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  1. Afghan Taliban have drawn international criticism for contradicting promises regarding girls education, restriction on media
  2. 18-year-old Ali Zain was addicted to PUBG game and shot his mother, sisters and brother thinking they will be resurrected, say police
  3. Plans for PMGC 2021 were announced after the conclusion of the PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2021
  4. Officials from Krafton, the maker of PUBG on PC and consoles met with the Indian Embassy in Korea a few weeks before the PUBG Mobile ban. According to an RTI request filed by MediaNama, it was discovered that Krafton Inc. met with officials at the Indian Embassy on August 13th, 2020. © Google Maps It’s worthy to point out that a few weeks later, on September 2nd PUBG Mobile was banned by India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. PUBG Mobile was developed by Chinese video games company, Tencent, who had been accused of violating privacy and data theft after border skirmishes with China last year. In fact, a whole array of Chinese apps were targeted for the same reason, which led to the ban of TikTok, Ali Express and other apps. Tencent is also Krafton’s second-biggest stakeholder with an ownership of 15.5 per cent. Due to Tencent’s involvement in Krafton’s business, many Indian politicians have started to call a ban on Battlegrounds Mobile India, the company’s replacement for PUBG Mobile. However, it is difficult to ascertain the reason behind Krafton’s meeting with the Indian Embassy at the moment. In the RTI, the Indian Embassy did not detail the emails it received from Krafton citing “stringent Korean Privacy laws.” It was also discovered that the Indian Embassy in Korea did not maintain any records of the request by Krafton. Having said that, the Indian Embassy did confirm that the meeting with Krafton involved the Korean company’s planned investments in India. Two months after the meeting, Krafton did announce its intention to invest US$100 million in India. © Krafton Krafton is gearing up to launch Battlegrounds Mobile India sometime this month which awfully looks similar to PUBG Mobile. In fact, the game may even have similar gameplay to Tencent’s PUBG Mobile. The company has also come under scrutiny by key BJP leaders and MPs who have written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi demanding a ban on the launch of the PUBG clone. Earlier today, it was reported that India’s MeitY does not have the power to ban the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Additionally, it looks like both Apple and Google are reluctant to allow Krafton to launch the game on their respective app stores “due to the controversial nature of the app." Source: MediaNama View the full article
  5. Last week, a YouTube content creator, Paras Singh made a video that had racial remarks against Congress MLA Ninong Ering and the people of Arunachal Pradesh. Singh was arrested and handed over to Arunachal Pradesh Police for the remarks he made in the video and is now being given lessons in the history and geography of Arunachal Pradesh by the police. © Facebook_Paras Singh Paras was taken into custody and brought to Itanagar by air by the SIT (Special Investigation Team) of Arunachal Police and was given lessons to make him understand that the state is a part of India and shares a border with China. "He was shown the virtual world map to make him realise his mistake. He was also shown videos about tourism landscape of Arunachal Pradesh, various tribes and their rich culture. Although he admitted that he made the controversial video in order to get more views on YouTube for monetary gains, we believe his ignorance about the state and its people was also responsible for such insensitivity," a police officer in Arunachal Pradesh's capital, Itanagar said. Paras made a video in response to a letter shared by MLA Ninong Ering to Prime Minister Modi calling for a ban on the upcoming ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India’ game. In the video, Singh alleged that Arunachal Pradesh is a part of China and made racial comments about the people of the state. © screen-post-unsplash "Paras was probably upset with the letter as he made many of his videos on PUBG which got huge views and he was earning money. Also, he probably made the controversial comment in the new video in order to get attention and more views,” Rohit Rajbir Singh, SP of the special investigation team told reporters. “After taking him (Paras) into custody, the police took him on a virtual educational tour on the history, geography and demography of the state. We showed him videos of the state’s diverse tourism landscape and he was also made aware of the different tribes and cultures of Arunachal, including their songs and cuisines,” Rohit Rajbir Singh told EasyMojo. View the full article
  6. Arunachal Pradesh MLA Ninong Ering wrote a letter to Prime Minister Modi asking for a ban on the upcoming release of ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India’. For the uninitiated, Krafton is relaunching an India iteration of PUBG Mobile with no ties to Chinese gaming company Tencent next month which has already drawn scepticisms from key stake holders. So much so, Krafton itself has asked content creators not to refer to ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India’ as PUBG Mobile in fear of getting banned again. © Facebook/Paras Singh However, multiple politicians are already asking the Indian Government to take action against the game for valid privacy and national security reasons. Now, Paras Singh, an YouTuber who has a channel by the name “Paras Official” has been charged for racist remarks against Arunachal Pradesh MLA Ninong Ering. He posted a video on Sunday where he called Congress MLA Ninong Ering a "non-Indian" and apparently claimed the "state was a part of China.” Singh made comments reacting to the letter by Mr Ering who sought a ban on the upcoming Battle Royale game. Singh said in a now deleted video “Mujhe to nahi lagtha yeh (Ering) Indian hai (I don’t think he is an Indian)” while pointing out at the MLA’s profile picture on Twitter. The content creator then asked his viewers to check if Ering looked Indian and then proceeded to search for Arunachal Pradesh on a map. He then addedd, “Arre yaar yeh (Arunachal) to China ki side me hai (guys this is on China’s side)” and adds, “yeh China walon ka hi hai (It belongs to the people of China)” before saying “ek tarah se unhi k saath hi hai halka fulka touch hota hai, India me aata hai (in a way they are with them, (Arunachal is with China), touches India a little).” © Twitter/Ninong Ering While speaking to EastMojo, Ering said the comments made by Singh have not hurt him personally. He also added that “he is free to point out mistakes if any, but the racist remarks are serious and something which needs re-thinking.” The Arunachal Pradesh government has now filed a case against Singh for his racial remarks against the MLA. "A case has been registered against Paras for racial hatred and the cybercrime branch in Itanagar is investigating the matter," DGP R P Upadhyaya said. Chief Minister Pema Khandu condemned the racial slur on Twitter and said that the "video aims at inciting ill will and hatred towards the people of Arunachal Pradesh.” Singh has now posted a new video apologising for his comments. Source: EastMojo View the full article
  7. Battlegrounds Mobile India is all set to launch next month. However, many players of PUBG Mobile have been wondering if players can get their previous accounts and progress to the new game. While it may not seem like a difficult task, Indian Express reports that it may not be as easy as expected. © Krafton For starters, the reason why Krafton decided to launch Battleground Mobile India is that the gaming company wanted to separate itself from PUBG Mobile developed by Tencent Games. Players of PUBG mobile can still access their accounts via VPN along with their progress. In-game items such as skins, statistics and other rewards are still accessible in Krafton’s version of PUBG Mobile. However, since India banned PUBG Mobile in the country due to its close ties with Chinese game company Tencent, it is highly possible that data of players will not cross over. Since Krafton has cut ties with Tencent’s version of PUBG mobile and does not even want to be mentioned in the same breath, Krafton may simply opt to not carry over any data from Tencent’s PUBG Mobile. Krafton also asked several content creators to stop referring Battlegrounds Mobile India to PUBG Mobile in fear of getting banned again. © Unsplash/onur-binay Since Krafton does not want Battlegrounds Mobile India to be associated with PUBG Mobile in any way, carrying over data seems highly unlikely to avoid any legal trouble with India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. Since Tencent’s PUBG Mobile was banned over privacy concerns, it would be easier for Krafton to restart its India’s journey with a clean slate. Source: Indian Express. View the full article
  8. What’s in a name, you ask? Well, as it turns out, a lot, apparently. Ever since news broke that PUBG Corp had severed their ties with Tencent Games and had partnered with Microsoft’s Azure for a server dedicated to India, fans of the mobile battle royale game have been in a frenzy, over when the game will be relaunched. © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla While details for the date and timing of the relaunch may still be under the wraps, it seems that the game has been given a new name. Do keep in mind, that all of this, is still a speculation. A few days ago, the PUBG Mobile India put out a couple of videos on YouTube, teasing the relaunch of the highly anticipated game. However, soon after the premiere of the teasers, the videos were made private, meaning people can no longer view the video. The #pubgmobileindia launched a video on April 29 on Youtube and deleted it after a while as it is restricted in India. - - -#PUBG #pubgindia #PUBGMOBILE #GameStudies #intomacrocosm #tech #games https://t.co/dEOQ3EbXhS — intomacrocosm (@intomacrocosm) May 1, 2021 This, of course, led to a frenzy among fans, and tech enthusiasts, who started to believe that the launch is just around the corner. Now, to add fuel to the fire, a new leaked poster for the game has been going around Twitter, which suggests that the mobile game will be rebranded, repackaged and then relaunched. As per the leaks, the new version will be called Battlegrounds Mobile India. Those who have been seriously following PUBG, ever since it launched initially, would know that PUBG actually stands for “Playersunknown’s Battleground.” © Reuters Ever since the ban put in place by the Indian Government in September last year, the developers PUBG corp has been frantically trying to get reapproved by the Government of India and essentially get the ban lifted. Many tech experts are of the opinion that India was one of the largest markets for PUBG Mobile. © Pexels Given the gravitas that the game enjoys, people on Twitter were bound to get excited for the apparent new name and rebranding. In a recent development, the PUBG Mobile India official website links to a new creative asset. The creative found suggests the Indian version of PUBG Mobile will likely be named "Battlegrounds Mobile India". #PUBGMobile #PUBGMobileIndia pic.twitter.com/RhZbyHsu7l — GemWire (@GemWire) May 1, 2021I wonder what this means for the comp scene with India and the rest of the world — Pyth (@PlayboiPyth) May 1, 2021Got something#pubgmobileindia #battlegroundsmobileindia pic.twitter.com/sUTTtS7JcU — HKV (@harsh2002_) May 1, 2021Forget #WestBengalPolls ab asli #KhelaHobe... ️#pubgmobileindia#PUBGMOBILE pic.twitter.com/wfIADwCy1f — Nagraj (@the_nagraj) May 2, 2021The name of the PUBG Mobile India is about to change to "Battleground Mobile India".#pubgmobileindia#PUBGMOBILE #pubgindia pic.twitter.com/5T8OtMm0AN — Pubg New State : News & Updates (@pubg_ns7) May 1, 2021One of the developers behind the game, Krafton Inc. also recently donated Rs 1.5 Crores to the PM Cares Fund, in a bid to win over the government, and further clean up their image. Krafton Inc, the South Korean gaming powerhouse and the developer of PUBG Mobile, has come forward with a donation of INR 1.5 Crore (roughly $202670) for COVID-19 relief in India. Aab to aa kar rahega jiska ham sab wait kar rahe the itne time se🥰#PUBGMOBILE #pubgmobileindia pic.twitter.com/K0u173OAqF — DesiBo! (@DesiA3an) April 29, 2021 It seems that the relaunch of the game is all but inevitable. There is a lot of speculation that we might be able to get access to the game by mid-July, or early August. Given the kind of interest that people still have in the game, we bet even the developers are trying to set a release date, as soon as they can. Do you think this rebranding exercise was necessary? Did the game developers and investors really needed to go for the image clean-up? Do let us know what you think in the comments below. View the full article
  9. In a very shocking incident, a man in Pakistan killed two and injured three people while trying to recreate a scene from PUBG. In the process of emulating the gameplay of the popular battle-royale game PlayersUnknown BattleGrounds, the man started to shoot people in Lahore’s Nawan Kot neighbourhood. © YouTube/AryNews CCTV footage shows that the man was trying to recreate the game’s gameplay by pretending to be surviving in the neighbourhood. The man even tried to replicate in-game items such as a helmet to role-play the game in real life. AryNews reports that the man is said to be a PUBG addict and was arrested after locals in the area were alerted by gunshot sounds. According to the police, the man opened fire in the neighbourhood after a domestic dispute with his family. He killed his sister-in-law, a friend and injured his own family members i.e. his mother, sister and brother. Deputy Superintendent of Police Umar Baloch also said that the family tried to stop the accused from playing the battle royale game on several occasions. “The accused recreated a PUBG scene,” the police officer said. “The accused had a brawl with his family the other day. Today, he brought a pistol from somewhere and opened fire,” he added. This is the first time someone has tried to emulate the popular game in real life. Having said that, this is not the first time a crime has been committed because of the game. Last year in Jammu and Kashmir, three PUBG players killed a man who asked them not to make noise while playing the game. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla PUBG has been under the scanner in India as well for addiction-related issues and crimes that follow due to addiction to the popular video game. The game has now been banned in India due to recent border tensions with China, however the company is now looking to relaunch the game in the country but struggling to get permission from the Indian government. View the full article
  10. PUBG gamer allegedly opens fire on his family after his mother told him to stop using 'ice', Lahore police say
  11. PUBG Mobile was banned last year due to its ties with the Chinese company Tencent Games. However, all of that might change soon as the battle Royale game is set to make a return to the country with a different build that caters to the Indian audience. PUBG Corp has been struggling to get the game approved by the Indian Government ever since it announced its intention to relaunch in the country. The company took steps to cut ties with Tencent games and partnered with Microsoft Azure to host the game locally. © Retuers One of the main reasons why the game was banned in India was over concerns that game data was not being stored and hosted in the country. This caused the game to be banned in the country on the grounds of national security reasons. PUBG Corp then announced a special Indian version of the game in November 2020 that is yet to get approval from the Indian Government and MeitY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology). However, that might seem to change very soon as various PUBG Mobile content creators have been dropping hints about the relaunch in their videos. GodNixon, aka Luv Sharma, claimed in a recent video, "According to sources, the government has given the green signal for the comeback of PUBG Mobile. However, the exact release date nor the month haven't been finalized, but the game will indeed be returning. Some of the popular content creators, including Ghatak, had posted stories, dropping hints regarding the return.” © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla A similar claim was made by professional esports player Ghatak (Abhijeet Andhare), who said via tweet, “Nahi batane wala tha par apne londo ka pyaar rok nahi paya next two months are very good for pubg lovers and so many interesting news coming soon for TSM lovers please don’t ask for date.” There is a good chance that a newer version of PUBG Mobile might launch within the next two months. Having said that, since these rumours are based on statements made by content creators and esports players, we advise taking the information with a pinch of salt. As of now, PUBG Mobile India representatives have not announced any plans and we should know more once things become official. View the full article
  12. PUBG Mobile has been hugely popular since the so-called battle royale style game was launched three years ago
  13. PUBG MOBILE received an overhaul of fresh content in the Version 1.3 update, including new weapons, vehicles, game modes and more.
  14. PUBG Mobile has started getting the new 1.3 update which brings quite a few bug fixes, feature changes and new game modes as well. While it is harder to download the update right now, there is a way for Indian gamers to get the latest update and features for their devices. For starters, players can download and update PUBG Mobile from here. You will need to have enough free space on your device to install the update as the file’s size is around 606MB. In the update, the developers have introduced a new Hundred Rhythms Mode and the Clowns' Tricks where players get a series of rewards between March 9 and March 14. © Pubg Mobile With the new update players can already check out the Hundred Rhythms mode in Erangel where the ‘Music Armband’ grants special skills and attributes. You can upgrade the attributes by collecting tapes that have been scattered all over the map. If you want to know what else has changed with the new update, here’s everything that was mentioned in the patch notes: GameplayA screen requiring players to choose a skill will appear on Spawn Island. Players will need to choose 1:the Guardian Armband, Recon Armband, or Camouflage Armband before the match begins. Players will get 3 skills after selecting one option. The first is an active skill that grants the player a powerful ability, the other two are passive skills that grant the player buffs. Players will start the match with just the core skill and will need to get cassettes to unlock the passive skills. In each match, 3 electronic music squares will spawn on Erangel. One of them will always spawn on Spawn Island, while the other 2 will spawn in random locations. The electronic music festival playing dance music awaits your exploration. Armband Abilities:Guardian Armband Music Barrier – When used, this skill activates a device that generates a semi-transparent column-shaped barrier that reduces the damage taken from bullets. Music Conversion – This skill activates an interactive feature for the barrier generator. Players can use this feature to disable the barrier and recover the energy of allies within range instead. Pop Metal – Players and their allies will have decreased reload time when they are inside the barrier. Recon Armband:Sonic Scan – After using this skill, the player throws a scanning device forward to scan and mark enemies. Encore – Players will recover Health after knocking out marked enemies. Sound Burst – When there are marked enemies, your ammo will carry an electric charge that deals damage over time to enemies hit. Camouflage Armband Stealth – After using this skill, the player’s outfit changes to a Ghillie Suit for a period of time. The weapons and backpack on the player’s back will be concealed during this period. Surveillance – A UI tip will appear on the screen if there are any enemies nearby. Breathing Easy – If the player hasn’t taken any damage recently, the player will gradually recover Health. Clowns’ Tricks Gameplay (From March 31) Clowns have arrived at the Anniversary Celebration Square and are graffitiing all over the place. A Clown Shop Vehicle has been placed here in Erangel. Players can collect Clown Tokens and exchange them for items such as normal combat supplies and special strategic items in the Clown Shop Vehicle. Strategic Items Players can collect Clown Tokens and exchange them for the following strategic items in the Clown Shop Vehicle: information about the next Playzone, the next airdrop, and the density of enemies in the entire map. Music Graffiti Wall A Music Graffiti Wall will appear next to the Graffiti Square at Spawn Island in Classic Mode Erangel. Players can use spray paint on the Music Graffiti Wall, triggering notes to play when the paint is sprayed on the squares. Each square represents different notes of the same melody. Spray Paint multiple squares to trigger multiple notes. Metro Royale: Uncover (Available from March 9 The Newest ChapterMetro Royale: Uncover will be available after the game is updated. In keeping with our Season tradition, at the start of a new chapter your honor, rankings, and inventory in Metro Royale will be reset. New rewards will be available in the newest chapter. Accumulate Honor to get AG, permanent finishes, and other cool rewards! Extra elite enemies will suddenly appear on the battlegrounds. Pay attention to the broadcasts and marks on the map. Defeat them to get great rewards! Removed the Metro Exodus monsters and Tikhar Rifle, made enemies smarter, and made equipment balancing adjustments. Other Map Improvements:After the version update, Power Armor mode will be available every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (UTC +0). Firearm: Mosin-Nagant Sniper Rifle: ● The Mosin-Nagant is a 7.62mm bolt-action sniper rifle that is as powerful as the Kar98K. ● However, its bullets fly faster and have less damage drop-off. It can knock out an unarmored enemy with a single shot from a long distance. ● The Mosin-Nagant will spawn on Erangel and Vikendi, replacing some of the Kar98K rifles. Vehicle – Motor Glider ● Motor Gliders can now be found in Erangel and Miramar. They will spawn randomly on these two maps. ● The Motor Glider is a 2-person vehicle that consists of a front seat for the pilot and a back seat where a passenger can shoot from. ● To take off, the pilot must press the ascend button to raise the nose after the Motor Glider gains enough speed. ● The Motor Glider’s fuel consumption is directly related to engine speed. The faster you fly, the more fuel consumed. It is always a good idea to fill up the Motor Glider’s tank before stepping on the throttle. PUBG MOBILE 1.3 update – Basic Performance Improvements: ● Improved the in-battle terrain rendering logic for low-end devices to reduce rendering loss. ● Improved the in-battle selection of terrain-blocking objects for low-end devices to reduce rendering loss when the camera moves. ● Greatly improved the overall in-battle UI update logic to reduce UI update time. ● Reduced lag triggered after a player jumps out from the plane. ● Reduced the rendering loss of general resources, such as the sky and the sea, to make the game run more smoothly. ● Resolved an issue that caused the game to crash when MSAA and HDR were both enabled on a device using iOS 14.3. ● Improved the deletion of infrequently-used local resources to free up more space. ● Resolved an issue where a half-downloaded resource needed to be fully downloaded before it could be deleted. Security Improvements: ● Improved Video Review conversion process’s accuracy and display of ballistics and vehicles to make it easier for users to make judgments. ● Added several machine learning algorithms to identify and filter suspicious behavior in the game. ● Continued to increase the number of manual review team members to ensure the security of tournaments and high-tier matches. ● Continued to strengthen the game’s defense against DDoS attacks and expand the coverage of defense measures to ensure secure and stable game operations. Basic Experience Improvements: ● Quick Sensitivity Adjustment: Players are now able to open a UI option to quickly adjust sensitivity in the Training Grounds. ● Hide Helmets in Matches: In Lobby Inventory display settings, we added a feature to allow players to hide helmets in matches. This only hides helmets from the player’s own view, so helmets are still seen in other players’ views. ● Mk14 Sound Improvement: Updated the audio resources of the Mk14 to improve the performance of its firing sounds. ● Camera Tilting Fix: Resolved an issue that sometimes caused the camera to tilt when scoping in the Training Grounds or Cheer Park. ● Graphics Rendering Improvements: Resolved a rendering bug that caused the terrain in the distance to float in the air when a scope was used. Resolved an issue that caused items to suddenly appear or disappear in some scenes reported by a small number of players. Other System Improvements:● New Achievements o New Rhythm Hero Achievement: Play Hundred Rhythms in Erangel. o New Mythic Fashion VI: Collect 300 Mythic Outfits. ● Message Manager feature o Most system messages will be displayed in the message manager. Players can use the message manager to view system messages clearly at one glance or to conveniently go to the corresponding system message page to handle notifications. ● PUBG MOBILE MUSIC o Added the entrance to this feature in the player Space. o Players can use this feature to listen to songs and set the background music for their Space. o PUBG MOBILE has obtained the full copyrights on all music that can be listened to. o Players can give albums to friends that meet the gifting conditions. Albums already owned by the friend cannot be gifted. ● Gifting in Space Improvements Certain restrictions are imposed on giving some gifts in Space to prevent this feature from being abused to boost Popularity. ● Dynamic Graffiti Updated new dynamic graffiti that have visual effects and play music in close range. Royale Pass Season 18: HUNDRED RHYTHMS (From March 17) ● There will be a 3rd Anniversary music theme screen and rewards. Players can choose rank rewards twice as they progress in the Royale Pass. After the anniversary party starts, some special guests will also make an appearance. In addition to an AUG finish, players also get to choose between 2 advanced sets at rank 1 and rank 50. At rank 100, get the Violin Music Set and a mysterious Kar98K Finish! ● An adventure event will start with the music. Adventure Vouchers have been added to the free rank rewards, and players can use them to redeem 1 of 2 sets twice on the event page. The adventure awaits. ● The RP Activity Pack event begins in the new season: Purchase the RP Activity Pack to gain RP ranks quickly and collect Mission Activity Points to get your UC back as rebates. ● Fixed other bugs affecting missions and other content to improve players’ experiences. New Cheer Park Theme: Anniversary Celebration Music Festival The square where players spawn on Cheer Park is now a DJ electronic music square with a DJ stage, a music arcade machine, and a techno launcher. After the Anniversary Celebration begins, the DJ’s new songs, classic old songs, the PUBG MOBILE theme songs, and the BP electronic music songs will be played randomly. Melee Weapon Display Feature ● Players can now choose to simultaneously display a firearm and a melee weapon in the Lobby. The currently selected weapon will be wielded by the character, and the previous weapon will be on the character’s back. ● If the conditions below are met, the firearm and melee weapon displayed by players in their Lobby can be used in Spawn Island. ● All firearms and melee weapons owned by players on Spawn Island will be removed when they board the plane. ● Conditions for weapons to be brought in from the Lobby: o Firearms: Need to be equipped with a Legendary or above Finish, but this condition does not apply to rare upgradeable firearms, which can be brought in as well. o Melee weapons: Need to be equipped with an Epic or above Finish. All-Talent Championship ● The All-Talent Championship is divided into three stages: Weekly Matches, Semi-Finals, and the Final Round. Weekly Matches are played from week 1 to week 4. The Semi-Finals are played in week 3 and week 5. The Final Round is held in week 6. ● The All-Talent Championship is divided into three stages: Weekly Matches, Semi-Finals, and the Final Round. Weekly Matches are played from week 1 to week 4. The Semi-Finals are played in week 3 and week 5. The Final Round is held in week 6. ● Players can participate in the Weekly Matches directly, but must advance from the previous stage to participate in the Semi-Finals or the Final Round. ● The minimum tier requirement for the Weekly Match is Silver V, the minimum tier requirement for the Semi-Finals is Gold V, and the minimum tier requirement for the Final Round is Platinum V. ● Teams can get points every week when they participate in Weekly Matches. The total of their 6 best games in that week becomes their points. The top 50 teams will enter the Semi-Finals. ● The teams that advance to the Semi-Finals are randomly divided into 5 groups. Each group plays 3 consecutive matches and the top 2 teams from each group advance to the Final Round. ● Teams that advance to the Final Round will play 4 consecutive matches. They will be ranked and receive rewards based on their total points for these 4 games. ● The top 2 teams of the Final Round will be eligible to participate in the PMCO Preliminaries (excluding the KR/JP region). ● Point Rules: All-Talent Championship points are calculated in Teams and do not count individual player’s points. ● The scoring rules for single matches are as follows: Total score of each match = Elimination points + Rank points. Calculation of Elimination points: 1 point is gained for each player defeated. Calculation of Rank points: No. 1 gains 15 points; No. 2 gains 12 points; No. 3 gains 10 points; No. 4 gains 8 points; No. 5 gains 6 points; No. 6 gains 4 points; No. 7 gains 2 points; and No. 8-12 gains 1 point. View the full article
  15. The next instalment of PUBG Mobile now has a new name and it is called PUBG: New State which will be released for Android and iOS soon. The name of the game was revealed via a tweet which also mentioned the studio that is making the game. The company tweeted that the upcoming game is being made by “PUBG Studio, the creators of the original battle royale, PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS.” This means that the next game is probably not being made in China or by Tencent. Last year, the Indian government banned PUBG Mobile in India as it was developed, supported and distributed by Krafton’s Chinese partners ‘Tencent Games’. PUBG Mobile had garnered a big following in the country where some estimated the game had around 50 million active users. However, the fact that the next mobile game is being developed by Krafton, there’s a good chance we might see its release in India. Welcome to the official Twitter for PUBG: NEW STATE, the latest title by KRAFTON, Inc. and PUBG Studio, the creators of the original battle royale, PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS. Make sure to follow us for the latest news! pic.twitter.com/yjUu6t1wkv — PUBG: NEW STATE (@PUBG_NEWSTATE) February 25, 2021 A recent leak via PlayerIGN on Twitter suggested that PUBG: New Slate might be set in the year 2051 and will have a futuristic vibe to it. The futuristic setting will also extend to weapons, gadgets and probably the map as well according to a Weibo post translation. The game is also said to feature drones and deployable cover which we’ve already seen in other games like Call of Duty: Warzone. © Reuters PUBG: New Slate is not only expected to launch for mobile but for PC and consoles as well with cross-play support. It would be interesting to see how the game mechanics work. Rumours point to a new engine being used for the development. We should know more about the upcoming game in the near future and will keep you updated on all of the developments as they become known. For now though, keep your eyes peeled for more leaks and rumours that may surface before the official announcement. View the full article
  16. There have been rumours of a sequel to the popular battle-royal game PUBG Mobile, however it was speculated that it would launch sometime in June 2020. But now, a new leak suggests that PUBG Mobile 2 could launch as early as next week according to a post translated by PlayerIGN on Twitter. The Twitter account has been fairly accurate with PUBG leaks in the past and this time around some new details have surfaced about the upcoming game. © Retuers For starters, the game is set to look very different from the first PUBG instalment as it is expected to be set in the future. The game is said to take place in 2051 and will have a ‘futuristic style’. The game is also said to get a new map and possibly new weapons as well that might also be futuristic in nature. PUBG Mobile 2 is expected to be available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Rumor: PUBG Mobile 2 may release next week. - Set in 2051 - New map - Futuristic style, utilizing gadgets - Supports Android/iOS - Will be announced next week (presumably at PGI.S, are we going to see another Diablo Immortal incident?) Info translated from Weibo pic.twitter.com/l3g0TOSKrU — PlayerIGN (@PlayerIGN) February 23, 2021 The game is rumoured to have new mechanics as well that might aid you in your fight to be the last person standing. PUBG Mobile 2 could include drone, deployable cover and other mechanics that have not been a feature in the original PUBG game. It would be interesting to see how the new mechanics will work with the map as newer battle-royal games have something different to offer. PUBG’s gunplay and basic mechanics have not aged well due to which the game saw many players switching to other games at least on PC and consoles. However, the game is still going strong on mobile and is now the highest-earning mobile game at the moment. © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla While rumours suggest the game is expected to launch next week, we speculate it might be an open-beta build version where the developers will take feedback from players to improve the game. The full launch of the game might happen several weeks or even months later which is nothing new, given the first game took a similar path during the initial release window as well. We will only know for sure whether this leak is accurate or not next week and we advise taking this piece of news with a grain of salt. It is also not clear whether the game is being developed and published by Krafton or Tencent mobile which could put the game’s future at risk, at least in India. PUBG Mobile was officially banned in India last year as the game was published and developed by the Chinese company Tencent Games. View the full article
  17. There's a lot of hype around FAU-G and it's finally coming out next week. We're still a few days away from the release date, but we now have a lot of info about FAU-G and what to expect from it when it officially comes out on January 26. The folks over at IGN India spoke to FAU-G developer Ncore Games Founder and Chairman Vishal Gondal, and Co-Founder and COO Ganesh Hande to learn more about it and here are some of the key points to note - ©Ncore Games No Battle Royale or Multiplayer Mode At Launch Ever since FAU-G was announced, everybody thought it was going to be a PUBG Mobile alternative and it'll have a battle royale mode. However, Ncore Games has confirmed that the game won't have a BR mode or even a multiplayer mode for that matter at launch. “We do want to be clear and we will also mention this in the game,” he says. “There will be battle royale mode and PvP [player versus player] modes, but they will clearly be labelled as ‘Coming Soon’," Vishal said. So when the game comes out, it'll have a story mode that stays true to the Galwan Valley setting. Ncore Games says we can expect more features and updates over the period of the next six to eight months. ©Ncore Games FAU-G Will Have Ads? Yes, FAU-G will have ads, however, they won't be of the kind that spams you all the time. Ncore Games says a player can watch an ad once or twice a day to get some currency to buy cosmetics. So yes, the game will also have cosmetics that'll eventually be tied to players' progression across different modes. The game will also have a battle pass but it won't be available at launch. Can Your Android Phones Run FAU-G? Ncore Games says that the game will come with support to set your graphics options between Ultra to low. So if a player thinks the game is lagging on his/her device, they can change the settings accordingly and try. The game will be capped at 60FPS even on devices with a higher refresh rate. You can check out the detailed write-up on IGN India to learn more about the game and be prepared to play it next week. We'll have more to talk about the game once it comes out, so be sure to stay tuned. View the full article
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