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Found 24 results

  1. It's a huge day for space nerds today! In fact, it's a day to be celebrated across the globe because NASA has officially confirmed that its Perseverance Rover has landed on Mars successfully. It's a big deal because this particular rover is going to be vital to learning the possibility of life on Mars. All eyes were peeled last night on social media and on NASA's live feed as the Perseverance Rover was attempting to land on Mars. We're talking about a mission that cost NASA approximately $2.7 billion dollars, so clearly, this is a huge success. View the full article
  2. Dr Faisal Sultan says the first deployment of the vaccine in Pakistan will start in the first quarter of 2021
  3. PUBG Mobile has been a phenomenon ever since it launched for free for smartphones. In a rather major development, PUBG Corp. revealed today that the game has now hit 600 million downloads across the globe, making it one of biggest mobile games on the planet. 600 million players from all over the world have downloaded PUBG MOBILR! A special thank you to all our players for your ongoing love & support â¤ï¸we could not have done it without you! pic.twitter.com/uILCHekBN1 — PUBG MOBILE (@PUBGMOBILE) December 2, 2019 The game gained major popularity in India and other Asian countries due to the free-to-play model. As of last July 2018, the game had 400 million downloads and grown by 200 million downloads since then. PUBG mobile may not be the top downloaded game right now as that title is still being held by Pokemon Go with over 1 billion downloads. To put things into perspective, the PC version of the popular Battle Royale game had around 50 million players as of July 2018. © MensXP The game is likely to grow in download counts and player base as the game expands to more regions in the coming year. As of now, it is the third most downloaded smartphone game and it looks like it won't be slowing down anytime soon. PUBG Mobile has also announced its plans for 2020 by announcing an esports tournament that will have a total prize pool of $5 million. View the full article
  4. Jennifer Aniston reached out by ex-husband Justin Theroux over their love for dogs. Photo: InsiderWe all know the loving bond Jennifer Aniston and her ex-husband Justin Theroux share over their love for dogs and it looks like the two are bonding...
  5. NASA's Voyager 2 probe has reached a destination that we can only dream of. The probe has reached the interstellar space, a space outside the Heliosphere. It's worth pointing out that it's the second craft to reach the interstellar space, despite setting off a month ahead of its twin, the Voyager 1. But you know what? Voyager 2's journey has given us a never-seen-before image of our solar system. It's the most detailed look yet at the edge and we know what it really looks like. Here, take a look: © NASA What you see above is an illustration showing the positions of both the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 outside the heliosphere. Can you see the boundary that surrounds our solar system? Well, the Voyager 1 had confirmed that it existed, but the new measurements sent across by the Voyager 2 has now given us more insights like its shape, thickness, and more. For those of you who don't know, the heliosphere is sort of a boundary that surrounds our solar system. As the folks over at The Guardian noted, it's where the charged particles rushing outwards from the sun at supersonic speeds meet a cooler wind blowing in from supernovae that exploded millions of years ago. © NASA The finds and the relevant measurements sent by the Voyager 2 have been published in five separate papers, each one detailing a different finding. Looks like the heliosphere boundary is much thinner than what the Voyager 1 informed us about. It's also worth pointing out that the shape of this bubble appears to be something like a blunt bullet and it's said to be symmetric in nature. With all that being said, it's safe to say that there's an extra layer outside our solar system, a mysterious finding that's only been made possible by the info sent by the Voyager 2. Obviously, it's hard to exactly pinpoint the findings sent across by the Voyager 2, but we're glad the NASA scientists have some new data to work with. We're also glad to hear that the signal from Voyager 2 is still beaming back and it takes more than 16 hours to reach the Earth. It's twelve billion miles away from us after all. It uses a 22.4-watt transmitter, which has a power equivalent to a fridge light. The beam, which fades by more than a billion times, is picked by a 70-meter dish down here by NASA. Let's hope we continue to get signals from the probe and get to know more about our solar system and beyond. View the full article
  6. From calling him a 'chaiwala' to calling him the 'best PM ever', from using slogans like 'Modi hai to mumkin hai' to making gazillions of biopics on him for no reason whatsoever; people can never stop talking about him. You can like him, you can hate him. But, you cannot ignore him. That's PM Narendra Modi for you, folks. And his recent speech at the Future Investment Initiative (FII) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has now given people new fodder to talk about him. On Tuesday, PM Modi made quite a remarkable speech on how he comes from a very humble background and not from a "political family". He spoke about how he sold tea at the railway platform, which has struck a chord with most people on social media. I would like to particularly thank His Majesty @KingSalman and His Royal Highness the Crown Prince for their hospitality. Interacting with them is always very special. pic.twitter.com/2DrqwNGhuS — Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) October 29, 2019 During the speech he said, "My background is not that of any big political family. I have not learnt about poverty from the books but I have lived it. I have reached here by selling tea on the railway platform." © Twitter/Narendra Modi He further added, "In a few years, India will be successful in eradicating poverty. My fight against poverty is by empowering poor. Poor need dignity. When a poor person says that he will himself end his poverty, then there is no greater satisfaction. All we need is to provide him with dignity and empower him." He further said "It gives me immense satisfaction to see that a change in India brings the change in figures for the world." PM Modi's 'living poverty' statement has touched many hearts and people on social media can't stop praising him. Great, thanking Hon'ble PM Shri Narendra Modi, thanking you, the Excellency., Haven't Learnt Poverty from Books, I Lived it by Selling Tea on Railway Platform, Says PM Modihttps://t.co/ZvCIgQLq90 Source : "News18" via Dailyhunt Download Nowhttps://t.co/gSp4n4qXcg — MOORTHY Kaliappan (@moorthyoilgas) October 30, 2019 #ModiInSaudi "I didn't learnt about poverty by reading books. But by living under poverty selling Tea got to know about poverty" Glad and Proud to have Modi as PM.pic.twitter.com/51ustL1bow — Ganesh Iyerâ¤ð®ð³ (@Jaz_baatein) October 30, 2019 Haven't Learnt Poverty from Books, I Lived it by Selling Tea on Railway Platform, Says PM Modi - v Indian mean it Sir!!! @BJP4India @narendramodi pic.twitter.com/izMtmo4Hmc — amin_anita@yahoo.com (@ChaukidarAnitaP) October 30, 2019 Here is our PM... https://t.co/IqhVL38ZGZ — Dr.B.G.Gokulan (@gokul64) October 30, 2019 But, not everyone was happy with his statement and soon started trolling him on social media. Is that why you wear 10 lakh Rupee suits and bvlgari sunglasses, and never repeat your designer clothes, while India starves? https://t.co/qDsJgYa6DW — Irreverent Lawyer (@rebelawyer) October 30, 2019 Wish poverty was read in books only ..... India at present would have been shinning...... Your Living in poverty did cost India the whole economy.....https://t.co/qUlUQVNT3j — Pawan Suri (@psp274) October 30, 2019 “ I have not learnt poverty from books but lived it”: PM Modi in Riyadh That is why his govt spent â¹2989 crore to construct a statue, decided to introduce a bullet train and spent â¹5200 crore in advertisements with his smiling face in 5 years! — Bharat Rao (@bharatrao1960) October 30, 2019 Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Saudi Arabia said that constructing toilets and opening bank accounts have empowered the poor in India and have given them a sense of dignity! Thereafter his Chai, Chai, Chai started. Chai is giving me life goals now! https://t.co/MULshUJcUi — Shrishti Dutt Pandey (@shrishti827) October 30, 2019 View the full article
  7. If watching half the galaxy's population dissolve into dust with Thanos' snap in 2018's 'Avengers: Infinity War' was too much for you to handle, then you might want to stay away from Google's 'Avengers: Endgame' Easter egg. Users looking up “Thanos” on either the desktop or mobile web version of Google will be met with Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet in the top right corner of the information box. No, it's not there for representational purposes. You can literally click/ tap it and see, well, half of the search results dissolve into dust. Drop whatever it is that you're doing and check it out. Heck, Google will even give you an updated count on the search results. The count declines from about 90 million to measly 45 million. It's really cool. BTW, 'Avengers: Endgame' is out now in theatres across the country. If you couldn't get a hold on the tickets, then check out how you can stay away from the spoilers here.
  8. 'Apex Legends' has been on the news ever since its surprise launch in February. Thanks to its explosive launch, it took 'Apex Legends' just eight hours to attract 1 million unique players, and just 24 hours to reach 2.5 million players. And now, in just a week, that number hit 25 million, and now the game's developer Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that Apex Legends' player count total has crossed 50 million players. © Apex Legends - Electronic Arts A 50 million player count is just insane, considering the fact that the game was launched not too long ago. In fact, 'Apex Legends' was launched just four weeks ago, and it's growing at a much quicker pace than, say, 'Fortnite Battle Royale'. To put things into perspective, it took 'Fortnite Battle Royale' several months to hit the 45 million mark. Of course, 'Fortnite Battle Royale' was one of the pioneers of the Battle Royale genre, so it's not fair to compare something like Apex Legends, which in comparison, had enough time to polish the game and get almost everything right. However, there's no denying that 'Apex Legends' is onto something here, and the numbers are only going to grow from here. © Apex Legends-Respawn Entertainment That being said, let's not forget that 'Fortnite' is still one of the most successful Battle Royale titles of all time. Epic games just launched the 8th season, complete with new maps locations, skins and more. It's hard not to acknowledge the fact that millions of players are still enjoying 'Fortnite', and it remains to be seen if 'Apex Legends' will manage to amass the same level of popularity.
  9. Photo: File QUETTA: The government and opposition did not reach consensus over name of an interim chief minister for Balochistan, even at the third meeting held Sunday. The meeting to finalise a caretaker chief minister was held between...
  10. [embed_video1 url=http://stream.jeem.tv/vod/02758d792ecbe5b6ca8717304f83f767.mp4/playlist.m3u8?wmsAuthSign=c2VydmVyX3RpbWU9NS8yNS8yMDE4IDQ6Mzc6MTcgQU0maGFzaF92YWx1ZT10b2hJOEE2MjlZY3A1bGJLcDdXcVJBPT0mdmFsaWRtaW51dGVzPTYwJmlkPTE=...
  11. Handed a two-year ban in the wake of the sensational betting scandal, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) were dealt with a major blow which seemed to threaten their rich legacy in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Their star players were seen plying trade for other teams as their fans watched the rival sides claim glory and accolades from the sidelines. And, when the iconic yellow brigade did return for the eleventh edition of the league, there were numerous questions surrounding their ability to mark a strong return. But, if anyone has followed the ongoing IPL season, they would have surely noticed that Chennai has not only managed to negate the challenges, but they have done that on the back of some convincing wins this season. © BCCI They shocked defending champions Mumbai Indians (MI) in the very first encounter of the season and since then, their campaign has been nothing short of sensational. If Chennai have impressed the fans with their rampant march, their captain MS Dhoni also seems to have come into his own blistering form that eluded him in the past couple of seasons. With 455 runs to his name so far, Dhoni 'the marauding batsman' has successfully aided his side and is currently the second highest run-scorer for Chennai. His lightening quick glovework and impeccable leadership skills is also a major reason why Chennai has now managed to reach the final this season. © BCCI Thus, we weren't surprised to see Dwayne Bravo paying a special tribute to their 'Thala' in the dressing room right after Chennai secured a thrilling two-wicket win over table-toppers Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) in the all-important Qualifier 1 at the hallowed Wankhede stadium on 22nd May. Champion's groovy tribute to #Thala after getting through to the #Finale! #WhistlePodu #yellove ð¦ð @msdhoni @DJBravo47 @harbhajan_singh @lakshuakku pic.twitter.com/W9wsa23FcH — Chennai Super Kings (@ChennaiIPL) May 22, 2018 In a video shared by the official Twitter handle of CSK, Bravo can be seen dancing and singing in front of Dhoni as his teammates Harbhajan Singh and Ravindra Jadeja watch the all-rounder closely on the side. "Champion's groovy tribute to #Thala after getting through to the #Finale! #WhistlePodu #yellove @msdhoni @DJBravo47 @harbhajan_singh @lakshuakku," the tweet read. With one hand on the trophy, Chennai now await their opponent which will be decided on the course of two remaining games before the coveted final. Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) will lock horns with Rajasthan Royals (RR) in what promises to be a pulsating Eliminator at the Eden Gardens on 23rd May. The winner of that game will face Hyderabad in Qualifier 2 which is scheduled in Kolkata on 25th May.
  12. If you're on Twitter, you probably saw this tweet floating around for the last week or so. I can hear this picture pic.twitter.com/FicPYKZ2Dz — Danierys (@DanieFakhry) March 11, 2018 Well, I don't know why or how, but I definitely could hear this image for some reason, and I think this was all of us after seeing this tweet. Okay, that was probably a bit of an exaggeration, but it works. And, with Janice, a trend was born. People started sharing famous scenes and characters that they could 'hear' just with one picture, and it's hilarious. It's like your brain playing games. Desi people of Twitter are never left behind and started sharing some iconic Bollywood scenes and other India-related stuff. Check it out! Baburao, obviously. I can hear this image. pic.twitter.com/7n54aVYZuG — डि.à¤à¥. (@itsdhruvism) March 19, 2018 Can you hear? I can hear the music in these imagesððð pic.twitter.com/BGyEOdutjS — Rishabh Bhandari (@jokebazz) March 19, 2018 Yep. I can hear this image. pic.twitter.com/1MoogXwYCT — Godman Chikna (@Madan_Chikna) March 18, 2018 Totally. I can hear this image. pic.twitter.com/i8hidDM4th — Avinash Iyer (@IyerAvin) March 19, 2018 The nation wants to know if you can hear this. I can hear this picture pic.twitter.com/RCzUSFq1Jc — Ayushi... (@Paprikaashh) March 18, 2018 Mark idhar hai. We all can hear this pic ð pic.twitter.com/3P2bx0qie9 — Why So Silly® (@silly_why) March 19, 2018 I can hear the whole monologue. I can hear this image.. pic.twitter.com/FTnXZMmSXD — Nikhil C #IFBA2017 (@imbevda) March 19, 2018 Hallelujah! I can hear this image. pic.twitter.com/rQK8FqMEe1 — Prerna (@miss_cherished) March 19, 2018 Do you need a hint? RT if u hear this image pic.twitter.com/fdIKzfynGM — Bhole Bhakt Santa (@Secret_Saanta) March 19, 2018 Can you? I can hear this image Apologising pic.twitter.com/Xv9F2zkVgm — Sunil (@akshaykanitkar) March 19, 2018 Not just you. Who else can hear this image?ð pic.twitter.com/qFlWN4LeIz — ð रमता à¤à¥à¤à¥ ð (@Brainy_Foam) March 19, 2018 Yes. I can hear this image pic.twitter.com/YYj5IBe6sh — Gud 10 (@Ihsirh) March 19, 2018 Hotel? I can, but I don't wanna hear this image. ð pic.twitter.com/FnyE6Lxf1L — Non-Peshwa Mastani (@Jamuntini) March 19, 2018 I can. Rt if you can hear this gif. pic.twitter.com/WnyCixNkzV — Manish ð®ð³ (@Man_isssh) March 19, 2018 Komolika is here! Believe it or not there is a background music to this image. pic.twitter.com/FPyVBVioPS — nikhil (@niquotein) December 29, 2017 Crime master Gogo. I can hear this image... pic.twitter.com/mbsodxqZKn — sachin (@sachinh91191) March 19, 2018 He's still never gonna give you up if you can't hear this. I highly doubt no one has done this already but... Retweet if you can hear this image. pic.twitter.com/CCvn3rMvDq — Pentominoshisaure (@oshisaure) March 20, 2018 Last, bonus one. I can't hear this image pic.twitter.com/hM1glyc29U — à¤à¤¿à¤à¥à¤à¤¾à¤¸à¤¾ (@imcurious__) March 18, 2018
  13. Awami National Party President Asfandyar Wali Khan says his party has never reached a compromise even in the face of hardships. Photo: Geo News file KARACHI: ANP President Asfandyar Wali Khan on Monday said that his party has never reached a compromise even in the face of hardships and problems. In a press release, issued by the Awami National Party (ANP), Wali said that members of the party and its affiliates are not allowed to link their personal opinions with the party's viewpoint. Wali also noted that members of the ANP, regardless of their stature in the party, were not allowed to participate in the activities of any other organisation or political party. The party president stated that ANP will continue its efforts to resolve the problems faced by Pakhtuns by highlighting them in the parliament. The press release further said that the party's clear stance on national issues is the reason why it is the most popular political party among the Pakhtuns and a political power to reckon. Wali also said that his party will continue to advocate the rights of Pakhtuns on every forum.
  14. Here's a Call of Duty player who just loves bringing knives to a gunfight. Grinding levels is a pretty common objective in 'Call of Duty's' multiplayer mode, but one YouTuber has become the first player to reach the ultimate “Master Prestige” rank in WWII without firing a single bullet. That in itself is no easy feat, but earning that achievement without using powerful long-range rifles or any sort of guns? That's simply insane. YouTube sensation TheseKnivesOnly has managed to rake in more than 32,000 kills to hit the milestone, and during this time only utilised the Recon Aircraft and Counter Recon scorestreaks. Once you are Master Prestige, you can keep earning experience points all the way to level 1000, but your rank won't change anymore. TheseKnivesOnly has been documenting his road to the coveted title of Master Prestige, showcasing his ability to run the battlefield and gain experience points by only throwing knives and melee weapons. He has a video available for each Prestige rank, breaking down his stats and weapons used 'Call of Duty: WWII' developer Sledgehammer Games has acknowledged his achievement, which is reportedly the first in the world to hit Master Prestige in the game without firing a single shot. He managed to accrue over 32,000 kills using the Infantry Division's bayonet charge, shovel, ice pick, throwing knives, and combat knives. © Twitter “The main reason I was inspired to knife only was during a Search and Destroy match on WMD where a random guy in the lobby hit a straight up tomahawk bomb defend,” TheseKnivesOnly told Kotaku via email “I thought it was the coolest thing ever and it sparked my interest for using knives.” TheseKnivesOnly is a member of the professional gaming organization KARNAGE clan, and he's been mastering his virtual knife skills since the original 'Call of Duty: Black Ops' was released in 2010.
  15. An international passenger arrives at Dulles International Airport as another man waits for loved ones to arrive in Dulles, Virginia, US, September 24, 2017. REUTERS/James Lawler Duggan/Files WASHINGTON: A bipartisan group of six US senators said Thursday they had reached agreement on immigration reform and are now working to build support for the deal in Congress. ?We have been working for four months and have reached an agreement in principle that addresses border security, the diversity visa lottery, chain migration/family reunification, and the Dream Act ? the areas outlined by the president,? the so-called Gang of Six said in a statement.
  16. ISLAMABAD: The Leader of the Opposition Syed Khursheed Shah said on Monday that no compromise was reached to select the new chairman of the National Accountability Bureau. Shah said the opposition has not complained regarding the new appointment neither has anyone else criticised it. The opposition leader and senior PPP leader added that Javed Iqbal, the new NAB chairman, will not be dictated by anyone and has a clean past. Shah said that four meetings were held recently to decide on the name of the new NAB chairman with the members of the opposition and the government. He further added that being a former apex court judge, Iqbal possesses valuable judgment skills and especially lauded his report in the Abbottabad Commission ? which he headed. The incumbent NAB chairman, Qamar Zaman Chaudhry, is retiring on October 10 after the completion of his four-year tenure. Earlier, the Pakistan Peoples Party leader had proposed Justice (retd) Faqer Mohammad Khokhar, Justice (retd) Javed Iqbal and former secretary of the Election Commission of Pakistan Ishtiaque Ahmed Khan for the post, whereas the government had suggested Justice (retd) Rehmat Jafry, Justice (retd) Chaudhry Aijaz and Intelligence Bureau Director-General Aftab Sultan. Shah had also met Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on Friday to discuss the matter of the chairman's selection. The Abbottabad Commission Justice (retd) Iqbal was appointed as a Supreme Court justice in 2000 and retired in 2011. He headed the Abbottabad Inquiry Commission, formed to probe the controversial raid by US Special Forces which led to the killing of wanted terrorist Osama bin Laden. The commission investigated and reported the circumstances surrounding the May 2011 raid at a compound in Abbottabad. The commission interviewed over 300 witnesses and gave 200 recommendations in its 700-page report to the prime minister. The report was immediately classified, but a version was leaked by an international news network.
  17. In 2017, anything 'dad' is sartorially cool. Agreed—it wasn't in 2016, but 'dressing like daddy' is a thing this year. Think relaxed-fit jeans, baseball caps, ordinary sneakers or just a T-shirt tucked all the way in. And not to forget—the dad bod! Anything 40-something, neatly put together is all of a sudden, a LIT move to make. Raining on the parade is the Internet's new poster boy, R.Madhavan. Who touché—is all fit and faine but bringing his A-game in true dad style (obv. sans the bod). If his recent airport outing is any proof... © Viral Bhayani First of all, I'm kinda digging the black hoodie. It's tucked right in and that's giving me life. Quite an off-beat piece to tuck into a pair of jeans, but I'm seeing nothing wrong here. Looks quite appropriate on this good-looking man! Next up, the simple AF baseball cap. Actually, not that simple—I can see some texture in there. Now blame it on Normcore or my affinity towards anything not-trendy-looking—his plain, classic denims too, are a welcome change for me. Ripped and distressed variants aren't clearly for him and I'd say, that a really good decision he's made. But notice: the fit is relaxed but yet, SO flattering. Big ups! © Viral Bhayani And now for the element that's making this outfit—the chukka boots. Laud this man! He's picked a matured pair, stuck to a neutral and polished his outfit with this one single move. So average Joe, but so f-ing classy. My last mention: the sling bag! Just how practical is that?
  18. After the Virat Kohli brigade failed to conquer the ICC Champions Trophy earlier this month, a brilliant start by the women's cricket team in the ongoing World Cup has surely given the Indian fans something to cheer for. But, while the Mithali Raj-led side allows the fans to dream on, another women's cricketer has made the nation proud with a rare feat. And, amid the ever-growing disparity between men and women in sports, the news of Telangana's Sindhuja Reddy finding a place in the US women's national cricket team couldn't have come at a better time. The 26-year-old, who played for Hyderabad in the domestic circuit, has been selected as a wicket-keeping batswoman in the American team. Hailing from Amangal village in the Nalgonda district, Sindhuja will be part of the squad representing USA in the World T20 Qualifiers in Scotland scheduled to begin in August. But, why would a girl from Telangana, not play for India and rather represent USA in cricket, you'd ask? Well, her story is as inspirational as anyone in the history of sports. Early Life © Facebook Born in a cricket-crazy nation like India, the fact that Sindhuja had keen interest in the sport was not really a surprise. For many years, the distinct roar of an annoying engine passing near Sindhuja's home was her alarm clock. A groggy 11-year-old reluctantly pulled herself out of bed to join her father Spurdhar Reddy, who had set incredibly high standards for his daughter and son. Joining her father and brother, Mohinder (named after former Indian cricketer Mohinder Amarnath), Sindhuja rode to the Hindi Maha Vidhyalaya Cricket Academy grounds in Hyderabad at 4:00 am. It was the very same ground where former first-class cricketer Vijay Kumar spotted the innate talent in Sindhuja. With Vijay being a wicket-keeper himself, he saw similar traits in Sindhuja who had developed a knack of hitting the ball straight, more often than not. He referred her to Purnima Rau, a coach who groomed the Hyderabad women's cricket team and is currently the head coach of the Indian women's cricket team. During her tenure, she gave India priceless gems in Mithali Raj and Jhulan Goswami. The Training That Changed Her Life © BCCL After spending some time with Rau, Sindhuja was elevated to the company of Manohar Reddy - head coach at the Maha Vidhyalaya Cricket Academy. A hard taskmaster, Manohar ensured Sindhuja was batting in the nets well before sunrise every day. Batting for two hours at a stretch, Sindhuja would eat her breakfast and change for school at the ground itself after a rigorous net session. After school hours, Sindhuja headed back to the academy where coach Manohar was waiting with the floodlights on for more training. Like most women cricketers, Sindhuja, too, grew up facing boys in the nets, but her coach was not one for mollycoddling. The boys, cricketers from different age groups, were instructed not to hold back. The faster they bowled at Sindhuja, the greater the appreciation they received from coach Manohar. While using a stump as bat, if she missed a cut or pull shot, her coach would often use the other stump to hit her on the calf. If she slacked during a catching session, the bowling machine speed would be hiked up, and the number of balls used would be increased further. If her hand turned blue, it was tied up behind her back, leaving Sindhuja to complete the catching drills with just one hand. The Driving Force © Facebook At the age of just 14, Sindhuja was included in the probable list for the Andhra Pradesh senior women's cricket team. She was listed as a stand-by for the tournament, but her career choice was significantly influenced by her prodigious progress and the prophetic words of her coach who had foreseen her future as a prominent member of the Indian women's cricket team. During her first Sub-Junior National Camp in 2004, the young Sindhuja seemed like a fish out of water, given the fact that most of the players were older and some of them were already a part of the national team. Feeling out of place, Sindhuja found it hard to cope with all the pressure, but she didn't give up. However, the sacrifices of her parents became a driving force for Sindhuja to succeed. Her father had stopped attending social gatherings and declined other opportunities to avoid travel as he wanted to be available for his daughter. Her mother would get up at 4:00 am and cook for her. She would pack her breakfast snacks and lunch. Most of her homework was done by her mother. Both her parents had planned their lives around their daughter's cricket career. And, that's exactly what motivated Sindhuja and helped her overcome the tough times early in her career. Rising Through The Ranks © Facebook Making full use of her rigorous training and with a hunger to ensure her parents' efforts didn't go to waste, Sindhuja's ever-improving skills helped her break into the All India Seniors Team in both the National One-Day Tournament and the All India Juniors Women events. Being on both teams saw her juggle dual roles. While she took lessons from experienced players in the seniors' team, Sindhuja - who was by then the captain of Hyderabad's under-19 team - was seen playing the role of a mentor to the inexperienced players in the junior's side. She fulfilled the role of a true leader and became a trustworthy member of the junior's team. Her experience in the seniors' squad made it easy for her teammates in the junior's side to follow her lead and further develop their own individual game. Soon, Sindhuja became one of the most-talked about female cricketers in the domestic circuit, following her sublime performances in the Ranji Trophy. From 2006 to 2015, Sindhuja remained a prominent member of her state team with the promise of becoming one India's greats in women's cricket. Realising Her Dream On Foreign Soil © Facebook But, just when things looked in order, Sindhuja faced her biggest challenge, the one that threatened her career as a cricketer. She got married to Siddhartha Reddy and got settled in the US. Her move to the States meant that Sindhuja's promising career in cricket was now a far-fetched dream. However, despite moving away from her homeland and, more importantly, from cricket, Sindhuja continued to dream on with the limited opportunities that came her way. As her mother Lakshmi Reddy recalled, Sindhuja continued her struggle even after marriage to carve out a niche for herself. She has already made her mark in the United States as a cricketer, representing a couple cricket clubs – one of them being Atlantis Cricket Club of New York. Sindhuja has also won two prestigious national awards - Best Wicket-keeper of the Tournament and Woman-of-the-Match - while representing Atlantis at the Georgia Women Cricket Association's Annual Women's T20 Tournament in 2016. Sindhuja was also one of the elite players selected to represent the USA against England's prestigious Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) that came touring in 2016. And, her selection in the country's national team undeniably places her at the very top of her field, not only making India proud, but now, also the United States of America.
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