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Found 127 results

  1. Around 5,000 concert-goers took part in the experimental event at Paris Bercy concert hall
  2. According to a poll, a large number of people want to see The Rock as president of the United States
  3. Nailing a thick, full beard is surely a grooming trend, but in no way does it define masculinity. For ages grooming trends like clean shaven facial hair and body hair have been attached with a toxic idea of being “less manly”. But what has manliness got to do with how you look or act? It’s about time we became more inclusive and blurred these beliefs. Taking inspiration from these Indian actors is a good way to get started! __ECOMLOOKS__2862__ __ECOMLOOKS__2863__ __ECOMLOOKS__2864__ __ECOMLOOKS__2865__ __ECOMLOOKS__2866__ __ECOMLOOKS__2867__ __ECOMLOOKS__2868__ The Bottomline Take a cue and don’t let the toxic beliefs stop you from rocking a grooming trend as good as this! Experimenting with your style and fashion is your choice. Go ahead and own it! Explore More View the full article
  4. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Rock Star Yash has one of the most awesome beards we have ever seen in films. © Instagram/thenameisyash No wonder that fans want to grow and maintain a beard that is as long and as luscious as his. In fact, most men start growing out their beards, hoping that some day, they too can sport a long and thick beard that looks glorious. © Instagram/thenameisyash Now, while growing your beard to that length may take some time, making it look thick and luscious doesn’t need to be. In fact, even if you have a short-boxed beard that grows in a patchy manner, you can make it look thick, densely growing, and fuller. How? © Instagram/thenameisyash Just follow these basic beard styling hacks and in no time, you can make your beard look fuller and thicker. 1. Apply Some Beard Wax & Shape Your Beard © iStock First and foremost, get a good beard wax. A wax gives your beard a firm hold and allow you to tame it, and style it. Furthermore, a beard wax protects the hair of the beard, as well as the roots from the elements, while giving it an appearance of being thick and fuller. 2. Use A Beard Filler, If Growth Is An Issue © iStock If you have very patchy growth and are looking for a quick fix to make your beard look thick and dense, you have to go for a beard filler. They are very easy to use. There are some spray-on options, that have a fuzzy texture, to give your beard, a more natural look. Otherwise, you can also go for a simpler, filler pen, and fill in the gaps between your beard. 3. Shampoo & Condition Your Beard © iStock Certain beard shampoos and conditioners actually fluff up your beard. Go for these products, instead of a regular shampoo or soap, which just flattens your beard, and makes them look lifeless. A beard conditioner, just like a good hair conditioner, is a quick and easy way to instantly give your facial hair some much-needed volume. 4. Blow Dry, Instead Of Letting It Air Dry © iStock Blow drying your beard again, makes it look fluffy and more voluminous. Letting your beard air dry, allows the beard to set itself in a certain, non-flattering way, thanks to the weight of the water. Do keep in mind that the skin on your face is much sensitive, so keep the blower at the lowest setting and a good 10 inches away from your beard. 5. Brush Your Beard Regularly © iStock One of the best ways to shape and style your beard is to use a brush. Use one that is made using animal hair, as that makes your life much easier. Also, style your beard when it is damp, not dripping wet or dry. This will allow you to tame your beard, and style it in a way that makes it look fluffy and fuller. The Bottomline…While you grow your beard out like Yash, there are several things that can be done to make it look thick and fuller like his beard. You don’t really need to fret if you have patchy growth, or if your beard is not dense. Just following these nifty little tricks will go a long way. View the full article
  5. Govinda has been one of the most versatile players in Bollywood. Not just his acting skills and on-point comic timing, but even his fashion game struck a chord with the audience. Many celebrities including Ranveer Singh and Diljit Dosanjh have quite a flamboyant sense of style, but it was Govinda who started experimenting with flashy pieces decades ago and made a jaw-dropping statement. © Viral Bhayani His acting career has taken a backseat for now but he is often spotted making an appearance. Every time that happens, our eyes rush straight to his style and we can't help but dissect his looks. © Viral Bhayani Just recently he was seen wearing loafers with invisible socks and then a dirty pair of jeans. His style statements proved that no matter how bizarre or weird his fashion sense is, he surely knows how to carry it with great panache. © Viral Bhayani Coming to the recent appearance though, we were pretty impressed with his ensemble. A basic white T-shirt topped with some accessories and coke white sneakers, truly made him look a few years younger than his original age. But, did you notice the denims that he is wearing here? They look so unfamiliar and odd, that we were reminded of a '90s rock band. Take a look. © Viral Bhayani Govinda wore a pair of grey acid wash jeans. If you look closely, the pants have several zippers with studs. Back in the days, a prominent fashion statement was made by rock artists. The style was characterised by androgynous clothing and they introduced heavy zippers, leather, studs etc and these became a staple for decades to follow. The ensembles were mostly black with flashy details and we think even Govinda's pants are perfectly blended with elements of rock. © Viral Bhayani We also like his choice of going for a basic white T-shirt here. That, with his oversized sunglasses and messenger bag, took the outfit to a whole new level. As for his footwear, he wore a basic pair of white sneakers, which is an unusual choice as he is usually seen wearing some classic pair of shoes. © Viral Bhayani This was yet again a dope style move and we think he was at his zaniest best at the airport. Kudos, ChiChi! View the full article
  6. Dwayne Johnson said ?History in the making, extremely excited and what a humbling moment to share with you. Officially kicking off DAY 1 of filming our BLACK ADAM?
  7. In a recent survey conducted by Piplsay, an American think tank and polling firm, people from all over the political spectrum have agreed on one thing - a vast majority want Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to run for president in 2024. © Instagram/therockfans97 It seems that given Dwayne’s history with the idea, it might be time for him to take one step closer to this dream. © Instagram/therockfans97 Back in 2017, Dwayne had confirmed in an interview that he would indeed like to run for the highest office in the United States of America, after seeing that Donal Trump won quite emphatically. He couched his aspirations in the term “a real possibility if that’s what the people wanted.” © Instagram/therockfans97 If indeed that turns out to be true, it will be the second time that the Americans will have elected a celebrity to the White House. © AFP People had speculated that Dwayne would contest the 2020 election against Trump, after he and Tom Hanks performed a bit for a show, announcing their “campaign.” However, he shut all of those speculations down later, saying that he wasn’t ready - yet. © AFP There are speculations that indeed if he files his nomination, a showdown between Kanye West and Dwayne Johnson, at least in the initial stages cannot be ruled out. Twitter, meanwhile, upon finding this out, had some seriously strong opinions. Probably the same half that thought Trump would be a good president — MP (@matthew_pine1 April 9, 2021Naw....we've already had a celebrity prez. Didn't work out well at all. — Barb Dignan (@barbdignan April 9, 2021 We’re on team Terry… Fans of B99 unite! He'd make a great president! But I betcha he'd lose in a landslide to Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho. pic.twitter.com/BKFLsAVeH9 — Kevin Glennon (@kevinglennon April 9, 2021 That’s gotta burn. He’d be a better republican candidate than many who hold the offices now. — Andrew || Burning Forest (@Burning_Forest April 9, 2021 Now that’s one heck of a combo, we must say. And Vince McMahon will be his running mate, right? pic.twitter.com/6bbvJ89hNo — Al B (@Scene_By_ALB April 9, 2021 Ah...American elections are just fun to watch. Like a really bad comedy movie... Stone Cold for opposing candidate on the right... pic.twitter.com/QTZGomhZRk — Johnny_Cage (@4aces10 April 9, 2021Imagine the presidential election being decided by a hell in a cell match. Wouldn’t that be a spectacle worth watching? In all seriousness though, what do you think about celebrities joining politics, and aiming for the highest offices in their respective countries? We have some experience in this regard, don’t we? View the full article
  8. Dwayne The Rock Johnson recently accepted a viral TikTok Challenge and filmed himself chugging half a bottle of Tequila without batting an eyelid! I mean, of course, I didn’t expect him to react dramatically or even flinch like normal people, after all he’s The Rock. But even by his standards, this was no small feat. Check out the video here: View this post on Instagram In the viral challenge, TikToker Fia James asks her followers to ‘Take a shot of tequila without making a face.’ The Rock, however, seemed to one up it by gulping it down straight from the bottle. This sent people into a frenzy with around 7.3 million likes in just a day after it was posted. "He is not THE ROCK he's THE MOUNTAIN," one fan wrote. "Ok, well you're the rock that's not fair," another wrote. And though we could spot quite a few cutaways after he gulps down the tequila, he doesn’t even flinch, even for once. However, some fans were quick to accuse him of taking shots of water. © Instagram_therock But we’re talking about The Rock here guys. If you’ve seen his cheat meals, you’d know what we are going on about here. But turns out these sceptics were indeed right since Johnson had used the hashtag ‘bottlefullofwater’ under his post. View this post on Instagram Coincidentally, recently, Dwayne had added a tequila brand to his already extensive resume. And the bottle of tequila that he used in the challenge was of the same brand, Teremana Tequila. The brand was launched by him and his partners in March last year. View the full article
  9. As a movie star, Yash, or Rocking Star Yash as he is often referred to, enjoys a massive fan following. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that people all over the country watch him very closely, especially his style and grooming moves. © Instagram/thenameisyash His screen presence is something that people just can’t get over. Saying that Yash dominates his co-stars, no matter how good performers they are, whenever he’s in the frame, would be an understatement - such is his charisma. © Instagram/thenameisyash We genuinely believe that he is one of the most stylish actors, both in terms of fashion and grooming, in Indian cinema. Heck, we think that many Bollywood celebrities and actors ought to take notes from him on matters of style. © Instagram/thenameisyash We pick 6 movies where Yash’s beard & hairstyles were on a different level. Guys, trust us when we say, that you really can’t go wrong if you decide to go for one of these styles. 1. Raja Huli © Lakshmisri Combines Let’s keep aside the OTT action sequences and just how vibrant the film looks. Yash’s beard style for this film is very quirky and yet something that we can totally see his ardent fans trying. Technically, its called a “Friendly Muttonchop,” but think of it more along the lines of a Chin Curtain Meets Fu Manchu. Seriously, that’s a dope style move. 2. Kirataka © Amigo Indirajal Movies In one of his older films, Kirataka, Yash is barely recognisable. Here, Yash is seen in a simplistic, side-parted and slightly oiled up hair, with a very basic, but thick and densely growing stubble. We like how Yash has managed to keep the beard sharp, without losing any of that “desi” quality that his character needed. 3. Santhu Straight Forward © K. Manju Cinemas In this 2016 film, Yash had a rather cool hairstyle. A take on the full headed mohawk, we see the hair spiked and leaning towards one side. We also get to see some good products such as waxes and moose being used to hold the hair in its place. As for his beard, we like how he has defined his beard. We also like the prominent soul patch that he has gone for. 4. Masterpiece © Hombale Films This is where we start seeing that iconic full-bodied and full-length beard in its infancy. The longish hair, and the thick, short boxed beard look supremely dapper and would go on to be the basis of a fine, and drool-worthy beard. 5. Rajadhani © Sri Deviramma Enterprises A film from 2011, in Rajadhani we see Yash keeping a rather dope looking, free-flowing, side-parted hair, and a short boxed beard, which looks extremely cool. It goes perfectly well with the boy-next-door image that he was going for in the film. 6. KGF: Chapter 1 © Hombale Films Finally, we have KGF: Chapter 1, the film that put Yash on every Indian cinema fan’s radar. His long, full-bodied beard was just awesome. Saying that it was drool-worthy would be an understatement. Plus, his hair, too, was epic. It went perfectly well with the messiah-like, larger than life figure that Rocky’s character was. We always thought that Leonidas’ beard from 300 was one of the best beards in movie history. This one, though, was even better. In Conclusion… Appearances do matter a lot in how a character is received by the audience, and Yash seems to have cracked the code to pick out the best hair & beard style for his films. He just knocks it out of the park, every single time. That’s the sign of a truly great actor, someone, who was born to be in front of the camera. PS - We know there might be movies that we may have missed, where Yash’s beard & hairstyles were spectacular. Do let us know in the comments below, what other movies of Yash should we include in the list. View the full article
  10. BTS make a big splash with their Grammy?s Week Online Charity concert performance
  11. Dwayne Johnson, The Rock said ?Always looking for new techniques to keep this 250 million years old dinosaur body balanced and optimal"
  12. Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson shared Rotten Tomato ranking on social media of his NBC sitcom life drama 'Young Rock'
  13. Artists selected will be announced in May and inducted into the Hall of Fame at a ceremony in Cleveland
  14. Rapper Jay-Z, 1980s pop group The Go-Gos and rock band Foo Fighters were among first-time nominees announced on Wednesday for possible induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
  15. BLACKPINK?s Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, Lisa take over social media with snaps of their online concert
  16. Bob Rock co-produced 'Metallica?s self-titled 1991 record, most commonly referred to as 'The Black Album'
  17. Chris Rock gives his honest thoughts regarding the truth behind therapy sessions and their benefits
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