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Found 72 results

  1. As the celebrations for the New Year 2020 kicked off, people across the world were taking to social media to wish each other luck and happiness. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp are filled with motivational and inspirational quotes, wishes and messages. If you want to share new year greetings with friends and family, here are some suggestions: Below are some WhatsApp, Facebook and SMS suggestions: 1-The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals. – Melody Beattie 3-You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. – C.S. Lewis 3-Approach the New Year with resolve to find the opportunities hidden in each new day. – Michael Josephson 4-This is a new year. A new beginning. And things will change. – Taylor Swift 5-An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves. – Bill Vaughan
  2. PARIS: The winner of France´s top literary award quoted the footballer George Best after being announced as the winner of the Prix Goncourt on Monday.Jean-Paul Dubois paraphrased one of the late hard-drinking Belfast-born star´s most famous quips...
  3. Everyone knows that Robert Downey Jr has made Marvel and MCU what it is today with his exceptional portrayal of Tony Stark. For years, we've all been saying that this man has literally been carrying MCU and even he knows it for sure. Just look at his profile picture on Instagram right now! I honestly can't imagine MCU without him, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. But, today is not the time to get sad, it's the first 'Iron Man' movie's 11th anniversary and it's the perfect opportunity to celebrate Tony Stark. The most memorable thing about him though is his quips and one-liners, and we all know he loves his pop culture references. So, here's a list of some of the best dialogues that were delivered by RDJ so flawlessly as Tony Stark. 1. I am Iron Man The line that started it all. (And, ended it all as well, but more on that later) 2. Cheeseburger first What do you want after being in captivity for three months? A cheeseburger, of course! A great line from 'Iron Man' that is now a little too emotional after 'Endgame'. 3. I told you I don't want to join your super secret boyband Just imagine if the Avengers actually moonlighted as a boyband? I would go for every show, tbh. 4. Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist Stupid question, Cap. He's way more than just a suit. 5. Doth mother know you weareth her drapes? A perfect burn, Tony doesn't care that Thor is a God, he will roast everyone. 6. We have a Hulk Loki's army vs the Hulk, we know how that worked out. Also, Loki saying that again at the beginning of 'Infinity War' was a great callback to this moment in the first 'Avengers'. 7. I'm a huge fan of the way you lose control and turn into an enormous green rage monster I think we all are, except for Bruce Banner, of course. 8. If you're nothing without this suit then you shouldn't have it As we established before, Tony is obviously much more than his suit and that's the lesson he wants his 'ward' to have in 'Homecoming'. 9. I'm sorry, Earth is closed today Sarcastic remarks, the perfect way to get some aliens to leave you alone, a lesson by Tony Stark. 10. Uh, he's from space, he came here to steal a necklace from a wizard Remember that 'badly explain a movie trend' on Twitter? Tony would honestly, excel at it. 11. If you throw another moon at me, I'm gonna lose it Yeah, one moon per person is the limit, everyone knows that. 'ENDGAME' SPOILERS AHEAD 12. You know what, give me a break, Steve. I just got hit in the head with a Hulk (Representational gif, if that's even a thing) Who can forget one of the best scenes from 'Endgame'? Cap fighting Cap and Tony getting hit by the Hulk. 13. I love you 3000 A very heartwarming and heartbreaking quote. Brb, crying. 14. Part of the journey is the end Okay, Tony had a lot of great moments in the movie, but now everything is just sad because the Earth has lost its best defender for good. 15. I am Iron Man Yes, we're coming full circle with his dialogues. I'm still surprised this almost wasn't in the movie but I'm so glad it made it. Also, he is and will forever be Iron Man.
  4. This copy contains Massive, Major, Mega spoilers, so please walk away if you still have not seen 'Avengers: Endgame'. Okay. So, I've seen 'Avengers: Endgame' three times already over the weekend? Can you blame me? You can't consume all that awesomeness in one sitting. I mean, the first time I watched, pretty sure I blacked out at some point and could barely hear anything over the sound of my own screams. The second watch helped me process the movie a little better, and the third time, I was just sitting back and enjoying the reaction from the audience at all those moments where I had lost it during my first watch. By the time I saw 'Endgame' a third time, a few quotes and one-liners had already stuck by me, and for a very good reason too. Given the kind of reaction these dialogues got from the audience, pretty sure they enjoyed it as much as I did. So, here are 20 quotes, quips and one-liners from 'Endgame' that blew my mind, along with the rest of the audience's as well: 1. Before You Didn't Have Me. © Marvel Part of Carol Danvers' awesomeness comes from her insane confidence, which was on full display in this quote. We have the distressed Avengers discussing their next plan of action after Thanos wipes of 50 per cent of the planet, and Bruce Banner tries to reason with the team when they decide to go against Thanos one more time, saying “how do we know it's going to end any differently than it did before?”. To which Captain Marvel responds with this badass quote. 2. Let's Go Get This Sonofabitch. © Marvel Is there any better sound in this world than Captain America using profanities? When the Avengers decide to go kick Thanos' butt again, we have Steve Rogers saying this, and I couldn't help but yell “LANGUAGE!” 3. I Went For The Head. © Marvel I will not lie, I punched myself in the face here. I did not see it coming, man. Thor slicing the head off Thanos in one clean stroke, damn! Also, this quote is super significant given that Thanos had taunted Thor in 'Infinity War' when he struck the Titan in the chest, saying “You should have gone for the head.” 4. DAB! Who would have imagined seeing the Hulk dab one day? Not me. Which is why watching 'Professor' Hulk dab along with a bunch of kids and taking selfies was such an unbelievable yet adorable thing. The best of Bruce Banner + the best of the Hulk = Professor Hulk. 5. I Just Want Peace. © Marvel When Tony Stark finally figures out Time Travel successfully and rushes to the Avengers Headquarters, you see him being greeted by Captain America, who looks a little taken aback given their previous encounter, where Tony had flatly refused from participating in any Time Travel-based missions. As a justification for changing his mind, Tony simply holds up a peace sign with his finger and says this sassy line. 6. What's Up Regular-Sized Man? Man, I just love Scott Lang, ever since the first 'Ant-Man' movie. His comic timing is so on point that I can't even. However, this time, the tables turn when Rhodey lands in his War Machine suit right in front of Scott's face, and the poor guy almost gets a heart attack. 7. You Look Like Melted Ice-Cream. © Marvel I must say, watching overweight Thor walk around dejected and depressed with that jiggling beer belly damn near broke my heart. Sure, it was funny when Rocket made fun of him with this quote, but still, some sympathy would have been nice. But hey, who am I kidding? If I want sympathy, Rocket is the last racoon I'm gonna get it from. 8. You Want To Go To Space, Puppy? I'll Take You To Space! Rocket really let Scott have it with this condescending quote, but can't really blame him. Scott was being rreeallly painfully slow here when the Avengers were discussing the locations of the Infinity stones across space. So, when Scott says, “A planet? Like in outer space?”, Rocket rips him a new one. 9. Hail Hydra. © Marvel Ohmygod! This was so cool. When these words left Captain America's mouth, I went partially deaf thanks to the screaming bloke next to me. It was bloody brilliant though. Cap playing along with the Hydra infiltrators instead of just kicking their ass like he did in 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier', was epic. 10. I Can Do This All Day. Yeah, I Know! © Marvel When the Present Captain America faces Past Captain America, well, fireworks were expected. However, no one expected it to turn downright funny when Cap from the past shoots his infamous line at, what he thinks is Loki in disguise, to which the present, more jaded Cap replies less enthusiastically. 11. I Am Still Worthy! This was super emotional for me, I must confess. After watching Thor being at his most dejected self, which has clearly taken a toll on him both mentally and physically, this moment when he finally redeems himself, was brilliant. Thor goes back in time to Asgard to retrieve the Reality Stone, when right before leaving for the present, he has a stroke of brilliance and summons Mjolnir (still intact as Hella has not arrived yet). You can see the joy he feels when he is reconnected with his old hammer which leads him to say these powerful words. 12. Let's Kill Him Properly This Time. © Marvel Thor reminds the Avengers that 'this time', while they are facing Thanos again, they will have no option but to take him out for good, unlike the last time in 'Infinity War' where Thor did not go for his head. 13. I KNEW IT! Watching the audience losing it was nothing compared to Thor's reaction when Captain America wielded Mjolnir. I swear, it was the most badass moment in any Marvel movie I have ever seen. Electric Captain America. God, I was not ready for it. 14. Avengers, Assemble Another orgasmic moment from the movie. You're lying if you're telling me you didn't clap, whistle or hoot like a maniac when Captain America said these words, as all the dusted superheroes came back after the snap was undone by Bruce. Thanos did not see this coming! 15. Don't Worry, She's Got Help. What a girl power moment, am I right? With Thanos from the past, wreaking havoc in the present-day Earth, trying to get his hands on the new gauntlet made by the Avengers with all the Infinity Stones, we have Spider-Man looking bruised and battered, clutching the Gauntlet for dear life, and who swoops in to take over? Captain Marvel. Peter looks a little unsure about her plan looking at the battlefield and says, “I don't know how you're going to get through all of that,” to which the confident Okoye responds with this kickass dialogue. And then one by one, all the other female MCU characters appear and man, what a scene! 16. I Am Inevitable. And I Am Iron Man. I am confident I was not the only one whose heart was in their throats at this scene! After Thanos tosses Tony Stark to the side after a pretty intense grappling session, now armed with the Gauntlet, he says “I am inevitable”, and for a moment, all is lost as he snaps his fingers. But lo and behold! The gems are missing and then we see Tony revealing how he had stolen the Stones and planted them on his own armoured glove during their fight and delivers this incredible line. Raise your hands if you got goosebumps! 17. We Won Mr Stark. You Did It, Sir. Remember, “Mr Stark…I don't feel so good?”, how we were all left an emotional mess and felt we could never recover? Well, this was a million times worse. After Tony snaps his fingers and turns Thanos and his army to dust, we immediately see the life beginning to sap out of him as the Gauntlet had taken a toll on his mortal form. Peter runs to Tony and tries to console his hero, his mentor, who is taking his last breath and dying right before his eyes. Sorry…brb…I can't …. 18. Tony, We'll Be Okay. You Can Rest Now. © Marvel Hands down, the most gut-wrenching scene from the movie. Tony is dying on the battlefield after defeating Thanos, and is surrounded by everyone he loves, and Pepper helps him go in peace as she holds him and assures him that he did his job and they were all going to be okay. You're made of stone if this scene didn't reduce to a blubbering mess! 19. I Love You 3000. Watching Tony be a dad in the second half was one of the most fulfilling and beautiful scenes in the movie. Even though Thanos destroyed half the world, from that darkness, Tony managed to find a slice of happiness in the form of a family, which included his baby daughter Morgan. She tells him at one point, that she loves him three thousand, which he then gloats to Pepper, saying their daughter clearly loves him more than her. So, when the Avengers are at Iron Man's funeral, they play a video Tony had recorded for everyone right before they went against Thanos, just in case he died, and he repeats his daughter's line right back to her. 20. Your Dad Loved Cheeseburgers. In one of the closing scenes, right after Iron Man's funeral, we see Happy sitting with Tony's daughter Morgan and asking her if she is hungry, to which she replies that she is indeed and that she would like to have a cheeseburger. A smiling Happy then delivers this simple yet powerful line and promises to get her all the cheeseburgers she wants. This took me right back to the first 'Iron Man' movie, when Tony returns home after he escapes from his captors and says there are two things he wants, a press conference and….you guessed it right… a cheeseburger! Clearly, this moment between Happy and Morgan was a nod to Tony making a complete turnabout in his life during that press conference where he announced to the world that he was not going to make weapons of mass destruction anymore, whilst having a cheeseburger. Oh God, the feels!!
  5. “Grow old with me! The best is yet to be.” – Robert Browning, Poet “The Eskimos had fifty-two names for snow because it was important to them: there ought to be as many for love.” – Margaret Atwood, Author “It is astonishing how little one feels alone when one loves.” – John Bulwer, Physician “Love is the greatest refreshment in life.” – Pablo Picasso, Artist

    © https://fundayforum.com

  6. Valentines day 2019 Quotes “There is only one happiness in life: to love and be loved.” – George Sand, Author “Valentine’s Day is the poet’s holiday.” – Ted Koosner, Poet “Your flaws are perfect for the heart that’s meant to love you.” – Trent Shelton, Football Player “Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.” – Rumi, Poet “A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love.” – Max Muller, Philologist

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  7. Click Next Page Post Button For More Love Valentines day Quote You're the kind of fellow I wanna make Valentine's supper and breakfast on February fifteenth for. You are everything there is to me, and you generally will be my companion, my sweetheart. You are the magic that binds us. I cherish you. Cheerful Valentine's Day to my hot sweetheart. Each time I take a gander at you I become hopelessly enamored once more. There is just a single joy throughout everyday life: to adore and be cherished. My heart gets wild with energy when I consider you. Cupid more likely than not shot me with a huge amount of bolts since I am so unbelievably infatuated with you. Your imperfections are ideal for the heart that is intended to cherish you. Your body does my heart great. I adore you. You may not be immaculate, you might be defective, however you're flawless to me and that is the only thing that is important. Valentines Day Statements For Him This rundown is a gathering of Valentines Day Statements For Him and on the off chance that you are searching for Valentine's Day Backdrops than visit our accumulation of Valentine's Day Backdrops. Darlings don't at long last meet some place. They're in one another from the start. I adore you. Today. At the present time. Similarly as you seem to be. What's more, I know, with time we will change. We will develop. We will develop. What's more, I trust we do every last bit of it together. I adore you so much that when I consider you, I can't complete any work. Good gracious, my supervisor is calling me. On the off chance that I could reach up and hold a star for each time you've made me grin, the whole night sky would be in the palm of my hand. A bloom can't bloom without daylight, and man can't live without affection. To my dazzling sweetheart on Valentine's Day: I adore each and every inch of you, a few inches more than others! Much obliged to you for the uncommon happiness I've found in adoring you. We have had numerous sweet yesterdays and I realize we have brilliant tomorrows as well! You realize you're infatuated when you can't nod off on the grounds that the fact of the matter is at last superior to your fantasies. To the world, you may very well be one individual, however to me, you are the world. Extraordinary love stirs us to the completion of life. Extraordinary love shapes us. When we are a grasp of adoration the world seems more splendid and levels our sustenance taste better when we cherish. Valentines Day Quotes For Husband This list is a collection of Valentines Day Quotes For Husband and if you are looking for Happy Valentine’s Day Photos than visit our collection of Happy Valentine’s Day Photos. Love planted a rose, and the world turned sweet. I couldn't envision a superior man to go through this day praising adoration with. You are my blessing from heaven valentine. Life gives us numerous things to be grateful for. I express gratefulness to God for you! A gift in my life, you are! A fruitful marriage requires beginning to look all starry eyed at ordinarily, dependably with a similar individual. Love fixes individuals – both the ones who give it and the ones who get it. Love doesn't drive everything and everyone. Love is the thing that makes the ride beneficial. Today is an occasion which commends love, however Holy person Valentine never envisioned love as mind blowing as our own! Whatever spirits are made of, his and mine are the equivalent. The Eskimos had fifty-two names for snow since it was vital to them: there should be the same number of for adoration. My heart was made only for you, my unimaginable beau, my affection, my valentine. Cheerful Valentines Day Statements This rundown is a gathering of Upbeat Valentines Day Statements and in the event that you are searching for Valentine's Day Welcome Cards than visit our accumulation of Valentine's Day Welcome Cards. On this Valentines let me let you know, you are a sweetheart who makes each day the brilliant and sprightly kind, who brings the hottest recollections and the most joyful considerations to mind. The best and most lovely things on the planet can't be seen or even contacted. They should be felt with the heart. On the off chance that you live to be a hundred, I need to live to be a hundred short multi day so I never need to live without you. I'm happy I have you for whatever is left of my life as a closest companion, sweetheart, and individual globe-trotter. Much obliged to you for always supporting me, excusing me, cherishing me, making me chuckle, and testing me to be a superior individual. In the event that I did anything directly in my life it was the point at which I gave my heart to you. You don't wed somebody you can live with – you wed the individual who you can't live without. There are never enough I Cherish You's. Valentine's Day is the ideal open door for me to state the amount I cherish you for the astounding and lovely lady that you are. No other lady could make me feel the manner in which you do. To cherish someone else is to see the essence of God. All you need is love. Be that as it may, a little chocolate occasionally doesn't hurt. Clever Funny Valentines Day Quotes This rundown is an accumulation of Interesting Valentines Day Statements and in the event that you are searching for Valentine's Day Pictures than visit our gathering of Valentine's Day Pictures. o the most stunning, sweet and astounding sweetheart. On Valentine's day as well as every day of the year, you remain adjacent to me through whatever life brings. You share with me life's joys, its huge and seemingly insignificant details. I cherish being hitched. It's so extraordinary to discover one uncommon individual you need to disturb for whatever remains of your life. How about we observe Valentine's Day together consistently for whatever remains of our lives. Observing Holy person Valentine's Day is an opportunity to indicate the amount you cherish and welcome each one. To adore oneself is the start of a deep rooted sentiment. I might be far away, yet despite the fact that we're separated, the separation can never show signs of change, the affection I have for you in my heart. On Valentine's day, we think about the individuals who make our life advantageous, Those charitable, well disposed individuals who we consider with a grin. Today you will be dealt with like the princess that you are. I will ruin you and love you and give all of you my affection. Like music on the waters are they sweet voice to me. Click Next Page Button For More Love Valentines day Quote Valentines Day Quotes For Her This list is a Collection of Valentines Day Quotes For Her and if you are looking for Valentine’s Day Status than visit our collection of Valentine’s Day Status. Genuine romance comes unobtrusively, without standards or blazing lights. In the event that you hear ringers, get your ears checked. Squeeze me, since despite everything I can't trust I get the chance to observe Valentine's Day with somebody as extraordinary as you. We're sweethearts and mates, closest companions and accomplices as well. To an ever increasing extent, with each Valentine, bliss, for me, is cherishing you. I have the world's coolest, most astute and hottest sweetheart as my valentine. How did I ever get so fortunate? I cherish Mickey Mouse more than any lady I have ever known. Love is an image of endlessness. It clears out all feeling of time, crushing all memory of a start and all dread of an end. I need a man who's sort and comprehension. Is that a lot to ask of a tycoon? These roses and chocolates are for you, yet the genuine blessing is my heart. It is yours eternity. Offering my life to you transforms regular living into something warm and excellent. I'm so upbeat to impart life to you. It's smarter to have cherished and lost than to need to complete forty pounds of clothing seven days. With a young lady like you, consistently feels like Valentine's Day! Another Valentines Day and the best blessings ever are your adoration and your kinship, every one of the ascribes you convey to our relationship. Without Valentine's Day, February would be… well, January. On the off chance that you will be my Valentine, I guarantee to dependably treat you like a ruler For all the extraordinary things you would ever be, I realize that you will dependably be the just a single for me. Love is the thing that you've experienced with someone. I feel so glad that you are my young lady and my Valentine. I guarantee to give you my affection. his message accompanies all my affection to thank you for the bliss you bring into my life on Valentines Day as well as every single day. What the world truly needs is more love and less administrative work. My Valentine is staggering, keen and hot, and she has a sweetheart who adores her a great deal.
  8. Sports and scandals go together like peanut butter and jam. 2018 has been a year of some of the most excruciating controversies, bold allegations and career-endangering statements. Here's a peek at the topmost fiery quotes that made the biggest headlines in the sports sector this year: 1. Virat Kohli Asks A Cricket Fan To 'Leave India': Nobody knows controversies like Indian skipper Virat Kohli, who found himself in a hot soup this year when he appeared in a video saying, “I don't think you should live in India, go live somewhere else" which obviously went viral. In context, Kohli was responding to a cricket fan's message in which he says that he enjoys watching English and Australian batsmen over “these Indians”. The fan also called Kohli an “overrated batsman.” "Why are you living in our country and loving other countries? I don't mind you not liking me, but I don't think you should live in our country and like other things," said the skipper. Virat Kohli "I don't think you should live in India, go and live somewhere else. Why are you living in our country and loving other countries" pic.twitter.com/YbPG97Auyn — Saj Sadiq (@Saj_PakPassion) November 6, 2018 Not able to control the situation, Kohli uploaded an image captioned “I guess trolling isn't for me guys, I'll stick to getting trolled!” in his defence. 2. Serena Williams' War On Sexism: We saw a budding star all set to take centre stage when 21-year-old Naomi Osaka won the US Open against probably the most dominant force in women's tennis, Serena Williams. But, that wasn't what the evening went on to be about. When Williams shot out saying, “You stole a point from me, you are a thief too!” to the US Open Final's umpire Carlos Ramos, an uproar on social media was spurred, deeming the umpires to be biased and sexist towards female players. Serena's elder sister, Venus Williams has also had her fair share of beef with Ramos back in 2016, when he accused her of receiving coaching during a match in the French Open, to which Venus replied “I'm 36 years old… I play fair.” 3. Martina Navratilova's Transphobic Rant: Former grand-slam champion Martina Navratilova took the world by surprise when she said, “Having a ***** and competing as a woman would not fit that standard.” Branding her comments as 'bullying' and 'discriminatory', Twitter brought her to social justice when she was forced to make a public apology. She went on to say that she would educate herself better on this issue and in the “meantime, will be quiet about it.” I am sorry if I said anything anywhere near transphobic- certainly I meant no harm - I will educate myself better on this issue but meantime I will be quiet about it. Thank you — Martina Navratilova (@Martina) December 21, 2018 4. Lewis Hamilton's 'Poor India' Comment: 2018 belonged to the five-time world champion until the point when he basically called India “a poor place” in an interview with BBC. “I've been to India before to a race which was strange because India was such a poor place yet we had this massive, beautiful Grand Prix track made in the middle of nowhere,” said the legend. “I felt very conflicted when I went to that Grand Prix.” Clearly, Indian fans of the sport didn't take to this very kindly. Twitter erupted as soon as the interview was made public. Mercedes boss Toto Wolff came in his defence stating that Hamilton's earlier words and meaning had been "spun out of context". Please read ð®ð³â¤ï¸ pic.twitter.com/UtXRvcP74A — Lewis Hamilton (@LewisHamilton) November 15, 2018 "He spoke with empathy about India and the painful contrast between wealth and poverty that we face while travelling the globe as sporting ambassadors," the Austrian said in a statement issued by the reigning champions.
  9. John Lennon- the man whose songs and ideologies have ruled a millennial's life at some point in time, be it through the meaningful lyrics that touched a million chords with his audience or his active pacifism and rebellion against the society, that inspired an entire generation of young men and women of his time and after. © johnlennon John Lennon continues to live on, not only through his classic compositions but also through his distinguished way with words, which have served to make many of us make sense of this world and our lives a little better. The following quotes by the legend, will not only guide your experiences in the ever mind-boggling 20s, but will also help you take on life with a pinch of salt: 1. “Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans.” The 20s of one's life is a kind of a mixed bag of goodies, you never know what tomorrow might bring your way, yet you never stop making plans. But as Lennon said, life will happen in the moments that you never get to plan in the first place. © johnlennon 2. “I'm not going to change the way I look or the way I feel to conform to anything. I've always been a freak. So I've been a freak all my life and I have to live with that, you know. I'm one of those people.” If you're in your 20s, you know the constant push one faces to conform to the notion of the “ideals” present in every society, be it with regards to your career choices, relationships or even your food habits. Well, you don't have to live your life on anybody else's terms. 3. “If we cannot love ourselves, we cannot fully open to our ability to love others or our potential to create.” Very, very poignant even in today's time. No individual is spared from the scrutiny and judgement that our society has come to understand as its birthright, but regardless of how they try to label you, you gotta love yourself first for every other thing to work out. © johnlennon 4. “We live in a world where we have to hide to make love, while violence is practised in broad daylight.” We need not say much on this one. We have been witness to numerous incidents that follow this statement to the T in India, yet the message lies in the fact that we must not participate or encourage violence in any of its forms. Make love, not war remember? 5. “Trying to please everybody is impossible – if you did that, you'd end up in the middle with nobody liking you. You've just got to make the decision about what you think is your best, and do it.” Another one, not even one of us can deny having given in to at some point in time. But sooner or later, we come to realise the worthlessness of it all. We can't please everyone, so it's better we do more of what pleases us (without hurting/offending anyone, of course). © johnlennon 6. “There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be.” Remember these words by heart. Over the next couple of years, you'll find yourself in situations that don't make sense to you at all, and you will want to scream “why is this happening to me?”. That is when you remember this quote and keep pushing through it all. 7. “A mistake is only an error, it becomes a mistake when you fail to correct it.” Well, our 20s is THE time when we make the most stupid, most hilarious and at times, the most tragic mistakes of our lives, but you know what, we can decide whether to learn from it and correct ourselves, or let it decide who we are as a person. © johnlennon 8. “Produce your own dream. If you want to save Peru, go save Peru. It's quite possible to do anything, but not if you put it on the leaders and the parking meters. Don't expect Carter or Reagan or John Lennon or Yoko Ono or Bob Dylan or Jesus Christ to come and do it for you. You have to do it yourself.” Well, if it's that degree you're after, or that dream job you've been itching to apply for, just go and do it. Don't wait for that internship or your exams to guide your fate. You do you, and live that dream! 9. “Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.” Oh yeah! All those mass bunks, parties and vacays with friends is worth it all. This one will help keep the guilt at bay. © johnlennon 10. “When you do something beautiful and nobody noticed, do not be sad. For the sun, every morning is a beautiful spectacle and yet most of the audience still sleeps.” Well, if the man means anything to you, take his word for it. Even the Gita approves of this ideology. Keep doing good even when no one's watching. That's where all the satisfaction lies. 11. “Being honest may not get you a lot of friends but it'll always get you the right ones.” These words are pure gold and be sure you have them by heart, 'cause in the years to come, this will hold true for you on a LOT of occasions. © johnlennon 12. “What we've got to do is keep hope alive. Because without it we'll sink.” Lastly, when the 20s and the adulting that finally comes with it seems like a hopeless, uphill battle, this quote is exactly what you need to do. These are gems, right? And pretty relatable.
  10. When we recently told you about the urban monk Jay Shetty, who has been changing people's mindsets and therefore their life, we saw a lot of you really "liked" it. We totally understand why that must be, since Jay can so matter-of-factly describe deep observations on life and people which most of us come to relate to almost immediately. © Facebook For any of you who doesn't know who the man in discussion is, let's say that Jay has been influencing people's mindset in the most poignant yet easy manner and literally turning their life around simply by the power of words that are based on active human experiences. That is why he instantly became an online sensation and his wisdom went viral. © Facebook Jay is super active on social media and regularly updates his YouTube channel with such effective and relatable content that hits a million views within a span of few hours. It is however more than his captions and videos that have been changing people's lives, it is actually a few "blink and you miss" gems he drops here and there that's making all the difference. We bring you 7 out of the zillion words of wisdom by Jay, that will make you take a second look at your life. 1. "Failures are only failures when we don't learn from them, because when we learn from them they become lessons." This is so simple and yet 99.01% of us fail to realise this simple fact in life. We constantly crib and cry over spilt milk and keep mulling over the whys and hows of our failure. But Jay tells us that failure can be instantly turned into lessons by learning from them! © Facebook 2. “We force ourselves out of bed to live the same day again and again and call it a life.” This may remind you of school, college, work or perhaps some other activity you indulge in on a day-to-day basis. But what this made us rethink was how many of us even keep aside mere 30 minutes out of 1440 minutes a day, to indulge in a hobby we feel really passionately about? 3. “The same technology that brings us close to those far away, takes us far away from the people that are actually close.” So. Bloody. True. None of us, and mind you that we mean it when we say that none of us can shrug this one off because this happens to be a reality of every millenial (and after) reading this right now. The WWW and smartphones have taken over and living people we care for are constantly fighting a losing battle for our attention every single day. How sad is that? © Facebook 4. “Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but make sure it does not replace you as the driver.” Yes my handsome readers, those colourful notes you're constantly running after (to pay the bills and for 100 other reasons), make sure that does not end up becoming your first and last love, 'cause no one wants to end up like Dickens' Scrooge. 5. “We spend the whole day trying to get our work on time, but then spend all of our time thinking about work.” Besides Jay, only the ones who are guilty of it shall be able to gauge the last drop of truth in this one statement. Not much needs to be said for this one but all we can say is if you don't relate to it then we're dangerously envious of your job. © Facebook 6. “We don't know who we want to become, because we're too distracted by who everyone else is becoming.” Thanks to every “Sharma ji ka beta” and the more than perfect Instagram feed of online celebs, all of our goals and priorities have shifted. This generation is too easy to influence and that's meddling with most people's aspirations in life. 7. “It's not about how slow you go, just as long as you don't stop.” We had to say it because you need to hear it. It does not matter if what you're trying to achieve is slow to come by. All you gotta do is keep pushing, up the hustle and ensure that you don't give up. Trust us, what you deserve always finds a way to reach you. We love these because they really do make you ponder over the life that we're leading in such a simple manner.
  11. There are two kinds of people in the world - one kind is known for their remarkable words and one kind is known for their work. Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee belonged to both parts of the world - a man who was known for his work and his way with words. The 93-year-old was one of the most iconic leaders, who ruled the nation between 1998 to 2004 and is till date loved and appreciated by people. In fact, Vajpayee served thrice as the PM of India and during his tenure drafted certain key policies that shaped the country's economy. An orator extraordinaire and a poet by heart, Vajpayee passed away today at 93 in Delhi's AIIMS hospital, where he had been undergoing treatment for a kidney ailment. © Twitter AIIMS released a statement a few minutes ago, “It is with profound grief that we inform about the sad demise of Former Prime MInister of India, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee at 05:05 PM on 16.08.2018.” The statement further read, “Unfortunately, his condition deteriorated over the last 36 hours and he was put on life support systems. Despite the best of efforts, we have lost him today.” © AIIMS In the memory of this visionary man who gave the world some of the classic poetic masterpieces such as 'Kya Khoya Kya Paya', 'Sreshtha Kabita' and more; here's a look at some of his inspiring quotes and poems that will forever stay with us.
  12. There are few people in the history of mankind who have spent their entire lives fighting for what's right. They are revolutionaries, they are thinkers, they are fighters. Anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela's name is written in golden letters in that hall of fame. The man did not let the 27 years he spent in prison break his spirit, and continued his work with the same perseverance and conviction even in his seventies. There's much to learn form the leader who catalysed a revolution to bring democracy to his country. Here are 15 quotes by Nelson Mandela that will inspire you to stick to your dreams and convictions and take life by the horns. 1. The only way to keep going © Flickr (LSE Library)/MensXP 2. Nelson Mandela did not harbour bitterness even for his oppressors after he spent 27 years of his life in prison. © Flickr (LSE Library)/MensXP 3. A good leader knows when to give others a chance © Reuters/MensXP 4. Say what you believe in and say it with conviction © Reuters/MensXP 5. Gauge your growth by comparing it with the society you live in © Flickr lasanta.com.ec/MensXP 6. Winners do not have it easy; they just make it look easy © Wikimedia Commons/MensXP 7. How to win people over to your side © Reuters/MensXP 8. Far-sightedness is a gift only leaders possess © Reuters/MensXP 9. At the end of the day, it's all up to us © Flickr lasanta.com.ec/MensXP 10. Work with what you have © Flickr lasanta.com.ec/MensXP 11. The tool of the masses © Wikimedia Commons/MensXP 12. Who better to prove this than Nelson Mandela who kept working on his dream even after 27 years in prison? © Flickr (LSE Library)/MensXP 13. Speak up © Wikimedia Commons/MensXP 14. Overcoming your fears is the key to success © Reuters/MensXP 15. Word © Reuters/MensXP
  13. One of the greatest inventors there has been in the history of mankind is Nikola Tesla. A born-genius, Tesla gave the modern world its first model of alternating current system. He got over 300 patents throughout his lifetime. His inventions like the famous Tesla coil, the AC motor, and work in the field of wireless lighting, radio and x-rays has been path-breaking. Like all geniuses, the man was not without his eccentricities and suffered from extreme obsessive-compulsive tendencies. We bring you some pearls of wisdom by the man that will fire up the genius in you. 1. Success comes to those who wait. “A new idea must not be judged by its immediate results.” © Wikimedia Commons/MensXP 2. We are a sum total of our experiences. “As I review the events of my past life, I realize how subtle are the influences that shape our destinies.” © Wikimedia Commons/MensXP 3. Most geniuses are loners. “Be alone, that is the secret of invention; Be alone, that is when ideas are born.” © Wikimedia Commons/MensXP 4. Humans need new toys every day. “We crave for new sensations but soon become indifferent to them. The wonders of yesterday are today common occurrences.” © Wikimedia Commons/MensXP 5. The most memorable words from the genius. “I don't care that they stole my idea. I care that they don't have any of their own.” © Wikimedia Commons/MensXP 6. Word. “My method is different. I do not rush into actual work. When I get an idea I start at once building it up in my imagination. I change the construction, make improvements, and operate the device entirely in my mind.” © Wikimedia Commons/MensXP 7. Insanity and genius have always had a connection. “One has to be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.” © Wikimedia Commons/MensXP 8. The answers lie within. “Most persons are so absorbed in the contemplation of the outside world that they are wholly oblivious to what is passing on within themselves.” © Wikimedia Commons/MensXP 9. Reality is subjective. “What one man calls God, another calls the laws of physics.” © Wikimedia Commons/MensXP 10. Imitation is the biggest form of flattery. “Marconi is a good fellow. Let him continue. He is using seventeen of my patents.” © Wikimedia Commons/MensXP 11. What's your vibe today? “If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” © Wikimedia Commons/MensXP
  14. In March this year, after a hearing, Nawaz and Maryam stopped at a bakery amid much media hype - File As the saga which started in September last year after the lodging of corruption cases against the Sharif family enters its concluding stage,...
  15. From Sridevi, Avicii to Stephen Hawking and most recently Kate Spade, the world has been witnessing the untimely deaths of a lot of celebrities this year. And today, we were shaken by the unfortunate demise of celebrity chef Anthony Bordain. The 61-year-old host of CNN's popular food and travel based TV series 'Parts Unknown' was found dead after he reportedly hung himself in a hotel room in Strasbourg, France. Apart from being a celebrated chef, whose life revolved around his food and travel diaries, he also wrote the book 'Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly'. Instagram Bourdain was a great storyteller, who shared his wisdom with his peers and fans throughout his life and turned into an inspiration for many people to lead a happy and fulfilling life. CNN, the network that broadcasted his show said in a statement, “His love of great adventure, new friends, fine food and drink and the remarkable stories of the world made him a unique storyteller. His talents never ceased to amaze us and we will miss him very much. Our thoughts and prayers are with his daughter and family at this incredibly difficult time.” Although Bourdain is not with us anymore, what remains is his wisdom, his love for food and life and these beautiful quotes that define the life he lived. 1. Your body is not a temple, it's an amusement park. Enjoy the ride. Instagram 2. Skills can be taught. Character you either have or you don't have. 3. Travel is about the gorgeous feeling to teetering in the unknown. Insatgram 4. I'm very type-A, and many things in my life are about control and domination, but eating should be a submissive experience, where you let down your guard and enjoy the ride. 5. Assume the worst. About everybody. But don't let this poisoned outlook affect your job performance. Let it all roll off your back. Ignore it. Be amused by what you see and suspect. Just because someone you work with is a miserable, treacherous, self-serving, capricious and corrupt asshole shouldn't prevent you from enjoying their company, working with them or finding them entertaining. Twitter 6. Cooking is a craft, I like to think, and a good cook is a craftsman -- not an artist. There's nothing wrong with that: the great cathedrals of Europe were built by craftsmen -- though not designed by them. Practicing your craft in expert fashion is noble, honorable and satisfying. 7. Travel changes you. As you move through this life and this world you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life--and travel--leaves marks on you. Twitter 8. You learn a lot about someone when you share a meal together. 9. To me, life without veal stock, pork fat, sausage, organ meat, demi-glace, or even stinky cheese is a life not worth living. Instagram 10. Barbecue may not be the road to world peace, but it's a start.
  16. “I am interested in entertaining people, in bringing pleasure, particularly laughter, to others, rather than being concerned with 'expressing' myself with obscure creative impressions.” – Walt Disney. Yes, that's what he believed his real profession was. A polymath who was an entrepreneur, animator, voice actor, film producer and a cartoonist as well. I mean, who hasn't seen Mickey Mouse in their childhood and doesn't nurture the dream to visit Disneyland at least once in their lifetime? That, is the impact of what he created. Here are some of the most inspiring quotes from Walt Disney that will make you think twice about living life in a different way. © MensXP © MensXP © MensXP © MensXP © MensXP © MensXP © MensXP © MensXP © MensXP © MensXP
  17. Besides being a noted visionary and the principal founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates is also one of the world's most well-known philanthropists, but in his early days he nurtured a dream of making the personal computer a household thing and he did it. Apart from his work life, Bill Gates has shared what he thinks and how it can help humanity at different point of time and again. Here are few quotes from Bill Gates that are very much relatable to today's lifestyle. © Thinkstock/Getty Images © Thinkstock/Getty Images © Thinkstock/Getty Images © Thinkstock/Getty Images © Thinkstock/Getty Images © Thinkstock/Getty Images © Thinkstock/Getty Images © Thinkstock/Getty Images © Thinkstock/Getty Images © Thinkstock/Getty Images
  18. Besides being a noted visionary and the principal founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates is also one of the world's most well-known philanthropists, but in his early days he nurtured a dream of making the personal computer a household thing and he did it. Apart from his work life, Bill Gates has shared what he thinks and how it can help humanity at different point of time and again. Here are few quotes from Bill Gates that are very much relatable to today's lifestyle. © Thinkstock/Getty Images © Thinkstock/Getty Images © Thinkstock/Getty Images © Thinkstock/Getty Images © Thinkstock/Getty Images © Thinkstock/Getty Images © Thinkstock/Getty Images © Thinkstock/Getty Images © Thinkstock/Getty Images © Thinkstock/Getty Images
  19. The man who won both a Nobel Prize for literature and an academy award, George Bernard Shaw is one of the most important playwrights and writers of the 19th century. Known for his socialist tendencies, Bernard Shaw played with taboo topics and themes in his writings which were anything but dull. Even if you haven't read any of his famous works like the “Pygmalion” or “Man and Superman” or know nothing about the author, you would have heard the famous saying “Never wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.” That is Mr Shaw right there, advising us for the better every time we find ourselves in the middle of a petty fight. 1. Shall we dance? © Thinkstock Photos/ Disha Bhatia 2. Truth is not only ugly, it's hilarious as well. © Thinkstock Photos/ Disha Bhatia 3. True story © Thinkstock Photos/ Disha Bhatia 4. Even to an adult © Thinkstock Photos/ Disha Bhatia 5. I don't like you anymore. © Thinkstock Photos/ Disha Bhatia 6. “I'm fine.” © Thinkstock Photos/ Disha Bhatia 7. Pineapple on pizza © Thinkstock Photos/ Disha Bhatia 8. Kill 'em softly with silence. © Thinkstock Photos/ Disha Bhatia 9. Having a perfect life is boring? © Thinkstock Photos/ Disha Bhatia 10. No offence to all those who married their childhood sweethearts © Thinkstock Photos/ Disha Bhatia 11. Sincerity is so rare but stupidity so common © Thinkstock Photos/ Disha Bhatia 12. Make 'em laugh, make 'em understand. © Thinkstock Photos/ Disha Bhatia
  20. Tripura's Chief Minister Biplab Deb has done it again. It's only been a month since Mr Deb took charge of the post and he is already 4 controversial statements old. At the rate at which he is going, we think we'll soon need a special staff writer only to keep track of Mr Deb's mental musings. Only weeks after he broke the internet with his Mahabharata claim, Biplab Deb has now asked the youth of the state to milk cows instead of searching for a government job. *fans face frantically* Let's break things down a bit, because frankly we are losing our breath trying to catch up with Mr Deb. 1. He started with an absolute bomb of a statement claiming that there was internet during the Mahabharata war. He had said: "Internet and satellite communication had existed in the days of 'Mahabharata'. How else could Sanjaya (the charioteer of King Dhritarashtra in the epic) give a detailed account and description to the blind king about the battle of Kurukshetra? It means internet was there, the satellites and that technology was there in this country at that time." Understandably, the statement broke the internet and memes began flowing in abundance. © Twitter/SH Shankar 2. The idiom 'once bitten, twice shy' doesn't hold true for Mr Deb, because well, the idiom is not Indian. So, once again, the Tripura CM made headlines by stating that Diana Hayden, crowned Miss World in 1997, did not deserve the title because she wasn't Indian enough. Diana Hayden was quick to respond to the distasteful remark and said, "I am fighting this brown skin bias since my childhood. And I have succeeded. People should be proud of my achievement, rather than belittling it. I am a proud brown-skinned Indian. I am hurt. The minister is in a prominent position and he should be careful about what he says." © Facebook/Diana Hayden 3. Refusing to take a cue from the controversies, Biplab Deb continued and did a hat-trick. At another event soon after, he caused another embarrassment to his party when he said that civil, and not mechanical, engineers should join the civil services. He said, “Those who are from a mechanical engineering background should not opt for civil services. Society has to be built up. Civil engineers have this knowledge… Because those in the administration have to build society.” 4. And the final nail in the coffin (or cherry on the cake if the former idiom wasn't Indian enough for Mr Deb) came when he advised the youth of his state to start milking cows and open pan shops, instead of aspiring for government jobs. "There should be a cow in every house. Why run after netas for government jobs? Milk is being sold at Rs 50 per litre. Graduates should get cows and milk it to earn Rs 10 lakh in 10 years. Instead of running after political parties." © Twitter/Rubina Afaque While personally, we were being well entertained by Biplab Deb's outlandish statements (nothing shocks us anymore), they didn't really go down very well with his party. The Tripura minister has apparently been summoned for a meeting with PM Modi and BJP President Amit Shah, to explain his statements. 5. This space will be updated as and when he says something. Even though he has been summoned by his party and warned not to make sweeping statements, we think Mr Deb has a beautiful gift of the gab and will not disappoint us in the future.
  21. People remember Steve Jobs as a futuristic inventor, a great leader and a remarkable visionary. His co-founder Steve Wozniak always believed that Jobs had the knack to figure out the manner in which people want to actually live their lives. Here are a few remarkable quotes by Steve Jobs which are invaluable wise life lessons: © Reuters © Reuters © Reuters © Reuters © Reuters © Reuters © Reuters © Reuters © Reuters © Reuters © Reuters © Reuters
  22. It's hard to imagine that the funniest man in history had a far from happy childhood. An absent father and a life of poverty led him to begin working at a tender age of nine. But Charlie Chaplin had a happy soul and a genius mind. Not one to be bogged down by life's miseries, he turned pain into something more meaningful – laughter. The famous Tramp character that he created for his films catapulted his status to iconic in no time. And why not, the ability to laugh at oneself is just so rare in this world. We bring you 11 quotes by the comic genius that teach us not to take life too seriously. 1. Always look at life in long-shot. “Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.” © Thinkstock Photos/ MensXP_Disha Bhatia 2. It truly is. “In the end, everything is a gag.” © Thinkstock Photos/ MensXP_Disha Bhatia 3. Did you laugh today? “A day without laughing is a day wasted.” © Thinkstock Photos/ MensXP_Disha Bhatia 4. The ability to laugh at oneself is the greatest quality of all. “Failure is unimportant. It takes courage to make a fool of yourself.” © Thinkstock Photos/ MensXP_Disha Bhatia 5. Life is not complicated. We make it. “Simplicity is not a simple thing.” © Thinkstock Photos/ MensXP_Disha Bhatia 6. The most talented people are also the most humble. "That's all any of us are: amateurs. We don't live long enough to be anything else.” © Thinkstock Photos/ MensXP_Disha Bhatia 7. If the subject of your joke doesn't find it funny, your joke is not good enough. “My pain may be the reason for somebody's laugh. But my laugh must never be the reason for somebody's pain.” © Thinkstock Photos/ MensXP_Disha Bhatia 8. You will never have a bird poop on your face if you are looking up. “You will never find a rainbow if you are looking down.” © Thinkstock Photos/ MensXP_Disha Bhatia 9. Jellyfish – 1, humans – 0 “Life is a beautiful magnificent thing, even to a jellyfish.” © Thinkstock Photos/ MensXP_Disha Bhatia 10. We don't laugh; we type LOL “We think too much and feel too little.” © Thinkstock Photos/ MensXP_Disha Bhatia 11. Life is not to be taken seriously. “We must laugh in the face of our helplessness against the forces of nature – or go insane.” © Thinkstock Photos/ MensXP_Disha Bhatia
  23. We all know Confucius as a famous Chinese philosopher but he was also a teacher, an editor and a politician as well. This great philosopher was born in 551 BC and since that period, his lessons on wisdom have been popular across the world. The philosophy of Confucius, also known as Confucianism, emphasized personal and governmental morality, the correctness of social relationships, justice and sincerity. Here are a few quotes from this great philosopher that will help you better understand the world and will teach you a lesson or two on how to live a peaceful life. © exploringyourmind © Careeba © Biography © ThoughtCo © Ancient Origins © exploringyourmind © Careeba © Biography © ThoughtCo © Ancient Origins © exploringyourmind © Careeba © Biography © ThoughtCo © Ancient Origins
  24. The gym militia is wild. It is a place where wild things happen. Now you might ask, what's the wildest of all things? No, it's not the lifting. It's the "quotes" that gym bros put on their pictures. Yes, they are wild. Wildly idiotic, I mean. Most of these quotes come from over-enthusiastic-weekend-gym bros, who have been lifting for no more than a week. Alright, I'll make it two. The usual drill is: get into the gym, shake hands, chat a bit, text while doing the set and just when a sweat breaks (because of the heat, not because of lifting hard) click a picture, put a hundred filters and slap a quote on it. Tada! Feel accomplished. Phew, if that isn't wild, I don't know what is. Jokes apart, it's 2018, if you are still using these garbage quotes on your gym pictures, you need to STOP! 1) I Train Your Trainer This is the latest obsession of most 'fake natty' Instagram bodybuilders. Firstly, nobody knows whose train you train. Secondly, the amount of cringe-worthy self-obsession this quote throws around is unfathomable. 2) Beast Mode ON This quote has been so overused that you shouldn't be surprised at all even if they judge your soul for using it. It's on wrist bands, t-shirts, sipper bottles, gym bags and hell, even on jock straps. The funniest thing is that nobody even has the slightest of idea how this quote came about. Just go and Google 'Marshawn Lynch' and you will know. And please, if you still want to use it, please don't use it while doing cardio. There's nothing beastly about cardio! © Thinkstock 3) My Gym Is My Valentine Now because of this stupid quote, most women think that guys who lift in the gym are all about the gym and nothing else. No we aren't. It's just some idiots, who know nothing about eating and training and, of course, scare away women (especially) and tell people that they 'love training'. Also, using of this quote can kill your already average chances of getting a date. © Thinkstock 4) No Pain No Gain Arnold said this over 40 years ago. You aren't Arnold and certainly, don't train as hard as he did. Moreover, this quote has been unfathomably misinterpreted. Guys put up absolute shit show of thousands of reps with bad form, thinking the more it pains, the more they will grow. But of course, they don't.
  25. When it comes to making a spectacular comeback, perhaps no other actor has had a glorious one as Robert Downey Jr. He is the perfect example of how one can meet their salvation after going through the darkest phase in their life and turn over a new leaf. You might not know this, but Robert wasn't Marvel's first choice for Tony Stark in the first 'Iron Man' movie. When the movie was initially being chalked out, Robert was an actor who was not in the good books of many directors and producers. Turns out, he had developed a reputation of being a screw-up along with a history of drug abuse. Quite difficult to believe right? But sadly, it's true. But it was director Jon Favreau who never once doubted Robert's talent and strongly believed in him. He stood his ground and convinced everyone that only Robert could play Iron Man and bring out the true essence of the superhero. When we look through his career graph today, he is the example of a rising phoenix. He is one of the highest paid actors in the world and if reports are to be believed, he is actually getting paid $100 million for 'Avengers: Infinity War'. If that's not success, then what is? Talking about Robert, and why Favreau wanted him to play Tony Stark, he said in an interview to Texas Radio station, “Everybody knew he was talented. Certainly, by studying the Iron Man role and developing that script I realised that the character seemed to line-up with Robert in all the good and bad ways. And the story of Iron Man was really the story of Robert's career.” Tony Stark immediately became a global favourite, not only because of the Iron Man suit but mostly because of his wit and charm and the essence of awesomeness which was brought to life by Robert. So here are 11 of the best quotes by the man himself: © Marvel Studio © Marvel Studio © Marvel Studio © Marvel Studio © Marvel Studio © Marvel Studio © Marvel Studio © Marvel Studio © Marvel Studio © Marvel Studio © Marvel Studio
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