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Found 44 results

  1. 'I have signed up to do that cinema, and if people don't like it, it's fine,' said John Abraham
  2. The day has come! In the fourth installment of the MonsterVerse by Legendary Entertainment and Warner Bros. Pictures, Godzilla vs. Kong is finally out in Indian theatres today. And the reviews, both from critics and the audience who grabbed the seats for today’s shows, have got me super excited to catch the movie myself! The movie, which was supposed to release in November last year but had been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, centers around two giant monsters, King Kong and Godzilla, and their battle for dominance. It also introduces Mechagodzilla to the MonsterVerse, which a lot of people were pretty hyped about! Here are some promising reviews that explain why, exactly, I’ll be heading to my local movie hall as soon as the weekend's here. Godzilla vs kong is a complete blast ..Pure mad stuff with insane action scenes .. Director sticked to the core story with less runtime unlike it's prequels..Watch it on the biggest screen possible .. Highly recommended for theatrical experience VISUAL FEAST#GodzillaVsKong 3.5/5 pic.twitter.com/biJB7IAJVO — Detective (@cheeku4042) March 24, 2021#GodzillaVsKong is a cinematic power at its best. All hail to Adam Wingard. it was shaking your nerve when you see both of them roaring your shit. Hail to the craziest duel of this year, SUPER & AMAZING!!! a theatrically deserved! will watch it again & cinemas soon! — rivki morais umagapi ️🏻 (@Rivki_Mogi) March 24, 2021Godzilla Vs Kong was superb. The fight scenes were really good. Only the small girl carried the emotional aspect. The rest, not so much. Film score, it's ok but I really wanted Bear McCreary again. It is what it is. All around, amazing film and definitely worth it. Team Zilla! — Muhammad Amin (@Ismaski) March 24, 2021People seem to agree that no matter what team you’re on, you’re going to leave the movie feeling satisfied. Bruh #GodzillavsKong was so epic 9,5/10. Whatever team you're on, you'll be so damn satisfied with the fight scenes. But still. #TeamKong pic.twitter.com/WPJHKzMMJm — DBoiAssociateProducerZSJL2021 (@daffa_alatas_31) March 24, 2021 Still, some can’t help but be biased. Early review #GodzillaVsKong Really a good one. In my opinion KONG is real king. KONG BOWS TO NO ONE ️ — Urstruly Black Man (@UrstrulyBlack) March 24, 2021And considering I'm all so humble, courteous and kind I will not spoil Godzilla vs Kong No spoiling needed cause we all know Godzilla's gonna beam that monkey straight back to Skull Island — Ceph🦉Rend #MHRise (@ceph0rend) March 24, 2021And apparently there was even a tribute that’ll blast you back to the past! Just finished the movie. Trust me when i say they actually made a tribute to this scene wtff #GodzillaVsKong pic.twitter.com/YYVaAkSyR1 — Karthik (@karthik_rus) March 24, 2021 If you still need convincing, here are some more people singing its praises. I was screaming like a fucking child for the last 30min of the Godzilla vs Kong movie.The movie was a fucking masterpiece mate!!! Bravo Adam!! #GodzillaVsKong — Bhuvan (@Bhuvan6_9) March 24, 2021#GodzillaVsKong - Blockbuster stuff ! Felt like Vijay and Ajith in a single movie !! . — Prashanth Rangaswamy (@itisprashanth) March 24, 2021#GodzillavsKong: FAN - TASTIC !!! Whatttan outstanding face off !! Kong & Godzilla.. Stunts and BGM out of the park! Not even a single scene lag! Excellent VFX & Editing... A Must watch! — A2 Studio (@a2studoffl) March 24, 2021Well, consider me hyped! Despite being unfortunate enough to have caught some of the spoilers, I’m looking forward to watching what seems like an extraordinary visual treat on the big screen. Have you watched Godzilla vs. Kong already? Tell us your thoughts in the comments! View the full article
  3. It’s out! The day we were all waiting for is here and the Snyder Cut for Justice League is finally out. In India, the movie became available at 12:30 pm today. Even the numerous leaks couldn’t spoil the hype surrounding the movie as fans finally got what they’d been asking for all this while. The time is now. Zack Snyder's Justice League is now streaming. Enjoy. #SnyderCut — Zack Snyder's Justice League (@snydercut) March 18, 2021 People were so excited… that they actually crashed HBO Max servers. Hi everyone, we are working hard to restore the service! Sorry to keep you waiting but thank you for your patience! — HBO Asia (@HBOAsia) March 18, 2021The #SnyderCut played for like the first 20-30 minutes then HBO Go decided to crash again. Hoping to continue it within the day.#ZackSnydersJusticeLeague pic.twitter.com/HiTh4BRisf — I'm Nobody Too (@GabbsPitargue) March 18, 2021I know DC Universe is dark but i didn't expecting it to be this dark. #SnyderCut pic.twitter.com/LepL0kdXjk — Hari Saputra (@hr_sptr) March 18, 2021 Fans in India were having trouble too. Error show when click on movie pic.twitter.com/V8qWLf38Ua — Parth (@Parth7055) March 18, 2021#SnyderCut @BmsStream @bookmyshow in India crashed. pic.twitter.com/DAtwktJ7c1 — Kishore Gangadharan (@kishore_gangadh) March 18, 2021Justice League On Justice League On HBO Max 4K Bookmyshow HD pic.twitter.com/qPGupLrsrv — Sahil Shah 🇮🇳 (@SahilBulla) March 18, 2021 But finally people were able to begin watching. Finally out in 4K on iTunes India !!!! Screw crashes And now my watch begins!!!! 🏼 #SnyderCut — Kayniac (@KayneIvor) March 18, 2021 And the wait was worth it, it seems! (Warning: Spoilers lie ahead of this point!) Every second of the movie is wow it was a next level experience watching a staright 4hrs movie and was worth it #SnyderCut pic.twitter.com/eJdNLwH3oI — Subhajit Bose (@Subhaji84676636) March 18, 2021“Daughters of Themyscira show them your fear" “WE HAVE NO FEAR"#SnyderCut pic.twitter.com/SvL9QJeiO4 — Kunmi (@Kumzyyyy) March 18, 2021The Themyscira sequence 🤯#SnyderCut pic.twitter.com/1HD1OcfinO — Michael (@bashful_michael) March 18, 2021I loved Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Cried a little in that ending scene, but I hope to see more of the Destroyer of Worlds and the Anti-Life Equation. #ZackSnydersJusticeLeague #SnyderCut pic.twitter.com/rR78uNI8VD — Jerry✝️🇲🇽 (@JustJxrry) March 18, 2021 Same dude… I have to be at work in 2hrs and I'm trying to pull myself away from this #SnyderCut film. Jesus this is good!!!!!#JusticeLeagueSnyderCut #dccomics #Batman #Superman #WonderWoman #Flash #Aquaman #Cyborg #darkseid — TheMainManEarl (@earldarealdeal) March 18, 2021 People were especially loving the visuals. The thing that really impressed me about the Snyder cut was the way that with every punch that Batman lands you can almost see the biffs, pows, and zaps in little clouds around the villains. It's brutal. https://t.co/HQUMiO6wYW — Daniel Carpenter (@DanCarpenter85) March 18, 2021 Some were disappointed, since the movie has a 4:3 aspect ratio. #SnyderCut streaming Expectation Reality pic.twitter.com/MXZqknOhSk — igdceu #SnyderCut (@igdceu) March 18, 2021 And some were complaining about how long the whole thing is. Watching the Snyder Cut. I’m not built to watch this 4 hour movie in one sitting. — Jon Snow️ (@The_MysteRee) March 18, 2021 But mostly people couldn’t understand one thing… Question I keep asking myself while watching #SnyderCut.... “WHY WAS THIS CUT?!!” pic.twitter.com/w9NSu8Qdzn — Bill (@TooThugBill) March 18, 2021 Of course, the comparisons began soon enough! they cut THAT Wonder Woman scene? what the ****.. are they mental #SnyderCut pic.twitter.com/SjzTLdmP3x — 𝗣𝗢𝗢𝗟 (@deadpoolismax4) March 18, 202130 minutes in and let me tell you, Joss Whedon ain't shit for how he treated Wonder Woman and the Amazons in his version. #SnyderCut #JusticeLeagueSnyderCut — Spooky Bruce (@MrSpookyBruce) March 18, 2021#SnyderCut It's absolutely insane how dirty they did Cyborg in the theatrical cut. No wonder Ray was so mad. They cut out everything that makes Cyborg an actual person. It's so nice to finally see his backstory. — Max Hyde (@MaxHydeInPlace) March 18, 2021Y'all really released this butchered ass movie and told us to deal with it. Meanwhile, Snyder Cut is delivering all the context we needed and WOW!!!! pic.twitter.com/YzVLlmmcUz — S T E R L I N G (@SterlingKArt) March 18, 2021Steepenwolf's armor looks cooler and serves an actual purpose, unlike the stupid, cartoony Whedon version.#SnyderCut — George Kelly (@GreenEyedBeard) March 18, 2021 Some people converted. Sorry #JossWhedon You lost me.#SnyderCut pic.twitter.com/VfPWFf4i0V — SuperheroPOLL! #SnyderCut (@SuperheroPOLL) March 18, 2021 Marvel stans weighed in too. Now that I said that how do I watch it in the UK 🤣 — Brown Panther (@Brown_Panther_) March 18, 2021These axe wielding comic book gods really can’t seem to aim for the head #SnyderCut pic.twitter.com/Kd6utSs8jW — Ian Hardman (@IanHHardman) March 18, 2021 Naturally, people are now demanding a sequel. #SnyderCut After watching that all I want is Justice League II pic.twitter.com/kkfrAlHosB — ❁ (@smokingroze) March 18, 2021Something I never thought I needed in my life: cute scenes of Alfred bonding with Diana and giving her tips on proper tea-making. Now I want more. #SnyderCut #RestoreTheSnyderVerse — Carlo (@mentosexplosion) March 18, 2021Justice league snyder cut is the ultimate DC superhero movie!!! So many epic moments. 100x better than 2017 version. Haven't watched something so passionately crafted in recent memory♥️ More pls!!! @hbomax @wbpictures @ZackSnyder #ZackSnydersJusticeLeague #RestoreTheSnyderVerse — DracoSura (@DracoSura) March 18, 2021 One thing’s for sure, no one’s forgetting this release for quiiiiite a while. #SnyderCut pic.twitter.com/qiemCX08tu — Joshua (@JoshuaSky143) March 18, 2021Based on all the reviews (and the unfortunate spoilers), I can’t wait until I get to watch it already. If you’re still wondering where to watch it, you can currently buy or rent it on BookMyShow Stream, Apple TV, Hungama Play, Google Play, watch it on the Tata Sky app, or wait for it to be available on Tata Sky Showcase tomorrow. Have you watched the Snyder Cut yet? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below! View the full article
  4. The makers of Stree have reunited to rekindle the magic of the cinema with their film, Roohi. The movie tells the story of a witch, Roohi (Janhvi Kapoor) who abducts brides on their honeymoon. Veer (Rajkummar Rao) and Raj (Varun Sharma) take up the responsibility to save their village from the wrath of Roohi whose wish is to get married once. It is after almost a year that theatres are returning back to normalcy and Roohi is one of the first big projects to hit the screens. People, who have seen the movie, have already started putting out their reviews on Twitter. While some people loved the movie, some said it didn’t fulfill their expectations and was completely a waste of time. Here are the reactions: One word review for #Roohi movie EXCELLENT Thank you @RajkummarRao @varunsharma90 @MaddockFilms for this amazing gift after covid pandemic — Me (@kallu_meena) March 11, 2021#Roohi #RoohiReview I watched it FDFS. Despite all its flaws and ambiguous ideas, Roohi is still an entertaining film. This is an experimental comedy, that creates an eerie atmosphere and it manages to be funny and scary at the same time — Huhu (@RanveeerKapoor) March 11, 2021#Roohi review Star :- Perfect Movie for re-start of Theatre business, on point performance by #JhanviKapoor and RKR Varun. Amazing laughter and nail biting horror. Go watch it Mard Ko Dard Hoga. pic.twitter.com/euA8l4SBF5 — Aman Rao (@_amanrao) March 11, 2021Expectatiin from #roohi movie During after Trailer release pic.twitter.com/LMsiYbhnhl — Cutting Chai (@specialcutchai) March 11, 2021#Janhvikapoor #VarunSharma #Roohi pic.twitter.com/WOTmqfRyJQ — Musthuk (@Musthuk2) March 11, 2021What a 3rd Class Film #Roohi is!!! I am having severe Headache & feeling very low right now . I Can't understand that how a Film Makers can make such type of crap film ,believe me ..even their family members are not going to watch such films. 0. D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R. — Shiva Satyam (@AsliShiva) March 11, 2021Watched #Roohi with audience at #StarworldCinemas Prayagraj...just loved the special effects, the sound dubbing of the film #RajkumarRao #Jhanvi #VarunSharma all have done fab job in the film..this horror comedy movie is a must watch for one n all...#backtocinemas@MaddockFilms — Ashutosh Agarwal (@Ashua1979) March 11, 2021A lot of people are also saying that Janhvi has delivered a powerful performance in portraying the character of Roohi. #Roohi NOT A SINGLE BAD REVIEW FOR JANHVI'S PERFORMANCE YET 🧿 | #Roohi #JanhviKapoor | pic.twitter.com/C2RKAuAkp0 — Gourav (@Gourav91958367) March 11, 2021Show some love to our girl #JanhviKapoor who has played a double role with two extreme personalities so early in her career️ #Roohi she has worked so hard !! pic.twitter.com/gVfivmzVhN — JanhviKapoor (@janhvikapoor_6) March 11, 2021#Roohi is a great movie.. Must watch #Janhvikapoor is amazing — Prachit Goyal (@GoyalPrachit) March 11, 2021Janhvi doesn’t miss a beat. She delivers the chills with as much ease while playing Afza as she does as the timid Roohi.#Roohi Happy to see the appreciation he's getting#JanhviKapoor — Brokenpaws (@Brokenpaws_1) March 11, 2021In one of the interviews regarding the film, Janhvi had said, “I know what the film is saying, but what is said in the trailer is quite the opposite. I don’t want to give too much away, but it definitely is a statement on self-sustenance and the notion of needing a spouse. In India, there is a belief that a woman needs to get married and that’s her entire goal. We are a very progressive nation but there are still a lot of places in India where that belief prevails. We’re alluding to that stigma.” Stating the difference between Stree and Roohi, Producer Dinesh Vijan of Maddock Films said in a statement, “We are all storytellers driven by our love for cinema in all its vibrant forms. While Stree was a genre-bending tale that gave audiences something never seen before, Roohi takes this vision a step further by offering the same brand of spine-chilling scares and quirky comedy. With a partner like Jio Studios that share our passion for the eponymous "bada parda", we hope Roohi rekindles the audience's long-standing romance with the silver screen. It is a film tailor-made to be viewed at your nearest theatre.” Have you watched the movie? How did you like it? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  5. Parineeti Chopra is back on the screen after a long gap in the remake of Paula Hawkins’ book The Girl on the Train. She chose to shed her bubbly girl image for director Ribhu Dasgupta’s psychological thriller. The movie is the story of Meera Kapoor (played by Chopra), a lawyer with a dark past and a broken marriage who begins to fixate on the perfect life of a couple she sees in their home while on her daily commute in a train. Here’s the trailer: In an interview with News18, she spoke about how happy she was that the makers thought she could play something bold. “I am glad that the makers thought I could do something different than what they have seen of me on screen. This doesn’t usually happen with actors because they have been seen in different roles. I wanted people to see a new side of me. I wanted to shock them,” said Parineeti. She added, “The reaction to the trailer is very encouraging. Now when people have started to call and tell us about their anticipation, it has started seeming very real. It’s almost scary in a good way. It feels like I am delivering a baby. I am that much invested in the character.” The movie is streaming on Netflix and the audience has started to share their reviews on social media. While some people loved Parineeti’s strong performance, some are confused about her performance. Bollywood se thodi hatke film.. Best acting by #ParineetiChopra out of five.#TheGirlOnTheTrain — मैं ईन्सान हुं। (@team_biggboss) February 27, 2021Loved it .. 🥰 and u looked very bold and beautiful @ParineetiChopra forever favourite #TheGirlOnTheTrain — Srishti Chaubey (@ChaubeySrishti) February 27, 2021Loving all these positive reviews! This is why Im so glad #TheGirlOnTheTrain released on #Netflix! Everyone got to witness @ParineetiChopra’s skills! There will always be some audience members and actors who don’t wanna acknowledge her. Oh well. You keep doing you Pari! — TGOTT Out on Netflix (@jxnnix10) February 27, 2021Do yourself a favor... pass on Parineeti Chopra’s #TheGirlOnTheTrain The director had one job... copy the original! 🤦🏻‍♀️ — 133na (@WeAreAll0kay) February 27, 2021Ridiculous and utter waste of time #TheGirlOnTheTrain.... Illogical and predictable suspense... @ParineetiChopra @aditiraohydari @IamKirtiKulhari — Shareq Inamdar (@itssrq) February 27, 2021Apart from Parineeti Chopra, the film also stars Aditi Rao Hydari and Avinash Tiwary in the lead roles. View the full article
  6. Top military officials also discussed Army's operational preparedness, regional security, Kashmir, and terrorism
  7. The singer thanks music producer Xulfi for bringing something new and unique to the table
  8. The singer thanks music producer Xulfi for bringing something new and unique to the table
  9. Starring Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Rajkummar Rao, and Adarsh Gourav, the Ramin Bahrani-directed film, The White Tiger, is based on Aravind Adiga’s Man Booker prize-winning novel by the same name. Priyanka and Rajkummar play the roles of a rich, US-returned married couple. They belong to an affluent business family of the city. Adarsh plays the role of their poor driver, Balram Halwai, and the story shows how he uses his intellect and wit to break away from the shackles of poverty. When the trailer was released, we were sure that it’s going to be a hard-hitting story that highlights the class divide in the Indian society. Here’s the trailer: And with the critics' reviews now out, we are really looking forward to January 22. Here are the first reviews: 1. Variety’s Owen Gilberman: “Bahrani is no feel-good fantasist. The White Tiger taps engagingly into the rags-to-riches, Horatio-Alger-on-the-Ganges mythology that made Slumdog Millionaire a global sensation, but the movie also recognizes the earlier film as a fairy tale, positioning itself in key ways as the anti-Slumdog.” © Netflix 2. The Hollywood Reporter’s David Rooney: “The sting of underclass payback doesn’t rival that of, say, Parasite, but the movie taps into the same simmering rage of the have-nots, shafted out of an unyielding system in a perilously unbalanced world. It could almost be considered the anti-Slumdog Millionaire.” 3. Entertainment Weekly’s Leah Greenblatt introduced Adrash as, “largely unknown actor whose soulful combination of sheer will and vulnerability should, in a just world, win him the kind of accolades that helped make Slumdog’s Dev Patel a star.” © Netflix 4. The Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw: “The White Tiger is a story of servitude, resentment, and love – and what its hero calls “the contented smile that comes to the lips of a servant who has done his duty by his master.” 5. Indiewire’s David Ehrlich: “Bahrani’s jagged sense of purpose and his street-level point-of-view allow him to attack this material with the same blunt force of Adiga’s book, and to suffuse it with the sights and sounds required to bring it all to life. Some are putrid, others intoxicating, but together they alchemize into a heady perfume of desperation that only wears off once the action slows down and shit gets real.” After going through these powerful reviews, we are sure that you all must be looking forward to its release as much as we are. View the full article
  10. Sindh govt and Federal govt discuss Karachi projects in Coordination Committee meeting
  11. WHO appreciates Pakistan's strategy to curb the spread of the coronavirus in meeting with Dr Faisal Sultan
  12. Jessica Alba bashes critics and haters, ?I don't actually think I've ever had a good review in my entire career?
  13. There are many Bollywood films that have pathetic storylines but still go on to become box office hits. Now, thatâs because some Bollywood celebrities hold a fan base that doesnât really care about the story of the film and will watch it just because their favorite actor is in the movie. Also, there are films that have a good story line and direction but the audience won't watch it and those films will go on to become box office failures. So, hereâs a list of Bollywood films that got bad reviews and still performed well at the box office. Ek Tha Tiger Salman Bhai has his own fan base and no matter what the film is about, his loyal fans will definitely watch the film. Ek Tha Tiger was one such film that didnât really get a good review and still performed well at the box office. This film went on to make Rs 320 crore worldwide and now you exactly know what we are talking about. Happy New Year We donât know why this film was even allowed to release. Yes, you read that right! This film was a torture to watch and the storyline didnât make any sense. But the film starred Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone, two major crowdpullers. So, maybe because of the star cast the below-average film went on to make Rs 377 crore worldwide. And we fail to understand the reason behind its success! Housefull 3 So, this film also made more than a whopping 100 crore at the box office. But if you remember the film, youâll know that it wasnât worth it. However, the multi-starrer film starred Akshay Kumar, Lisa Haydon, Nargis Fakri, Jacqueline Fernandez and Abhishek Bachchan. Even though the film didnât appeal to the audience that much, it made Rs 195 crore worldwide. Judwaa 2 The Varun Dhawan film is another one that was marketed as a family entertainer but went on to get bad reviews. The film performed well at the box office and made approximately Rs 207 crores. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo The audience was excited to see another Sooraj Barjatya directorial with Salman Khan and the expectations were high. However, the film with grandeur sets and a weird storyline failed to impress the audience. But still somehow managed to make Rs 400 crore. Yeah, well... Baaghi The film made Rs 126 crore and no one knows why. Also, the film still has an on-going franchise with below-average screenplay and storyline that fails to make any sense. But still, some people watch it and enjoy it. Son Of Sardaar The Ajay Devgn and Sonakshi Sinha film was a total mindf*ck and still managed to become a Rs 100 crore film. The film received negative reviews from the audience and the absurd storyline and drama only made it worse. Ready Here is another Salman Khan film that tortured the audiences but his fanbase still managed to make the film a box office blockbuster. The film made Rs 187 crore and even though the film made people laugh a little, the storyline definitely made many of us rethink our choice to watch it. View the full article
  14. Meghan Markle's 'Elephant' has received mixed reviews from critics as the Duchess of Sussex starred the sole narrator for the feature-length film.Meghan recorded the voiceover for Disney Plus documentary 'Elephant', which saw mixed reviews from critics.The filmmakers reportedly requested...
  15. DIY projects, new hobbies, makeup tutorials and homebrewed livestreams - feels like everyone is dabbling in something or the other to make up for their non-existent social lives, and home cooking is no exception. Thousands of accounts on social media have sprung up with users trying their best to relive the restaurant experience in their living rooms, but one eatery, in particular, seems intent on adding more spice and salt than the recipes originally asked for. Most of the fast-food chains we know and love have been incredibly supportive of fans trying to recreate everything from McDonald's burgers to Taco Bellâs Mexican delights - although Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) pulled a serious 180-degree handbrake turn and crash-landed right onto everyoneâs Twitter feeds - giving poor home cooks the 'Gordon Ramsay' treatment they never expected. Reply below your best homemade KFC with #RateMyKFC and Iâll score it out of 10. Disclaimer: Iâm more Ramsey than Berry. â KFC UK & Ireland (@KFC_UKI) April 6, 2020 They even give the efforts a score, although if most examples are to be judged by KFCâs standards, are pretty goddamn high. This is the saddest thing Iâve seen and Iâve watched the Futurama episode were the dog waits outside for Fry. 3/10. #RateMyKFC https://t.co/RGmSRgXliK â KFC UK & Ireland (@KFC_UKI) April 7, 2020 âExpired vegan mayoâ certainly wasnât a big hit with Colonel Sanders, no doubt. Carole cluckin' Baskin wouldn't even feed this to her tigers. 4/10. #RateMyKFC https://t.co/uXoVQ0Ji1K â KFC UK & Ireland (@KFC_UKI) April 7, 2020 This 4/10 near-failure mustâve been quite the disappointment - soon, onlookers began to kick the cooks while they were down. Carole cluckin' Baskin wouldn't even feed this to her tigers. 4/10. #RateMyKFC https://t.co/uXoVQ0Ji1K â KFC UK & Ireland (@KFC_UKI) April 7, 2020 All wasnât bad, though - seems like a few options did better than average, although on a closer look weâre beginning to doubt KFCâs culinary credentials. This is an absolute monstrosity. I feel ill looking at it, but by God I want it. 7.5/10. #RateMyKFC https://t.co/YqycnYzr1H â KFC UK & Ireland (@KFC_UKI) April 7, 2020 Still, quite a few took up the challenge in earnest, making thousands of followers hungrier by the second. As of yesterday, the leaderboard has been dominated by @blondiehaylz, whoâs crispy, golden-brown fried chicken earned her a stunning 9.5. So close yet so far.... Damn those 11 secret herbs and spices ð#ratemykfc @KFC_UKI https://t.co/W84DXiNfeH pic.twitter.com/12DGRSpnEq â hayley probert (@blondiehaylz) April 7, 2020 Close on her heels was runner-up @BlackBerryTina, whoâs bouquet of 8 chicken drumsticks is, from now on, my ideal Valentineâs Day gift - just sayinâ. Might make some kfc chicken later â Race card manufacturer (@BlackBerryTina) April 6, 2020 Think youâre up to giving it a try yourself? Fortunately, a dedicated fried chicken fan by the name of Dan Fell has spent the last 18 months searching for KFCâs elusive secret formula. After over a year of trying, heâs finally reached fried-chicken nirvana, claiming to have discovered a recipe as close as possible to the real thing. You wanted to know how to make #KFC at home. Hereâs my recipe which took me nearly 18 months to perfect. #thedarkKFC pic.twitter.com/gI12R3NDGD â Dan Fell ð­ðð» (@TheKidLewis) March 28, 2020 Dan revealed his recipe, which includes five cups of plain flour, four tablespoons of paprika, two tablespoons of white pepper and garlic powder, one tablespoon of ground ginger, mustard powder, celery salt and black pepper, half a tablespoon of oregano and thyme and one-third of a tablespoon of sea salt. Hope youâve got that notepad ready. Iâve cooked this a huge number of times, you get better each time. Is say my strike rate for âmate you really cannot tell the differenceâ is about 4 out of the last five times. Iâll take that â Dan Fell ð­ðð» (@TheKidLewis) March 28, 2020 Once the flour and seasonings are added together, he uses three parts of the mix to one part of self-raising flour, before giving the chicken an egg wash and rolling it in the seasoning before frying it in hot oil (162.5C, to be exact) for five to six minutes, popping it in a preheated 80C oven for batch cooking and then giving a final 90-second fry before serving. Sounds like a lot of work, but perhaps thatâs what it takes to get a perfect score from KFC. Just remember that if youâre trying - the judges really donât hold back. View the full article
  16. Special Assistant on National Health Services Dr Zafar Mirza briefs premier on coronavirus situation in the country
  17. Rajesh is back in a fresh new episode with a fresh new name 'One Way Talks' and this time he has Zain and Shubham from Honest Reviews to take his revenge and ask some of the most asked questions from them. Watch Now! View the full article
  18. "Bollywood can't do horror movies" - this is one of the biggest topics of discussion every time a Bollywood horror movie comes out and well, looks like this is going to be upheld for the time being as Vicky Kaushal's Bhoot â Part One: The Haunted Ship seems to have failed to impress people, oh well, except for the actor's fans, of course. While Vicky Kaushal is one of the top, most critically-acclaimed actor right now, apparently, he missed the mark with this one. Full props for experimenting with a new genre, though. View the full article
  19. Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor's Street Dancer 3D released today and I don't think I've ever seen such polarising reviews from people. People are either loving it completely or hating it, there's no in-between, and it's a very weird divide. Basically, almost every movie critic was left unimpressed with the movie and it's being called a boring dance reality show but in movie form. On the other hand, people on Twitter are giving the movie five stars and calling it a blockbuster. Honestly, even I'm confused about what is happening. The stark contrast in opinions is throwing me off. Irrelevant fact - Varun Dhawan's fans are called Varuniacs, do what you want with this useless information. Coming back to the reactions, here's what people who caught the morning shows of Street Dancer 3D are saying online. Hmm. Absolutely loved #StreetDancer3D super entertaining movie with stunning dance sequences.. My boy just nailed it @Varun_dvn i am so proud of you another blockbuster on your way BRB â ááªá·á´áᢠ(@TheSambitsamaI) January 24, 2020 That's generous. Filmein 3 cheezo ke damm pe chalti hai, entertainment Entertainment aur ENTERTAINMENT, & #StreetDancer3D is full of entertainment, terrific work by team, seeti maar dance sequence, full of swag and masti, Varun / Shraddha / Norah & PD increases GARMI 3.5*/5#StreetDancer3DReview pic.twitter.com/TnbjteFl7Z â Rohit Jaiswal (@rohitjswl01) January 24, 2020 Uff. .@Varun_dvn has hit the streets & how! My darling @ShraddhaKapoor uffff you have set new dance goals!! @remodsouza #StreetDancer3D is next level!! You all are killing it!! â Nushrat Bharucha (@NushratBharucha) January 24, 2020 Well, there's some criticism. #MovieReview: #StreetDancer3D This one offers enough entertainment for its target audience i.e Youth. Humour, Songs, Emotions & Dance Numbers are positives. Screenplay is decent while editing is strictly average. Film could have been shorter by 15 minutes. Rating: â­ï¸â­ï¸â­ï¸ pic.twitter.com/qtme0kCJnS â AAVISHKAR (@aavishhkar) January 24, 2020 Lots of emojis. #StreetDancer3D - Review Dekh ke maja aa gaya! @Varun_dvn and @ShraddhaKapoor you were just ! @remodsouza pic.twitter.com/kD4ddg6OSK â Anupama Raag (@anupamaraag1) January 24, 2020 Best bestest movie, apparently. Number Of #streetdancer3d Lover â¥ï¸â¥ï¸â¥ï¸@Varun_dvn â¥ï¸ Most Awaited Movie Ever ...And The Waiting was Worth ð¥ The Best Bestest Movie ever @Varun_dvn â¡ pic.twitter.com/0wcAEEKiYh â Oju.14 (@14_oju) January 24, 2020 Well. The reviews of #StreetDancer3D on Google is ð¤©ð¤©ð¤© My boy @Varun_dvn is slaying it pic.twitter.com/PU4KEOMS46 â ....Ë¢áµÂ³ (@_delusionalsoul) January 24, 2020 See why I'm so confused. #StreetDancer3D is a pure mess. Apart of well choreographed songs /dance, there's nothing to write home about. A lot of subplots but none established and organized well. It doesn't stirs our emotions. Nora is the only saving grace. Hackneyed tale told amateurishly! 1.5 /5. Skip! â Macro Bollywood (@MacroBollywood) January 24, 2020 Okay, back to praises. #StreetDancer3D is a complete Entertainer. Mind blowing Dances & Choreography. @Varun_dvn @ShraddhaKapoor and @Norafatehi are fantastic. Overall Enjoyable and Delightful. â­â­â­â­@remodsouza #StreetDancer3DReview #StreetDancer pic.twitter.com/h5V8iFbEq2 â RinaShah (@RinaaShah) January 24, 2020 There's a lot of back and forth. Expected a lot from #StreetDancer3D but disappointed, no solid script, actual dancers didn't get the scope to showcase their ability, thought @Varun_dvn will kill it, but that didn't happen, One word : Disappointing @remodsouza @Varun_dvn â Madhubanti Ghosh Sen (@MadhubantiSen) January 24, 2020 But, isn't almost every Bollywood movie a 'dancing movie'. #StreetDancer3D It Is A Revolution In Bollywood Dancing movies History Acting :4.8/5.0 Direction :4.7/5.0 Screenplay & Stroyline: 3.8/5.0 Songs & Visualization: 4.8 /5.0@Norafatehi & @ShraddhaKapoor just fire the floor@Aparshakti @ @Varun_dvn Apki Acting Rating: 4.8 â Malaya Mohanty (@Malaya83380007) January 24, 2020 Not exactly. Never in my wildest dream I would have thought that #StreetDancer3D will get 4 stars from so many critics.I was expecting reveiws more on the line of ABCD2.Looks like Remo has outdone himself & proven everyone wrong.Good for us. â I am NOT a boy (@ishab26) January 22, 2020 Okay then. Interval of #StreetDancer3D .... entertaining, youthful and most importantly it gives a hope of inclusive humanity. @Varun_dvn in top form and @ShraddhaKapoor is spectacular@remodsouza is back and how!! â Faridoon Shahryar (@iFaridoon) January 23, 2020 View the full article
  20. When the trailer of Good Newwz dropped, it was expected to be a funny story, spun around the idea of IVF and seems like it has met the audience's expectations. Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Kiara Advani, and Diljit Dosanjh have indeed managed to entertain audiences with a laugh riot. The story revolves around two couples with the same surname. Coincidentally, both the pairs attempt to conceive a child through IVF, but confusion ensues when the sperm of the two men get exchanged in the lab. Check out the trailer if you still haven't: Most of the viewers have loved the movie and are calling it a 'paisa vasool'. They also said that Akshay and Diljit's comic timing is something to look out for. Fans also added that they couldn't stop laughing throughout the movie and are calling it a super hit. #GoodNewwz is one of those rare films which has potential to make you laugh like mad, cry in next 15 minutes and then bring a smile on your face in very few moments. #GoodNewwzReview Magician @raj_a_mehta @akshaykumar @diljitdosanjh @advani_kiarahttps://t.co/5Y1sLlOOvw — Abhishek V Parihar (@BlogDrive) December 27, 2019 #GoodNews is thoroughly enjoying Perfect movie to end the year! Sureshot blockbuster! Save the tweet!#GoodNewwzReview — Vinay Prabhakarð®ð³ (@ProudIndianVP) December 27, 2019 BAAP OF MASSES ð¥ð¥ð¥ð¥ð¥ Theatre turned into stadium during @akshaykumar's Entry ð¥ð¥ð¥#GoodNewwz #GoodNewwzDay#GoodNewwzReview pic.twitter.com/4fhvAzz6Is — We Indians (@hod____) December 27, 2019 #GoodNewwzReview -: we r not planning to have a goodnews in my family bt after watching this movie I motivated nd planning to hv a gdnewzz in our life It's a family movie funny totally paisa vasool#GoodNewzzDay@AKFansGroup @KhiladiGroup1 @akshaykumar @advani_kiara pic.twitter.com/seAEbBYoL2 — AdItYA #HBD SPIKE (@akshays_devil) December 27, 2019 Comedy Movies that we could watch over n over again aren't being Produced these days.. But #GoodNewwz is an exception!! Hilarious!!!! #AkshayKumar #KareenaKapoorKhan #KiaraAdvani @diljitdosanjh iske baad to Kylie ka bhi Dil-Jit liya hai#GoodNewwzReview — RJ Shonali (@RjShonalii) December 27, 2019 This is a sure shot Blockbuster #GoodNewwz *A Family Entertainer * @akshaykumar comedy is of hera pheri level. * All songs are chartbusters * Screenplay and direction is Top class *Among top 3 movies of the decade A must watch â­â­â­â­â­ #GoodNewwzDay #GoodNewwzReview pic.twitter.com/M5aWqNFrXa — Ankit Anand (@iamankitanands) December 27, 2019 Watched #GoodNewwz Review: #EPIC_BLOCKBUSTER Rating:ðððð1/2 Full of Humour with Strong Emotion,Superb Script Writing & Screenplay is top notch. Akshay Sir's One of the Career Best Performance till date in this Genre. Kareena mam ð¥ð Diljit,Kiara have done fantastic act. pic.twitter.com/Z64idHPinJ — KUâð°R #45 (@Kumar45_) December 27, 2019 That said, there are a few people who were disappointed by the film. Bkwass movie hai #GoodNewwzReview — Sandeep (@Sandeep27534069) December 27, 2019 #AkshayKumar sir#GoodNewwzReview I am a bit sad to say that Akshay sir's film Good News can prove to be a useless film#GoodNewws reviews :ð ð ð¤¯ð¤¯ð¤¯ð¤¯ð¤ððð«ð« This movie sucks#AkshayKumar is nice Sorry sir Very bad 𤯠— Iamyogesh555 (@tGUV0G3ULTObjaw) December 27, 2019 Highly disappointed I am an Akshay fan but he has disappointed me #SalmanKhanBirthday#GoodNewwz pic.twitter.com/5KLpX7C1Vd — Adarsh Barnwal (@AdarshB06709939) December 27, 2019 Given the majority of reactions, we can say most of them have liked the film. Meanwhile, the movie has also landed in legal trouble after Mir Sameem Raza, President of a Mysuru-based NGO called Yes Trust, pointed out that the movie is trying to show IVF centers in a negative light. A Public Interest Litigation(PIL) has been filed in the Karnataka High Court seeking a stay on the movie. A part of the petition reads, “The movie is about two childless couples, who come for IVF treatment, and the sperms get exchanged. This is bound to create a lot of confusion and uncertainty about the credibility of IVF treatment itself. As childless couples are already under immense social and psychological pressure, this may further cause emotional disturbance for them.” The makers are yet to respond on the same, but you can let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section below. View the full article
  21. For Salman khan fans, his movies are a grand affair and this time, he is back to entertain them with the third installment of his hit movie, Dabangg. The movie has been released today and audience reviews have already started coming in. Some fans of the actor are calling the movie an entertainer and are sure it will be a blockbuster yet again. #Dabanng3Day has already started trending on Twitter and fans are obviously in for a treat. #Dabangg3Review Just watched #Dabangg3 I must say that nobody can stop this movie from being a blockbuster, It has Salman Khan written all over it from the entry to the end !! @BeingSalmanKhan @KicchaSudeep climax action scene is out of this world !! Truly amazing !! #Dabangg3Day — Swapnil™® (@mishuswapnil) December 20, 2019 #Dabangg3Review 1st half done It's totally KickAssð¥ð¥ð¥ð¥ð@BeingSalmanKhan Show all over ðððð@KicchaSudeep ð@saieemmanjrekar beautifull â¤ï¸@sonakshisinha Goodâ¤ï¸â¤ï¸ — chulbul iprince (@Being_Prince_) December 20, 2019 Bad day in the office for karan johar reshma and akki and his fake PR paid fans Dabangg3 is blockbuster #Dabangg3 #Dabangg3Review — STEEL HAMMER (@KhalidAkram) December 20, 2019 With lots of thrills and top notch action climax #Dabangg3 never fails to disappoint. @BeingSalmanKhan continue his legacy as a cop!!! @KicchaSudeep whatta performance! ðððâ¨#Dabangg3Review — Devanand J. (@devanandjangir) December 20, 2019 #Dabangg3 Is FULLY ENTERTAINING In Large doses @BeingSalmanKhan plus Entertainment makes Full paisa vasool mass masala entertainer, @PDdancing direction is Marvelous, @KicchaSudeep is excellent as a villain & the Climax fight is Brilliant. â­â­â­â­ (4/5)#Dabangg3Review pic.twitter.com/JhTDOUHdPG — Afroj (@iam_Afroj) December 20, 2019 All in all, #Dabangg3 is a special treat for @BeingSalmanKhan fans!! Action, romance, comedy, emotions, dhamakedar hero and dangerous villain!! Go for it. You will not be disappointed after watching this movie.#Dabangg3Day#Dabangg3 #Dabangg3Dec20th — Rajat Narayan Singh (@RajatNarayanSi2) December 20, 2019 However, some viewers are clearly not impressed with the movie and are calling it one of the disasters of the year. Some of them even made memes to show how disappointed they were after watching the movie. #Dabangg3 is worse than #ActionJackson.... This Movie is a Torture.... #Ruler — Jai Bharat Mata (@SachinB58290576) December 20, 2019 #Dabangg3 is an ultimate disaster being an srk fan I'm extremely disappointed. Bhai should learn how to choose scripts from srk only them he'll succeed. #Dabangg3Review is the same as Fuse light review. King khan rules. #SalmanKhan — Kittu (@Kittu94089584) December 20, 2019 #Dabangg3 has got disastrous opening of 10-15% in morning shows all across India. N it was expected bcz no one is interested to watch this crap C grade bhojpuri film. Also film is getting tremendously negative reviews from audiences. One more failure for #salman#Dabangg3Review — Kumar Ashu (@KumarPraful786) December 20, 2019 Indian audiences after watching 10 Mins of #Dabangg3 #Dabangg3Review ð­ pic.twitter.com/psC6LzbQfU — Amol Khiladi ð (@Khiladi_desi) December 20, 2019 Kya chal Raha hai. Kuch samjh nahi Aa raha. Kya bana diya ye @BeingSalmanKhan Chalo so hi jata hu DISASTER #Dabangg3Review pic.twitter.com/Ysy2EiPEgI — Shivendu Singh (@ShivenduSingh9) December 20, 2019 Disaster of the year #Dabangg3Review https://t.co/zqSzVZOIkz — ð HARRY ð (@Harry_khiladi) December 20, 2019 After saw the movie of #dabang3.One Salman fans burns his auto.He is so much frustrated that he wants to committed suicide. STAY BLESSED STAY SAFE#Dabangg3Review pic.twitter.com/tr5ThRvas8 — Durjoy Palit (@palit_durjoy) December 20, 2019 #Dabangg3Review Empty house I was accompanied by pop corn Worst film ever made pic.twitter.com/33Fp8yK5fw — call me boss (@BohemianKhiladi) December 20, 2019 While Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha and Arbaaz Khan reprise their roles from previous films of the franchise, Kannada actor Sudeep plays the antagonist in Dabangg 3. According to trade pundits, the movie will surely do well at the box office, considering the fan base of the actor. Trade Analyst Girish Johar had earlier said, “It is an established franchise, and people always look forward to it. The makers have already started working on Dabangg 4 which shows their confidence. I peg the film at around Rs 27-30 crore and depending upon how the audience finds the film, numbers will change by the evening shows. If it is accepted well, it will have a healthy weekend.” Check out the trailer of Dabangg 3 here: Are you going to watch the movie over the weekend? Do let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  22. This weekend, movie-goers seem to be in for a treat as Sidharth Malhotra and Riteish Deshmukh's Marjaavaan has been garnering positive response from the audience who have watched the movie. When the trailer was released, many people didn't like it, but seems like the movie has left the junta impressed. © T-Series Many viewers are calling it one of the Sidharth's finest works who hasn't lived up to audience's sky-high expectations. Well, it seems like Marjaavaan is breaking the jinx. Riteish Deshmukh has been appreciated for his performance too. He plays a dwarf in this romantic-revenge drama. This is his second film after Ek Villain, where the actor is in a negative role. © T-Series People are also calling it a brilliant story that has emotions and director Milap Zaveri has just blended everything in perfectly. Check out the reactions below: Just finished watching #Marjaavaan and it's a massive masaledaar masterpiece!! Hats of @zmilap what a wonderful writing manâ¤ï¸ theater was blowing whistles ð @SidMalhotra is back in form after Ek villain!! What a powerhouse role! @Riteishd sir you are fabulous like villain role!! — Madhav Wadhwa (@MadhavWadhwa9) November 15, 2019 Omg... What a fantastic movie i had watched... #Marjaavaan.. Its really amazing movie... @SidMalhotra bro you killed it.. One of the best movie of your carrier... Superbb acting by @Riteishd sir " kaminepan ki height 3 foot"mind bowgling sir.. All the best ð¥ S-U-P-E-R-H-I-T 𥠗 â¡ ADITYA - SRIVASTAV ð¥ (@AdityaS01077128) November 15, 2019 Now time to #MarjaavaanReview ; Just watched #Marjaavaan , One of the finest emotional love story.@SidMalhotra given his great performance!@Riteishd is Awesome!@TaraSutaria given best performance till date!@Rakulpreet is amazing!@zmilap's direction is Superbb Rating- 4*/5* pic.twitter.com/3FqfNw4bTv — Samantha Akkineni â¡ (@Khushal_Offl) November 15, 2019 Just watched #Marjaavaan and boy, it was mass written all over. It's something that we avid movie love. So we have to appreciate it! Second half is extremely good. @Riteishd fantastic villain sir! @TaraSutaria, Sid were good but @zmilap dialogues were faadu𥠗 Likith Prabhu (@likith_prabhu9) November 15, 2019 #Marjaavaan Watta Movie. A Full On Masala Entertainer with #Seetimaar dialogues, Very Good Music, Action & Emotions. Complet Masala Entertainer @SidMalhotra @Riteishd @TaraSutaria & @Rakulpreet ð¥ð¥ð¥@zmilap delivers again. ðð Rating -- ððâ­â­#MarjaavaanReview — ð¬ ÖɦÇɨȶÇÇÕ¼ ÓÇ ÖÇÇÊÇ (@Masoom_Kaminaa) November 15, 2019 In an interview, while talking about the movie, Sid said, “At its core, it's a love story that's unique and is filled with action, drama and emotions. In the trailer, you see two lovers and how one takes the life of the other. It's an unfortunate love story. But you have to watch the movie to find out why.” Going by the reactions on Twitter, we certainly want to go for it this weekend. And, for the uninitiated, here's the trailer of the movie : Are you planning to see the movie on the big screens over the weekend? Do let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  23. After Akshay Kumar's Housefull 4 hit the floors, the reviews that poured in on Twitter by the critics and the audience weren't really positive but the movie has still managed to enter the coveted Rs 100-crore club. The movie has earned Rs 111.82 crore in just 5 days of its release. View this post on Instagram Thank you so much for the unconditional love you've shown towards #Housefull4. ⤠Haven't watched it yet? Then book your tickets NOW! A post shared by Kriti (@kritisanon) on Oct 30, 2019 at 12:54am PDT The movie is continuing to break records for Akshay Kumar and despite being panned by the critics, fans are loving his performance in the movie. The actor took to Twitter to thank all his fans and wrote, “Thank you for loving us and laughing with us. It is because of your love we are where we are today. Thanks to all my fans and audiences who have poured unconditional love on #HouseFull4. Thank you for showing us that nothing beats hate more than love.” Thank you for loving us and laughing with us. It is because of your love we are where we are today. Thanks to all my fans and audiences who have poured unconditional love on #HouseFull4. Thank you for showing us that nothing beats hate more than love. pic.twitter.com/AY0dC8ZdY2 — Akshay Kumar (@akshaykumar) October 29, 2019 Housefull 4 is a slapstick comedy based on the theme of reincarnation. It is the fourth installment of the Housefull franchise, helmed by Sajid Khan. Apart from Akshay Kumar, the movie also features Riteish Deshmukh, Bobby Deol, Kriti Sanon, Kriti Kharbanda, Pooja Hegde, Chunky Panday, and Rana Daggubati. Director Farhad Samji earlier told IANS, "It is a period comedy... something that we are doing for the first time. The look, clothes, and scale of the film are done on a different level. That's the challenge." We wonder if both critics and the audience didn't like the movie on the very first day, who is actually going and watching the movie. Watch the trailer here: View the full article
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