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Found 29 results

  1. The unimaginable is happening in Rajasthan, as yet again the desert state witnesses never-seen-before climatic changes. The city of Sikar in Rajasthan reportedly experienced zero-degree temperature and the news has left many shocked. © Twitter Known for its dry and dusty geography, Rajasthan isn't used to such low temperatures, but recently other parts of the state such as Mount Abu, Pilani, Churu and even Jaipur have seen the mercury dip drastically. © IANS Recently, another small town named Nagaur in Rajasthan received such heavy hailstorm, it almost seemed as if the landscape was covered with layers of snow! Just like Sikar, locals in Nagaur couldn't believe what they were experiencing. © Twitter This is yet another reminder of how climate change is impacting our lives in ways none of us would have predicted until now. The freezing temperature has left the locals and state administration in a state of worry as they fear the worst. © Twitter The state government is trying to help people in need by offering them night shelters, food and blankets to help them survive this cold blast. This is again a reminder that it's high time people took climate change more seriously. View the full article
  2. A cop has become the hero of Rajasthan's Churu district by building a school that he runs for homeless children. The 'Apni Pathshala' school is built near the women's police station at the district's headquarters. Dharamveer Jakhar started with a mission to make homeless children study instead of begging. The brainchild behind the school is for the students to contribute to nation-building someday. © Dharamveer Jakhar Facebook Dharamveer found these kids near the station premises where they used to beg. According to The New Indian Express, Dharamveer said, “When I talked to these kids they told me they don't have parents or any other relatives. Initially, I thought they must be lying but I went to their slums and learned that they were telling the truth. I felt if I don't help them they will waste their entire life begging and started teaching them for an hour every day.” Dharamveer takes the help of two women constables and a few young volunteers who teach at the school. The school has around 450 students today. This wasn't an overnight achievement, it took them four years to reach this far. “We have had more than 450 children study at the school. We got 200 students admitted to government schools and around 90 are studying in classes VI-VIII. We maintain constant communication with them so that they can continue their studies uninterrupted", he said. A van gets students to school and later drops them to the slums. From food to stationery to school uniform, these things are provided free of cost to the students. © Dharamveer Jakhar Facebook "There are many families who come from UP and Bihar to work here. We have motivated their children to study and not to stop once they go back to their native lands. Some children have been allowed to collect garbage as their parents won't allow them to come otherwise. So we decided to let them do it after school. This way at least they get to come," the policeman added. The monthly expenses of school are around Rs 1.5 lakhs and the state government isn't helping much. So, the school depends on campaigns organised by Facebook groups and social media portals. © Dharamveer Jakhar Facebook "With the help of the police, society, and the education department, we can change their lives. These children should have special schools and separate staff to take care of them. They will never come to school on their own and there should be people dedicated to bringing them out of their miseries," he added. The cop believes that government bodies can help these children, even though the government hasn't been able to do much in helping Dharamveer. View the full article
  3. On 12th October, Sanju Samson smashed an unbeaten 212 for Kerala, breaking a slew of records in the Vijay Hazare Trophy clash against Goa. Showcasing his batting abilities, Samson smashed 21 boundaries and 10 sixes while scoring at a strike-rate of over 164. It was the fastest double hundred in Lis A cricket and also the highest individual score in the tournament's history. Samson's blazing knock off just 129 deliveries also saw him going past Abid Ali's record of the highest individual score by a wicket-keeper in the domestic circuit. Thanks to his artistry with the willow, he became the sixth Indian to register a double hundred, joining the likes of Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag, Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan and Karn Kaushal. © Twitter While his batting masterclass, once again, bolstered his case for a national call-up, it also drew plaudits from cricket pundits and fans alike. Noted politician Shashi Tharoor also backed Samson to go all the way and urged the Indian selectors to take note of his latest batting genius. In transit in Frankfurt on the way to the @IPUparliament meeting in Belgrade when i get the news that Thiruvananthapuram's own Sanju Samson has hit 200 in a Vijay Hazare 50 over game! Ten sixes, 20 fours. Don't know if our white-ball selectors were watching?! pic.twitter.com/tnJmf6QNRM — Shashi Tharoor (@ShashiTharoor) October 12, 2019 "In transit in Frankfurt on the way to the @IPUparliament meeting in Belgrade when i get the news that Thiruvananthapuram's own Sanju Samson has hit 200 in a Vijay Hazare 50 over game! Ten sixes, 20 fours. Don't know if our white-ball selectors were watching?!," he wrote on Twitter. Exactly a week after Samson's double hundred and Tharoor's praising tweet, Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise Rajasthan Royals (RR) came up with a clever plan to give the Congress leader a dose of his own medicine. Taking a dig at Tharoor's high-end vocabulary, Royals took a page from his notebook to generate a hilarious response. 5 days late; took us that long to frame it. ð Call us puerile or rodomontade, but in this farrago, the @IamSanjuSamson innings was a pulchritudinous source of amazement. ð https://t.co/9hSa5ug6lf — Rajasthan Royals (@rajasthanroyals) October 17, 2019 "5 days late; took us that long to frame it. Call us puerile or rodomontade, but in this farrago, the @IamSanjuSamson innings was a pulchritudinous source of amazement," the IPL side tweeted. As long as your runs are more than the letters in your words, you will keep us fans of @IamSanjuSamson happy!! Best wishes @rajasthanroyals https://t.co/mL4X0DZKQ4 — Shashi Tharoor (@ShashiTharoor) October 18, 2019 For someone who is famous for his oratory skills, Tharoor would have surely been stumped by Royals' brilliant response. And, that's probably why wordsmith Tharoor was quick to leave a humble response to Royals' witty remark. "As long as your runs are more than the letters in your words, you will keep us fans of @IamSanjuSamson happy!! Best wishes @rajasthanroyals," he tweeted.
  4. We have often heard people say that World War III will be fought over access to drinking water, and as the days go by, it seems more and more likely that this prediction will come true. Sooner or later, people across the world will be fighting over every glass of drinking water if the situation is not brought under control at the earliest. However, it seems a Rajasthan village is already facing the wrath of nature wherein owing to extreme weather conditions, the residents of Parasampura village have started keeping their limited supply of drinking water under lock and key. © ANI The news came to light after an ANI report shared how the villagers have come up with a bizarre solution of keeping their water containers locked to prevent theft of drinking water. At a place where even water tankers visit only once in ten days, the villagers have no option but to ration their drinking water and guard it with their lives. A resident even compared the blessing of having clean drinking water to be as valuable as gold and silver. Bhilwara: Residents of Parasrampura village in Hurda collect water in a drum & keep it locked to prevent stealing of water; say, "water tankers comes on a gap of 10 days. Water has become more precious to us than gold & silver, so we keep it locked." #Rajasthan pic.twitter.com/H2ZuckZib8 — ANI (@ANI) June 3, 2019 Yesterday, Rajasthan recorded astonishingly high temperatures with the mercury touching 50-degrees-Celsius in certain areas. We suppose it's high time we acknowledge our privileges, do our bit to save water and stay clear of exploiting natural resources before it's too late.
  5. The head coach of the Indian Premier League franchise Rajasthan Royals, Paddy Upton, is known for his work on understanding the mental condition of the athletes from all over the world and finding solutions to get them out of whatever sort of mental illness they may be suffering through. Holding prestigious certifications in sports science and sports psychology, Upton is regarded as a respectable man in the cricket fraternity, who even worked with the Men in Blue to improve the mental conditioning of the players present in the dressing room. In his new book called 'The Barefoot Coach', Upton talks about different mannerisms of the players and puts forward unique ways of providing assistance to these athletes in making them perform better on the field. © Reuters However, in one particular passage in the book, Upton touches upon former Indian opener Gautam Gambhir and despite the fact that he was one of the most successful cricketers of his time who provided loads of glorious moments for Team India, called him “one of the weakest and mentally most insecure”. Upton wrote: “I did some of my best and least effective mental conditioning work with Gambhir, the International Test Cricketer of the Year in 2009. He would be in mental agony about losing his wicket and about needing to fix things. He was so riddled with insecurities, doubts, and vulnerabilities. He was one of the most negative people I have ever worked with.” Having being called mentally insecure, the cricketer turned politician responded to Upton's analysis with utmost class and grace. “I don't see anything sinister with what Paddy wrote. He is a top guy and I see this as his personal opinion,” India Today quoted Gambhir. “He just missed two important things: firstly, he didn't state all the other facts and secondly, he failed to explain the perspective. Anyone would like to have a guy who is not satisfied with his current achievements.” “So, in short, I wasn't satisfied with a 100 and wanted to have more.” © Reuters There is no doubt that Gambhir was highly critical of his performance much like a lot of athletes who talk about their negatives just to make themselves better and improve those specific parts of their game. Even internationally, athletes like Kobe Bryant and Cristiano Ronaldo have been found criticising themselves for missing that game-winner shot or being sloppy on capitalising on a goal-scoring opportunity. So, maybe calling Gambhir all of that was probably uncalled for. However, Gambhir managed to handle it like a champ.
  6. With 40 matches already played in the tournament so far, the 2019 edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) has witnessed almost everything. From the controversial 'Mankading' episode, brilliant batting performances to majestic bowling spells, there has been no shortage of excitement or entertainment in the ongoing season. But, while many players have garnered praise for their exploits on the field, some have been laughed upon for their mediocre show. The likes of Stuart Binny and Ben Stokes became the latest addition to the latter list. During Delhi Capitals' six-wicket win over Rajasthan Royals, both Binny and Stokes found themselves entangled in a comedy of errors which, in turn, made them the butt of all jokes on the social media. Chasing a tricky total of 191 runs, Delhi needed 17 runs off 12 balls with Rishabh Pant and Colin Ingram at the crease. On the fourth delivery of Jofra Archer's over, Pant went for a tennis-like cross-court swat by could only manage to lob the ball in the air towards square leg. With the ball landing safely, Pant surely got away with his erratic shot, but what followed later was nothing short of a comedy show. https://t.co/xAp3LHNNmg — Cricket Junkie (@JunkieCricket) April 23, 2019 Guarding the square-leg boundary, Binny came running in to field the ball, but rather than collecting it, he ended up misjudging the spin on it before getting wrong-footed. With Binny down on the ground, Stokes tried to save his side the blushes by chasing the ball and sliding to collect it. But the Englishman couldn't control it in his hands as the ball wriggled free of his grasp right at the moment he was positioning himself to fire in a throw. What ideally should have been a single, eventually resulted in three key runs for Delhi. Following the comedy of errors, Stokes was seen slapping his leg in disappointment and sporting a sheepish smile. The incident attracted all sorts of reactions from the cricket fans on the social media, with many labelling Binny and Stokes as the "original comedy duo". pmsl Stuart Binny and Ben Stokes. the original comedy duo — The Big Show (@ravi_layer) April 22, 2019 Stuart Binny: Yeh karke dikhao. Ben Stokes: Yeh karke dikhao. #RRvDC — Tanuj Mittal (@SunkenHands) April 22, 2019 It would only have been marginally better if Stokes had thrown it for four — JT (@jft158) April 22, 2019 India's Ben Stokes and England's Stuart Binny producing fielding comedy for the ages there. #RRvDC #IPL2019 — Vinayakk (@vinayakkm) April 22, 2019 Imagine having played cricket your whole life & not knowing it spins on the second bounce. Competition is a farce. — Ryan Alex (@Major_Hank) April 22, 2019 A fielding comedy show on-field via @ipl — jha mohit (@mohitjha19999) April 23, 2019 What was that... Aaila dew..ð at Jaipur@benstokes38 & Stuart Binny@IPL#RRvDC #IPL2019 #VIVOIPL — Ankit Kumar (@kitomania09) April 22, 2019
  7. “IPL performance will not dictate the selection process for the upcoming ICC World Cup,” said the Board of Control for Cricket in India about a month before the team was supposed to be finally announced and we have got to give it to them that despite some pretty bombastic innings played by a lot of Indian cricketers during the month and a half long tournament, the selectors have stuck to their performances only in the ODI format of the game. Having said that, a lot of people were already sceptical about the fact that the Roorkee-born Rishabh Pant was dropped from the list of Top 15 Men in Blue who will go on to represent the nation in the tournament and after his heroic innings in partnership with the Delhi Capitals opener, Prithvi Shaw against Steve Smith's Rajasthan Royals, his fans had an excuse to get on BCCI's tail. Backed by the stability provided by the 19-year-old Shaw on the other side of the batting pitch Pant was given the green light to go all out and hit big shots for his side. Scoring 78 off 36 deliveries, the former wicket-keeper of the Indian cricket team put the rest of the roster on his shoulders and led them to a massive win, showing courage, leadership and the ability to perform under pressure. Boundaries, flair and power-hitting. @RishabPant777 was at his best in #RRvDC! ðª Dilliwalon, which emoji would you use to describe this match-winning knock?#ThisIsNewDelhi #DelhiCapitals pic.twitter.com/Gb7W2fsHKX — Delhi Capitals (@DelhiCapitals) April 23, 2019 Understanding his state of mind after being dropped from the main roster just a few days before the World Cup was to begin, the Capitals' head coach Ricky Ponting and special advisor, Sourav Ganguly really wanted the batsman to have himself a game like this in order to overcome the rejection and focus on the future. Rishabh pant â¦@RishabPant777â© â¦@ParthJindal11â© u deserve this .. u r wow pic.twitter.com/tTYgWrZZpH — Sourav Ganguly (@SGanguly99) April 22, 2019 "What he can only focus on now is win games for the Delhi Capitals. I think there's enough motivation there for him with that, he's talked a lot about wanting to be a successful part of a successful Delhi team. We've got that opportunity now over the next month," Ponting had said earlier this week when he touched upon the topic of Pant's fate with regards to the 2019 World Cup. And now that the 21-year-old had “one of those games”, his fans backed him up and trolled the team selectors at BCCI for letting him go: Woh World Cup ki team announce hoyeli ho, toh usme aur ek player add kar sakte hai kya?? @RishabPant777 #PantsOnFire #RRvDC #IPL2019 #RishabhPant Pant pic.twitter.com/RTPruaCWBd — North Stand Gang - Wankhede (@NorthStandGang) April 22, 2019 BCCI thinking why they didn't include Pant in World Cup squad.#RRvDC pic.twitter.com/frl2gW3ZNL — Kaushik (@Sarcasmm007) April 22, 2019 Rishabh Pant to BCCI selectors after today's innings. #RRvDC pic.twitter.com/qAlPxYYTb9 — Savage ð®ð³ (@CutestFunniest) April 22, 2019 #RRvDC Pant to BCCI for not picking him in world cup squad - pic.twitter.com/qQRAW1I2tl — RAHUL TYAGIð®ð³ð± (@rahulastic) April 22, 2019 Rishabh Pant to BCCI selector #RRvDC pic.twitter.com/IbTh6Xi5nV — prayag sonar (@prayag_sonar) April 22, 2019 My rxn for Indian world cup selector after seeing pant batting #RRvDC pic.twitter.com/g9vT9oGVvW — Chowkidar Mukesh Amrito (@imkamrito) April 22, 2019 RISHABH PANT to the WC Team Selector: ð¥#IPL2019 #RRvDC pic.twitter.com/ps4uXLV3dC — Anupam ð (@Anupam183) April 22, 2019 Rishabh Pant to BCCI. #RRvDC pic.twitter.com/8HJnag906s — Bollywood Gandu (@BollywoodGandu) April 22, 2019 Rishabh Pant to @BCCI @rajasthanroyals #RRvDC pic.twitter.com/m94oOTArX3 — Nayan (@nayan2chaudhari) April 22, 2019 This Rishabh Pant innings was dedicated to BCCI selectors. Amazing Performance. #RRvDC #DCvRR — Godman Chikna (@Madan_Chikna) April 22, 2019 Pant to BCCI :thukra ke mera pyaar mera intaqaam dekhegi #RRvDC pic.twitter.com/RsrK0aWh50 — nishant vadhiað®ð³ (@nishant_vadhia) April 22, 2019 .@BCCI now: looking at the way Rishabh Pant & DK are playing in this IPL! pic.twitter.com/t0fFN6TZCL — ‎Ù (@RealSatz) April 23, 2019
  8. “With great power comes great responsibility,” a statement then said in Spiderman but off-lately moulded by Ajinkya Rahane. Given the responsibility to lead Rajasthan Royals in Indian Premier League 2019, Rahane was bestowed with a lot of belief by his management. Not performing since the beginning of the tournament, the Mumbai lad failed to lead as a captain and also as he lost four games out of the six until he was replaced by Steve Smith in the match against Mumbai Indians. But as soon as Rahane the captain was relieved from his skipper duty, it gave room for Rahane the batsman to outshine and play more freely. In Monday's game against Delhi Capitals, the right-hander once again showed his class by batting all throughout the innings and scoring a flamboyant hundred. His total of 104 off mere 63 deliveries consisted of 11 boundaries and three well-timed sixes. View this post on Instagram 7 years on, @ajinkyarahane celebrates another #VIVOIPL ton for @rajasthanroyals ð #RRvDC A post shared by IPL (@iplt20) on Apr 22, 2019 at 8:56am PDT This was his second ton in the IPL, seven years after his first against Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2012. But we guess no matter who captains the Royals, they just can't win until they stop dropping crucial catches and the misfields during the game. Another fifty by Shikhar Dhawan and a magnificent knock by Rishabh Pant at the end helped Delhi Past Rajasthan with Rahane's super knock going in vain.
  9. The 2019 edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is already proving to be a scintillating affair. The 39 games in the tournament so far, have been full of exciting duels that have managed to capture the imagination of cricket fans. But, apart from catching all the cricketing action through various mediums, the fans have also relished numerous fantasy sports platforms that continue to garner engagement. While a bit of cash and some bragging rights continue to entice the fans, the rise of fantasy sports platforms has also allowed individuals to test their knowledge of the game and players involved. But, picking the winning team is far more than difficult than it seems. Anyone can pick players on their star value, but those who've found themselves addicted to the fantasy leagues would agree that it requires a careful deliberation of facts, figures and performances of the cricketers before one drafts them in what can potentially become a winning team. With Match 40 of the season pitting Delhi Capitals (DC) against Rajasthan Royals (RR) at the Sawai Mansingh stadium in Jaipur tonight, here's a look at the Dream XI you can pick that to trump your mates and earn some cash in the fantasy sports leagues: Captain & His Deputy © Twitter/@IPL Arguably one of the most difficult decisions to make in the fantasy sports league, picking the right captain and his deputy can undoubtedly make or break your chances. Going into tonight's clash, it will be a big mistake if you appoint anyone other than Kagiso Rabada as captain and Steve Smith as the vice-captain of the team. Undeniably one of the most effective bowlers across formats in international cricket, Rabada has been the bowling spearhead of Delhi this season. The South African has immense knowledge of the game which allows him to read the situations well and, thereon, act accordingly. His consistency will the ball can be ascertained from the fact that he currently leads the list of leading wicket-takers with 21 scalps in 10 games. While Rabada has been pivotal for Delhi, Smith, after a bit of hiccup, seems to have found his form to establish himself as a vital cog in Rajasthan's batting line-up. The Australian batting sensation has amassed 245 runs in eight games so far in the tournament. And, his unbeaten knock of 59 runs in the last game paved way for Rajasthan's five-wicket triumph over Mumbai Indians (MI). The Man Behind The Stumps © Twitter/@IPL When it comes to the wicket-keeping duties in India, none comes close to the stature of MS Dhoni. But, in today's game, the choice of selecting a wicket-keeper between Rishabh Pant and Sanju Samson is quite obvious. There is little doubt over the capabilities of Pant behind the stumps. Dhoni's pupil has been the first-choice keeper for Delhi and continues to prove his worth with the gloves. His lightning-quick glovework led to the end of dangerous KL Rahul and Mandeep Singh in the last game against Kings XI Punjab (KXIP). And, the fact that he is a prolific batsman, further makes him a great addition to your Dream XI. The World Cup snub might have dampened his mood, but make no mistake, Pant will leave no stone unturned to use the ongoing IPL season as a platform to question the Indian selectors over their surprise decision. Jack Of All Trades © Twitter/@IPL Deriving a right mix of all-rounders is another crucial task that can help you rake in the points, and in turn, the moolah. Their ability to make their presence felt in almost all facets of the game make the all-rounders a vital cog in any dream team. So, for tonight's game, a winning dream team must include the likes of Riyan Parag and Axar Patel. The belligerence of 17-year-old Parag turned out to be Rajasthan's mantra of success when he overshadowed Smith during the course of their match-winning partnership against Mumbai in the last match. When it comes to the bowling department, the U-19 World Cup winner's leg-break can also do the trick. While he might not have taken a single wicket in the two games he has played so far, the third youngest player to feature in the IPL should still be a valuable pick for any dream team. If Parag has come into his own for Rajasthan, Patel has been quietly doing the job for Delhi this season. The left-arm spinner has taken six wickets in eight games this season. And, his impressive figures of 2-22 in the last game also contributed in Delhi's five-wicket win over Punjab. Batting down the order, Patel hasn't had many opportunities, but the fact that his strike-rate is 135 and he has slammed six fours and three sixes, proves that he can come in handy with the willow. The Bat-Wielding Warriors © Twitter/@IPL The likes of Smith and Shikhar Dhawan forge a formidable opening pair for any dream team. While Smith looks to build on his form for Rajasthan, Dhawan's rediscovery with the willow has eased the burden on Delhi's middle-order. The Indian opener is currently the leading run-getter for Delhi with 347 runs in 10 games to his name. And, his 41-ball 56 against Punjab proved to be a key contribution for Delhi in the last match. In a bid to bolster the batting line-up, Shreyas Iyer can also prove to be a valuable addition to your dream team, surely boosting the chances of raking in key points. The Delhi skipper possesses all the shots in his armoury and has the capability of taking on any bowling attack. He has amassed 327 runs in 10 games and his unbeaten 58 in the last game against Punjab was pivotal in Delhi's five-wicket triumph. Last, but not the least, Sherfane Rutherford (a wild pick) is the final batsman in our dream team for tonight's game. Often labelled as Guyana's Andre Russell, the 20-year-old might be an unknown commodity in the IPL, but that shouldn't overshadow his ability to hit the ball far and long. The swashbuckling left-hander is an exciting young talent who is rapidly rising through the ranks. Apart from that, Rutherford's medium pace can also help you grab some points. The Bowling Demons © Twitter/@IPL Fire-breathing Rabada leads the bowling attack for our dream team. The South African has made the most of the new ball and has the ability to strike in the middle overs to give Delhi vital breakthroughs. He would be well assisted by Jofra Archer, another bowler who has managed to make the tournament his own with impressive performances. Archer was dealt with a heavy blow after he was snubbed by the England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) for the ICC World Cup. But, just like Pant, Archer would be eager to take in a positive stride and make the most of his time in the IPL this season. In the spin-bowling department, the likes of Sandeep Lamichhane and Shreyas Gopal should have you covered. Both the spinners have done well for their respective sides this season and could help you extract key points in tonight's game. Dream XI: Kagiso Rabada (c), Steve Smith (vc), Rishabh Pant (wk), Riyan Parag, Axar Patel, Shikhar Dhawan, Shreyas Iyer, Sherfane Rutherford, Sandeep Lamichhane, Jofra Archer and Shreyas Gopal.
  10. We don't know what meme pages you follow on social media, but the only ones that truly matter are the official social media accounts of our Police departments across the country. Mumbai Police, of course, is leading the trend with its strong meme game. However, recently other states and cities too are using social media and particularly memes create awareness and connect with the youth and get their attention on subjects that were until now falling on deaf ears. via GIPHY Currently, be it the actors, directors or trolls, everyone is talking about 'Kalank'. So is the Rajasthan Police, but in their own savage way. Since everyone is making and sharing 'Kalank' memes on social media, Rajasthan Police too shared one to promote their anti-drug campaign. © dharma productions They shared a still of Alia Bhatt from the movie along with the dialogue, "Humse zyada barbad koi nahi is duniya mein", and wrote, "Stealing money for buying #Drugs? If yes, then the #Kalank of theft & being a drug addict is going to end your happiness. Stop consuming #Drugs or else they'll consume you. @aliaa08 @karanjohar @Varun_dvn @sonakshisinha @adityaroy @DIPRRajasthan @ashokgehlot51." Stealing money for buying #Drugs? If yes, then the #Kalank of theft & being a drug addict is going to end your happiness. Stop consuming #Drugs or else they'll consume you.@aliaa08 @karanjohar @Varun_dvn @sonakshisinha @adityaroy @DIPRRajasthan @ashokgehlot51 pic.twitter.com/OBz5smrqwV — Rajasthan Police (@PoliceRajasthan) March 26, 2019 Now that's an impressive way to use the dialogue and the meme. In fact, actor Varun Dhawan, who plays Zafar in the movie, too was left impressed with Rajasthan Police's meme and retweeted the same with the message "Say no to drugs." Say no to drugs https://t.co/upBGmvl42P — Varun ZAFAR Dhawan (@Varun_dvn) March 26, 2019 Directed by Abhishek Varman and produced by Karan Johar, 'Kalank' also stars Madhuri Dixit as Bahaar Begum, Sanjay Dutt as Balraj Chaudhry, Alia Bhatt as Roop, Sonakshi Sinha as Satya Chaudhry and Aditya Roy Kapur as Dev Chaudhry.
  11. Rajasthan Royal is the most balanced side you will find in this season of Indian Premier League. From great batsman to some hard-hitting all-rounders and some world class bowlers, they have made sure that they excel in every department, on paper. Now the real task would be to pan out the action plan on the field. RR did taste the success once when the won the inaugural season of IPL in 2008 under the captaincy of Shane Warne. Since then the team has been a part of many controversies, but despite that, they made a good start in last year's IPL, securing the fourth spot by the end of the season. With a perfectly balanced team, it will be interesting to see how Rahane and his boys complete their puzzled combination of players. Here are the top five players who can play a crucial role for RR: Steve Smith Credit: Instagram - Rajasthan Royals One of the finest Australian batsman in the modern day cricket, Steve Smith, is all set to make a comeback to the IPL after the ball-tampering scandal. Being barred from international cricket and IPL for a year has surely given him some personal space to reconnect with himself. And now being back in the RR, he will definitely want to make his presence count by showing his form, and especially when the World Cup is right over the head. Ajinkya Rahane Credit: Instagram - Rajasthan Royals One of the most dependable batsman in the Rajasthan side, Ajinkya Rahane (Jinx) seems all set to take charge of the team. Jinks will once again look forward to entertaining the crowd with his silken touch in the shortest format of the game. Known for being calm, patient and determined on the field, Rahane has now been the backbone of the RR side for many years. Scoring the third highest runs in his team last season, Rahane will be in full swing to guide from the front. Ben Stokes Credit: Instagram - Rajasthan Royals One of the most consistent all rounders in the league, Ben Stokes has worked as two players in one for RR. Filling the shoes of a full-time bowler and adding to the cavalry of the team, Stokes would be a perfect pick for any team. Now playing his second season with the RR, Stoke will be all set to prove his worth and shut his critics. Jaydev Unadkat Credit: Instagram - Rajasthan Royals Once again the costliest buy of the season, Jaydev Unadkat, is bought by the same team who bought him last year, Rajasthan Royals, but this time for a little less than before, Rs. 8.4 crores. He did perform well last season and took 11 wickets for the team but everyone expected more from such a humongous buy. We hope this time Unadkat can stand tall above all and prove his metal. Jofra Archer Credit: Instagram - Rajasthan Royals Jofra Archer was one of the most exciting picks in the VIVO IPL Player Auction 2018. Fetching a cool INR 7.20 crore, Archer proved to be a complete package for RR. Possessing the strength to whack the ball clean and hard, he can also bowl at flashing speed of 150 kph. Being the highest wicket-taker for his side last season(15), Archer will be expected to once again play a crucial role in this season.
  12. Despite being written off as title contenders by the media, Rajasthan Royals set their fans' hearts racing after clinching the Indian Premier League (IPL) trophy in the inaugural season. Under the leadership of Shane Warne, the Jaipur-based franchise went on a rollercoaster ride, winning 11 matches to top the points table before bagging the coveted IPL trophy. But, for a side that had initially set the tone of the tournament, Rajasthan, despite their knack for unearthing obscure, high potential talent has never managed to live up to their reputation of champions. From 2009 to 2012, Rajasthan consistently finished at the bottom half of the points table. In 2013, Rahul Dravid's leadership changed their fortunes as Rajasthan to make the cut for the Play-offs for the first time in four years. After finishing third in the group stage, Rajasthan won the Eliminator against Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) and looked promising in their efforts to reach the final. But, a spirited performance by Mumbai Indians (MI) in 2nd Qualifier saw them crashing out of the tournament. If their heart-breaking loss left fans in disbelief, the infamous spot-fixing scandal that led to the arrest of Rajasthan's S Sreesanth, Ankeet Chavan and Ajit Chandila further dented their reputation. The following seasons saw them finishing fifth and fourth in the points table respectively before their suspension for two years. © BCCL Like Chennai Super Kings (CSK), Rajasthan returned to India's cash-rich T20 extravaganza last season, but couldn't match the heroics of MS Dhoni's men. Ajinkya Rahane-led Rajasthan finished fourth in the points table, but a 25-run loss in the Eliminator at the hands of Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) crushed their dreams. In a bid to push for the title this season, the Royals splurged Rs 13.80 crore at the 2019 IPL Auctions. They roped in Jaydev Unadkat (Rs 8.4 cr), Varun Aaron (Rs 2.4 cr), Oshane Thomas (Rs 1.1 cr), Ashton Turner (Rs 50 lakh), Liam Livingstone (Rs 50 lakh), Shashank Singh (Rs 30 lakh), Riyan Parag (Rs 20 lakh), Manan Vohra (Rs 20 lakh) and Shubham Ranjane (Rs 20 lakh). Jos Buttler's carnage at the top last season - which made him the leading run-getter for Rajasthan with 548 runs to his name - makes him a threat for Rajasthan's opponents this year as well. But, with captain Rahane at the other end boasting of a strike-rate of 118.24 - lowest by any player facing at least 200 balls in the last two editions, Rajasthan will have a mismatch at the top, unless they fix it this time around. © BCCL The availability of Steve Smith is a major boost for Rajasthan this season. He will find adequate support in the likes of Ben Stokes, Sanju Samson, Ashton Turner, Manan Vohra and Rahul Tripathi who are all capable of accelerating the innings for Rajasthan. The pace attack looks good with Jofra Archer, Varun Aaron, Jaydev Unadkat and Dhawal Kulkarni in the fray. The spin-bowling department will probably see the likes of Shreyas Gopal, Ish Sodhi and Krishnappa Gowtham combining for Rajasthan this season. Overall, Rajasthan looks solid on paper. But, the lack of back-up Indian pacers and absence of proven candidates on the bench could hurt Rajasthan's chances this season. Squad: Steve Smith, Ajinkya Rahane (c), Ben Stokes, Sanju Samson (wk), Shubham Ranjane, Ashton Turner, Stuart Binny, Shreyas Gopal, Sudeshan Midhun, Jaydev Unadkat, Ish Sodhi, Prashant Chopra, Mahipal Lomror, Oshane Thomas, Aryaman Birla, Riyan Parag, Dhawal Kulkarni, Jofra Archer, Krishanappa Gowtham, Liam Livingstone, Jos Buttler (wk), Varun Aaron, Shashank Singh, Manan Vohra, Rahul Tripathi.
  13. Following their one-year suspensions in lieu to the 2018 ball-tampering scandal, Steve Smith and David Warner are raring to go for their respective franchises in the twelfth edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL), slated to begin from 23rd March. While Warner has already been seen in a video for Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) fans, Smith got a rousing welcome in the Rajasthan Royals (RR) camp. The picture you all have been waiting to see for so long! @stevesmith49 is back ð On a scale of 1 - #HallaBol, how excited are we Royals? pic.twitter.com/B7LtNcjI3x — Rajasthan Royals (@rajasthanroyals) March 17, 2019 The Australian batting sensation was seen arriving in the Rajasthan camp, sporting a yellow turban and holding a placard that read: "Halla Bol Steve". Smith's photograph was later shared on Twitter by Rajasthan Royals with a caption: The picture you all have been waiting to see for so long! @stevesmith49 is back. On a scale of 1 - #HallaBol, how excited are we Royals?". After staying away from international cricket, Smith will be eager to come good for Royals in the upcoming season of the IPL in a bid to remain in contention for the ICC World Cup slot in the Australian team. Reuters He was supposed to lead the Royals last season, but the infamous ball-tampering saga in South Africa led to his suspension and, in turn, an unceremonious exit from India's cash-rich Twenty20 (T20) league. In his absence, India's Test vice-captain Ajinkya Rahane was seen taking over the reins as captain and eventually leading Rajasthan to the playoffs last season. A thrilling contest between defending champions Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) will kickstart the twelfth edition of the IPL on 23rd March. On the other hand, Rajasthan will begin their campaign when they take on Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) on 25th March.
  14. Ever since, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) announced the schedule for the first phase of the twelfth edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL), the excitement amongst cricket fans and buzz on the social media is peaking at an all-time high. The opening clash between Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) has already garnered a lot of attention as it pits two of the biggest cricketers MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli against each other. If the fans have been busy placing bets on their favourite teams, the franchises, themselves, aren't shying away from taking a dig at each other. As soon as the BCCI announced the schedule for the upcoming season, Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) tried to troll Rajasthan Royals (RR) with a cheeky tweet ahead of their clash on 25th March in Jaipur. Feeling Pink aren't we, @rajasthanroyals? Let's hope an encounter with us in our #IPL2019 opener doesn't leave you red-faced ð¤­#LivePunjabiPlayPunjabi #VIVOIPL #IPL2019SCHEDULE pic.twitter.com/iHnyFrUnQ5 — Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) February 19, 2019 Taking to Twitter, Punjab wrote: "Feeling Pink aren't we, @rajasthanroyals? Let's hope an encounter with us in our #IPL2019 opener doesn't leave you red-faced". While the tweet garnered mixed reactions from the fans, it also evoked a befitting response from Rajasthan. Hey @lionsdenkxip, we'll save you the blushes, considering you've never won in Jaipur. History is quite comforting, isn't it? 𤭠#HallaBol https://t.co/8ChU37ItDe — Rajasthan Royals (@rajasthanroyals) February 19, 2019 Stressing on Punjab's dismal form in Jaipur, Rajasthan reminded their rivals: "Hey @lionsdenkxip, we'll save you the blushes, considering you've never won in Jaipur. History is quite comforting, isn't it?". Jokes apart, both Rajasthan and Punjab have struggled to live up to the expectations in the past few years. While Punjab are yet to lift the IPL trophy, Rajasthan have not been their usual best when Shane Warne guided them to the title in 2008. Last season, too, was no different for these two sides. While the Rajasthan-based franchise finished fourth with 14 points, Punjab had to contend with a sixth-place finish owing to 12 points in 14 games last season. However, given their smart buys at the auctions last December, the two sides will be eager to put their best foot forward with an improved showing this season.
  15. We wreak havoc when our pizza is not delivered within 30 minutes. We make a gazillion calls to the delivery guy, just to check where he is when we get a message that "your food is arriving in 20 minutes." In short, we take our food delivery orders very seriously, more than anything else in life. Well, looks like so does Swiggy. Even if it means delivering food from Rajasthan to a man sitting in Bengaluru, in just 12 minutes. via GIPHY The legendary proof of the same was shared by Bhargav Rajan on Twitter. Bhargav ordered from a restaurant in Bengaluru, but Swiggy detected it as an order coming from a restaurant in Rajasthan. So what's next? In case you think the order was cancelled, you're wrong. The order was not only accepted, but it even showed that the food will be delivered in 12 minutes. Wow @swiggy_in what are you driving? pic.twitter.com/0MlL1cxbZ2 — Bhargav Rajan (@bhargavrajan) February 17, 2019 Seriously! What is the delivery guy driving to cover this ridiculous distance in 12 minutes? Bhargav shared the hilarious incident with the caption "Wow Swiggy, what are you driving?" What's more, the delivery guy was travelling from one state to another to deliver the food was for Rs. 138. People were left in splits after looking at the picture and started trolling Swiggy for their delivery service that is probably faster than Usain Bolt. When you order north indian food the food is from north India.. that's swiggy for you... — à®à¯à®à®¿à®³à®©à¯ (@googlethalai) February 18, 2019 Ask them to pick me up too. — â¤ï¸ð (@tanjorean) February 17, 2019 Looks like they hv tied up with ISRO too... — Urban à¤à¤¤à¥à¤¸à¤µ âð¦ (@Buntea) February 18, 2019 But, Swiggy had the perfect reply for all those people who doubted their services. We'll fly to the moon and back for our customers! ð#Anythingforourcustomers ^Zyn pic.twitter.com/vFaTM1RDiH — SwiggyCares (@SwiggyCares) February 18, 2019 This seems to be the work of God of mischief Loki ð In all seriousness, we have highlighted this issue and taken it very seriously and are actively working on to avoid such mishaps in the future. Thank you for bringing this to light for us Hyperion ð Bon appetite! — SwiggyCares (@SwiggyCares) February 17, 2019
  16. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas' spectacular wedding in Udaipur was straight out of a fairytale. A grand palace, a queen waiting for her king, guests dancing around the couple and basically all the joy in the world embedded in one spot. The wedding was what dreams are made of. View this post on Instagram Once upon a fairytale... @nickjonas Link in bio @people A post shared by Priyanka Chopra Jonas (@priyankachopra) on Dec 4, 2018 at 7:12am PST Rajasthan has been a hot spot for lavish weddings and the recent grand celebrity wedding has revived the craze for Indians wanting to call in their New Year with a bang, amidst the grandeur of a gorgeous palatial hotel and maybe peacocks dancing for company. However, this sudden rise of demand has obviously affected the supply and now, the surge in the prices of the average hotel room in a luxurious property is actually off the lid. In fact, a night at the Lake Palace in Udaipur can cost you around 11 lakhs! © TOI As per the latest report in TOI, there is more than a 40% jump in prices for spending 31st December at a luxury property. However, these tariffs do have takers as well because the people who are spending their money want a luxurious experience and money is not a major criterion. But, in case you were planning to flock to the gorgeous state then maybe your budget needs a revision. Anyway, guys, it matters not where you call in the New Year, it matters with whom you call in the New Year. Right?
  17. We all would consider most of our current politicians and ministers, umm let's just say, as not the smartest of the lot. Honestly, we don't even expect them to know everything and actually think before talking, but people in power in our country still manage to disappoint us somehow. That's hilarious and all for sure, but it doesn't seem that funny when you realize how influential these people can be for a lot of people in our country, and how gullible some people are. The tendency of so many people to just blindly believe and follow their 'leaders' is nothing short of dangerous. But, the huge and hilarious f**k-up recently by Rajasthan's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) President Madan Lal Saini will not – and should not – die down peacefully. His recent statement was further proof of how severely clueless these people in power actually are and well, who doesn't like to make fun of people doing and saying stupid things? Everyone is aware of the alarming rise in cases of lynching recently, all on the account of suspicion over cow smuggling. Talking about that at a recent press conference, the state BJP Chief totally derailed his entire argument, all thanks to one, hilarious factual error. Are you ready for the best thing to come out of a clueless politician's mouth? Here it is: “When Humayun was dying, he called Babur and told him, 'If you want to rule Hindustan, you must keep three things in mind- respect cows, brahmins & women.'” When Humayun was dying, he called Babur and told him, "if you want to rule Hindustan, you must keep three things in mind- respect cows, brahmins & women": Rajasthan BJP President Madan Lal Saini. (24.07.18) pic.twitter.com/ADIscc64vH — ANI (@ANI) July 25, 2018 There's so much to unpack here, so let's take a detour and go on a mini history lesson. First of all, Humayun was Babur's son and Babur actually died 25 years before Humayun. So, yes this conversation is literally not possible. And, second of all, how does he know of any conversation like this? It was never recorded, so yeah, it's even faker than all those 'motivational quotes' that Mahatma Gandhi apparently said. The replies and reactions to this one statement are out of this world, as people couldn't believe that something like this actually happened. Here's a better history lesson, because I'm also as inefficient as our Rajasthan BJP President here. Look at this intellectual!!! Babar died in 1531 itself & Humayun died in 1556. humayun was a babar's son So how come both of them got together? This person must have graduated in entire political science from jio university.#bhaktlogic — The south Indian (@TheSouthIndian_) July 25, 2018 A blockbuster right here. Correct..while kauravs were waiting outside the tent, khiljee was planning to attack Delhi, lord Mountbatten was signing the independence documents. Also, Sikandar Kher was launched in movies. That's called shakha education. — AC (@ACinindia) July 25, 2018 Don't believe everything on the internet, folks! Meanwhile, in a parallel universe powered by WhatsApp University... https://t.co/rQxKK6IW8x — Meghnad (@Memeghnad) July 26, 2018 Did he slide into the DMs? I can vouch for this. Humayun sent a DM to Babur, which was later hacked and leaked to the wikileaks. #ð¯original ð¤¦ð https://t.co/qf4RtojeQT — Bhuvan Bagga (@Bhuvanbagga) July 25, 2018 Totally! When Lal Bahadur Shastri was dying, he called Ravi Shastri and told him " If you want to remain the coach of team India, you would need to do laundry for Kohli" https://t.co/Z1f6JU46SV — Rofl Gandhi (@RoflGandhi_) July 26, 2018 Yes, exactly. And he was only able to do it because Vedic phones had still not been banned by the Mughals. https://t.co/YF7kmQ0o9I — Aunindyo Chakravarty (@AunindyoC) July 26, 2018 The only explanation. Humayun ne isake kaan me bola tha.https://t.co/sPDuSnXObY — Rahul Gandhi (@RahullGandhii) July 25, 2018 Secret CCTV footage. No. He's right. He has CCTV footage of that day https://t.co/9xH01Qj2Tz — रणà¤à¥à¤¤ वà¥à¤¡à¥à¤¸ राबिया (@life_hacker23) July 26, 2018 Yep. Humayun originally called Alexander but his ISD was deactivated owing to excess love jihad. Then they formed a whatsapp group called destroy Hindus with the Pope as admin. Then they caused a drought that created #Rajesthan out of the Indian Ocean. Stop lynching #IndianHistory https://t.co/UWfYKT1iAe — Siddharth (@Actor_Siddharth) July 25, 2018 So typical! Summoned him using an Ouija board. And instead of asking him questions, gave him advice. Typical Humayun. — Vinay Aravind ð· (@vinayaravind) July 25, 2018 Bas mazak hi hai. pic.twitter.com/TTXt1XdA0X — Arun Arora #RYP (@Arun2981) July 25, 2018 Kahaan se aate hai, seriously? Kaun hai ye log, aur kaha se ate hai... pic.twitter.com/zKnMQ53Hk7 — Farhan Honnala ð®ð³ (@smfarhan11) July 25, 2018 He was smoking some good stuff. Was humayun smoking weed and was that how he was able to speak to his father babur who died years ago? https://t.co/H70OGOU4j5 — Wanderlust (@whimsydaisy) July 25, 2018 A Mughal remake is needed now. Apparently the mughals had some seriously interstellar moves going on ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£ https://t.co/OW5RQh02ks — Girija Panigrahi (@PanigrahiGirija) July 26, 2018 Loving the use of the word 'ghanchakkar'. Iss ganchakkar ko koi batao humayun ka baap babur he... Jo Humayun ke marne ke 25 saal pehle marchuka tha.... — Dr Y Ashok Babu (@DrYAshokBabu) July 25, 2018
  18. Every professional athlete, even those who're trying to be one in future, work hard and sweat it out in their own capacity to reach the pinnacle of their respective sport. The likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Virat Kohli, Roger Federer and countless others we've come across have toiled hard to bring the best in themselves. They might have different attitudes and approach but the only thing that's common between them is the fact that they all are winners. You can train all your life and burn yourself to the ground, but it all goes for nothing if you don't grab an opportunity by the scruff of its neck. Whether it's Ronaldo, Kohli or Federer; every successful athlete has proved his/her mettle in tough situations to aid their respective teams. And, that's exactly what separates these greats from the rest of the crop. But, sadly for Stuart Binny, irrespective of the opportunities, the Indian cricketer has failed more often, than not. A hard-hitting middle-order batsman and medium-paced seam bowler, Binny's rich domestic form eventually earned him a Team India call-up. However, despite recording the best bowling figures in an ODI by an Indian bowler (six wickets for four runs against Bangladesh) in 2014, Binny struggled to maintain consistency to eventually run out of favour. Twitter On 23rd May, playing for Rajasthan Royals in the IPL 2018 Eliminator, we weren't surprised to see Binny fail yet again. Coming out to bat with his side facing an uphill battle of chasing 44 runs in 19 balls, Binny had the perfect opportunity to become a hero by saving the day for Rajasthan. But, just like old times, Binny failed and did so miserably. With the run-rate going past 14, Binny and his partner Heinrich Klaasen needed to shift gears quickly. The South African scored three runs off the first three deliveries of the 18th over before giving the strike to Binny. But at a time when his team and fans were expecting him to go big, Binny was flummoxed by 22-year-old Prasidh Krishna. He tried to glance the wide yorker towards the third man on his very first delivery, but missed. Then he went for the pull but misjudged the length that saw him going through his shot way too early, resulting in the second consecutive dot ball. And, his third delivery turned out to be last. Failed to pick the sleight of hand, Binny tried to sweep the dipping slower ball and sent it straight into the palms of Chris Lynn at square leg. BCCI At a time when his team needed him the most, Binny didn't just lose his wicket for a duck, but he did so by wasting three precious deliveries which, in turn, saw the required rate soaring to 20 runs an over. In a chase that looked under control for the greater part of their innings, Rajasthan made an absolute mess before falling short by 25 runs and crashing out of the tournament. Though Binny wasn't the only one to be blamed, the Rajasthan fans couldn't care less while targeting him for the poor show. From being labelled as the 'Uday Chopra of cricket' to questions on his role in the team, here's how cricket fans poked fun at misfiring Binny: Stuart Binny is the Uday Chopra of cricket. #KKRvsRR — Sohini (@Mittermaniac) May 23, 2018 I still don't understand the role of Stuart Binny , does he come to the stadium to play or drop mayanti Langer ?#KKRvRR — Rakesh (@Rakeysh84) May 23, 2018 Meanwhile Mayanti Langer To Lord Stuart Binny. ðð¬ð#KKRvRR #KKRvsRR #WhistlePodu #StuartBinny pic.twitter.com/3NMui8APFT — Sir Ravindra Jadeja (@SirJadejaaaa) May 23, 2018 People of Rajasthan searching for Stuart Binny! #KKRvRR pic.twitter.com/Os6TjPlodj — Manoj Mehra (@ManojMehra2610) May 23, 2018 Stuart Binny is that player jo hum bachpan mai Gully cricket mai "Isko Out mat karna, ball khila isko" kehte the ðð­#KKRvRR — Aman (@humourously_urs) May 23, 2018 Just In : "I scored a duck as a tribute to legendary batsman #ABDevilliers who retired earlier today. As he is known as Mr. 360, I tried to give him a 360 tribute, 36 being my age and 0 being my today's score." - Stuart Binny #KKRvRR (File Pic) pic.twitter.com/fyByxzY2Uv — TIMES HOW (@TiimesHow) May 23, 2018 There are only two types of people who pick Stuart Binny#KKRvRR pic.twitter.com/UyeIkp4Hdv — Saransh Gehlot (@saransh2703) May 23, 2018 There Are Players Like AB de Villiers Who Are Shocking Cricket Fans By Their Decision Of Retirement, Then There's A Legend, Lord Stuart Binny. ðð¬ #KKRvRR #KKRvsRR #RRvKKR #ABdeVilliers — Sir Ravindra Jadeja (@SirJadejaaaa) May 23, 2018 Last biggest achievement of Stuart Binny was to marry Mayanti Langer.#KKRvRR #KKRHaiTaiyaar — Piyush Maheswari (@OnlyMaheswari) May 23, 2018 Stuart Binny Is Totally Replica Of Abhishek Bachan from Bollywood. Both Got a Beautiful Wife without Deserving. Both Got into Movies/ Cricket Because of their Father. Both Are "USELESS" Retweet ðif you Agree.#IPL #VIVOIPL #ABDevilliers #KKRvRR pic.twitter.com/e5Wc69hi6u — Bhadka Hua Santa ð. (@Maffi_Santa_Ji) May 23, 2018 Stuart Binny is the only person in the world who used management quota for getting into a sports team and then used sports quota to get into college. #KKRvRR #IPL2018 — AbhishekBharathkumar (@abhishekbkumar) May 23, 2018 Binny is a useless cricketer..cant bat cant bowl or field..in my team i wont even have him as a 12th player.. thank God he is out! — Sheffali Chugh (@Sheffalee) May 23, 2018 What is Stuart Binny's qualification to play top flight cricket? — iMac_too (@iMac_too) May 23, 2018 #KKRvRR Me(a KKR Fan) while watching Binny bat pic.twitter.com/spWqJeuZja — Kamran (@2weetsToTell) May 23, 2018 And the "thug life" reply of legend Stuart binny..... pic.twitter.com/h9GBtSVm7f — The Chainsmokerðð¤ (@vagabond10001) May 23, 2018
  19. Last night when the match started taking an obvious turn, all Rajasthan Royals fans seemed to have lost hope. Mumbai Indians kept on taking wickets and the chase got harder. With 33 runs pending from just 11 balls, it seemed like not much was left of this game. However, Krishnappa Gowtham proved that he is no less than Batman himself after he hit two sixes and four fours like no one's business. Fans are convinced that Jaipur needs to be renamed as 'Gowtham City'. Needed 38 off 14 balls .. 5 wkts down .. & my boys win it with 2 balls to spare .. !!!!! Go on @rajasthanroyals #ipl2018 #Gowtham — Michael Vaughan (@MichaelVaughan) April 22, 2018 RENAME JAIPUR TO GOWTHAM CITY FOR A DAY #RRvMI — Gabbbar (@GabbbarSingh) April 22, 2018 Gowtham is the Pandora's box that domestic cricket needed so desperately! So the real mystery about Gowtham wasn't his bowling! #RRvMI — Gaurav Kalra (@gauravkalra75) April 22, 2018 this is what I like most about #IPL : people like Krishnappa Gowtham languishing in the anonymity of domestic cricket for six-seven years... with their India dreams almost over at the age of 30 get a chance to shine on a big stage. must be a huge moment for these guys. #RRvMI — Rohit Pradhan (@Retributions) April 22, 2018 Stunning knock by Gowtham. Who would've thought RR would win?! 4th time Mumbai lose in 20th over this IPL. Rohit has lots to ponder over — Cricketwallah (@cricketwallah) April 22, 2018 Also, everyone is feeling a bit sore for the Mumbai Indians who almost won the game. K Gowtham , what a blinder that was. Paisa vasool . This was a much needed victory and @rajasthanroyals have won in style. Heartbreak once again for the Mumbai Indians #RRvMI — Mohammad Kaif (@MohammadKaif) April 22, 2018 Got to feel for MI. That was an absolute blinder from Gowtham. ððð#Ipl2018 — Sanjay Manjrekar (@sanjaymanjrekar) April 22, 2018 Also, Gowtham is Batman in disguise. #RRvMI Gotham gave us Batman. Gowtham gave us Batsman. — Ramesh Srivats (@rameshsrivats) April 22, 2018 Rajasthan is the hero Gowtham deserves. Or maybe the other way round. — Abhishek Mukherjee (@ovshake42) April 22, 2018 Krishnappa Gowtham, take a bow son. Take a bow! What a performance. — Gappistan Radio (@GappistanRadio) April 22, 2018 Let's just hope that Gowtham gets all the right attention that he deserves and we get to see him smash some more records real soon.
  20. A hard-hitting batsman whose equally efficient off-spin makes him a T20 specialist, Krishnappa Gowtham had taken the 2018 Indian Premier League (IPL) auction by storm after drawing a fat pay check of Rs 6.2 crore from Rajasthan Royals who managed to secure his services after a closely-fought bidding war. While the price seemed a bit too much - 31 times his base price of Rs 20 lakh to be exact - for general public, Rajasthan were well aware what they had achieved after shelling out that kind of money. Gowtham's terrific defensive bowling performances and batting prowess for Karnataka in the Syed Mustaq Ali Trophy ahead of the players' auction was the prime reason why Rajasthan wanted him so badly. However, running amok in the domestic circuit is one thing, but making a mark in the ever-competitive IPL is an altogether different ball-game - something Gowtham learned the hard way. Despite getting a chance to feature for Rajasthan in every game, the 29-year-old struggled with both the bat and ball in the early games. BCCI If his batting scores of 0, 2*, DNB, 12 and 1 cut him a sorry figure, the fact that Gowtham's took just three wickets while conceding 113 runs in 13 overs he bowled in the first five games for Rajasthan further added to his woes. But, just when everyone was beginning to wonder if he was actually worth the price tag, Gowtham silenced the naysayers with his match-winning 11-ball 33 against Mumbai Indians (MI). After finishing at 0-20 off three overs with the ball, the right-hander found a perfect opportunity to showcase his batting prowess and justify his big-bucks tag. With Rajasthan needing 43 runs off 17 ball, Gowtham walked out in the middle, facing an uphill task to get his side over the line. Facing Mustafizur Rahman's ever cunning variations, Gowtham knocked the ball around, rotating the strike for a couple of deliveries. On his third ball, the right-hander muscled the good length delivery towards the leg side for a six. He continued his barrage with another four on the very next ball after getting it past the wicket-keeper. With the equation down to 28 runs off 12 balls, Jofra Archer - who was making his IPL debut - gave Rajasthan the perfect to the 19th over after smacking Jasprit Bumrah for a boundary on the very first ball. Building on Archer's start, Gowtham smashed two more boundaries in the over to make it 10 runs off six deliveries for his side. BCCI Gowtham knew it was him against Hardik Pandya after Archer was dismissed off the first ball of the final over. Taking the attack to the opposition, he then sliced a wide yorker past short third man for four, leaving Royals with six runs to get off four balls. On the next ball, he drove the full delivery to cover and refused the run, even though it would have taken Royals closer to the target. He was aware the run would have given No. 9 Jaydev Unadkat the strike. Instead, Gowtham backed his ability and smashed the next ball over midwicket for a six to seal a thrilling turnaround win. Rajasthan snatched a thrilling three-wicket win from the jaws of a certain defeat. Mumbai, on the other hand, succumbed to yet another loss in a game that was well within their grasp until the death-overs jitters ruined their chances. Rajasthan scored 43 runs in their 16 balls - the second-most runs scored in the last three overs to beat Mumbai in a chase. And, major credit for that feat goes to Gowtham for his brilliant batting display. BCCI "On top of the world. I had a decent first-class season with the bat. My captain said 'believe', and that's what I did. No nerves on turning the single down. Just needed six off three balls, one good hit, that's all I was thinking." Gowtham said in a post-match interview. Given his exploits with the bat, there was no surprise to see him rule the social media with plaudits raining in from fans and pundits alike. He's been a fantastic buy for #RajasthanRoyals, this Krishnappa Gowtham. He'd been tracked by quite a few franchises and showed his value today. 33(11)!! — Harsha Bhogle (@bhogleharsha) April 22, 2018 You little ripper @gowthamyadav88 Well done buddy - just awesome to watch & congrats to all the @rajasthanroyals boys - we never ever give up ! So proud of you all !!!! See you in a few days ! — Shane Warne (@ShaneWarne) April 22, 2018 What temperament and presence of mind, Krishnappa Gowtham! #yellove to you! ðð¦ Anothet incredible last over thriller to end the Sunday! #WhistlePodu — Chennai Super Kings (@ChennaiIPL) April 22, 2018 Krishnappa Gowthamð¥ð¥ð¥ — ian bishop (@irbishi) April 22, 2018 Krishnappa Gowtham, take a bow son. Take a bow! What a performance. — Gappistan Radio (@GappistanRadio) April 22, 2018 Krishnappa Gowtham has done in 11 balls what Jos Buttler hasn't been able to do in 3 years. — Shanky (@CricAussieFan) April 22, 2018
  21. Wicketkeeper-batsman Klaasen made his one-day and T20 debut against India in FebruaryNEW DELHI: South Africa´s Heinrich Klaasen on Monday replaced Australia´s scandal-tainted captain Steve Smith in the Indian Premier League´s Rajasthan Royals...
  22. Australia?s Steve Smith has stepped down as captain of Indian Premier League side the Rajasthan Royals following the ball-tampering scandal in South Africa, the franchise said on Monday. MUMBAI: Australia?s Steve Smith has stepped down as captain of Indian Premier League side the Rajasthan Royals following the ball-tampering scandal in South Africa, the franchise said on Monday. Smith was stripped of the Australian captaincy on Sunday and suspended for one test match by the International Cricket Council (ICC) after admitting conspiring to tamper with the ball during the third test against South Africa in Cape Town. He was due to captain Royals in this year?s IPL but has been replaced by India?s Ajinkya Rahane. In a statement, the Royals said Smith believes ?it?s in the best interest of the Rajasthan Royals that he steps down as captain so the team can get ready for the start of the IPL without the ongoing distractions.? Smith re-joined Royals for this year?s competition having previously played for them between 2014-15, with the side having paid $1.07 million for his services. ?The incident in Cape Town has certainly disturbed the cricketing world,? Zubin Bharucha, the franchise?s head of cricket, said. ?We have been in constant touch with the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) and taken their counsel. Furthermore, we have been in regular contact with Steve.? Smith confessed on Saturday that he and a leadership group in the Australia team had hatched a plan at lunch on the third day of the test at Newlands to alter the condition of the ball. Australia?s opening batsman Cameron Bancroft, who was caught on camera attempting to carry out the plan, was handed three demerit points and a 75 percent fine of his match fee but escaped a ban. ?We agree with Steve?s decision to step down as captain, and we are fortunate to have such a capable successor with Ajinkya Rahane,? said Manoj Badale, the co-owner of Rajasthan Royals. ?It is important that all cricket fans retain a balanced perspective on the situation. What happened in South Africa was clearly wrong, especially given that it appears to have been pre-meditated. ?That said, this will be a difficult time for Steve as well, given how much he cares about the game.?
  23. One of the most consistent and popular batsman of his generation, Steve Smith has undoubtedly come a long way to rule batting charts in international cricket. If his artistry with the willow has enthralled fans, Smith's leadership skills has allowed Australia to scale new heights in the sport. For a cricketer who is usually in the news for his impeccable cricketing skills, Smith, in the past few days, has thronged the social media for all the wrong reasons. The Australian captain's shambolic role in Cameron Bancroft's disreputable act at the Newlands has now made him cricket's latest pantomime villain. FULL VIDEO OF @cbancroft4#BALLTAMPERING. There is no doubt. From the yellow item down the trousers to @darren_lehmann sending a message on-field GUILTY! @officialcsa@ESPNcricinfo@icc BAN AND FINE should have changed ball #savauspic.twitter.com/8LLToUECWa — Neal Collins (@nealcol) March 24, 2018 His actions, that brought disrepute to the gentleman's game, saw him stepping down as Australia's captain with the International Cricket Council (ICC) also slapping a one-match ban and 100 per cent fine on his match fee. "It was a pre-planned move (ball-tampering) concocted by the Australian leadership group over lunch. I'm not proud of what's happened. It's not within the spirit of the game", Smith admitted. "My integrity, the team's integrity, the leadership group's integrity has come into question and rightly so", he added. And, if that wasn't enough to tarnish Smith's reputation, the latest decision of his Indian Premier League (IPL) team Rajasthan Royals only added to his woes. Ahead of the eleventh edition of the IPL, Rajasthan Royals asked the Australian cricketer to step down as their skipper before entrusting Ajinkya Rahane with the responsibility of leading their side this season. "The incident in Cape Town has certainly disturbed the cricketing world. We have been in constant touch with the BCCI and taken their counsel. Furthermore, we have been in regular contact with Steve,” Zubin Bharucha, a Rajasthan Royals official, claimed. Rajasthan Royals appoint @ajinkyarahane88 as the captain for #IPL2018 “The game is bigger than any individual and we hold this thought close to our heart.”- Manoj Badale , the co-owner of Rajasthan Royals Read more: https://t.co/qBQbgUFb2upic.twitter.com/iy3sMVWlc1 — Rajasthan Royals (@rajasthanroyals) March 26, 2018 "It's in the best interest of the Rajasthan Royals that he steps down as Captain so the team can get ready for the start of the IPL without the ongoing distractions,” he added. Speaking about Rajasthan's new captain, Bharucha said, “Ajinkya Rahane has been an integral part of the Royals family for a long time now and he understands the culture and values of our team. We have absolutely no doubt that he will be a great leader of the Rajasthan Royals.” “Rajasthan Royals will do everything possible to protect the values and the integrity of the game. We agree with Steve's decision to step down as captain, and we are fortunate to have such a capable successor with Ajinkya Rahane. It is important that all cricket fans retain a balanced perspective on the situation. Congrats rahane And good to see brainfade isn't captain now — Ankit chugh (@ankitchugh5) March 26, 2018 What happened in South Africa was clearly wrong, especially given that it appears to have been pre-meditated. That said, this will be a difficult time for Steve as well, given how much he cares about the game.” said Manoj Badale, the co-owner of Rajasthan Royals. The Royals are making a comeback to India's cash-rich T20 league after serving a two-year ban owing to betting allegations. They had initially appointed Smith as their captain during the mega IPL auction last month. Smith played for Rajasthan in the 2014 and 2015 editions, and was the only player to be retained by the IPL giants ahead of this year's auction. Smith was also the captain of Rising Pune Supergiant and led the team to the final of the IPL in 2017. But, his dream of winning an IPL title as captain was dashed after Pune lost the summit clash to champions Mumbai Indians. Here's how fans reacted to the Rajasthan Royals' decision to replace Smith with Rahane as their new captain: Good decision and ajju bhai deserve it.. all the best... ,ððð — Mohit Daga (@mohitdaga009) March 26, 2018 HELL YEAH!!!ð Very happy with this decision. Congratulations @ajinkyarahane88 sir!ð¤ð¤ With great powers comes great responsibilities and you are someone who can handle these responsibilities very well!⤠I am looking forward to seeing you lead the side. All the very best, sirð — Smriti Sinha (@smritisinha99) March 26, 2018 Was a big fan of smith until that drs thing happend and now this..... Rahane atleast is an honest player ... Will lead better — arjuncool (@ac78618) March 26, 2018 Great decision smith out from captaincy and Rahane back on captaincy #VivoIPL2018 — GAURAV JHA (@imGjha18) March 26, 2018 The much awaited decision, which has sown the element of doubt on whom to support for - CSK or RR!! Jinksy - Class, Pure class ðªðªðª — Somu Kumarasamy (@somu_ks) March 26, 2018 I'm very #happy with this.#Hallabol@rajasthanroyals#boycottsmith — Rohit Prajapat (@viratfanrohit) March 26, 2018 Well Done ðð now @IPL council have to do their job to get out @stevesmith49 from ipl..Ban Steve Smith.. Its A Gentleman Game.we dont need Cheaters to play in our country @ShuklaRajiv Take Strict Action for the spirit of game Alive @BCCI#BallTempering#CheaterSmith — Karan Bhambri (@TheKaranBhambri) March 26, 2018 Good initiative!!! Ban @stevesmith49 from playing this @IPL !!! @SunRisers what is ur stand for @davidwarner31 ??? — Vaibhav Jathar (@vabonnet) March 26, 2018 Great move really happy for jinx.He's class player in all formats of d game — R@kesh Lakade (@Rakesh_Lakade14) March 26, 2018
  24. Ben Stokes/File photo BANGALORE: England allrounder Ben Stokes attracted the highest price of $1.96 million in the early sales at the Indian Premier League (IPL) auction on Saturday, despite uncertainty over his availability. The Rajasthan Royals´ winning bid was $200,000 less than the record price Rising Pune Supergiant paid for him last season. It still topped the early bids, even though it is not certain Stokes will be able to play in the lucrative tournament after he was charged with affray following a fight outside a nightclub in Bristol last year. The 26-year-old is due to appear in court on February 13 after being charged over the incident. The IPL will run from April 7 to May 27. One of the best performers last season, Stokes attracted bids from several franchises in the eight-team Twenty20 league before the gavel finally came down on Rajasthan. The Royals are returning to the competition after a two-year ban for match-fixing. England´s Test captain Joe Root, entering the IPL auction for the first time, failed to attract any bids. West Indian Chris Gayle, one of the IPL´s star performers over the past decade, also went unsold in the first round. Both players can be recalled on the second and final day of the auction. Australian fast bowler Mitchell Starc was snapped up by the Kolkata Knight Riders for $1.47 million, the second-highest price in the early sales. Mitchell Starc The left-arm paceman missed the 2016 edition because of injury, and opted out of the last season. Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin went for $1.19 million to Kings XI Punjab. Punjab also wanted Indian opener Shikhar Dhawan and South Africa skipper Faf du Plessis, but lost both to rival bidders. Sunrisers Hyderabad got Dhawan for $818,000 and Chennai Super Kings claimed du Plessis for $250,000. First held in 2008, the IPL is the world´s richest cricket competition. A total of 578 players are up for auction this season, hoping for lucrative deals after the IPL recently signed a new $2.5-billion media deal.
  25. A scene from ?Padmaavat? Demanding a countrywide ban on the upcoming controversial Indian film ?Padmaavat?, a young man in Rajasthan climbed a 350-feet tall mobile tower with a bottle of petrol on Monday. Brandishing the bottle of petrol, the youth said he would climb down only when the Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh-starrer movie is banned across India. In Rajasthan, protests against the film have intensified ever since the Supreme Court paved way for its countrywide release on January 25. On Sunday, thousands of women brandishing swords took out a ?Chetavani Rally? (warning march) in Rajasthan?s Chittorgarh town, demanding a ban on the film and threatening to do self-immolation (jauhar) if the authorities fail to stop its release. Padmaavat is based on the poem Padmavat, written by Sufi poet Malik Muhammad Jayasi in the 15th century. The ballad narrates the tale of the beautiful Rani Padmini of Chittor (played by Deepika) and Turkish invader Alauddin Khilji's (Ranveer) pursuit of her. The film angered many after the Shree Rajput Karni Sena alleged it distorted historical facts related to the Rajput community. Controversial Haryana BJP leader Suraj Pal Amu, who had quit as party's chief media coordinator in November, had led protests against the film and even offered 10 crore as "reward to behead" Bhansali and the film's lead actor Deepika Padukone. Padmaavat was earlier slated for release on December 1, but the studio had to defer it amid the controversy the film stirred up in sections of the country.
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