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Found 13 results

  1. Fans can be very passionate about their favourite celebrities. After all, for fans, movies can be inspirational, life-changing, and a major influence in their lives. As a tribute, they get elaborate tats, spray paint their faces and even get a quirky haircut in the name of celebrities that they love and adore. Especially after 'Singham', Ajay Devgn had gained massive traction. The Indian audience seems to love a badass cop who is willing to fight the evils of the society while putting his life at stake. This one particular fan loved Devgn enough to get his face imprinted on his head in the form of a haircut. This obviously could be a work of none other than Aalim Hakim. Must tell ya'll this sweet lil incident about a die hard fan of @ajaydevgn Sir! 27 year old Rajwinder & his brother Gurwinder from Punjab Muktsar District run a hair salon there. They'd been trying to get in touch with me for a while & finally got through me via my wife's number. pic.twitter.com/FaFNg344rU — Aalim Hakim (@AalimHakim) April 20, 2019 © aalim hakim/twitter Alim wrote, "Must tell ya'll this sweet lil incident about a die-hard fan of Ajay Devgn Sir! 27-year-old Rajwinder & his brother Gurwinder from Punjab Muktsar District run a hair salon there. They'd been trying to get in touch with me for a while & finally got through me via my wife's number." The fan went on to meet Ajay Devgn with this artsy haircut. Take a look: © aalim hakim/twitter
  2. دل دے اندر خانہ کعبہ، ساڈا ہویا گھر وِچ حَج آپ اِمام تے آپ نمازی، آپے بانگاں دیواں اَج نیڑے آ کے ویہڑے ساڈے وَسنا ای تے وَس چمکاں مار نہ دُوروں سانُوں، اینویں نہ پیا گَج تیرا اِک علاج میں دَسّاں، جا کے شِیشہ ویخ اپنا کُجھ تے نظر نہ آوے، سانُوں دَسنا ایں بَج آپے لاوے عِشق عدالت، آپے پھائیاں پاوے آپ وکیل تے آپے مُلزم، آپے بَنیا اپنا جَج لَے میں پنجواں بال کے چَلّی، رکِھیں میرِیاں شَرماں تُوں لجپال سداؤندا واصفؔ، پالِیں میری لَج
  3. The countdown has begun folks. Now, only a few days are left for the release of 'Avengers: Endgame', this year's grandest superhero movie and probably the only one that truly matters. In case you missed it, 'Avengers: Endgame' is releasing on April 26. © Marvel Studios But, do you know what else has begun apart from the countdown? Promotions of the movie, which brought the film's co-director Joe Russo to India. While every desi Marvel fan is curious to know about Thanos' fate and that of the fallen superheroes, there's one man who's only concern is to see Joe Russo's reaction to eating spicy Indian food. The man in question is Thor aka Chris Hemsworth. Looks like Hemsworth wants Joe Russo to not only sweat in the heat, but also feel it in his stomach by eating rogan josh and butter chicken. © Twitter Chris Hemsworth loves India and calls it one of the best places on the planet. Well, we're not surprised, who doesn't love India or Indian food. Hemsworth was in India last year, shooting in Ahmedabad and Mumbai for his upcoming project 'Dhaka'. In fact, Hemsworth, during a fan-event on Monday, expressed his love for the country through a video message where he said "What's up everybody in the beautiful country of India? The countdown has begun. Avengers: Endgame will be in cinemas soon." He further said, "Our director Joe Russo has come to the beautiful country. I have come myself. It is one of the best places on the planet. Sorry couldn't be there this time. Joe thinks he can handle some spicy food and I have told him to try some rogan josh and some butter chicken... see if he can handle the heat. Lot of love guys and hope to see you soon." Let's see if Joe Russo wins the challenge or admits defeat in front of the power of spices in Indian food.
  4. It is Holi and while playing with colours, getting drenched in water and drinking some 'bhaang' might be your idea of Holi fun, the one crucial thing that can either kill the buzz or intoxicate everyone further is the music you play at your party, right? So, while you already know the clichéd Holi tracks, here are 10 mixes and songs you can add to keep the tempo pumping: 1. Guitar Sikhda- Jassie Gill has a way of creating songs which make you want to sing along and dance. 2. Jatt Da Muqabla- I am sorry but if Sidhu was not on your list, people can be offended. Also, 'Jatt da muqabla, dass maine kithey?' 3. Koka- For every girl with a shiny nose pin, this is your jam! 4. Dj Frenzy 2018 Mix- This man knows how to make perfect music, just like great cocktails. 5. DJ Frenzy Sidhu Moosewal Mix- Even Frenzy is a Sidhu fan, so trust me, this playlist will get all fans grooving in no time. 6. Saturday- It is a Thursday today but still a good day to dance on a 'Saturday' number! 7. The Bhangra Mix By DJ GSP- Just a wonderful Bhangra mix for every Punjabi dance lover. 8. Punjabi Mashup By DJ Harshal- Now that the beat has been caught, it would be a shame to switch to slow numbers right? 9. Roti - Pav Dharia speaking out for every mom-dad out there! 10. Sab Fade Jange- Parmish Verma makes it clear that whatever happens at this party, everyone will be caught! Hope you have a wonderful, colourful Holi guys!
  5. Sundays are meant to prepare you for the dreaded Monday blues and a long week ahead. You've probably bathed, eaten, and you're back in bed, browsing Netflix or maybe skipping through YouTube videos. Looking for a little something to tickle your funny bone? Well, if you're a true blue Punjabi movie fan, this list maybe done and dusted for you. If not, then here are a few recommendations for your Sunday binge. Most of these movies are easily available on Netflix and Amazon Prime, so subtitles won't be an issue. 1. Carry On Jatta (Part 1 & 2) This has to be on your list. Trust me, this movie and its sequel never ever disappoint. A man caught in a web of lies, with so many hilarious characters thrown into one frame, this will have you ROFL like never before. 2. Jatt & Juliet (Part 1 & 2) Diljit Dosanjh and Neeru Bajwa never disappoint in this cop drama series which has part romance and a lot of comedy thrown into it. Also the sound track of the movies is quite good. 3. Vadhaiyan Ji Vadhaiyan This one is a comedy of errors which is nothing short of a laugh riot. If you want to watch a no-brainer, slapstick comedy which leaves you gasping for breath, just watch this and you're sorted. 4. Manje Bistre This one stars the gorgeous Sonam Bajwa and is a comedy movie with a Punjabi wedding in the background. The second part is already in the making. 5. Ambarsariya Another comedy featuring Diljit Dosanjh, which is a comedy of mistaken identity, and some peppy music to go with it. Even if you're not a pro at Punjabi, these movies will lighten up your Sunday like nothing else.
  6. Looking for some new Punjabi music to add to your list when you hit the road for a drive, or simply looking for new groovy stuff? We've got you covered! Here's a list of some brand new hit Punjabi tracks this month: 1. Coka: This latest Punjabi track that dropped this month is for all the beautiful girls out there presented to you by Sukh-E, the same guy who got us the famous song 'Jaguar' back in the day. 2. Thug Life: Trust us to put Diljit Dosanjh in all of our lists since he never disappoints. Our favourite boy is back with a new song and you must add it your list, just in case you haven't. 3. Purje: Mankirt Aulakh's videos are as elaborate as his music and one needs to watch him unfold drama on the screen while enjoying the song. Here's he's back again with a gun in his hand and a 'Gangland' hangover. 4. Makhna: Well this one didn't technically drop this month but if you're a Honey Singh fan then we guess you already have it on your list. 5. Jatt Life: Varinder Brar is here with a video that describes his 'Jatt Life' musically with some posh cars thrown in for effect.
  7. December is an indication of the end of the year and also kicks off the party season for everyone. But what is a party without Punjabi music, right? Here is a list of top 15 Punjabi songs that have been chartbusters all around the year: 1. Teeje Week Jordan Sandhu is the new 'Sandhu' in town and his song is already topping the charts! This is a break up song that describes the whole emotion in a hilarious, yet relatable way. 2. Putt Jatt Da Diljit, his voice, the music video and the song. You don't need a reason to know why this was one of the best songs of the year, right? 3. Lamberghini You cannot help but croon along to this song as you drive your Honda Jazz, A Merc or even when you are just travelling in the metro. 4. Prada Another song that is smooth in terms of the singer's voice and lyrics and has been quite a favourite for a long time. 5. Expert Jatt This is one of my personal favourites and you cannot help but groove to it continuously. 6. Yeah Baby Refix Garry Sandhu knows how to make you fall in love with his music, and there is no way you have not heard this one. 7. Sip Sip Jasmine Sandlas, the badass Punjaban we love, had guys go crazy over her 'Sip Sip' this year. 8. Kya Baat Ay Harrdy Sandhu had this hit number after his 'Na' made everyone go crazy last year. 9. Bamb Sukh-E and Badshah came together for a peppy song that is perfect for you to send it to your girl . 10. Made In India How can one not have a Guru Randhawa number on the list when you talk about top numbers, right? He has ventured into Bollywood and we wished he made more music. 11. High End Another Diljit number on our list because we obviously cannot get enough of him. This one was the song he made for Kylie and the video was an instant hit when he released it. 12. Jatt Da Muqabala Trust Sidhu Moosewala to make music that is raw, rustic, full of energy and hence, they automatically enter your playlist. 13. Diamond This one has been playing at every wedding this year so clearly it's been a hit. 14. Laung Laachi Mannat Noor's voice and Neeru Bajwa's dance moves have made sure that everyone dances along to this fun number. 15. Pasand Jatt Di Amy Virk had a wonderful year thanks to his wonderful 'kismat' and his movie 'Qismat' that did wonders at the box office. His song 'Pasand Jatt Di' has been burning the dance floor since its release. Now before you get all aggressive and tell us we missed on a particular number, then please have some heart. Obviously, choices and tastes in music are different for everyone and this is a cumulative list of what was popular everywhere, not just in my playlist.
  8. It's very rare that you come across musical talents who manage to create an impression on you and leave you with an impact. Especially, in the Punjabi music industry, where every 10 days there's a new dude churning out tracks with an auto-tuned voice and a glossy video. Almost a decade ago came Bohemia, who single-handedly gave birth to Punjabi rap. In between, came many talents but nothing that would stick to the ears like wax. Then, I bumped into 'The PropheC'. It's been over 8 months now that I've been trying to find a single bogus track from this guy. Nope, found nothing. No bad tracks. He's been on the hustle since 2011 and now, 7 years deep, he still isn't getting his due recognition, despite making music that will move you whether you are at a party or in love. 1) His Music Production Genius Is Just DIFFERENT. View this post on Instagram Rakh menu sambh ke.. A post shared by The PropheC (@prophecproductions) on Nov 11, 2018 at 8:06pm PST You know what's wrong with the present Punjabi music industry? They are all apes. They mimic the west. Hip-hop, R&B or whatever's hot on the international charts, our artists hop in on the trend. 'Oh, rap's hot? Let's rap stupid stuff. Just make a hot beat and 90% of the job is done. Throw in some flossy cars, semi-naked women and a pool party'. Phew! This gets tiring very fast when all the reigning talents do the same trick over and over again. This is where The PropheC's music comes in. Listen to it once and you will feel the difference. Even though his music is also heavily influenced by hip-hop, the way he blends in Punjabi and global music together sets a different atmosphere. Not a easy feat, but when you are someone who's been doing his thing since the age of 6, you shine no matter what. 2) He Doesn't Have A Bad Song. Not ONE! View this post on Instagram Overtime on the album but the single is ready A post shared by The PropheC (@prophecproductions) on Oct 26, 2018 at 8:34pm PDT That's hard, right? I mean not making a bad song. Every artist has bad tracks to their name. But not The PropheC, well at least not till now. This dude doesn't have a track that's outright trash. Before writing this piece, I literally went through all of his studio albums, 3 in total and a mix-tape. Add to this his collaboration with some of the best names in Urban Punjabi music like Fateh Doe, Rax Star and Mickey Singh. There's not a single track you wouldn't want to replay. If you find one, please let me know! 3) His Videos Are Simple But Surreal. View this post on Instagram Still working on this album but going to share something with you soon. #sentiseason A post shared by The PropheC (@prophecproductions) on Jun 22, 2018 at 6:54pm PDT Back in 2011, when The PropheC was an amateur, his videos were cringe trains. Simply bad! But the man surely has learned his lessons. Check out his videos from the past 3 years and they ALL are fantastic. And no, they aren't like your typical desi Punjabi videos with flashy rented cars and naked Russian women dancing on the beats they can't comprehend. His videos flow like water, effortless and the idea behind each video is unique which is usually brought to life by very young talented video directors. 4) He Dresses Like He Always Dresses. Not Like The Rapper Whose Style Is In Trend At The Moment View this post on Instagram This week. #Feelin A post shared by The PropheC (@prophecproductions) on Aug 27, 2017 at 7:49pm PDT Check out his Instagram and you'll see for yourself that this dude knows how to keep it simple and real. Black tees, track pants, Nikes, slim gold chain and basic denims; a classic urban music genius. The best part is that he's been dressing this way since forever. Of course, he's up to beat with the latest swag, but he does them his way. 5) He's A Trained Music Producer And Singer View this post on Instagram Always a special moment ð½ð½ A post shared by The PropheC (@prophecproductions) on Apr 5, 2017 at 8:37pm PDT Real education and relentless practice produces results that go unchallenged. The PropheC is an example of this. He trained in classical folk music since he was six. Ten years later, at 16, he was in the studio trying to cook up magic. What shocks me is the fact that he's still not as popular as he should be with the Indian market. His new songs hit a million but actually deserve multi-million hits. It's very clear that he doesn't buy off the views on YouTube (which is very common in the Punjabi music industry) and keeps it real. What I am dead sure about is that fact that The PropheC has a very tightly-knit circuit of fans that recognize his genius, and I am one of them.
  9. Telly world's favourite couple, Yuvika Chaudhary and Prince Narula sent their fans into a frenzy, when they tied the knot recently in Mumbai amongst family and friends in full pomp and glory. View this post on Instagram â¤ï¸ A post shared by Yuvikachaudhary (@yuvikachaudhary) on Oct 17, 2018 at 1:05am PDT The couple took some time off owing to work commitments and has been spending time with family in Chandigarh. Last night, they hosted their wedding reception in Chandigarh, which was attended by all their friends and family. View this post on Instagram #princenarula and #yuvikachaudhary today in that amazing wedding gown . #privika ððððððâ¤ï¸â¤ï¸â¤ï¸ A post shared by Viral Bhayani (@viralbhayani) on Oct 21, 2018 at 11:28am PDT View this post on Instagram Punjabi style #privika #princenarula #yuvikachaudhary at their wedding reception @viralbhayani A post shared by Viral Bhayani (@viralbhayani) on Oct 21, 2018 at 11:21am PDT The couple looked absolutely royal and the party went on till the wee hours. Among the guests, were Karan Kundrra, Anusha Dandekar, Priyank Sharma, Benafsha, and even Harbhajan Singh made an entry. View this post on Instagram #anushadandekar #karankundra at #privika wedding reception #yuvikachaudhary #princenarula â¤ï¸ðð @viralbhayani A post shared by Viral Bhayani (@viralbhayani) on Oct 21, 2018 at 12:11pm PDT View this post on Instagram @princenarula @priyanksharmaaa @benafshasoonawalla on the dance floor#privika #princenarula #yuvikachaudhary #chandigarh #weddingdiaries @viralbhayani A post shared by Viral Bhayani (@viralbhayani) on Oct 21, 2018 at 9:46pm PDT View this post on Instagram #punjabiwedding are always so.much fun. #princenarula #yuvikachaudhary #privika ðððððð @viralbhayani A post shared by Viral Bhayani (@viralbhayani) on Oct 21, 2018 at 9:52pm PDT View this post on Instagram Love this couple â¤ï¸Prince & Yuvika at their wedding Reception in Chandigarh last night. Follow ð @punjabimedia for more updates . . #sonamkapoor #lucknow #london #arjunkapoor #indianfashionblogger #mumbai #outfitpost #indianstyle #fashionblog #tajmahal #instadaily #bollywoodfashion #hyderabad #fawadkhan #estilo #mode #beauty #sunnyleone #vadodara #diseño #shoes #trends #privika #princenarula #yuvikachaudhary A post shared by Punjabi Media (@punjabimedia) on Oct 22, 2018 at 1:59am PDT It looked like a fairytale event and the couple looked nothing less than regal. View this post on Instagram Such a Cutie Couple ð Prince Narula and Yuvika Chaudhary Wedding Reception in Chandigarh â¤â¤â¤ Followð @filmybulletin Inquiryð @iumarajaz . . . . . #PrinceNarula #YuvikaChaudhary #Bollywood #movie #bffs #rheakapoor #sanju #everydayphenomenal #janhvikapoor #bollywoodstyle #bollywoodfashion #bollywoodactress #akashambani #akashloka #urvashirautela #ambani #ambaniwedding #anantambani #neetaambani #mukeshambani #soundaryasharma #mirarajput #filmybulletin #RoyalWedding #aishwaryaraibachchan #shilpashetty #bobbydeol A post shared by FILMY BULLETIN (@filmybulletin) on Oct 22, 2018 at 1:08am PDT View this post on Instagram ð #parentslove ð @princenarula Bhai @yuvikachaudhary Bhabi ð #princeyuvikanarula ⤠#yuvikaprincenarula ⤠#princenarula #yuvikachaudhary #privika #privikakireception #privikafever #privikaforever #privikakishaadi A post shared by Rannvijay Singha Prince Narula (@adeeb_reza) on Oct 21, 2018 at 1:25pm PDT View this post on Instagram #yuvikachaudhary looks like a princess in her amazing wedding reception dress!! #princenarula A post shared by WHAT'S UP BOLLYWOOD (@whatsupbollywood) on Oct 22, 2018 at 2:02am PDT Everyone danced till the wee hours of the morning, because what is a Punjabi wedding without music, right? View this post on Instagram #Repost @abhishek_princenarula • • • #privikareception #YuvikaChaudhary #PrinceNarula #princekiyuvika ðð @princenarula @yuvikachaudhary A post shared by Prince Yuvika Narula (@princenarula_yuvika) on Oct 22, 2018 at 12:21am PDT View this post on Instagram That night made me chilled of ðð love with dearest @princenarula @baseer_bob @preetikaamit @kishwersmerchantt @priyanksharmaaa the night was glorious and I love to have fun with @___thatguy___2001_ @twinklesharma007 @narulageetika #princenarula⤠#princenarula #yuvikachaudhary #privika #baseerbob #sidharth #kartikay A post shared by Sid (@iem.sidharth) on Oct 22, 2018 at 12:21am PDT View this post on Instagram â¤P R I V I K A⤠#weddingreception ðMaa Ka LadLa BigaD Gayað @princenarula Bhai @kkundrra Bhai @priyanksharmaaa Bhai @yuvikachaudhary Bhabi @vjanusha #princeyuvikanarula ⤠#princenarula #yuvikachaudhary #privika #privikafever #privika #yuvikaprincenarula #privika #privikakishaadi #princeyuvika #princeyuvikawedding #yuvikaprince #yuvikaprincewedding A post shared by Prince Yuvika Narula (@princenarula_ayush) on Oct 21, 2018 at 11:49pm PDT Here's wishing them a blissful life ahead!
  10. Former inmates of 'Bigg Boss' season 9, Prince Narula and Yuvika Chaudhary, have now become permanent roommates after the couple got married in a lavish Punjabi wedding on October 12. View this post on Instagram #rituals from #privikakishaadi ð #princenarula #yuvikachaudhary #privika #privikakishaadi #princeyuvika #princeyuvikawedding #yuvikaprince #yuvikaprincewedding #privikawedding #princeyuvikanarula #yuvikaprincenarula #wedding #trending A post shared by Indian Wedding (@the_indian_wedding) on Oct 12, 2018 at 9:17pm PDT The couple is fondly known as 'PriVika' and is trending on social media with the same hashtag, as their friends and family members continue to post pictures and videos from their grand wedding. View this post on Instagram "Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge" moment for Prince and Yuvika ð Follow @timesofindiatv For EXCLUSIVE Updates. . . . #yuvikachaudhary #princenarula #BiggBoss #sangeet #sangeetoutfit #actress #mandanakarimi #TVTimes #TimesofIndia #prewedding #sangeetnight #outfitoftheday #fashionista A post shared by Times of India - TV Times (@timesofindiatv) on Oct 12, 2018 at 7:36am PDT View this post on Instagram @princenarula @yuvikachaudhary #princenarula #yuvikachaudhary #privika A post shared by Bollywood songs (@bollywood_tellywoodfanatic) on Oct 12, 2018 at 9:47am PDT Yuvika, who has acted in movies like 'Om Shanti Om', wore a red and gold coloured lehenga. Prince, who is known for his uber cool style statement, complemented his bride in a red and gold sherwani. View this post on Instagram @Regran_ed from @tellybeats - The moment that everyone was waiting for like crazy ððð . . #tellybeats #princenarula #yuvikachaudhary #privika #privikakishaadi #princeyuvika #princeyuvikawedding #yuvikaprince #yuvikaprincewedding #privikawedding #princeyuvikanarula #yuvikaprincenarula #wedding #trending #brideentry #phoolonkichadar - #regrann A post shared by Prince Yuvika Narula (@princenarula_shivam) on Oct 12, 2018 at 8:26am PDT View this post on Instagram @Regran_ed from @tellybeats - @suniel.shetty comes to bless the couple ðð . . #tellybeats #princenarula #yuvikachaudhary #privika #privikakishaadi #princeyuvika #princeyuvikawedding #yuvikaprince #yuvikaprincewedding #privikawedding #princeyuvikanarula #yuvikaprincenarula #wedding #trending #sunielshetty #sunilshetty - #regrann A post shared by Prince Yuvika Narula (@princenarula_shivam) on Oct 12, 2018 at 8:47am PDT View this post on Instagram @Regran_ed from @viralbhayani - Pheras... ð #privika #yuvikachaudhary #princenarula @viralbhayani - #regrann A post shared by Prince Yuvika Narula (@princenarula_shivam) on Oct 12, 2018 at 6:04pm PDT From Neha Dhupia, Rannvijay Singha, Suniel Shetty, Sohail Khan, Gurmeet Chowdhury, Rashmi Desai to Priyank Sharma, Varun Sood, Rakshanda Khan; their wedding that took place in Mumbai was attended by some of the prominent names of the TV and film industry. View this post on Instagram #privika #shaadi #satnaamwaheguruà©´ A post shared by Rannvijay (@rannvijaysingha) on Oct 12, 2018 at 10:59pm PDT The crackling chemistry between Prince and Yuvika was hard to miss. In fact, more than the guests it was the bride and groom, who couldn't hold their excitement and broke the dance floor like it's no one's damn business. View this post on Instagram @Regran_ed from @tellybeats - Look how adorably @yuvikachaudhary is cheering for @princenarula during his performance ð¥°ð¥° . . #tellybeats #princenarula #yuvikachaudhary #privika #privikakishaadi #princeyuvika #princeyuvikawedding #yuvikaprince #yuvikaprincewedding #privikawedding #princeyuvikanarula #yuvikaprincenarula #wedding #trending - #regrann A post shared by Prince Yuvika Narula (@princenarula_shivam) on Oct 12, 2018 at 10:25am PDT View this post on Instagram @princenarula and @yuvikachaudhary giving us major #couplegoals with their first dance!ð . . . . #privika #princenarula #yuvikachaudhary #weddingdiaries #couplegoals⤠A post shared by BollywoodLife (@ibollywoodlife) on Oct 12, 2018 at 11:11pm PDT Congratulations guys. You two are proof that 'Bigg Boss' does not always make people fight. At times it plays a cupid as well.
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  12. Most tales that have to do with India and Pakistan are usually related to conflict. But, in a rare moment captured in Russia, the soldiers from the two warring nations were spotted dancing together on Punjabi and Bollywood songs. The soldiers of India and Pakistan were attending 'Bharatiya Divas', an event organised by the Indian Army and members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), in Russia. Reportedly, the soldiers of both the countries were attending a summit to participate in Peaceful Mission 2018. It is a mock anti-terror exercise that was held at Chebarkul from August 22 to 29. In this video, the soldiers are seen dancing on a popular song by Diljit Dosanjh. Indian & #Pakistani soldiers dancing together #SCO2018 exercise #Russia pic.twitter.com/690gAGsgSl — Neeraj Rajput (@neeraj_rajput) August 28, 2018 According to media reports, as many as 3000 soldiers from China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, India and Pakistan participated in this drill. This is a rare show of camaraderie that's hard to ignore. Source: NDTV
  13. ...اسیں نویں نویکلے راہ ہو گۓ ...وچ ھجر دے یار فناہ ہو گۓ ...تینوں خوش غیراں نال ویکھ اڑیا ...اسیں سڑ کے یار سواہ ہو گۓ ...تسیں محفل وچ وی تکیا ناں ...ساڈے کیتے پیار سزا ہو گۓ ...منجی آس دی ہوکے بھر دی اے ...دکھ تیرے یار دوا ہو گۓ ...جہڑ اتھرواں دے نال لکھے سن ...او خط تے یار جلا ہو گۓ ...اسیں اجڑے تیری خاطر ساں ...تہاڈے غیراں نال نبھاہ ہو گۓ ...کل کون تے کس نے ویکھی اے ...فی الحال تے یار تباہ ہو گۓ