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Found 255 results

  1. It’s been a while since we saw PeeCee grace the big screen. Yes, The Sky Is Pink came out only last year, but for some reason it failed to create the kind of buzz a Priyanka Chopra film is expected to create. But now, for all those who had been eagerly waiting for Priyanka to make a smashing comeback on the silver screen, The White Tiger will come bearing some good news. © RSVP Movies Revealing the first look of her upcoming project, Priyanka said, “So proud to present the first look of THE WHITE TIGER” and in all honesty, we can’t deny that the stills looked rather intense and definitely promising. But since fans always want to know more about their favourite star’s upcoming projects, here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming film The White Tiger. © Twitter/priyankachopra 1. The film will star Priyanka Chopra, Rajkummar Rao and Adarsh Gourav in pivotal roles apart from other talented actors such as Mahesh Manjrekar, Vijay Maurya and others. 2. The film has been directed, written, and produced by Iranian-American director and screenwriter Ramin Bahrani of At Any Price, 99 Homes and Fahrenheit 541 fame. © Twitter/priyankachopra 3. The film is being backed by Netflix and is based on The New York Times Bestseller and the 2008 Man Booker Prize-winning novel by the same title by author Aravind Adiga. 4. The film traces the story of a family and the plight of one man Balram which will be played by Gourav. © Twitter/priyankachopra 5. In PeeCee’s own words, “the audience will witness Balram’s rise from a poor villager to successful entrepreneur in modern India showcases how hunger and the lack of opportunity can build and drive a human being’s animal instinct of survival.” View the full article
  2. Homer Simpson lists over 50 reasons US voters should not vote for Trump during the 2020 elections
  3. Probe to identify those who allegedly neglected national duty to turn hotel into profit-making entity
  4. No matter where you stand on manscaping, shaving, or rather trimming the hair from your armpits is the bare minimum that you should be doing. Not only is it just more hygienic, it actually helps us deal with the travesty of India’s weather and polluted air. © Instagram/actormaddy The thing is, although people harp on about shaving their armpits, the reality is, that they really shouldn’t. Rather people should actually just trim the hair under their armpits. Waxing is simply out of the question since most of us do not have the threshold to bear that much pain. © iStock Why should men trim their armpit hair, instead of shaving it off, you ask? Well, we will give you six really compelling reasons: 1. Fewer Chances Of Cuts & Knicks © Instagram/ranveersingh Trimmers greatly reduce the chance of getting cuts and nicks. Given just how sweaty armpits can get, especially when it is hot and humid, just thinking of the burning sensation when sweat hits a cut, makes the skin crawl. 2. Fewer Chances Of An Infection © Twitter/Suriya_offl Another advantage of not getting any nicks or cuts under your arm is the fact that you won’t have to deal with any sort of infection. Thanks to how sweat just tends to accumulate under our arm, it becomes a cesspool of bacteria and fungi. Any deep cuts or wounds will almost certainly lead to an infection. 3. Hair Does Not Become Coarse © iStock When you shave an area consistently and regularly, the hair starts growing with a thicker shaft, and a pointy, prickly head. Not only does it irritate the skin, it feels, well, prickly, almost as if something is constantly jabbing pins under your arm. 4. Safe Against The Bumps © iStock The skin covering your armpits is loose, wrinkly, and well, just isn’t conducive to shaving. Also, if you have been shaving regularly, you may have developed some bumps under your arms, which greatly increases the chances of a cut. The only way to go about things in such a scenario is to ditch the razor for a trimmer. 5. Ideal For Sensitive Skin Around Armpits © Twitter/Suriya_offl The skin around your armpits is actually very sensitive. That is one of the reasons, why shaving it repeatedly, tends to darken the skin there. Not that it matters, but trimming actually prevents that from happening. More importantly though, if you trim with one of those combed-guards on, you don’t agitate your skin at all. 6. No Irritated Or Agitated Skin © Instagram/kartikaaryan It does not matter how careful you are with your razor, you will end up agitating or irritating your skin. Heck, it can even lead to rashes. The thing is, no matter how you do it, if you shave your armpits, you will irritate your skin, which can be wildly uncomfortable at times. That’s another good reason to go for a trimmer. View the full article
  5. One of the most irritating things about shaving that makes some men despise the activity and grooming, in general, is razor burn. No matter how well versed you may think you are in shaving, chances are you may be doing something wrong. Heck, even professional barbers make mistakes. © iStock So, what are the mistakes that men make during shaving? Why do most men, in spite of taking precautions and utmost care while handling a razor, still get rashes from shaving and burn their skins? Well, these are the most common reasons for razor burns: 1. Dull Blades © iStock The sharper the blade, the quicker and more effectively you make a stroke. Dull blades also tend to tug at the skin and bruise it, sometimes quite badly. As a rule of thumb, you should always change your razor cartridges after 5 or 8 shaves, depending on your beard growth. 2. Pressing Too Hard © iStock When you’re handling a razor, you should ideally let it just glide over your skin, and let the blades do the work. Instead, what most of us end up doing is press the razors a little too hard onto our skin, and make a stroke. Its almost as if we’re trying to peel our skin off. That’s not how you’re supposed to be doing things. 3. Shaving Foam Or Gel Doesn’t Suit You © iStock Not all shaving foams or gels are made equally. Ideally, your lubricating agent, should lather well, spread easily, soften your stubble, and most importantly, suit your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, you’re already causing it to rash, before even touching the blade. 4. Improper Lubrication © iStock Now, even if you have the right shaving foam or gel, you need to make sure that it lubricates your skin properly. You should ideally let the lather soften up your hair for some time, but not too much that it starts drying up. Also, do keep in mind the coverage of the lather. It has to be thick and luscious across all the parts where you’ll use the razor. By not doing these things you greatly mitigate the chances of having a razor burn. But do keep in mind, you cannot remove the risk of having a razor burn completely. So, what do you do when you actually get a razor rash? Dealing With Razor Rash 1. Use A Cool Non-Alcoholic Aftershave © iStock First and foremost, after washing your face with cool water, apply some non-alcoholic aftershave if you have it. Regular, alcoholic aftershaves cause a burning sensation even when you don’t have a razor rash, so imagine how painful it would be when you indeed have one. Just dab a little aftershave on your palm and rub it gently on the skin. 2. Ice Packs & Cold Towels © iStock After you’re done with the aftershave, get an icepack or a cold towel, and press it against the rash or the afflicted area. This will immediately cool things down since most rashes and skin burns are caused by friction and heat. Do not put ice directly onto the skin, as this may cause the skin to get even more irritated. 3. Aloe Vera Gel © iStock Once you’re done with your ice pack, apply some aloe vera sap, or better yet, a thick layer of aloe vera gel. This will soothe your skin in a better way, and start healing the afflicted area. Plus, aloe vera ha some good anti-microbial properties that prevent the afflicted area to develop infections. Wash it off after 20-30 mins, using regular water. 4. Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline © iStock Now, throughout the rest of the day, just apply a thin veneer of Vaseline on the afflicted area. This will not just protect the rash from the elements but also speed up the healing process. Make sure you refresh the veneer every 3-4 hours 5. Change Your Razor And Your Shaving Routine © iStock Although we strictly advise against this, but if you indeed need to shave the next day or the day afterwards again, change your razor, and if possible tweak your shaving routine a little. Take a warm shower before you shave. This always helps by making your shaving experience a whole lot smoother. View the full article
  6. Robert Downey Jr.’s portrayal of Tony Stark will go down in history as one of the most iconic characters we have seen in the superhero genre. How the film brought about a revolutionary change not only in the actor’s life but also in the way audiences watched movies based on comic books continues to be marvelled upon (no pun intended). After the first Iron Man movie came out in 2008, a sequel and a triquel were released in 2010 and 2013, respectively. However, the two, although entertaining, failed to garner the fans as much as the first one. Here are four reasons why Iron Man 1 remains the best movie of the trilogy: 1. The Independence There is something liberating about being a standalone film. When Iron Man came out, the so-called “Marvel Cinematic Universe” was a distant dream and Jon Favreau simply wanted to make an entertaining superhero film, without thinking about what the future held for him. Sure the movie teased the audience with subtle references to other heroes from the franchise throughout the film, and there was a post-credit scene too, but holistically speaking, the movie was independent of what was to come next. Iron Man 2 & Iron Man 3 fell prey to being a conduit between what the fans had already seen and what they were about to see in the future films and spent too much time talking about those things rather than focusing on the story of the movie itself. 2. Repetitive Villain Idea “We create our own demons,” that’s what Tony said in the beginning of the third instalment of the series and that is quite literally when it came to the Iron Man trilogy. In the first film, it was evident that Stark unknowingly helped Obadiah Stane get the tools of destruction when he got his hands on the Mark 1 suit in the middle of the desert. It was fresh, the villain had a great motive to be bad and Jeff Bridges absolutely nailed the role. However, a similar pattern could be seen in the following films. First in Iron Man 2, Tony tells Whiplash that the “cycles per second were a little low” and advises him that he “could’ve doubled up your rotations” in order to make a more powerful weapon and surely that's what Ivan Vanko did. In Iron Man 3, Tony ditches Aldrich Killian on the rooftop and gives him the idea of anonymity, albeit unknowingly, this time. 3. Closer To Realism Looking at the trajectory of the MCU movies, it ironically becomes unbelievable how simply and closer to realism the first Iron Man movie was. It showed the initial struggles of making the suit, the reasons for a conflict between good vs evil was as simple as value of life vs value of money and the villain was a simple human being wrapped around in a massive armour. Compare that with the fire breathing super soldiers and an army of non-piloted drones controlled by a Russian guy who thinks the best way to kill a man is with electric whips and it kind of takes away the natural badassery of the first film. 4. Character Building The transition from an arrogant billionaire and the “Merchant of Death” to a more sympathetic man who decided to dedicate his life to make the world a better place, Iron Man captured it perfectly. However the two films that followed had zero motivation for character development. Tony Stark was already shown to be the Mr. Nice Guy who continued to protect the world with increasing unrealistic suits of his. Honestly, the next movie in which we could see RDJ’s character build a little more is Avengers: Endgame, when he decides to help his team undo their mistakes at the cost of losing the family he had already created and ends up sacrificing himself in the process. It is understandable that character building can get hard in the sequels but it was something Christopher Nolan did perfectly in his Batman trilogy. The transition from a careless billionaire into a warrior in Batman Begins, the willingness to sacrifice himself for the greater cause in The Dark Knight and the desperation to fight his old age and save the city one last time in The Dark Knight Rises, every part of the franchise has something significant to offer for Bruce Wayne’s role. View the full article
  7. There’s no denying the fact that Ranbir Kapoor is one of the finest actors of our generation. After the Khans, it is only Ranbir amongst the current set of actors who has managed to find a permanent place in people’s hearts. © Dharma productions Undoubtedly, Ranbir is a wonderful mix of an old world grace and uber coolness. In fact, even as most other actors of his generation are extremely active on social media, Ranbir chooses to stay away from the limelight, which makes him one of the most humble actors today. It has been 13 years since Ranbir made his Bollywood debut with Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Saawariya in 2007 and in that short span of time, he has given his fans an expansive range of phenomenal performances. Here we have listed out five reasons as to why Ranbir Kapoor is the most versatile and talented actor in Bollywood today. 1. Versatility in his genes – comedy, drama or thriller © UTV Motion Pictures Ranbir Kapoor is one of the actors in Bollywood who can portray any role with ease, be it comedy, drama or thriller. This versatility is what makes him stand out in Bollywood. He has never been typecast for any of his roles (unlike the likes of Salman and Shah Rukh). Barfi is an exceptional example of Ranbir Kapoor’s range as an actor. 2. Not just acting but a king at the box office too © IMDb In an acting career spanning more than a decade, Ranbir Kapoor has managed to churn out blockbusters year after year. Also, in 2018 he portrayed Sanjay Dutt in Rajkumar Hirani's biopic Sanju, which became a turning point in his career. It is one of the highest-grossing Indian films of all time, for which he also won Filmfare Award for Best Actor. 3. Represents our generation like no other actorThe 38-year-old actor comes very close to representing our generation. His characters in Rockstar, ‘Wake up Sid’, ‘ Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’ and ‘Tamasha’ resonate well with young people as they can identify with his confused, lost characters in these films. Amitabh Bachchan was the angry young man of his generation. Shah Rukh epitomised the romance for the 90's. While Ranbir shows all the potential to be a star for his generation. Although, he doesn't have any starry air around him. 4. Fabulous choice of roles © IMDb From lover boy to a man ruined in love, from a dream chaser to one suffocated under the burdens of society, the Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani actor has played versatile roles with utmost ease and excellence over the years of his acting. 5. Strong fundamentals from acting school © IMDb Ranbir Kapoor knows acting. Yes, can’t put it simpler than this. Even though he is carrying a legacy of generations on his young shoulders, Ranbir is an actor who doesn’t have to rely on his six pack abs to pull the crowd into theatres. The birthday boy has pursued filmmaking and method acting at the School of Visual Arts and the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, respectively before foraying into this acting world. In fact, he first assisted Sanjay Leela Bhansali on the film Black in the year 2005 before making his acting debut with Bhansali's Saawariya in 2007. With such strong roots in theater schools, Ranbir definitely understands the nuances and subtleties of acting. Ranbir's next release will be Ayan Mukherji’s Brahmastra with Alia Bhatt, unlike most of his films, this is also a genre that he has never explored before--fantasy. The official date of the film's release will be announced soon. View the full article
  8. The number of superstitions in India are simply enormous. There is a story, a mythical belief related to almost everything that we see or feel around us. Since birth, we are instructed by our parents and grandparents to do (or not do) certain things in a specific manner or on specific days. We grow up listening to these superstitious instructions that get embedded in our brains and eventually, we do the same to the next generation without actually understanding the reason behind them. While most of these superstitions are simply senseless and originate out of people’s blind beliefs, there are some that carry a scientific reason backing them up. Here are five common Indian superstitions that are backed by scientific reasons: 1. The Lemon-Chilli Combo For Good Health & Protection Against Evil © iStock The superstition is that if someone puts up a bundle of a lemon and a few chillies in front of their homes, shops or vehicles, it prevents them from contracting “buri nazar”. The science behind this belief is that the cotton thread that pieces through the lemon and the chillies absorbs the citrus and some of the other nutrients from the combo. The fragrance that then dispurses into the atmosphere with the help of wind prevents insects from entering the homes/shops. 2. Eating Curd & Sugar Before Stepping Out Brings Good Luck © Housejoy Remember when your grandmother made you eat a spoonful of curd and sugar before an important exam and said that it will bring you good luck? Scientifically speaking, curd is one of the most effective ways to prevent your stomach from heating especially during warm summer days in India. The addition of sugar is to give an instant boost of glucose to the body which breaks down into energy quickly. Essentially, good health would allow you to work more efficiently, in turn bringing you prosperity and “good luck”. 3. Ghosts Reside In Peepal Trees At Night © iStock Defamed, insulted and slandered for supernatural beliefs, the OG peepal trees are said to have scary ghosts residing in them at night, waiting for someone to munch on. It is therefore told that one should not stand, sit or sleep under the tree after sunset. The logical reason behind this lies in your Class 3 biology book. Although Peepal is known to produce oxygen at night as well, it is nothing compared to the amount of carbon dioxide it releases after sunset. If a person sleeps under a massive peepal tree at night the CO2 inhaled by him will cause him to feel suffocated, thereby giving the illusion of being “possessed by a ghost”. 4. Throwing Coins In Water Brings Good Luck © iStock Every once in a while, we come across a water body, a fountain, a lake or even a river in which people can be seen throwing a few coins. They close their eyes, make a wish in their heart and toss the currency with the hopes of their dreams coming true and their fortunes changing. Back in the day, the currencies were made up of copper, a natural purifier of water that can kill microorganisms like molds, fungi, algae and bacteria and protect those who drink that water from harmful diseases, therefore bringing “good luck” in the form of good health. However, these days, neither are coins made from pure copper, nor do we drink directly from the river. So save your coins and buy yourself a nice water-purifier. 5. Chewing Tulsi Is Disrespectful To Lord Vishnu © iStock We have often been told to directly swallow leaves of the tulsi plant and never chew on them. Superstitiously speaking, chewing on the plant leaves is disrespectful to Tulsi, the wife of Lord Vishnu. Scientifically, while tulsi leaves have a lot of benefits for a person’s respiratory system, chewing them releases a substance called arsenic that results in tooth decay. View the full article
  9. Thanks to OTT, it's heartwarming to see so many talented actors getting a chance to showcase their acting skills. It’s exciting to see these people trying to make a mark through their art and we're glad that the audience is now more receptive to new talent than before. The trailer of Disney Plus Hotstar’s upcoming release Bahut Hua Sammaan was launched yesterday and it will available to stream from October 2. Here’s the trailer: Here are five reasons why we think it will be an exciting watch. 1. Quirky ComedyAt a time when there's a lot of negativity, not just around Bollywood, but in general too, this movie will be like a breath of fresh air as it will make you laugh. After seeing the trailer, we are sure that the movie will have many comic scenes that will take your mind off of all the stress for a while. 2. Talented Actors View this post on Instagram... Bataiye? Deviyon aur Sajjano, pesh hai ek Lovely nayi peshkash. #BahutHuaSammaan, trailer out soon. @disneyplushotstarvip @yoodleefilms @raghavjuyal @imsanjaimishra @iamramkapoor @abhishekchn @ashishrshuklaA post shared by (@nidhisin) The film boasts of talents like Raghav Juyal, Abhishek Chauhan, Sanjay Mishra, Nidhi Singh, Ram Kapoor, and Namit Das. All of these actors have already proven their mettle and are brilliant at their craft. 3. Raghav Juyal And Abhishek Chauhan © Disney plus Hotstar Just the glimpse of this electrifying duo in the trailer has left us wanting for more of them. The trailer begins with two engineering students Boney and Fundoo (Raghav and Abhishek) who are trying to prove that they are innocent to a police officer, played by Nidhi Singh. 4. Raghav - A Rising Star © Disney plus Hotstar We have recently seen Raghav in the show Abhay 2 and we know what capabilities he has. Going by the trailer, we can tell that he has much more to offer in this film. Speaking of which, he had said in a statement to PTI, "It was an amazing experience shooting for this film. I am honoured to play the lead and share screen space with such outstanding actors like Sanjay sir. The movie holds a mirror to our society but in a quirky manner. It’s a slice of life comedy that everyone will enjoy." 5. Interesting Story and Plotline © Disney plus hotstar The plotline and the story seems really fresh and the glimpses of the way the story is being told also looks very promising. Here's what the official synopsis reads: “Small-time con artists and not-so-good students Bony and Fundoo fail to grab a job offer at the end of their engineering program since they have not been able to secure a passing grade. This failure coupled with insults from the principal of their college, the boys see a bleak future and more importantly a loss of their reputation among their peers. They see a ray of hope in whacked-out old man fondly called Bakch*d Baba who has devised a masterplan to rob a bank on their campus. As an unfortunate series of comedic events unfold, Bony and Fundoo soon find themselves in the center of an investigation headed by dabanng female cop Bobby Tiwari. They must now work towards clearing their name and getting out of a scam that impacts their lives.” Will you be giving it a try tomorrow? Let us know in the comments below. View the full article
  10. Ever since Prakash Jha’s OTT debut Aashram starring Bobby Deol was released, there has been a lot of buzz around it and people are mighty impressed by the actor’s performance. This 9-episodic MX Original Series exposes the dark reality of the world of self-made godmen. Aashram has been trending as it has become the most-watched show amid the lockdown and has brought in more than 250 million streams in the first 18 days of its release. View this post on Instagram#Aashram ke dwaar ab khul chuke hain. All episodes are streaming free on @mxplayer. Link in the bio. @prakashjproductions @aaditipohankar @iamroysanyal @darshankumaar @goenkaanupriya @adhyayansuman @tridhac @vikramkochhar @tushar.pandey @sachinshroff1 @anurittakjha rajeevsiddhartha @parinitaaseth @tanmaay @preetithemountaingirl #JahangirKhan @kanuu7 @navdeeptomargujjar_A post shared by (@iambobbydeol) In an interview with Indian Express, Bobby said: “The most attractive thing about Aashram was that it gave me a chance to work with Prakash Ji (director Prakash Jha). All these years, I had been watching his movies, waiting to work with him one day. I was so excited the day he called me to his office, and when he narrated the idea to me, I was like ‘wow’. I was amazed because as an actor, I am always trying to look for different kinds of characters to play, and it is not easy to catch hold of good parts. The last project that I did for an OTT platform, I was not the first choice. But for this project, I was happy to hear that I was Prakash Ji's first choice.” Bobby’s performance as Kashipur Waale Baba Nirala is gripping to the core and here are 5 reasons why we think it’s his best performance, by far. 1. Risk-Taking Ability © MX Player It’s not an easy task to keep people hooked to your show as OTT platforms have a buffet of options available to cater to the needs of the audience. Bobby, through his hyper-realistic acting, made sure that people binge-watch the show. His ability to convince people that he is deceptively dangerous, cunning and truly evil is what took this show to the next level. 4. Evoking Hatred From Viewers View the full article
  11. Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes will always be my personal favorite and there is a zero chance that anyone can ever take his place. But, Henry Cavill played a pure version of Sherlock in the film ‘Enola Holmes’. Millie Bobby Brown plays the role of Enola Holmes in the film and while she is a delight to watch, Holmes fans will get to learn a lot from Sherlock’s character in the film as well. So, here are 5 reasons why Henry Cavill is the ‘Sherlock’ the patriarchal society needs to take lessons from- He Plays The ‘Soft Sherlock’Can we talk about Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes please. #EnolaHolmes pic.twitter.com/rpNR0HAJJF — Lai (@ilovegoob) September 24, 2020 In the film, Henry Cavill is mildly affectionate towards his 16-year-old sister, Enola and that’s not what we would usually expect from a Sherlock film. But, 2020 has been a tough year and we have earned ourselves a ‘soft Sherlock’. Different From Past Versions Of The Detective Henry Cavill fucking suits in every character perfectly Be it Superman, Witcher, Sherlock Holmes...#EnolaHolmes #HenryCavill pic.twitter.com/h8Uith2pAS — Rajiv Reddy Vanipenta (@rockingrajiv219) September 24, 2020 Sherlock has been played wonderfully many times by brilliant actors but somehow with the changing times, old characters need to evolve too. That’s exactly what the writer has done with Sherlock Holmes' character this time. He is the untraditional version of Holmes due to the nature of the story and that’s why we love him. The Character Has A Lot More Warmth & Kindness henry cavill as sherlock is a such blessing #EnolaHolmes  #HenryCavill #EnolaHolmesNetflix  pic.twitter.com/YQeNoxBd5c — 𝐜𝐥𝐨𝐮𝐝 (@itsredness) September 23, 2020 Benedict Cumberbatch played the rough, harsh, unemotional Sherlock in the BBC series and people loved it. He played the role of a typical tortured genius who never thought twice before calling anyone an idiot to their face. However, Henry Cavill in the film is a completely different story- he is polite, mild-mannered. He is less awkward than we expect Sherlock to be in general. He Calls Out His Insufferable Misogynistic Brother#EnolaHolmes is out of Netflix so if you wanna see Henry Cavill as hot Sherlock Holmes.... you know what to do. pic.twitter.com/NRnqWwVqWC — henry cavill (@badpostscavill) September 23, 2020 Sam Claflin who plays the older brother in the film is extremely misogynistic and keeps on trash-talking their mother and that’s when Sherlock subtly calls him out. Less Superiority Complex️ #EnolaHolmes is now on @netflix ️ Henry Cavill is the Sherlock we've always needed pic.twitter.com/ksdXtYFVcW — Nerdist (@nerdist) September 23, 2020 It’s not like Sherlock in the film is not intelligent; in fact, he is extremely intelligent. But, he is just not an ass about it. He doesn’t hesitate to use his deduction skills, but he also doesn’t think his talent makes him better than everyone else around him. View the full article
  12. In the midst of the Sushant Singh Rajput death case and the nepotism debate, people have decided to boycott Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 14. Salman has been bearing the brunt of these trolls ever since he has shared the first teaser. 2020 ke manoranjan ka scene palatne aa raha hai #BB14, jald hi sirf #Colors par. Catch #BiggBoss2020 before TV on @VootSelect.@BeingSalmanKhan pic.twitter.com/mlba8yZkx4 — COLORS (@ColorsTV) August 16, 2020 Now, Colors has announced the grand premiere on October 3 and they wrote, “Agar shuruaat itni dhamakedaar thi with @BeingSalmanKhan, toh imagine poore season mein kitne patakhe phutenge! #BB14 Grand Premiere, 3rd Oct se, Sat-Sun raat 9 baje aur Mon-Fri raat 10:30 baje, only on #Colors. #BB14PressConference #BiggBoss #BiggBoss2020.”Agar shuruaat itni dhamakedaar thi with @BeingSalmanKhan, toh imagine poore season mein kitne patakhe phutenge! #BB14 Grand Premiere, 3rd Oct se, Sat-Sun raat 9 baje aur Mon-Fri raat 10:30 baje, only on #Colors. #BB14PressConference #BiggBoss #BiggBoss2020 — COLORS (@ColorsTV) September 24, 2020 In the morning, people started to trend #BoycottBiggBoss14 because they are not happy with Salman hosting the show and are blaming him for his alleged connection in the nexus of the drug mafia of Bollywood. One who has immense power to do all illegals legally ,a murderer be it of animals or humans n there r millions idolizing n following him only to become next level goon! #BoycottSalmanKhan #HuntDownKillersOfSSR Do we need any reason not to #BoycottBigBoss14 — Sapphire (@Sapphir77172219) September 25, 2020We want to boycott the face of druggywood, why would we see these copied shows on our home television, it would have meaning that we forgot SSR's death... this shows are connected with SSR killers then why would we make them rich or successful show?#BoycottBigBoss14 #BoycottKBC — Deepak Kamat (@DeepakK94779386) September 25, 2020@Viacom18Studios we realized you guys don't want to respect the sentiments of commoners :( Continue your bigg boss with @BeingSalmanKhan go ahead! Me and my family members around 2K will not watch bigboss going forward #BoycottBigBoss14 @varunkapurz @iAmSaffronTiger — Sanchita (@Sanchit81825715) September 25, 2020But, we have our own reasons to support the thread because we genuinely think that the world could do without Bigg Boss. Back in 2006, when the makers decided to adapt the UK-based reality show Big Brother for the Indian audience, they had already hit a new low and rest is all in front of you. Here are the reasons why we think so. 1. Bigg Boss Gets TRP From Misery And It's a Sadist ShowIt’s a show that glorifies misery to some other level and it’s disgusting to see how the audience has also got themselves entertained by seeing people in their worst phases. From cheap tasks to plotting, people are prone to be influenced by the dangerous elements of the show. 2. Takes A Toll On Mental HealthThe show truly has the power to affect your mental health. When you see so much negativity on the screen, you are bound fo get affected. People are screaming at the top of their voices and follow no ethical code of conduct whatsoever. 3. Salman Is Not Just A Host Because He Specialises In Being JudgementalThe actor surely doesn’t understand the definition of a host. According to the dictionary, the host means ‘a person who introduces a television or radio show and talks to the guests’. Well, Salman thinks that he has the right to pass judgment over those people, and is surely biased when it comes to making his judgemental remarks. 4. It’s Nothing But A Pointless ShowIt might have been entertaining for many people but have you ever thought that what value does it add to your life? What are you talking back from this show? We fail to understand why the followers are so obsessed with this show. If you know the reason, let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  13. When the news of the tragic demise of Sushant Singh Rajput came, no A-Lister from Bollywood came to the forefront to support the need for CBI investigation in the mysterious death of the actor. Today, the Supreme Court has ordered a CBI investigation in Sushant’s death case and the entire world is celebrating this big move, celebs too have started to hail the decision. Akshay Kumar took to Twitter to support the CBI investigation and wrote, “SC directs CBI to investigate Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. May the truth always prevail 🏻 #Prayers.”SC directs CBI to investigate Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. May the truth always prevail 🏻 #Prayers — Akshay Kumar (@akshaykumar) August 19, 2020It has completely backfired in the case of the actor as people are thrashing him left, right and center. Here are 5 reasons why people are angry at Akshay: 1. People think Akshay is now stepping up because he wants to be in good books of the audience as his film Sooryavanshi will soon be announced and the trailer of Laxmmi Bomb is too about to be unveiled. People think it’s nothing but a cheap publicity stunt. How cheap promotion can you do for SOORYAVANSHI???Coz ur industry does not do anything without profit in it right? HIGH TIME U KNOW WHO MADE U! Don't worry try hard but no one is going to watch ur films anymore!Better we spend our money in something else! #BoycottBollywoodFilms — Gaurica Bhattacharyya (@GauricaB) August 19, 2020Aisa showoff kra k kuch bhi nahi hoga behenchud... Jab ki Laxmi bomb release najdik Aaya,Aab tuja tweet karna hein,haa naahh???? Yea public ko sab kuch malum hein,Aab tweet Kar k kuch nahi hogaa Himmat Hein tho LaxmiBomb ka trailer release Kar k dekha — 🆂🅷🅼🅸🅼 🅺🅷🅽 (@beingsalman479) August 19, 20202. People are blaming him for not speaking up all the while as he kept quiet until CBI came in the picture. Good Morning Akshay Kumar, you are the Kumbhakaran of today, you went to bed on 13th June 2020 and woke up today, 19 August 2020. How did you manage to sleep for 68 days — Meeta Desai (@MeetaDesai5) August 19, 2020After 60 days when everything was not working in Bollywood's favour you come up with this tweet now... pic.twitter.com/ozzpcZbTlm — Jitesh Rochlani (@JRism9) August 19, 20203. They are targeting him for snatching Narayan Murthy’s biopic from Sushant. In an interview with Republic TV, Sushant’s close friend said, “Last year he had offered the biopic of Narayan Murthy, you can check the news where it was clearly mentioned that the biopic of Narayan Murthy had to go to Sushant Bhai. Narayan Murthy himself had told director Nitesh Tiwari who was the director for ‘Dangal’ and ‘Chhichhore’ also. And suddenly after some time, it went to Akshay Kumar. I think internal sources can check it. Also the ‘Rifleman’ movie, ‘Paani’. There were 7 big blockbuster movies that went from his hand. Who was behind those things?”Akshay Kumar snatched Narayana Murthy's biopic from SSR Akshay's name found in SSR's diary & those pages r missing Akshay & Penguin did secret meeting wid Commissioner Akshay left this country wid his family#CBITakesOver #1stStepToSSRJustice pic.twitter.com/7we8gb49Qq — CBI FOR SSR (@dhoniSSR) August 19, 2020 4. People want to boycott Akshay Kumar’s movies for using patriotism as a tool to fool the audience. Exactly! These people have fooled enough already. Never booking any movie tickets of @akshaykumar for my dad. He sells patriotism and leaves the country when it's actually the time to act! No need for your tweet or sympathy. We are here to get #JusticeForSushantSinghRajput — Taniya Arora (@_taniyaarora_) August 19, 2020 5. People think it’s after Sadak 2’s trailer got backlash that he is tweeting to gain sympathy votes. For last two months he was silent bcs he was having secret meetings with Baby Penguin & Commissioner. After seeing the backlash which #Sadak2's trailer faced he wanted to save Laxmmi Bomb! This is just another sympathy gaining stunt from canadian @akshaykumar #CBITakesOver pic.twitter.com/x7jg7k46C8 — CBI FOR SSR (@dhoniSSR) August 19, 2020Dont fall in Bollywood trap they come forward after SC Allows CBI Probe. Just To Gain Sympathy I Hope You Guys Understand !!#1stStepToSSRJustice — Amit Kumar (@its_amitkumar) August 19, 2020What do you have to say about this? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  14. There probably isn’t anything as off-putting as bad breath. Seriously, if you have ever travelled in the Delhi Metro or the local trains in Kolkata & Mumbai, you would know just how bad some people’s breath can be. © iStock Then, there is always that one moron who “forgets” to brush his or her teeth in the morning and steps out to work. © iStock However, sometimes, in spite of a good dental routine, there are instances when our breath starts to stink, quite badly might we say. And no matter how good a toothpaste we use, or how frequently we gargle using mouthwash, we still end up with our breath reeking like a trash can. © iStock So, why does this happen? Why do people’s breath smell awful sometimes, even though they brush twice a day and use a proper mouthwash? Well, we explain why. 1. Excessive Smoking © iStock Is it any surprise that this is the topmost reason? Smoking is really bad for your oral health, and for your general health as well. Cigarettes have a lot of carcinogens that anyway smell very bad. When mixed up with saliva, and food stuck in your teeth, it is bound to make your breath smell awful. 2. You Don’t Floss © iStock No matter how many dental experts we get, or how many wellness columns speak of this, in India, people really do not have the habit of flossing. Brushing and using mouthwash is simply not enough. Food often gets stuck between our teeth, and in crannies where the bristles of your brush might not reach. 3. Ignoring The Tongue © iStock The plastic ridges behind your toothbrush are not adequate to properly clean your tongue. Get a plastic or a copper tongue scraper or tongue cleaner, and use it, after you brush your teeth, and before you use a mouth wash. 4. Consider Tweaking Your Diet A Bit © iStock You’ve tried everything, and still can’t stop your breath from stinking. May be now is the time to tweak your diet a little. We’re not saying to lay off the raw onions and curries loaded with garlic completely, but do cut down on it. Furthermore, try to include naturally acidic foods, like carrots, beetroots etc. Basically, foods that are a little crunchy and have a slightly acidic taste. 5. Give Overtly Sugary & Acidic Foods A Miss © iStock This is especially true for most people given how during the lockdown we have been over-snacking, and stuffing ourselves with food items that have high salt, sugar or acidic content. High concentrations of sugar, salt or acid, erodes the enamel off your teeth. This leads to a number of serious issues, of which bad breath would be the least of your problems. 6. Time To Visit The Dentist? © iStock Our bathroom mirrors actually do not allow us to inspect our mouths completely. Plus, there may be issues that seem benign to us but actually are reasons to worry about. Ideally, you should visit your dentist every six months. If that is not possible, and we really cannot see why would that be the case, visit your dentist at least once a year. View the full article
  15. When there is a bevy of talented actors in a movie, you are bound to praise it and somewhere, you are also sure of the content thatâs coming your way. As audience and media, we have earlier lacked appreciating the true form of cinema but now the wave is changing as we have started to notice the real talents at last. Yes, Kunal Kemmuâs tweet got us thinking about the fact why such talented actors are not given equal opportunities for the promotion of their movies. In a recently held press conference Kunalâs Lootcase was completely ignored , and surely it has the potential to connect with the audience because of the sheer simplicity in the subject. So, the trailer was released last year but the movie couldnât make it to the theatres and now, itâs releasing on HotStar along with a few other projects. Before it releases on the OTT platform, we are here to tell why it deserves an equal opportunity to shine like other mainstream releases. 1. Relatable Content And An Interesting StorylineIf you have seen the trailer, you might agree to the fact that it's a story that will connect to the audience because of its relatable content. The trailer accurately depicts the struggles of the middle class. So, the story revolves around Nandan Kumar played by Kunal who finds an unattended suitcase full of money and that completely changes the course of his life because soon after that, gangsters and politicians leave no stone unturned to make Nandanâs life a mess. 2. Witty Dialogues And Brilliant WritingThe trailer is packed with witty dialogues and we are sure that the movie has a lot more to offer in terms of its writing. It should surely be a much-needed break as we all are battling this negativity. There are a few comic liners that surely are a breather. 3. Kunal Kemmuâs PerformanceKunal Kemmu is one underrated actor that we havenât celebrated enough. From being a child actor to playing leads, Kunal has always aced his acting game. If you have watched his last outing Malang, Kunal showed his acting prowess and what he is capable of. It will be interesting to see how he pulls off his character and what he brings to the table. © PVR Cinemas 4. Gajraj Rao And Vijay Raaz: The Men Who Are Masters Of Their CraftGajraj Rao and Vijay Raaz need an introduction as they have never disappointed us with their craft. Whenever they take up a role, you can be sure that it will be a perfect display of their talent. In this movie, Gajraj plays the role of a politician and we really want to see how he adds his charm to the character written for him. Vijay will be seen playing the role of a gangster and it will be interesting to see such men in one frame. © PVR Cinemas © PVR Cinemas 5. Ranvir Shorey and Rasika Dugalâs Not To Be Missed Acts When you have actors like Ranvir and Rasika backing the script, you know the end product is going to be equally good. Ranvir as an actor is also someone whoâs underrated and we all need to start promoting the talents that deserve to be appreciated. Rasika, too, puts in her 100% to her character to make it look convincing and as realistic as it can be. © PVR Cinemas © PVR Cinemas We are excited for Lootcase! What about you? View the full article
  16. We reviewed The Last of Us Part 2 (TLOU2) last week and found the game to be a visual masterpiece with a compelling story. During our gameplay one thing was for sure, TLOU2 was an experience you will rarely find in video games. The game made us question our motivations and even made us care for things we normally donât in video games. © MensXP Naughty Dog, creators of the Uncharted series and the developer of TLOU2 have gone to extreme lengths to pay attention to details. However, with any new game release, youâre often conflicted whether you should buy a game at release or wait for it to get cheaper to play sometime later. We make the case for the game which will hopefully get you excited for the game and get it when it launches this Friday: 1. Awesome Gameplay © Youtube_Naughty Dog In our review, we mentioned that this game feels ultra-smooth and just intuitive when it comes to gameplay. The world features a semi-open environment where you will have to sneak around enemies to get to your objective. You can either hide and play with a stealth play style or go in guns blazing. However, to survive each battle, you need to have enough resources to craft medkits, ammo and attachments for your weapons. While the gameplay may not seem too different from a traditional stealth game, the game gives you the freedom to craft, strategise and kill enemies on the fly. The fact that you may not have enough resources to survive the battle adds extra breadth to the gameplay that forces you to think before you act. 2. It Looks Beautiful © Naughty Dog If you ever wondered how good a game can look on the PlayStation 4, you donât need to look further than The Last of Us Part 2. You will be visiting a city in the game that has been overrun by nature since a lot of time has gone by since the outbreak. The environments and textures are extremely detailed in this game and are simply awe-inspiring. If you ever wanted a game that looked like a movie, the facial animations of each character will blow you away. These sort of details make a game immersive and you wonât be disappointed while playing The Last of Us Part 2. 3. Itâs Not A Short Game © Naughty Dog Most of us are under some form of lockdown and there are only so many TV shows and movies that you can watch. There may have been a point where you wanted to play a game where you can spend hours and still experience a great story. The Last of Us Part 2 can last for about 25 hours depending on the difficulty level and if you are a completionist like me; you can expect to spend anywhere between 30-35 hours in the game. Even if you play for a few hours every day; you are sorted for the next few weeks where you get to experience a story and enjoy awesome gameplay. 4. You Donât Need To Play The First Game © Naughty Dog Yes, The Last Of Us Part 2 is a sequel to the original that launched seven years ago, however, you donât need to play the original for the second part of the game. Naughty Dog has included enough callbacks and flashbacks that get you up to speed with Ellie and Joelâs story. However, we do recommend playing the original as it just adds to the overall narrative and is a masterpiece in its own right. 5. A Compelling Story © Naughty Dog We canât talk much about the game, however, we will repeat what we said in our review last week. Hereâs what our review said: âWhatever our ultimate goal was at the start of the game changed drastically towards the end of the story. I wanted to achieve that goal with the utmost brutality, without any mercy and any remorse. However, some events in the latter half of the game make you rethink everything. It's a great showcase of Naughty Dog's skill of humanising games and storytelling that screws with your mind.â 6. It's Brutal © Naughty Dog Whenever we played this game we felt sick in the stomach because of the gore and life-life graphics. Usually, in games, you kill enemies and move on the next objective, however, in this game, dealing with enemies can become taxing. You can feel every blow on your controller and at times even feel bad for killing enemies simply because of it being brutal. There are times when you will have to deal with dogs and killing them to survive is a heart-wrenching experience. In our review, we said âThese dogs have names and you can feel the anguish in the tone of the owner after discovering its death. This feeling hits home with any animal lover who has lost a pet in the past which was the case for me as I lost my dog a few months ago." TLOU2 will be available to people to play in India on June 19th Friday 9:30 AM IST. The game will be available to purchase from the PlayStation Store, Amazon India, Games The Shop or your local games retailer. View the full article
  17. This yearâs much-awaited film Dil Bechara will become one of the most-loved films for more than one reason - the most important one being, this would be late actor Sushant Singh Rajputâs last film. Unfortunately, after this one, we wonât get to see the 34-year-old actor on big-screens anymore. Helmed by Mukesh Chhabra, Dil Bechara is a perfect mix of a talented, experienced ensemble cast and crew together with a well-written, multi-layered story and AR Rahman's music track, that would instantly hit the right chord with the viewers. âJab baat Dil ki ho, then let everyone know.â#KizzieAurManny is now #DilBechara@foxstarhindi @sanjanasanghi96 @CastingChhabra pic.twitter.com/T3aqfsbYZ0 â Sushant Singh Rajput (@itsSSR) February 8, 2019 The filmâs premise revolves around a love story between two teenagers who suffer from cancer. Here we have listed out six reasons why you should watch Sushantâs yet-to-be released Dil Bechara: 1. Sushant Singh Rajputâs Last FilmAs we mentioned earlier, Dil Bechara will be marked as Sushantâs last film as his sudden and tragic passing has left people across the country and the Bollywood industry completely in shock. Sushant was only 34 years old when he took this drastic step of ending his life. Reports suggest that he was suffering from depression over the years. This film would be nothing but an ode to the talented actor that we have lost too soon. âIâ am just âyouâ away from Glory. #selfmusing ï¸ pic.twitter.com/Q5vZb4VCGq â Sushant Singh Rajput (@itsSSR) August 19, 2018 2. Storyline Will Take You Through Roller-Coaster Of EmotionsThereâs no doubt that itâs an epic romance story. But let me warn you - you're going to cry. Just accept that now. Not only because of the hard-hitting narrative, but seeing Sushant playing a role that only screams - hope & positivity, will make us miss him more as we watch him. Youâll not only be engrossed in the film till the end, it will also make you think about how life is precious. Also, there's no time like the summer to indulge in a sweeping love story, right? 3. Based On Critically & Commercially Successful NovelDil Bechara is a coming-of-age romantic drama which is based on renowned American author John Green's 2012 novel The Fault in Our Stars. The novel is his sixth solo and quite interestingly, the novelâs title is inspired by Act 1, Scene 2 of Shakespeare's most popular play Julius Caesar, in which the nobleman Cassius says to Brutus: "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings." The novel was a massive hit and in 2014, it was made into an American romantic drama film directed by Josh Boone in the same name. That film was a commercial success. 4. Ensemble CastHelmed by Mukesh Chhabra, Dil Bechara marks his directorial debut and apart from Sushant Singh Rajput, the film also features debutante Sanjana Sanghi and Saif Ali Khan in pivotal roles. Although, Saif makes a guest appearance in the film. 5. AR Rahman MusicARRâs name itself is enough to make one excited about the upcoming songs. Academy Award-winning music composer AR Rahman has been roped in to score music for this most-awaited film. In one of his media interviews earlier, he said, "When I heard the narration of their Indian adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars and especially how music is so beautifully woven into the narrative, I got quite excited." Produced by Fox Star Studios, the filmâs release got delayed several times earlier due to post-production delays and recently, due to the nationwide coronavirus lockdown. It was supposed to be released on May 8 but now, as per the reports, the film will be released directly on OTT platforms soon. The release date hasnât been announced yet. Besides, according to news reports, the filmâs director was also suspended from his services after getting allegedly accused of sexual harassment in October 2018. However, eventually he returned after receiving a clean chit from ICC on the allegations. This perhaps also added to the filmâs delay. Dil Becharaâs lead actor opposite Sushant, Sanjana recently took to her social media account to share an emotional message about her co-actor. Watch tearfull talkin of sushant last heroine sanjana sanghi from dil bechara movie #SushantSinghRajput pic.twitter.com/Qryqa04pOv â Rofl Vickky (@vickkydirector3) June 14, 2020 The film was previously titled Kizie Aur Manny. Meanwhile, fans of Sushant are now demanding the film to be released in theatres as a tribute to the actor, however, if the film will have a digital release or not, is yet to be seen. Wont this be injustice to @itsSSR if movie is released on OTT instead of multiplex. Kind Request @foxstarhindi @foxstarmedia @CastingChhabra to release movie on big screen as a small tribute from humanity !!!! #SushantSinghRajput #DilBechara pic.twitter.com/jmZcIdxPrM â Sourabh (@Sourabh13620284) June 17, 2020the urge that i have to watch dil bechara and clap on every scene sushant deliver and then sob too is just weird and unreal. give #DilBecharaOnBigScreen for us to celebrate his brilliance together one last time. â Anjali (@Anji17_) June 17, 2020i truly do hope that dil bechara is released on the big screen. letâs do this for sushant. letâs pay his hard work, commitment, wisdom and intellect the ode it deserves. he deserves the best of the best goodbyes. #DilBecharaOnBigScreen â dee. (@dipikashansi) June 17, 2020I hope it gets released in theatres instead of OTT....we all deserve to see Sushant one last time on celluloid #DilBechara #SushanthSinghRajput https://t.co/R8TfnqH4zT â aaditya ××××××× (@aadibdl) June 17, 2020Moreover, Saif in one of his earlier interviews, speaking about working with Sushant, said, âHe was very nice to me and he said he wanted to come and have a drink and talk about various things, which never happened, which I feel bad about. Maybe I could have, you know, helped in some way or not⦠I donât know. But after working with him, I quite liked him because he was nice.â The film was largely shot in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand and few portions were also filmed across Paris, France. View the full article
  18. We know that Mahindra makes some of the finest civilian SUVs in India. We also know, that when it comes to the vehicles that they make for the defence sector, they are vehicles that are simply out of this world. With the world seemingly coming to an end, and a lot of people believing that the end is actually upon us, a lot of people would love to get their hands on the new Mahindra ASLV. © Mahindra & Mahindra One might assume that the ASLV is a buffed up, the Indian version of the military spec Hummer H1 that many forces are using around the world. Someone, like this guy. Its looks like a "DESI COPY" of HUMMER . pic.twitter.com/tYNcZbt9Oi â Rajat (@techyrajat) May 29, 2020 Well, the ASLV is much more than that. For starters, it is way better equipped than the Hummer and is actually capable of protecting the occupants when something larger than a bullet hits it. © Mahindra & Mahindra This is what Anand Mahindra had to say about the ASLV, and we kinda agree. Our defence team believes M&M translates to âMean Machine.â This is one of their meaner ones... https://t.co/yZpbQHmpqS â anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) May 29, 2020 Here are 5 things that make the ASLV truly a beast of a car, and one mean machine Highest Level of Ballistic ProtectionFirst things first. The ASLV comes certified with the highest level of Ballistic protection, at B7, meaning that it can easily withstand high-velocity, armour piercing rounds, even from a close distance. Ability to withstand grenadesOther than protection from high velocity ballistics, the ASLV also complies with STANAG II levels of blast protection, meaning that it can easily withstand the most common hand grenades, land mines, and small artillery. Insane Performance Figures © Mahindra & Mahindra A car that has such a high level of armouring and protection is obviously very heavy. Despite the bulk, the ASLV can easily hit a top speed of 120 kmph, and can go 0-60 in under 12 seconds, at full load, thanks to the 3.2 litre, 6 cylinder engine which produces 215 bhp & 500 Nm of torque. The power is fed to all four wheels. This essentially means that no matter what the surface or what the situation, you will be able to put the hammer down, at the drop of a hat. Insane Load Bearing Capabilities © Mahindra & Mahindra The ASLVâs performance seems even more impressive when you take a look at its load-bearing capabilities. Even though it will only seat 4 adults, it can carry 1000 kgs as its payload. Imagine all the essential supplies that soldiers will be able to carry, in each of unit of the ASLV. A Modular Architecture © Mahindra & Mahindra Finally, there is the architecture or rather the manner in which the car is built. Because it has a very modular structure, repairing the ASLV on the go will be a breeze, and will take a lot less time. Furthermore, regiments and units can spec the car out in whatever way the feel like, meaning, they can attach machine guns, small artillery, grenade launchers and what not. Honestly, with one of this in our garage, and one of these bunkers, we feel we can take on anything that the apocalypse has to throw at us. View the full article
  19. Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey may not be the most vibrant public figure out there, but he surely comes across as the finest Steve Jobs-level tech-wiz with top-class leadership qualities. Time and again, through various means and approaches, Jack Dorsey has shown the world that running a successful business takes much more than just establishing it. Great organizations of this world are built upon strong ethics and ideologies which thrive on consumer satisfaction provided through high employee engagement and happiness index. © Twitter/ajplus And the Twitter CEO isnât just a man good with words, but also knows how to walk the talk and lead the way. Here are 7 such reasons which prove Jack Dorsey might just be the coolest boss out there that all of us need: 1. He Actually Cares About His Employeesâ WelfareHours ago, Jack Dorsey made headlines for sending his Twitter employees an email which said that they can continue to work from home as long as they want, even after the pandemic is over. So, basically what that means is, âif our employees are in a role and situation that enables them to work from home and they want to continue to do so forever, we will make that happen.â © Twitter Complex I mean, which other CEO would even consider such a move even if they get the chance? Think about it, Iâll wait. 2. He Is Least Bothered About His âAppraisalsâJack Dorsey is known to have taken just $1.40 as his base salary since 2018 - forgoing any increment or extra remuneration. However, keeping in mind that the total compensation of Twitter's median compensated employee was $213,155 in 2019, an employee to CEO pay ratio is less than 0.001. © BCCL While his employees continue to get their dues for their services year after year, the Twitter CEO hasnât claimed any benefits for himself and continues to work for his company and its future every day. 3. He Leads The Way By Setting ExamplesAmid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, Jack Dorsey has gone out of his way to ensure that he takes effective personal measures to help the world fight the pandemic. The man swore off â28% of (his) wealthâ, that is $1,000 million, to aid the fight against coronavirus and build a better future. © Twitter/nnavinsingh21 So, before calling people to donate whatever is in their power, Dorsey is doing his bit to encourage others. So far, he has donated $2.1 million to the Mayorâs Fund for LA towards domestic violence victims, pledged $10 million to REFORM Alliance which will help provide 10 million face masks and other PPEs for inmates, officers, health care workers and other prison employees. © Twitter/CBSNews The Twitter CEO has also donated $15 million to San Franciscoâs COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund, to help people and businesses impacted by the pandemic. Apart from all that, Dorsey has also donated $750K to Eminemâs Marshall Mathers foundation which works to help the youth in Detroit. 4. He Teaches His Team (& Others) To Have Faith In Their ProductNo company, however strong, can sustain itself in the long run if the ones who are working in it donât have faith in its potential and future. Similarly, Jack Dorsey, who also happens to be the founder and CEO of mobile payments company Square, has shown his team that trusting their own product is crucial. © Twitter/DatHaxor By regularly buying Bitcoin worth $10,000 every week, and maxing out his Bitcoin buys on Cash App, a subsidiary of Square, Jack Dorsey is encouraging his employees and customers to have faith in their products and services. And thatâs just one such instance. 5. He Welcomes Criticism & FeedbackWe all know how welcome any form of criticism or feedback is to most bosses. But thatâs not the case with Jack Dorsey. According to reports, earlier this year, the Twitter CEO made a video call to tech giant Elon Musk during a staff meeting to take âdirect feedbackâ and âcritiqueâ on Twitter from the man himself. © Twitter/nypost According to SkyNews, Dorsey asked, "Give us some direct feedback, critique, what are we doing poorly, what could we be doing better, and what's your hope for our potential as a service?" He further added, "If you were running Twitter - by the way do you want to run Twitter? What would you do?" © Twitter/Recode Musk gave him an honest response and said that it would be âhelpful to differentiateâ between real and fake (bots and organised trolls) accounts. "How do you tell if the feedback is real or someone trying to manipulate the system? ...Sometimes it can be very difficult to figure out what's real public opinion and what's not.â By encouraging an open feedback/criticism session during a staff meeting, Dorsey imbibed a good culture within his team and encouraged his employees to work with an open mind, accept criticisms and improve as they go. View the full article
  20. No matter what day of the week, you will find me playing games the moment I finish my work. While most movies these days turn out to be disappointing and have predictable plots, video games, on the other hand, offer more value and entertainment than ever before. Two years ago, I wrote a feature on how video games are already bigger than movies, today the industry has become bigger even in India. Games have also become a better medium for storytelling than movies right now. Here are 4 reasons why I prefer playing video games over watching movies: 1. Itâs More Immersive © CDProjektRed Games are known for having awesome character development and plot details that are not possible in movies. Since many games can run for over 20 hours, you get enough time to experience the story. In some games, you can even tell your own story by making key decisions or by developing a certain type of character. You can be evil in games or the good old hero trying to save the world, itâs your choice really especially in role-playing games. In movies and TV shows, you simply watch the main character do things while in games, YOU get to be the main character and experience the story for yourself. You can create how your character looks and what kind of clothes it can wear. You can even choose your characterâs voice and style of playing. Sure, not all games have the best plot but there are plenty of games out there with better storylines than most movies today. 2. You Live In a Whole Different World © Sega When playing open-world games, you donât only get to experience great characters but an entirely different world from your own as well. Some games feature a world with different islands, fauna and animals that you can interact with. We recently played Final Fantasy 7 Remake and the city of Midgar looks better than most cities in the world. Similarly, if you like a fantasy setting, you can check out the world of The Witcher series. If you ever wondered what Tokyo feels and looks like, you can check out games like the Yakuza series. There are so many different worlds to check out in games that can never be accurately represented in movies and TV shows. 3. I Donât Have To Deal With Bad Acting © naughty Dog Many movies feature actors that canât really act to save their lives. While iconic movies like The Godfather and other drama movies will always live-on; most movies today feature at least one bad actor that doesnât effectively suspend reality. However, while playing games, you can easily get lost in the world, narrative and gameplay for hours. Games now feature great voice-actors that make cut-scenes believable. Games like The Last of Us have a profound impact on players because of its great voice-acting and motion-captured cutscenes. It is also needed to point out that there are plenty of games that feature bad acting, animations and voice acting as well. Just like movies, we have bad games too and are not immune to bad actors either. 4. Video Games are Global © Unplash Whether you play PUBG or Rainbow Six Siege, you are bound to make friends from different regions to play the game together. Thatâs the beauty of video games, it connects people with each other from all over the world which isnât necessarily true for movies and TV shows. Games are developed all over the world and thereâs a high chance youâve played some of them. Ever played Mario or Contra? Both these games were developed in Japan. Played PUBG recently? It was developed by BlueHole based in South Korea. View the full article
  21. If you are a 90s kid, I am sure you might have not missed Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Owing to the Coronavirus outbreak, we all are at homes, and OTT platforms have come to our rescue as boredom is killing is us all. As 2020 is one year that I feel has been downloaded by mistake, I wanted to go back in time and relive my 90s. I was surfing Netflix and I stumbled upon Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Well, I decided to watch it for the sake of good old days. After watching it, I realized that neither Shah Rukh Khan aka Rahul nor Salman Khan aka Aman was the perfect fit for Kajol aka Anjali So, I did an analysis of why Rahul and Aman didn't deserve Anjali's love. Let me give you 5 reasons why these two men didn't deserve Kajol. 1) Rahul's ideology of 'pyaar dosti hai' was completely fraud as it gave false hopes to Anjali. Well, if a man walks up to me who's is close friend comes to me and says that he can only fall with his best friend, I would have had my hopes high. They both were best friends but he chose Tina over Anjali(who is the best friend actually). © Dharma Productions 2) Rahul was one selfish character as Anjali was never his priority or maybe he saw her as the second option. When he started to feel all lonely, he was all hovering around her and suddenly felt he has this feeling of old found love for Anjali. Even after knowing that Anjali is trying to move on, he tries his best to woo her. © Dharma Productions 3) Rahul was completely sexist because he kept mentioning that women can't play basketball and based his ideologies on looks for that matter. When Anjali dressed like a tomboy, Rahul didn't pay any heed to her but when she started to dress up more like a woman according to his perception, he went all 'gung ho' about her. Rahul falls for Anjali after she changes from a âtomboyâ to a more feminine appearance. © Dharma Productions 4) Aman, equally, didn't deserve her. Well, the whole idea of imposing Anjali for getting married to him didn't fit well. He even mentioned that he would drag her to the 'mandap' against her will. 5) Aman gives up on her way too easily. In the movie, it might have looked like a perfect end that Aman told Anjali to be with Rahul because she is still in love with him. In reality, you wouldn't do such a thing at all. © Dharma Productions Well, if there would have been Kuch Kuch Hota 2.0, I would prefer Anjali dumping both Aman and Rahul because they both clearly didn't deserve her! View the full article
  22. Being at home all day translates to doing all your activities in the same outfit. Whether it is working out or working from home or even cooking for yourself, you donât need a change of clothes. However, when we think of versatile clothing, a solid T-shirt or shirt is what comes to mind. However, if you just take one look around, you'll see there is so much more to experiment with! A short kurta is one of the rare staples that are trendy too. With its contemporary design and comfortable fit, a short kurta is perfect for your at-home style. Here are five good reasons to start wearing a short kurta at home! __ECOMLOOKS__378__ __ECOMLOOKS__380__ __ECOMLOOKS__383__ __ECOMLOOKS__386__ __ECOMLOOKS__385__ Explore More View the full article
  23. 1971 was a 2007 directorial movie debut by Amrit Sagar. Set against the backdrop of the 1971 India-Pakistan war for Bangladesh's independence from West Pakistan, the film went on to win the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi at the 55th National Film Awards. However, not many know that this riveting tale about the lives of Indian Prisoners of War (PoW) in Pakistan existed in the film domain, because it failed to publicize itself well-enough around the time of its release. © Sagar Arts Productions But those who watched the movie, swore by it. Right from the screenplay, to the background score and performances, viewers hailed this as the next war-drama with the might to topple major front-runners in the domain. Today, 13 years later after itâs release, 1971 is being declared a digital blockbuster because of its true to life representations of life and times of the 54 PoWs that the Pakistani government not only illegally detained, but also denied the very existence of. Here are 4 major reasons why 1971 is a superhit today, and ought to have been 13 years ago as well. 1. The Backstory © Sagar Arts Productions 1971 is based on the lives of real Prisoners of War (PoW) who were detained in Pakistan after the 1971 Indo-Pakistan war which was fought to establish a new country, Bangladesh. The film not only uncovers how cunningly the Pakistani government manipulated the situation of withholding Indian PoW in its territory but also tries to throw light on the plight of those Indian defense personnel held in Pakistan for the countryâs twisted reasons. Based on real reportage and research about 54 PoWs held captive in Pakistani jails in dire circumstances, 1971 shares these detained soldiers' stories established through multiple, real sources. 2. The Reliable Cast © Sagar Arts Productions One of the best aspects about this film has to be its strong ensemble cast which has trusted actors like Manoj Bajpayee, Deepak Dobriyal, Piyush Mishra, Manav Kaul, Ravi Kishan, and Kumud Mishra in the forefront. Apart from Manoj Bajpayeeâs convincing performance as the man trying to lead a band of six soldiers away from the clutches of the Pakistani army and back into their motherland, Deepak Dobriyal and Ravi Kishanâs performance will win you over. The authenticity and vigour to see through this personal mission comes through effortlessly through the convincing screenplay by Amrit Sagar and meticulously amazing cinematography by Chirantan Das who has worked on films like Tanu Weds Manu. 3. The Hard-Hitting Dialogues © Sagar Arts Productions We arenât unaware of Piyush Mishraâs penmanship. One of the filmâs highlights happens to be its strong, hard-hitting dialogues which have been written by Mishra himself. With well-worded phrases and poignant references, the dialogues in the film manage to leave the audience teary eyes on more than a couple of occasions. Piyush Mishra has succeeded in laying bare the true emotions of both the captured Indian soldiers, but also present to his audience the true motives of the Pakistani military. 4. An Account Of History Now Forgotten © Sagar Arts Productions Sagarâs directorial is a visual diary of a historic event which has slowly been pushed to the backseat for most Indians today. More than a decade since its release, 1971 manages to remind us of those forgotten heroes who either gave up their lives in Pakistani prisons or still await their release almost five decades later. The film manages to store all the details on reel for future generations to remember and for the world to understand how easily some countries give up on humanity for their political gains. View the full article
  24. Politics across the world in 2020 is, to put it mildly, a mess. With individuals across the length and breadth of the political spectrum arguing over everything from rights to representatives, thereâs one common sentiment youâll find everywhere from Mumbai to Mexico - that absolutely no one wants to live in North Korea. No one, except for dictator Kim Jong Un, of course - whoâs now in his 9th year at the helm of one of the modern worldâs most horrific and brutal regimes - and who has recently made headlines for his reported hospitalisation. As Kim Jong-un's whereabouts remain unknown, world leaders say their thoughts are with the members of his family who haven't been fed to dogs or blown up with anti-tank missiles. â Have I Got News For You (@haveigotnews) April 28, 2020 Good riddance, says the world. Before we potentially say goodbye to the infamous dictator, itâs well worth reminding ourselves of the barbaric and often violent punishments heâs inflicted on others - usually for things weâd never expect to be reprimanded for in most countries. Here are 5 of the cruellest and most unusual of them all: 1. Incarcerated For Failing To Save Regime Leadersâ Portraits © Reuters Earlier this January, social media went in uproar against the NK regime, when stories surfaced of a mother who saved her children from a house fire in Onsong County, North Hamgyong Province. The woman was jailed and placed under investigation by the Ministry of State Security (MSS) for failing to save portraits of Kim Jong Unâs ancestors, Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong-Il. Tragically, she failed to save them because of having to choose between irking the government and her childrenâs lives. 2. Starved & Kept In Poor Homes For Failing To Bring Back Olympic Glory © Reuters Back during the 2016 Rio Olympics, the North Korean contingent bagged a total of seven medals at the event in Brazil, but this wasnât enough to impress the eccentric dictator. Reports from North Korea suggest that this performance may have led to athletes facing the wrath of the dictator, who wanted them to return with at least five gold medals and 12 other medals. The athletes were reportedly punished by being forced into smaller, poor quality homes, slashed food rations and in some cases, being sent into coal mines as forced labourers. 3. Bombarded By Mortars For Partying At The Wrong Time © Reuters When Kim Jong Un ascended to the leadership of North Korea in 2011, he wasted no time in eliminating political opponents - beginning with his uncle and his supporters. In order to make this easier, he enforced a âperiod of mourningâ after his fatherâs death - where any form of celebration was outlawed. When non-supportive Army Vice-Minister Kim Chol was discovered âpartying and carousing with alcoholâ during the mourning period, Jong Un had a simple order for the execution squad - âleave no trace of him behind, down to his hair.â The squad then proceeded to literally blow the man apart using explosive mortar shells. 4. Executed With Anti-Aircraft Guns For Making A Porn Video © Reuters Back in 2017, a NK defector came out in international media with horrific stories of civilians being forced to watch brutal public executions to keep them in line. She said she was among 10,000 people once forced to watch the execution of musicians accused of making a pornographic video, at Pyongyangâs military academy. She told the Daily Mirror, âThey were lashed to the end of anti-aircraft guns. Their bodies were blown to bits, totally destroyed, blood and bits flying everywhere. And then after that military tanks moved in and they ran over the bits on the ground where the remains lay.â Grisly stuff. 5. Jailed And, Presumably, Put In A Coma For âStealingâ A Propaganda Poster © Reuters American student Otto Warmbier entered North Korea as part of a guided tour group on December 29, 2015. On January 2, 2016, he was arrested at Pyongyang International Airport while awaiting departure from the country and convicted of attempting to steal a propaganda poster from his hotel, for which he was sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment with hard labour. When Warmbier was finally released 17 months later, he was found to be in a vegetative state - which NK authorities attributed to sleeping pills and botulism. Downright chilling. Sure not going to miss this guy if and when he goes, thatâs for sure. View the full article
  25. Any team that is led by Mahendra Singh Dhoni, be it the Indian national team of the Chennai Super Kings side during the Indian Premier League, is used to working under a calm and composed captain. The man somehow manages to show no expressions and his hands never tremble under âdo or dieâ situations, well maybe not during the 2019 World Cup, but you get the point. So on those extremely rare occasions when âCaptain Coolâ loses it, just like any of us, his fans seem to take their time processing what just happened. Here are five moments when MS Dhoni lost his cool but the spectators couldnât believe it: 1. âOh Bh*sdike Idhar Dekh Leâ If Virat Kohli would have said something like this, it probably wouldnât even have made the headlines but when you hear someone like MS Dhoni abusing and that too his own teammate (Manish Pandey), it definitely shocked a lot of people who couldnât believe their ears. 2. Angry At The Right Decision By The Umpires During a 2012 ODI between India and Australia, the third-umpire messed up and declared Michael Hussey out after Dhoni had stumped him despite the replays showing his foot was behind the crease. Once the officials clarified that it was âa malfunctionâ and asked the Aussie to return to the crease, Dhoni was livid. For someone who invited Englandâs Ian Bell to bat after he was wrongfully given a run-out, losing his cool over something like this was highly unlikely. 3. IPL Walkover In the final over of an IPL match between CSK and Rajasthan Royals last season, straight umpire Ulhas Gandhe called a no-ball on a Ben Stokes delivery but quickly took it back once CSK players took a couple of runs. When Ravindra Jadeja started arguing with the officials, Dhoni walked over the boundary line and came to argue with them while pointing a finger at him. Even though the umpires messed it up big time, for Dhoni to enter the field and show such aggression was uncharacteristic of him. 4. Taking Deepak Chaharâs Class In 2019, Deepak Chahar was playing under the leadership of Dhoni but in the yellow CSK uniform. The skipper trusted him with the 19th over in a very close match but the pacer screwed up and bowler two back to back no-balls. Soon enough, Chahar could be seen with his hands behind his back and head bowed down, listening to Thala go at it. 5. âMain Pagal Hoonâ¦â Giving Kuldeep Yadav A Lesson © Reuters Recently, Kuldeep Yadav relived the day he got to hear a ear-full when he ignored his captainâs command and didnât change the fielding after getting slammed by Sri Lankaâs Kusal Perera. On the next ball, Perera smashed yet another delivery by the Chinaman and Dhoni wasnât having any more of it. He yelled at the spinner from behind the stumps: ââMain pagal hu? 300 one-day khela hu, aur samjha raha hu yahan peâ.â View the full article
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