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Found 28 results

  1. Prince Philip not only had doubts about marrying Queen Elizabeth but also visited a novelist behind her back
  2. We have said this before and we will say it again - if there is anyone in India, on whom men and women alike have had an intoxicating crush on, it is Milind Soman. © Instagram/milindrunning So naturally, when the man drops some serious knowledge about modern relationships, and how our actions and choices in those relationships shape us social animals, we were all ears. Having seen Milind play Dr Aamir Warsi in Amazon Prime Video's Four More Shots Please! which, in its essence is a show that is made about women, by women, but not necessarily just for women, we thought why not have a chat with one of the charismatic men from the show, about what modern-day relationships actually entail. © Amazon Prime Video One thing that pops up in mind when one watches 'Four More Shots Please!' is, the parallels it draws about the four women in lead and the women from *** and the City Series. In both the shows, it was the urban space and the cityscape that allowed the women to make the choices they make. However, in terms of cultural conscience, there is such stark difference, that what would have been “normal,” and insignificant in SATC, takes on a much more nuanced position in Four More Shots Please!. © Amazon Prime Video Milind as Dr Warsi inhabits a rather unique position in the scheme of the show. His portrayal of Dr Aamir Warsi in the series is layered and has a lot more going than what meets the eye. We asked him about the dynamics of changing relationships in these times, where and how do we go ahead in the post-COVID-19 era relationships, and most importantly, we try to ask the age-old question - what do women want from a relationship. © Amazon Prime Video Edited Excerpts: The show deals with relationships in a rather nuanced manner, and in ways that we don't often get to see in Indian films and shows. It has instances of polyamory, it talks about co-parenting, and then there is the conversation about having an agency in a relationship. How would you say have these ideas been received by the audience? These aren't entirely new concepts for us as Indians, especially if we have been exposed to the West in any way. But yes, these are situations where we as a society and as individuals have never faced before. For us, even if we inhabit the urban space and the sensibilities that accompany that space, it has always been about not talking about them. Four More Shots Please! explores these concepts, and places the four women in a position where they come face to face with things like co-parenting and polyamory. The show is not just about four women drinking, and having a good time, it is much more than that. On the other hand, for a series like *** and the City, it wasn't something new, even back then when they were making that show. In the Indian context, Four More Shots Please! tries to explore, the choices and options that people now have, seeing how sub-cultures and influences all over the world, and again, in India, are evolving. © Amazon Prime Video There is this very fleeting but poignant instance in the show when Sayani Gupta's character, Damini, talks about having 'the talk' with your partner before you start a relationship. How does one ensure that both the people are on the same page, assuming they truly get there at all? You can never be truly on the same page unless you talk. When you are starting out in a relationship, you want to present only the good things, what your dreams are and where do you want to go. However, what makes a person are the choices that they make, and what are they willing to do to get to their dreams, what actions to they take, and this is where the differences often creeps in. This is why it is important to have 'the talk', just so that you know what is expected outcome of a relationship is, how do we get there and what do we do once we get there. © Amazon Prime Video Let's talk about fatherhood and how the show deals with it. How would you say the show deals with fatherhood? I think the most crucial thing about fatherhood that the show explores, is the concept of choices, and its notions in these changing times. We have been conditioned in a way that has forced us to see fatherhood using only one lens. The show points towards the free will to make different choices, something that did not occur to most men, like Siddhi's father. Dr Warsi as a character is a very laid back person who lives each day as it comes by. There is no sense of planning. © Amazon Prime Video However, when Damini informs Dr Warsi, that they are pregnant, he jumps on board, even though he knows they have no future together. This is where Warsi's actual personality comes to the foreground. He is no longer a passive character. He switches into overdrive, and starts planning, starts thinking what are they going to do about the situation, and about the baby. That being said, he does not impose what he thinks is best, but rather, adapts to what Damini would want. She does not take a stance when asked about their future as co-parents, and that of their child's. But had she taken one, Warsi would've accepted it and adapted. Then we have someone like Siddhi's father, who even though was a distant father at the beginning of the second season, comes around and becomes one of Siddhi's biggest and most vocal supporter towards the end. He has also been conditioned to go by a certain way, and yet, he breaks those conventions. The point that the show makes is that it is no longer feasible to stand behind what we have come to call conventions and “culture.” You need to take a stand according to what you believe in and look at the virtually limitless options that you have. © Amazon Prime Video One recurring aspect that the show talks about is the idea of being friends with your exes. From your personal experience, would you say that is feasible, and more importantly, a healthy thing to do? This actually depends on the situation. Once you enter into a relationship with someone, it stays. Yes, the dynamics, the meaning, the name of the relationship changes. For example, when two people part ways, they still have a relationship after they have parted. If they are romantically involved, we call them exes. It still is a relationship, albeit a different one. It is up to the individuals to work out what will the new boundaries be, whether it will be productive and healthy for both of them or not. Sometimes, it genuinely is, whereas sometimes, it is not. © Amazon Prime Video Let's talk about your acting career for a bit. You were a supermodel before you took up acting, and after you, we had John Abraham. However, we don't see that happening often, when men who are really successful and established models take up careers in acting. What would you say has changed? It was easier earlier for people to get a part in a film. Casting directors would often meet someone in the most mundane of places and just pick them up. Now though, the process has become very professional. You won't be at the top of a casting director's mind at this day and age, because there is a very limited context in which models are represented in the media. There are no supermodels any more. Models or for that matter anyone who wants to act in films or OTT platforms have to get in touch with the casting directors and agents and actually show that they can act, before getting the green light. © Viral Bhayani Or perhaps, the easier and shorter answer would be they probably aren't that interested anymore. Tell us something about your acting process. How do you prepare yourself for a role? I have come to realise that at the end of the day, it is about human characters. How would a certain human being behave in a certain situation and how I as an actor make it interesting for the screen and the audiences, without going over the top. Of course, there are some technical things that one needs to take care of, but the director and the writers help you out with those things. You cannot expect an actor who plays a gynaecologist, to have undergone the same training as a real-life gynaecologist - that would be impossible. So you construct the character in your mind, how he would behave in a certain situation, and fine-tune those things. © SonyLIV This lockdown is something that has forced people to spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with each other, without any scope of a momentary respite, which is quite antithetical to the way modern relationships have come to function. How should one go about this and deal with it, so that they come out of this situation, stronger as partners and stronger as individuals? The key is to have compassion and understand that the position that you are in, your partner is also in a similar position, that they too are finding it extremely difficult to do normal things. You need space, so ensure that you give your partner the same. This requires discipline, respect and understanding, all of which has to be mutual. View this post on Instagram Day 6. Plain, simple, slightly warmed up, coconut oil for my hair ð¤ A post shared by (@milindrunning) Cases of domestic violence have increases in the lockdown. Although it is much easier said than done, you have to take a stand for yourself. There is a tendency for things and people to breakdown so it is very important for people to find spaces for themselves and afford the same to their partners. Understand where your partner is coming from and work on yourself. And most importantly, talk things out. View the full article
  3. When it comes to millennials, their idea of love and its expression have evolved way beyond the boundaries and restrictions of the bygone era, thus resulting in some complications too. Love in the 21st century is both the same and different today as we are trying to reconfigure it for lives led at a very fast pace. Since the 17th century, it's been the pursuit of love that has excited us. Back in the 80s, our parents could hardly even confess their feelings to their loved ones. Cut to the present, everything is out in the open and people are comfortable in putting snippets of their personal lives out on social media for everyone to consume. © Maddock Films Here are the excerpts from the interview: The ideology of love in the 21st century Sara: In 2020, it doesn't matter what a male or a female side is. There are just different viewpoints about love and the basic ethos of love remains the same. I don't think it's about gender disparities anymore. It's about how present are you mentally in that relationship. View this post on Instagram#HaanMainGalat â¤ï¸ . . Out tomorrow #LoveAajkal ðºð»ðð»ð¥A post shared by (@kartikaaryan) Kartik: It's always been the same. I believe it's something which is more about you rather than the time we live in. The kind of availability and options that we have in the digital scenario wasn't the case in the old times. It's to each his or her own. I really feel that be it the millennial age or even younger generations than us, it has always been about the feeling and the jitters you get in a relationship. Instagram Wala Love: Is going public a good idea? Sara: It's a shit idea. I believe the more public you go, the more it gets worse. I think love is very personal and it should be kept between two people because it would stay real and close to you. View this post on InstagramJo Tum Na ho â¤ï¸A post shared by (@kartikaaryan) Kartik: I also think the same as I never felt the need to go public. I have never talked about my personal life. I feel whenever you make a statement or even talk about it in public, it becomes a conversation that will keep coming back to you. I think it's one of the personal feelings and it should be kept that way. Food Being The Cupid In Relationships... Sara: The real answer to this question is that the more real things that you do with your loved one, the more special it's going to be. I think more than anything, eating is a very primal instinct and if you can enjoy doing that with your partner, it's very basic. If you find someone who can do this simple stuff like eating which is devoid of any glitter, it's actually great. View this post on InstagramKaafi dubli ho gayi ho Aao pehle jaisi sehat banayeinA post shared by (@kartikaaryan) Kartik: It's not only restricted to food, as I believe if you can enjoy silence with your partner, it's all worth it. For me, if you spend time with someone in complete silence without having any thought of doing or saying something and still being in that harmony, it's pure and you have totally cracked it. Sara On Being An Inspiration Sara: I think that inspires me to do better because inspiration is a circular thing. If I know I have the ability to inspire even one girl to be more her, I will be glad. I think we need people to make us realize who we are and celebrate and channelize our inner self. Heartbreak As A Reason Of Depression In Millennials Sara: What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger. Kartik: I understand it can be really tough for people, but you really need to stay strong and you should always discuss this with the right people. Sara and Kartik's latest release Love Aaj Kal 2 explores the journey of love in two different time frames and compares the obstacles of one with another. The movie has warmed up to mixed reactions from the audience and critics alike. If you're planning to catch it this weekend, check out the trailer below: View the full article
  4. At a time when love letters have turned into mushy BF/GF appreciation Posts, first sightings are made up of edited social media pictures, Matches are Artificial Intelligence-ly made, and all it takes for us to find âThe Oneâ (or the flavour of the season) is a right swipe on our phone screen - the rich essence of the good olâ love of the old days has gone amiss. Or has it? Maybe instead of vanishing away, romance has just changed its appearance, shifting along with every other change that modern society brings. Despite this evolution, thereâs a host of toxic behaviors that continue to show themselves in love - that you may have noticed with that less-than-ideal date from last weekend, or even a couple thatâs lasted for years. When the world goes offline, and the prying eyes of âfollowersâ are not to be found anywhere, and the âlikesâ are hard to come by, the face of modern-day love stories undergo a transformation that doesnât quite look like the love we grew up wishing for. Our writers have weighed in with their perspective on the how and what about the five things you definitely need to keep a check on when looking for romance - both big and small. Guilt-TrippingDevlina: âWe could have had a great time out if you didnât insist on attending your grandmaâs birthdayâ, âno wonder your ex left/hated thisâ, âI wonder how I ended up here with youâ - first off, these are HUGE red flags that you shouldnât be ignoring. If your partner has been using these sort of retorts to come back at you and guilt-trip you for doing something you want to/love to do, or holding you hostage emotionally for taking a stand and not siding with them, itâs time you remind them the relationship is not bigger than your individuality and voice. Sharan: I donât think itâs possible to have a relationship without guilt of some kind occuring every now and then - people are different, and sometimes a partner doesnât match up to our expectations (and vice versa). The problem for me arises when someone attempts to induce guilt on the basis of insecurity - say guilt-tripping me for spending time with a friend, instead of having an open and frank dialogue about their feelings. Ignoring Consent © Eros International Devlina: âHow could you say no to such a simple thingâ, âjust give it a try for meâ, âweâre doing this, whether you like it or notâ - if any of these ring a bell, chances are, your partner needs a refresher on âconsentâ. If they are making you feel bad for saying no, or forcing you to do something youâre not okay with or even checking your phone without your permission, these are all signs that they do not respect your right to say no or choose for yourself. That canât ever be healthy for a relationship. Sharan: While consent regarding *** and intimacy is a clear-cut requirement for any healthy relationship, I feel that it matters even on mundane things for a simple reason - practising consent implies respect and the knowledge that you earn a partnerâs trust and that youâre not simply entitled to it. Sure, sometimes we do things in relationships that weâre not particularly enthusiastic about, it happens. However, being vocal and taking the effort to confirm consent shows that you arenât in a relationship for your own desires - but for a shared experience with another human being. Forcing Them To Choose © UTV Motion Pictures Devlina: Again, this brings us to, âyou either spend your weekend with your family or meâ or âyou either stop doing that or weâre doneâ - choosing for you on your behalf and giving you senseless ultimatums clearly means your partner is coming from a place of selfish needs and narcissistic pleasure of getting the âupper handâ in the relationship - there is no place for this in loving relationships. Sharan: Yeah⦠this one is never fun. Could be a situation like forcing you to choose between groups of friends or even different sides of a family - giving someone a âdo what I want or weâre overâ line is at its best laughably childish, and at its worst, emotionally traumatising. Holding someone hostage in a relationship is a serious red flag, and I donât see any reason why someone should continue to stay - especially when relationships with people who care for you are at risk. Being A Control Freak Devlina: âWhy are you friends with her on Facebookâ, ââyou canât go to that party without meâ , âdonât take his/her callâ - if you have heard anything along these lines from your partner and are turning a blind eye to whatâs an obvious case of insecurity and jealousy, I suggest you pick your poison and get down to having that conversation about drawing the line when it comes to your personal space. Sharan: Itâs one thing to give constructive criticism as a partner, but an entirely different kind of issue when someone begins to control your freedom and choices as an individual. Itâs a hard line to draw as well - sometimes we just want to see our partners happy, and give into that pressure too often. However, if you find yourself constantly compromising on activities and personal choices such as your hobbies or interests, itâs time to speak up and reconsider things. You might be a partner, sure - but youâre an individual first. Playing The Blame GameDevlina: âYou forced me to take this extreme stepâ or âI wouldnât have done that if I werenât so angry at youâ - whether this brings back memories of angry outbursts, physical violence or emotional abuse, we suggest you come clear about how it's totally unacceptable and walk out the door for good. Man or woman, nobody deserves to go through this shit, no matter the âexcuseâ. Sharan: Weâve all seen the pattern before, either in real life or on TV - thereâs that one person who does something awful, and justifies it by seamlessly transferring the blame onto their partner. Classic example of adding insult to injury, huh? I think anyone who resorts to this instead of behaving like a normally functioning adult has some serious issues to unpack - and Iâm not sure if dealing with endless excuses sounds like my idea of a âfun relationship.â View the full article
  5. Kangana Ranaut willing to consider relationships due to this power coupleKangana Ranaut recently admitted, candidly, that there is a power couple that made her be open to considering a relationship for herself. During a conversation with the Deccan Chronicle, Kangana revealed that, despite her reservations regarding marriage, she is willing to consider the idea of meeting her own special someone after seeing a prime example of love and marriage. The person who showcased exemplary love, in her eyes, was none other than director Ashwini Iyer Tiwari’s husband Nitesh Tiwari. The paper quoted Kangana as stating, “Undeniably, I have always felt it is difficult to find someone who will be on the same level. However, after having met Nitesh Tiwari (husband of Panga director Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari), and noticing them so amicable and loving in their marriage, my opinion on marriage has changed. He supports his wife so wholeheartedly. Marriage seems possible to me now.” Speaking regarding her preferred choice in a marriage partner, she told the paper, “He should be someone more intelligent, beautiful (handsome), and more talented than me.”
  6. Some movies continue holding a special place in everyone's heart for various reasons. Sometimes it's the leading pair's chemistry, sometimes it's the storyline and some movies are magical because of the love you can witness on screen between the actors. However, some movies also end up being a catalyst for breaking up relationships off-screen for these actors. After all they, too, are human. Here are 5 movies which broke more relationships than box office records: 1. Jab We Met One of the best works of Shahid and Kareena mixed with the brilliance of Imtiaz Ali's epic story telling, this movie continues to be everyone's favourite love story thanks to how 'real' it is. Sadly, the sparkling chemistry between the real life lovers back then turned sour as it was rumoured that during the final lap of the shoot, they broke up. Soon after the release, Kareena was known to be dating Saif, which was not a rumour. View this post on Instagram Geet and Aditya ð¹I really liked them together | movie: Jab we Met | All Rights Reserved To T-Series A post shared by ð¡ ð® ð« ð« ð¸ ð¶ ð® ð® ð£ (@bollywoodvv) on Oct 27, 2019 at 5:02am PDT View this post on Instagram #kareenakapoorkhan #kareenakapoor #kareena_kapoor_khan #kareena_kapoor #saifalikhan #saif_ali_khan #Taimur #familygoals #royalfamily #saifeena #husbandwife #kareenasaif #saifkareena #kareenataimursaif #saiftaimurkareena #tourgoals #vacations #lovebirds #loveoflife #royalty #loveeachother #bestcouple #couplegoals A post shared by KAREENA KAPOOR KHAN (@pataudikareenakapoorkhan) on Jun 3, 2019 at 2:46am PDT 2. Mr & Mrs. Smith One movie which made people feel a lot of crazy things! Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's love/hate camaraderie sure set the screen on fire but Brad's marriage to Jennifer Aniston hit the rocks during this movie's filming. The entire fan brigade of the stars were divided and until today, Jen fans have not forgiven Brad for breaking her heart. View this post on Instagram Best couple in the world ð¤ #anjelinajolie #bradpitt #bradjolie #mrandmrssmith #joliepitt #movie #mondobongo ð A post shared by Welcome to Young Blog ð¤ (@young_blog) on Sep 17, 2017 at 9:56am PDT View this post on Instagram “The first time I kissed Brad my knees went weak- I literally lost my breath” J•Að I honestly love Jen and Brad so much they were so cute and so In loveð« #jenniferaniston #bradpitt #friends #rachelgreen #faniston #90s #jenandbrad A post shared by â¡ðððððððð£ ð¸ððð¤ð¥ð ð â¡ (@jenaniston_love) on Jun 8, 2019 at 2:31pm PDT 3. Green Lantern This is the movie which got one of the most iconic Hollywood couple, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively together. The two met during the filming of this shoot. While Ryan was married to Scarlett Johansson, Blake was reportedly dating her 'Gossip Girl' co star, Penn Badgely. The two broke off their respective relationships and in less than a year, were married to each other. View this post on Instagram What a birthday! I just smoked a huge bowl of early voting. #JustVoted @whenweallvote A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on Oct 23, 2018 at 7:30am PDT © Instagram 4. Snowhite & The Huntsman Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson became instant teenage heartthrobs and everyone's favourite cute couple courtesy their love story in the 'Twilight' series which translated into a real life romance as well. However, Kristen Stewart reportedly cheated on Pattinson with her director, Rupert Sanders. The couple eventually broke up. View this post on Instagram Ðам нÑавилаÑÑ ÑÑа паÑа ???â¤ï¸â¤ï¸â¤ï¸ A post shared by put on a happy face (@moviebooom) on Jan 4, 2019 at 1:04pm PST © Instagram 5. Lagaan This movie created history and was in the news for various reasons. The brilliantly made movie not only made it to the 'Oscars', but also turned out to be the saturation point of Aamir Khan's marriage with his wife Reena. It was reported that he was warming up to Kiran Rao who was an assistant director back then. The couple eventually got married. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Aamir Khan Kiran Rao (@kiranraoaamirkhan) on Aug 13, 2018 at 11:21pm PDT © Instagram View the full article
  7. If your partner has been hurt in her previous relationship, you'll see signs that you don't see in people who have been happy and content in their love life. If you have been heartbroken or devastated in one of your relationships there are chances that you have the fear of past repeating itself on you. These issues can be tough to cope with for both you and your partner but the only way to overcome this is to work on it together. Here are five signs which show that your partner has had a history of toxic relationships: 1. They're Slow In Opening Up © Cine 1 Studios Depending on what your partner has been through in the past, there is a chance that there is a lot of personal work to do and if your significant other has trust issues there are chances that they are going to take a lot of time to open up. All you need is to be a little supportive and give them some time. 2. They Get Angry Quickly Toxic relationships often have high amounts of invalidation. If your partner gets angry easily or is short tempered, this is the right explanation that they may have gone through something really hurtful in their past. But this doesn't mean that they'd do whatever they want to or ill-treat you. The best way is to find a middle ground and see how both of you can work it through communicating properly. 3. They Don't Easily Trust You © Red Chillies ENtertainment They have major trust issues and give you a really hard time trusting you or believing you. So, it's best if you can give them some assurance and genuinely be honest with them. 4. They're Secretive They would expect you to tell them everything but they won't easily tell you most of the things. They will take a lot of time to open up and will only tell you their secrets when they trust you wholly. And trust us that time is far away! 5. They Can't Commit © Red Chillies Entertainment Someone who is wary of committing is someone who is scared that he or she will land back into the same situation again. They will try to mould you in a way that they want things to work according to them. It's best that you create some boundaries, be supportive, communicate and overcome the fears together.
  8. Our February cover star is also the most eligible bachelor in the country. Here's his advice on relationships...
  9. 2018 has been a remarkable year for some real-time Bollywood relationships. While Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli stole the 2017 show, there are many lovebirds this year who have made a huge impact on relationships in 2018. They're definitely defining companionship standards and some are even giving us mighty relationship goals for this year and the next. © Instagram While most of them have already tied the knot, we're waiting with bated breath to see where the others head with their respective relationships. So, if you've been in a bad place relationship-wise or have been single for too long, maybe these couples can help you process a love like no other while also telling you how to contain it for a lifetime! Here are 10 relationships in Bollywood that rocked 2018: (1) Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas © Instagram Well, it's not entirely a Bollywood romance, it's more overseas than anything else. Recently married Nickyanka met through a common friend a few years ago. They didn't actually meet, they were texting each other for over 6 months before they finally met at the Met Gala and hit it off! They're the ultimate long-distance relationship goals and of course, age-no-bar goals! (2) Deepika Padukone & Ranveer Singh © Instagram After 5 years, DeepVeer finally put their relationship down on paper by getting married and they had a dream wedding, to begin with! The destination wedding took place in Italy and the rest of the functions in Bangalore and Mumbai. The couple definitely taught us how to stick together even when things are rough by not giving up & that's what Ranveer did when Deepika went through depression a few years ago. (3) Sonam Kapoor & Anand Ahuja © Instagram The Bollywood fashionista and the king of sneakers tied the knot earlier this year and have been living happily ever since. Their wedding was an extravagant affair as well. Mostly couples who seem happy on social media aren't that happy in actual life (it's what 'they' say) but fortunately, we have Sonam and Anand proving us wrong every day. Their social media reeks of them having oodles of fun both online and offline, of course! They definitely teach us to find happiness in the one person you know is right for you (4) Patralekhaa & Rajkummar Rao © Instagram The two have been together for years now and even with Rajkummar's success over the past couple of years, their relationship has only grown stronger and hasn't deteriorated! I think long-term relationships are the best! Nothing can move their spirit and their might or the love that's created between two people over years! Here's wishing the cute couple tie the knot pretty soon. (5) Natasha Dalal & Varun Dhawan © Instagram This is the best definition of childhood romance TBH. Varun has been dating his school friend Natasha for a while now and they're often spotted spending a lot of quality time together, away from constant limelight. It's great that he takes the time out from his busy schedule to spend with his girlfriend, a rare phenomenon these days might, I add! They're rumoured to get married sometime soon, so fingers crossed for these two! (6) Alia Bhatt & Ranbir Kapoor © Instagram B-Town's OG cuties have been dating each other since early this year and from what we hear, they're going pretty strong and might just end up together for life! Ranbir seems pretty sure about Alia (unlike what we've seen in the past, ahem), so here's hoping this works out beautifully! (7) Neha Dhupia & Angad Bedi © Instagram The two started out as really good friends who'd go through leap and bounds to keep their friendship intact. So much so, that when Neha was going through a severe heartbreak Angad was right there comforting her, till he realised he's in love with her and went straight to her parents' house to ask for her hand in marriage! True love is definitely based on fierce and everlasting friendships! (8) Malaika Arora & Arjun Kapoor © Twitter 'Rumoured' couple Malaika and Arjun have been in public sightings for quite a while now and they've indulged in a lot of hardships to keep their calm and date each other, despite having to deal with people who're against their relationship. They teach us that sometimes, to make the relationships for what it's worth, one has to go through some great hardships and sacrifices in life to remain happy, and do what's best for oneself! Completely in awe of these two! (9) Shibani Dandekar & Farhan Akhtar © Instagram Again under speculations, this couple hasn't broken their silence about their relationships but they've given us enough signs on social media about how they feel for each other and we're super excited for them. Here's wishing them a great 2019 and we hope they make their relationship public soon enough! (10) Sushmita Sen & Rohman Shawl © Instagram The diva who knows what she wants and when she wants it is now dating a freelance fashion model by the name of Rohman Shawl and things couldn't look hotter! The great looking lad got lucky and struck himself a super-sweet deal with Cupid when he met the Goddess herself! The two have been going strong and we'd love to see more of them in the coming year. 2018 has been a great year for all sorts of romance and it's giving us some great goals to look for the right people when the time is right. I hope you'll draw enough inspiration from these real-time Bollywood couples and do yourself a solid and find someone who can stick through thick and thin with you!
  10. Guys, we see what brings you here. The fact that you have your eyes glued to your mobile phone/laptop's screen (desperately searching for an answer) makes it obvious that you are a novice to the tempting but tricky world of relationships, and that you are miserable. We understand how you had to stay up all night, doing all that you could to get your lady love to respond to your bazillion texts, all the while trying to figure out where you went wrong. While it is a well-established fact that most women can be a little puzzling at times, most men can be incredibly childish (and innocent) in their actions as well, kindling unnecessary (and often avoidable) complications. As we are in complete solidarity with you, we have put together a list of the most common rookie mistakes men make in their relationships, mistakes you could easily avoid making by adhering to the following five tips. 1. Don't Run Away From Conversations © Instagram/Virat Kohli While keeping shut and not uttering a single word may appear to be an easy resort for winding up a tiff gone bad, more often than not, it ends up adding fuel to the flames. So, if your girlfriend is mad at you (even over the minutest of things), make sure you do not run away from a conversation. Instead, settle all your issues over a healthy and productive discussion, and a warm cup of coffee. 2. Stop Keeping A Scorecard, Your Relationship Is NOT A FIFA Match Keeping a scorecard is possibly the biggest mistake you could make in your relationship. After all, a constant pinpointing of who did what will only turn your relationship into a (lousy) game of FIFA, one where you will be too occupied keeping tabs, thereby missing out on all of the fun. So forgive and forget her blunders, don't attach needless expectations to the things you do for her, and start living your relationship the way you're supposed to - in the present. 3. Do Not Take Her For Granted And Start Appreciating Her More © Instagram/ Neha Dhupia Whether it's surprise gifts being delivered at her doorstep or taking her out on a romantic dinner, most men make all sorts of efforts to have a woman fall head-over-heels in love in them. But as soon as that happens, they start getting a bit laidback. While you may not be doing this on purpose, you must take notice of it and start taking the right steps to reverse it. So, surprise her with the best of things, as making a gesture to appreciate what all she's done (and continues to do) for you will only make her love you more. Pro tip: Surprise your girl with this beauty box packed with A-grade skin and hair care products that she would absolutely love! Buy It Here 4. Don't Make Comparisons, Especially With Your Exes There is a reason why your ex is, in fact, your EX, and so you must not draw any comparisons between her and your girlfriend. It is good that your ex never got mad at you for leaving the toilet seat up or lashed out at you for leaving a wet towel on the bed, but she can never match what your current girlfriend has to offer. After all, if your ex was all that great, why aren't you still with her? 5. Show Her That The Relationship Has Longevity First of all, it goes without saying that, if you are too afraid of being in a committed relationship, then you really shouldn't be in a relationship in the first place. We are not talking about wedding vows and baby names, but reminding your girl that the relationship is going somewhere will definitely make it more serious and meaningful, and will pacify any fears she might harbour about you not taking the relationship (or her) all that seriously.
  11. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has always been guilty of some of its half-hearted romances, given the female characters from the MCU play very 'unlike female roles', for them to build a stronger romantic narrative. Of course, this view is very subjective but the bit about half-hearted romance not so much. When Stan Lee wrote most of the characters for the MCU, he carefully crafted their relationships and gave them very distinct dynamics. Be that of brotherhood, a mentor/mentee, siblings, frenemies, or even lovers; each equation was build on trust and history, that moulded their dynamic separately. While I am not sure if Lee was an ardent believer of love and romance, he surely did create some relationships based on pure fierceness and love, that never made them leave each other's side. © Walt Disney Studios In recent film franchise, we've seen the MCU get a little better at the love thing though. I remember watching the first Spiderman movie that was released with Toby Maguire and thinking 'wow, this guy's a wimp in the romance department but even so, he gets the damn girl'. Something very co-relational to Lee's interpretation of Spiderman and MJ's dynamic in the comic books. I did enjoy their relationship though. He always chose his responsibilities over loving her, or allowing her to ever get hurt, by revealing his identity or even by leaving her for doing what's right. I always imagined a love like that could never really die! And it didn't. It probably evolved along the way. © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures So, keeping the love alive, and Lee's memory intact in all the future frames Marvel produces, here are some of the most iconic romantic relationships shared between two people in the MCU, both from the movie franchise and comic books. (1) Tony Stark & Pepper Potts (Iron Man) The relationship between Pepper and Tony has not just been well developed but sustained throughout the franchise, with additional scenes from 'Infinity War' and 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'. Pepper is the person Tony has always relied upon and even during his character build-up during 'Civil War', he's seen to be grieving her absence. The fact that she takes care of his needs and wants, gives the two characters so much heat and builds the basis of love between them. © Paramount Pictures While Ironman does entertain the people with humour, sarcasm and his wit, I don't think enough attention is paid to the developing romance between Tony and his woman. I also think the romance bit was an important crux for Ironman and if you see the subtlety of it, Pepper is always the antithesis of Tony. When the audience is losing hope in him she's always there to remind people to be patient and have enough faith in their hero and of course, she does the same for him. It's a beautiful narrative of their subtle love for each other. I guess men can learn to be true to their 'heart' and keep their love going in abundance just like Tony has for Pepper, over time! (2) Peter Parker & Mary Jane (Spiderman) Peter Parker and Mary Jane are one of the most iconic stories in both comic book lore and the movies. They've had each other's back for a long time and have gone through Green Goblins, Doc Oc's and Civil Wars together and survived. Jane was Parker's childhood love and that's the purest love that can ever exist and building a narrative of that through a comic book, is an exceptionally well-kept romance! © Marvel Comics The love they had had for each other was so precious that Mephisto wanted it as barter. That's when Jane made a deal with Mephisto that resulted in Peter and her never getting married. Well, you win some, you lose some! Ultimately they don't really end up together or get married, but Jane did tell Parker that their love was so strong that it would find its way back, eventually! Sigh! Remarkable dedication and pure honesty is what true love is all about after all. Every man should definitely learn how to love in the purest sense, despite the responsibilities overburdening his shoulders. (3) Peter Quill & Gamora (Guardians Of The Galaxy) While there has been a romantic liaison between Peter and Gamora in the past, there has been some serious romantic development between them in Infinity War. They exchange their 'I love yous' but Gamora also tries to convince Peter to kill her just so she doesn't fall into the hands of Thanos. He, of course, can't kill his one and only love, can he? Of course, he can. He does take his gun out to kill her while she's in Thanos's grip but bubbles instead of bullets come out of his gun. Any guesses why? Not only did he respect Gamorás wishes, he even sacrificed his one true love for what she willed when the time had come How many men do that nowadays? © Walt Disney Studios (4) Storm & T'Challa (Black Panther) Yup, we've usually seen Storm single in the movie franchise and T'challa with Nakia, but in the MCU comic series, the relationship between these two was great. They were actually married to each other for 6 years before they separated. They were also very similar in many ways. Both were warriors, both lost their parents at a very young age and they both understood what it was like to have the weight of the world on their shoulders. The only problem was that their relationship wasn't given much importance in comic books and it was fast-tracked and there was a giant jump from the time when they met as kids to when they fell in love as adults. Even after their separation, Storm and T'challa worked on their relationship and didn't let it die down immediately. I guess the only lesson men can take from T'challa is to always support their lady love, no matter how the relationship is going! © Marvel Comic (5) Vision & Wanda-Scarlet Witch (Civil War) I think they had a very twisted dynamic in all of MCU, which was worth a mention here. It's actually a romance between two unlikely characters. While in the movie it may seem like a fairytale, the comics depict a different picture altogether! In the comic series, he used to be a synthezoid automaton, created by one of Avenger's greatest enemies and she was a spell caster, who was always on the wrong side of the law. © Marvel Comic When Vision and Scarlet both joined the Avengers as outsiders, they both had a troubled past. When they got together, it actually made their equation quiet unexpected and adorable, to say the least. ' He was a robot who wanted to feel everything human and she was a mutant looking for acceptance. It actually fit perfectly and that's the dynamic we see in 'Civil War' and later in 'Infinity War' as well. I can only sum up this equation by qualifying it as 'twisted love'. © Walt Disney productions MCU has a string of other 'sweet romances' that I haven't listed. For example Hulk and Black Widow, where their relationship was more philosophical and seemed a little forced in an already stuffed 'Age of Ultron'. It just felt like an unnecessary distraction. But other than that we have Luke Cage and Jessica James, T'Challa and Nakia, Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter, to name a few, all filling in major gaps in the romance department of the MCU! So, all in all, the MCU is not just Stan Lee's heartless power force, but a subtle meltdown of action, love, romance, responsibilities, eccentricities and of course power. I suggest you read some comic book romances if you really want to understand the dynamic the romantics shared in the invincible MCU.
  12. When it comes to Indian parents, no amount of drama is too much. While every family sees its fair share of arguments and fights, there's something about Indian households that makes everything lighter. The struggle to survive and get by in life is so strong, fights often assume comic proportions. If you've ever played messenger between your parents, you know the deal. Here's to the many nights of lauki you've had to endure when mom has been in a bad mood. We list out some twisted tips about relationships we have managed to learn from our bickering parents. 1. If you have had a quarrel, be rest assured there will be lauki for dinner. 2. When the wife is angry, she'll clean the television when you are watching IPL. 3. Whoever controls the TV remote has the upper hand in marriage. 4. In case of a cold war, scold the kids. What are kids for, after all? 5. Use them as messengers. 6. Bitching about padosis is the ultimate couple bonding exercise. 7. You can't criticize your wife's cooking in front of guests, especially her in-laws. 8. The maid is more important than the man of the house. 9. If the couple's favourite shows are scheduled at the same time, you get a new TV. 10. The person who makes morning tea spends the day like a king. 11. When cold wars stretch for weeks but you have to function normally, you get passive aggressive. 12.One parent has to be the tough taskmaster, and the other will just blame all hard decisions on them. It always works.
  13. We get carried away pretty easily, as human beings. We like to magnify certain experiences when we are yet to have them and put them on a pedestal as if those experiences are the end of everything. Well, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but, they're not. You know what these experiences are? I'll tell you. 1. First Kisses © Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images There is no perfect first kiss when you close your eyes and see the universe unfold in front of your eyes. More than half the time, you're either using too much tongue and wondering why she isn't, while she could be wondering why your lips don't taste like cinnamon or one of those nice fairytale-like smells. Result: After the kiss you're like, 'I think I'll just go home and sleep this away', in your head, of course. 2. First Dates © Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images Please don't kill me, but it's true. We really only happen to love the chase; the pursuit of “sappy”ness, if I may. Once you've got the girl and we've got the guy, we're like, “Okay, so now that I got that off my list, what next?” The result is you're sitting in this place you decided to go have coffee and you have nothing to contribute to a one-sided conversation. I mean, there she is telling you how her life is and how he doesn't care what his family thinks about who he sees or wants to end up spending his life with and all you're thinking is, “Is she/he really saying all of that?” “Are we going to get married now?” “What time is it?” “When will this be over?” “Why am I not getting any urgent calls?” “Does nobody need me?” yada, yada, yada… 3. The Art of Undressing Someone © Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images The thing about this art is that it's not an art at all. Letting the other person undress you—most overrated thing ever. Why, you ask? Well, it's because bras get entangled in fingers, arms, sometimes legs and so do panties. And as for the guy, you'd be surprised every time you remove one layer of clothing. I mean, it's like the cloth never ends! Yeah, the whole concept of tasteful undressing is mythical and only ever happens in A-Rated movies. 4. Losing “It” © Shutterstock The only “It” you want to lose during or after the actual loss is your mind! I kid you not. It's one of the most overrated things in the history of overrated things. It's like you think you're preparing for the best night of your life and you imagine that the first touch is going to make your skin come alive (seriously?). You try to sensualize it because maybe that's how you 'get in the groove'. Before you know it, you're down to business and you don't even know what business that is. But, hey, guess who's being an adult tonight?! So you put on your sexy brave face that says how much you just 'loved what happened, let's go again!' Inside, you're screaming, 'There's blood on my bed and you look freaked out!' Before you know it, it's over and you thank Heavens and you're like, “That's the shit they made such a big fucking deal about?!” *Bubble bursts and you fall on that cute li'l arse that's red with all the 'you-know-what'* 5. Soulmates © Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images In college, you had a best friend. You were soulmates! *Heart eyes* After college, you started dating someone. You were soulmates. *Heart eyes*Then you broke up and befriended your sibling. You were soulmates. *head getting terribly dizzy now* Then you meet that other girl and you're getting married. You are soulmates. *counts how many soulmates you've had wondering if I've forgotten my math again* Exactly how many soulmates do you even have Dude? Like, were you seriously THAT lucky to be born with a soul mate at every bend in the road? And we're here still sitting here trying to find a copy of that Chicken Soup for the Soul shit! 6. Threesomes © Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images I have a very simple question. Exactly how many hands and mouths do you need, really? Why can't you just be happy with what you already have? In case you haven't noticed, some of us don't even have a Tinder like (I'm not talking about me, no)! And how does it even work? How can you even bring your perverted mind to rest on the notion that you can have a threesome with two other people and feel like a God? And don't for once think it makes you so hot that our hands would melt off our bodies, no. Get your head out of your posterior. 7. Wedding Nights © Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images It's 2 a.m. Your feet are literally killing you and so are your cheeks. You've smiled way too much and you won't be smiling for the next year or so, if you can afford to (you can't). You enter your swanky hotel room together and the white Egyptian Cotton sheets have rose petals strewn all over. You had to pay through your nose to just get your noisy-cum-nosey relatives to let you just be at peace for a bit and now, they expect you to have *** and make babies this very instant! Phew! This is worse than the time you had to justify your appraisal at work! 8. Honeymoons © Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images Scenario #1: It's an arranged marriage. This is the first time you're going on a holiday with a strange person you just vowed yourself to. *Slow clap* You're supposed to go to some fancy place, stay in some fancy hotel and have *** in some fancy bed with a person who may or may not be a good tourist to begin with. You're having one fun honeymoon worth talking about! Scenario #2: It's a love marriage; you've been together for some time now and you've travelled together to quite a few places. A honeymoon doesn't really change much other than the fact that it's your first trip post your wedding… … … Eh. Still want to go over the moon making a big deal out of these things? Sure, go right ahead. I'll just sit here and feast on some food while you wallow.
  14. When two people fall in love, the natural phenomena of sharing space just falls into place inevitably. Be it your mental space, emotional space or a living space. Everything becomes fragile and malleable when two people wish to share. Sharing a space and moving in together is the new age equivalent of declaring responsibility towards each other, like how a couple would if they were married. © MensXP Live-in relationships have their pains and gains. There is always something to look forward to when you get home and something to fall back on when you need someone to rely on. But what happens when live-ins go sour? Since we're talking about the concept of sharing, let's delve deeper into it. A couple living-in is just not sharing their emotional, mental and physical sphere. They're sharing every living aspect of their existence in the same space. That's why live-ins become either really easy or incredibly tough. There really isn't a middle ground. © MensXP The most predictable live-in behaviour is sharing of assets and then dividing of assets if things go way down south. The dividing bit is stressful because the two people in question have made memories with just about anything and everything in that space. Be it books, movies, clothes, a coffee maker, a deck of cards or even a pet! © MensXP This story revolves around Ghungroo and Diljeet and their dilemma of going through the ups and downs of a live-in relationship, deciding the 'divide and leave' policy as congenially as they can! Or so they thought! But when a very important 'asset' is put into question, can they really decide who owns it more? Will the confusion and the reminiscent remains of a tangible asset make them realise that moving out and ending things is the wrong decision? © MensXP Watch MensXP's second episode of 'Love On The Rocks' and see how two people in love are dealing with the high's and low's of a live-in relationship and how a loving member of their dynamic makes them realise maybe ending things is the wrong way out. Love On The Rocks LOTR is a series of 8 short films which will deal with the different facets of modern relationships and the trials and tribulations that young couples have to go through in this day and age. The concept of 'modern love and dating' from a millennial standpoint oscillates from passé to complicated! Here's a glance into millennial love and what it stands for today! All videos which are a part of this series will be standalone and across genres. Catch a brand new episode on MensXP's Facebook page every Wednesday!
  15. Not every relationship is built to last. Some are meant to last an eternity and some deteriorate with time. Sometimes, in your relationship you reach a turning point where you know it's not going to work out anymore and you fail to see a resolve, which ultimately leads to a complete demise of the relationship. Healthy relationship indicators help you figure if your relationship can stand the test of time and outrun any flaw that might come up, during the course of it. Once these indicators are negated, that's when the downfall begins and it continues if you ignore the factors leading to it. (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images I've been a part of a few failed relationships which have taught me to identify the problem first hand and nip it in the bud, before it grows. Sometimes we can sense an issue and let complacency take over the root cause of it. By doing that, not only are we destroying a functional relationship, we're consciously not acknowledging these factors. Most relationships end due to one or more reasons listed below. I've faced them myself personally and if you sense your relationship might be facing an issue like the five mentioned, it's really time to turn things around! Communication Breakdown Communication, of any form should be moderate. If it's over the top, and extreme, where you expect your partner to over-analyse things like you do, that can pose as a threatening situation. Communicating less is a grave issue too. If communication is bad, between two people in a stable relationship, the equation is bound to drop. Communication should be clear, bold and interactive for a healthy relationship. (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images Lack Of Trust One of the major indicators concerning an unhealthy demise of a relationship is the lack of trust between two people. That trust can diminish for many reasons. It could be something out of your partners past relationship or the fact that they've lied to you at some point in time or even cheated. Whatever the reason maybe, if there is no trust, there is no semblance of a happy relationship. Trust is the backbone of any healthy relationship and once the backbone collapses, the association is headed towards the end. To make any relationship better, work on building trust first. (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images Abusive Nature If there is abuse of any kind, pertinent in a relationship, it's going to fall apart. Abuse is not necessarily physical. Mental and emotional abuse is as toxic as any other form of abuse. If you're in an abusive relationship, then know for sure, it has to end at some point in time and you as the abused have to end it! (c)Thinkstock/getty Images Insecurities Insecurities can be big or small but they're one of the main reasons why relationships fail to work. Insecurities also lead to a lowered sense of self esteem and once that road is taken there is no coming back from there. You're constantly thinking you're not good enough for your partner and there is a nag at the back of your head telling you, your partner can do much better. Insecurities can also stem from a lack of trust in your partner. You might be insecure about who they talk to or hang out with constantly and if these concerns are irrational, then it's really toxic for your relationship. (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images Jealousy Jealousy could take any form and absolutely end a fabulous relationship. It is strangely interlinked with a heavy form of insecurity but it's the worst indicator of them all. You could be jealous of the kind of company your partner keeps to even them being more successful than you. If it gets in the way of a stable relationship, know for sure, it will ruin any probable chance of lasting in the future. If you see your partner having a problem with 'that friend you talk to' or you having to issues with her making more money than you, then it's absolute splitsville from thereon. (c) Thinkstock/Getty Images These are the five most prominent markers of a healthy relationship losing its stride and semblance of balance and going downhill. There are other factors that pull a relationship down too, like money issues, having a judgemental partner, boredom, unreal expectations from either of the partners or even the lack of compatibility. But if any of the above mentioned indicators come your way, while you're looking to experience the future with a certain someone, either take a back seat and figure a solution out or end the relationship in a mature healthy manner.
  16. Welcome to the age of uninnocence, where relationships are as dispensable as Kleenex tissues. You use and throw them away when they have soaked up your mess. While this simile may sound harsh, it is not necessarily meant to be negative, and may instead signal a progressive attitude towards the freedom of choice. I sometimes find it hard to reconcile these two worlds. The first is the old world's charm of innocent romance that I grew up with. In this scenario, falling in love was a gradual process; you got to know the other person and their imperfections and accepted them anyway. You recognized all that they were rather than all those tiny, annoying things that prevented them from being everything you envisioned in the ideal mate. Two people evolved with each other to find that key balance of how they could fit into each other's lives regardless of the circumstances. © Thinkstock/Getty Images I was lucky to witness the peak of this idea of romance in my early 20s, and safely cocooned by its existence while I figured myself out. I could have held on to this notion while it was still prevalent, and while love still existed in its now primitive and almost extinct format. Instead, I find myself grappling with the new age concept of relationships, fast-moving swipes in a sea of seemingly eligible options, only to discover that eligibility does not always equal availability. Given the shiny and seemingly flawless façade of a life manufactured by Instagram-edited stories, we have gotten so used to everything being picture-perfect. This sets up high (and often unrealistic) standards for the ideal job, the perfect house, and the faultless partner. Consequently, if even one of these aspects is missing, our entire belief system is thrown into disarray, leading us to feel inexplicably disillusioned. Sometimes it feels like patience and compromise are archaic concepts, and it's easy to fall into this trap where everything is awesome, nothing is perfect, and very little will suffice. And while striving for perfection is important, in a world where it's all or nothing, I can't help but wonder, is being good enough ever enough? There are times when I flippantly blame technology or millennials for this trend, but if I'm being completely honest with myself, we're all equally guilty of perpetuating this cycle of dissatisfied contentment. If the goal of evolution as well as medical innovation (through procedures like genetic engineering) is to produce new and improved species, could it be argued that we are biologically programmed to seek this out in a companion as well? The truth is that we tend to take solace in knowing that we haven't yet settled for mediocrity, because something or someone better may still be out there. In that process though, it's easy to fall prey to the new-age ADHD of dating restlessness. © Thinkstock/Getty Images At the crossroads of this paradigm shift in the cultural conceptualization of love, it seems inevitable to break down this dichotomy. With modern dating, we can take agency in the compromise between indecision and choose from a plethora of options, in an almost eugenic approach to mate selection. We may end up with our soul mate, but we may also end up alone (at least we did it our way)! Do we embrace this change and move forward, fully aware of its possible repercussions? Or do we hang on to the shreds of a somewhat antiquated idea of relationships, acknowledging that others around us may not share this view (and that we ourselves may have evolved past it)? So, going back may mean giving up some of the progress we had made towards self-discovery and seeking a mate that matches this self-aware self-image. But it may also lead to 'settling' into a non-fairy tale version of happily ever after. While it's tempting to paint these scenarios as two extremes, I don't think they are in any way, mutually exclusive. The happiest couples I know have found a way to navigate this exhausting process, and discover a happy middle ground. If there's one common theme across their success stories, it's that regardless of the way in which they met, they were open to love and stayed true to themselves in the process. © Thinkstock/Getty Images They found someone who seemed pretty darn great to them, even if they didn't check all the right boxes. Maybe, achieving that balance means defining our absolute limits and non-negotiables through careful self-discovery, but being flexible about everything else? As cliché as this may sound, maybe the key is stop looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right, and instead letting Mr./Mrs. Right-For-Me-Right-Now be a part of our world.
  17. 2017 has been one heck of a year and every time we go back to the year that was, the learning curve is immense. 2017 has also been really ripe for love and relationships with the new and emerging dating trends, defining relationships in a newer, unhealthier way. We're however convinced that 2017 was a defining year for the millennial crowd and it definitely had its ups and downs. There were break-ups, weddings, regrets and many more events that shaped the relationship curve worldwide and made our work easier! Here's looking back at you kid! Goodbye and good riddance 2017, thanks for teaching us that: (1) If you do adopt too many babies from developing nations Brad Pitt will eventually leave you. (Have a Rachel in your life?) (c)Youtube (2) No matter how many boys you date over the 'Weekend', you will always be a Belieber. (don't believe us? Ask Selena G) (c)Twitter (3) 'Cos hard work does pay off (c)Twitter (4) Be creative on your online dating profile (that's when you'll get the ladies in 2018) (c)Tinder/Niket Biswas (5) If your private life sucks, it definitely makes your social media life epic! (c)Pinterest (6) Send nudes, don't send e-mails! (c)Youtube (7) Punjabi boys can't get American girls (do you know?) (c)Pinterest (8) When your Hollywood career is going nowhere, turn to England! (or maybe marry the simple one in 2018?) (c)Twitter (9) No matter how far you go news and media will always follow you (like we did…yeah, we did follow) (c)Times of India (10) Don't get married the same month as Virat (barely got any coverage, did you Krunal?) (c) Times Of India (11) You can only date Katrina if you're a 50 year old virgin (yes, we said it) (c)Youtube (12) Don't invest in a Bitcoin. Your money will sink and she will leave you. True story. (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images Love is truly a four letter word with 50 more connotations. This year love and relationships had a marvellous twist and we loved every bit of it! We can't wait to welcome 2018 completely unabashed and with arms open wider than Sunny Leone's legs! (back in the day, of course)
  18. 2017 has seen a paradigm shift in dating trends and it's hitting the newer generation hard. Dating trends were not really trends to begin with. They were old school rituals one had to perform to sustain a relationship. Over the years, these gestures took the shape of millennial dilemmas and made relationships way more complicated than they are suppose to be. Today we have a name for every situation a relationship goes through and made it way more demanding than what it's ought to be. In 2017 alone, 12 new dating trends emerged, that defined relationships for the existing generation. I guess it's an easier manipulation of a certain thought processes to justify the ambiguity that prevails in relationships. For the lack of a better provocation, where relationships are concerned, dating trends have made it either simpler or ruined relationships further! So as our tribute to changing trends in relationships, we're going to list down the top 12 dating trends that hit 2017 harder than Bigg Boss hit our sacrosanct soul and corrupted it forever. Benching What is it? Benching is not a form of cardio but you may need cardio later to hunt down your 'bencher'. It's a ghastly trend where your 'crush' leads you on for a significant while and then completely stops communicating with you at a given point in time and keeps you somewhere on the back burner to not lose you for good. She may have other men interested in her as well and is definitely doing the same to them. Who are these people? Benchers, if you notice are commitment-phobic, indecisive people who can't be with one person alone and need a ton of attention. It's the Casanova syndrome with a fancier name! How can you spot it? Benchers have a way with evading meetings and mostly sticking to virtual worlds. You will see them converse mostly through their phone or online and if you ever happen to ask them that pertinent question of 'where is this relationship heading?', they'll have an excuse ready to run away from the situation! Read more about it here. © Thinkstock Ghosting What is it? Do we really need to spell this one out? No, it's not when she dies and comes back to haunt you for life. I mean, she could be doing it when she's alive too. Ghosting is when the person suddenly withdraws all form of communication and disappears after having led you on a while. It could happen in a serious committed relationship too but it mostly happens when you're in a fling phase with someone. Who are these people? Ghosters are again emotionally unavailable people who have issues with confrontation. They behave like ostriches and run away from difficult situations rather than confronting them. They definitely lack serious communication skills. How can you spot it? You'd have to be really stupid not to spot it! You'll sense their presence diminishing in your life. Duh! Read more about it here © Thinkstock Zombieing Again, it's not when she turns into a zombie and comes back to eat your flesh. Well, it's almost never like that! Zombieing is when someone ghosts you and you think they've gone forever from your life and then they come back, just like how a Zombie would, from the dead. Yeaaaah, that happens. Man, dating is hard! Who are these people? Zombies don't have a heart mostly and they treat you like an option they can come back to when they feel like. They're emotionally manipulative and commitment-phobic. Best bet is to stay away from them. How can you spot it? You can smell a zombie from a mile if they start randomly texting you, suddenly liking your pictures or even sending you DMs saying 'hey stranger, what's up?' or 'are you up?' © Thinkstock Cushioning This may sound comfortable and harmless af but it's actually quite hurtful. Cushioning is when the person you're with might be at the fag end of the relationship with you and has already sought out his or her options. In other words, the person has a back-up plan, in case it doesn't work out with you and they usually flirt or emotionally connect with someone while almost nearing the end of a relationship. Who are these people? Cushioners are usually never content with situations and relationships and they're escapists and thoroughbred cheaters by nature. Their coping mechanism from a bad break up or to escape an unhealthy relationship is always running to other people for comfort. How can you spot it? Well, if you find proof of them flirting through texts or DMs then the person is definitely finding avenues to escape the current relationship. If you find someone you know sending you inappropriate messages or selfies every now and then, while they're in a relationship then you're definitely a victim of cushioning. Read more about it here © Thinkstock Breadcrumbing Breadcrumbing is a classic case of leading someone on, with leaving little crumbs for the person in the form of cute little texts and flirty behaviour. The person may never have intentions of moving the relationship to the next level. Who are these people? Inherently selfish people, who can't think beyond themselves, are probably the biggest bread-crumbers. They're also very commitment-phobic. How can you spot it? If you constantly keep getting texts from them without any further action or initiation, then you know what to do! © Thinkstock Love Bombing Love bombing is form of emotional abuse which is hard to figure at first. The person will shower you with love and affection earlier in the relationship so much so that you won't be able to figure out their faults or shortcomings at all. When you start to feel stifled in the relationship and want to pull out, that's when their true colours come out and they play the emotional abuse card on you very well. They'll probably manipulate you and make you feel miserable for any decision you make. Who are these people? These people are mostly megalomaniacs and narcissists who can't think beyond their wants and needs. How can you spot it? A good relationship moves slowly and steadily and if you feel that you're relationship is moving too quick, where everything is happening too soon then that's a classic sign. In the beginning your partner will shower you with lots of love and affection and gifts galore and you will see that all change if you ask them for something as little as space. © Thinkstock Stashing So let's say you've been dating this girl for the past 5-6 month and things are going quite good. The relationship is heading in a good direction and they have met everyone you know, including your street dogs. But you haven't met anyone significant from their life yet and the possibility of doing so seems bleak. It's like how you stash things you don't want other people to know about? This person is doing the same to you. They make it seem like they are still in the market to the people in their life. This trend is definitely not new; it's just been given a name! Who are these people? People who are not ready to break the news of their relationship or want to still be available or seem like their available are the ones who stash. They probably also feel embarrassed about certain aspects that have something to do with dating and exclusivity. How can you spot it? You will know a stasher when she makes no effort to introduce you to anyone from her life, while you have made her meet just about everyone significant from yours. Read more about it here © Thinkstock Draking This ones mostly experienced by men who've suffered though an emotional haemorrhage, post a relationship and they take to the interweb to express their deepest sentiments. Not just on the internet actually; if you're a revved up modern day Romeo, you're definitely taking it offline too, just so you can emote your emotional jargon through a song or a dance! The netherworld of dating and romance has given these cushion-hearted people a name. They're mostly known as 'Drakers' and what they experience post a break-up is known as 'Draking'. Who are these people? A highly emotional man, post a hearty break-up who puts up cryptic status messages which mostly say 'I am a hot mess and I will never recover from the misery of a breaking heart unless I tattoo your name on it', is someone who has been Draking up a storm! How to spot it? You will know a draker whence you see him! He'll be all over your news feed and everyone else with an emotionally charged poetic vice all around him. Read more abut it here © Thinkstock Submarining This trend is very similar to ghosting/zombieing. It's kinda like the mix of the two and its simply when someone who is in your life disappears for months on end and comes back into your life and constantly keeps doing that, keeping you at bay. Quite literal to the name actually. Who are these people? People who are unsure about commitments are wonderful submariners. They also like to have back up plans and sadly, you're one of them. How can you spot it? Well, it's quite simple. If you've been involved with someone who occasionally disappears and re-emerges out of the blue, you're definitely with a submariner! © Thinkstock Cuffing The cold weather and prolonged inactivity during winter months causes single people to wish for company and that's when they seek someone to fulfil their winter void! Cuffing is actually cuffing someone for the gloomy winter months or during holiday season when lonely pangs hit hard. There might be nothing more than a holiday cheer in this equation. Who are these people? People who seek relationships during cold winter gloomy months or through the holidays will definitely find you and cuff you. How can you spot it? You will definitely smell their desperation of not wanting to be lonely during the holiday season and of course the Facebook 'relationship' updates will follow and shortly disappear! © Thinkstock Roaching Roaching is quite a brutal dating trend doing the rounds and it's something that's been doing the rounds since a while. Imagine meeting someone on Tinder and hitting it off with them. You meet, you hook up and everything is going great till you realise they're already dating someone or have other avenues open while with you. The worst part is when you confront them, they usually become extremely defensive and tell you about how they never promised monogamy to begin with! Who are these people? Dishonest people, who have no qualms about cheating on their partner and like to drive a relationship according to their convenience and orientation! How can you spot it? You really can't till you figure they're dating other people. Or someone warns you about them. When they're with you, they act like you're the only one if their life. © Thinkstock Catfishing This dating trend is limited to online dating but is quite deadly. Catfishing is when someone creates a fake profile on an online dating site to trick people (especially someone inclined towards a romantic relationship online) into thinking they are someone else. It could be as small as lying about your preferences and choices on your online bio, to sound cool to completely changing your identity to fool someone to fall for you. Who are these people? Uhh, I would term them as criminals but they're inherently insecure people who aren't happy with themselves and constantly need to be someone else to be accepted in society. Definitely low on confidence, they seek sympathy and companionship through debauchery. Definitely stay away if you smell something 'fishy'. How can you spot it? If you do happen to meet catfisher online and start to date them or go out with them watch out for subtle signs about what they said online to what they seem in real life. If you feel an ounce of discrepancy, run the other direction! Read more about it here © Thinkstock There are many more dating trends that have been hitting us hard everyday in 2017 but the prominent ones are here to stay. They're of course age old relationship issues, translated to swankier names. Now instead of narrating an entire issue, you can just name the trend you're going through and find easier solutions. Here's hoping, at least!
  19. Welcome to a new day and age where relationship trends change faster than our cell phone brands and new bitter ways of hurting people emerge as fastidious trendsetters. From mooning to breadcrumbing to even cushioning and ghosting, we've established new ways in which we can make people feel horrible about themselves, making relationships superficial and momentary! Whatever happened to old school ways of breaking someone's heart? Where two people involved, would spend nights on end, lamenting the loss and using terms of endearment to address the situation at hand. © Thinkstock Don't be sick and tired of new dating trends just yet though. We have a brand new one doing the rounds these days and it's called 'stashing'. Stashing, when looked up on Websters, is defined as 'something safely stored in a secret place'. Now you really don't have to be Einstein to figure what it means contextually in a relationship. You've just entered a relationship. It's been declared as 'official' already and you spend a lot of time together. Everything is going well until you suddenly realise, well, things are really not going too well! Your SO has been introduced to everyone you know in you social circle. From your friends to your parents to even your cleaning lady and your dog but you haven't met a single person from her life or her social circle yet! Well, you're being stashed, my friend and it is not even remotely pleasant! What's the first cardinal rule of new-age dating? Social media, duh! If you're not up on social media posts and pictures it's not really dating, you see! The timely declaration of each others love is first seen on the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. and if you haven't been tagged in a picture, a post or the revolutionary 'relationship status update' yet, you're on your way to being stashed! It's your girlfriend's idea of keeping her relationship hidden and living like she's still single. The fact is- no one in her life or social circle knows about you and the sad part is, no one ever will. I mean if it had to happen, it would in the first few weeks itself, wouldn't it? There could be numerous reasons as to why you're being stashed. The two we can definitely pin-point for you are either she's dating other people and hasn't told you about them or she's embarrassed of you and is probably sticking by because the *** is good, or you're a hard-working (or not) rich man. Ether way, if you haven't even been introduced to her friends, the relationship looks quite bleak, I'll have you know! You're probably her little secret (dirty or not) and her idea of a date with you is either sitting at home and ordering greasy Chinese food or going out to a remote dhaba and eating a plate of desi noodles, over a conversation. Sounds familiar? By actually avoiding public confrontations about your presence in their lives, stashers get away guilt-free, without having to explain their behaviour and indulge in living the single life, with the perks of a relationship. Even if you call them out on their behaviour, their classic response would either be 'it's too soon to introduce you to anyone' or 'why are you so concerned about social media'? The easiest solution to recognise this trend is notice her social interactions and people she introduces you to and if you've only been introduced to her colony street dogs, it's time to move on, mate!
  20. Dear men, are women running away from your perfectly groomed, clean shaven baby face? And is this after you've shaved your mane because you read somewhere that bearded faces are unhygienic and a turn off for women because they probably have leftovers from Friday night's dinner, ash from the cigarette you last smoked and bacteria from all over the place, stuck in it? via GIPHY Well, a baby face is going to get you nowhere, sadly, so grow your mane back and take better care of it because a study revealed that women are far more attracted to men that sport a rugged beard than to angel face Anthony's. No it's no longer just a hunch and we're not faffing based on a dime a dozen bearded-men-are-sexy memes that circulate on the internet. An actual study was conducted by researchers at the University of Queensland, Australia where it was found that women were not only more sexually attracted to bearded men, they would choose to enter a long term committed relationship with them, over clean shaven ones. via GIPHY The study revealed that bearded men were considered more mature and masculine than clean shaven ones as "...beards may signal men's age and masculine social dominance". Huzzah for fuzz monkeys, you'll draw women to you instantly, and buck up angel faces, time to get on the beard-wagon. But wait... nothing is as easy as it ever sounds, and don't take anything at face value, there's more to this than meets the eye, the fine print, if you will. Let's talk about your future based on the length of your beard, shall we? via GIPHY Flaunting the morning after stubble and disheveled hair everywhere you go may make you feel masculine, and since it is a beard, and based on what we just told you you'd think you'll land your forever lover with it-- but no. The same study claims that men with stubble may be sexually attractive to women, far more than clean shaven or full bearded men, but not enough to ask you to put a ring on them. Bummer. We didn't want to give sexy stubble sporters heartache but if it is long term they seek, they're going to have to take their mane to the next level. It was observed during the same study that, “If you ask women to judge clean shaven, stubble or bearded men, we found rising masculinity with more beard. However sexual attractiveness peak at stubble”. Full beardedness gets full score, the longer the beard, the higher the chances of wedding bells with your lady lover! via GIPHY We suppose after getting a load of this, a large chunk would want to go cannonballing into fullbeardedness, a carefree few would want to stick to the slick stubble and even fewer would want to continue with the clean shaven look. We'll repeat your beard horoscope before signing off: Fullbearded men are likely to enter a long term relationship in the near future Stubble studs are likely to enjoy short term flings in the days to come Clean shaven angel faces are going to have a harder time finding both long term relationships and short term flings unless they get a full beard or a stubble. via GIPHY P.S.- there's an array of beard grooming products in the market, just for you. So, if you want to fare well with the ladies, we suggest you get your hands on some.
  21. Last night, after what could only have been a very eventful day, I ended up crossing paths with this man—he was easily in his 60s. And from somewhere, the conversation led to fights in relationships. The man had been with his wife for over 20 odd years. I say odd because when you fight the way this man said that they did, it does seem a bit odd that two people would still be together. And mind you, it wasn't out of desperation, or that the love had gone out from their relationship. Quite contrary. I saw a kind of love in the man's eyes that comes from years of having loved one person with all of one's being; loving someone like there's no tomorrow; like life and existence depended on loving that one person for the rest of one's life. © Pexels His wife called him an idiot. But, she knew he was right. “The secret,” he said “is that you fight through it all.” The good, the bad, the ugly and the nasty. The secret, he told me, was that you fight till your very last breath. Because fighting, he said, means that you're not giving up. Fights in relationships make you realize that you don't have it figured out at all. It brings you face to face with the ugly within the both of you. And, boy is there a lot of it, or what? Fights in relationships are a test. They're one of the biggest tests your relationship can ever be put through. It determines whether or not you were built to last, or to crumble at the very first sign. © Pexels Fights aren't bridges in relationships. They're the doorways. And you're standing bang under it! And once the fight is over, you will have more clarity about whether or not, you're in or out of it. Sounds strange, doesn't it? That something that can really bring out the nasty within two people can be one of the most telling signs of whether or not two individuals also love each other. Sure, there are countless studies that say that couples who fight only ‘n' number of times are the healthiest. But, that's hardly ever true. You see, if you're fighting each other for each other, it can never really go wrong because you're always coming back to each other. You're choosing each other over each other while you're fighting. In fact, that's exactly why you're fighting; because deep within you know that you'd choose this person over and over again, countless times and so, you're going to have to fight it out. © Pexels So, you should fight; unlike what every other study, article or magazine tells you. You should fight because you love the other person. You love them through their darkest moments; their lowest days and their roughest nights. You love them enough to stick through it with them; to get them through it and to get you through it. You love them enough to tell them they're wrong and explain why because you want them to know that you're going to fucking make it—either this way, or that. And you're ready to bet on them; bet on you; bet on all that you have—including your life—that this is going to work. So, you fight. © Pexels And the key is to stay fighting. The key is to come back to the room, lock yourself in and sort it out till you're clear on the littlest matter. Then, you open the door and walk out together, vowing to come back inside every time one of you is wondering, or doubtful, or distant. Because if you don't come back, then you'll just go farther away. So, fight with all your energies, all your breaths and all you have. Fight because your love and relationship depends on it. Just don't turn around and walk away. © Pexels
  22. If you've ever been in a long-distance relationship, you have a first-hand experience how big of a struggle and pain it is. And that too in a country like India, where the internet can be so slow, you feel like throwing your phone out of frustration at least five times a day. This can majorly come in between couples who are just trying to keep their love alive, even when they're thousands of kilometres away. Well, it might be nice to know that you're not alone in this. Comedian Aakash Mehta gets it completely and hilariously sums up all the struggles couples face when in a long-distance relationship, especially when it comes to ***. He performed a sketch basically talking about how difficult it is to keep a long-distance relationship going on in India, and how you can just forget about *** altogether, be it phone ***, Skype *** or Facetime ***, nothing works. © YouTube/KuchBhiMehta With a bad network, Skyping can be scarier than any horror movie. © YouTube/KuchBhiMehta © YouTube/KuchBhiMehta Then, he goes on to describe how confusing phone *** can be. © YouTube/KuchBhiMehta But, Facetime *** is the worst. With both the hands occupied, it's just a race to see which one gets tired first. © YouTube/KuchBhiMehta This man has tried it all and still nothing worked for him, at least he got a bunch of funny material, though. Watch this painfully relatable video here:
  23. <p>“No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care”</p> <p> - Theodore Roosevelt</p> <p>There isn't anything worse than silence of a man when he's in a relationship. That silence could stem from his own drawbacks to find the right words or the irrational lack of emotional intelligence or EQ. We can't stress how important it is to develop your EQ, not just for your relationships but to enhance some qualities within yourself too (specially emotional intelligence).</p> <p>To start with, a man with a balanced level of EQ develops self awareness at a very early age. He is aware of his feelings and uses them to understand and perceive other people's thoughts, feelings and perceptions. He knows the extent to which he should invest in a situation and when do withdraw, to protect his own interest. A man who is self aware will always craft his moves in accordance to how secure he is about something and trust us, emotionally intelligent men are seldom insecure.</p> <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-full" title="What Men Need Most To Succeed In Life" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Aug/what-men-need-most-to-succeed-in-life1-1501654122.jpg" alt="What Men Need Most To Succeed In Life" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Aug/what-men-need-most-to-succeed-in-life1-1501654122.jpg" />© Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images</p> <p>He will always be empathetic or try and develop empathetic skills towards anyone who needs an ounce of empathy. Not only will he understand the situation better but he will always try and put himself in other people shoes. A man who is in touch with his emotional self will never say words like ‘it, alright, things like these happen, get over it' or ‘don't be sad, there are worst things in life'. Instead his emphatic self will delve in to the problem and find solutions, while understanding exactly what the other person is going though.</p> <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-full" title="What Men Need Most To Succeed In Life" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Aug/what-men-need-most-to-succeed-in-life2-1501654152.jpg" alt="What Men Need Most To Succeed In Life" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Aug/what-men-need-most-to-succeed-in-life2-1501654152.jpg" />© Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images</p> <p>Positivity is his life mantra. He might be exposed to bad news or situations on a daily basis but that does not deter his spirit to hold the ground positively. Instead of focusing on the problem he will always look for solutions with some inspirational advice to follow. It's because his EQ helps him understand that there isn't any point going in to a black hole of negativity and finding nothing there.</p> <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-full" title="What Men Need Most To Succeed In Life" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Aug/what-men-need-most-to-succeed-in-life3-1501654164.jpg" alt="What Men Need Most To Succeed In Life" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Aug/what-men-need-most-to-succeed-in-life3-1501654164.jpg" />© Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images</p> <p>A man with his emotions in place will usually feel out of energy most days. It's because he is expending a lot of energy in dealing with his emotions and the emotion of others. The best way to balance this emotional cycle is to deflect all the negative emotions he may come across and absorb just the positive ones. This could take time, if you're naturally emotionally sound. The process of holding on and letting go is tedious and needs some amount of introspection to get it right. Once he has found that balance, his level of energy will rejuvenate him and not tire him out, mentally or emotionally.</p> <p class="articleimg"><img id="ed-img" class="art-lazy imwidth-full" title="What Men Need Most To Succeed In Life" src="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Aug/what-men-need-most-to-succeed-in-life4-1501654174.jpg" alt="What Men Need Most To Succeed In Life" data-original="http://media.new.mensxp.com/media/content/2017/Aug/what-men-need-most-to-succeed-in-life4-1501654174.jpg" />© Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images</p> <p>Setting boundaries when you're an emotionally intelligent person is important. Learning when to say no to something or engage in another is directly proportional to how intelligence works when you emote. Demonstrate politeness, congeniality and a high regard for situations around you but also stay firm at the same time and learn when to say no.</p> <p>A man with a good level of emotional intelligence goes a long way. He connects rather easily with people around him and has successful, intimate relationships and never shies away from commitment. If you're looking to build your EQ right now, get on a spree of introspection, go inwards and re-connect with yourself. Trust us, women are always on a lookout for men who are emotionally sound and stable because emotional intelligence is the new sexy!</p>
  24. We are living in a world where we trick ourselves and the people we are with—at different points in our lives—into believing that the love we are getting is all the love that we are worth; that it is all the love that is available and that we should be grateful for the little that we get. We are tricksters because we want the envelope of safety to be on our side. We want to be the ones with the advantage in a relationship. And so, we don’t love or let someone love us wholeheartedly because of the dangers of falling beyond the point of no return. And then, we complain about the idea of love being flawed, illusive and non-existent altogether. We basically blame one of the most innocent and pure forces in the world for all our deeds of preventing the force from acting. We blame love for our lack of it. © Thinkstock/Getty Images We commit ourselves to relationships that are not based on a love that binds and attracts, but, are based on safety, advantage and comfort zones. We no longer seek relationships of love; we seek relationships of conveniences. And whether you believe it or choose to deny this, at some point in your life, or at all points, all of you have resorted or are still resorting to this. Why? Simple, it’s the easy way out. Aren’t we always looking for shortcuts, anyway? What Is A Relationship Of Convenience? © Thinkstock/Getty Images It’s a relationship in which you are only there for the safety blanket it offers you—emotional, financial, or even and sometimes, mostly physical. Most of us have been with someone for way too long because we’re just not ready to put ourselves out there again. It doesn’t matter if a person comes along and questions all our decisions so far. We’ve gotten too comfortable to start over; therefore, we’re ruining our chances of experiencing love in its truest forms. We’re afraid of social obligations—what would your friends think if you started dating that girl because she’s just too bold to be around? We’re too used to being pampered and taken care of to step out and do it for ourselves or someone else. We’re okay with being in a relationship where love is a choice and has a reason, than being in a relationship where love was never a choice and it has no rhyme or reason. But that’s the relationship we need to be in! © Thinkstock/Getty Images Love is never meant to have a reason, at all. If you look at the person you’re with and you can count the reasons you love them, you don’t love them at all. You’re in the wrong relationship. You are meant to be with someone you love just because. Love doesn’t come with a warning, or a disclaimer. It doesn’t come with rhyme, or reason. It just happens. It is not something you can quantify, calculate or even control. And more often than not, we give up on that love because it’s just too scary and intimidating to embrace. We’re so used to having everything under control—our finances, our lifestyles, our relationships, that we don’t want to be challenged anymore. We don’t want to be at the edge of the cliff because we don’t want to fall, even if the fall means we may start soaring higher than ever before. But, no. We’d rather just be rooted to wherever we are, become stagnant and let the chosen idea of love run stale and dry to the point where you start dwelling on the ‘what-if’s of the love you forbade yourself from. © Thinkstock/Getty Images We resort to one-night stands because they come with no background or foreground. We resort to no-strings-attached because we don’t want to be held responsible for the feelings that we may have ignited. We resort to friends with benefits because we don’t want to lose out on the advantages it has to offer. We resort to affairs and cheating because we’re not ready to set people free, out of fear of having to go out there and stand for something, or someone. We want the ties but we also want to be the ones holding a sharp-edged object to cut the ties at the first sign of fear, no matter how misplaced it is! © Thinkstock/Getty Images We live in denial and choose to remain oblivious. God help if we are made aware of what lies ahead; we are so overwhelmed, we don’t want to accept it. We don’t restrict the conveniences to relationships, of course. We’re stuck in jobs that pay our bills no matter how morose they make us as people; we are living in shambles because we don’t want society to judge us. And this trickles down to the most intimate parts of our hearts. This trickles down to the people we love, or choose not to. Sadly, it’s the ones that we often choose not to love who we really, truly madly and deeply love and desire with all our hearts and souls. But we’re too comfortable to let those desires be known and realized. We are too afraid to chase the people we love irrevocably and unconditionally. So, we choose the comfort zones over the magic; we choose the advantage over the impulse; we choose reason over happiness and we choose convenience over love. But don’t you think it’s time to truly live and love again?
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