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Found 13 results

  1. Ryan Reynolds is Detective Pikachu. After Deadpool, he's now the world's most adorable Pokemon. Find an actor with more range. Well, you can't. Ryan takes all his roles completely seriously and is the definition of a method actor like Christian Bale. As it turns out, he decided to literally become Pikachu for his upcoming movie, and I must say, he nailed it. You can't even tell the difference between them. Twitter Sharing his journey of becoming the cute little yellow Pokemon, he gave everyone an insight into how much hard work he actually put in for the challenging role. He starts by saying, “I lived and I breathed and I became the character. I spent the entire year as Detective Pikachu.” Twitter He went to tell everyone the extent of his method acting - “As many of you know, I vanish into my roles.” And, of course, it was followed by an anecdote about it. He recalled, “I was on my way to pick up my daughters from school when I heard I got the role. I didn't show up at the school because Detective Pikachu doesn't know who those little girls are. Who are they?” At this point, a visibly annoyed Blake Lively had to interject. She said, “They're our daughters. He just left them.” Then, he talked about how much he immersed himself in the world of Pokemon. He read about him - Lived at his height - He even tried to lose 182 pounds to match Pikachu's weight, until the doctors intervened. So much dedication! Then, he goes on to say, “The point is my daughters, they may never see their dad again but you can be damned sure that they're going to be looking up at that screen this summer and they're going to see Detective Pikachu,” he says triumphantly. To which, Blake obviously laughs and say, “We're not going.” I really don't have anything to say about Ryan's sense of humour that hasn't already been said, but I just want to say this man always surprises me with how brilliant he actually is. What a video! “Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances” – Sanford Meisner. Point is, there's a new Detective Pikachu trailer tomorrow. pic.twitter.com/g9dRTOJHL1 — Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) February 25, 2019 Everyone's loving him and are excited about the movie. Picturing this pic.twitter.com/bCAGtEzh9T — Garry McConnachie (@TheGMcConnachie) February 25, 2019 Exactly the same. Same energy pic.twitter.com/NPxZEZojJO — Senhorita Sieghart (@Lesis_Hart) February 25, 2019 They know everything. “He didn't even change his voice. It just sounds like him.” Perfect. They get it and know what to joke about ð — GatorEX (@GatorEXP) February 25, 2019 Global tressure. Ryan Reynolds is a national treasure ð — Dennis Scanlon (@DennisScanlon1) February 25, 2019 Just same. You and Gaga two peas in a pod. pic.twitter.com/mHvdtvEAjw — Gil (@GilesChesher) February 25, 2019 Yes! Maybe a good idea: Pikachu hates Ryan Reynolds and breaks the 4th wall while he tries to steal Thor's hammer? — Dash (@DangerousDash) February 25, 2019
  2. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have the best trolling relationship, as they just can't help but pull one over the other, even when they're trying to call a truce. But, there's another bromance involving Ryan Reynolds that doesn't get the appreciation that it so deserves. I'm talking about the 'Deadpool 2' co-stars who made the movie so incredible - Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin. If you follow both of them online, you can see it's pretty clear they both love each other (no homo) and they both are so witty and hilarious, it's great to see how much and just how well they troll each other. So, here's a compilation of Deadpool and Cable being their best selves and giving us major Instagram bromance. Starting with Ryan's birthday wish for Josh from a couple of days ago. View this post on Instagram I know it seems like photoshop, but this really is the happiest moment of his life. Happy Birthday @joshbrolin ð A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on Feb 12, 2019 at 7:18pm PST And, Josh obviously had to bring in Wolverine while saying thank you. Ryan looks so good here. View this post on Instagram Thought you might like some updated training shots from #deadpool2 Check out @joshbrolin on the left... Getting RIPPED. Soon he'll step deep into the soul of CABLE. On the right, you can see me doing some light flexing while being silly in my dressing room. I have a long way to go still. PRO TIP: "Leg Day" is important. But "Smile Day" is essential. A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on Jun 5, 2017 at 3:34pm PDT Josh really matches Ryan's sense of humour perfectly. View this post on Instagram I made a wish come true last night. Ryan has always wanted to do Dancing with the Stars Rome with an incredibly handsome curmudgeon. Well, last night I made his dream a reality. It was good for me too. Deadpool 2 was a difficult process for us: there was a lot of strife between us, a lot of hatred and baggage. We let it go for just a night - one night - and what a night it was. @vancityreynolds @deadpoolmovie #backtoangry #fuckdeadpool #2 A post shared by Josh Brolin (@joshbrolin) on May 5, 2018 at 11:25pm PDT Ryan's last year's birthday wish also deserves a mention. View this post on Instagram Happy Birthday, Bright Eye. You don't taste a day over 40. A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on Feb 12, 2018 at 6:30am PST The grumpy uncle everyone wants. Don't miss out the hashtags tho. View this post on Instagram We all have that one, grumpy, heavily armed Uncle from the future. #PremiumCABLE #MaximumAsshole A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on Aug 7, 2017 at 8:22am PDT Yes it does, doesn't it? View this post on Instagram The camera really does add 10 pounds. A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on Aug 8, 2017 at 9:30am PDT Thanos joke, nice. View this post on Instagram Cable. Played by the legend, @joshbrolin... And now with over 80 percent less purple chin. #deadpool2 A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on May 19, 2018 at 12:58pm PDT Not letting go of a chance to take a dig at Ryan, of course. View this post on Instagram Photo shoot yesterday. Felt a little under the weather but it was nice to strap the cable stuff on again. I try to keep in shape year round as opposed to @vancityreynolds who always lets himself go between shoots. My fans demand excellence in me, and here I am giving it to them. ðª@justindlovato Photo: @ultraben235 A post shared by Josh Brolin (@joshbrolin) on Jan 29, 2019 at 11:41am PST Just a thought. View this post on Instagram Merry Christmas @aviationgin. Might think about getting a cleaner face for your product. Just a thought. ðâï¸ð¦ A post shared by Josh Brolin (@joshbrolin) on Dec 22, 2018 at 5:38pm PST A masterpiece! View this post on Instagram Some might call this creation a masterpiece, but to me it's just well hung art to be shared with the world. A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on Dec 14, 2017 at 5:41am PST
  3. If you love Ryan Reynolds in and as 'Deadpool' and have wondered why there has been no 'desi' version of the Merc with a Mouth so far, then maybe this will give you your daily dose of laughter. A YouTube channel called 'Dablew Tee' has uploaded a 'desi' Deadpool swinging through the streets of Lahore and the video is hilarious. While the hunky Ryan is the anti-hero of everyone's dreams and is probably not the exact representation of cultural appropriation we might find suitable, this Pakistani Deadpool is downright funny. While you might imagine Wade Wilson stealing from bad people and driving a dope car, this one ends up stealing bananas and driving a broken motorcycle instead. © YouTube © YouTube This version is definitely funny and kind of made our day, ergo we thought we'd share the cheer with everyone. Wonder what Ryan Reynolds has got to say about it.
  4. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman's social media war may be the best thing online, and I'm not even exaggerating. Both of them are brilliant actors who keep us entertained on-screen but their off-screen antics are what honestly makes them trolling goals/friendship goals. We all know a healthy friendship consists of constant roasting and they both have it covered. But, after so many Twitter 'feuds', they decided to call a truce. But it's Ryan and Hugh so obviously, things didn't go exactly as planned. (or, did it go perfectly?) So basically, they decided to call a truce and end their social media war by doing something nice for one another - making an ad for each other's company. Ryan Reynolds has Aviation Gin and he doesn't let go of any chance at promoting it and Hugh has Laughing Man Coffee. Seems perfect, right? Having your super famous friends promote your product? What can go wrong? Well, a lot, apparently. © YouTube Ryan went first in showing his ad for Laughing Man Coffee and kept his part of the deal. I mean, he nailed it and the million dollars he spent on it was worth it. With so many puns on Hugh's name, there just cannot be a better ad for Hugh Jackman's company. I'm just surprised Ryan didn't take this opportunity to get revenge about the sweater prank from Christmas. But oops, Ryan's commercial was so good that now Hugh did not want to show his own ad for Aviation Gin. Any guesses why? Turns out he never expected his friend to actually pass up the chance to troll him on such a big level, so Hugh came prepared for anything and everything that Ryan could throw his way, but a great, professional-looking expensive ad wasn't it. I'm sorry Ryan, I love you, but Hugh won this round by a landslide. Your ad was good but Hugh Jackman killed it! Most of the time, it's Ryan doing all the trolling but now, I feel like the score has evened out. And, Ryan's face at the end is priceless. I have watched this video over 10 times and I'm honestly still not over it, Ryan's face kills me every time. Here's the entire video- (Yes, we all know it was planned all along but we can pretend it's real and how Hugh Jackman trolled the hell out of Ryan Reynolds, thanks.) A buddy cop movie, please! Holy ****! We don't deserve these guys. Please please please make a wolverine, dead pool movie. Or just a Ryan and Hugh buddy cop movie. Haha — Patrick O'Donnell (@PunkBobNoPants) February 6, 2019 We need it now! When @RealHughJackman poured the gin out on his table that was the incing on the cake for me. LOL These guys need to do another movie together. — Blake (@FresnoFCBlake) February 6, 2019 Literally what happened. pic.twitter.com/XKyCpLnD90 — UNNIKRISHNAN (@Unni_S_NaiR) February 6, 2019 The meme has come full circle. The situation right now ðð#LaughingMan pic.twitter.com/vJqqW4PpDi — Vikrant Aarav (@aarav_vikrant) February 6, 2019 Ryan trying to get all the sympathy. Right!!? — Aviation American Gin (@AviationGin) February 6, 2019 Finally. Joke's on Deadpool for once ððpic.twitter.com/oFNTCRY2vJ — Trudy (@trudyhp) February 6, 2019 Goals! Love the @VancityReynolds @RealHughJackman friendship. I mean one has a gin brand and the other a coffee brand. Match made in heaven! One helps you get drunk in the night, the other helps with the hangover in the morning. #FriendshipGoals — Tanvi Modi (@TanviModi) February 6, 2019
  5. If there's one superhero that embodies the modern day quintessential superhero, it has to be Deadpool. A childish sense of humour, cleverness and no fear of anyone, Deadpool is easily among the most beloved superheroes, although he likes to call himself a mercenary. Ryan Reynolds has been the perfect person to play the part as he embodies the quirky characteristics of Deadpool. The perfect portrayal of the role aside, what's equally impressive is the physique that Ryan has built for the part. A lean, muscular and an athletic physique! This is something every guy wishes to achieve. A physique that does not make them look like mass monsters, and at the same time, have girls drooling over them once they take the shirt off. Here's what you must do to try and build a lean muscular physique like Deadpool: 1. Drop Your Body Fat © YouTube One major mistake that most guys do and even desi gym trainers wrongly preach is, starting to work on bulking no matter what your body composition is. Some idiots even go to the extent of saying that bulk first, as it is easier to cut later. No, it is not. A Couple Of Things Here: a. At a higher body fat, you will gain more fat: The sweet spot to work on a lean bulk is between 8 to 15% body fat. If you are above this, there is a good chance, you will gain more body fat. b. Fat cells do not die off: As you become fatter the number of fat cells in your body will increase. More fat cells mean it is comparatively easier for you to gain body fat or weight in future. So, always do a cut first until you are around 8-10%. If you end up looking skinny, that is okay. It is temporary. 2. Start Eating In A Small Caloric Surplus Once you are at lower body fat, start eating more calories than your maintenance calories to increase your weight. And yes, you have to do this very conservatively. It is not a contest of getting as fat as possible in the shortest amount of time. Aim to gain no more than 1 to 1.5 kilo per month. Which means a surplus of around 200 kcals per day! Ensure you are consuming at least 1.8 grams of protein per kilo of body weight. 3. Do More Of Compound Movements Lift multi-joint movements so that you can get stronger and pack more muscle. Do not waste all your time in the gym doing 100 sets of bicep curls. The more compound movements you pick, the more muscles you work on, increasing the opportunity to grow muscle. And do not do the conventional one body part a day training. Research shows that even when doing the same number of weekly sets, those who trained one muscle 2x per week grew more muscle. Do not be a knob. © Imgur 4. Do This Ab Circuit 3x A Week The one thing that stands out in Ryan's physique in 'Deadpool' is his abs. As abs are a smaller muscle group, they recover faster meaning you can train them more frequently. The primary function of your abs is spinal flexion. The two basic movements which do it is ab crunches and leg raises. Do 3-4 supersets of 12-15 reps of these exercises every alternate day to build muscle and have your abs popping. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company and the founder of Mars Nutrition, a nutrition supplement company. Both his companies are geared towards providing you with the right information and products without any false or fake claims. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram.
  6. The fact that Deadpool takes the cake in terms of 'superheroes that are crazy', has long been established. However, what is poetic is that Ryan Reynolds also seems to be a real-life version of his reel brilliance, effortlessly so. Be it his humour, his otherworldly take on mundane topics, or his fierce love and affection towards his family, RR is perfection, and he sure likes proving it time and again. Now, Deadpool has an Indian connection in terms of his super-cool cabbie friend Dopinder. Ryan clearly wants to keep it going. Why do we think so? He just proved it sartorially. In his latest Instagram post, Ryan took on 'the world's most challenging Rollerblade course' wearing a quintessential desi Kurta. Take a look! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on Jan 3, 2019 at 2:51pm PST We are very, very confused. Given it's Ryan Reynolds, we know better than to analyse the reason for this particular outfit. Plus, we're just happy to see him in an Indian outfit that makes him look great! What we love about the Kurta is that it's not 'extra', but something all of us have worn at some point. Clearly, he likes the comfort. His choice of camo pants and knee pads on top don't really go with the grace of the blue kurta, but safety first, we say. © Instagram/vancityreynolds Probably a Sabyasachi sherwani is next on the cards?
  7. The race to the 91st Academy Awards is heating up and as we are nearing the big day in Hollywood, it is becoming difficult for fans and critics to figure out their list of nominees in various categories. Amongst the nominees under major categories, the ones for the film direction remain highly popular each year. Choosing the best director of the year is a very particular task and often with the ongoing reviews and fans' expectations, the jury takes a decision which is later criticized. Remember how only last year, Christopher Nolan was snubbed for a record-breaking fifth time by the Academy? Well, surprises and snubs are common each year and may be highly visible this year too with so many great contenders and films around. After going through each film and each category, we have come up with a list of best directors of the year 2018. Take a look below to know who all may be nominated this year under the Best Director category at the Academy Awards: Alfonso Cuarón Orozco – Roma When 'Gravity' won multiple Oscars in 2014 including the one for the Best Director, Alfonso Cuarón's fate changed and he became one of the most sought-after filmmakers in Hollywood. © YouTube His efforts in directing the science-fiction thriller were so weighty, that he famously made one journalist believe about the film having been shot in space. After 4 years, the maestro is back with his most artistic work till date, 'Roma' has set the bar high. Emerging from Alfonso's own life in Mexico, the semi-autobiographical work is not only technically absorbing, but the director has also made sure to leave the audience with a cinematic experience larger than life. The film's black and white theme is a magnificent product of his imagination. His nominations in the Golden Globes and Critics' Choice Awards, strengthen his stance for his next Oscar. Bradley Cooper – A Star Is Born This has been so far a rewarding year for actor Bradley Cooper who debuted in the world of film direction through his much talked about flick 'A Star Is Born'. A three-time Oscar nominee for acting, Cooper gave us a movie that is emotionally profound, brilliantly written and intensely directed. As a first time director, Cooper has done a brilliant job which made us think that he could be the one this year. 'A Star Is Born' also resonates of how fabulously he has acted too while sitting in the director's seat. © Warner Bros He has made sure to add new hues to the old story thus creating an immaculate piece. Critics all over the world have given thumbs up about cooper's nomination; he has already been announced the Best Director trophy by the National Board of Review. He has also been nominated for the Golden Globes in the same category. Peter Farrelly - Green Book While the reviews about 'Green Book' are mostly positive thus advancing its slant for the big day, critics are also highlighting Peter Farrelly's expertise as the film's director. © YouTube Known for directing films like 'Dumb and Dumber' and 'There's Something About Mary', Farrelly has dug in this time and gave us a perfect example of masterful storytelling. We aren't surprised about his nominations for the Golden Globes and Critics' Choice Awards, looks like this is going to be a remarkable year for the director. Spike Lee - BlacKkKlansman Spike Lee, the 1990 Oscar nominee for 'Do the Right Thing' is back with his highly acclaimed work 'BlacKkKlansman', a film that hit the audiences straight away. It is said to be Spike Lee's best work till date after his all-powerful 'Malcolm X'. The film is a perfect balance of adroit narration and exquisite direction. Also nominated for the Globes, Lee has all chances of winning the golden trophy. The film is also expected to get nominated in multiple categories at the Oscars. Adam McKay – Vice Though the world is going gaga about Christian Bale's performance and his transformation journey in Adam McKay's 'Vice', critics are also lauding the director's will to breathe life in a stale story. © YouTube The Oscar-winning director has bolstered his position this season and has effortlessly become the jury's favorite. Before we reach any conclusion, we must also take note of his willingness to work with Bale again and present a dialogue highlighting Bale's performance that has surpassed the film's direction. Howbeit, McKay is up in the list of nominees for the Golden Globes and Critics' Choice Awards. Barry Jenkins – If Beale Street Could Talk Barry Jenkins came to the limelight with his 2017 win for Best Adapted Screenplay (Moonlight), a film that was otherwise shadowed by the great 'La La Land' snub. © YouTube Looks like he is all geared up this season too, with his singular anecdote - 'If Beale Street Could Talk'. This intimate piece of art gives you the 'Moonlight' feels, however, is distinctive from the direction perspective. The film has got many visually stunning moments and is just too beautiful to be ignored especially in the direction category. Though Jenkins has not been nominated for the Globes, he is immensely talented and this movie is a pure gift for the moviegoers. We are expecting him to be one of the nominees despite a line of directors ahead of him in the race. Yorgos Lanthimos - The Favourite When visually appealing films like 'The Favourite' are made, it takes up an immense amount of courage and devotion for a director. Such projects take years for completion and need much involvement from the one who directs the film. © YouTube 'The Favourite' started somewhere near 2 decades ago and concluded its journey in 2018. Yorgos Lanthimos took us back in time by skillfully recreating the Victorian era. He is one director whose work is not everyone's cup of tea. He was previously nominated for creating the Best Original Screenplay for 'The Lobster. He has been snubbed by the Globes, on the other hand, his film has received 14 nominations for Critics' Choice Awards. He might get nominated for the Oscars too for creating a vividly stunning film. Damien Chazelle The proud Oscar winner for 'La La Land' and also the youngest winner in the direction category is back in the scene with another Ryan Gosling starrer flick 'First Man'. This is Chazelle's first attempt in creating a science fiction, and a very laborious one. Quite different from his previously directed films, this director needs more attention from the critics because 'Firstman' is not a film that could have easily been made. Not like 'Gravity' and nothing like 'Interstellar' this one is a clear emotional ride into space. Tough job done by Chazelle might not be easily overlooked by the jury. Ryan Coogler – Black Panther We know that this is a superhero genre movie and is almost not eligible for consideration by the Academy, however, the film has been nominated for the Golden Globes and that too in a major film category. © YouTube While fans are contemplating if the film could be a Best Picture winner, we simply cannot ignore the high-end direction that has gone behind creating this superhero genre masterpiece. As the film moves ahead in the race with strong contenders like 'Roma', this somehow creates space and more likeliness for Ryan Coogler's first Academy nomination. Regardless, 'Black Panther' made us see something beyond the regular superhero films and certainly became a cultural phenomenon. Honourable Mentions Rob Marshall – Mary Poppins Returns Marielle Heller – Can You Ever Forgive Me? Steve McQueen – Widows Clint Eastwood – The Mule Paul Schrader – First Reformed John Krasinski – A Quiet Place
  8. The Avengers don't need to be worried about Thanos at all because they have a much bigger rival who is there to prank them at every moment possible. I'm talking about a certain Red and Black superhero we all love. Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds are the biggest trolls ever and they use their trolling powers to good use to prank our favourite surviving Avengers and it's a great thing to see. Right after the biggest trailer for every Marvel fan came out - 'Avengers: Endgame' - Deadpool kind of stole the show a little bit, thanks to one of his fans. When the trailer came out, a bunch of people went to the website AvengersEndgame.com to know more, of course, but were greeted by something unexpected. Yep, it led to the official website of 'Once Upon A Deadpool'. Pretty neat prank, if you ask me, and it seems like Ryan himself could have been behind it, but nope, that wasn't the case. A Twitter user named @AGuyinChair took ownership of the hilarious prank and he also said that he owned both AvengersEndgame.com and AvengersEndgameMovie.com but will swap ownership of the domain for tickets to the film's premiere in Los Angeles. This is so cool that I'm mad I didn't think of it before, I wish I had the presence of mind to take all the domains so I could trade them for something cool from Marvel. While Marvel still seems to have some negotiations they have to do, Ryan Reynolds was quick to send a personal thank you gift to the guy in the chair because, well, who would appreciate a good trolling more than him? Package from @VancityReynolds just arrived! Wow! This thing is beautiful!!! ... And I will trade it immediately for 2 tickets to the #AvengersEndgame premiere! Any takers? pic.twitter.com/RPoEjBOJbl — Guy Inchair (@AGuyInChair) December 14, 2018 The guy in the chair just wants a chair at the 'Avengers: Endgame' premier and doesn't care about anything else. Wait, there's more stuff inside! Holy crap! There's stuff inside too! (These have got to be worth two tickets, right?) They're from Canada! Or a Canadian at the very least!! pic.twitter.com/3l1RXGMmF1 — Guy Inchair (@AGuyInChair) December 14, 2018 Even Ryan was happy to see that the guy in the chair received his gift and replied to his tweets saying something we would all love to hear from him. This isn't to say I'm proud of what you did. Just that I happen to love you. — Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) December 14, 2018 I know that wasn't for me but I love you too Ryan <3 The tweet was so powerful that the guy in the chair fell off his chair! pic.twitter.com/bzWirGNWrd — Guy Inchair (@AGuyInChair) December 14, 2018
  9. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman love each other, like really really love each other. Sorry Blake, seems like your husband is into another man. When it comes to the fans, everyone loves them separately as superheroes but everyone loves them even more together and Ryan is also a huge Deadpool-Wolverine fan, because he's always trying his best to make that crossover happen. Hugh just posted a 'tbt' for one of the biggest characters he's ever played. Very innocent. (And it's in Hindi!) #Mumbai #Logan #ThrowbackThursday pic.twitter.com/XL68UMDpX0 — Hugh Jackman (@RealHughJackman) December 13, 2018 And obviously, Ryan found the opportunity to do what he does best - troll Hugh. It'd be cool if they made a new poster. For a new movie. — Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) December 13, 2018 Yes Ryan, it would be cool, very cool. Full props to Ryan for being so subtle. Hugh is obviously used to his friend's antics and knows how to troll him back. The obsession is real. @VancityReynolds https://t.co/HrM9daAPb6 — Hugh Jackman (@RealHughJackman) December 13, 2018 And, their banter continued. It's true. I'll never forget how much I mean to you. https://t.co/JOZyErPjG1 — Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) December 13, 2018 While I look for my violin ... perhaps you'd like to answer my challenge?! https://t.co/YxlwITDWmd — Hugh Jackman (@RealHughJackman) December 13, 2018 Honestly, everyone loves to see both of them interacting on Twitter. Ryan is the bad cop, of course. Buddy cop, bad cop, worse cop.... We need some sort of partnership here ð — BossLogic (@Bosslogic) December 13, 2018 This works. What, like this? pic.twitter.com/vVsEiBWwhr — Big Al ðªðº (@Big_Al_Warren) December 13, 2018 Not much. Your adoring fans aren't asking for much... pic.twitter.com/7XJwVHUxtT — Jeffrey Mendez (@JeffreyJMendez) December 13, 2018 Perfect. pic.twitter.com/6UtnfddMY3 — Jon Kautza (@KautzaJon) December 13, 2018 Yes, we deserve it! GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!!!! pic.twitter.com/eTyQ9K9FAx — Laura Ryder (@Ryder_83) December 13, 2018 Take notes. Okay Hollywood producers and or directors please make a movie with these two incredible actors in it. Ryan and Hugh are freaking hilarious https://t.co/R8vNKWIww1 — DC (@vibalacy) December 13, 2018 But then, the best reaction and contribution came from none other than Chris Evans. I have my audition monologues prepared. https://t.co/LU1b0iTNRR — Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) December 13, 2018 A Deadpool-Wolverine-Captain America crossover is not something that we knew we wanted, but now we desperately need it.
  10. Everyone loves Ryan Reynolds and everyone loves Hugh Jackman, but people love both of them even more, when they're together. These two aren't just fantastic actors, but also two of the nicest human beings out there, and that's why their friendship is so pure. In case you didn't know, it was Ryan's birthday yesterday and wishes for him were pouring in from everywhere. But, just saying 'happy birthday' is so boring and wishing someone like Ryan with that bland-ass message is a straight up crime. So, obviously Hugh had a special message for Ryan and it's the greatest Wolverine-Deadpool crossover ever. Because I'm told that I AM THE NICEST GUY and you're NOT. @VancityReynolds ... I will let you hug me. Just this once. On your birthday. pic.twitter.com/OoW3ZJiN2N — Hugh Jackman (@RealHughJackman) October 23, 2018 “Because I'm told that I AM THE NICEST GUY and you're NOT.” – wow, Hugh really knows Ryan a little too well. See, he's so nice. He also let Ryan hug him for just one time. Clearly, he really does love his fans. Here's Ryan's reply. This man is a monster. He's not even from Australia. He's from Milwaukee. https://t.co/CxHceP4d9L — Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) October 23, 2018 When there are two great people talking online, so many fans come together to just be happy about the interaction and this time was no different. But, even Ryan hasn't aged! @VancityReynolds wishes he aged (or rather didn't age) like you ð pic.twitter.com/q6qvw1P7n0 — Trudy (@trudyhp) October 23, 2018 What happened in the bedroom should probably stay in the bedroom. This is the whole story.... what actually happened in that bedroom ðððððð#HappyBirthdayRyanReynolds pic.twitter.com/VDvz4wE9H2 — Vikrant Aarav (@aarav_vikrant) October 23, 2018 Great photoshop! "May I have this dance?" pic.twitter.com/CsnUHCafsh — Killin' It (@HeyImKillinIt) October 23, 2018 It really is! best friendship ever aaaaa i love you guys ðð¤â¤ð pic.twitter.com/KnDf9oS395 — déia (@partygirlu2) October 23, 2018 Are we sure it's just bromance? Ahh the bromance continues ð xx pic.twitter.com/5PRRWxM4bT — Karen Treend (@KarenTreend) October 23, 2018 The best. Both of them ,the best always!!ð⨠pic.twitter.com/4nld95tzBV — Mary Smith (@MarySmith773344) October 23, 2018 We remember. I'm wheezing. Remember when Ryan did this for your birthday? pic.twitter.com/jHaSyx6oj2 — smochi ð¨ð¹ð­ð¦ð¥ð¯ð°ðâ¨ð (@roseforBTS) October 23, 2018 I agree. You misspelled “HOTTEST” pic.twitter.com/yg982HlFFR — Rachel Star (@rachelstarlive) October 23, 2018
  11. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are literally a match made in trolling heaven. Both of them have the best sense of humour and their banter online has entertained us for so long. Considering all the times they have roasted each other on Twitter and Instagram, there are always two specific posts that everyone remembers. I'm obviously talking about their special romantic way of wishing each other 'Happy Birthday!'. Ryan, embodying Deadpool, started the trend by posting this blurry picture last year. View this post on Instagram Happy Birthday to my amazing wife. A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on Aug 25, 2017 at 8:20pm PDT And, a few months later, Blake got her revenge. View this post on Instagram Happy Birthday, baby. A post shared by Blake Lively (@blakelively) on Oct 23, 2017 at 3:25pm PDT I swear to God, I have seen these two pictures of the pair of them, more than I've actually seen their faces. Yes, they are iconic but this time, since Ryan himself forgot to troll his wife on her birthday, he decided to troll himself, probably trying to stay one step ahead of Blake. Posting a picture of yourself on Instagram from when you were a kid seems pretty normal, but the pressure comes down to the caption. We all know Ryan is hilarious – after all, he isn't called the real-life Deadpool for no reason – and he didn't even spare himself on his own birthday. Roasting himself, he put the caption “Happy Birthday to me. Or as Dad used to affectionately say, “the condom broke.”” View this post on Instagram Happy Birthday to me. Or as Dad used to affectionately say, “the condom broke.” A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on Oct 22, 2018 at 12:07pm PDT Great stuff, man! His famous friends came to laugh with him in the comment section and Ryan sure knows how to answer any kind of question and comment. Rather than the caption, Nathan Fillion decided to focus on the most important part of the picture. More birthday wishes, or rather 'condom broke' day wishes. Moreover, the best part is that both Ryan and Blake are using their platform to encourage people to vote and it's actually really cool to see that. View this post on Instagram What a birthday! I just smoked a huge bowl of early voting. #JustVoted @whenweallvote A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on Oct 23, 2018 at 7:30am PDT View this post on Instagram Happy Birthday to 2018's Sexiest Voter Alive @vancityreynolds #justvotedð¬ð#absenteeballot party! A post shared by Blake Lively (@blakelively) on Oct 23, 2018 at 6:48am PDT Never change, Ryan. Happy Birthday!
  12. We already know how Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are all kinds of goals. Two good looking and talented people so in love, who wouldn't want that? But, the most enviable thing about both of them is their ability to flawlessly troll each other. I'm sure everyone remembers their hilarious birthday posts for each other which, once and for all, set the bar high for anyone wishing anyone online. View this post on Instagram Happy Birthday to my amazing wife. A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on Aug 25, 2017 at 8:20pm PDT They are so iconic we still remember them after a year. View this post on Instagram Happy Birthday, baby. A post shared by Blake Lively (@blakelively) on Oct 23, 2017 at 3:25pm PDT Here's some more trolling, because why not. View this post on Instagram If there's one thing I'm infinitely proud of in this picture, it's the incredible hair styling that I did on myself. A post shared by Blake Lively (@blakelively) on Apr 8, 2018 at 11:04am PDT View this post on Instagram #nofilter A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on Nov 6, 2017 at 2:27pm PST In case you didn't know, Ryan Reynolds also has his own gin company called Aviation Gin, and he posts about it almost as much as he posts about 'Deadpool' so yeah, it's a big deal. A few days ago, he posted a picture of an advertisement of his gin company with his picture on the side of a truck, with a funny caption, of course. View this post on Instagram Turns out the driver really doesn't carry cash. But he DOES carry pepper spray... and a shitload of @aviationgin #Aviationowner A post shared by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on Sep 6, 2018 at 6:02pm PDT Seems pretty normal, but wait till Blake comes in and tops her husband's already funny caption. Obviously very excited for Ryan, like every supportive wife, Blake commented “Who needs a minivan?! I'm driving this from now on. Subtle, gorgeous, and OHMYGAWDYOUREHUGE.” Wow, I never thought I would see Blake talking about Ryan's size so publicly. This interaction was first spotted by the Instagram account Comments By Celebs and I'm so glad that page exists, they really are doing God's work and making everyone see so many comments that would otherwise have gone unnoticed. View this post on Instagram The words every man wants to hear. #CommentsByCelebs A post shared by @ commentsbycelebs on Sep 8, 2018 at 5:22pm PDT An Important Disclaimer– Before anyone comments about how this is clickbait, please go look up the word because the headline is saying exactly what the article is about. Thanks!
  13. There are so many super cool superheroes we have today, brought to the big screen by even more incredible actors. We all love them to the point that we can't even imagine some other actor playing any other character, it just doesn't seem right. Let's take Marvel for example—the casting seems so accurate, we can't see any other actor pulling off any of the characters. Robert Downey Jr is Iron Man, and no one can match up to it. Same with all the characters, including all the 'Chrises'. (Marvel really has a serious Chris problem!) Similarly, the sentence 'Ryan Reynolds was born to play Deadpool' has been said and written so many times since the first movie came out because of how true it is. But, the actors behind two iconic roles might be interested in switching now and I'm not going to lie, I'm quite intrigued and really do want to see how it would play out. The actors in question are Ryan Reynolds and Chris Hemsworth and if you don't know what characters they play, then shame on you. In case you didn't know, it was Chris Hemsworth's birthday a couple of days ago – it was also a self-proclaimed national holiday for Marvel fans – and his tweet about his birthday was absolutely hilarious. Immediately after this shot was taken my son viciously attacked me from behind (due to his ninja training) and slammed my face into the flaming candles, I'll now be playing Deadpool if @VancityReynolds pulls the pin #bestbirthdayever @ElsaPataky_ pic.twitter.com/QUvjAC4xAH — Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth) August 11, 2018 What a subtle dig, it's so cool. Also, how do I get ninja training, Chris? Please answer! But, Ryan Reynolds always has to maintain his status of being the funniest superhero and was ready with an even better reply. Weird. My daughter JUST stabbed me in the right eye. (She's not a ninja, but she IS a bit of a dick) Point is, We can finally trade roles... (Happy Birthday Bubba!) https://t.co/TsDLuTACaO — Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) August 11, 2018 I honestly live for Ryan's tweets mentioning his kids, he really is 'father of the year' and not just a 'daddy'. The first reply is exactly what we're all thinking. MAKE A THOR DEADPOOL CROSSOVER — daddy stark (@woIvern) August 11, 2018 'Thorpool' is something I never knew I wanted but now I need it. This guy is a little salty. They wont let you be an avenger, stop trying its just getting sad at this point — east (@stuckymcu) August 11, 2018 This seems accurate. pic.twitter.com/l3FX8HZjw9 — Allyð¹ (@whereisx6) August 11, 2018 Important question. What kind of children are you both raising ð¤ðð pic.twitter.com/cgc2NntcFp — Witness The Fitness (@janann24) August 11, 2018 Maybe Iron Man will introduce them and that's what Dr. Strange saw. Deadpool and Thor will defeat thanos — ð¸ðð¾ ð (@mxrvxll) August 11, 2018 Will Deadpool bring Cable along? That could get a little awkward. A bigger crossover than Infinity War! (Sorry, just had to do it) Thorpool the hero we all need 𤣠pic.twitter.com/AQj8qJJgSM — Rob Walker (@llamedos77) August 11, 2018 What a gif! He can't lift his hammer ð¨ though pic.twitter.com/HSihujZad3 — vars boilen jr (@action52622952) August 12, 2018 They should just switch places in their next movies and act like nothing is different, it would be hilarious and I would pay so much to watch that.