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Found 21 results

  1. Loosened skin is a problem faced by many men. While there is no direct cause, most men are actively in search of remedies or products to reverse this first sign of ageing. There are several skin-related issues that might cause loosened skin on your face. Your skin, with time, starts producing less oil, which makes it dry and saggy. Factors, such as ageing, exposure to the sun, atmospheric pollutants, chemicals in skincare products, and an unhealthy diet, can directly affect the health of your skin. Dryness, sagging, wrinkles, and fine lines develop and are usually accompanied by dullness. In such a situation, you need a planned skin regime to tackle this problem head-on: 1. A Good Moisturizing Agent Firstly, if you have saggy skin, you also need to treat your dry skin for that. So get a good moisturizing agent. Apply the cream regularly and make a habit of wearing this cream daily. © Nykaa 2. A Skin Tightening Mask Once, a week you also need to apply a skin tightening mask to your face so that the loosened skin tightens. The key to skin tightening masks is that you've to let them be on for at least fifteen minutes and not talk or eat while you have the mask on. © Nykaa You can either get the products from the market or you use homemade remedies like: Multani mitti and rose water concoction or yoghurt, egg mixture as both work as great skin tightening masks. © Getty Images © Getty Images 3. A Serum Targetted Towards The Sagging Of The Skin There are a range of serums in the market that target the face and wrinkles and fine lines that help tighten the pores. © Nykaa
  2. Like most young adults, getting acne problems is fairly normal. While there are regular routine treatments to get rid of acne, if you have a time constraint ahead of you and you need to get rid of acne, which are smack in the middle of your face, there are ways to get rid of your acne and make it less visible. Firstly, before beginning, it's important to know that while the option of popping the pimple might be super tempting, you should never do that. Popping pimples result in scars that might take a lot longer to disappear than you anticipate. 1. Use A Pimple Patch © Getty Images A pimple patch is like any other patch. It's a spot treatment in the form of a patch that you stick on your face for the duration that it asks of you. After the time period, just rip off the patch to see your pimples quieten down. This will definitely help in situations when you don't have time. 2. Dab A Concealer © Getty Images A concealer is a cream with pigments of the same tone as your skin tone. Once you dab a concealer on your face, the marks and spots will be concealed temporarily. 3. Tooth Paste © Getty Images A known trick to get rid of pimples. A toothpaste, when applied generously around the pimple, instantly quietens it down and removes the redness and puffiness. 4. Acne Control Cream © Getty Images An acne control cream intensely works on acne-causing bacteria and attempts to eradicate them. They come with special properties of Neem and Clove that help reduce the inflammation and redness and restore natural skin growth.
  3. Everyone is aware of these nasty little buggers, but do you know what exactly blackheads are? Let us educate you a bit before we get onto the treatment part. Due to pollution and dust, our pores get clogged with oil and dead skin cells, the result is blackheads. Blackheads are more commonly spotted on the nose and the chin since these pores tend to be more oily and larger than the others on your face. So, how to get rid of these blackheads? You can blow up your money by getting a facial or you can invest in practical solutions easy and keep blackheads at bay. Take a look: 1. Go For A Face Wash With Salicylic Acid Use a face wash with salicylic acid and eliminate a physical exfoliator. Since salicylic acid is a chemical exfoliator, it doesn't scrub away dead skin cells but dissolves them. So, switch to a facial cleanser that hydrates your skin and gets rid of blackheads. Go for: Ustraa face wash © Amazon Price: Rs. 250 Buy it here 2. Try Peel-Off Masks If you've seen videos of men and women trying black peel-off masks and wondered if it actually works, we have the answer for you. Yes, it does. Activated charcoal has properties that pull out all impurities like dirt, oil and toxin from your skin. It's an active ingredient in men's grooming products and the ultimate key to flawless male beauty. Bonus: pulling off a mask from the skin is oddly satisfying, according to the internet at least. Go for: Beardo Activated Charcoal Peel-Off Mask © Amazon Price: Rs. 350 Buy it here 3. Baking Soda + Water = Magic If you don't wish to spend money on products, there are treatments that can be done from the comfort of your home. If you thought baking soda was just for baking cakes, you're mistaken. Baking soda has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which get rid of dead cells and maintains the skin's pH while absorbing excess oil and unclogs the pores. © healthline Take 1 tablespoon of baking soda and mix it with 1 tablespoon of water and apply on your face or on the affected area. The key is to gently massage your face for 2-3 minutes and wash it off. Repeat it 2-3 times in a week and get a glowing, smooth and clear skin. There may be some redness so apply aloe-vera gel where the skin gets irritated. 4. Facial Serums To The Rescue They say prevention is better than cure. Excess oil and dirt in facial pores is the prime cause of blackheads. Use a facial serum that helps reinforce the skin's natural resistance against daily aggressions. The product also contains SPF 20 to protect the skin against sun damage. Go for: L'Oreal Paris Men Expert White Activ Oil Control Fluid © Amazon Price: Rs. 499 Buy it here 5. Make Pore Strips Your BFF Pore strips are an instant and effective way to get rid of blackheads. The usual drill is to wet your nose or chin and slap on a pore-strip shiny side first, let it sit for 10 minutes and rip it off like a band-aid. Pore-strips pull out all the blackheads and gunk leave the skin feeling smooth and fresh. If you have sensitive skin, consult your dermatologist before using pore-strips. Go for: The Faceshop Jeju Volcanic Lava Aloe Nose Strips © Amazon Price: Rs. 300 Buy it here 6. Go Organic If you're a fan of natural cleansers, you don't always need to spend on brands that promote organic skincare. An oatmeal and sugar face scrub is mild because of the saponin content which reduces itching and regulates inflammation. Oats are gritty in nature and make an excellent exfoliator for sensitive skin which can't tolerate manufactured scrubs that are coarse. © teachsoap To make this homemade scrub, take 2 tablespoons of oatmeal, 1 tablespoon of brown sugar, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and mix it. Apply the mixture to the affected area and gently massage it for 3-5 minutes. Rinse it off after 10-15 minutes. Repeat the process 2-3 times a week and your skin should be blackhead free! Adapt these instant and practical solutions and bid adieu to blackheads!
  4. So, how do you know if you have a bad case of jock itch you ask? Firstly, before diving deep into why it happens, you need to figure out what a jock itch is, or what itchy balls really mean. © Getty Images Medically known as Tinea cruris, jock itch is a fungal infection in most cases.The itchiness is caused by mold-like fungi. These tiny, microscopic fungi thrive on the skin and even the hair. © Getty Images They're typically harmless, but they can multiply quickly and cause infections when they're allowed to thrive in warm, moist areas. That's why jock itch usually develops in the skin around the groin, inner thighs, and buttocks. A bad case of itchy balls is more common in men and adolescents. This infection causes a rash that itches or burns. The affected area can then become red, flaky, or scaly. Though a little troublesome, it's normally a mild infection. It is advisable to treat it quickly to minimize symptoms and keep the infection from spreading. Now, that you know what causes it, here's how to get rid of it. 1. Keeping The Area Airy And Dry via GIPHY As soon as you find you have a bacterial infection or you have had an itch for a while, it's best to keep it clean and dry down there for a few days. This means after shower, towel dry well and wear a fresh, clean, dry, underwear. 2. Steer Clear From Synthetic Underwear via GIPHY Materials like synthetic fibre or any other material that is not hundred percent cotton is not good for you if you itchy balls. In fact, it'll make the itch worse. So switch to a hundred percent cotton underwear. 3. Antifungal Drugs © Getty Images The next step is to get an over the counter anti fungal cream, spray or powder. This will steadily remove your infection and fix it. 4. Make Sure To Stay Away From Dirty Underwear via GIPHY If you wear the same pair of undies that you wore yesterday, you have a higher chance of catching the infection or having it stay for too long. Make sure to always wear clean and fresh underwear. It's also advisable to wear loose fitted clothes during the humid months. Lastly, if the itch still does not go away, it's important to visit a doctor to get a prescription.
  5. Has it ever happened to you, that you got back home with your date after a romantic dinner, and as soon as you took off your shoes, your date fainted? Well we hope not (and that was a hyperbole), but trust us, nothing will kill your *** life and your social life in general faster than smelly feet. It's super unpleasant, and more importantly, extremely embarrassing. © Getty Images No one wants to experience that damp, musty odour coming from your socks. Most men don't know how to get rid of it, and whenever they seek help, there's usually a long list of things that are presented to them that are effective but time-consuming. But worry not, for we are here, and we have a super easy solution that will take less than a minute every day. © Getty Images One needs to understand that the main reason behind feet odour is the sweat they produce, and bacteria and fungus trapped inside shoes and socks thrive in that moist, warm environment. If one can find a way to take away that moisture, odour can be significantly reduced. The best way? The good old, always handy, talcum powder. © Getty Images Every day after taking a shower, make sure to dry your feet properly - especially the spaces between the toes and your nail corners. Once that is done, put some talcum powder/baby powder on your feet and spread it all around with your hands. Then wear a pair of clean socks (you can also spray some powder inside the socks before putting them on). Use some anti-bacterial or anti-fungal powder for amazing results. © Getty Images And voila! You'll notice a difference instantly. Of course, apart from this, you definitely cannot underestimate the importance of maintaining feet hygiene and always washing them properly. Try not covering your feet up all the time and wear open toed footwear if you suffer from it all the time.
  6. In a perfect scenario, you would always smell good down there. However, in everyday life, it isn't possible to smell good always. This is because the genital region has sebaceous and apocrine glands, which make oil and sweat, also the area can get overheated under layers of clothes and underwear, all of this can lead to bacterial growth that causes some strong smells. At the end of a day, alone or with someone, you wouldn't want to strip down to funky smelling underwear right? Precisely why you need to do something about it. There are ways to help keep it under control though. 1. Shower Daily © Getty Images We know that we're stating the obvious but sometimes, a pungent smell can be caused because of the most basic of reasons. In case you don't shower reason everyday, it's about time you start doing so. Not showering daily makes it easier for bacterial infestations. 2. Trim Regularly © Getty Images We're not against body hair. In fact, body hair in no way undermines your sexual health. However, at the same time if you don't trim regularly the grown hair surely can factor into a bad smell. 3. Water Low water levels can also affect your glands and result in funky smelling junk. Just keep your water intake at par which anyway is healthy for you. 4. Invest In Products © Getty Images If you're still paranoid about smelling good or none of the above steps seem to be working for you, it's time you invest in specialized products. For an intimate wash you could choose from: The Men's Lab Intimate Wash For Men © Amazon Below the Belt Grooming for Men Fresh and Dry Balls Gel Cool © Amazon Guysome, Chocolate Fragrance Intimate Hygiene Wash for Men with Vitamin E and Sea Buckthorn Extract © Amazon Keeo Intimate Wash for Men with Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil & Aloe Vera Extract © Amazon Namyaa Intimate Hygiene Wash For Men/Women With Tea Tree Extracts © Amazon 5. Visit A Doctor While intimate washes is a good place to start, if your junk still doesn't cease to smell funky, it's time you visited a doctor. The prescription drugs and medicine shall be far more effective if nothing works out or it could be an infection waiting to be discovered. Take these things seriously.
  7. Imagine you're on a date and everything's going well, by the end of it, you drop your date home. You lean in expecting a kiss but as you start to extend yourself in a half-hug, to your surprise they shrug away quickly with a pinched expression. You wonder what went wrong, and hope for a text later. But you never get that text. What went wrong? One of the possible reasons could be body odour. The thing is, a perfume or a deo can only protect you for so long. You need an organic and more permanent fix. Home made remedies fall in this category. Here are some of the home remedies that you could try: 1. Lavender Oil © Shutterstock Lavender stops the growth of the odor-causing bacteria. And the essence emanates a soft fragrance. Cornstarch and baking soda keep the skin dry, thereby preventing any accumulation of bacteria. You will need 10 drops of lavender essential oil along with 3 teaspoons of cornstarch and 2 teaspoons of baking soda. Mix the lavender oil with the cornstarch and baking soda and store the mixture in a dark place for a couple of days. Try applying this daily in order to see a prominent difference. 2. Apple Cider Vinegar © Shutterstock Apple cider vinegar has acidic properties that kill and prevent any kind of bacterial formation, which in turn, prevents foul body odour. Take some apple cider vinegar and directly apply to your underarms and other body parts using a cotton ball. Alternatively, in half a cup of ACV mix a cup of water and then use a deodorant. 3. Tea Bags © Shutterstock Tea bags have tannins present in the tea that keep the skin dry and prevent any sweat formation. Just bring the water to a boil and add the tea bags. Pour this tea into your regular bath and soak in it for 15-20 minutes. Repeat at least thrice a week to see effective results. 4. Lemon Drops © Shutterstock Lemon drops have ingrained acidic levels that lower the pH of our body, making it difficult for the bacteria to survive on our skin. Just cut the lemon into two halves and rub it directly on your underarms. Allow it to dry completely. Wash it off with lukewarm water. If you have sensitive skin, you can dilute lemon juice with a few drops of water and then apply it on the underarms. 5. Rose Water © Shutterstock Rose water is an astringent which reduces the size of the pores present on the skin, and this decreases sweat production. It additionally leaves behind a floral fragrance. Just mix rose water with apple cider vinegar. Store this mixture in a bottle and spray on your underarms and other body parts whenever required.
  8. Melasma or pigmentation is a common skin condition in which dark, discoloured patches develop around the apples of your cheek. Melasma causes these patches, that are usually symmetrical and uniform, to occur on both sides of the face and cover areas of your cheek, chin, forehead area, and the bridge of your nose. There are also chances that your neck and forearms might get pigmented too. © Livestrong But besides melasma, you could have a general case of dark pigmentation. Even though the root causes of pigmentation are not crystal-clear, there are some factors which point to the possibility that darker-skinned individuals are more likely to get it than lighter-skinned individuals. Estrogen and progesterone sensitivity are also associated with the condition. Stress and thyroid-related diseases are also likely causes of melasma. Additionally, sun exposure can cause pigmentation because ultraviolet rays affect the cells that control the pigments in your skin. Ideally, you should go to a dermatologist and get yourself a prescription on how to deal with melasma but there are some other precautions you should start following, if you see the symptoms on your face: 1. A Good Coverage © Livestrong Tinted moisturizers matching your skin tone, and sunscreen primers provide good coverage and help cover the pigmented zones. 2. A Concealer © Livestrong Use a concealer for your T-zone and areas that don't get covered with a foundation. A concealer stick covers all uneven zones and leaves your skin blemish-free. 3. Retinol-Infused Creams © Livestrong Retinol-infused creams are great to create a barrier for further pigmentation. They also help clear the damage done to the skin. 4. Over-The-Counter Treatments © Livestrong Over-the-counter treatments include getting ointments or peels that have the following: kojic acid, liquorice extract, topical vitamin C, white mulberry extract, or bearberry extract, which all work to lighten skin and improve dark discolouration. 5. Try A Proper Treatment © Livestrong There are treatments that a dermatologist might suggest to you like a medicinal treatment or a peel from a salon. These treatments aggressively work on the damaged skin.
  9. One annoying problem that almost every guy in India faces, and doesn't know how to deal with, is that of 'dark armpits'. The climate in India is so tricky, that along with the pollution and temperature fluctuation, it gives rise to dark, unattractive underarms - irrespective of your overall complexion (not that colour/shade is important, it's just the conspicuous unevenness that's the issue).The result? Even if you're jacked, you're hesitant to wear sleeveless vests and racer-backs - even in the gym! Now, that's not fair. But worry not, for we have the perfect home remedies that will get rid of your dark armpits and lighten them up in less than 2 weeks. 1. Use coconut and almond oil © Getty Images One of the most important reasons why people get dark underarms is because they don't moisturize the area. Yes, the general consensus is that it's already hot, and that area is already damp with sweat, so there is no need to moisturize it. It's a huge misconception, and that also gives rise to less blood flow in that area, thereby causing dark, undernourished skin. Start massaging the area with coconut and almond oils at least once a day (preferably right after a shower), to see visible differences in the skin colour within 2 weeks. 2. Exfoliate with sugar © Getty Images More often than not, dry skin accumulated in your armpits result in the patchy, dark skin spots. You need to exfoliate your underarms to get rid of it and get an even complexion. The best way is to use sugar. Take some white/brown sugar, and mix it with a little bit of olive oil. Use the paste to exfoliate your underarms for a couple of minutes, and leave it on for about 5 minutes or so. Wash it off with water. 3. Use a lightening agent like lemon © Getty Images Lemon/lemon juice is a natural skin lightening agent. Cut a lemon in half, and use rub it against your underarm skin for a white. Leave it on for a bit, and wash it off with water. Try them for 2 weeks, and get rid of your dark underarms. You're welcome!
  10. Keeping that extra coat of hair on your body is totally a personal choice. You can choose to keep all that hair right there if that's your call or remove it, if that helps you sleep at night better. Body hair is an extension of you and you really shouldn't be hating it or be insecure because of it. In fact, it's an extension of you that you can modify and mould in whichever way you like. However, it's important to know how to deal with it. There are specific ways to deal with body hair. If you don't follow these, then definitely the growth might present to you as a problem. If you're in the category of people who want to permanently get rid of body hair, and you don't want to deal with the regular bi-monthly hassle of shaving, you could consider these strong options: 1. IPL: Intense Pulsed Light © Instagram In this method, hair is removed for the long term with broad spectrum pulse of light, which basically means that it targets the melanin in the hair in contrast to the melanin in the skin. Once used, it gets rid of unwanted body hair for the long term. For application, simply treat the desired area of the body every two weeks for an eight week period for effective results. However, it's important that you talk to a professional first before you get into this course of treatment. 2. Electrolysis © artofmanilness In electrolysis, the professionals use a slim needle to poke each hair shaft separately, the technique delivers tiny shocks of electricity to the hair follicle, killing the cells that help hair grow. It's relatively expensive and time-consuming. It'll take more sessions to get all the growth out. 3. Laser Treatment © cosmoderma Laser treatment involves a beam that heats up the follicle and puts it in a dormant stage preventing any growth. The results depend on your skin type: the level of pigmentation and the amount of melanin in your hair. Laser treatment offers a permanent reduction, if done right you don't have to engage in regular treatments again.
  11. As if dealing with acne wasn't cumbersome in itself, 'bacne' a.k.a back acne is worse. via GIPHY Here's the thing, if you've dealt with acne as a kid, you're more likely to face body acne as an adult. There are obviously exceptions. The thing with body acne is that it's less accessible, more resilient and hard to tackle with. via GIPHY But that doesn't mean you let the acne stay. There are ways around it to nix the troublesome acne forever: 1. Wash Them With An Acne Cleanser © Shutterstock You ideally need to find a cleanser with a good formula that uses a combination of salicylic acid and glycolic to cleanse out the oil clogged pores. 2. Use A Scrub © Shutterstock A good scrub sloughs away the dead skin cells. Use a scrub to gently rub across your back to get rid of the acne. The scrub also helps rid the skin of residue. 3. You Could Also Add A Spot Treatment via GIPHY A cream essentially made to reduce pimples can similarly work extremely well. Just like you use a spot treatment cream to target the pimples on your face, you can also use it on the rest of your body for a similar result. 4. Take Good Care After Working Out via GIPHY Working out is great for your health but not for your skin, unfortunately. If you have a bad case of acne, it's best to take a bath right after you work out so that the sweat doesn't screw with your skin.
  12. Under-eye dark circles are the worst. They're starkly visible and they make you look exhausted all the time. This is not something you want if you're planning a first date or a meeting with your boss. via GIPHY The last thing you want is for the other person to think that you're sleepy and you didn't prepare for the meeting, or you're prioritizing different things in life. So here are quick remedies to get rid of dark circles. 1. Rose Water © skincare4use Dip a ball of cotton in some rose water and slowly dab it across your under eye affected region. Repeat the process three times with the break of ten minutes in the middle. This quickly rejuvenates your skin and recuperates the lost moisture. It also calms the skin and reduces the visible darkness. 2. Tomato Juice © artofmanliness Tomato is a great bleaching agent. Mix two tablespoons of tomato juice with a few lemon drops and apply it to the affected region. It is said to lighten the affected region quickly. 3. Almond Oil © homerecepiesforfc Remember, oil champis as a kid? Use the same oil but apply it under your eyes overnight to see instant results. This will not only rid you off dark patches but will help tackle dryness and lock in the moisture. 4. Cucumber Slices © shutterstock Remember how in movies, when someone is getting a facial, the other person tends to eat the cucumber slice that is placed on your eyes? Well, don't. The cucumber has soothing properties that calm the skin and rids it of dark eye circles.
  13. The Winter season can be terribly harsh for your skin. You need a skin care routine in place to tackle issues like dry skin, an itchy scalp and patchy and dry elbows. But for specific problems like tackling a bad case of blackheads, you need to switch up the kind of products you're using at home. © pimplepopper While there are a tonne of home remedies, practically speaking, we might not have time for their slow paced results in our everyday lives. So here is a list of practical solutions. 1. The most basic and the quickest method to get rid of blackheads is to exfoliate your skin. Get a good scrub that is great at weeding our dirt and impurities. Try: Beardo Activated Face Scrub © Amazon Price: 280 Buy it here 2. Use clay masks that are especially made for men, so that you can easily extract the deep seated blackheads. There are some really cool clay masks out there that not only tackle blackheads but give you a bright glowing skin. Try: L'Oreal Paris Pure Clay Clay Mask, Detoxify with Charcoal © Amazon Price: 562 Buy it here 3. Don't forget to change your face wash. Recurrent blackheads mean that you're doing something wrong in choosing your everyday grooming products and that you're in a dire need of changing your facewash. Try: Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser © Amazon Price: 258 Buy it here 4. A good moisturizer works wonders to stop dryness and dead skin cells from clogging. You need to add a good moisturizer to your routine. Try: Biotique Morning Nectar Flawless Skin Lotion © Amazon Price: 238 Buy it here
  14. Your basic grooming stash would have a shampoo, a conditioner, a razor, a trimmer, an aftershave and shaving cream. If you don't have a grooming stash yet, you should definitely take a look at this. A super important product that men tend to forget to add to their grooming stash is a roll on deo. There are obviously other important products that could make your life much easier. You can even steal some products from your girlfriend's stash. Coming to roll-on deos, they're super effective and usually last longer than a deodorant. You can also apply the roll on as a base layer, and spritz a magnetic scent over to make your woman go weak in the knees. You could also follow these cool winter fashion trends and upgrade your accessory game to make your outfit on point. But coming back to roll ons, here is a list of seven effective ones that help you keep the stink at bay in the Winter: 1) Old Spice High Endurance Long Lasting Stick © Amazon Old Spice is usually our father's go-to brand for shaving. Remember, sneaking some Old Spice as a kid just too see how it would feel using it? This Old Spice roll-on is super long lasting and promises to have your back in the most extreme of circumstances. Price: 258 Buy it here 2) Nivea for Men Dry Impact Antiperspirant © Amazon The Nivea roll-on is super effective and ensures no after stain on your shirt. It also promises to provide long lasting freshness. This is a great roll-on to rely on. Price: 349 Buy it here 3) Cinthol Men's Deo Stick, Intense © Amazon At a very accessible price point, Cinthol's deo stick promises to deliver a lot in this interesting packaging and we're digging it. Price: 60 Buy it here 4) L'Oréal Men Expert Roll On This ultimate control roll-on promises to tackle any situation. Want to freshen up for a date after a heavy session at the gym, use this. © Amazon Price: 649 Buy it here 5) Garnier Men Mineral Action Control Roll On © Amazon Enriched with minerals, this ultra-absorbent roll on is great for the Summer as its protection shields your pits from as high as 45 degrees. Price: 599 Buy it here 6) Brut/Faberge Deodorant Stick An effective roll on with a classic scent so you don't have to worry about any stink throughout the day. © Amazon Price: 400 Buy it here 7) Dove, Men + Care 48h Antiperspirant, Extra Fresh With 48 hour protection, this roll-on will make sure that you don't have a bad odour at the end of a long working day. © Amazon Price: 620 Buy it here
  15. You could have a good grooming routine in place but if you're not taking care of your knees and elbows, they will start to look like a couple of shades darker than your skin tone and ten times more brittle. This can also be a big turn-off because it's never pleasant to touch rough skin like that. Just like your face, your elbows and your knees also need your attention. If you've begun to notice dark and patchiness in your knees and elbows, it's time to pay attention to them. Firstly, the golden rule is to moisturize and more so if your skin needs attention. Also, try one of these effective remedies for faster results. 1. Coconut Oil And Walnut Powder A concoction of coconut oil and walnut powder acts as a great exfoliator. Coconut oil is one of the best oils for hydrating the skin. It also has vitamin E which helps lighten the patchy tone, and the thick granules of walnut together make a great agent for seeding out patched dirt. Make a thick paste of coconut oil and walnut powder. Use the mixture as a scrub in shower. After shower, apply an extra layer of coconut oil to seal in the moisture from the shower. © livestrong 2. Baking soda and Milk Baking soda is a great exfoliant that will seed out dead skin cells. The milk then adds acts as a moisturizer to lock in the hydration. Mix one tablespoon of baking soda and milk together, apply the mixture to the patchy areas and massage in circular motion for 5 minutes each. Repeat on every alternate day until you see the results. © livestrong 3. Hydrogen Peroxide Hydrogen peroxide is a great agent for weeding out dark skin cells. It is a common ingredient found in skin lightening creams. If used regularly, it has the potential to lighten dark and patchy elbows. Dip a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide and lightly massage on your patchy regions. After leaving it for fifteen minutes, moisturize the affected region. Repeat once in three days. © Amazon 4.Pumice Stone A pumice stone is known for exfoliating and removing dead skin cells. Take a shower with warm water to remove the clingy dead skin cells. Using the pumice stone even once a week will help you see instant results. © Amazon 5. Turmeric Powder And Yogurt A concoction of turmeric powder and yogurt is also a great choice for tackling the patchy regions of your body. While turmeric cleanses skin impurities and evens out skin tone, yogurt acts as a nourishing agent. Make a paste of the two with one spoon turmeric in 3 tablespoons yogurt and apply twice a day for faster results. © livestrong
  16. Dandruff can be extremely annoying, especially in Winters, when the shed doubles and your shoulders are a field for perpetual snowfall. This shed is bad for you. Not only is it unattractive but also unhealthy, as it might result in hair loss! But here's the thing, tackling a dry scalp is not that hard and while you might have your hands on anti-dandruff shampoo and creams from the drugstore, it's important to try these other remedies as well to see instant results. Here are four home-friendly remedies that you can choose from to see instant results: 1. Tea Tree Oil © Nykaa A study showed that using tea tree oil along with your shampoo and hair oil can significantly lower your dandruff, dryness and hair fall. Just add a few drops to your shampoo. Also, apply a few drops before you sleep as it has calming properties and will help you sleep easily. Price: 350 Buy it here 2. Apple Cider Vinegar © Nykaa The acidity of apple cider vinegar changes the pH level of your scalp and reduces the growth of fungi on your scalp which means you'll see less of dandruff. Mix a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar with a quarter of water into a spray bottle and spritz it all over your hair after giving it rinse. Tie a towel around your head tightly for fifteen minutes to see maximum results. Price: 499 Buy it here 3. A Concoction Of Aloe Vera Gel & Lemon © Twitter Lemon's acidic properties correct the scalp's pH and aloe vera gel fights itchiness, so together the concoction of both is great for fighting dandruff. Just add a few lemon drops on aloe vera gel, mix well and apply regularly. 4. Yoghurt & Pepper © YouTube If you add some pepper to yoghurt and apply it as a hair mask before you go for a hair wash, it's a perfect mixture to fight dandruff and itchiness head on. One wash will show you remarkable results.
  17. If you're the victim of pimples popping out on your face before a big party or a date with your crush that you've been looking forward to, then you need to read this. No one can control these obnoxious zits that shamelessly appear on your face, but what you can control is its removal. That is, if you know the right ways. If you don't have time for an anti-pimple treatment, then you need to know these three tips depending on the time space that you're in. Here below we have instant solutions for pimples for situations ranging from a day before to even two hours before: 1. For A Day Before: © essentialoils The Tea Tree Oil-Aloe Vera Gel Remedy Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that help soothe the inflammation on the skin caused by pimples. Aloe vera gel is known for calming properties that reduce blisters and promote new skin growth. A concoction of tea tree oil and aloe vera works as a double agent to tackle the bacteria causing the pimple head-on. Firstly, wash your face with an anti-pimple face wash. Then, apply the mix with a fresh cotton ball over the pimple. Repeat the procedure after two hours. This remedy is sure to give you fast results. 2. For A Night Before: © lybrate The Good-Old Toothpaste Hack The ingredients in toothpaste help kill the bacteria that causes and worsens pimples. Application also results in drying out of the pimple which helps in getting rid of it quickly. Use a white toothpaste only. A gel based paste won't work. Wash your face with an anti-pimple face wash at night and use the paste to cover the affected area entirely. Sleep it off and wash the residue in morning to see your pimple begin to disappear. 3. For An Hour Before: © amazon The Magical Powers Of A Concealer An essential makeup product in the ladies' bag. The concealer is a great life saver if you have a huge zit on your face that is troubling you. Imagine a product that conceals the redness and bumpiness of a pimple, and leaves your skin with a finish which gives the illusion of a pimple not existing in the first place. Don't shy away from using a product that can save your life.
  18. What is that one item of clothing that is a must, when it comes to ethnic Indian wear? You guessed it right, it is the evergreen Kurta. But since it has been there since the beginning, and hasn't really gone through a lot of evolution (simply because of the classic aesthetic it already possesses), sometimes it comes across as a rather unimaginative, safe, and for the lack of a better word, 'boring' piece of clothing. We don't agree, but just in case you're laboring under the same misconception, here are a few ways that can help you debunk this myth. Embrace these unusual Kurtas this Diwali to look your best. 1. A textured kurta with embroidery. © MensXP This blue kurta with a pintucked texture is anyway classy, add to that the beautiful white floral embroidery, and you get a piece that's sure to up the ante in terms of style. © MensXP Label: Khanijo (Ig: khanijo_official) Model: Aaron Kaul 2. A statement Kimono shirt. © MensXP Even though the Kimono has a Japanese origin, it has often found a place of honour in traditional Indian outfits. Not only is this Neem Chokdi handwoven Chanderi Kimono shirt paired with organic linen tie-up pants comfortable, it is extremely classy, stylish, and unusual. © MensXP Label: Torani (Ig: toraniofficial) Model: TJ 3. A draped kurta. © MensXP Draped kurtas are sure to set you apart in a room full of fashion forward men. The intelligent layering of this maroon kurta with a mandarin collar gives you volume in the right places, and has an amazing fall. © MensXP Label: Amaare Couture (Ig: amaarecouture) Model: Siddhant Roop Rai 4. A kurta with a rich base and metallic buttons. © MensXP When you want to keep it simple, but want to stand out in the crowd, go for a base colour that is rich and vibrant. Turquoise is a great choice. Plus, add metallic buttons to add that royal edge. © MensXP Label: Philocaly (Ig: philocaly_menswear) Model: Llavi Tyagi 5. A super relaxed kurta in a bright base. © MensXP Go for the super relaxed silhouette to add that runway vibe to your kurta. Choose a bright colour as the base to make it pop. © MensXP Label: Amaare Couture (Ig: amaarecouture) Model: Charlie Frost 6. A black kurta with floral embroidery. © MensXP A black kurta can never go wrong by itself anyway. If you want to add that extra edge, go for a piece with subtle, but conspicuous embroidery. © MensXP Label: Khanijo (Ig: khanijo_official) Model: Siddhant Roop Rai 7. A relaxed kurta with stitch details. © MensXP Relaxed kurtas are safe, but really classy. This piece right here has stitch details around the pockets and an unusual wrist panel to set it apart from regular pieces. Label: Khanijo (Ig: khanijo_official) Model: Charlie Frost © MensXP Credits: Photographer: Anubhav Sood (Ig: anubhav_sood) Styling: Devanshi Tuli (Ig: devanshi.15) Makeup Artist: Srishti Anand (Ig: srishtianandmakeup)
  19. One of the most challenging skin problems that Indian men face is that of tanning. Be it Summer or Winter, the Indian sun is harsh throughout the year, and continuous exposure to it gives rise to stubborn sun tan, that can be really difficult to get rid of. Tanning in itself is not harmful, as it is only the skin trying to protect itself against UV radiation with melanin. However, continuous exposure can really affect your skin, and can give rise to more serious complications like skin cancer under extreme conditions. One should always take precautions such as umbrellas, sunglasses, hats, sunscreens, and trying to avoid the harsh sun in general. However, a bad sun tan can really make your skin look darker, which some people consider attractive. But if you want to get rid of it quickly, there are ways to do it. Here are 10 effective ways that can quickly get rid of a sun tan: 1. Lemon Juice © Twitter One of the simplest ways to get rid of your tan is to simply cut a lemon, and rub it on your skin for a bit. Let the juice sit for a few minutes, and wash it off. 2. Yoghurt And Besan Pack © Twitter Make a pack using 2-3 tablespoons of besan and 1-2 tablespoons of yoghurt. You can use a little bit of rose water if you wish. Apply it, and let it sit for about 20-25 minutes, and then wash it off with cold water. 3. Potato Juice © Twitter Potato juice soothes your skin, and also acts as a natural bleaching agent. You can either juice a potato and apply it directly on your face, or alternatively, you can also cut potato slices and rub your skin with it. 4. Honey And Papaya Pack © Twitter Mash a ripe papaya, and add some honey to make a smooth paste. Apply it on the affected area and leave it on for a while before washing it off with water. 5. Strawberries And Milk Cream © Twitter Make a paste using a few ripe strawberries and a couple of tablespoons of fresh cream. Apply it, and let it sit for 20 minutes. Wash it off with cold water. 6. Sandalwood Paste © Twitter Sandalwood paste is one of the most potent tan removers, just like grandma swore it was. Apply it on your skin, and let it sit overnight if you can't. 7. Turmeric And Milk Paste © Twitter Make a paste with a couple of tablespoons of turmeric and a little bit of milk. Turmeric is a wonder ingredient with skin lightening properties, and it will really help you get rid of the tan easily. Just keep it on for half an hour, and wash it off. 8. Aloe Vera © Twitter Regular application of aloe vera extract/gel can soothe your skin, and reduce pigmentation substantially. 9. Coconut Milk © Twitter Application of coconut milk daily on your skin makes your skin glow, de-tans it, and also nourishes your skin. 10. Buttermilk And Oatmeal © Twitter Make a paste using a few tablespoons of buttermilk and a couple of tablespoons of oatmeal. Massage the paste on the affected area, and wash it off with cold water.
  20. Be it summer, monsoon, or the pleasant (or dreaded? Only if you live in Delhi, though) winters, an itchy scalp is that scary, annoying, unwelcome guest that can haunt you anytime. The worst thing? You don't exactly know why it's happening. But there are remedies. Actually, it isn't difficult to get rid of an itchy scalp if you know what ingredients to use. The best bit? These are just common ingredients that are present in your kitchen! Read on! Disclaimer: Please make sure it's not lice, beforehand, as that will require separate treatment. 1. Lemon Juice: © Twitter Lemon juice is naturally antimicrobial and has an anti-inflammatory effect as well, when applied on the scalp. Just squeeze out the juice of one big lemon, apply it on your scalp evenly with a cotton ball, and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with water and you're good to go. Do it once or twice a week, and you will notice a difference soon. 2. Coconut Oil: © Healthline The underlying cause for itchiness in your scalp, almost all the time, is dryness. Coconut oil is the best moisturizer when it comes to your scalp. Take some coconut oil, heat it up for a bit, and apply it, while massaging your scalp. Keep it for as long as you can, and wash it off with a mild shampoo. 3. Baking Soda © Twitter Take 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda, and make a paste of it with water. Apply it on your scalp, and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Baking soda is an antibacterial and anti-fungal agent, plus it helps in neutralizing the pH of your scalp. 4. Apple Cider Vinegar © Healthline Mix one part of apple cider vinegar with 4 parts of water, and massage your scalp with the mixture. The malic acid present in apple is antibacterial and anti-fungal, plus it also acts as an astringent - thereby reducing the itching considerably. 5. Onion Juice © Twitter Take an onion and squeeze out the juice using a blender, or however else you want to. Apply it on your scalp using a cotton ball, and leave it on for 20 minutes before washing it off. The onion juice will keep your scalp infection free, and will also reduce any inflammation.
  21. A unibrow is perhaps the only thing that no one can pull off (apart from Frida Kahlo, maybe). Especially when it comes to men, our faces usually tend to be hairy anyway, thanks to the beard and moustache - which is dope btw, but a unibrow is where we should draw the line. Hey, don't @ us because we are not saying this, but women are. We were curious about what women think about this oft-ignored facet of men's grooming, and wanted to hear it from them. So we went ahead and asked 10 women about their opinion on men having unibrows. Read on: © Twitter 1. "Kajol couldn't pull it off, neither can you. Please get rid of it! It's just small patch of hair that can be easily removed. Chop chop! I mean, thread thread!" - Ankita, 27, Works in marketing 2. "Umm, nope. Unibrows are ugly. I'm all about body-positivism and 'embracing your true self' and everything that comes with it, but I can't help but be a little hypocritical when it comes to this bit. It just makes a good looking man look weird and creepy. So no, thanks." - Muriel, 25, Works in advertising 3. "We women have to go to the parlour at least twice a month to make sure our brows are on point at all times, even when we don't have a unibrow. Don't you think men should at least try? Not to woo women, just for themselves. That will help with the former too, because let's face it - unibrows are a turn-off." Nandita, 26, Works in HR © Twitter 4. "Does anyone like unibrows? I bet no one does. It's a very obvious question, really, I think. It's just like having a bald patch - everyone wants to hide it - unless you're Vin Diesel and can pull it off. Okay that wasn't the best analogy because he's completely bald. I'll just be blunt and say it - unibrows are an eyesore." Priyanka, 29, Entrepreneur 5. "I think it's absolutely fine to have unibrows because it's not a choice. Not doing anything about it, is what I'm not ok with. But if you just don't care, it's fine! Just like during my 20's I was a total tomboy, was going through a rebellious phase and absolutely didn't give two hoots about superficial things like my looks. But that was my choice. I chose that for myself and was happy with how I was - actually I didn't even care. If a man is that carefree and doesn't attach importance to that, it's absolutely his choice and I'm no one to comment on it. But aesthetically speaking, I think a unibrow doesn't suit anyone." - Divya, 31, Writer © Twitter 6. "Let's break it down - it's hair. It's a patch of hair. The thing is, it's just at the wrong place. You get your beard shaved, right? Even your hair cut? Why do you do that? Because there was hair at places you didn't approve of, essentially, right? So what's the big deal with this one here? You won't magically lose 5 points from your masc scale if you get that part threaded. Actually if that's the reason you're hesitating to get it done, I'm afraid you don't have enough points to start with, if you know what I mean. Don't hate me. It's true." - Rukhsaar, 27, Works in advertising 7. "I like my men hairy. There, I said it. I actually prefer men who don't get their chest or torso waxed, and I think it's hot. But unibrow is not something I can get on board with. It's hair, yes, but it doesn't really count as body hair - you know what I mean? It just sits on your forehead making you look shabby, and often creepy." - Sunita, 28, Software engineer © Twitter 8. "I like symmetry. I think symmetry is the underlying factor behind everything that is beautiful. A unibrow kills the symmetry on a man's face. The gap on his forehead acts as a divider, which makes the face look symmetrical, and hence attractive. If that divider is not there, everything kind of looks haywire, and even a very good-looking man can look untidy - all for a little bit of hair. I think men should always get rid of their unibrow." - Ipshita, 32, Copy Editor 9. "All anyone needs is a salon appointment or a pair of tweezers. Why do they exist, again?" - Juhi, 30, Analyst © Twitter 10. "I think if a man wants to sport a unibrow, that's okay. I don't, and won't find that attractive is a whole other story altogether. I mean, it just looks bad. Please go to a salon and tell your barber to get it fixed. The thread will probably sting a little, but it's totally worth it, trust me." - Shubhra, 24, Student Ouch. Those are some strong opinions. But they mean well and they do know what they are talking about, so homies, please get rid of your unibrow if you have one. "You will become unrecognisable" - we were told.