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Found 13 results

  1. India's recent results in the Global Hunger Index should raise serious alarm, with a deplorable rank of 102 among 117 countries - ranking the lowest among both BRICS and South Asian countries - Pakistan ranked 94th, while Bangladesh stood at 88th and Nepal took the 73rd spot. © Concern Worldwide/Welthungerhilfe With a score of 30.3, India falls firmly within the 'serious' category of hunger. The GHI score itself is calculated by zeroing in on four different key figures - undernourishment, child wasting, child stunting, and child mortality. © Concern Worldwide/Welthungerhilfe While general trends seem to be improving (except for wasting) according to the report, it is said that for infants in India aged 6 months to 23 months, only 9.6% are fed a 'minimum acceptable diet'. This means that less than 10 percent of the infants in India are properly fed. © Reuters Because of its large population, India's GHI indicator values have an inflated impact on the regional numbers as well. India's child wasting rate is extremely high at 20.8% - the highest wasting rate of any country in this report. © Reuters Hygiene is also a serious issue that remains at large. “Even with new latrine construction, however, open defecation is still practiced,” the report reads. “This situation jeopardises the population's health and consequently, children's growth and development as their ability to absorb nutrients is compromised.”
  2. Indians love their booze and appreciate the kind of 'high' the golden-mahogany liquids are capable of inducing. Hardcore Indian guzzlers do not believe in discriminating between theke ka daaru desi (remember this track from 'Cocktail'?) and classy IMFL liquor served at fancy bars and restaurants. From the throat-burning shots of liquor to the lighter ones that glide easily and warm us up, most Indians will say yes to any, and every boozy option out there. © Getty Images Yet, even though Indians love to brag about their drinking skills, according to The Global Drug Survey held recently, it seems that India still has to work hard to be amongst the top 5 drunkest countries in the world. As per the results of the recent survey released by London, which is also known as the League of Shame, it showed that the United Kingdom is the drunkest country in the world, while India stands in the sixth position. © Rajkumar Hirani Films According to the survey, the British get drunk 51.1 times a year, which is at least once a week, whereas Indians get drunk 41 times a year, which is almost once a week. At the second position is United States (50.3), followed by Canada (47.9) and Australia (47.4). Many South American countries were seen to be drinking least predominantly. © Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment Talking about the UK's lead in the survey, Adam Winstock, the founder of the survey and a consultant addiction psychiatrist told Hindustan Times that, “We get told too much is bad, and it is, but current guidelines fail to accept the pleasure of intoxication and give a little guide on the difference between being a little drunk and a lot drunk, and doing it three to four times a year versus weekly.” We wonder how Indians will take their ranking in something they love to indulge in, and believe they are actually good at.
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  4. 'Dangal' has continuously been living up to its name and the movie has been smashing records left and centre ever since its grand release catapulted it to a worldwide success. The movie has turned out to be the biggest blockbuster release in China and the fact that it made more than $300 million soon after its much coveted release there, speaks a lot about the thunderous response it garnered. Another feather has been added in the successful cap of 'Dangal' with the movie now enjoying the position of the No.1 rank on the IMDB charts. © UTV The movie traces the story of Mahavir Phogat and his daughters, Geeta and Babita. The movie stars Aamir Khan, Sakshi Tanwar, Sanya Malhotra. The fact that a Bollywood movie is roaring in China explains that when a story is told perfectly, it strikes a chord everywhere, regardless of the culture because emotions have no language. Besides China, the movie was a huge hit in many other countries, namely the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, and Taiwan.
  5. KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) is considering a change in the local government system ranks in the provincial capital in light of the disappointing handling of post-rain situation in the city. At least 13 dead as rain batters Karachi; Army contingents deployed for assistance The highest rainfall was recorded in Nazimabad at over 130mm Sources in MQM-P told Geo News that the party is holding discussions for new names for the offices of mayor, deputy mayor, chairman and vice-chairman. The party leadership has also sought reports on the performance of all districts. At least 13 people, including four children, died after the metropolis was battered with heavy rainfall last week which saw Army contingents being deployed to assist in rescue efforts. The northern areas of Karachi were the worst affected, with rainwater flooding homes and other structures in low-lying areas. Akhtar says no quick solution to Karachi drainage, laments Sindh govt?s apathy ?Karachi needs a new sewage system, the present system has been completely destroyed,? Akhtar said The downpour not only resulted in closing down of around 90 per cent of the city's markets but also led to a halt in traffic on the link road of National Highway and Super Highway as the Goods' Transport Association decided its vehicles would stay put till the situation improves. Traders suffered losses worth Rs100 million, according to All Karachi Trade Union Chairman Ateeq Mir. Blaming the government, he said that the losses occurred due to the local government being woefully unprepared.
  6. The World Health Organization published a new classification of antibiotics on Tuesday that aims to fight drug resistance, with penicillin-type drugs recommended as the first line of defence and others only for use when absolutely necessary. The new "essential medicines list" includes 39 antibiotics for 21 common syndromes, categorised into three groups: "Access", "Watch" and "Reserve". Drugs on the "Access" list have lower resistance potential and include the widely-used amoxicillin. The "Watch" list includes ciprofloxacin, which is commonly prescribed for cystitis and strep throat but "not that effective", WHO Assistant Director-General for Health Systems and Innovation Marie-Paule Kieny told reporters. Its use should be "dramatically reduced", the WHO said. "We think that the political will is there but this needs to be followed by strong policies," Kieny said. In the "Reserve" category antibiotics such as colistin should be seen as a last resort. That prompts questions about how producers of such antibiotics could make money, said Suzanne Hill, WHO's Director of Essential Medicines and Health Products. "What we need to do is stop paying for antibiotics based on how many times they are prescribed, to discourage use. We don't want colistin used very frequently. In fact we don't want it used at all," Hill said. "What we need to do as a global community is work out how we pay the company not to market colistin and not to promote it and to keep it in reserve." The WHO classification takes into account the use of antibiotics for animal health use, and was developed together with the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organisation and the World Organisation for Animal Health. Other changes to the list included the addition of two oral cancer treatments, a new pill for hepatitis C that combines two medicines, a more effective treatment for HIV, and new paediatric formulations of medicines for tuberculosis. But the WHO also said Roche's well-known flu drug oseltamivir, marketed as Tamiflu, may be removed from the list unless new information supports its use in seasonal and pandemic influenza outbreaks. "There is an updated data set compared to when the committee evaluated this product last, and what that suggests is that the size of the effect of oseltamivir in the context of pandemic influenza is less than previously thought," Hill said. But oseltamivir was the only listed antiviral, and was still useful for pregnant women and patients with complications, so the drug should be restricted to the most critical patients, she added.
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  9. India has yet again proved its mettle in front of the world and we aren’t surprised anymore because we already know by now that we guys are awesome. While you might smell narcissism brewing in our words, we can’t help but bask in the glory of the latest feather that India has added in its already heavy cap of achievements. A report has been released recently that lists the world’s best countries and India ranks 25th. © Pixabay The report has been published by U.S. News in partnership with Y&R’s BAV and Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. The main discussion point were major events like Trump’s electoral victory and Brexit that turned the tables around, influencing the rankings for several countries including the U.S., U.K., Japan, Germany and India among others. © Pixabay Leaving every other country behind, Switzerland rules the world in the first position followed by Canada, U.K., Germany and Japan at the second, third, fourth and fifth positions. What’s surprising was that India managed to beat countries like Russia, Greece, Israel, and Saudi Arabia to grab the 25th position. However, taking last year’s report into consideration, India actually dropped from its previous spot (number 22). There were a lot of parameters that were taken into consideration while ranking the countries like whether they are open for business, citizenship, quality of life, entrepreneurship, education, literacy, cultural influence, and tourism. © Max Pixel In the breakdown of India’s overall achievements – India was ranked 4th in the category of ‘Best countries to start a business’, 14th in the category of ‘Most influential countries’, 19th in ‘Most forward-looking countries’ section, 33rd in ‘Best countries to travel alone’ and 5th in ‘Best countries for heritage’. What’s more, it ranked 3rd in ‘Best countries to study abroad’ which means that our education system is leaving a mark on the world. So let’s give ourselves a big hand. Source: U.S. News
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  11. If you have tried every internet connection that exists in your area, changed cities and ISPs but the speed still remains an issue, then it’s not you who is jinxed, but the internet in the country is flawed. As per the latest records, India’s cyber stability is pretty meek. Our country ranks at 96th in terms of downloading speed in the world, and in terms of bandwidth availability, we are at a sad 105. Can you imagine that? In one of the biggest tech industries in the world, the internet isn’t up to speed (pun intended). © Wikimedia At a time when we’re aiming to go cashless, how do you expect the nation to function if the internet connectivity is pathetic? The shocker is that we are behind Nepal and Bangladesh, in terms of internet speed. Talking about cyber crime, India is ranked at number 6. South Korea, China, Malaysia, Sri Lanka are far more advanced in terms of bandwidth efficiency. What a sad state to be in! If you truly want to test a man’s patience, let him browse the net with a slow connection.
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  13. Welcome to fundayforum Ranks in Fundayforum.com will be increase post by post. Here are the details of Levels increasing after how many post/comments contents. First few Levels level would be increase after few Contents so start your post and get highest levels in Fundayforum.com Lets see who get highest level here.
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