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Found 30 results

  1. If you have clicked and landed here, then let's begin with some virtual love. Some days, we all just need a good cry. Like the tears need to roll and the heart needs to open its door and the eyes need to wash out the dust because there is this weight you have been carrying and it hurts. Here is a simple list of some ‘desi’ sad songs which will help you lighten up today: 1. Zindagi Ke SafarKishore Da giving some straight up life gyan. What is gone, is gone! Chin up buddy, cry, and get up with a stronger will. 2. Koi FariyaadJagjit Singh’s silky voice is a great companion for that drink in your hand and a memory in the heart. 3. TanhayeeWe all have imagined roaming around like a sad soul with this track playing in the background. Some days it does feel that ‘har khushi kho gayi’ after all. 4. Tadap TadapThat searing pain in the heart which aches when you breathe? Yeah, let that go. 5. Milne Hai Mujhse AayiIt’s a pandemic and no one comes to meet us anymore except some sadness. 6. Channa MereyaSo many lovers broken up, so many moving on. Arijit’s voice is a balm that will soothe the pain. 7. Phir Bhi Tumko ChaahungaThat one achy love that refuses to leave your heart no matter what you do? Yeah, some of us have been unlucky in love and we want to just love the person who is sadly not there with us anymore. 8. Mann BharyaIf you don’t know this B Praak number then I don’t know what to tell you my friend. The lyrics in this one will hit like a stone hitting a glass window. 9. DholnaAnother beautiful number to cry to, if you are longing to reunite with your beloved who is in a land far away. 10. Sach Keh Raha Hai DeewaaBetrayal has a new address with tears. Cry or no cry, shouting and singing along to this one is therapy. 11. Jag Soona SoonaLike the title suggests this ‘jag’ is empty, so pour some spirit in your ‘jug’ and empty your heart. 12. Aisa Kyun MaaYou know how when it hurts, a child shouts out to its mom before anything else? This beautifully penned number is a tribute to the loss of innocence we long for, as we wail out asking our mom to cradle us one more time. 13. QismatAmmy Virk speaks the language of every broken heart when he sings ‘main rabb badalda vekheya’ (I have seen even God changing colors). Ugh, wail away that pain. 14. Kyu Main JaagoonPretty sure you forgot about this insane number which is like a hot cup of coffee for a sore throat. 15. DooriyanThis song has way too many feelings to express in words. 16. Maula MereSomedays, we just want to face the almighty and beg him to heal what hurts. We’ll be compiling a list of some beautiful sad English songs as well. So if you like this, stay tuned for some more virtual love. View the full article
  2. Beach lovers should already get excited as amid the pandemic we are just unable to travel. But thank god the internet gets us the pictures of the places we were planning to travel to. Neon glow on beaches has been unreal for years and most of us only thought that Bollywood/Hollywood films edit the water and make it look extremely beautiful. But, who knew this could happen in real and we could witness it in Goa? Last, year blue shimmering waves were spotted at Injambakkam and Eliot’s beach in Chennai due to a phenomenon which is called bioluminescence or sea tinkle. And now, a similar experience has been witnessed at Betalbatim beach in Goa. There is a bleak chance of any of us going to Goa and looking at this in reality but these beautiful pictures will suffice the need for now. For people who don’t know, this neon glow is biological and happens by algae bloom of phytoplankton which usually gets disturbed by the waves. Check out the post here- #ExploreIndia Betalbatim beach in #Goa glows in the dark due to a natural phenomenon in which bioluminescent phytoplanktons in the waves emit a bluish glow when disturbed by the waves.The effect on the waters is dramatic. @TourismGoa @incredibleindia pic.twitter.com/vpWgOKehGM — India In Medan (@indiainmedan) November 19, 2020 India In Medan took to Twitter and posted the extraordinary pictures along with the caption saying, “#ExploreIndia Betalbatim beach in #Goa glows in the dark due to a natural phenomenon in which bioluminescent phytoplanktons in the waves emit a bluish glow when disturbed by the waves.The effect on the waters is dramatic.” While we have been canceling plans of going to Goa for years, now the pandemic has forced us to stay indoors. So even if we want to witness something as surreal as this, it will only be through photos. Here’s what people on the internet have to say about the beautiful blue shimmers. Wow pleasant look — Kamil Akamad (@KamilAkamad) November 19, 2020also in chennai — ˈbīəst ˈpərs(ə)n (@ShivamS06429415) November 20, 2020Beautiful! — Vidushi Kaushik (@VidushiK2) November 19, 2020Who has clicked these photos? Kindly give credit to original photographer also. — Warden Haben (@HabenWarden) November 19, 2020🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 — Nishtha (@_Nishhhh_) November 20, 2020 How beautiful is this? Let us know in the comments section below! View the full article
  3. Death is a sad reality with no escape and talking about the death of a loved one, especially your parents is never an easy conversation to have. Actor Matthew McConaughey recently opened up about some private details about his family life in his newly released memoir titled Greenlights. © Instagram In an interview, McConaughey spoke about the sad demise of his late father. His dad, James Donald apparently died due to a cardiac arrest which happened while he was having *** with his mother. "I got a call from my Mom. 'Your dad died.' My knees buckled. I couldn't believe it. He was my dad. Nobody or nothing could kill him. Except mom. He'd always told me and my brothers, 'Boys, when I go, I'm gonna be makin' love to your mother'. And that's what happened. He had a heart attack when he climaxed," McConaughey said in the interview. James died back in 1992 and he happened to marry his mother Kay three times after having a super rocky relationship. "They were, at times, violent. As I say in the book, that is how they communicated. They were divorced twice, married three times, I mean, yeah, it was like the Pacific Ocean in a storm”, he explained. © Twitter This is probably a very strange and a unique set of circumstances of how a relationship paved out for his parents. Probably the best thing about this rocky terrain is that they both eventually found each other in the end until his father’s untimely demise. Hope his soul rests in peace. View the full article
  4. There are some Bollywood films that’ll make us cry like a baby. Even if you’re one of those who don’t usually cry, you’ll definitely end-up weeping tears after a few Bollywood films. The plot of these films revolves around storylines that give us many reasons to cry and are also realistic at the same time. So, here is a list of Bollywood movie scenes that’ll make you shed a copious amount of tears. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai's Climax Scene The film is problematic on many levels if we watch it today but there isn’t a single person who hasn’t seen this film. The film still gives us many topics to discuss and we can still re-watch this film again and again. However, the climax scene of the film will leave you devastated. It will take you an unexpected rollercoaster ride that you never signed up for. Ishaan's 'Shoe' Scene In Taare Zameen Par For many of us leaving home and moving to another city for a job or academic opportunity has always been difficult. Also, even if you haven’t ever stepped in Ishaan Awasthi’s shoes- the scene where his parents leave him in the boarding school and he cries for his mom will make you feel extremely sad. Reunion Scene In Veer Zara The whole movie will make you sad and even the most strong person will end-up getting emotional while watching this film. But, the most heartbreaking part is when Veer gets to meet Zara after 22 years. Their reunion is one of the most iconic scenes in the history of Bollywood and will definitely make you miss the love of your life. Ending Scene In Rang De Basanti The film story is already something that puts a great impact on you from the beginning. However, the last scene of the film just entangles everyone and even today will leave you in splits. Aman On His Deathbed In Kal Ho Naa Ho No one can miss the scene where Aman is on his deathbed and is talking to Naina. This scene from the film has made all of us cry and feel emotions like never before and if you’re in no mood to cry or feel sad- we’d recommend not watch this movie. View the full article
  5. Ex Status SUBSCRIBED #ExStatus #whatsappstatus #newstatus New WhatsApp Status 2020 || Sad Status || Heart Touching Voice || Ex Status best status in urdu follow us on Facebook= 
  6. The Italian government has put a nationwide ban on spectators from visiting stadiums to support their favourite teams and have asked for all sporting events in the country to take place behind closed doors until April 3, 2020. This has happened because Italy is one of the most adversely affected countries by the highly contagious and deadly coronavirus. However, Juventus Forward, Cristiano Ronaldo is trying to stay optimistic and play the game of football for the fans who have been banned from attending his teamâs matches. In a video uploaded on Twitter, Ronaldo can be seen giving high-fives to the âghost fansâ who usually stand by the rails just to get a handshake or a picture with the athlete ahead of the game. Cristiano Ronaldo shaking hands with 'invisible' fans before the game tonight against Inter Milan. This is quality pic.twitter.com/LzTHqxg77Z â FutbolBible (@FutbolBible) March 8, 2020Ronaldo could also be seen applauding the empty benches during the warm-up session. © Reuters The stands were empty, there was absolute silence in between plays, the players could hear their own voice echoing through the multiple floors of the Allianz Stadium. However, Juventus was able to get over the eerie and uncommon feeling and powered their way through Inter Milan. Aaron Ramsey and Paulo Dybala scored in the 54th and 67th minutes, respectively to give their side a 2-0 finish to the Serie A derby. While Ronaldo has taken this move sportingly, and returned to the ground to complete his duties as a franchise player, some of the other athletes from all over the world have refused to play if the fans arenât allowed to be there by their side. Lebron James @KingJames said that if it depends on him, he will not play any @NBA matches that fans are prohibited from watching because of the risks of the corona virus Cov #Covid_19. pic.twitter.com/A8PX6aJaio â Global News 24hsâ¡ï¸â¡ (@GBNS2020) March 8, 2020It is extremely unfortunate to see that the kind of athletes who love to put their bodies to test and spend the best years of their lives playing for the love of the fans are being robbed of all of it because of the virus but it had to be done, for the sake of the people and the players alike. Check out an extended list of major sporting events that have already been affected by the outbreak of coronavirus, here. View the full article
  7. Funerals are usually an emotional experience for most of us and though some of us might have a funny story to tell, it is nothing as compared to this one. Recently, mourners at a funeral were accidentally served 'hash cake' in northern Germany. The cake was laced with marijuana and towards the end of the wake, attendees began to complain that they are feeling uneasy. © Unsplash Now that's funny as well as sad at the same time. According to The Guardian, the widow was rushed to hospital as people were concerned that she was suffering a stroke. Twelve other attendees also requested medical treatment and tests were run. Police were also called to investigate the whole situation. It was revealed that the cake was baked by the 18-year-old daughter of an employee and had a secret ingredient. It was later found that the secret ingredient was 'hash'! It's okay if you're laughing, right now! Cops found out that the cake was baked for a teenager's use and was stored alongside several other cakes baked for the funeral. © Unsplash According to Independent, police spokesperson Christopher Hahn said, “The teenager's mother had taken the wrong brownie cake without consulting her.” He also said, “Some attendees were left with serious health problems and a number forced to stay in hospital as a result of the contaminant.” The teenager is now being investigated for all thirteen cases of negligence and bodily injury, creating chaos and menace at a funeral and violation of the Narcotics Act. This 18-year-old was expecting to have some fun with her friends and it turned out to be the worst nightmare of every kid doing marijuana. View the full article
  8. India's recent results in the Global Hunger Index should raise serious alarm, with a deplorable rank of 102 among 117 countries - ranking the lowest among both BRICS and South Asian countries - Pakistan ranked 94th, while Bangladesh stood at 88th and Nepal took the 73rd spot. © Concern Worldwide/Welthungerhilfe With a score of 30.3, India falls firmly within the 'serious' category of hunger. The GHI score itself is calculated by zeroing in on four different key figures - undernourishment, child wasting, child stunting, and child mortality. © Concern Worldwide/Welthungerhilfe While general trends seem to be improving (except for wasting) according to the report, it is said that for infants in India aged 6 months to 23 months, only 9.6% are fed a 'minimum acceptable diet'. This means that less than 10 percent of the infants in India are properly fed. © Reuters Because of its large population, India's GHI indicator values have an inflated impact on the regional numbers as well. India's child wasting rate is extremely high at 20.8% - the highest wasting rate of any country in this report. © Reuters Hygiene is also a serious issue that remains at large. “Even with new latrine construction, however, open defecation is still practiced,” the report reads. “This situation jeopardises the population's health and consequently, children's growth and development as their ability to absorb nutrients is compromised.”
  9. Lewis Hamilton, the guy who rules the asphalt race circuits all around the world recently took to his Instagram account to announce that the world would soon come to an end if we continue to eat animals. "Hey world, I hope everyone's enjoying their day. I'm sad right now with the thought of where this world is going,” wrote the 34-year-old Formula One world champion. i am lewis hamilton, lewis hamilton is me pic.twitter.com/PTOqMM3aEu — ðððð (@lovelyleclerc) October 15, 2019 "Extinction of our race becoming more and more likely as we over use our resources. The world is a messed up place. World leaders either uneducated or don't care about the environment at all. I urge you to do some research, find the compassion I know you have within you to recognise what you are contributing to in terms of what you eat which keeps the meat and dairy industry flourishing and therefore deforestation, animal cruelty, our seas and climate decaying on a daily basis. Go vegan, it is the only way to truly save our planet today. It can be done so quickly, all you have to do is put your mind to it. Honestly I feel like giving up on everything. Shut down completely. Why bother when the world is such a mess and people don't seem to care. I'm going to take a moment away to gather my thoughts. Thank you to those of you who do give a damn about the world." This is where the hypocrisy steps in. Formula One as a whole burns approximately 7 million gallons of jet fuel during just one season just to bring the “sport” to the fans all over the world. Which essentially means that even before the race begins and the “super fast”cars turn on their engines, F1 has already emitted a staggering 147 million pounds of carbon dioxide. A single formula 1 car emits 17 tons of carbon dioxide a year. So F1 is dull and bad for the planet too! — Jonathan Baldwin â (@jbaldwin) April 1, 2009 Personally, Hamilton turned vegan a couple of years ago in hopes of contributing to the cause of saving the planet. However, according to a Daily Mail report, the racer has his dog Coco fly from his Malibu house in his private jet to “catch up” with Roscoe, his second dog who prefers to live in the UK. The 5,400 mile flight between Los Angeles and Heathrow generates 1.67 tonnes of CO2. Lewis Hamilton concerned about climate change. Sweet coming from a man that fly's his dog around the world on his private jet... — Neil Johnson (@neil66johnson) October 16, 2019 So, maybe there's another way to save our planet other than turning vegan? Maybe Hamilton himself can contribute towards filling the personal hole that he has dug in our Ozone layer by simple having his dogs live together and reduce the number of trips his private jet makes? I mean, if he can ask us to turn vegan for the sake of our planet, we can at least ask him to reunite his pets Coco and Roscoe, albeit it will cause some initial discomfort the bulldogs. Alternatively, the sudden urge to write such a heartfelt appeal to his fans to boycott all animal-based products could be to promote the vegan burger joint that the Englishman recently invested in? @LewisHamilton goes VEGAN. Feels like giving up on everything. Well that's a shocker ðð I wonder if he will give up on his new business venture = VEGAN Restaurant ð NEAT BURGER £23 for 2 for shite (McDonald type) food + another £10 for drinks. ðhttps://t.co/tKjOhlFrja pic.twitter.com/AjULPAppH5 — Vin©ï¸ent Harris (@Vhtempopro) October 16, 2019 Which simply makes the whole scenario even more disappointing because that would mean that Hamilton doesn't actually care about the environment and just wants to make profits off the ongoing climate crisis. Twitter users called BS on the racer's phony appeal: @LewisHamilton I am super fan of yours. But this #Vegan malarkey from you is utterly unjustifiable. I mean how can I when you Drives cars that you do with tries and fuel you burn through, The jet that you fly in around the world in. I mean Seriously mate think about it?? — Munawwar Ashraf (@Munawwar_) October 16, 2019 Will you go to Berlin by air? Please have the vegan meal on-board as that will offset the rest of the emissions causing climate change. You'll be a real hero if you do. — Martin Lopez (@Martin_Lopez) October 16, 2019 You need to get @LewisHamilton on and ask him about being a vegan and wanting to save the world and then ask him how much co2 his car gives off at his work place @piersmorgan @susannareid100 — Kenny newey (@NeweyKenny) October 16, 2019 Opens up a vegan restaurant then uses his platform to extol the virtues of veganism - rather transparent ulterior motive there @LewisHamilton — Troglodytarum Vos (@sbbjenny) October 16, 2019 @LewisHamilton So you want everyone to go Vegan to save the planet BUT it is fine for you to earn millions driving a F1 car while jetting around the World??? Why not lead by example. — Paul Lister ð¬ð§ (@Paul_Lister73) October 16, 2019
  10. It has been less than a day since the ICC World Cup 2019 matchup between India and Pakistan took place at Old Trafford in Manchester, and the level of attention the game has received ever since has been out of control. So, we will go through a quick recap before talking about the main story: Indian opener Rohit Sharma scored his fastest ODI century. Virat Kohli became the fastest cricket to score 11,000 ODI runs, Vijay Shankar took a wicket on his first Cricket World Cup delivery, Sarfaraz Ahmed yawned multiple times during the game, and Virat Kohli declared himself out even when he was not! #ViratKohli scores his 11,000th ODI run! He reaches the landmark in 54 fewer innings than anyone else ðpic.twitter.com/mebDOLJESs — Cricket World Cup (@cricketworldcup) June 16, 2019 Oh, and the Men in Blue defeated the Men in Green again, taking their World Cup record against the neighbouring cricketing rivals to 7-0 wins. Now that you are up to speed, let's talk about this young fan of Pakistan cricket who visited Old Trafford to experience the legendary rivalry that India versus Pakistan was hyped to be, keeping in mind the brilliant encounters the two teams have had in the past. However, instead of watching the game of his life that he had expected, the fan got to witness a one-sided game which was dominated by Virat Kohli's men through and through. Losing the match by a massive 89-run margin, despite the Duckworth–Lewis–Stern (DLS method) with veteran batsmen like Shoaib Malik and Sarfaraz Ahmed getting dismissed for cheap at the hands of fierce Indian bowlers, absolutely broke the Pak support's heart. Here's what the poor guy had to say: Essentially, what the young lad is trying to say it that even though the Pakistani supporters love the team, being dominated by Team India like that was extremely frustrating to watch. The fan complains about the clear lack of fitness and lethargy that adversely affected Pakistan's performance. He feels that the Pakistani cricketers do not take health and fitness seriously and are irregular about their diet. As much as our heart goes out to the guy, him venting out his frustration like that is hilarious!
  11. It has been less than a day since the ICC World Cup 2019 matchup between India and Pakistan took place at Old Trafford in Manchester, and the level of attention the game has received ever since has been out of control. So, we will go through a quick recap before talking about the main story: Indian opener Rohit Sharma scored his fastest ODI century. Virat Kohli became the fastest cricket to score 11,000 ODI runs, Vijay Shankar took a wicket on his first Cricket World Cup delivery, Sarfaraz Ahmed yawned multiple times during the game, and Virat Kohli declared himself out even when he was not! #ViratKohli scores his 11,000th ODI run! He reaches the landmark in 54 fewer innings than anyone else ðpic.twitter.com/mebDOLJESs — Cricket World Cup (@cricketworldcup) June 16, 2019 Oh, and the Men in Blue defeated the Men in Green again, taking their World Cup record against the neighbouring cricketing rivals to 7-0 wins. Now that you are up to speed, let's talk about this young fan of Pakistan cricket who visited Old Trafford to experience the legendary rivalry that India versus Pakistan was hyped to be, keeping in mind the brilliant encounters the two teams have had in the past. However, instead of watching the game of his life that he had expected, the fan got to witness a one-sided game which was dominated by Virat Kohli's men through and through. Losing the match by a massive 89-run margin, despite the Duckworth–Lewis–Stern (DLS method) with veteran batsmen like Shoaib Malik and Sarfaraz Ahmed getting dismissed for cheap at the hands of fierce Indian bowlers, absolutely broke the Pak support's heart. Here's what the poor guy had to say: Essentially, what the young lad is trying to say it that even though the Pakistani supporters love the team, being dominated by Team India like that was extremely frustrating to watch. The fan complains about the clear lack of fitness and lethargy that adversely affected Pakistan's performance. He feels that the Pakistani cricketers do not take health and fitness seriously and are irregular about their diet. As much as our heart goes out to the guy, him venting out his frustration like that is hilarious!
  12. Maniesh Paul has proven time and again with his insane airport looks that he's not only the king of anchoring, but does an equally good job at being fashionable as well. From his statement bags to pairs of super edgy shoes, he has been grabbing the limelights of the fashion police for quite some time now, and we just found out that his kids are following his footsteps now. Take a look. © Viral Bhayani Remember all the ugly shoes we wore during our childhood, just because we were made to? Now compare that to the hypebeast pairs these kids are wearing. A wave of sadness just took over, right? We felt that too. © Viral Bhayani But we're jealous only because we are in love with the shoes. To begin with, Maniesh Paul's neon blue Nike high tops are definitely a pair that qualifies as collectibles. The best thing about the pair is that it can be paired with anything that qualifies as Athleisure. © Viral Bhayani When it comes to his kids' shoes, we like the both the white striped ones and the ones with the ocean palette. Such fun pairs! © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Don't you love their outfits as well? Everyone is wearing colourful athleisure, that is fashionable, as well as extremely comfortable. Add to that those shoes, and a new hashtag called #FamilyOutfitGoals can start trending. © Viral Bhayani Well done, little Pauls!
  13. Unlike any country in the world, the population in India is a somewhat balanced mix of different kind of people. There are some who are privileged enough and can enjoy a weekend getaway whenever they feel like it and indulge in luxuries, while there are some who make the most of it with jugaad. We Indians are the synonym of 'jugaadu', as we simply have a way to fix every problem. And recently, business tycoon Anand Mahindra took to his Twitter sharing the glimpse of this fact. He shared a video where a man can be seen under a shower. Wonder what's so great about it? Read on. The man constructed the shower using a water bottle with multiple holes at the bottom, quite similar to that of a showerhead. He wrote, “And as some of us look forward to a comfortable Sunday shower, let's salute the ingenuity of others; Let's salute those who enhance the quality of their lives in a frugal manner by recycling objects the rest of the world discards.” And as some of us look forward to a comfortable Sunday shower, let's salute the ingenuity of others; Let's salute those who enhance the quality of their lives in a frugal manner by recycling objects the rest of the world discards.. pic.twitter.com/s5bFgXjTch — anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) September 9, 2018 What followed later was a string of pictures shared by users, depicting how Indians across the country have done something or the other to make the best out of a not-so-best situation. We have no dearth of such innovative ideas in India.. here's an unthinkable use case of a two wheeler for you sir.. pic.twitter.com/DyqGgqD502 — Aswin Bhupalam (@aswinbh) September 9, 2018 Necessity is the mother of invention or innovation. Other examples doing the rounds. pic.twitter.com/fu6MrLQufE — Dilip Kumar Gandhi (@Doc_BeTheChange) September 9, 2018 pic.twitter.com/LmhGYKKwWb — Balraj Singh Solanki (@SolankiBalraj) September 9, 2018 An equally ingenious application I encountered :) pic.twitter.com/4X1GdmLIYl — Sameer Nagpal (@sameernagpal) September 9, 2018 à¤à¤¤à¤¨à¥ à¤à¤®à¤¾à¤² à¤à¥ à¤à¤à¤à¤¿à¤¨à¤¿à¤à¤° सिरà¥à¤« à¤à¤° सिरà¥à¤« भारत मॠहॠमिलà¥à¤à¤à¥à¥¤ pic.twitter.com/bNcwiYzKlH — Balraj Singh Solanki (@SolankiBalraj) September 9, 2018 pic.twitter.com/h7deCseg7w — GeethV (@v_geeth) September 10, 2018 Reminds me of the innovative floating supports used by these kids to swim pic.twitter.com/ufAy5DDEFV — Nupur Gupta (@Nupur_G) September 9, 2018 Another innovative guy at home :) Rightly said "Necessity is the mother of Invention" !!@virendersehwag @sardesairajdeep #HowToEatNoodles pic.twitter.com/nBVjfscFdQ — Manish (@m_darak) September 10, 2018 Sir, this piece of #jugaadinnovation (rain protector for switches), has been invented by an indi-genius person (somewhere in Puri). pic.twitter.com/JPdEvhP3Zi — Ansuman Rath ð®ð³ (@_AnsumanRath) September 9, 2018 While it does make us appreciate their effort in trying to make the best of a situation, it also makes us think about how privileged we are. These tweets do encourage their innovation, but it also puts us in a fix and makes us wonder when will the standard of living in India improve? For how long people will have to keep making jugaads?
  14. 'Friends' has a lot of iconic scenes and dialogues that we refer to every now and then, and one of the most hilarious ones is definitely when Rachel is trying to tell Joey how a 'bag' – it was actually a purse, let's be real – was 'unisex', so that even Joey can carry it. Yes, Joey did have a lot of *** throughout the series, all thanks to the legendary 'How you doin'?', but most of us aren't so lucky. It's hilarious, but just not relatable. But, a new meme has popped up now and it's more our speed, because we can all laugh and cry to it at the same time. If you've been on the internet these past few days, you'll have seen the 'days without ***' meme floating around and everyone is adding their hilarious inputs. I have been sending everyone these memes every day for a week, so it was time to turn my meme addiction into an article, so here we are! These are some of the best ones. I feel like this is the tweet that started the meme, but I could be wrong. day 98 without ***: i slammed on my brakes so my seatbelt could choke me — Days Without *** (@Appreciiationn) July 9, 2018 But, they'll say it wrong, won't they? day 30 without ***: i've been going to starbucks for the past three days straight just to hear somebody scream my name — mel (@melissahallas) July 13, 2018 Lots of choking. Day 279 without *** : going to a club just to start on a bouncer to get put in a choke lock — James (@james_mills__) July 16, 2018 That's not healthy. Day 50 without ***, just fainted while stirring mac & cheese —  (@vinnybrack) July 11, 2018 And, it goes perfectly with this vine. Reminded me of this vine pic.twitter.com/5FJSBQxLKg — IG : (t w i t t e r s h i i) (@justfunnyshit2) July 12, 2018 Leave mosquitoes alone. Day 283 without ***: A mosquito sucked on my neck and I moaned a little bit — Clif Mimosa (@ClifSosa) July 12, 2018 This one is a little unsettling. 369 days without ***, my mom hit me with a belt today and i moaned alittle... were currently not speaking ‍ï¸ — â¡ (@tashisthename_) July 10, 2018 It's wild from the start to the finish. 24 days without *** This cop told me to turn around and put my hands behind my back, i said “Yes daddy” and bit my lip He let me go and gave me the 1-800-*** addition line — Preacher_Holt (@KING_Holt21) July 11, 2018 The follow up tweet is way better, wait. day 489 without ***: the demon i see in the corner of my room when i have sleep paralysis lookin kinda cute now ngl — Ñαм â¡Ì (@sxmmie) July 7, 2018 See? demon: hi- me: spit in my mouth — Ñαм â¡Ì (@sxmmie) July 8, 2018 This is it, this is my favourite one. day 3OH!3 without ***: i've started trusting hoes — pineapples⨠(@richeeeeee) July 14, 2018 This is hilarious but disturbing. 196 days without ***: I ate a family size bag of hot Cheetos so something could tear my ass up — Samahoe (@SamiMosley1) July 14, 2018 The disrespect, tho. Day 13857 without *** https://t.co/MFD4lX7LnY — HONEY COCAINE.ðº (@prettyflaca) July 15, 2018 If you know what I mean. Day 71 without ***: my smart watch thinks I've jogged 3 miles today but I havent left the hosue — Joey McGuire (@m_cGuire) July 13, 2018 Hopefully, no one heard that. day 213 without ***: plugged my charger into my phone and whispered “you like that?” — David Allen (@allen88_d) July 16, 2018 Stumbling into the weird category again. day 187 without ***: i just spit on my popsicle before putting it in my mouth — (@kmichelllle) July 14, 2018 Are they, tho? Day 73 without ***: the voices in my head are starting to seduce me — taylor ⢠(@Tayloradditonnn) July 8, 2018 Everyone just wants to be choked. 149 days without ***: I hit the blunt too hard on purpose to remember what it felt like to be choked — anna banana (@iannamcdonald) July 15, 2018 Let's end on a philosophical note. Day 0 without ***: life fucks me everyday — Alton, The D Is Reserved (@Dalton_AFarrier) July 17, 2018
  15. Shah Rukh Khan's fans love their King Khan more than anything else in the world; there are no doubts about that. But, his trolls love him more than his fans, because they get most of the fodders for memes and jokes from SRK alone. Be it any controversy or a major event, even if it has got nothing to do with SRK directly, will become a topic of discussion and an opportunity to troll him. Instagram This time around, trolls decided to attack him on social media, for a reason that reminds us of the experience of growing up with siblings. Imagine you and your cousin is playing in the backyard, your cousin breaks something, but your mother comes and scolds you instead. This happened with most of us. Similarly, Shah Rukh Khan was trolled on social media because his cousin is contesting elections in Pakistan. Instagram Reportedly, Noor Jehan is Shah Rukh Khan's paternal cousin, who will be contesting the upcoming general elections from PK-77 constituency in Peshawar. When people got to know about her relation with SRK, they decided to attack him and question his loyalty towards India. In fact, they dug out facts like him choosing Pakistani players for Kolkata Knight Riders and working with actress Mahira Khan in 'Raees', to back their statements. @iamsrk I heard that ur sister is contesting for elections in Pakistan? Is this true ?? You earn money here in India and ur sister wants to contest for power in enemy state Pakistan ? Why ? What's the agenda ? #AskSRK — CSS Krishna Kasturi (@kasturikr) 8 June 2018 à¤à¤à¥à¤à¤¾ तभॠ,यह पाà¤à¤¿à¤¸à¥à¤¤à¤¾à¤¨ -पाà¤à¤¿à¤¸à¥à¤¤à¤¾à¤¨ à¤à¤°à¤¤à¤¾ रहता हà¥à¤ ð¸ð¸ — Jack Watson (@perryellsss) 8 June 2018 Oh that is why this man loves Pakistan so much. — Mayank Mani (@BeingMmani) 8 June 2018 Congrats @iamsrk but ek kaam krna Pakistan chle jao & wapas kbhi mt aana India#SRKPakistani https://t.co/BOK8QfL19n — J A G R I T I (@Being_Jagriti_) 8 June 2018 Family before nation..no wonder the charity shows are done for every natural disaster in Pakistan,never India by SRK https://t.co/uT839wNUd4 — Pretti (@prettispecial1) 8 June 2018 will Sharukh too go to Pakistan to contest elections? — MOHANKUMAR K (@kumarkm53) 8 June 2018 “I hope people support me in the same way they support Shah Rukh Khan,” says Noor Jehan Guess What? She is SRK's Cousin ! Any doubts on his quick Help to Pakistan during Floods ? — Dark Matter (@DARKMATTER1008) 8 June 2018 But, like I said his fans love him so much, they couldn't stand watching him being trolled on social media. They too came out in support of SRK and shut the trolls. What's wrong having relatives on the other side of the border?&what this has to do with SRK?NoorJahan is proud Pakistani first uska haq ha election mein participate Karne ka Lekin nhi SRK ko anti nationalist bolna ha Pak ko degrade karna hai&hatred spread Karna ha #PatheticPeople https://t.co/XvhlbHzDHf — Farwa ð¸ (@farwazaidi458) 7 June 2018 Why there's so much fuss about SRK's cousin contesting elections in Pak? Like why? Before partition, we all were together, so maybe her family decided to stay that side of the border n SRK's family came this side. Isme itna kya hungama — SHREYA⨠(@ShreyaJha_29) 8 June 2018 Listen Shah Rukh Khan has nothing to do with all this... You have no right to drag his name in all this. Many Indians have their relatives in Pakistan and many of them might be in politics also so there's nothing wrong... — Mohini (@93mohini) 8 June 2018 Half of delhiites....including me n all my friends....have our great grand fathers n families come from pakistan to settle here....we still have connections der....wats the big deal.... — Lovey Singh (@jasdeepjdp) 7 June 2018 Noor Jehan was quoted by The Express Tribune saying, “I want to work for women's empowerment. I'd like to focus on the problems in my constituency.” Noor Jehan's election campaign is being led by her brother Mansoor.
  16. For a man who started his Test career as a leg-spinner and batted at the No. 8 slot, Steve Smith has not only established himself as an efficient captain but also staked the claim as one of the most consistent batsmen in international cricket. If his artistry with the willow has enthralled fans over the years, Smith's leadership skills have allowed Australia to scale new heights in the sport. Soon, Smith's batting heroics saw him being identified as one of the 'Big Four' alongside Virat Kohli, Kane Williamson, and Joe Root. The four batsmen were hailed as a cut above the rest owing to their sublime performances. But, while Root and Williamson struggled over time, the likes of Smith and Kohli left the others behind to ignite their individual rivalry - a dream contest that has elated fans over the years. © Reuters However, a cricketer who is usually in the news for his impeccable cricketing skills, Smith, in the past few days, has thronged the social media for all the wrong reasons. The Australian captain's shambolic role in Cameron Bancroft's disreputable act at the Newlands has now made him cricket's latest pantomime villain. "It (ball-tampering) was a pre-planned move concocted by the Australian leadership group over lunch. I'm not proud of what's happened. It's not within the spirit of the game", Smith admitted. "My integrity, the team's integrity, the leadership group's integrity has come into question and rightly so", he added. © Reuters His actions, that brought disrepute to the gentleman's game, saw him stepping down as Australia's captain with immediate effect. Following a detailed investigation, Cricket Australia (CA) appeared ruthless in handing year-long suspension to the right-hander. Soon, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) also followed suit and barred Smith from participating in this season's Indian Premier League (IPL). If the sanctions levied on the Aussie batting sensation weren't enough, Smith was yet to face his biggest test. In arguably the lowest of lows of his career, Smith had no place to hide while addressing media, his fans, and fellow countrymen during a tearful press conference in Sydney. Answering for his sins, Smith didn't just sound but looked gutted too while regretting the incident for the rest of his life. “I take full responsibility, I made a serious error of judgment and I understand the consequences. It was a failure of leadership,” he said before breaking down at a press conference after his arrival in Sydney from Johannesburg. “I will do everything to make up for my mistake. If any good can come of this...it can be a lesson for others. I hope I can be a force for change. I know I will regret this for the rest of my life. I am absolutely gutted. Cricket is my life and hope it can be again. I'm sorry. I'm absolutely devastated," he added. © Reuters While the media reports have established that it was David Warner who instigated the plot which was eventually put to use by Bancroft, Smith did own up to the fact that he did effectively turn a blind eye to the Australian leadership group's heinous scheme. “For me, my weakness...I have made a big mistake in allowing this to happen. This is the first time I have seen this happen and it will never be happening again. I don't blame anyone, I'm the captain of the Australian team and I take responsibility for the actions that happened,” Smith said. Though we continue to argue if Smith is really to blame or not, the fact that the Australian cricketer has accepted what he may or may not have done, justifies the punishment and ire of fans. Many believe that it was coach Darren Lehmann's 'win at all costs' theory that probably clouded the judgment of one of the best in business. But, at the end of it all, Smith - who has already been compared to Australian legend Donald Bradman - looked devastated, broken and crippled by shame - nothing like we've ever seen before. While he surely did betray his fans and country, but Smith went on manfully, ashamed of his actions but not ashamed to show the world how abject he feels. © Reuters We've seen captains crying before, but there was something different about Smith. He could have made excuses but chose not to. He sought no mitigation and didn't implicate others, even when it seemed like a viable option. Smith didn't kill anyone, but he feels as if he has killed something. Cricket was more than a game to Smith and this is more than a professional disaster - something that was thoroughly visible in his emotional press conference. As a cricketer and a human being, Smith undeniably has the capacity for greatness. He reflected it in his batting, and once again indicated it while owning his mistakes. His path to redeem himself and script a comeback seems long and rocky, and there's little doubt over the dark times ahead. But, for the sake of cricket, let's hope that Smith returns with better judgment, or else the gentleman's game would be robbed off a great talent. And, as the past few days of madness comes to a sad end, Sachin Tendulkar - one of cricket's greatest ambassadors - seems to have delivered a much-needed guideline to cricketers: "Cricket has been known as a gentleman's game. It's a game that I believe should be played in the purest form. Whatever has happened is unfortunate but the right decision has been taken to uphold the integrity of the game. Winning is important but the way you win is more important".
  17. Every cricket playing nation has been following a simple protocol of hosting domestic tournaments in a bid to unearth new talent. Similarly, India, too, counts on their domestic tournaments like Ranji Trophy, Vijay Hazare Trophy and Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy to nurture budding cricketers who can eventually make a difference on the international stage. But, while the domestic tournaments serve as a great platform for upcoming stars to prove their mettle and secure a call-up for the senior team, it also helps many players to sustain their livelihoods. And, for someone like the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), you'd expect the richest cricket board in the world to be on their toes in a bid to ensure the domestic cricketers are taken care of. However, contrary to popular perception, the cash-rich BCCI has failed to pay the match fee to over 500 domestic players in the past two years. While most players have received part of their payment from the state authorities, none have been reimbursed by the Indian cricket board, who are supposed to pay the players from 10.6 percent of their total gross revenue. BCCL So, how on earth a board, that claims to provide best-available facilities to its cricketers on the back of an envious revenue, has failed to pay the domestic players? Well, the answer is as sad as the state of our domestic stars. It appears that the ongoing impasse between BCCI and the Committee of Administrators (CoA) has cut a sorry figure for the domestic players. CoA, a Supreme Court-appointed panel, has blocked the funds of all defiant states for not implementing the RM Lodha committee's reforms. Almost 26 per cent of BCCI's annual revenue is reserved for players. Out of that, half is given to international cricketers and from the remaining sum, almost 3/4th is distributed among domestic players before the rest being allocated to women and junior cricketers. The BCCI is yet to hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) since the CoA took charge. And, the SC-appointed body is also reported to have been working on a so-called new payment plan which has further delayed the payments. “The players have not received money from the Board. I have been told players will receive their full payment once the AGM takes place. BCCL "But we don't know when the AGM will happen. As far as MCA is concerned we have paid our players what we owe them but we are yet to receive the Board's money,” Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) joint secretary Unmesh Khanvilkar told the Indian Express. A country that takes immense pride in its rich cricketing history, the ongoing issue has left players - especially the juniors across India who have no other source of income - in a bad state. The players have reportedly approached their respective states to take the matter up with the BCCI and CoA, but to no avail. On the other hand, the situation is even worse in Jammu and Kashmir whose cricketers have not received money from the state association as well. J&K's senior cricketer Parvez Rasool disclosed that his team has not received money from their home association and BCCI for the past three years. BCCL “We stay in five-star hotels across India for our domestic games. But the players have to spend their own money for food. We haven't even got daily allowance over the last three years. Forget the BCCI revenue money,” Rasool said. Back in August 2017, BCCI's acting secretary Amitabh Chaudhary had revealed that the matter was taken up during meetings and it was decided to bypass the states in a bid to make the payments directly to players. When asked about the deadline, he claimed that the payment "should be made before the next season (2017-18) starts". Sadly, the season is now over, but the domestic cricketers remain unpaid. While the BCCI and CoA continue to remain at loggerheads, it appears that the players - who have been performing with bare minimum motivation - are eventually paying the price.
  18. It rarely happens when you actually get to live the fairytale love story; and Sridevi and Boney Kapoor's was one such story. The couple was head over heels in love with each other for 20 years. Through thick and thin, and long and short, the two stayed with each other proving that you can love each other unconditionally. â¤ï¸â¤ï¸â¤ï¸â¤ï¸â¤ï¸â¤ï¸ A post shared by Sridevi Kapoor (@sridevi.kapoor) on Oct 22, 2017 at 12:01am PDT The sudden demise of Sridevi is a huge loss for Boney Kapoor, more than one can imagine. The first time he saw Sridevi he knew he wanted her in her life. â¤ï¸â¤ï¸â¤ï¸â¤ï¸ A post shared by Sridevi Kapoor (@sridevi.kapoor) on Dec 18, 2017 at 4:25am PST Call it love, obsession or the will to have Sridevi in his life, he even left his first wife and kids Arjun and Anushula Kapoor to start a life with the beautiful diva. Sridevi was the centre of his life and her sudden death has shocked the entire nation and the Kapoor family. My number 1 ð A post shared by Sridevi Kapoor (@sridevi.kapoor) on Oct 21, 2017 at 2:24am PDT Called as the first female superstar of Bollywood, Sridevi was in Dubai when she breathed her last. The actress was there to attend her nephew Mohit Marwah's wedding. â¤ï¸ A post shared by Sridevi Kapoor (@sridevi.kapoor) on Feb 22, 2018 at 4:43am PST While Sridevi was quite an introvert, she was often seen sharing pictures of herself and her beloved husband on Instagram professing her love and admiration for him. Florence with my best friend â¤ï¸ A post shared by Sridevi Kapoor (@sridevi.kapoor) on Jan 13, 2017 at 2:22am PST Most recent example of their beautiful moment was a video that went viral from Mohit Marwah's wedding where the duo danced for the last time. Well, when two people are in love, the spark just never fades away and this video is just a beaming example of it. In the video, Sridevi is seen dancing alone on Kaala Chasma till Boney Kapoor surprises her, embracing her from behind. That little moment is cute, heart-warming and everything beautiful. A happy sight of late Sridevi with husband Boney Kapoor dancing at #antumoh's wedding a few days back! . . For more updates follow @peepingmoon . . #sridevi #sridevikapoor #ripsridevi #sridevibkapoor #srideviboneykapoor #gonetoosoon #boneykapoor A post shared by Peeping Moon (@peepingmoon) on Feb 25, 2018 at 2:29am PST The Internet is flooded with lovely memories of our beloved 'Chandni' and all we can say is “Thank you Sri ji for making our childhood a bit more delightful and colourful.”
  19. Ever since making his international debut in 2013, Mohammed Shami has arguably become Team India's bowling spearhead across all formats. Shami's success can be attributed to his pace, accuracy and primarily his skills in moving the ball - both old and new. He was also India's leading fast bowler in the 2015 World Cup when the Indian team marched into the semi-finals picking up 77 out of 80 wickets on offer. And, the fact that the 27-year-old played through that tournament and the preceding series against Australia - essentially four months - through a knee injury, highlights his commitment to the team. But, despite his contributions to the game, Shami continues to cut a sorry figure for the Islamic hardliners - the self-appointed gatekeepers of morality and religion. His innocent and secular New Year wish for his followers has ridiculously sparked a controversy which has attracted a lot of hate comments both on Twitter and Facebook. The right-handed bowler took to Facebook and wished his fans a Happy New Year through the picture of a beautifully decorated 'Shiva Ling' (an iconic representation of the Hindu deity Shiva) before deleting it on Twitter. He shared the photo with a caption that read: "As the new year renews all the happiness and good tidings, hope the joyful spirit keeps glowing in your heart forever! Happy New Year 2018 to you and your family". While many appreciated Shami for proving no religion was bigger than humanity, others (mainly Muslim zealots) wasted no time in hurling abuses at the Indian speedster before questioning his religious values. I hate sami — Manknojiya Arshad (@Maknojiyaarshad) January 1, 2018 Sudar ja varna barbad ho jayega Allah tujhe kar dega — sabdar khan (@sabdark31257939) January 1, 2018 Musalman ka kam shivling pujna ni h shami allah se tauba kar thode se hinduo ko khus karne k liye allah naraj na kar warna barbad ho jayega — mansoor ahmad (@mansoor99626291) January 1, 2018 New year ki mubarak baad diya to diya shiv ling ko bhi apna liya lanat he tujh par shami — Faisal Khan (@FaisalK28862408) January 1, 2018 Abe muslim hai tu sharam kar....iman se khariz Ho jaayega muslim me pathar ko nahi pujte https://t.co/okoF8PWCXo — Inaam Pathaan (@PathaanInaam) January 1, 2018 Yaqeen nahi hota ke shami bhai aise he ab bhi sachha muslim cricketer hashim amla aur moin ali he lagte he — Faisal Khan (@FaisalK28862408) January 1, 2018 This isn't the first time Shami has had a run-in with Islamic bigots. In 2016, Shami was slammed in similar fashion after he shared a photo of his wife Haseen Jahan who was seen wearing a sleeveless outfit. His Facebook post garnered over 1,500 comments saw some fans preaching moral values and reminding Shami of his religious beliefs. One comment in particular stood out, "sharam karo sar ap ek muslim ho bibi ko parde me rakho aur kuch sikho amla ali aur bhi bahut saro sr", which roughly translates to – “Have some shame sir, you are a Muslim, keep your wife covered and try to learn from (Hashim) Amla, (Moeen) Ali and others”. Even when he shared pictures of his daughter's birthday party in July this year, the traditionalists didn't shy away from posting regressive comments before embarking on moral policing regarding his wife's decision of not to wear a hijab in the picture. “Sad to see your wife without hijab. my dear shami sir do not look at the smallness of the sin, rather look at the one whom you are disobeying,” a comment read with the hashtag #GoToHell.
  20. Welcome to the age of uninnocence, where relationships are as dispensable as Kleenex tissues. You use and throw them away when they have soaked up your mess. While this simile may sound harsh, it is not necessarily meant to be negative, and may instead signal a progressive attitude towards the freedom of choice. I sometimes find it hard to reconcile these two worlds. The first is the old world's charm of innocent romance that I grew up with. In this scenario, falling in love was a gradual process; you got to know the other person and their imperfections and accepted them anyway. You recognized all that they were rather than all those tiny, annoying things that prevented them from being everything you envisioned in the ideal mate. Two people evolved with each other to find that key balance of how they could fit into each other's lives regardless of the circumstances. © Thinkstock/Getty Images I was lucky to witness the peak of this idea of romance in my early 20s, and safely cocooned by its existence while I figured myself out. I could have held on to this notion while it was still prevalent, and while love still existed in its now primitive and almost extinct format. Instead, I find myself grappling with the new age concept of relationships, fast-moving swipes in a sea of seemingly eligible options, only to discover that eligibility does not always equal availability. Given the shiny and seemingly flawless façade of a life manufactured by Instagram-edited stories, we have gotten so used to everything being picture-perfect. This sets up high (and often unrealistic) standards for the ideal job, the perfect house, and the faultless partner. Consequently, if even one of these aspects is missing, our entire belief system is thrown into disarray, leading us to feel inexplicably disillusioned. Sometimes it feels like patience and compromise are archaic concepts, and it's easy to fall into this trap where everything is awesome, nothing is perfect, and very little will suffice. And while striving for perfection is important, in a world where it's all or nothing, I can't help but wonder, is being good enough ever enough? There are times when I flippantly blame technology or millennials for this trend, but if I'm being completely honest with myself, we're all equally guilty of perpetuating this cycle of dissatisfied contentment. If the goal of evolution as well as medical innovation (through procedures like genetic engineering) is to produce new and improved species, could it be argued that we are biologically programmed to seek this out in a companion as well? The truth is that we tend to take solace in knowing that we haven't yet settled for mediocrity, because something or someone better may still be out there. In that process though, it's easy to fall prey to the new-age ADHD of dating restlessness. © Thinkstock/Getty Images At the crossroads of this paradigm shift in the cultural conceptualization of love, it seems inevitable to break down this dichotomy. With modern dating, we can take agency in the compromise between indecision and choose from a plethora of options, in an almost eugenic approach to mate selection. We may end up with our soul mate, but we may also end up alone (at least we did it our way)! Do we embrace this change and move forward, fully aware of its possible repercussions? Or do we hang on to the shreds of a somewhat antiquated idea of relationships, acknowledging that others around us may not share this view (and that we ourselves may have evolved past it)? So, going back may mean giving up some of the progress we had made towards self-discovery and seeking a mate that matches this self-aware self-image. But it may also lead to 'settling' into a non-fairy tale version of happily ever after. While it's tempting to paint these scenarios as two extremes, I don't think they are in any way, mutually exclusive. The happiest couples I know have found a way to navigate this exhausting process, and discover a happy middle ground. If there's one common theme across their success stories, it's that regardless of the way in which they met, they were open to love and stayed true to themselves in the process. © Thinkstock/Getty Images They found someone who seemed pretty darn great to them, even if they didn't check all the right boxes. Maybe, achieving that balance means defining our absolute limits and non-negotiables through careful self-discovery, but being flexible about everything else? As cliché as this may sound, maybe the key is stop looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right, and instead letting Mr./Mrs. Right-For-Me-Right-Now be a part of our world.
  21. It's a sad day in the country which is supposedly one of the biggest democracies in the world. Gauri Lankesh, a famous journalist and the brains behind ‘Lankesh Patrike' was shot dead in her house in Bengaluru. She was known for being extremely vocal and brutal with her opinions about the right wing and even faced many threats. People are baffled and sad about the whole incident and Twitter is floating in grief. Shocking and blood curdling to hear about the murder of Gauri Lankesh. These monstrous criminals must be nailed n dealt with sternly — Kiran Mazumdar Shaw (@kiranshaw) September 5, 2017 As a friend, colleague & admirer for decades shocked & shattered to hear of the murder of Gauri Lankesh,one of India's gutsiest journalists — vir sanghvi (@virsanghvi) September 5, 2017 Journalists , fellow colleagues and friends, everyone is shell shocked about the incident. As a rookie journo, I discovered Bangalore riding pillion on Gauri Lankesh's mobike. She was truly one of a kind. Hard to believe she's gone — Seema Goswami (@seemagoswami) September 5, 2017 Numbed by news of Gauri Lankesh's murder. She was gutsy, level-headed, defiant—everything we need in a journalist in these troubled times. — Siddharth (@svaradarajan) September 5, 2017 Heroes are never perfect, but they're brave, they're authentic, they're courageous, determined RIP #gaurilankesh pic.twitter.com/SSJLqpRraE — rahul verma (@rahulverma08) September 5, 2017 The murder highlights a lot of things that is gravely wrong with the system and of course demands a wake up call. Killing of #GauriLankesh is not only tragic but terribly scary as well. Mere dissent or disagreement as a brave journalist cost her life. — S lrfan Habib (@irfhabib) September 5, 2017 The cold-blooded murder of Gauri #Lankesh is an assault on all our fundamentals, please remember. Somber moment, but don't ignore the alert — Sankarshan Thakur (@SankarshanT) September 5, 2017 The investigation is on and the CM of Karnataka took to Twitter to express his grief as well. Shocked to learn abt murder of tall progressive force & senior journalist Gauri Lankesh. Such cold blooded acts deserve highest condemnation — CM of Karnataka (@CMofKarnataka) September 5, 2017 I have spoken with the DGP, and instructed him to ensure prompt and thorough investigation to bring the perpetrators to justice. — CM of Karnataka (@CMofKarnataka) September 5, 2017 It is a dark day for a nation where freedom of speech is supposed to be practised.
  22. We must let go of the life we have planned so as to accept the life that is waiting for us. But, letting go is the one thing we find so hard to do because we're so afraid of what we're losing while not being able to think about what might be coming our way… if only we'd let go… We don't learn like that. Our mistakes from the past are just that—mistakes; not lessons learned. And because we're essentially creatures of habit, we tend to make the same mistakes over, and over again. Do we ever learn? I guess not. But, as hard as it is to accept certain things as they are, the sooner we do it, the better able are we to deal with whatever curve ball life may throw at us, from time to time… which in itself, is a lot. These are facts and they are sad, albeit true. We just have to take it with a pinch of salt, a sip of lemonade, or piece of chocolate, if you may. Swallow it like a pill and hope that it does its thing. 1. Some Promises Remain Unfulfilled No matter how hard we try to get someone to keep their word, there are times, when one simply can't. We'll try to safeguard a pact, a commitment by promising, or getting someone else to promise it to us. But, how often do promises really get carried forward? So, do we make promises that may or may not be kept due to no fault of our own? Or do we just not hope for anything? © Pexels 2. People Grow Apart Even the ones who promise to stay in touch when they travel miles away from you. We tell each other that nothing's going to change our feelings for each other; the love, the bond. But, deep down, we know that the minute they're out of sight, the miles are already putting some distance between two people—whether they want to believe it or not. Priorities change with distances. And that's what changes everything else; even if it's just for one of the two persons. 3. Everything Comes To An End From a project to a book, from a party to a vacation; from an encounter to a marriage, and from a candle to a life. Everything has an expiry date that may be hidden and will only reveal itself when the time is at a close. Yet, we continue to take things and people for granted. Whether we do it despite the fact that it could all end; or whether we do it with the belief that maybe—just, maybe—it won't, after all. But, we're always doing it. © Pexels 4. Change Is The Only Constant This is one of the saddest and hardest-hitting realities of our lives… that the only thing that will only truly remain forever in our lives—till the time that we cease to exist—is temporary. Where we live, where we work, who we befriend, how we behave—it all changes. We're different from one time frame to the next; depending on what changed in order for us to change. That change fuels change; that one thing changes for us to change and vice versa… that is how it has been and shall continue to be. So, when we make promises of eternity and tell people we're never going to change; somewhere, we know that's not true. 5. We Can Never Fully Know We don't know what happened before we were born. We don't know what happens after we die. We don't know what lies beyond our planet, let alone our solar system. We don't know anything fully. We can only surmise. We can draw conclusions based on what we are presented with; what we see with our own eyes and it's still only what we believe. Even the colours we see aren't what they really are. So, what then, do we really know? Nothing; that's all we know. And this is honestly the one thing that screw with your head and heart for the remainder of your life if you let it. You just live in the moment; in the present and hope that the soon-to-be-present is not going alter you in any drastic way. And that's still an uninformed assumption you're basing your life on. © Pexels 6. We Can't Control Everything Truth is, aside from our thoughts and how we may react in a particular moment, we really can't control anything at all; not even our own breathing. We don't have even have control over the amount of money we make from our work; our bosses decide that. We don't have control over the person we want to spend the rest of our lives with… it's up to them to choose us as much as we would choose them, you see. We don't control the weather, the traffic jams, the attitude of our colleagues, or the mindset of our friends. We are without control. Does that make you feel just a little bit helpless? 7. There Is Always Someone Better In school, in college, at band practice, at work, in a bar, on a dating app, in the game. His ex, your next, your ex-best friend, your peer, their competition, your boss' boss… the ladder for comparison and natural selection of the fittest survivor never stops. And that is something you either learn to live with, or learn to accept that you're going to constantly find yourself pitted against another—at work, in life and in love. It's constant. There is always going to be someone better who can walk in and take what you have without having to have worked as hard as you did for, or at, it. It seems unfair, yes; because it is. But, does that change the reality? Nope. © Pexels 8. There's No Winning In Life Whatsoever. You're born and ever since you're born, you're either learning, or struggling. And then, you die. And on your death bed, you aren't thinking about the races you won, how early you started talking, your IQ, the wealth you amassed, the people you proved wrong. You only think, ‘Was it all worth it?' The fights, the competition, the debates, the endless work that you sacrificed your life for, the people you left behind because you could never forgive them, the ego you grew, the empire you built… Was it all worth it?
  23. All of us grew watching ‘Jumanji' and if you tell me you never watched it, heard of it or were intrigued by the board game, then I feel bad about what you missed in your childhood. Also, the bonus was watching Robin Williams save the day. Always. © Twitter However, the new ‘Jumanji' sequel, which is basically ‘Jumanji' for the millennial world, dropped it's trailer and honestly, after watching that, I couldn't help but reminisce the awesomeness of the original 1995 movie. This movie does not have a board game and the iconic box is now replaced by a video game instead. © Sony Pictures The star cast includes fancy names like Dwayne Johnson and Jack Black and while the trailer looks neat if you are able to disassociate it with the original, it's hard to root for it. The opinions on the new trailer are obviously divided. Just saw the new trailer of Jumanji: WoJ and by the mother of gods, what have they done to its original.... :( — ounɾ‾ǝɥʇ (@The_Juno24) June 29, 2017 anyway the new jumanji trailer looked fun as hell and im glad its not trying to be like the original. — STROMS LILTHIRSTYBOY (@SevenOfRhyme) June 29, 2017 I couldn't help but watch the trailer for the OG feels all over again, so I am sure you'd want to do that too, as a reflexive action. The movie is scheduled to release in December. Now excuse me while I pop in my VHS tape of the original ‘Jumanji' and cry.
  24. Everyone was shocked last night when the Undertaker called it quits at Wrestlemania 33 after losing to Roman Reigns. We mean, everybody knew this day was coming, but now that it’s finally here, we can’t help but feel like a small part of us just died. After the match, the Undertaker left his trademark gear (hat, trench coat, and gloves) in the ring and the world took it as a sign that he was never coming back to the squared circle. More than 30 minutes after the end of #WrestleMania 33, Undertaker's iconic trench coat and hat remain in the ring. Photo: Steve Argintaru pic.twitter.com/OEHkYQ2QTp — Steve Argintaru (@SteveTSN) April 3, 2017 ‘The Phenom’ has been synonymous with the WWE, and the WWF before that, for as long as we can remember. While other superstars like Stone Cold, The Rock, Triple H, and more recently, John Cena, have all dabbled with mainstream entertainment, Mark stuck with Vince McMahon through thick and thin. @WWEMarkWCalaway pic.twitter.com/Qj7yf8LmoZ — Robert Wells (@ElevateMao) April 3, 2017 This is probably because Vince couldn’t risk losing the larger than life image of the Deadman. It was most probably a part of his contract. We aren’t sure but there can’t really be another reason why he has never played any character apart from the Undertaker on the big screen. Before you mention ‘Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi’, no, that was not Mark Calaway. When he lost to Brock Lesnar, it kind of made sense since he is ‘The Beast Incarnate’ but for him to lose to Roman Reigns, who couldn’t even hold his own against Brock, was just a giant **** you to The Undertaker and his legacy. There are so many ways in which they could have called an end to his career. He could have lost to someone else. Perhaps Triple H or John Cena? Maybe even Seth Rollins for that matter. But definitely not Roman Reigns, hell, he isn’t even the best wrestler in the WWE right now. What was creative thinking? © Twitter For a man who has given his everything for the company, to have to retire with a loss is just not done. Remember when Ric Flair lost to Shawn Michaels in his final match? Now that was probably the only instance where a loss actually made sense. Michaels was the better wrestler at the time and Ric Flair was clearly way past his prime. Also, HBK is Mr. Wrestlemania, isn’t he? Roman Reigns is not the top dog in the WWE right now, he’s not even the top dog on RAW. Also, a 23-2 record doesn’t sound as good as 24-1 or even a 20-0 for that matter. There are a hundred other ways in which they could have done this and it’s hard to say if there was something else that led to this ‘smear campaign’ against Calaway. There will never be a undertaker again, I leave on my final last ride with WWE . I say "May my legacy Rest in peace " — The Undertaker (@WWEMarkWCalaway) April 3, 2017 Anyway, there’s no turning back now. We’ll miss you Mark. There will never be anyone who gave his heart and soul for the WWE like you have.
  25. If you haven’t been living under a rock or located in a place where the Internet is still a far-fetched dream, then you might have come across the hashtag, #strandedbae, trending on Twitter and how some people are going bonkers over a couple’s very public fight. Well, we tried to decode it for you and let’s just say that we will need a lot of alcohol to get over this hilarious exchange of tweets. Hold on to your seats guys, pour yourself some beer and close every other tab because this sh*t is going to take you to some extraordinary level of creepiness and leave you rolling on the floor laughing. Don’t blame us though, if by the end of this post your mind is f**ked up because we have already lost our shit wondering what exactly happened and who should be blamed for all this. At one point we even wondered if Ekta Kapoor was behind the keyboard, writing all these tweets, because this saga of love, deceit, hatred and unpredictable twists, perfectly fits the bill for a saas-bahu drama. However, if there was anything worth noticing apart from the protagonists, it has to be this girl’s bae @KashMoneyKanee’s mouse. He stole the whole f**king show with just one cameo appearance. Well, coming back to the woman in question, @_iamqueenk, her Valentine’s Day was ruined because she ended up stranded at the airport while her date was busy partying with his friends and didn’t give two flying f**ks to her. Here’s how their not-so-romantic date unfolded. I wasn't gone do the most for twitter but I been played like a damn fool all day by this man lol @KashMoneyKanee. So here it goes. — $ (@__iamqueenk) 20 February 2017 @KashMoneyKanee soooo, me and this been in love with eachother, planning life goals and shit. Planning trips, ya know stuff like that — $ (@__iamqueenk) 20 February 2017 @KashMoneyKanee so he lives in D.C. & decided to fly me out there for Valentine's Day, paid for the flights, you know the whole package. pic.twitter.com/c5aFMbPibf — $ (@__iamqueenk) 20 February 2017 @KashMoneyKanee so this nigga surprised me & got this tshirt made, I was like oh shit this nigga really all about me. Okay bet. pic.twitter.com/mocujdL8Ba — $ (@__iamqueenk) 20 February 2017 @KashMoneyKanee the mice in his house already was tryna give me a sign that he was no good :( pic.twitter.com/TkdmmS7LBe — $ (@__iamqueenk) 20 February 2017 @KashMoneyKanee so I fly out there everything perfect, nigga paid for everything, vday was perfect. Okay cool. Oh & we had matching shirts pic.twitter.com/YVZTplBiXr — $ (@__iamqueenk) 20 February 2017 @KashMoneyKanee so fast foward I miss my flight & he says "babe imma come back & get u when I leave work" okay cool keep in mind this at 3pm — $ (@__iamqueenk) 20 February 2017 @KashMoneyKanee bitchhhhhhhhh 7 hours go by I still haven't heard from this nigga, I'm still at the airport pic.twitter.com/dtvNcKZcJQ — $ (@__iamqueenk) 20 February 2017 @KashMoneyKanee so I'm worried bitch, I'm hitting his friends up tryna see where he at: nobody knows pic.twitter.com/OdrVT2HMz8 — $ (@__iamqueenk) 20 February 2017 @KashMoneyKanee soooo I end up stranded at the airport, it's like 4am & I see this.... this nigga on sc with his niggas....... pic.twitter.com/An98MpRfu2 — $ (@__iamqueenk) 20 February 2017 @KashMoneyKanee so bitch I'm heated, been at the airport for damn near 10 hours while he out partying. Bitch hungry, cold, I'm stressed pic.twitter.com/8wWxUnzPA1 — $ (@__iamqueenk) 20 February 2017 @KashMoneyKanee so I'm blowing his phone up, nigga ignoring me & then I see this pic.twitter.com/9nDoOGRe81 — $ (@__iamqueenk) 20 February 2017 @KashMoneyKanee the same friends I was reaching out to looking for him worried, was with him all along pic.twitter.com/jKL91aFk3g — $ (@__iamqueenk) 20 February 2017 @KashMoneyKanee so bitch at this point I'm ready to buss his windows & beat his friends ass. Ion even play them type of games pic.twitter.com/IUTOR48jgZ — $ (@__iamqueenk) 20 February 2017 @KashMoneyKanee so bitch I catch a cab to this nigga house, ready to beat ass. pic.twitter.com/LT8fnCj9e8 — $ (@__iamqueenk) 20 February 2017 @KashMoneyKanee so I go up to the door bangin on that bitch, it's like 5am. All his friends there but nobody answering the door? — $ (@__iamqueenk) 20 February 2017 @KashMoneyKanee bitch after 20 mins of knocking I go outside, bitch the police in the front of the house. pic.twitter.com/2KswsMUYYW — $ (@__iamqueenk) 20 February 2017 @KashMoneyKanee this nigga tell the police he don't want me back n his house, so they make me leave ? — $ (@__iamqueenk) 20 February 2017 @KashMoneyKanee this nigga still ignoring my calls, texts & all. Hours later he text me like "you ate?" Like nigga you left me for dead... pic.twitter.com/eGAg8HZ6dI — $ (@__iamqueenk) 20 February 2017 @KashMoneyKanee I got on sc & seen he posted this.... threw that bitch ass bear on the ground. **** you & that damn bear pic.twitter.com/of6eD5gFZO — $ (@__iamqueenk) 20 February 2017 @KashMoneyKanee nigga still ignoring me. Talking shit on twitter but still didn't give me an explanation. So I'm confused why he did this — $ (@__iamqueenk) 20 February 2017 @KashMoneyKanee hours later I see this... BITCHHHHHH...... BITCHHHHHHHHHHHHGHHKZKSKSJBSHSJISNSBS pic.twitter.com/YzrEHwvN66 — $ (@__iamqueenk) 20 February 2017 @KashMoneyKanee bitch I feel like keke in brotherly love. Lmfao this nigga played tf outta me. pic.twitter.com/jeSAXlnKIx — $ (@__iamqueenk) 20 February 2017 After spending a ton of cash to get her fly down to Washington D.C, he decided to ditch her and leave her at the airport when she missed her flight. He even got a T-Shirt with her face printed on it, so what went wrong? Also, how can one be so stupid to post pictures on Snapchat that leads other people to know of their whereabouts? Well, by the looks of these tweets, she seems to be the victim in this entire scenario; but let’s not jump to any conclusions. Apparently, the guy too had something to say about this whole thing. So just like a coin has two sides, let’s have a look at his side of the story as well. OKAY YALL, LETS TALK ABOUT WHAT REALLY HAPPENED.... — Swervo ?? (@KashMoneyKanee) 20 February 2017 so @__iamqueenk slid in a nigga dms nshit.. and we get to talking.. texting... face timing err' night nshit. — Swervo ?? (@KashMoneyKanee) 20 February 2017 FIRST OF ALL, WHO GOES ANYWHERE WITHOUT ANY MONEY? But anyways, I fucked & everything went left — Swervo ?? (@KashMoneyKanee) 20 February 2017 Bih started finding my family on facebook, messaging my mama, my sister, all my friends like... THIS BITCH REALLY CRAZY pic.twitter.com/OGtOzNHH2w — Swervo ?? (@KashMoneyKanee) 20 February 2017 So Shorty finds out she's getting evicted from her place while she's out here visiting me... and I'm like... pic.twitter.com/fFaC9ls91R — Swervo ?? (@KashMoneyKanee) 20 February 2017 TRYNA TALK ABOUT RATS AND SHIT. WHERE YA CRIB? — Swervo ?? (@KashMoneyKanee) 20 February 2017 So anyways, It's time to take her to the airport and she catches a whole attitude.. then hits me with "You know I don't have anywhere to go — Swervo ?? (@KashMoneyKanee) 20 February 2017 So I drop her off at the the airport, EARLY ENOUGH TO CATCH HER FLIGHT, & she misses it on purpose.. along with all the other flights pic.twitter.com/BV42LKwzPw — Swervo ?? (@KashMoneyKanee) 20 February 2017 Blowing my phone up, my friends social media, messaging my mama, calling my sister, trying to get me to pick her up... FOR WHAT THO?! — Swervo ?? (@KashMoneyKanee) 20 February 2017 It's 5 am, I'm fucking the life out of a bih, mid nut I hear her banging on my door yelling and screaming... — Swervo ?? (@KashMoneyKanee) 20 February 2017 @__iamqueenk took a cab all the way back to my house with no money to pay the man, tryna come for me... GO HOME ROGER — Swervo ?? (@KashMoneyKanee) 20 February 2017 anyways, the police gets called because this bitch really needs to go... Bitch bout to go to jail for larceny nshit because I'm not paying — Swervo ?? (@KashMoneyKanee) 20 February 2017 got her mama DM me nshit... pic.twitter.com/yclqbYKMar — Swervo ?? (@KashMoneyKanee) 20 February 2017 fam we met like 4 weeks ago... THE ***** WAS NOT EVEN ALL THAT TO BE GOING THROUGH ALL THIS... — Swervo ?? (@KashMoneyKanee) 20 February 2017 She basically wanted me to be captain save a hoe & I really just didn't want to spend my Valentine's Day alone... The end. — Swervo ?? (@KashMoneyKanee) 20 February 2017 Well, things escalated quickly after the girl’s mother’s long post that turned into a deal-breaker. But the dude didn’t realize that women already started suspecting him because he had mice in his home. Had there been a woman, would she still suspect him? That’s a million dollar question. Clearly, after this Twitter spat, netizens were left in a fix as to which side to hop on and this entire fiasco gave all single people another reason to rejoice. Now that you have read the whole conversation, which side would you pick? We leave you with that burning question.
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