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Found 4 results

  1. Whether you understand them partially or you don't understand them all, Punjabi tracks have made it all kinds of play lists. From weddings to birthdays, or even a long drive on a lazy Sunday evening with friends, we need to pump up the jam with some 'desi' beats right? Here are 6 relatively new numbers that can be added in your list before you set off for some 'car-o-bar' with buddies: 1. Yeah Baby- Garry Sandhu is back with a car banging track giving some tips on how to twirl as you dance. 2. Daru Band- The 'Gangland' singer Mankirt Aulakh is back with his new track which has been making fans go crazy since a week now. 3. Shada- Parmish Verma's track is around 2 months old since he is on a little hiatus from making music at the moment. Still, a god addition for Punjabi track lovers. 4. Expert Jatt- This is already around 4 months old but has climbed all trending charts by now. In case you haven't added it to your driving play list, this one won't disappoint! 5. Roti- Pav Dharia is a super talented artist and every fan is aware of that. He took a meme and made out a crazy, fun number out of it. Also, not to forget, the music is groovy , like all his songs. 6. Snapchat Story- Probably all boys are singing this post break up right now. If nothing else works for you, just pick your car and take yourself for a short drive with some peppy Punjabi music, even if you don't understand it.
  2. What is common between Diljit Dosanjh, Parmish Verma, Hardy Sandhu and Ammy Virk? Some of them are already making waves in movies, but besides that, all of them are amazing Punjabi artists and enjoy a stellar fan following. However, another common denominator in their persona is the fact that all of them are fit, have great abs, are ripped to the core and inspire their fans to workout. Let's have a look at the 7 singers who are ruling the roost of fitness: 1. Diljit Dosanjh: The OG! Somewhere between his journey from 'Lakk 28' to 'Patiala Peg', the man gave us so much more to admire about him. A Bollywood debut, stellar acting and a body that flexes like no other. It's funny how the charm didn't catch up with Kylie Jenner...yet! © Instagram 2. Parmish Varma: He's been trending for quite a while and has made his mark with just a few songs. This 'munda' from Patiala has given us hits like 'Gaal', and recently 'Shada'. Even though he is recovering from the recent attack, his body has always been in a killer shape. © Instagram 3. Hardy Sandhu: While his latest hit is titled 'Naah', his music and his fantabulous sculpted body shout 'haan'! © Instagram 4. Ammy Virk: His 'Kismat' has been shining long before his super hit number. With a great number of movies that he has been working on, his workouts have only gone more strenuous and his jacked physique shows all the hard work. © Instagram 5. Jassie Gill: In recent times, Jasie has turned into a major fitness inspiration with all the sweat he has put into making his great body. © Instagram 6. Babbal Rai: This 'Australian Challa' is the newest fitness inspiration on the block with the best version of himself on display for all his fans. © Instagram 7. Ninja: This Punjabi 'munda' has looks that can kill but he earned that fame and even that frame that currently makes women drool over him. © Instagram These hot and fit Punjabi 'launde' are definitely stronger than our 'Patiala peg'. SOURCE: TOI
  3. دل دے اندر خانہ کعبہ، ساڈا ہویا گھر وِچ حَج آپ اِمام تے آپ نمازی، آپے بانگاں دیواں اَج نیڑے آ کے ویہڑے ساڈے وَسنا ای تے وَس چمکاں مار نہ دُوروں سانُوں، اینویں نہ پیا گَج تیرا اِک علاج میں دَسّاں، جا کے شِیشہ ویخ اپنا کُجھ تے نظر نہ آوے، سانُوں دَسنا ایں بَج آپے لاوے عِشق عدالت، آپے پھائیاں پاوے آپ وکیل تے آپے مُلزم، آپے بَنیا اپنا جَج لَے میں پنجواں بال کے چَلّی، رکِھیں میرِیاں شَرماں تُوں لجپال سداؤندا واصفؔ، پالِیں میری لَج
  4. ...اسیں نویں نویکلے راہ ہو گۓ ...وچ ھجر دے یار فناہ ہو گۓ ...تینوں خوش غیراں نال ویکھ اڑیا ...اسیں سڑ کے یار سواہ ہو گۓ ...تسیں محفل وچ وی تکیا ناں ...ساڈے کیتے پیار سزا ہو گۓ ...منجی آس دی ہوکے بھر دی اے ...دکھ تیرے یار دوا ہو گۓ ...جہڑ اتھرواں دے نال لکھے سن ...او خط تے یار جلا ہو گۓ ...اسیں اجڑے تیری خاطر ساں ...تہاڈے غیراں نال نبھاہ ہو گۓ ...کل کون تے کس نے ویکھی اے ...فی الحال تے یار تباہ ہو گۓ