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Found 137 results

  1. The world of football is divided into international events and club competitions which play an equally important role in satiating the thirst of the fans. While international fixtures have their own charm, club football remains a scintillating year-round affair. Bringing some of the biggest names in football together to play for a city, club football brings pulsating contests and exciting rivalries to the fore through numerous leagues across the globe. Roped in for staggering wages, football stars are pledging allegiance to their respective clubs and dazzle fans with their performances. While the news of players moving from one club to another is pretty common, there remains a few who go on to become key figures by incorporating the city's culture and striking a chord with fans, eventually offering them their loyalty. Theirs is a relationship that transcends beyond money and earns them the status of club heros. Here's a look at 7 such (active) footballers whose loyalty to their respective clubs makes them stand out amongst the rest: Sergio Busquets (Barcelona) © Reuters Rising through the ranks in Barcelona's youth teams, Sergio Busquets made his first-team debut in 2008. A defensive midfielder who stands out for his technical ability and unsurpassed reading of the game, Busquets, under Pep Guardiola, went from being a young prospect to a household name throughout the world. Many managers have come and gone at Barcelona, but Busquets and his skillset remain vital at Camp Nou. The 32-year-old has spent over 13 years and a month with the Catalan side. He has over 570 appearances alongside 15 goals for Barcelona. During his stint at Camp Nou, Busquets has also won numerous trophies - eight La Liga titles, six Copa del Reys, three Champions League trophies and six Spanish Super Cups amongst others. Marcelo (Real Madrid) © Reuters Joining Real Madrid at the age of just 18, Marcelo has established himself as one of the key figures at Santiago Bernabeu. Making his Real Madrid debut in 2007, the Brazilian left-back has spent 14 seasons, over 13 years and 7 months, with Los Blancos. Making 531 appearances for Madrid, the 32-year-old has also scored 44 goals alongside 86 assists. When it comes to honours, Marcelo has won 22 trophies including four UEFA Champions Leagues, (being elected to the Squad of the Season three times) as well as five La Liga titles with Real Madrid. Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid) © Reuters Arguably one of the best defenders of his generation, Sergio Ramos has enthralled Santiago Bernabeu loyalists over the years. A pragmatic captain and an experienced centre-back, Ramos joined Real Madrid for a record transfer fee for a Spanish defender in 2005. Since then, the 34-year-old has spent over 14 years and 11 months with Real Madrid. He has over 600 appearances and 91 goals for Los Blancos. Ramos' goals against Atletico Madrid in both the 2014 and 2016 Champions League finals remain some of the greatest moments of his glorious career. During his stint with Real Madrid, Ramos has won a staggering 21 titles - 4 Champions Leagues, 4 Club World Cups, 3 European Super Cups, 4 Spanish Leagues, 2 Copa del Reys and 4 Spanish Super Cups. Giorgio Chiellini (Juventus) © Reuters Leaving Fiorentina in 2005, Giorgio Chiellini arrived at Juventus as a 21-year-old with a promise of becoming one of the greatest defenders. Since then, the 36-year-old has gone on to become one of the key figures at Juventus. Spending over 15 years and a month, the veteran centre-back has made over 500 appearances for Juventus. He has won nine consecutive Serie A titles from 2012 to 2020, as well as four consecutive Coppa Italia titles, and four Supercoppa Italiana titles. Mark Noble (West Ham United) © Reuters If anyone has watched Premier League, even for a season, they'd agree that Mark Noble is a name you cannot overlook. Joining West Ham at a tender age, Noble, aged 15, became the youngest player ever to appear in their reserve team. His first-team debut at the Hammers came at the age of 17. Since that day, the 33-year-old spent over 16 years and 7 months at West Ham, making 382 appearances, and remains the longest-serving player in their current squad. Often referred to as 'Mr West Ham', Noble, earlier this year, was credited with the second highest conversion rate for penalty kicks in the world. His conversion rate of 90.5 per cent is only inferior to Robert Lewandowski's rate of 91.1 per cent. Lionel Messi (Barcelona) © Reuters Spending over 16 years and 7 months at Camp Nou, there is little doubt Lionel Messi is as big as his club Barcelona. The Argentine joined the Catalan side as a teenager in 2001 before making his first-team debut in 2003 as a 16 year old. Since then, Messi has made 731 appearances for Barcelona, scoring 634 goals and making 276 assists. A club icon, Messi has guided Barcelona to a staggering 34 titles. He has also won a record six Ballon d'Or trophies during his stint at Camp Nou. Despite his success, Messi's storied career at Barcelona is likely to come to an end owing to the club's shortcomings in recent years. Igor Akinfeev (CSKA Moscow) © Reuters Arguably one of Russia's greatest goalkeepers, Igor Akinfeev is a legend that every football club and their fans wish for. Akinfeev made his professional debut for CSKA Moscow at the age of 16. And today, the 34-year-old has more than 600 appearances and over 300 clean sheets for the Moscow-based club. He has also won six Russian Premier League titles and as many Russian Cups alongside a UEFA Cup with CSKA Moscow. Spending over 17 years and 7 months at the club, Akinfeev is a legend and a fan-favourite at CSKA Moscow. View the full article
  2. Page Six has now confirmed that Hollywood? star Brad Pitt is indeed in a relationship with Nicole Poturalski
  3. We have said this before and we will say it again - if there is anyone in India, on whom men and women alike have had an intoxicating crush on, it is Milind Soman. © Instagram/milindrunning So naturally, when the man drops some serious knowledge about modern relationships, and how our actions and choices in those relationships shape us social animals, we were all ears. Having seen Milind play Dr Aamir Warsi in Amazon Prime Video's Four More Shots Please! which, in its essence is a show that is made about women, by women, but not necessarily just for women, we thought why not have a chat with one of the charismatic men from the show, about what modern-day relationships actually entail. © Amazon Prime Video One thing that pops up in mind when one watches 'Four More Shots Please!' is, the parallels it draws about the four women in lead and the women from *** and the City Series. In both the shows, it was the urban space and the cityscape that allowed the women to make the choices they make. However, in terms of cultural conscience, there is such stark difference, that what would have been “normal,” and insignificant in SATC, takes on a much more nuanced position in Four More Shots Please!. © Amazon Prime Video Milind as Dr Warsi inhabits a rather unique position in the scheme of the show. His portrayal of Dr Aamir Warsi in the series is layered and has a lot more going than what meets the eye. We asked him about the dynamics of changing relationships in these times, where and how do we go ahead in the post-COVID-19 era relationships, and most importantly, we try to ask the age-old question - what do women want from a relationship. © Amazon Prime Video Edited Excerpts: The show deals with relationships in a rather nuanced manner, and in ways that we don't often get to see in Indian films and shows. It has instances of polyamory, it talks about co-parenting, and then there is the conversation about having an agency in a relationship. How would you say have these ideas been received by the audience? These aren't entirely new concepts for us as Indians, especially if we have been exposed to the West in any way. But yes, these are situations where we as a society and as individuals have never faced before. For us, even if we inhabit the urban space and the sensibilities that accompany that space, it has always been about not talking about them. Four More Shots Please! explores these concepts, and places the four women in a position where they come face to face with things like co-parenting and polyamory. The show is not just about four women drinking, and having a good time, it is much more than that. On the other hand, for a series like *** and the City, it wasn't something new, even back then when they were making that show. In the Indian context, Four More Shots Please! tries to explore, the choices and options that people now have, seeing how sub-cultures and influences all over the world, and again, in India, are evolving. © Amazon Prime Video There is this very fleeting but poignant instance in the show when Sayani Gupta's character, Damini, talks about having 'the talk' with your partner before you start a relationship. How does one ensure that both the people are on the same page, assuming they truly get there at all? You can never be truly on the same page unless you talk. When you are starting out in a relationship, you want to present only the good things, what your dreams are and where do you want to go. However, what makes a person are the choices that they make, and what are they willing to do to get to their dreams, what actions to they take, and this is where the differences often creeps in. This is why it is important to have 'the talk', just so that you know what is expected outcome of a relationship is, how do we get there and what do we do once we get there. © Amazon Prime Video Let's talk about fatherhood and how the show deals with it. How would you say the show deals with fatherhood? I think the most crucial thing about fatherhood that the show explores, is the concept of choices, and its notions in these changing times. We have been conditioned in a way that has forced us to see fatherhood using only one lens. The show points towards the free will to make different choices, something that did not occur to most men, like Siddhi's father. Dr Warsi as a character is a very laid back person who lives each day as it comes by. There is no sense of planning. © Amazon Prime Video However, when Damini informs Dr Warsi, that they are pregnant, he jumps on board, even though he knows they have no future together. This is where Warsi's actual personality comes to the foreground. He is no longer a passive character. He switches into overdrive, and starts planning, starts thinking what are they going to do about the situation, and about the baby. That being said, he does not impose what he thinks is best, but rather, adapts to what Damini would want. She does not take a stance when asked about their future as co-parents, and that of their child's. But had she taken one, Warsi would've accepted it and adapted. Then we have someone like Siddhi's father, who even though was a distant father at the beginning of the second season, comes around and becomes one of Siddhi's biggest and most vocal supporter towards the end. He has also been conditioned to go by a certain way, and yet, he breaks those conventions. The point that the show makes is that it is no longer feasible to stand behind what we have come to call conventions and “culture.” You need to take a stand according to what you believe in and look at the virtually limitless options that you have. © Amazon Prime Video One recurring aspect that the show talks about is the idea of being friends with your exes. From your personal experience, would you say that is feasible, and more importantly, a healthy thing to do? This actually depends on the situation. Once you enter into a relationship with someone, it stays. Yes, the dynamics, the meaning, the name of the relationship changes. For example, when two people part ways, they still have a relationship after they have parted. If they are romantically involved, we call them exes. It still is a relationship, albeit a different one. It is up to the individuals to work out what will the new boundaries be, whether it will be productive and healthy for both of them or not. Sometimes, it genuinely is, whereas sometimes, it is not. © Amazon Prime Video Let's talk about your acting career for a bit. You were a supermodel before you took up acting, and after you, we had John Abraham. However, we don't see that happening often, when men who are really successful and established models take up careers in acting. What would you say has changed? It was easier earlier for people to get a part in a film. Casting directors would often meet someone in the most mundane of places and just pick them up. Now though, the process has become very professional. You won't be at the top of a casting director's mind at this day and age, because there is a very limited context in which models are represented in the media. There are no supermodels any more. Models or for that matter anyone who wants to act in films or OTT platforms have to get in touch with the casting directors and agents and actually show that they can act, before getting the green light. © Viral Bhayani Or perhaps, the easier and shorter answer would be they probably aren't that interested anymore. Tell us something about your acting process. How do you prepare yourself for a role? I have come to realise that at the end of the day, it is about human characters. How would a certain human being behave in a certain situation and how I as an actor make it interesting for the screen and the audiences, without going over the top. Of course, there are some technical things that one needs to take care of, but the director and the writers help you out with those things. You cannot expect an actor who plays a gynaecologist, to have undergone the same training as a real-life gynaecologist - that would be impossible. So you construct the character in your mind, how he would behave in a certain situation, and fine-tune those things. © SonyLIV This lockdown is something that has forced people to spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with each other, without any scope of a momentary respite, which is quite antithetical to the way modern relationships have come to function. How should one go about this and deal with it, so that they come out of this situation, stronger as partners and stronger as individuals? The key is to have compassion and understand that the position that you are in, your partner is also in a similar position, that they too are finding it extremely difficult to do normal things. You need space, so ensure that you give your partner the same. This requires discipline, respect and understanding, all of which has to be mutual. View this post on Instagram Day 6. Plain, simple, slightly warmed up, coconut oil for my hair ð¤ A post shared by (@milindrunning) Cases of domestic violence have increases in the lockdown. Although it is much easier said than done, you have to take a stand for yourself. There is a tendency for things and people to breakdown so it is very important for people to find spaces for themselves and afford the same to their partners. Understand where your partner is coming from and work on yourself. And most importantly, talk things out. View the full article
  4. Jennifer continued to believe Brad right up until April 29, 2005, when heartbreaking pictures of him and Angelina playing happy families on the beach in Kenya
  5. If you have seen John Cenaâs off-stage interviews and when he is not performing as a WWE superstar, you would know that the man leads his life based on the rules and principles that he had created for himself. Itâs his set of principles that got him to this point of stardom and success. His workout routine, his diet, his commitment to being in his best physique, no matter how busy his schedule maybe, everything seems to look like words engraved in stone. © Reuters However, it becomes unreasonable for Cena to expect such dedication and strictness from someone else who hasnât lived a similar life as the leader of âCenationâ himself and it becomes that much more difficult for that other person to live freely, when theyâre supposed to spend the rest of their life with him. Here are 5 bizarre rules that John Cena used to make Nikki Bella follow when they were in a relationship: 1. Dress To Dine Growing up, Cena did not have a lot to be thankful for but now that he could afford the finer things in life, he wanted to appreciate it completely. One of the main ways to do so was to dress formally when it was dinner time. Suits for men, gowns or dresses for the ladies and a formal dinner once every week. Cena did it and expected everyone in his house, even Nikki to do it. 2. Stretching For An Enormous Period of Time There may be a reason behind the longevity of John Cenaâs extremely successful career, his insanely long stretching sessions before starting with the cardio or hitting the weight room, sometimes even an hour. He expected similar dedication from Nikki. 3. No Sharing Of Assets John Cena made it certain that the two people in the relationship werenât going to share assets. Even though it may sound a bit too harsh at first, the reason why Cena did this was because he had a mother and a younger brother who needed special medical care and he wanted to be able to be there for them both in spirit and financially if things didnât work out. 4. Different Sets Of Dirty Clothes You know how we donât care about sweaty gym clothes as opposed to the everyday clothes that are dirty? Well, not for Cena. He maintains two separate laundry buckets for clothes that need to be washed and when Nikki Bella once returned from the gym, he gave her a proper lesson for the same. 5. A 75-Page Contract Even before Nikki was to move into la casa de Cena he made her sign a 75-page long contract. In an interview with the daily live broadcast show Today, Cena agreed to being wrong about this move as well: â I was very abrasive and stern and she had to sign this huge, crazy agreement to come in the front door.â View the full article
  6. Priyanka Chopra has revealed the one rule shared between herself and Nick Jonas to balance their married life with their extremely busy work schedules.
  7. Prince Harry, Prince William?s relationship is now ?worse than ever? and there seems to be no turning back
  8. Meghan Markle?s royal exit and the thought of Archie has reportedly left the Queen emotionally in shambles
  9. Ben Affleck has shared his idea of a perfect relationship and what he is looking for in his next partner
  10. The Canadian singer, who recently dropped his long-awaited album 'Changes', admitted that reckless in relationship with ex Selena Gomez
  11. Every relationship stands the test of time and resilience and if the relationship falls apart, there is nothing much anyone can do. Yes, you can try and make things work but if they don't work out, then itâs best to part ways as amicably as possible. Well, in most cases this is the best narrative possible. However sometimes, if you're in a relationship with a narcissist and you fortunately recognise their toxic traits and break up with them eventually, they suck you back into their lives, for that mere sense of validation, attention and anything else that can feed their empty and shallow hearts, and that my friend is known as 'hoovering'. © Thinkstock Narcissists create a stringent and manipulative environment in a relationship. They gaslight till you subconsciously become a giver in every sense and after taking what they truly need, they get used to emotionally abusing their significant other, to derive what they desire the most. If the other person in the relationship recognises this trait well enough, they in all accountability try and break away. More often than not, the narcissist lets them do so and gives them time till things pacify. When a considerable amount of time passes by, you probably receive an engaging text from them about how they miss you and how you can fill the void, and that's where, you go back to them like a bad penny, being hoovered into their relentless trap again. Your partner contacting you out of the blue, while pretending nothing bad has happened in the past, is a big sign of hoovering. It's different if your ex isn't an established narcissist. Then he or she genuinely wants to make the relationship work. But a narcissist twists conversations by saying things you've been wanting to hear like, how they miss you and how your heart still belongs to them, knowing pretty well how to emotionally manipulate you, so you give in completely. Once you're in the same trap again, they ambush you with emotional jargon and slowly take you towards where you were already stuck before! © Fox Star Studios So, to recognise classic signs of being hoovered by someone who is toxic for you and the relationship, you have to take into account why you two were not together in the first place. Although hoovering does have classic signs, each relationship is different and the level of hoovering can be quite subjective. Here are some traits for you to figure out if you're being hoovered back into a toxic relationship or not, the one you courageously got out of in the first place! (1) Re-establishing Communication That's the first step to recognise your toxic ex is trying to hoover his or her way back into the equation. They will pretend like they're still in a relationship with you and talk like old times, just to win you back into their lives. It's a classic trait to re-establish any contact and you have to recognise it as soon as it starts happening. (2) Declaring Their Love It could be a little strange to hear an ex declare their love for you if they've had trouble doing that in the past, when you both were together. They're only doing so right now to reel you back into their lives but slowly, they will go back to their old ways. They will say and do things you've always wanted them to do because they know exactly what you desire or desired from your equation with them. (3) Being Overly Apologetic If they've never apologised for the way they've treated you, be wary of their apology when they're trying to make their way back into your life. They'll show repentance and will be overly apologetic just so you melt with all their self-pitied stories and give them another chance. © Eros International (4) Being Indirectly Manipulative If you don't respond, they'll manipulate you till you do. They'll use your family and friends to get back to you. For instance, he or she might contact a close friend and try and sell their sob story to them, in the hope that the friend will convey their message to you. If this happens, make sure you tell your friend to not pay heed to anything your ex says to them. They'll use all necessary manipulative tactics to get you back in the same space you were once before. It's on you to recognise these tactics and stay away consciously. (5) They'll Use The Guilt Tactic Narcissists are excellent manipulators and use guilt as the biggest tool at their disposal. If they're trying to hoover you back into a relationship with them, they will always use tools to guilt you. For instance, they'll talk about how they're vulnerable and need help or a friend to talk to or someone to fill the emptiness in their heart or even point out how their life has been meaningless since you left them. Their sob story is infamous for getting what they want and they'll definitely use that for you, so you're guilted into believing they've actually mended their ways and truly need a friend. Stay strong and don't get swayed by their manipulative tactics. © Luv Ranjan It's an established fact that once a narcissist, always a narcissist. It's difficult to change a narcissist or point out their flaws for them to openly accept them. Their ego will never allow them to change for the better and they will always feed on people's emotions like energy vampires, till they're satisfied. View the full article
  12. Ria got admission into a university in Pune, this means she and Raghav will go into a long distance relationship. Check out what happens next. View the full article
  13. Rhea Chakraborty, Sushant Singh Rajput make their relationship publicBollywood actress Rhea Chakraborty and her rumoured boyfriend Sushant Singh Rajput have made their relationship public on the latter’s birthday. The Jalebi actress took to Instagram and shared some PDA-filled photos on Sushant’s birthday with a romantic caption. She wrote, “Happy birthday to the most beautiful” supermassive black hole “ that is known to mankind ! Shine on you crazy diamond @sushantsinghrajput”. The actress also called Sushant a “boy with a golden heart” The MS Dhoni: The Untold Story actor, while acknowledging Rhea’s post dropped a loveable comment, “Thank youuuuuuu my Rockstarrrr”. The couple was tight-lipped over their relationship in the past. Before Rhea, Sushant dated Ankita Lokhande for six years. They called it quits in 2016.
  14. We sometimes find many relationship habits unhealthy and try to quit it, though some habits just make our lives and relationships easier. Being in a toxic relationship is not a good idea but falsely accusing your relationship as being toxic is also a dumb thing to do. We are not asking you to stay in a relationship if you're unhappy but at times we need to find the thin line between toxic and 'tolerable'. So, here is a list of five habits in a relationship that we think are toxic but will actually help your relationship go a long way- 1. Letting Go Of Conflicts At Times © Dharma Productions People focus on resolving every argument when in a relationship but at times it's healthier to let go of some fights. Some conflicts are un-resolvable and fighting upon them are only going to make things worse. So, just keep in mind that some battles are not worth fighting for and save your relationship by avoiding conflicts. 2. Feeling Attracted To Other People © Dharma Productions We want to be attracted to our partner all the time but that's biologically not possible. You need to accept that you might feel attracted to other people and that's okay. It doesn't mean that you're falling out of love with your partner but just admire someone else apart from them for their qualities. Acting upon our attraction or liking is in our hand and our actions are responsible for making or breaking a relationship, as attractions are mostly temporary and love is real. 3. Spending Time Apart © Dharma Productions It's always better to do what you want to do rather than focusing on your partner all the time. Valuing your relationship is important but moving ahead in your life and fulfilling your dreams is equally important. It's important to give space in a relationship as it only makes the bond stronger. Spending time apart also makes you regain the lost spark in a relationship. 4. Accepting Each Other's Flaws © Dharma Productions No one is perfect and as soon as we accept each other's flaws the better the relationship is going to be. You need to like and accept each other for who they are then decide for yourself if you really want to be with them. Somewhere or the other we have to settle as no human being is perfect. 5. Unintentionally Hurting Each Other © Dharma Productions When in a relationship, we do things at times that the other person might not like or get hurt due to it. Sometimes they get hurt and sometimes we get hurt. The bottomline is to not pretend that you're happy and express if you're hurt as it is okay to be hurt. Your honest opinion is only going to make things easier for both of you. View the full article
  15. Reason behind why Kendall Jenner does not wish to disclose her relationshipKendall Jenner answered fans burning questions regarding her and ex Ben Simmons. According to a report in TMZ, the ex-couple were seen entering a New Year’s Eve party at Attico in downtown Philadelphia. The reports reveal that the pair partied all night with Ben's basketball player's teammates, and stayed well past 12. Kendall Jenner has become well known for her on-and-off-again relationship with Ben. Peoples reported on her relationship status back in May of 2019, confirming their split. A source revealed back then, "They're on a break. The relationship ran its course. She’s spending time with her friends and back to being in fun mode." Kendall has never been one to publicly disclose her personal life, unlike the rest of her family, and before her breakup became official, the star told Vogue Australia, "I got a glimpse of how my sisters dealt with (the attention( and it’s cool to learn from that,” she had said. “For me, a lot of things are very special and very sacred, like my friends and relationships, and I personally think that bringing things into the public makes everything so much messier,” Kendall added.
  16. Relationships are always a two-way street. It is not something we invest in, put it in a box and expect it to grow. Relationships take time, effort, constant nurturing and no one knows it better than John Henderson, 106, and his wife, Charlotte, 105, who have been married for 80 years now. They are now officially the oldest living married couple in the world. © Daily Mail Married in 1939, the couple has made it to the Guiness Book Of World Records as well. Also, after their relationship has given some major 'goals' to the world, they shared their profound secret for a successful marriage. “Take every day in stride. Try to make tomorrow better than today. Be grateful for what you're given and make the best of it. And don't overdo anything. Live in moderation. Don't overeat, don't over drink. Don't do anything that you'll be sorry for later on,” they said in an interview. John and Charlotte Henderson were recently named the world's oldest living couple. For their 80th wedding anniversary celebration, 106-year-old John picked up Charlotte, 105, in a 1920s roadster — much like on their first date — with a bouquet of flowers. https://t.co/62cFjHCcKN pic.twitter.com/hCulzafOpZ — CNN (@CNN) December 22, 2019 They met back in 1934 when Charlotte was studying to become a teacher and John was a football team coach at a school. Absolutely heartwarming ð¤ð¤ð — Kathleen Fox (@KathleenKatfox) December 22, 2019 Amazing! Wish a whole lot of young couples would learn from such, and the incredible part is that both are above a century old. — Collin Seakedina Mollelakgotso Morale (@seakedina) December 23, 2019 In a world where love and companionship has become a rarity to find, it is a story like this which reinstills your faith in the concept of true love. View the full article
  17. Every relationship goes through different phases in life and it cannot be sunshine and unicorns all the time. Some days are boring and some days are fun, and well, that's how you create memories. Although, that doesn't mean you get stuck in a typical boring relationship. There are ways to break that monotony and spice things up a little bit. Here is a list of common mistakes that couples commit which lead them to boredom in a relationship. 1. Going with the flow © Unsplash Well, you don't have to always go with the flow. Agreeing to whatever your partner says could be fun at times, but it's also equally important to learn to agree to disagree. Speaking your mind and having opinions are key to a strong relationship. On some days let your partner make the decision, on other days you call the shots. Repetition of a schedule can get monotonous. 2. Not doing your own thing © Unsplash There are days when you just want to be all alone, space out and do your own thing. You cannot keep on doing things together at all times. That's completely alright! However, ensure to communicate this to your partner. For a long-lasting relationship, one needs to also continue doing what they love doing irrespective of what your significant other might think about it. Harmony lies in the balance. 3. Getting way too comfortable © Unsplash Yes, you read that right. Getting comfortable with your partner is important but if you get way too comfortable, it can pull away from the charm you hold in a relationship. Didn't understand? Let me explain. For example, wearing your cool comfy PJs while meeting your girlfriend is acceptable once in a while but not at all times. That'll only show her that you take her for granted. In fact, dressing up for her is even better as this will make you feel good about yourself and she'll feel important too. 4. Focusing on only one side of '***' © Unsplash Physical intimacy is one thing that can keep your bond stronger but if you keep on focusing only on 'orgasm', your *** life will soon become boring, as it is just one aspect of ***. If your complete concentration lies on thinking about how to make that happen, you're going to lose on the fun part. So, rather than just focusing on the end result it is important to spice things up a bit to have fun while you're in that moment. That way, you can easily break the monotony. 5. Letting emotional intimacy slide © Unsplash Not wanting to share your emotions with your partner can also lead to stagnation in a relationship and you don't want that to happen. So, discussing how you feel and what you're going through is paramount as it gives a better understanding of your personality to your partner which makes things easier. All you need in long-term relationships are genuine efforts, that can enable you to keep the relationship going strong and happy. View the full article
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