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Found 285 results

  1. Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed says the court will not allow any injustice in the dam affairs
  2. Pakistan reports most number of COVID-19 cases in a day after PM Imran announced yesterday that more sectors will be opened
  3. Back on 25th March, rapper Badshah released Genda Phool through label Sony Music India - featuring Jacqueline Fernandes in the music video along with playback singer Payal Dev on lead vocals. Unsurprisingly, the song released to mixed reactions. While no one, in particular, was upset at seeing Fernandes and several Bengali fans appreciated Payal Devâs vocals, Badshah was criticised for tepid lyrics, repetitive production and every artistâs favourite 10-letter word, plagiarism- concerning the lyrical work of Bengali folk songwriter, Ratan Kahar. And all the credit goes to @Its_Badshah & Team? not to the #RatanKahar, writer & composer of the original folk song Simply this isn't right, we felt really bad. â Gourab Das (@gourabdas69) March 29, 2020@Its_Badshah the ultimate plagiarist. How dare you steal the lyrics without giving a credit to Ratan Kahar â Soumyadeep Biswas (@soumyaInt) March 29, 2020Badshah, however, soon played it down. Speaking to Mumbai Mirror in an interview the rapper said, âIf it was a case of plagiarism, we would be facing the consequences by now. The original song has been recreated several times in the past, even in Bengali films, and Ratan ji has never been credited. Itâs sad because royalties are an artisteâs only source of income. I want to share the royalty of this song with him.â The rapper followed this promise by sharing that he wished to âmeet him and record a song with him.â The song in question happens to be Borloker Bitilo - a Santhali folk song from the 1970s that talks about a young man falling in love with a woman from a richer household, a theme that resonated with thousands of Bengalis in the 1980s when the song became widely popular - so much so that fans remembered it even today after listening to Badshahâs track. Badshah had earlier shared a detailed post about how he was trying to reach out to Ratan but was unaware of his whereabouts. According to a report in IANS, Ratan lives in Birbhum districtâs Siuri town with his family. © Twitter On being made aware of the song, Ratan had humbly replied, âIt feels great that such a renowned artist has used my song and has expressed his desire to help me. I have watched his video and I liked it.â He had added, âI hope Badshah will help me. I expect a little monetary help from him. I live in a poverty-stricken condition and will be glad to receive his help.â Soon after, Badshah extended monetary help to the 80-year-old singer-songwriter by paying him Rs 5 lakh upfront, while maintaining his promise of royalties. While weâre not sure yet if this is the exact compensation that Ratan deserves, Badshah was quick to move the conversation to critical appreciation of his work - especially remakes in an era where theyâre becoming less and less welcome. âIt worked but Iâm still asked to play my version wherever I go,â he chuckles, pointing out that he worked on the only remake AR Rahman agreed to. âWe were at an event and he called me from the other end of the room, to say that he really liked my remixed version of âHumma Hummaâ. Now, that was a compliment.â View the full article
  4. The nation of 60 million (Italy) now accounts for 36.6% of the world''s coronavirus deaths
  5. If asked what you see yourself doing at 60, I bet most of us would perhaps come up with something along the lines of 'retire 'n' chill'. Hardly ever will you expect someone to say stuff like 'break a world record' and that too in what could possibly be called one of the most difficult forms of exercise known to mankind - abdominal planks. © Twitter But that was exactly what a legit senior citizen went ahead and did. 62-year-old George Hood shattered a planking world record by setting a fresh one of his own, and claimed the title of âLongest Male Abdominal Plankâ. George performed the plank for as long as eight hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds to overtake the previous record-holder named Mao Weirdong, who is a police officer in China. Hood passed Mao by a good 14-minute margin to break the world record. © Twitter Reportedly a former US Marine, Hood is said to have undertaken the task in the company of his family and friends who were present there to lend their support to him. Apparently the local high school band also joined them to show their support and played band music for the first five hours! If you have ever tried planking you will agree that this one is probably one of the most âtestingâ forms of exercise which can put our entire body to work. This core strength exercise is known to work on an individualâs multiple muscles, to tone and strengthen it. However, at the same time, it also tends to be quite scary when you just start out with planks, and the endurance for it has to be built over time, in order to hold it for as long as one can. © Twitter Though even eight hours seem like a hell of a lot of time to hold the plank position, it turns out Hood had reportedly planked for 10 hours and 10 minutes back in 2018. I mean, I simply canât imagine doing a 10-minute plank, and look at this man go! It has also been reported that Hood did 674,000 sit-ups and 270,000 push-ups in order to train for the task. Guess all that physical training paid off for good. View the full article
  6. Indian cricket has witnessed numerous batsmen who have managed to capture the imagination of cricket fans over the years. But, in modern-day cricket, no one even comes close to the might and popularity of Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, who continue to help India pull off miracles on the field. While Kohli has carved his niche as one of the most consistent run-scorers in international cricket, Rohit has earned plaudits for his knack of scoring big runs in dire situations. The Indian duo was at their prolific best, hammering opposition bowlers all around the park, during their team's dominating home season last year. And, it appears that there is no stopping these two this year either. © Reuters During his innings that came at a strike rate of over 140, Kohli became India's leading run-getter in the shortest version of the game. The right-handed batsman was 25 runs away from the milestone before the start of the third game. As he completed his 25th run, Kohli surpassed his predecessor MS Dhoni's tally of 1,112 runs to achieve the feat. When it comes to the overall list, Kohli now finds himself at the third spot with a tally of 1,125 runs as captain. He is only behind South Africa's Faf du Plessis (1,273 runs) and New Zealand captain Kane Williamson (1,148 runs) who currently occupy the second and first spot in the coveted list. © Twitter/@BCCI On the day, when Kohli etched his name in the history books for a milestone that will take some doing, Rohit impressed everyone by stepping up at a time when India needed it the most. While he might not be as consistent as one would like, there is no denying the batting talent this incredible right-hander brings to the table. View the full article
  7. "Music to be Murdered By", the latest music album by Eminem, can make him the first artist to earn 10 consecutive No. 1 debuts in the United States, according to Forbes. "Music to Be Murdered By is projected to move between 300,000 and 325,000 album-equivalent units, HITS Daily Double reports. If the album does bow atop the Billboard 200, it will make Eminem the first artist to earn 10 consecutive No. 1 debuts in U.S. history", the Forbes report said. With the release of his new surprise album, Slim Shady has proved that he can still impress us not only with the pen but also his stupefying flow. It turns out to be Eminem’s 11th studio album and the follow-up to 2018’s Kamikaze which earned the critics’ nod. The newly released album was criticised in prompt response to one of its songs, 'Unaccommodating', in which Eminem makes an offensive reference to the 2017 Manchester bombing at an Ariana Grande concert that killed many people.
  8. Deepika Padukone sets the record straight on her introversionDeepika Padukone has branded her name as an unforgettable actress after years in the entertainment industry. Her openness is one aspect of her which attracts fans to her side. From openly discussing topics such as depression, to working alongside acid attack survivors and spending her birthday with them. Recently, Deepika revealed that opening up about her issues with depression, at the height of her career, gave people hope and courage to fight on. However, people assume that her shy nature and introversion is due to her battles with the issue. Setting the record straight, the star went on to bust this myth. During her interview with Bollywood Life, the star stated, “The two things (her depression and being an introvert) are not connected. I"m still a shy person, I"m still an introvert. Both aspects are completely different from me speaking about depression. It"s like me being an actor — just because I'm shy or an introvert or awkward that doesn’t mean I shouldn't perform well on camera . Eventually, it takes a lot of me...not that I can’t do it... it just takes a lot of me and from me to put that aspect of my life aside and do what I really have to.”
  9. A labourer drinks water as another looks on on a hot summer day at a grain market in Chandigarh, India, April 19, 2016. REUTERS/Ajay Verma/Files2019 was the second hottest year on record and ended the hottest decade in history, the European Union's climate monitoring service said Wednesday. Data released by the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) showed that worldwide temperatures last year were second only to 2016, in which temperatures were boosted 0.12°C by an exceptionally strong El Nino natural weather event. The average temperature in 2019 was only a few hundredths of a degree below the 2016 level. The last five years have been the hottest on record, and the period of 2010-2019 was the hottest decade since records began, C3S said. Did you know all of world's 15 hottest places are in Pakistan and India? Globally temperatures in 2019 were 0.6 Celsius warmer than the 1981-2010 average. Earth's temperature over the last five years was 1.1-1.2°C warmer than pre-industrial times. Last year was Europe's hottest ever. "2019 has been another exceptionally warm year, in fact the second warmest globally in our data set, with many of the individual months breaking records," said Carlo Buontempo, head of C3S. Also read: Heatwave hits Australia with hottest day on record 2019 was just 0.04°C cooler than 2016, which saw temperatures boosted by a once-in-a-century strength El Nino. 'Alarming signs'C3S also said that atmospheric carbon concentrations continued to rise in 2019, reaching their highest levels on record. Earlier this month, the European Commission (EC) Directorate-General for Environment (DG ENV) shared a "dramatic picture" and urged for action, saying "#ClimateCrisis & #NatureCrisis impact all of us". Separately, the EC Directorate-General for Climate Action (DG CLIMA) had said scientists around the world had repeatedly sounded the alarms on climate crisis and biodiversity loss. It said "to restore, preserve and protect #OurPlanet" was the "focus for 2020". The United Nations said last year that man-made greenhouse gas emissions needed to tumble 7.6 percent each year to 2030 in order to limit temperature rises to 1.5°C. Current pledges by countries to cut their emissions put Earth on a path of several degrees warming by the end of the century. Related: Bushfires rage after Australia's hottest summer on record The first week of 2020 has seen climate-related disasters such as the fires ravaging southeastern Australia — with hundreds of thousands of animals burnt to death — and flooding kill dozens of people in Indonesia. Scientists say such catastrophes will become more frequent and more intense as temperatures climb. "The past five years have been the warmest on record; the last decade has been the warmest on record," said Copernicus director Jean-Noel Thepaut. "These are unquestionably alarming signs." Read more: Nawabshah may have endured hottest April temperature recorded Last year saw the most pronounced warming in Alaska and other parts of the Arctic, as well as large swathes of eastern and southern Europe, southern Africa, and Australia. In Europe, all seasons were warmer than average, with several countries registering both summer and winter temperature highs. December 2019 was 3.2°C warmer than the 1981-2010 reference period, C3S said. Related:Last three years hottest on record: UN
  10. India set a record on 1st January 2020 of the most number of babies born worldwide on New Year's Day. Yes, it is what it sounds like! According to data released by UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund), around 392,078 babies were born across the globe on January 1 and 67,385 were born in India. After India, China stands at 46,299 newborn babies born on January 1 followed by Nigeria (26,039), Pakistan (16,787), Indonesia (13,020) and the USA (10,452). © BCCL UNICEF's Executive Director, Henrietta Fore said, “The beginning of a new year and a new decade is an opportunity to reflect on our hopes and aspirations not only for our future but the future of those who will come after us.” The first baby of 2020 was delivered in Fiji in the Pacific and the last baby delivered on January 1 was born in the US. UNICEF celebrates babies that are born on January 1 and this year India topped the list of most born babies on New Year's Day. However, according to PTI, in 2018 around 2.5 million newborns didn't sustain even for a month and around one-third of them died on the first day itself. © Unsplash “Too many mothers and newborns are not being cared for by a trained and equipped midwife or nurse, and the results are devastating. We can ensure that millions of babies survive their first day and live into this decade and beyond if every one of them is born into a safe pair of hands,” Fore added. According to PTI, India is also said to break all records and become the most populated country by the year 2027, leaving China behind. According to the UN, India's population will increase by 273 million people between 2019 and 2050. Yes, you heard it right! View the full article
  11. Astronaut Christina Koch created history on Saturday by setting a new record for the longest single spaceflight by a woman till date. According to Independent, the Nasa astronaut has now spent 289 days in space and has managed to break the record set by former NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson, in 2016-17, who returned to earth after 288 days of staying on a spaceflight. Earlier in October, Koch already set another record of first ever all-female spacewalk from the International Space Station which was widely appreciated by the people all across the globe. We made space cookies and milk for Santa this year. Happy holidays from the @Space_Station! pic.twitter.com/sZS4KdPmhj — Christina H Koch (@Astro_Christina) December 26, 2019 As per the reports, Koch will be part of six spacewalks after she returns and also be part of vital research on the space station. She is expected to return in February 2020, and interestingly, she will be on space flight only 12 days fewer than the US record of 340 days by her colleague Scott Kelly. Koch said in a live interview with CNN from the space station, “Do what scares you. Everyone should think about what intrigues them and what draws them in.” So. Much. Physics. As if making the coldest human-made place in the universe wasn't cool enough, now the Cold Atoms Lab experiment is measuring gravity's most elusive fundamentals too. pic.twitter.com/psc4OaVZJ2 — Christina H Koch (@Astro_Christina) December 10, 2019 She also said, “Those things can kind of be scary a little bit, but they usually mean that you're interested. And if it's just outside what you think is attainable for you and you reach it, it pays dividends in more ways than one. It can be rewarding for you, and it usually means that you're giving something back to the world in the maximum way possible.” As per the reports, Koch was initially expected to be on a six-month mission. But now her extended mission will help NASA learn about the effects of long-duration spaceflight. View the full article
  12. DUBAI: Dubai unveiled a 2020 budget on Sunday projecting record spending of $18.1 billion, up 17 percent on this year, as it seeks to revive its flagging economy. The Gulf city state expects revenues too to rise sharply next year as it hosts Expo 2020, the global six-month trade fair set to open on October 20. But it still foresees a deficit for the fourth year in a row of $700 million. The government is hoping that Expo will draw some 25 million visitors, many of them from abroad, and is projecting a 25 percent increase in revenues to $17.4 billion. Dubai is the only government in the Gulf not dependent on hydrocarbon revenues, and projects around 94 percent of income to come from non-oil sources. Dubai is renowned for its skyscrapers, like the world´s tallest building Burj Khalifa, but its key property sector has been sliding since 2014. Last year, growth slowed to 1.94 percent, less half the 2017 figure and the worst in a decade. It picked up slightly to 2.1 percent in the first half of this year but the government is keen to do more to stimulate consumer spending and the real estate market.
  13. MILAN: Sebastiano Esposito became Inter Milan´s youngest scorer in more than 60 years on Saturday when he hit the target in a 4-0 romp against Genoa, helping his side return to the top of Serie A. The 17-year-old put away a second-half penalty which made him the youngest Inter scorer since Mario Corso in 1958. Romelu Lukaku scored twice with Roberto Gagliardini adding another as Inter moved level with champions Juventus at the top on 42 points. Juve had taken top spot on Wednesday with a 2-1 win over Sampdoria before heading to Saudi Arabia where they face Lazio in the Italian Super Cup on Sunday. However, Inter are now in pole position courtesy of goal difference. "I just saw my mum in the stands and the goal is for her," a tearful Esposito, who is 17 years and 172 days old, told Sky Sport Italia. "I didn´t sleep at all last night (after he was told he would start the game). I spent the whole night thinking about what would happen today." The teenager also hailed Lukaku who gave him the ball to take the penalty even though he could have finished the game with a hat-trick. "Romelu is a fantastic person as well as being an extraordinary player. He told me, just go out there, make a decision and hit the ball." The defeat left Genoa, now without a Serie A win at Inter since 1994, second from bottom in the table, four points from safety after a 10th defeat this season. Lukaku opened the scoring after 31 minutes, heading in a cross from Antonio Candreva. Within a minute it was 2-0 when Lukaku teed-up Gagliardini whose shot was deflected off Cristian Romero and into the goal. Esposito added his name to the scoresheet from the spot in the 64th minute when Kevin Agudelo fouled Gagliardini. Lukaku´s gesture to his teenage teammate was rewarded when he hit a long-range drive which went in off the underside of the crossbar for his second of the night and his team´s fourth seven minutes later. "I saw him in pre-season training and he just looked like a little child, even his face seems so young," said Inter coach Antonio Conte of Esposito. "He has really grown in the last couple of months and he has a great future ahead of him." Cagliari suffered their first away defeat of the season, losing 2-1 at Udinese as their Champions League hopes suffered a blow. Rolando Maran´s side have now won just once in their last five games, claiming only a single point in their three most recent outings. Argentine Rodrigo de Paul gave Udinese a first-half lead before Joao Pedro levelled for Cagliari in the 84th minute. However, Ivory Coast international Seko Fofana restored Udinese´s advantage just a minute later to wrap up the three points. Earlier on Saturday, Fiorentina fired coach Vincenzo Montella with the club struggling in 15th in Serie A. Montella, a 45-year-old former Italy winger, managed Fiorentina from 2012-15 leading the club to two fourth-place finishes in Serie A before he was fired. After spells in charge at Sampdoria, AC Milan and Sevilla, he returned to Florence in April. However, Fiorentina lost 4-1 at home to Roma on Friday and have taken just two points from their last seven games.
  14. Australia's Pat Cummins has become the IPL's costliest overseas player after fetching $2.17 million at auction. Photo: AFPAustralia paceman Pat Cummins became the costliest overseas buy in Indian Premier League history Thursday after Kolkata Knight Riders paid $2.17 million for him in the championship's auctions. The winning bid in the cash-rich Twenty20 league, beat the previous record $2.16 million paid for England's Ben Stokes in 2007 by the now-defunct Rising Pune Supergiants. Aussies dominated the bidding war, with all-rounder Glenn Maxwell going to Kings XI Punjab for $1.51 million after recently returning to cricket from a short break due to mental health issues. The IPL auction is an annual event held before the start of each season where teams buy players who sign central contracts. The players get around 75 percent of the auction price — effectively their salary for the season — while the rest goes to their national board. Other big foreign buys included South Africa bowler Chris Morris ($1.4m to Royal Challengers Bangalore), England's World Cup-winning skipper Eoin Morgan ($734,265 to Knight Riders) and Australia limited-overs captain Aaron Finch ($619,303 to Bangalore). But it was Cummins who initiated the biggest bidding war, with Bangalore and Delhi Capitals upping the ante before Kolkata swooped in to catch their former player, who has claimed 32 wickets in 25 IPL matches. "Absolutely pumped to be back on board ... Can't wait to get over there," Cummins said in a video message posted on Kolkata´s official Twitter site. While best for a foreign player, the price paid for Cummins is still short of the 160 million rupees ($2.3 million) that Bangalore paid for Indian batsman Yuvraj Singh in 2015. Explosive hitter Maxwell made his presence felt as he improved from his base price set at 20 million rupees ($282,000) to re-unite with his former team. "He has the capacity to really blast through on a good day," Punjab chief executive Satish Menon said after the big buy. "He is the only guy we see as 'X factor' in the middle-order which we lack very badly. We couldn´t have thought anyone better than him. He knows the ground, he Kings XI Punjab the way it has been." Maxwell has scored 1,397 runs in the IPL at an average of 22.9 at a rapid strike rate of 161.13. A total of 338 players are under the hammer at the auction for the 13th edition of the cash-rich league.
  15. The 13th edition of the South Asian Games ended on a high for the Indian contingent that broke their own record in medal tally with 312 medals against the other nations of the region like Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. With 174 golds, 93 silvers and 45 bronze earned between December 1 and December 10, Team India maintained their top-level stature in the regional games ever since its inception back in 1984. India sets new record! India create a new record at the #SouthAsianGames with as they reach 312 medals, three more than their tally in 2016. India won 174 golds, 93 silver and 45 bronze medals. Many congratulations to all the athletes for the fantastic feat.#SAG2019 #TeamIndia https://t.co/sc5nCvfVDe pic.twitter.com/7MOWjMTKye — SAIMedia (@Media_SAI) December 10, 2019 On the final day of the event, Indian boxers had their best outing at the South Asian games and they won 12 golds, three silvers and a solitary bronze to take their nation over the record-breaking mark of 309 medals that they had set in 2016. Sona ka Punch!ð¥ It is a ð¯show for Indiað®ð³ as the women boxers pick up goldð¥Here are the winners! -@boxer_pinkij -@SoniaLatherBoxe -#ManjuBamboriya #PunchMeinHaiDum#boxing pic.twitter.com/MtnKRfzXFH — Boxing Federation (@BFI_official) December 10, 2019 Even though this is a phenomenal achievement and the athletes worked hard day in and out to represent their country on such a high stage to win and earn medals, the reality of the Indian contingent as a whole might not be as rosy as it looks. Sure, the overall medal tally went up since 2016 but the number of gold medals between 2016 and 2019 has depreciated by 15. Another important aspect of the 2019 South Asian Games is that this edition had 75 more medal events offering 225 medals more than the previous edition. So, when you look at the percentage of India's medal earnings this year, it has gone down by approximately 10 percent. This turns out to become a bigger cause of worry for the Indian sports fraternity especially as the 2020 Olympics, which is to be held in Tokyo, is just eight months away. If we have learnt anything from our past it is that regardless of how many miles ahead of competition India has been in the South Asian region in sports, we have always ended up disappointed at the greatest stage of them all. © Reuters If we are letting our dominance at the regional level fade away too, well then, where does that make us stand on a global level? “I will not take names but if an Indian athlete, who comes from a very humble background, is given crores of rupees for winning one Asia-level medal, why would they want to put their body through the torture of daily practice for higher levels of competition,” Divesh Bhal, an Athletics Federation of India official, had told MensXP in September. “Sometimes, they lose motivation (after winning an Asia-level medal) and it happens too much within Indian athletics," he said. And this happens every single time. Once an athlete wins a medal at the Asian or South Asian level, the hunger to win an Olympic gold somehow dies off and that's the mentality that makes us fail to bring podium finishes, much less a gold medal. View the full article
  16. Barcelona's Argentinian forward Lionel Messi reacts after winning the Ballon d´Or France Football 2019 trophy at the Chatelet Theatre in Paris on December 2, 2019. Photo: AFPPARIS: Lionel Messi claimed a record sixth Ballon d?Or award on Monday,...
  17. The animated musical, which follows beloved characters from the 2013 hit 'Frozen' as Queen Elsa and the gang travel to an enchanted forest, took in $86 million in domestic theaters Friday-Sunday. Photo: FileA Thanksgiving record haul kept Disney's...
  18. A few months ago, people had a field day on social media when #JCBKiKhudai was trending on Twitter. The hashtag went viral for a very bizarre reason. The first video that was shared on Twitter and made this trend viral was captioned, "Reason why #jcbkikhudayi is trending." The video showed a groom arriving at his wedding on a JCB excavator, with his swag absolutely intact. Since then, the yellow machine became people's favourite, and started trending on social media. However, JCB has hit the headlines once again, and this time for other unimaginable reason. Lorry mechanic and motorcycle racer Guy Martin rode the JCB tractor (modified) at a whopping speed of 217 Km/h. And, we are not kidding! According to Guinness World Record website, Martin initially broke the record by attaining a new record of 166.79 Km/h before going faster by reaching 217 km/h. Martin told Guinness World Records, "There is some good folk there and they said about this idea of building the world's fastest tractor. So I said 'if you want it piloting give us a shout' and that's where it came about.” "I turned up this morning and had a look round. I went around [an area to the side of the runway] to get my eye in and get a feel for how it drives and what the clutch is like,” he added. The racer also said, "It can't turn tight as it hasn't got a differential in the back axle. So just get used to how the gears change, how the engine behaves because it's fairly sluggish low down until the turbo comes in.” © Youtube/Guinness World Records According to the website, the standard engine has been replaced with a modified JCB engine producing power over 1,000 hp. Also, a new six-speed transmission and a smaller, more aerodynamic cab has been installed. Besides, other modifications include a new aluminium bonnet, additional bodywork such as front bumper, side panniers, rear diffuser, underbody pan and a lighter chassis. The modified version is designed and built by a young team of engineers at the agricultural manufacturer's headquarters in Staffordshire, as per the reports. It just looks like a tractor but it isn't the regular tractor that you see on the farming fields. Moreover, Martin was recognised by the Guinness World Records earlier for the fastest man to travel on a gravity-powered snow sled (83.49mph set in 2014), fastest soapbox (85.61 mph also set in 2014) and to ride a motorbike on the horizontal wall of death at 78.15mph in 2016. Guy Martin isn't new to the drill. He's known for racing in the most dangerous motorcycle race on Earth, 'Isle Of Man TT'. He used to be a truck mechanic before making a career in racing and then later in Television. View the full article
  19. We knew that Team Red Bull was fast but the fact that they have worked on their efficiency even more says a thousand words about their willingness to make everything as favourable for their driver Max Verstappen as they can. For the third time this season, the team has managed to complete a pit stop within two seconds. First they broke the world record in Britain with a 1.91 second stop, then they broke that record by three milliseconds in the German Grand Prix with a 1.88 halt and on Sunday, they managed to scrape off six more milliseconds to form a new world record with the total time of 1.82 seconds in Sao Paulo. While it was Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton who won his sixth World Championship in Texas, USA earlier this month, Team Red Bull must take pride in their coordination and efficacy in the stop, something that played a huge role in helping Verstappen win the Brazilian Grand Prix, his third win of the season. .@Max33Verstappen wins an incredible Brazilian Grand Prix! ...and @PierreGASLY takes his first F1 podium! ð#BrazilGP ð§ð· #F1 pic.twitter.com/XYzmsgnTEx — Formula 1 (@F1) November 17, 2019 The six-time champ, Hamilton was doing well for himself and was at the third position before getting slapped with a five-second penalty after a clash with Alex Albon that caused him his chance of a maiden podium finish in Formula One. While Valtteri Bottas, the second Mercedes driver has to give up his number five spot and retire out of the race with a technical fault in his engine. Watching engine telemetry going south is always a pain in the ass #F1 #Bottas — Mark Gallagher (@_markgallagher) November 17, 2019 Verstappen has proven himself to be worthy of being the face of the Red Bull brand. His prowess behind the wheel combined with the team's execution in the pit could turn out to be the biggest threat to Mercedes and Hamilton's domination over the league. View the full article
  20. Not more than a year ago, Shubman Gill was being looked upon as a budding batsman who could potentially realise his dreams of playing for the Indian cricket team. But, by the time India clinched the 2018 U-19 World Cup trophy, Gill, who was eventually adjudged the 'Player of the Tournament', was hailed as a key ingredient to his team's success in the tournament. Upon his success in the U-19 World Cup, many wondered if he had the temperament of repeating his heroics while playing with proven masters of the game. But, Gill, since then, continues to dish out one brilliant performance after another, bolstering his case for selection in the national team. © Twitter/@BCCI From turning heads in the Indian Premier League (IPL) to raking in runs on the domestic circuit, the 20-year-old, in the past year or so, remains one of the most consistent performers in Indian cricket. His artistry willow earned him the honour of leading the India C side in the recently-concluded Deodhar Trophy. Tasked to lead India C, Gill led from the front in the first match, slamming a sensational 142-ball 143 - his highest List A score - to power his side to a formidable total of 366 against India A. Coming out to bat with Mayank Agarwal (120), Gill set the JSCA International Stadium Complex in Ranchi on fire with an absolute carnage of an innings which was laced with 10 fours and six sixes, eventually paving way for their massive 232-run triumph. After his blazing knock saw him earning plaudits from pundits and fans alike, Gill, then, went on to etch his name in the history for another feat. Leading India C in the 47th Deodhar Trophy final against India B, Gill entered the record books as the youngest skipper to lead a side in the tournament's final. Shubman Gill is the youngest-known captain in Deodhar Trophy finals. He is just 20 years, 57 days old. #DeodharTrophy pic.twitter.com/5iufYxQAO4 — Johns (@CricCrazyJohns) November 4, 2019 The Punjab-born cricketer broke Indian skipper Virat Kohli's record which stood tall for 10 years. Kohli, who also happens to be Gill's idol, had led North Zone in the Deodhar Trophy final when he was 21-years-old and 124 days old in the 2009/10 season. While surpassing his role model would have surely left him elated, but Gill could not make the occasion more special by scoring big runs. The India C skipper was dismissed by Mohammad Siraj for just one run as his team succumbed to a 51-run defeat as a collective effort by Kedar Jadhav and Shahbaz Nadeem saw India B lifting the trophy. © BCCL But, despite tasting defeat in the summit clash, Gill's ominous form in the recent past should lift his mood. The youngster had a productive series against South Africa A, slamming 187 runs in two first-class matches. He was also included in the Team India squad for the three-match Test series against South Africa. But, while Kohli & co romped to a 3-0 series triumph, Gill couldn't get a game. Despite struggling to find opportunities in a star-studded Team India brigade, Gill's performances, more recently in Deodhar Trophy, should strengthen his case for the national team's squad as selectors gear up to take their pick for the ICC World T20 in Australia next year. View the full article
  21. Atherton becomes the first woman to dip below 55 seconds. BUDAPEST: The International Swimming League (ISL) on Sunday saw Australia´s Minna Atherton become the first woman to dip below 55 seconds and set a new shortcourse world record in the 100m...
  22. There's only one thing that I'm completely sure of - Ryan Reynolds can never be boring. It's literally impossible for him to not make anything and everything he does funny or sarcastic, he will always be there to make everyone laugh with his movies and his social media posts. This time, he had a great congratulations poster for another comic book movie. Basically, Joker crossed Deadpool to become the highest-grossing R-rated movie and well, Ryan took that in his stride. He found a great way to commemorate Joaquin Phoenix's Joker breaking Deadpool's record and it's just so in character for him. Just look at the poster he especially got made for the iconic villain. R-Rated box office congratulatory posts aren't like the ones you're used to... pic.twitter.com/OTy2BqIP4f — Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) October 25, 2019 The picture does go perfectly with what Ryan had to say about losing the record, but he also didn't forget all the other high-grossing R-rated movies in the process. © Twitter There's Deadpool, of course, then Neo from The Matrix, Pennywise from It, Jesus from The Passion Of The Christ. Next up is Ryan's BFF Hugh Jackman, and I love how it just says his name instead of his character. There's no Wolverine, it's just Hugh. Then, there's The Wolfpack from The Hangover, Mr.Grey obviously from 50 Shades of Grey, and finally, there's Ted. © Twitter He just said 'You motherfucker' to Joker and it's like the message is signed by all the characters mentioned above. The heart emoji is a good touch. Along with poking fun at Deadpool's record being broken, he's basically making fun of the entire concept of filmmakers and directors sending out congratulations posters when another movie surpasses there. A recent example for that would be the posters James Cameron shared after Avengers: Endgame beat Titanic and Avatar. Coming back to the poster, this obviously got a lot of love. I mean, it's Ryan, he'll always get a lot of love for anything he does. @GraceRandolph And you called it. Aperfect, very RR response with a hunk of respect and humor. — Shannon (@Super_Shanko) October 25, 2019 Exactly. The way I see it, he's comedically talking down to the film. Like, he's jealous that Deadpool isn't on top anymore. But again, in a funny way. He's actually congratulating it. — David Mirea (@davidm_logan) October 25, 2019 Martin Scorsese, what's good? When the top 2 highest grossing R rated movies of all time are both based off of Comic Book Characters: pic.twitter.com/p16A5YqU4y — Gates Guarin (@GatesGuarin) October 25, 2019 Yes, for sure. This wouldn't have happened if they let Pikachu say the f word — 101Leafy (@101Leafy) October 25, 2019 What a great reaction picture. pic.twitter.com/UPyhp3oI8h — Eugen Kagan (@EugenKagan) October 25, 2019 Love it. heroes supporting clowns we love to see it — Twitter Movies (@TwitterMovies) October 25, 2019 Best response. pic.twitter.com/2eAxRccm0R — Kah (@KahSlv1) October 25, 2019 He's probably already prepared everything for it. I'm pretty sure @VancityReynolds is dreaming to do that scene dressed as deadpool — Martín Díaz (@diazetin) October 25, 2019
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