British film titled The Warrior. As the filmâs protagonist Lafcadia, Irrfan shouldered the entire project which would go on to win the âAlexander Korda Award for Best British Filmâ at the BAFTA Awards. © Film4 Irrfan as a fierce Rajasthani warrior gives us a glimpse into the feudalism in ancient India and how he suffers between the call of duty and human conscience which forces him to face his fate even as he tries hard to escape it. 3. Shankar - Kali Salwar © Andaaz Productions Another of Irrfanâs lesser-known yet memorable performances, Shankar in Fareeda Mehtaâs Kali Salwar deserves a mention. Based on the renowned author Mantoâs story, Irrfan as Shankar comes with a breath of fresh air in this voyeuristic play-out. Shankarâs wit and charm will guide you through a realist representation of life and society, as it existed then and as it evolves into new shapes now. 4. Ranvijay - HaasilA film which went on to become a cult classic amongst its viewers, Haasil is one of those films where you can find Irrfan in a negative role. Irrfan as student leader Ranvijay Singh managed to highlight little-known nuances of student politics and how it can become detrimental to the very causes it is meant to work for. © Karma Network Productions Irrfanâs convincing performance as the scheming, ruthless personality Ranvijay ended up earning him the Filmfare Award for Best Actor in a Negative Role. 5. Umber Singh - QissaSet against the backdrop of the 1947 Partition, Irrfanâs performance as Umber Singh is indeed worth a lot of praise. Through his skills, Irrfan manages to unveil our societyâs fixation with male heirs and how patriarchy overlooks all else when it comes to sustaining itself. © Augustus Film Umber Singh as the deluded, self-centred and obsessive patriarch takes over the larger narrative until his sad, lonely end. Qissa went on to win the Netpac Award for World or International Asian Film at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival. View the full article
  11. Ratan Tata, formerly known as the chairman of the Tata Group, is one of the most humble industrialists that India has seen. With a net worth of more than $1 billion, he is also in the list of richest people of India. The successful businessman has donated for several causes, including the fiscally challenging times of the pandemic. To give you a peek inside the businessman's life, check out this list of expensive things that Ratan Tata owns. 1. Tata Residence © BCCL Owning a house in Mumbai is a farfetched dream for many, but since we are talking about Ratan Tata's residence, let us tell you that this huge mansion, which is sprawling over 14,000 sq. ft is estimated to cost around Rs 150 Crore. This sea-facing Bungalow is situated in the heart of Mumbai, near Colaba. This mansion is a little world in itself with luxurious rooms, gym, swimming pool, sun deck and more. 2. Dassault Falcon Private Jet © Getty Images If you didn't know this already, let us also tell you that Ratan Tata is a trained pilot, the first Indian Civilian who got to fly an F-16 Falcon in 2007. This jet is his pride and joy and it costs roughly around $30 million dollars. The interior of the jet has been customised with Tata's specifications which includes conference facility, sleeping arena and bathroom. It has the trans-continental range and Tata usually flies this Falcon himself. 3. Jaguar XF-R © Jaguar Jaguar XF-R is one of the most powerful saloon cars with supercharged speed. The car is high on speed and can hit 100mph in just a few seconds. This car is decked with beautiful interior and it is said that Tata customised the car, bringing in some improvements which include expensive alloy wheels and customised seating. The price paid for this car, however, is currently around $40,000. 4. Ferrari California © Instagram/Ratan Tata Ferrari specialises in manufacturing high-speed and top-notch cars. Ratan Tata bought a top-speed, convertible, red Ferrari California. This car is already super premium, and it is said that it was upgraded with more extras before being purchased by Ratan Tata. The cost of this car is estimated to be Rs 3.45 crore approximately. 5. Maserati Quattroporte © Maserati With an amazing built and design, the Maserati Quattroporte is synonymous with class and elegance. This amazing car features an acceleration speed of 0-60 that too in 4.7 seconds. It has exquisite Italian Zegna silk with high-quality materials that were dovetailed to design this masterpiece. Tata once said that this car is smoother than Ferrari and a terrific one to drive. This sports sedan is estimated to be around $100,000. View the full article
  12. There is a mysterious shroud around the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un. Recently, a few reports surfaced that the âSupreme Leaderâ of the hermit state underwent a major medical procedure and that his life may actually be in danger. There are speculations that the man may have been infected with the novel coronavirus. © Reuters However, given the secrecy with which North Korea usually operates and how often news gets leaked to the world outside North Korea, there are a number of speculations surrounding the accuracy and the source of this latest factoid. © Reuters That got us thinking that how crazy things must be in North Korea, and how crazy the man himself might be, given some of the anecdotes that we have heard of him. Here are 5 verified and confirmed factoids about Kim Jon Un that prove he might be a real-life Bond Villain. 1. He Once Killed His Uncle With Anti-Aircraft Machine Guns © Reuters The guy who was shot to bits and pieces was not just an uncle but a top-ranking military officer of the national army. Kim Jong Un caught him yawning during one of his speeches, and was so angry, that he stopped mid-way and had his uncle arrested and sentenced to death right then and there. There have been numerous reports of Kim executing his family members out of fear, but this took things to a whole new level. Just to give you a comparison of exactly how large an anti-aircraft bullet is, take a look at this picture. © Pinterest/NKDefectors 2. He Has A Vacation Resort Which Is Used Only Once A Year © Reuters We get it that being the head of state means that you have some really cool perks. However, leave it up to Kim Jong Un to take things to the next level. Kim Jong Unâs father, Kim Jong Il, already had a vacation home, but for some reason, Kim Jong Un wanted a different one. So he had one built. But apparently, because he does not like it, he commissioned another one being to be made. However, since the new resort is taking time, he visits his own resort, once a year. And no, that resort is not open to the public, not even his foreign guests and visiting dignitaries 3. He Got A Family Executed For Failing To Save His Official Portrait In A House Fire © Reuters Technically speaking, North Korea is a theocratic state, meaning that every resident of the country has to worship and proclaim the ruling leader as their god. Therefore every household has the official portraits of all the three Kims. A family was unable to save the three portraits in an incident that caused their house to burn down. Kim Jong Un had the family, including children, executed on counts of blasphemy. 4. He Got His Half Brother Killed By Staging A Prank Show © Reuters North Korea made headlines a few years back when Kim Jong Unâs half brother, Kim Jong Nam was assassinated at the Kuala Lumpur Airport. Although the entire saga was a serious and sombre incident, the assassination itself was comical. Apparently, Kim Jong Un ordered the execution and wanted it to be both, painful and look like an accident. So he had his generals trick a couple of people Malaysian men and Vietnamese women that they were playing a TV prank on Jong Nam for a popular Malay television show. The women ultimately sprayed poison on Jong Nam, with a liquid that attacked the nerve and caused multiple system failures, withing minutes. 5. His 'Pleasure Squads' May Be Indulging In Paedophilia © Reuters Right after his father died, Kim Jong Un abolished the practice of having âPleasure Squadsâ or his troop of concubines. However, a few years later, he resumed the practice, stating that back then, when his father had passed away, there was suspicion on these women. Although North Korean officials paint a very rosy and innocent picture of Kim Jong Unâs âPleasure Squad,â North Korean defectors, or people who have fled the brutal regime have reported that often, all the women and the girls in the squad are picked from schools, and then injected with hormones to speed up certain growth processes. These defectors have also claimed that often, these girls are as young as 13-14 years. They are made to sign a pledge and an oath, are paid $2000, which actually is a lot of money for a family in North Korea. Clearly, the manâs got some serious issues... View the full article
  13. The Bollywood industry, like any other industry, has its own merits and demerits. Full of glitz and glamour, it never ceases to attract people from far off places. Hundreds and thousands of people, every year, come to Mumbai to get into this dream industry but not everyone succeeds. Sometimes all you need is a little luck to get recognised by someone who can see your true talent. Here is a list of such actors who were really lucky and got spotted by people in the industry before they made it this big in the glitz-town. 1. Kangana RanautNow known as Bollywood's "Queen", Kangana Ranaut was first spotted by director Anurag Basu at a coffee shop in Aamchi Mumbai. He instantly liked her and offered her a role in the movie Gangster, in which she made her debut. The movie then went on to become a super hit and people totally loved her acting. Besides, she was even awarded a Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut for this movie. © Reuters 2. Arjun RampalIf you want to be spotted by someone from the industry, you should start frequenting discotheques. No, we arenât kidding. Actor Arjun Rampal was first spotted by Rohit Bal, ace fashion designer, at a discotheque. He suggested Arjun to try modelling because of his sharp features and well-built body and the rest is history. Going forward, the 47-year-old actor was awarded the National and Filmfare award for the best supporting actor for the movie Rock On. He is currently in a relationship with South African model Gabriella Demetriades. © rampal72/Instagram 3. Akshay KumarHereâs a perfect example of how one needs both hard work and also little luck to succeed in life. Akshay Kumar is reigning in the industry today with back to back hits. But do you know how he started out? Originally called Rajiv Bhatia, he started out as a waiter and then as a cook in Bangkok. After returning back to India, he started teaching martial arts, and also had a flair for photography. One of his photographer friends suggested he try modelling and he did. Later when he approached film studios, he got his first film the same day. He made his debut with a minor role in the 1987 Mahesh Bhatt directed Indian film Aaj. Then he appeared as the lead actor in Saugandh in 1991 before making his breakthrough with the suspense thriller Khiladi in 1992. © akshaykumar/Instagram 4. Bhumi PednekarThis 30-year-old actor stands out in the industry for bravely experimenting with her roles. Before starting out to act, she was working as an assistant to Shaanoo Sharma (the casting director) at Yash Raj Films for more than six years. However, she did give auditions many times but was rejected. But one day, out of sheer luck, her audition video landed at Aditya Chopraâs desk and he signed her for her debut film Dum Laga ke Haisha to play an overweight bride, after which she got immensely famous. The rest, as they say, is history. © Instagram 5. JeetendraAn actor, TV and film producer as chairman of the Balaji Telefilms, Balaji Motion Pictures and ALT Entertainment, yesteryear actor Jeetendra has given more than 100 hits since the 1960s. However, his back story of how he got into this industry is interesting. His family was into the business of imitation jewellery without any Bollywood background. One day, he went to supply some pieces of jewellery to V Shantaram, an Indian filmmaker, and he immediately liked him and cast him as actor Sandhyaâs body double in the movie Navrang. This was his screen debut. From then on, he went on to become Bollywoodâs superstar. © Ekta Kapoor/Twitter Even though some of these B-town actors made it into the industry through luck, it's with their sheer hard work, determination and passion for acting that has made them superstars of the industry. The takeaway is that it has never been a cakewalk for them, and with utmost dedication, anyone can become a star in their respective fields. However, it's also true that you have to be in the right place at the right time to get things working for you, as sometimes it is a matter of chance. View the full article
  14. There is no need to beat around the bush here, Bollywood has made some really terrible films over the years. When we consider this, along with the fact that a lot of times, some Bollywood filmmakers have directly picked up scripts, given it a few twists and remade them into films that were perhaps purely meant to torture audiences, it all makes sense somehow. © PVR Pictures With Ayushmann Khurrana tweeting recently that he would love to play the Professorâs character from Money Heist, Twitter went kind of berserk and started imagining which Indian actor or actress should play which character. This got us thinking, do we really want to besmirch such a masterfully made show? Heck no. View this post on InstagramBella Ciao! Kartik Aaryanâs lockdown look reminds us of The Professor from Money Heist ð¥. I guess there is one Professor in every house today. I"m sure you too have a similar picture to share in this #quarantinelife #quarantinetime #KartikAaryan #viralbhayani #moneyheist @viralbhayaniA post shared by (@viralbhayani) What is really frustrating at times is the sheer absurdity with which films often have been remade. They had a great and mind you, proven scripts, stellar star casts, and yet, they failed miserably, because of how lazily the film was made, or the makers simply thought that Indian audiences ko kya hi pata hoga kuchâ¦. © BCCL Here are 5 films and their terrible Bollywood remakes, which for once and for all, prove that Bollywood ought to be very careful when making remakes: 1. Players (The Italian Job) © Paramount Pictures Whether you speak of the original 1969 one, or the one that was released in 2003, The Italian Job was a masterfully made film. It certainly is one of the best heist films in English. What Bollywood gave was, was this. © Viacom 18 Motion Pictures Players was a disaster and rightly so. An over the top acting that would put even the most dramatic of K-serials to shame, some ridiculously senseless dialogues, and concepts that are completely foreign to India that were simply lifted from the originals ensured that the film tanked for good. 2. God Tussi Great Ho (Bruce Almighty) © Universal Pictures I am sorry, but Salman Khan does not have the comic timing of Jim Carrey - thatâs just a fact. And one of the main reasons why Bruce Almighty was so good and such a laughter riot, was Jim Carrey - he was the driving force behind the film, the thing that kept audiences glued to their seats. © Eros International God Tussi Great Ho was a disaster - the script was shoddily repurposed, the CGI was terrible especially for 2008âs standards. Just watch a few scenes from both the films and youâll know what weâre on about. Even though Bruce Almighty was released 5 years prior to the Bollywood remake, its graphics and CGI have actually aged well. 3. Action Replayy (Back To The Future) © Universal Pictures Much before Akshay Kumar came to be known for his comic timing, he had given a string of films which were torturous to sit through. One of the worst was Action Replayy. © PVR Pictures Back To The Future had a wonderfully, and intricately written plot revolving around time travel, and in a lot of aspects, was a genre-defining film. So iconic was the film, that a car used as a prop, the DeLorean is still relevant today. Saying that Bollywoodâs attempt at a remake was disastrous would be grossly understating the fact. 4. Chocolate (The Usual Suspects) © Gramercy Pictures The Usual Suspects was a massively impressive film and remains one of the best neo-noir films of all time. People often compare it to Tarantinoâs Reservoir Dogs and trust us, thatâs high praise for a film. The filmography, the editing, the plot, everything was gritty and nuanced. The Usual Suspects won a number of Academy Awards, thatâs how good it was. © Pen N Camera International Chocolate, on the other hand, was a mess, and thatâs putting things mildly. The plot was convoluted, the cinematography, in a bid to be artsy was dreary, and the worst of all, it was a snoozefest compared to The Usual Suspects. 5. Prince (The Bourne Identity) © Universal Pictures Finally, we have the disaster that was Prince. The Jason Bourne series may not be as well-made or nearly as gripping as the first one, The Bourne Identity. However, they still are watchable. © Tips Music Films The same cannot be said for Prince. There is no other or softer way of saying it - the film was a cringe-fest. The film and the script were incoherent at times, and one was genuinely left asking themselves, âwhat the actual hell is going on,â through the entirety of the film. If you have had to sit through any of these Bollywood remakes, we feel strongly for you. Also, you need to learn to make better decisions in your life. View the full article
  15. Hopefully while looking back at the quarantine in a (hopefully) better future, one of the uplifting moments to remember and cherish forever would be Farida Khanum, singing the iconic ghazal Aaj Jaane Ki Zidd Na Karo on fellow-Pakistani singer-writer Ali Sethiâs live jamming sessions on Instagram. View this post on InstagramHere is a full video from our historic session yesterday. If thereâs anything we can learn in this difficult time, let it be the value of cooperation across borders. LOVE CONQUERS ALL â¥ï¸â¥ï¸â¥ï¸ A very special thanks to Faridajiâs genius granddaughter @mehrunnisaiamin for setting this up, and to @anthonysoshil and @bhangusayeen for making the video #alisethi #rekhabhardwaj #vishalbhardwaj #faridakhanum #india #pakistan #lockdown #coronavirus #music #collaborationA post shared by (@alisethiofficial) Soon joined by Indian talents such as Shilpa Rao and Rekha Bhardwaj, Sethiâs Instagram has turned into a truly beautiful cross-country exchange of culture and incredible talent - although someone has to, of course, rain on everyoneâs parade sooner or later. The Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE) released a letter on Sunday addressed to all Indian musicians, singers, artistes and technicians drawing their attention to the total non-cooperation directive issued in the wake of Uri attack of 2016, whereby they had been advised not âto work in any manner whatsoever with Pakistani artistes, singers and technicians.â Without taking any names, the FWICE release specifically cited the collaboration of some Indian artistes with Pakistani musician Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, referring to the collaborations âblatant violationsâ. Naturally, while there exists a definite political and military rivalry between both nations, creative and cultural bonds between both nations remain strong, and ever since the partition, Indians and Pakistanis alike have not just enjoyed each otherâs artists, but seen those artists collaborate for some truly memorable performances. Here are some of the greatest in Indo-Pak music history. 1. Nazia Hassan, Biddu - Aap Jaisa Koi This incredible 1980 classic didnât just launch Naziaâs career in Bollywood, it also revolutionized the scene for pop music in the 80s by bringing together Indian music direction and Pakistani singing talent on a fresh new platform. 2. Jaideep Sahni, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan - O Re Piya Another incredible sufi-inspired track from 2007âs Aaja Nachle soundtrack, this one has really stood the test of time as one of Ustad Khanâs best romantic songs. 3. Shilpa Rao, Noori - Paar Chanaa De Lahori rock band Noori has been making hits ever since 1996, but 20 years on they collaborated with songstress Shilpa Rao for an unforgettable Coke Studio performance - complete with some of the best lyrics to feature on Season 9âs lineup. 4. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, Shafqat Amanat Ali - Mitwa Another incredible track that all you KJo fans probably know by heart, this is perhaps the most famous of Shafqatâs collaborations with Bollywood composers - followed by many incredible tracks that saw him work with composers such as Pritam, Sajid-Wajid and Vishal-Shehkar. 5. Zeb Bangash, Amit Trivedi - Haminastu Combining Pashto and Urdu along with some brilliant Kashmiri tunes using the santoor and rabab, Amit Trivediâs genius met the perfect match in Zebâs incredible voice - one weâve heard before in films such as Madras Cafe and Highway. 6. Ali Zafar, Arjit Singh - Tu Hi Hai Composed once again by Trivedi, this track saw both Ali Zafar and Arjit Singh record unique versions alongside each other - giving beautiful song treatments from either side of the border. 7. Atif Aslam, Sachin-Jigar - Hoor In a rare collab with Mumbaikar composer duo Sachin-Jigar, Pakistani crooner Atif Aslam lends his incredible voice to another Indo-Pak pairing onscreen with Saba Qamar and Irrfan Khan - looks like it isnât just music, but movies too which prove that at least for artists, being from nations-at-odds isnât a dealbreaker. Are there any Pakistani singers you love listening to? Share some songs with us in the comments! View the full article
  16. Who would have imagined the lanky guy from Masaan would go on to become one of the most promising newcomers, slaying every role that he portrays on the big screens. When I saw him for the first time in Masaan, I knew âyeh ladka bada banega,â but I had no idea of this unprecedented success that would come his way. © RSVP Movies But, is he vying for the top spot? âNo, I am not here to become the next megastar. I am stressing on good scripts and looking forward to working with interesting directors. But I also understand that I have to entertain the audience on one hand and make money for the producers on the other,â the actor said in one of the interviews. Well, he is here to entertain and keep experimenting with his characters. And just yesterday, he shared one of the probable looks from his upcoming movie Sardar Udham Singh and also announced that the film will now be releasing on January 15, 2021, as this story deserves full justice. It was earlier said to be releasing on October 2 this year. Sharing the update on Instagram, Vicky wrote, âOn March 13th, 1940, #SardarUdham singlehandedly assassinated Michael Oâ Dwyer in London to honour the lives lost at the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. His story deserves justice onscreen. Keeping that in mind, we will now see you in cinemas on 15th January 2021!â View this post on InstagramâªOn March 13th 1940, #SardarUdham singlehandedly assassinated Michael O' Dwyer in London to honour the lives lost at the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. ⬠âªHis story deserves justice onscreen. Keeping that in mind, we will now see you in cinemas on 15th January 2021! @banitasandhu @shoojitsircar @ronnie.lahiri #SheelKumar @writish1 #ShubenduBhattacharya @filmsrisingsun @kinoworksllp @sardarudhamfilmA post shared by (@vickykaushal09) With this character, he is adding one more feather to his cap and once again proving how experimental he is. Letâs take a look at the roles that he is trying to experiment with and bring them alive on the big screen in the future. Sardar Udham Singh The is a biopic on Sardar Udham Singh, the revolutionary who assassinated Michael OâDwyer, the former Lieutenant Governor of Punjab in British India in 1940, to avenge the 1919 Jallianwala Bagh massacre. Vicky is all set to take up this challenge and his first look has already done half the job - got people excited for the film. View this post on InstagramRunning my fingers through the bullet holes at Jallianwala Baug, little did I realise that I would one day get a chance to re-live and depict the anger and anguish of the lesser known martyr, revolutionary... SARDAR UDHAM SINGH. #SardarUdhamSingh @shoojitsircar @ronnie.lahiri #SheelKumar @writish1 #ShubenduBhattacharya #RisingSunFilms @sadarudhamfilmA post shared by (@vickykaushal09) In an interview to Mumbai Mirror, Shoojit Sircar said about casting Vicky, âThere is a burning intensity and anger that I saw in his eyes during our first meeting itself, that convinced me he was the one right man to play Udham.â We canât agree more to this. General Sam Manekshaw Vicky is a man of many avatars. The actor has an amazing lineup of movies and he will soon be entertaining his audience by playing a war hero Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw in an upcoming biographical film Sam which will be directed by Meghna Gulzar. And as soon as he shared the first look of the movie, Twitter users crowned him with the tag of being the most versatile actor in Bollywood and we cannot deny it. View this post on Instagram#Repost @rsvpmovies with @get_repost ã»ã»ã» @vickykaushal09, stepping into the shoes of the swashbuckling, fearless Field Marshal - Sam Manekshaw! @meghnagulzar #RonnieScrewvalaA post shared by (@vickykaushal09) Ashwatthama Vicky is, in fact, ready to push all boundaries with this historical and mythological character, Ashwatthama. He has carved a niche for himself in Bollywood as one of those few actors who keep challenging themselves to try something new every time with every script. The actor will train in mixed martial arts, Israeli martial art Krav Maga and Japanese martial art, Jujutsu for the same, and will also learn archery, sword fighting and spear fighting for his role in the film based on Ashwatthama. For the role of Ashwatthama, he is likely to weigh around 110 to 115kg. Talking to MensXP about Vicky, Aditya Dhar told us, âWith Vicky, it's next to impossible because he has this intense metabolism. I really envy him for that and every day, I see him hogging on food but nothing happens.â He went on to add, âHe has to weigh around 115kg. Vicky involves himself completely and it's required for him to be huge and ripped. As far as I know, Vicky never shies away in taking challenges. For him, it's an obsession.â Takht Another interesting role lined up for Vicky is the character of Aurangzeb in Takht. Well, he took to Instagram to share a mould of his character and fans are excited to see the actor on the big screens portraying this character to the T. "I've always wanted to be a part of historical drama. This one is as big as it gets, with a great ensemble cast and Karan helming it. They have their own pressure to make the narrative as true as what's written in history. For us as performers too, the pressure is the same," Vicky said in an interview. View this post on InstagramHeadâs Up!A post shared by (@vickykaushal09) These are the 4 upcoming Vicky Kaushal films we are really looking forward to. And if his debut movie Masaan and then, his role in Sanju to a complete transformation in Uri are anything to go by, we are in for a treat. View the full article
  17. Life is about to come full circle for Indian all-rounder Hardik Pandya, the man who spent the last six months on the sidelines watching himself get replaced by junior players thanks to a nagging injury that he incurred in September 2019. Forced to move away from cricket after a lower-back injury resurfaced during the T20I match against South Africa on September 22, Pandya had to undergo surgery in October and according to the doctors, he was to be out of action for at least 12-16 weeks (3-4 months). View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@hardikpandya93) Now, after spending weeks in bedrest, learning to walk all over again, failing multiple fitness tests, familiarising himself with the bat and the ball, Pandya has finally got the chance to make his return and ironically enough, it is against the Proteas, too. Other than the fact that Pandya has clearly buffed up since last year and has his Instagram post to support the claim, he is also sending out a message for all those who doubted him, with his performance on the ground. View this post on InstagramFrom 68 kgs to now 75 kgs in three months. Non-stop effort, no shortcuts, #StrongerAndBetter ðª Credit : @16rajini and @coach_a.i.harrsha thanks maccchiâsA post shared by (@hardikpandya93) Playing for Reliance 1 in the 16th edition of the DY Patil T20 Cup, Pandya went on a rampage for a stretch. After he managed to score 38 runs off 25 balls against Bank of Baroda on February 28, he scored 105 runs in 39 balls, out of which 60 runs came from sixes. He then went on to make 158 off 55 with 20 sixes in the following match. Hardik pandya slams highest individual T20 score Indian Player with destructive 55-ball 158* . #HardikPandya pic.twitter.com/E74SSc7PfG â V I P E R⢠(@Offl_TheViper) March 6, 2020His return to the squad could not have come at a more opportune time. Virat Kohli and Co have just come off a horrible New Zealand tour in which they got dominated in the ODIs and Test cricket. The people who were brought to cover Pandyaâs spot, namely Shivam Dube and Shardul Thakur have failed to prove themselves to be as good as him. Of course there is Ravindra Jadeja, the superhuman all-rounder who brings his prowess as a spinner, but Hardik Pandya, at least a fit Hardik Pandya can solve a lot of problems that Kohli struggles with. © Reuters With the pace and batting excellence we know he is capable of, Pandya just might be the boost that the Men in Blue require to get back on track after our skipper had the worst tour of his career. After his unbeaten 158-run innings against BPCL Pandya had said: âThere is no point in running right if I can hit sixes and if I am connecting. My plan was simple. If I was hitting sixes, I was going to continue hitting sixes. And I donât think I had to take singles and it was needed at that time.â This perfectly encapsulated the cricketerâs mindset right now. While other members of the roster may be frustrated, or in self-doubt, especially after the kind of beating they took at the hands of the Blackcaps, Pandyaâs flamboyance might be a lot more important than what the team thinks. View the full article
  18. While watching a magnanimous Hindi movie and those âlarger than lifeâ sets in a Dharma Productions movie look and feel good to the eyes, sometimes some of the best movies in the world are the ones which have none of those shenanigans and are downright simple. Here are six low budget movies which prove that you donât need money but talent and good scripts to make a good movie. 1. PinkOne of the most surprising hits which was made on a budget of over Rs 20 crore but ended up making over Rs 106 crore at the box office. A powerful movie which explains the importance of consent, this script taught men a better lesson than any big budget movie could have. 2. KahaaniTrust Vidya Balan to take a script and make it her own which means she needed no big banners to make money from a movie which was made on a budget of a mere Rs 8 crore but ended up doing business of over Rs 104 crores at the box office. 3. Vicky DonorAyushmann Khurranaâs debut movie was a super hit with the masses and while it had a budget of only Rs 15 crores, the well made movie ended up making over Rs 66 crores at the box office. 4. Khosla Ka GhoslaAn extremely brilliant movie starring Anupam Kher, Parveen Dabas and Boman Irani, this story is something which a lot of âdilliwalasâ will relate to. Made on a mere budget of less than Rs 5 crore, the movie didnât make a lot at the box office but continues to be a hit amongst the masses. 5. The LunchboxAn extremely simple story narrated beautifully and enacted wonderfully by Irrfan Khan and Nimrat Kaur. This movie was made on a budget of Rs 22 crore which is not a lot by Bollywood standards but yet touched a Rs 100 cr and made its mark at various international film festivals. 6. QueenThe movie which proved that Kangana Ranaut is basically the mitochondria of talent and can make anything work with her magic. The makers exclaimed how no big banner was backing up the movie and no actress was ready to work on a budget of Rs 12 crore but this movie touched the Rs 120 crore mark and swept all awards. View the full article
  19. Hollywood has MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), Bollywood has Rohit Shetty's 'Singham' cop universe. And Indian television has Naagin universe, one of the deadliest yet hottest universe that keeps growing and getting more poisonous with each passing season. We're talking about Ekta Kapoor's supernatural fantasy thriller about shape-shifting serpent women, whose only purpose in life is to fall in love with people they initially wanted to kill. Or so I felt after watching the first season. View the full article
  20. Thor: Ragnarok raised the bar for MCU films, no questions about it. Often making it to the top three in several ranked lists featuring all 22 films, Taika Waititiâs take on the superhero genre was witty, hilarious, engaging and at the same time, deeply emotional and heartfelt. Back in 2017, we saw a Thor who was at his lowest - ripped apart by his sister Hela, forced to fight without Mjolnir by his side, take on an old friend in The Hulk and prove to himself that he was capable of defending his people - while simultaneously getting a haircut. Three years later, Thor: Love And Thunder promises perhaps one of the most serious and crucial plot points in the post-Endgame era for MCU fans - how the ownership of Mjolnir and title of Thor moves on from Odinson to (at least in the comics) to Jane Foster, played by Natalie Portman. With co-star Tessa Thompson revealing acting legend Christian Bale to be Fosterâs first major villain in the MCU, speculations are running high as to which character he will play. While the theorists are busy typing away, weâre taking a look at some of Baleâs best efforts in darker roles - chalking up why we think heâd do a superb job in the film, regardless of who heâs cast as. The Dark Knight Trilogy Straight up - these three films redefined not just Christian Baleâs career, they also changed the game when it came to superhero films in several different ways. Whatâs interesting, however, is that after 2012âs The Dark Knight Rises, Bale has admitted in interviews that he was extremely disinterested in working on superhero films with anyone other than director Christopher Nolan, even mentioning that a personal tragedy that occurred during the filming also left him unable to watch them again himself. Yet, heâs found himself as the main antagonist in Love And Thunder - so what gives? While we think a healthy contract might have had something to do about it, getting Bale on board likely has something to do with Taika Waititiâs excellent script and direction chops that could bridge the gap between Baleâs previous skepticism and his own experience as Batman. Heâs proved that he can handle the gravitas and psychological pressure required to pull the role off for three films - the action and stunt experiences from them will probably help Bale immensely when it comes to Love and Thunder, while the drama and dialogue might help him pull off a serious, no-bullshit villain. American Psycho Winding back the clock by a few years, we hit Baleâs first truly negative major role and one of cinemaâs best-ever performances as the detached, eerie yuppie persona of Patrick Bateman - a soulless investment banker by day who finds meaning in life through torture and murder by night. Needless to say, Bale is absolutely terrifying in this film - his manicured, ultra-perfect character breaks through to reveal horrifying bloodlust underneath, and thereâs fewer ways to make a villain memorable than to make him utterly terrifying. With the film putting the idea of Thor on a fresh, clean slate, thereâs a wealth of experience from this film that Bale can channel into his next role. The Prestige The first Bale film after Batman Begins happens to be yet another Nolan-helmed project - looks like those two really got along in the mid-late 2000s. The Prestige brings us a version of Bale thatâs deceitful, cunning and harbours a dark secret - a magician ready to oust his rival no matter the cost. Thereâs plenty of proof here that Bale can play the detached psychopath as well as the mysterious schemer. Apparently, Nolan has stated that it would be âunthinkableâ to cast anyone else, and it certainly shows. The Fighter A 2010 biographical sports drama isnât exactly where youâd expect to find a convincing villain, but given that itâs Bale, we may as well raise our expectations. Performing the same (yet not so extreme) weight loss regime he previously did for 2004âs The Machinist, Baleâs role takes him into the shoes of a boxer past his prime, hopped on cocaine while committing crimes to get his fix. While the star of the show here was undoubtedly Mark Wahlberg, Baleâs performance was top-notch in a role that swings from hopeful and optimistic to selfish and opportunistic with masterful skill. Weâre fairly certain that Marvel will continue with their one-off villain strategy here, similar to Cate Blanchettâs Hela and Michael Keatonâs Vulture - so a story arc that draws Bale from being Thorâs ally to her enemy might feature in the upcoming film. Terminator Salvation Finally, thereâs the elephant in the room - all MCU films are, at their core, action-dramas with healthy doses of CGI mixed in, and Bale hasnât exactly done a film like that⦠or has he? Terminator Salvation came out with a whole lottaâ weight riding on its shoulders - it was the first ever Terminator movie without Arnold Schwarzenegger in it, and had a lot to prove to the industry as well as fans. While the film did all-right by box office and critical standards, Baleâs performance and screen presence were praised, and meanwhile, the actor was given an important chance to work in studios filled with greenscreens - a great primer for what heâll expect at Fox Studios for the Thor film. View the full article
  21. US State Department expresses fears Pakistan's restrictions on social media platforms could be setback for development of digital economy and freedom of expression
  22. Now is the time to prove the same by hosting Donald Trump?s event in Kashmir says former CM of Karnataka
  23. Itâs a dark day for several rock fans across the country today. Legendary band Parikrama mourned the loss of their founder-lead guitarist Sonam Sherpa, who succumbed to cardiac arrest at the age of 48 yesterday, leaving behind three decades of insane riffs, memorable solos and fantastic collaborations that have stood the test of time. View this post on InstagramWith a very heavy heart, we regret to inform the sudden demise of our backbone, Mr. Sonam Sherpa. Itâs very very tough to lose a band mate, a brother and a mentor. Thank you all for all your messages and tributes to Sonam. He sure will have a âGreat Gig in The skyâ. Farewell dear friend.A post shared by (@parikramaindia) Among the first to speak on Sonamâs death was actor-singer Farhan Akhtar, who had collaborated with the band back in 2008. View this post on InstagramIn 2008, post Rock On!!, I was part of a 4 city tour with the amazing #Parikrama and I can never forget or adequately say how thankful I am for the love and warmth that #SonamSherpa extended to this first timer on stage.. he was a gifted guitarist, a supremely cool guy and a true rock star. RIP brother. Deepest condolences to his family. On stage and off it. @subirmalik666 Image @chiragwakaskarA post shared by (@faroutakhtar) Sherpa was born in the hillside, West Bengal town of Kalimpong back in 1971. After making it to New Delhi, the guitarist formed the band in 1991 with Nitin Malik on vocals, Saurabh Choudhary on rhythm guitar, Subir Malik on synths and Gaurav Balani on bass. The group went on to blow peopleâs minds especially through the 90âs as one of the greatest acts in Indian rock history - choosing to keep their music free and not pursuing any copyright violations. They were also notorious for steering clear of making studio albums - prefering to keep things live and right next to their listeners, something quite uncommon today. Composer Ehsaan Noorani also pitched in his condolences on Twitter. Eternal rocker awesome guitarist and a lovely guy #SonamSherpa has gone into the light ... will remember the jams and the hang outs @parikrama pic.twitter.com/7hU2a8Avv1 â Ehsaan Noorani (@EhsaanNoorani) February 14, 2020 Sherpa is one of the reasons why India has a thriving rock scene today - if youâve ever picked up a guitar or been at a gig, chances are that his influence as a musician led to new horizons in what was once a minute, underground scene. Even more important was his intimidating, absolutely badass fretwork through thousands of live performances - a stark contrast to the gentle personality friends and family remember him for. What better way to send off a lead guitarist, than to pick out some of his greatest-ever solos to listen to? If youâre new to the band, hereâs five of Sherpaâs best to add to your playlist. Vapourise But It Rained In The Middle Am I Dreaming Tears Of The Wizard Rest in Peace, Mr. Sherpa - perhaps he's finally part of that Great Gig In The Sky. View the full article
  24. The trailer of Vicky Kaushal's Bhoot: The Haunted Ship dropped today and it has already inspired a line of memes on the internet. However, people arenât finding it scary enough and looks like they are already having a lot of fun turning some of the dialogues from the movie into hilarious memes that are way too relatable. The movie stars Vicky Kaushal and Bhumi Pednekar in lead roles and is set to hit the theatres on February 21, 2020. Watch the movie trailer here: However, apparently people didnât find the film scary enough to give them chills but instead they have found this one particular Vicky Kaushal dialogue meme-worthy- âYeh tumahara hallucination hai (this is your hallucination).â Hahahha. Me: Dekh Lena iss saal single nhi rhauga....... Me(after seeing in mirror): #BhootTrailer#BhootTrailer3rdFeb pic.twitter.com/bFGHn3nHtN â Vishal Saini (@vishal_saini_vs) February 3, 2020 We can empathise. #BhootTrailer After passing 12th Ab to Maze hi Maze hai.. Life: pic.twitter.com/N5Qcybh3zW â लà¥à¤¹ पà¥à¤°à¥à¤· â¡ (@Ironnnmannnn) February 3, 2020 Major Monday blues! When you go back to work on Monday after a long weekend #BhootTrailer pic.twitter.com/AqccqVKTY7 â Kartik Patadia (@KartikPatadia69) February 3, 2020 We feel you, bro. When boss praises your hardwork! #BhootTrailer pic.twitter.com/JF4N5y7s2w â Akarshan Jaiswal (@Akarshanj_) February 3, 2020 Oh damn⦠#BhootTrailer Friend: I will clear the UPSC exams in the very 13th attempt. Me: pic.twitter.com/DNfwJiRsZO â Prince Pandeyð¦ (@princepandey_) February 3, 2020 Chaos and confusion. When crush smiles back! #BhootTrailer pic.twitter.com/OLyTtWhinR â Akarshan Jaiswal (@Akarshanj_) February 3, 2020 Haahahahahâ¦this one is funny! Finance minister : we'll open 100 new airports. Current economic situation : #BhootTrailer pic.twitter.com/070riBXR5A â Rishabh Kumar (@madrish04) February 3, 2020 Ye toh nahi ho paaega. When u think this tym your plan for Goa with your friends will be successful.#BhootTrailer Friends:-. pic.twitter.com/jfx4vyV8fs â Aman Satish Singhal (@singhalaman35) February 3, 2020 People had a lot of expectations from the movie when the spooky posters came. However, at the moment, the trailer has failed to impress people. This Bhanu Pratap Singh directorial is about a man (Vicky Kaushal) and his paranormal experience at a dead ship. The ship is supposed to be empty, but there are ghosts inside and play with their minds instead. What do you think of the trailer? Let us know in the comments below. View the full article
  25. Age and beauty are two concepts that are parallel, however, unfortunately, most people keep trying to bring these two terms on common grounds, which is simply archaic. But just to prove these people wrong, we have certain people in our presence who are demolishing the notions of connecting age with beauty. Beauty is timeless and there is no age cutoff for someone to look gorgeous. Here are 8 stunning Bollywood actresses over the age of 40 who prove that age is just a number: 1. Malaika Arora She is on top of our list for many reasons. Sexy, hot, confident and strong, both physically and mentally, this super-fit mummy is proof that one doesnât need to bow down to societal perceptions and can do whatever they want. Malaika simply refuses to age, and we don't hear anyone complaining. View this post on Instagramâ¨â¨A post shared by (@malaikaaroraofficial) View this post on Instagram#filmfareglamourandstyleawards ... #mua @divyachablani15 #hair @alpakhimani #gown @atelierzuhra #styledby @tanghavri #assistant @namdeepak #agency @vandafashionagency #photographer @mohitvaru @ektakauroberoiA post shared by (@malaikaaroraofficial) 2. Karisma Kapoor She's probably one of the most natural and beautiful faces that graced Bollywood, ever! Karisma Kapoor makes our heart sing âdhadke dil baar baarâ even today with her effortless beauty. View this post on InstagramChilly mumbai evenings ð #nofilterA post shared by (@therealkarismakapoor) View this post on InstagramâTis the season to pose by theð Merry Christmas everyone ! ðð¼â¤ï¸ #aboutlastnight⨠#christmaseveA post shared by (@therealkarismakapoor) 3. Urmila Matondkar The OG bombshell of the '90s not only demolished people with her stuning smile but also bowled them over with her insanely brilliant performances, especially in movies like Pyaar Tuney Kya Kiya, Bhoot and Ek Hasina Thi. We continue crushing hard on her till date. View this post on InstagramðððA post shared by (@urmilamatondkarofficial) View this post on InstagramðððA post shared by (@urmilamatondkarofficial) 4. Shilpa Shetty Just one line sums up how we feel for this gorgeous woman and that is, Chura Ke Dil Mera, Goriya Chali . Yeah, you probably just imagined her grooving to that tune in that iconic song right? Us too. View this post on InstagramOrange is the new Black! Outfit: @official_rutuneeva Bracelets: @curiocottagejewelry Rings: @caratcrush Styled by: @sanjanabatra Assisted by: @rupangisharma @devakshim Makeup: @ajayshelarmakeupartist Hair: @sheetal_f_khan Photographer: @tejasnerurkarr Managed by: @bethetribe #ootd #fashion #workmode #style #shootmode #gratitude #blessedA post shared by (@theshilpashetty) View this post on Instagram50% sweet... 50% sassy... What is life without a healthy balance ð . . . . . . #VogueXNykaaFashion #ThePowerList2019 #fashion #outfitoftheday #glamour #sassy #sweet #balanceA post shared by (@theshilpashetty) 5. Aishwarya Rai There is a reason why she is known as the âmost beautiful woman in the worldâ and no one can question that. She continues to inspire women across the globe with her work and her charm. Men, irrespective of their age, still carry Aish in their hearts as the ultimate beauty. View this post on Instagramâ¨ðDolceVitaððA post shared by (@aishwaryaraibachchan_arb) View this post on Instagramâ±ðLongines Family wishing All Seasons Greetings with all our love always â¨ðâ¨A post shared by (@aishwaryaraibachchan_arb) 6. Tabu If one would allow us to give this beauty a name, weâd name her âTabeautifulâ, because that is what she is. Effortless and timeless. View this post on Instagram@idivaofficial @tillabyaratrikdevvarman @divyakdsouza ðº @rahuljhangianiA post shared by (@tabutiful) View this post on Instagramलालसा.A post shared by (@tabutiful) 7. Sushmita Sen This âMiss Universeâ continues to be one of the most fierce women in the world who basically proves that women run the world and is the best example of what a real beauty with brains means. View this post on InstagramShallow donât work for me, gimme depth any day â¤ï¸ðð The fear of drowning pales in comparison to the power of emerging!!ð #reflections #depth #mystery #stillness #thoughts #selftime #selfietime ððâ¤ï¸ I love you guys!!!A post shared by (@sushmitasen47) View this post on InstagramStand your ground, let the tempest change its course!! ððWhat a shot @toranjkayvon this will remain one of my most favourite pictures ever!!ðâ¤ï¸ð styled by @pyumishra makeup & hair @danielcbauer ð #sharing #newcampaign #brand #happenstance My kinda sexy!!!ðâ¤ï¸ I love you guys, hereâs looking at youðð»A post shared by (@sushmitasen47) 8. Raveena Tandon In the '90s, she left the jaws of both men and women on the floor with her raw and sultry persona and till date, she oozes the same attitude and charisma. Besides her timeless beauty, her dance moves are iconic even now, so much so, that even Badhshah sings about it in his popular dance number Chull. View this post on InstagramStunnerrrrr gorgeoussss elegant ðððð¤ð¤ð¤ð¤ð¤ð¤sexyyyyyy ð£ð£ð£ð¥ð¥ð¥ð¥ð¥ #raveenatandon#rashathadani#queenraveenatandon#raveena#mastmastgirl#tiptipbarsapaani#akhiyonsegolimare#diva#bollywood#queen . . #follow ð @queenraveenatandon #follow ð @queenraveenatandon . . #shahrukhkhan#salmankhan#akshaykumar#ranveersingh#kartikaryan#kajol#deepikapadukone#sunnydeol#sunilshetty#priyankachopra#katrinakaif#jahnvikapoor#kareenakapoor#anushkasharma#shilpashetty#karismakapoor#madhuridixit#twinklekhanna#saraalikhanA post shared by (@queenraveenatandon) View this post on InstagramThrowback â¤â¤â¤ #raveenatandon#rashathadani#queenraveenatandon#raveena#mastmastgirl#akhiyonsegolimare#diva#bollywood#queen . . #follow ð @queenraveenatandon #follow ð @queenraveenatandon . . #shahrukhkhan#salmankhan#akshaykumar#ranveersingh#kartikaryan#kajol#deepikapadukone#sunnydeol#sunilshetty#priyankachopra#katrinakaif#jahnvikapoor#kareenakapoor#anushkasharma#shilpashetty#karismakapoor#madhuridixit#twinklekhanna#saraalikhanA post shared by (@queenraveenatandon) View the full article
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