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Found 91 results

  1. Normally, when a cricketer moves away from the game on an “indefinite sabbatical”, people don't fret too much over him and the athlete eventually fades away from the headlines in a couple of months. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is not just another cricketer. He has been one of the greatest to have led the Bleed Blue Army. His athleticism, even at 38 years of age, is manifolds better than that of international cricketers 10 years younger than him; his unique ways of making things work out for Team India, his ability to stay calm under extremely crucial moments in big games and his skills as a wicket-keeper batsman make him a once-in-a-generation player. Everything he does off the field, his love and respect for the Indian Army, his donations and selfless work for the betterment of the society make him an exceptional human being off the field as well. Everything that Dhoni does feels great. GOD can't be everywhere so he made Mahendra Singh Dhoni https://t.co/hdvcSctdvz — Prachi Das (@PrachiNotDesai) October 19, 2019 However, there is nobody, not even Mahi, that's bigger than the game. Ever since the former skipper moved away from his roles as a Man in Blue after the disappointing exit from ICC World Cup 2019, the world has been puzzled about his return to the game and what exactly is going on in the mysterious mind of 'Captain Cool'. And when he extended his leave from the Indian dressing room in November, it only infuriated the fans of Indian cricket even more. Finally, last week, Dhoni made a comment about his future. He said, “January tak mat poocho (don't ask me till January),” moving his comeback date forward by another two months. "Okay bye, Don't ask me till January" ð This is how Dhoni responded when reporter questioned about his future plans at yesterday's event. ðâ¤ï¸ pic.twitter.com/XT1uB8D7Tt — DHONIsm™ â¤ï¸ (@DHONIism) November 28, 2019 Just like in a relationship, it might be too late for Dhoni to comeback and the Indian cricket team might already have moved on with someone younger like Rishabh Pant or Wriddhiman Saha. On Friday, BCCI President Sourav Ganguly spoke to the Indian media on his thoughts of Dhoni's timeline to return and whether he will be a part of the T20 World Cup or not. Dada simply said, “Please ask MS Dhoni.” In response, he said, "Please ask #MSDhoni." The former skipper recently said that till January he won't answer questions on his cricketing future. #Dhoni has been out of action since India's semifinal exit from #WC2019.#sauravganguly — newsblunt (@newsbluntmedia) December 1, 2019 "There is clarity, but certain things cannot be said on public platform. There is absolute clarity on MS Dhoni and you'll find out in time," Ganguly said. Maybe the "clarity" only suggests that Dhoni's breakup with Team India is going to be as anti-climactic as it gets. Given his quiet and noiseless nature, this could be the way the former skipper wanted to move away from the game, maybe forever this time. View the full article
  2. People say that "A clear conscience is far more valuable than money" and 54-year-old Dhanaji Jagdale is an epitome of the same. Dhanaji, who hails from Satara, Maharashtra barely makes ends meet by doing odd jobs. Around Diwali, Dhanaji was returning from Dahiwadi and was waiting for his bus, when he saw a bundle of cash lying at the bus stop. It was Rs. 40,000 cash and enough to make anyone greedy. But, Dhanaji didn't let the amount affect his conscience, despite having just Rs 3 in his pocket at that time. In fact, he not only returned the money, he even refused to take any reward in return. © BCCL He said, "I had gone to Dahiwadi for Diwali for some work and returned to the bus stop. I found a bundle of notes nearby. I asked people around and finally found a man distressed and looking for something. I soon found out the cash bundle belonged to him." The man had collected the money for his wife's surgery and wanted to reward him, but Dhanaji refused and took only Rs 7 as the bus fare was Rs 10 and he only had Rs 3 in his pocket. He said, "He told me the bundle contained Rs 40,000. He had collected it for his wife's surgery. He wanted to give me Rs 1,000 but I took only Rs 7 as the bus fare to my village is Rs 10 and I only had Rs 3 in my pocket." Dhanaji was later felicitated by Satara BJP MLA, former MP and several other organisations but he refused to accept any money. In fact, reportedly Rahul Barge offered him Rs 5 lakh, but he refused that too. © BCCL Talking about why he didn't take money from anyone, he said "I think by taking someone's money, one would not get satisfaction. The only message I want to spread is that people should live honestly." People like Dhanaji, who make the world a better place to live in, are rare to find these days. View the full article
  3. It's Judgement Day for Terminator fans across the globe, as the worldwide launch of Terminator: Dark Fate goes live. Featuring, of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger and the original Sarah Connor, Linda Hamilton, the film charts the journey of Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes) and cyborg Grace (Mackenzie Davis). Check the trailer out below: Following the release, several hype-fueled fans ran to the cinemas to grab their first-day tickets - with plenty of reactions popping up all over Twitter. Several critical reviews praised the film's return to the first two films' sense of action and thrill: 'Terminator: Dark Fate' “...has recaptured the tone of those first two films. It's gritty, it's fast. It's intense.” #JamesCameron #Terminator https://t.co/LtcPsQNKfH — Hollywood Reporter (@THR) May 24, 2019 Terminator: Dark Fate is the best film the franchise has had in a long, long time, and it's coming to theaters tonight. Our review: https://t.co/2dT8S79QPi pic.twitter.com/r2QD2umW5r — IGN (@IGN) October 31, 2019 While others cheered on the largely female cast - a rarity in big, blockbuster action flicks: Like Wonder Woman, Terminator Dark Fate does feminism right, unlike Captain Marvel. It's just three characters kicking butt and they just so happen to be women. Unlike Captain Marvel, which constantly beats you over the head till you have a concussion.#Terminator #WonderWoman pic.twitter.com/tQHvXFHpQs — The Moonlight Warrior ð (@BlackMajikMan90) November 1, 2019 Verdict: With 3 strong women at the helm #terminatordarkfate places more responsibility on women rather than just being mothers to future heroes. What's more, this sequel will restore your hope in the #terminator franchise. Watch it and hope for even better sequels! pic.twitter.com/9ayoBTZQb6 — Fun Guide (@funguide_in) November 1, 2019 Some were unimpressed - several fans clearly didn't get what they were expecting. User @AgedBoomer compares the film to Star Wars cash-grab, Solo - which tanked at the box office and on critical platforms: Prediction: Terminator: Dark Fate will bomb harder than Solo. pic.twitter.com/ZUQbwEQVZh — Aged Boomer (@AgedBoomer) October 29, 2019 While others simply wanted to see the series end after the original films, directed by James Cameron - who nonetheless has writing and production credits in Dark Fate. My feelings on the endless #Terminator sequels are the same as the post-Verbinski #PiratesOfTheCaribbean movies: just let it go! Judgement Day ended the story Cameron was telling and you're all beating a dead horse since. pic.twitter.com/iP7L7I3bk2 — NTNBC (@NTNBC) October 28, 2019 Fortunately though, it seems that the new film has stirred up a whole lotta' nostalgia, all while hitting the right notes for many longtime fans. Hooray!! It doesn't suck!! :-) There's a lot to process, and (unsurprisingly) there are some really implausible bits, but I liked it. They made some bold choices, and I'm glad they were willing to do so. More to say than I can fit in a tweet. Seeing it again tomorrow. #Terminator — Datan0de (@Datan0de) November 1, 2019 Interesting take on the Cyberdyne 101. Certainly the best #Terminator movie since #T2 the initiated will recognize inspirations from comics #TerminatorDarkFate pic.twitter.com/FH7QkJqp8S — CJ (@Short4Court) November 1, 2019 What do you think - should T-800 stay, or take a one-way trip to the Hollywood franchise graveyard? Let us know in the comments. View the full article
  4. Considered to be one of the greatest talents to have ever placed his foot inside the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) ring, Phillip Jack Brooks aka CM Punk made a comeback to pro wrestling five years later since bidding adieu to the business in 2014. However, it was the way in which the former ECW superstar made his comeback to the sport that was unexpected. While a lot of his fans had hoped for the 'Straight-Edge' wrestler's return to wrestling with WWE, Punk decided to make it a smaller affair. To get you on pace with the story, in an MKE Wrestling event called 'The Last Knight' on Friday, a masked man interfered with one of the fights of the evening and hit one of the wrestlers with CM Punk's signature move, the 'Go To Sleep' or the GTS, kneeing him in the head. CM Punk Returned to pro wrestling and this was his big return 𤣠wow ð® CM Punk! CM Punk! #wwe #aew #cmpunk pic.twitter.com/DQc6fR1IvY — Mr. Extra™ï¸ (@WWEMrExtra) April 21, 2019 What made the fans believe that the mystery man want indeed CM Punk was the hoodie he was wearing at the time of the “assault” because earlier in the day, Punk was seen wearing a similar hoodie while attending a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament in the neighbourhood. While the star has neither confirmed nor denied the theory, Wrestling Inc., a well-renowned wrestling news site has shown credibility to it. According to the site, plans were made for Punk to take off his mask after the attack but the star apparently decided otherwise at the last moment. After the self-proclaimed “best in the world” had left Vince McMahon's company in pursuit of a career in MMA he had said that if he were to return to pro wrestling, it would not be on a big stage like WWE of Japan's Ring of Honor (RoH) but a smaller more localised organization. CM Punk is the kind of guy who has the charisma of a champion and a fan following big enough to make any wrestling show draw in major sponsors and make it a big hit. If he is indeed back to the wrestling business, all of us are in for a treat.
  5. No matter how many times one would be assured of 'The Undertaker' finally retiring from World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), they would continue to be shocked and stand corrected by Mark Calaway, the man behind the legend of 'the American Badass'. In fact, they would be rather elated about being wrong. The last time speculations of the enigma saying his final goodbye to the business arose, Calaway was a year younger but his body had begun to react to the decades of punishment and struggles he had put himself through. Concussions, broken bones and getting blacked out in a WrestleMania brawl against Brock Lesnar a couple of years ago, it felt like we were in for the end of a wonderful era. In a documentary named 'True Wrestling', Taker spoke about how he gave every bit of his life to wrestling and the story-telling that went with it. “You know, at the tail-end now, I really have to put everything into perspective, and what damage I'm doing at this point, to myself, and my life after wrestling,” he had said. The 35th WrestleMania may have been the first in at least a decade and a half that no talks of the 'Devil's favourite son' happened and people seemed to have made peace with the fact that they would not be seeing the legend anymore. Not as an active wrestler, at least. But the Raw after the biggest night in wrestling, saw something literally nobody had expected. In a routine Monday night promo, Elias was found centre stage, going on about how John Cena's return to the company as the 'Doctor of Thuganomics' had interrupted his WrestleMania 35 moment and how the next WWE superstar to intrude his performance is a 'Deadman'. Sending chills down the spines of everyone present in the arena and watching at home, the iconic and eerie gong rings with smoke covering the floors and a blue light overshadowing the ecstatic WWE Universe. 'The Undertaker' is back. The #Undertaker is here and has NO problem interrupting @IAmEliasWWE on #Raw. NONE. #RAWAfterMania pic.twitter.com/FVjz5iDlwY — WWE (@WWE) April 9, 2019 As he took off his trenchcoat, you could see that the Phenom was putting in hours in the gym as he looked in a shape a lot better than he was last year. Slimmer, with a little more defined chest, Taker was able to put a big boot across Elias followed by a Chokeslam and finally a Tombstone Piledriver. Returning to the ring after nearly a year, Calaway cause a social media outrage, with people unable to hold back on their emotions: The best the Undertaker has looked in years!!! #WWE #RAW pic.twitter.com/otxrP6G8xs — Get The Tables (@GetDaTables) April 9, 2019 Every single time i see undertaker. #RAW pic.twitter.com/9nnU86rCUn — Jayð» (@Teamswish03) April 9, 2019 There will never be another entrance that is as mesmerizing, spine chilling, and surreal as the Undertaker. No matter how many years it's been, you can't help but get the goosebumps hearing the gong. #RAWafterMANIA #RAW pic.twitter.com/jwshfHzmwR — Golden Maharaja ™ (@KingNj90) April 9, 2019 #RAWAfterMania Elias: The next person who interrupts me is a dead man! *Undertaker's bell tolls* Elias: pic.twitter.com/LPCQCSyXHa — Lector the Cavalier ð¡ (@LectorTheCav) April 9, 2019 “Next person to interrupt me is a deadman” Undertaker: Hold my drink pic.twitter.com/oXXMGLgwTf — Noelle Foley (@NoelleFoley) April 9, 2019 GOOSEBUMPS. #Undertaker #RAWAfterMania #RAW pic.twitter.com/XGgIhwKfkr — WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) April 9, 2019
  6. Football is among the most unpredictable sports of all time, as sometimes, even the best teams tend to fail miserably. Once in a while, every team goes through a state of drought but the most important part is how they bounce-back. Real Madrid, arguably being the best club of all time, have been having a rough past few months. Being ousted from the league title run by Barcelona and later being kicked out from the UEFA Champions Cup by the young Ajax club, it has really gone from bad to worse for Los Blancos. Fortunately, the fans can now take a sigh of relief as their beloved Zizoue, aka Zinedine Zidane, has reclaimed his throne after being on a break for almost ten months. © Reuters Leaving Real in May, after winning his third consecutive UCL title, the Frenchman went on a break, but seeing his side face their worst times, he has been appointed once again to replace Santiago Solari to take over the club's command till 30 June 2022. This came a week after Real lost to Ajax 1-4 in the round of 16 (UCL) despite being 2-1 up in the first leg. Trying all they could, this was the best and the only option they had. Despite returning less than a year after he left the club, Zidane will face a rebuilding job at Real Madrid. There would be many things he will have to look forward to, starting off with finding an apt replacement for Cristiano Ronaldo, who left last summer. Another thing would be Gareth Bale's future at the club, as the Walish star has not been able to own up to his standards and also is being booed by the club fans at the same time. © Reuters But this is not all, making way for Zizoue has not been a cake-walk for president Florentino Perez as he had to agree with all the conditions kept forward by the former French-midfielder before returning to the club. We all know that Zidane left Real Madrid because of his differences with Perez, and now that he is back, he has an upper hand at making Real great again. Here are the conditions kept forward by the 2006 World Cup winner, according to Marca: 1) Total control over the team 2) Sell the players he does not want 3) Marcelo & Isco are not for sale 4) Neymar will not be bought 5) James doesn't return 6) Try to sign Mbappé The Frenchman has also tickled the speculations of Portuguese megastar Cristiano Ronaldo possibly making a comeback to Los Blancos in the press conference yesterday when he said, “Let's see what happens next year…”. Fans of the club have been taking to Twitter to show their love for the football legend's decision to finally return to the team: Welcome back, Zidane.#HalaMadrid | #RealMadrid pic.twitter.com/ZEyyELhQzt — Real Madrid C.F. ð¬ð§ðºð¸ (@realmadriden) March 11, 2019 AND FINALLY ZIDANE IS BACK.. pic.twitter.com/K2KSnXHssT — Aabish MADRIDISTA (@AabishPaudel2) March 11, 2019 When think about next season now that's ZIDANE IS BACK.#TIMETOBEATBARCA 5:0 ALSO pic.twitter.com/KqpDDQfzvv — ||^16 savage^|| (@nqobile_16SavaG) March 12, 2019 He is back Home sweet home #Zidane pic.twitter.com/YPClQcd3mX — Rudy182 (@Rudy1824) March 12, 2019 Nobody: Zidane returns as Real Madrid manager. Me: pic.twitter.com/Je14HJKGfv — shidi (@shidifour) March 11, 2019 I just love Zidane, okay? #FFIX #NintendoSwitch pic.twitter.com/8tycZuq8r5 — Nissa (@ripsaw_unicorn) March 12, 2019 Now with Zidane back to take charge, let's hope Real Madrid can come back stronger next season and show their true self to the world.
  7. It feels like cricketer-turned-sledger Virender Sehwag has taken over the job of rubbing every loss Team Australia incurs in their faces. What started out as a skit based on the 'Babysitter banter' between the Indian wicketkeeper Rishabh Pant and Aussie Test Captain Tim Paine during India's tour Down Under, converted into a full-fledged promo for the ongoing T20I and ODI series going on between the two cricketing titans. Acting as the babysitter to infants who enter the dressing room wearing the Australian kit, Sehwag challenged Aaron Finch and team in the most unique manner. 'We will babysit every single member of the Australian cricket team', said the former opener. The promo was on point, it was hilarious and garnered a lot of attention on social media. There was just a slight problem with it. Expecting to continue with the winning streak after India destroyed the Aussies on their soil a month ago, India went head to head with them in the two-match T20I series and were absolutely dominated in both bowling and batting during the same. Cricketing legend Matthew Hayden had warned the Men in Blue to not take his side lightly and calmly reminded Sehwag (and the rest of the world) that they were the reigning World Champions. #BeWarned Never take Aussie's for a joke Viru Boy @virendersehwag @StarSportsIndia Just remember who's baby sitting the #WorldCup trophy https://t.co/yRUtJVu3XJ — Matthew Hayden AM (@HaydosTweets) February 11, 2019 However, we underestimated them and faced the harsh consequences. This led to another Sehwag promo in which he literally begged to presumably Virat Kohli's men to make a comeback during the five-match ODI series. Thankfully, the Indian cricket team as a whole found their form and have won both the ODIs (although not too comfortably) thanks to the heroic 141-run partnership shared between MS Dhoni and Kedar Jadhav in the first and Virat Kohli's 116-runs innings in the second. As expected, Sehwag is back at it, talking about the brilliance of the Indian batting order during the last two games in a new promo. “He's asking me how to dismiss the Indian batsmen,” a visibly happy Sehwag says while holding a baby Aussie. “Oye! Why should I tell you?” The thing is, a pattern has occurred between these promos (that are hilarious, by the way) and the winning and losing of Team India. Every time Viru has called out the Aussies, they have replied with a great performance and Kohli's guys have lost. We just hope that Sehwag has not jinxed the winning streak and that the pattern breaks this time as Team India (leading 2-0) will be playing to win the ODI series, during the third match in Ranchi.
  8. On Thursday, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan announced that his government will release captured Indian Air Force (IAF) pilot, Abhinandan Varthaman today as a 'gesture of peace'. Since then, the nation's happiness and excitement knew no bounds as people from across the country geared up, like one big family, to welcome their hero. © Facebook Reportedly, the convoy of vehicles carrying Varthaman reached the Attari Wagah Border late afternoon, from where he was handed over to India moments ago as he crossed the LoC. Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman was kept in the custody of the Pakistan Army since Wednesday, after his aircraft crashed on the other side of the LoC, during aerial combat between Indian and Pakistani fighter planes. © Twitter When the news of Varthaman's captivity made headlines, the nation had only one prayer on their lips, 'Bring Back Abhinandan'. Furthermore, the hashtags #SayNoToWar and the happiness in both the countries over the release of Varthaman, prove that both people across the border stand united for peace and against war. Pakistan: Visuals from Wagah in Lahore; IAF Wing Commander #AbhinandanVarthaman will soon be handed over to the Indian Air Force at Attari-Wagah border pic.twitter.com/xEPghVgNzi — ANI (@ANI) March 1, 2019 In fact, earlier today, in a truly heartwarming gesture, Varthaman's parents were given a standing ovation by the passengers as they deboarded the flight in Delhi. While expressing his gratitude to Varthaman, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said every Indian is proud of him. Now that the nation's hero is back, people can't stop rejoicing and the insane crowd at Wagah Border cheering for him and his return reiterates the same. Bravest of brave Wing Commander Abhinandan return backs to India ð®ð³ pic.twitter.com/vHqjLaVy8W — Shubhi (@shubh_i_am_87) March 1, 2019 Welcome back Abhinandan sir the entire nation is proud of your selflessness and bravery ! We salute you ðð Jai Hind!ð®ð³ð®ð³#WelcomeHomeAbhinandan pic.twitter.com/cMOm69uf7p — Ritesh Pandeyð (@RiteshPandeys) March 1, 2019 Finally pahunch gaye. Jai Hind.ð®ð³ ð #Abhinandan #AbhinandanVarthaman #WelcomeHomeAbhinandan pic.twitter.com/0SPfT2uO6D — Goutam Kunal (@goutamkunal) March 1, 2019 Welcoming home a true fighter, Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman. — Ajay Devgn (@ajaydevgn) March 1, 2019 Welcome back #Abhinandan ...a true war hero! And pathetic propaganda attempts by Pakistan - again. They keep doing it, and some people in India, and indeed around the world, keep falling for it :( Hope folks in India and other countries get a little wiser after this episode. — Amit Paranjape (@aparanjape) March 1, 2019 #WelcomeHomeAbhinandan Salute To Abhinandan And Welcome To India pic.twitter.com/bHb1anMFm6 — Technical Hindustani (@TecHindustani) March 1, 2019
  9. On yesterday's Monday Night Raw, the whole WWE roster from both Raw and SmackDown showed up at the end of the show in order to celebrate the 70th birth anniversary of one of the all-time great wrestlers, the Nature Boy, Ric Flair. Flair's old buddies Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle and Sting came up to the stage with a massive cake just waiting for the man to come out of the curtains and initiate the celebrations with the thousands of his fans. When the Nature Boy refused to come out, everyone began to wonder what was going on. Suddenly, the jumbotron turned on and to everyone's surprise, it was 'The Animal', Batista standing in front of Flair's dressing room. Entering the room in a hurry, Batista dragged out a red-faced Nature Boy by his suit angrily and dropped him on the floor before calling out Triple H. WHAT THE?? Batista has appeared and attacked @RicFlairNatrBoy in a demand for @TripleH's attention on #Raw! @DaveBautista pic.twitter.com/NKzISy4fJ3 — WWE (@WWE) February 26, 2019 “Hey Hunter… Do I have your attention now?” he called out Triple H. While not much was said about the attack, speculations of a brawl between Triple H and Batista on Wrestlemania 35 have been making headlines ever since SmackDown's 1000th Episode celebration. Yesterday's episode of RAW was one of the better shows put on by the WWE in the recent years. Earlier on as well, Samoan wrestler Roman Reigns returned to the ring after four months of absence as he was fighting his 11-year-old leukemia. Reigns came home with some good news as he is now on remission and is officially cleared to wrestle as well. However, the return of Batista as a heel (wrestling term for a negative character) has taken the WWE Universe by surprise. Holy shit. Triple H vs Batista. Wrestlemania 35. New York. All. Fucking. Hail. — Max Gainz (@TheFrayMovement) February 26, 2019 Nobody: Me: when batista theme starts playing pic.twitter.com/53R63mKltG — Amy (@badlandsambrose) February 26, 2019 Dave Batista is a fashion icon, a multi time world champion, a box office smash, and he just murdered a 70 year old man. Top 2 wrestler all time — skuba steve (@JakesBadTweets) February 26, 2019 Hollywood Heel Dave Batista pic.twitter.com/4kamjm1Gon — ã°ï¸ (@BlackoutSR_) February 26, 2019 LMAOOOO Batista did this to Ric in the locker room pic.twitter.com/cl1EgIdCs3 — AJ ð (@avengethestomp) February 26, 2019 if this segment doesn't lead to HHH vs Batista at Wrestlemania.....pic.twitter.com/TZjGmgh4tS — ElementGames (@ElementGamesTV) February 26, 2019
  10. Australians have been known for their dedication, toughness and complete badassery when it comes to dealing with adversities. Having grown up in the most demanding of environments with their land infested with giant spiders and highly venomous snakes, Aussies have adapted themselves to stand strong amidst the biggest of challenges. This particular Australian cricket fan is the perfect example of all of the above. Very good for Jimmy Peirson who launched this ball into the crowd. Very bad for old mate, who got hit by said ball in the face... ð¤#BBL08 | @weet_bix pic.twitter.com/IXmDfeHBFj — KFC Big Bash League (@BBL) January 29, 2019 Watch as the Brisbane Heat wicket-keeper batsman Jimmy Peirson sent one flying over the mid on off an easy ball delivered by the Hobart Hurricanes pacer James Faulkner in the 17th over in the ongoing Australian Big Bash League. What initially looked like a shot not long enough to cross the boundary, sailed over the mid-wicket and went straight for a fan's head. The guy looked enthusiastic enough to try and catch the ball without realising how fast it was coming in, consequently hitting him on the left side of his forehead. If you have ever had a leather ball darting towards your head and making contact, you would empathise with the poor chap who was instantly taken to the emergency room to check for concussions. Fortunately, the Aussie did not get a severe injury, as he returned to his seat a few minutes later with an ice pack and probably the best ad hoc aide in a cold can of beer. Thankfully, his failed attempt to catch the ball wasn't a complete failure as it reduced the effect of the impact on his head. He's back! Guy who got hit by six has returned, complete with an ice pack and refreshing beverage. What a trooper #BBL08 pic.twitter.com/cO4tHRP7uW — KFC Big Bash League (@BBL) January 29, 2019 With the Indian Premier League still a couple of months away, the Cricket Australia club league is a good substitute for action-packed cricketing entertainment, which has been full of uncanny incidences like Aston Turner (Perth Scorchers) granted with a maximum for hitting the roof of the Docklands Stadium in Melbourne. The Docklands roof has been hit for the first time in #BBL08! A @KFCAustralia 'Bucket Moment' and one that amused @RenegadesBBL veteran Cam White ðpic.twitter.com/88Ck9wC6vG — KFC Big Bash League (@BBL) December 20, 2018
  11. Nawaz speaks to reporters in London before leaving for Pakistan on Sep 9, 2007. Photo: Reuters/FileWith all eyes on Nawaz Sharif's planned return to Pakistan today, this is not the first time the thrice-elected prime minister is making a comeback...
  12. Traffic jams are expected on July 13 as Nawaz Sharif and Maryam return to Pakistan-Photo: FileLAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif and daughter, Maryam, have said to return to Lahore on Friday from London, after the two were...
  13. Cardinal Joseph Coutts of Karachi arrives during the consistory lead by Pope Francis for the creation of fourteen new cardinals at St Peter's Basilica in the Vatican, June 28, 2018. Photo: AFPKARACHI: Cardinal Joseph Coutts, Pakistan?s second...
  14. England´s forward Harry Kane (R) drives a ball past England´s forward Raheem Sterling. Photo: AFPSAMARA: England coach Gareth Southgate named an unchanged side for Saturday´s World Cup quarter-final against Sweden following their penalty...
  15. Nearly a decade after his death, Michael Jackson is out with new music in a guest appearance on the keenly awaited new album by Drake. Photo: File NEW YORK: Nearly a decade after his death, Michael Jackson is out with new music in a guest...
  16. File photo of a child being administered polio drops. Photo: ReutersAn outbreak of polio has been confirmed in Papua New Guinea, the World Health Organization and the government said, with the virus detected in a child 18 years after the Pacific...
  17. President Mamnoon Hussain. Photo: FileDUSHANBE: President Mamnoon Hussain on Thursday returned to Pakistan after conclusion of his four-day official visit to Tajikistan.The President was seen off at the Dushambe Airport by Deputy Prime Minister of...
  18. ?The return of serving Afghan National Army and Afghan Border Police soldiers is on humanitarian grounds as good will gesture," says ISPR.RAWALPINDI: FC Balochistan on Wednesday returned back two soldiers to Afghanistan who were earlier arrested...
  19. Photo: Patty Jenkin's TwitterChris Pine?s character Steve Trevor will be making a comeback in Wonder Woman.Director Patty Jenkins announced Pine's comeback as she shared a picture of the actor on social media.Pine's character Trevor was blown up...
  20. Fast bowler Dale Steyn is three wickets short of becoming his country´s most prolific wicket-taker in Tests. Photo: AFP CAPE TOWN: Fast bowler Dale Steyn has been recalled to South Africa´s Test squad for the two-match tour of Sri Lanka next...
  21. Social activist Gul Bukhari. Photo: FacebookLAHORE: Social activist Gul Bukhari returned home later Tuesday night after she went missing for several hours in Lahore, police told Geo News.Bukhari, who is also a political analyst, was on her way to a...
  22. Celebrity chef Mario Batali talks during an interview with Reuters at his latest restaurant, Del Posto, in New York, US, April 11, 2006. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid/Files NEW YORK: Allegations of sexual assault against US celebrity chef Mario Batali...
  23. Joe Root. Photo: File LONDON: Joe Root believes a year in the captaincy has given him the experience he needs to move up the England batting order to the pivotal number three position for the two-test series against Pakistan beginning on...
  24. On April 7, Colonel Joseph Emanuel Hall ran a red light and rammed into a motorcycle killing a Pakistani civilian. Photo: Geo NewsISLAMABAD: United Airforce C130 airplane at Nur Khan Airbase Rawalpindi on Saturday to carry Military Attache Col...
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