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  1. Asteroid 467460 (2006 JF42) passes by the Earth at safe distance of 14 earth-moons from the planet which is 5.7 million km
  2. Istanbul-bound flight from Lahore gets delayed for indefinite period; passengers demand accommodation in hotel
  3. IMF managing director thanks PM Imran Khan, Pakistani govt for "safe and swift evacuation" of IMF staff and their families
  4. Ever stayed up late waiting for your girlfriend or your sister to reach back home safely from a late-night party or late working hours? Well, if you're a resident of Cardiff in Wales, UK, this football team has got you covered. © Kennedy News & Media The Cardiff University football team has taken it upon themselves to escort females in the city to their respective homes late at night. © Kennedy News & Media It all started when Ben Marett, a 22-year-old Cardiff University student and part of the football team, was told by his ex-girlfriend, Mia Sawdon, that she was stalked by a stranger as she walked alone through a park in broad daylight. 'She texted me the other day about how she was walking through Bute Park in broad daylight and a man tried talking to her and she ran home in broad daylight. She couldn't even walk through the park." said Ben. © Kennedy News & Media Apparently, it wasn't just Mia who was scared to walk back home but a whole list of other women too. According to reports, there had been a vile social media hoax "National Rape Day", which claimed that rape would be legal on April 24. Warnings had also been issued by schools and universities, which urged women to protect themselves in case anyone had taken the hoax seriously. After checking in with Mia, Ben learned that she was to attend a party on Saturday, and the 22-year-old offered to escort her back home. “I knew my ex-girlfriend was going to a party on Saturday. I text her, saying, 'I'll happily walk you there and back anytime.' We were talking to each other saying, 'There's got to be something we could do." "I said, 'Since I'm staying in on Saturday, why don't I get a few of the boys from the football club to help me?" said Ben. Later, the Business and Human Resource management student decided to message on his football club's group chat and enlisted around 20 people to act as chaperones for any woman who needed to get home safely. "I put a post in the group chat and said, 'Gents, on Saturday, I'm going to put a post out to say I'll be chaperoning girls and walking round the streets in my red top, with my student ID on so everyone knows who I am, to make them feel safe, even if this is a hoax." Following that the football team operated a text service from 9 pm on Saturday to 5 am on Sunday for any woman who needed escorting back home. © Kennedy News & Media The initiative was a huge success as the team helped around 30 students reach back home safely. View the full article
  5. All-time Indian batting great and the captain of the India Legends squad during the recently concluded Road Safety World Series, Sachin Tendulkar had announced to his fans that he was tested positive with the coronavirus back on March 27, 2021. Subsequently, the cricketer was admitted to the hospital “as a matter of abundant precaution” for a period of six days, at the end of which he was discharged and was free to return home. Thank you for your wishes and prayers. As a matter of abundant precaution under medical advice, I have been hospitalised. I hope to be back home in a few days. Take care and stay safe everyone. Wishing all Indians & my teammates on the 10th anniversary of our World Cup 🇮🇳 win. — Sachin Tendulkar (@sachin_rt) April 2, 2021 Upon coming back to his house, the ‘master blaster’ expressed hi thanks to the fans’ wishes and the kind of hospitality shown to him by the medical staff but also said that he will maintain a quarantining period until he recovers completely. "I would like to thank everyone for all the good wishes and prayers," he said. "I remain ever grateful to all the medical staff who took such good care of me and have been working tirelessly for over a year in such difficult circumstances." pic.twitter.com/h3gLviUblI — Sachin Tendulkar (@sachin_rt) April 8, 2021 However, it seems as if Tendulkar’s method of taking “abundant precaution” did not sound like a very good idea to Maharashtra minister Aslam Shaikh who preferred the cricketer would have sought treatment at his home itself, rather than booking a hospital bed. “Celebrities who are asymptomatic should take treatment at home, not occupy beds in the hospital. Some celebrities like Akshay Kumar, Sachin Tendulkar did not need to get admitted to the hospital,” Shaikh was quoted as saying by ANI. © ANI “Beds should be left for the needy,” the state textiles minister added. Some of the other members from Tendulkar’s squad during the Road Safety tournament including Yusuf Pathan, Subramaniam Badrinath, and Irfan Pathan also tested positive after returning from the event. India’s daily Covid cases double in 10 days to just shy of 2 lakh https://t.co/nSy0k1LuBi pic.twitter.com/0MktVfS6lB — The Times Of India (@timesofindia) April 15, 2021 The COVID-19 situation in India is becoming more and more worrisome with each day as the new versions of the virus spread across the nation at an unprecedented rate. On April 14, India recorded over 2 lakh new cases in a day, which was more than a third of the total number of cases reported globally. View the full article
  6. If you’ve been wanting to invest in Bitcoin but have no idea how to go about it, then this list will come in handy for you. You can use any of these applications for trading cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum and even obscure ones like Dogecoin. These apps make cryptocurrency transactions a less complicated process and are safe to use in India. Here are five of the best cryptocurrency exchange apps you should be using in 2021: 1. Binance © Binance Binance is probably the most detailed and user-friendly app you can use right now for trading all sorts of cryptocurrencies. You can buy Bitcoin using Indian Rupees and even Paytm and UPI. The best part is that the app does not charge any additional fees to purchase cryptocurrencies for Indians either. You can also transfer funds between WazirX and Finance free of charge. The app also offers tutorials for beginners. 2. Coinbase © Reuters Much like Binance, Coinbase also offers a massive knowledge base for beginners to use if they are looking to start trading crypto. The app is simple and easy to use and offers the ability to use digital wallets to transfer funds as well. If you really want to learn everything about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Coinbase is a great starting point. 3. Zebpay © Zebpay After it was shut down for a brief period, Zebpay re-launched in June last year. It offers a seamless experience on the app. The app is also lightning fast at doing transactions such as withdrawal and deposits. Zebpay also allows users to trade cryptocurrencies at the most competitive rates. 4. WazirX © WazirX Probably one of the most popular apps to use for crypto trading that is now owned by Binance, WazirX has seamless integration with Binance and also lets users transfer their deposits free of cost between the two apps. The integration also means that traders can buy and sell cryptocurrencies at a competitive price. You can find a total of 70 cryptocurrencies and can handle numerous transactions with ease. 5. CoinDCX © CoinDCX CoinDCX was the first app to support withdrawals and deposits directly from your bank ever since India lifted the restriction on cryptocurrency exchanges. You can easily deposit and withdraw directly to and from your bank account respectively. CoinDCX features over 200 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, ETH, DASH, Litecoin, Eth, XRP, and many more. View the full article
  7. Two of Lady Gaga's French bulldogs were stolen by a robber who shot the dog walker in the process
  8. Pakistan government felicitates the team of Nepalese mountaineers for making history by reaching K2's summit in winter
  9. The iPhone 12 Pro is the first smartphone to feature a LiDAR sensor which is capable of measuring distances and mapping the environment. Apple has talked about how the sensor can do wonders with depth information, however there is a new application for the sensor that will soon roll out to the iPhone 12 Pro. The LiDAR sensor can help blind and visually impaired users move around safely as it will protect them from bumping into objects in a new and unfamiliar environment. © Unsplash People with visual impairment usually help themselves with a walking stick and a trained ear to get around, however the iPhone 12 pro can now help them even further. In the latest beta version of iOS, a new feature will be rolled out that uses the LiDAR scanner to measure the distance to people and objects. It will be able to detect humans and inanimate objects as well which can then notify blind users of obstructions in their path. © Unsplash The new feature will be part of Apple’s ARKit and it will be called “People Occlusion.” It will allow users to put virtual objects and people in augmented reality applications. However, the new feature will also be implanted in the iPhone’s magnifying glass app. When launched, the phone will use the ultra-wide camera and measure distances using the LiDAR sensor. It will then inform users by voice how far away the iPhone is from the object. It will also relay information in a stereo format to connected devices such as the AirPods. If you want to see how the feature will work, check out these videos below: Here’s how people detection works in iOS 14.2 beta - the voiceover support is a tiny bit buggy but still super cool https://t.co/vCyX2wYfx3 pic.twitter.com/e8V4zMeC5C — Matthew Panzarino (@panzer) October 31, 2020iPhones can now tell blind users where and how far away people are https://t.co/1eCPoHgk19 This is a crazy cool implementation using iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max LiDAR sensors to read the visual world and communicate it to people who need assistance pic.twitter.com/kenD4ibdK0 — Matthew Panzarino (@panzer) October 30, 2020What do you think about this feature and Apple’s creativity when it comes to using the LiDAR sensor to help visually impaired users? iPhones are quickly becoming the most impactful smartphones in the world, thanks to features that can help make life easier for people with certain conditions. We can expect this feature to roll out in the next iOS 14.2 update once it has been thoroughly tested by beta users. View the full article
  10. Delhi police has had its coronavirus awareness game on point till now; however, its current unique initiative is making people only laugh, quite literally! You ask why? Well, in a bid to spread awareness about deadly coronavirus among people, the Delhi Police has installed coronavirus "scarecrows" with a message displayed on them reading -"stay home". Yes, this has happened for real. These scarecrows have been installed at several places, including the Chandni Mahal area, amid the coronavirus lockdown. Delhi Police has been at the forefront in the fight against the deadly coronavirus as they have come up with several awareness campaigns and unique attempts to create awareness among the public about the lockdown norms and restrictions. Interestingly, the scarecrows installed by the Delhi Police in some areas were also seen wearing black sunglasses and a mask. © ANI ANI quoted Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) (Central District), Sanjay Bhatia, "We have put up these scarecrows to make people understand that roaming outside is dangerous. We have installed them in Chandni Mahal area." The Chandni Mahal Police Station has been reopened after 26 personnel who were lodged there completed their quarantine period. "In the past, some of our police officers were found COVID-19 positive. After that, the police station here was closed. Nine personnel had tested COVID-19 positive, their 26 contacts were quarantined at station premises. Police Station has been reopened now as they have completed their quarantine," he added. However, this initiative hasnât gone down too well with people. Hereâs how some of them reacted on Twitter: à¤à¤¬à¥à¤¤à¤° à¤à¤¡à¤¼à¤¾à¤¨à¤¾ हॠया à¤à¤à¤¸à¤¾à¤¨ à¤à¥ समà¤à¤¾à¤¨à¤¾ हॠ@DelhiPolice #COVID #ChineseVirus â Gaurav Mittal (@GauravMittal632) April 30, 2020In a city where a group of people are not scared of the police you think they will get scared by a few 'scarecrows'?How foolish â Amitabh Roy (@Amitabh80812802) April 30, 2020Jinko samjhna hai wo kabutaroo se kaam nahi hai â amber (@amber_singh112) April 30, 2020Crows aayege "Scarecrows" ko bachane.. â Indiangirl (@TrulyIndiangirl) April 30, 2020Lol â Vivek Singh (@singhvivek73) April 30, 2020So cute â The Mill on the Floss (@Mads_Aries) April 30, 2020Guys, if these scarecrows don't scare you we don't know what will? As one of the users pointed out, we also think "jinko samjhana hai wo kabutaro se kam nahi hai". We understand your urge to go out and fly but please stay home for a few days and stay safe. View the full article
  11. It can get difficult to feed yourself if you're stuck at home because of the uncertainty around the availability of supplies. Not everyone has access to a kitchen or some may only know how to cook instant noodles. But this doesnât mean you cannot eat from restaurants as food delivery companies like Zomato and Swiggy are still operational, albeit with limited services, depending on your area. However, with food delivery comes the stigma of whether it is safe or not and arguably, it is a genuine concern during these tough times. Both Zomato and Swiggy have introduced zero-contact policies for restaurants and their delivery agents. However, in order to order food from places that are safe and hygienic, there is a simple way to make sure you are ordering from the right places. © MensXP When ordering on Zomato, make sure you select the âSafe and Hygienic' filter to exclude restaurants that are not following safety and hygiene guidelines. In addition, the search results will also show restaurants that are following WHO safety practices in blue text right below its listing. The app also lets you check the riderâs sanitisation if you are not convinced about the delivery agentâs hygiene. After placing the order, in the delivery agentâs information section, Zomato will show whether the agent has sanitised before picking up the order. Additionally, you can even ask the delivery agent to leave your order at the door to avoid direct contact. © MensXP © MensXP For Swiggy, you can access all the restaurants following safety standards from the homepage itself. The app also highlights restaurants that are conducting daily temperature checks for their staff and pick-up agents. An additional badge can also be found on the listing where it mentions the restaurant follows the âBest Safety Standard.â Both food delivery companies have implemented safety practices such as educating their staff about precautions that are necessary to protect themselves, ensure their staff wash their hands regularly, that hand sanitisers are easily accessible for riders, ensuring that their kitchen staff is trained to wash and sanitise their hands thoroughly, ensure restaurants are disinfected daily amongst other practices that you can read in detail in the app itself. Riders are also being screened for higher body temperatures and assuring that food does not get delivered by an agent with higher than normal body temperature. If you are going to order food online, we urge you to only order food from restaurants that are following the hygiene and safety standards. View the full article
  12. From corporate work-from-home mandates to shutting down of malls to a self-imposed quarantine that does not have a definite ending date, the coronavirus pandemic has shaken the world up and taken over our lives in real ways. We're still trying to figure out how to deal with our everyday lives whilst sitting inside the four walls of our houses. For instance, while malls are shutting down, most retailers are open online. But the question is, and we're sure you've thought of too, is it okay to shop online? More importantly, are the delivery guys at risk while they do their job in delivering your boxes? The answer is yes. A study found that coronavirus can be found for up to 24 hours on cardboard, and even, up to 2-3 days on plastic and stainless steel. Itâs not exactly clear how long it can survive on paper though. © iStock While corporates like Cure.Fit have placed strict instructions for their employees to wear masks and exercise caution while delivering packages. It's not standard practice across other services. This is something that needs to be taken seriously with all corporate giants to ensure the safety of people who deliver packages. Can packages carry coronavirus? A study by the Harvard Medical School reveals that the risk of getting infected from a package is low, even if an infected person has touched it. The same is true for the items inside. © iStock How can you support small businesses that are struggling? The fashion industry has taken a major hit because of the global pandemic with many small businesses facing a crisis situation at present with little to no revenue in their pockets. This is also true for the local stores in your locality who will be facing major footfall. © iStock Instead of ordering through subscription services, or Amazon Prime that is anyway choked with orders at present, try ordering daily essentials by calling up your local Kirana store. Most Kirana stores have delivery arrangements and will be happy to deliver. View the full article
  13. India takes pride in its diversity. Be it linguistic, cultural or religious diversity, all of it has been an inherent part of India's social fabric that the entire world has taken note of. But as this diversity undergoes scrutiny in the country at the moment, yet another incident has come to light which only reaffirms the fact that regardless of our personal faiths, Indians will continue to treat humanity as their religion. © BCCL Recently, Hindu neighbours in Kanpur decided to form a human-chain around a baraat headed for a niqah in the curfew-imposed locality. The heartwarming incident came to pass following a phone call from the groom, who informed the bride Zeenat's uncle that it seemed difficult for the baraat to reach the wedding venue as per schedule, given the on-going curfew in the violence-hit city. © Twitter While Zeenat's uncle Wajid sat with other relatives and debated over the next course of action, word got out and their neighbour Vimal Chapadiya heard about the family's plight. Following this, he gathered two other friends Somnath and Neeraj Tiwari, who along with other locals, escorted the baraat to the wedding venue by forming a human chain around them. © BCCL The 70 baraatis reached the venue without any difficulty with the help of 50 Hindus who stood guard over their safety. Vimal and the others stayed back until the bidai ceremony, and when Zeenat came back, she rushed to meet “Vimal bhaiya” whom she thinks of as her “farishta”. As for Vimal, this is what he had to say, “I have seen Zeenat grow up. She is like my younger sister. How could I let her heart be broken? We are neighbours and I had to stand with the family in times of distress.” We'd love to see more of this, wouldn't we? View the full article
  14. Geo.tv/IllustrationMULTAN: The Child Protection & Welfare Bureau's (CPWB) Multan chapter said Tuesday they safely recovered four children who had resorted to begging and garbage-picking owing to their parents' negligence and lack of attention.A...
  15. In an act of bravery, a 48-year-old Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) driver made sure to dock the bus he was driving safely, even while he was having a heart attack. O Yadaiah managed to park the bus full of passengers at the Mahatama Gandhi Bus Station in Gowliguda, before collapsing from a heart attack right there on the steering wheel. The bus had more than a dozen passengers in it when the incident took place. © BCCL While talking to TOI, G Santosh, the conductor of the bus said, “It was his presence of mind that saved so many lives. Not only of those inside the bus but also those waiting at the packed bus station. We could hear him scream in pain, yet he did not stop the bus until he safely parked it.” As soon as Yadaiah collapsed on the steering wheel, he was rushed to the nearest hospital. Ramesh, Yadaiah's brother told TOI, “Though he was rushed here soon after he suffered the heart attack, doctors could not revive him.” © BCCL “I have no idea how we will survive...how my son will continue with his education,” Yadaiah's grieving wife said. Yadaiah, whose name will go down as a hero, has set an example for every human as his quick and selfless thinking saved several lives.
  16. Have you ever ripped out a USB device recklessly without 'safely removing' it from your computer, and got poked by a tech expert? Well, you no longer need to worry about that. Microsoft has finally accepted that nobody was doing it anyway, and is doing away with 'safely eject' option once and for all. That's right, Microsoft no longer cares what you do. On a serious note, though, Microsoft has changed the system's default setting for USB and Thunderbolt-enabled external devices with the new Windows 10 update. The OS now comes with “Quick Removal” settings by default, which means you can now remove your USB devices without upsetting the fellow tech expert sitting next to you. © Reuters The change was actually made back in October last year, but it's only now that the company is officially alerting the professionals. It is, however, worth pointing out that the 'safely remove' icon is still present after the update, but you can simply ignore it, and yank the USB device out anytime, assuming you are not in the middle of actively copying files to or from it. According to Microsoft, pulling out the USB device without 'safely removing' it may still degrade system performance. Let's be honest though, we all have been ripping out our flash drives without using that option for years now, and our system have been just fine. But hey, it's nice to know that Microsoft doesn't really cares anymore.
  17. On A Friday afternoon, when the Bangladesh cricket team were about to get off the team bus to enter the Masjid Al Noor mosque to offer their prayers, in the New Zealand city of Christchurch, they heard gunshots being fired in the vicinity. Nervous for the safety of their lives the helpless athletes “just escaped” the venue, with a clue of what was going on around them. ESPN Bangladesh's correspondent Mohammad Isam was later interviewed by The NZ Herald in which the journalist described what was going on inside the visiting cricket team's bus: “They [Team Bangladesh] were just outside the mosque about to get off from the bus and go into the mosque when they heard shooting and a lot of people running out and they saw someone wounded in front of them.” “And seeing that, they didn't get off the bus. About 10 minutes later they ran out of the bus and ran through Hagley Park and into the Hagley Oval.” Batsman Tamim Iqbal, who opens the batting order for the squad described the horrific incident in a tweet he put out after fleeing from the site. Entire team got saved from active shooters!!! Frightening experience and please keep us in your prayers #christchurchMosqueAttack — Tamim Iqbal Khan (@TamimOfficial28) March 15, 2019 According to The Guardian, multiple casualties have been reported in the nearest police station of Christchurch while four suspects (3 men, 1 woman) have been apprehended with ammunition in their possession and explosives attached to their vehicles. Former Bangladeshi skipper, Mushfiqur Rahim, too thanked their stars for being able to get away from the attack unscathed. Alhamdulillah Allah save us today while shooting in Christchurch in the mosque...we r extremely lucky...never want to see this things happen again....pray for us — Mushfiqur Rahim (@mushfiqur15) March 15, 2019 New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern too expressed her anger towards the “unprecedented violence” while comforting the members of their migrant communities and ensuring that the country will always be their home. What has happened in Christchurch is an extraordinary act of unprecedented violence. It has no place in New Zealand. Many of those affected will be members of our migrant communities – New Zealand is their home – they are us. — Jacinda Ardern (@jacindaardern) March 15, 2019 The Bangladesh cricket team were touring New Zealand since February having lost the ODI series 3-0 and the Test series 2-0. They were in Christchurch for the third and final Test match, which has now been cancelled. The Black Caps too offered their condolences for the shooting: Our heartfelt condolences go out to the families and friends of those affected by the shocking situation in Christchurch. A joint decision between NZC and the @BCBtigers has been made to cancel the Hagley Oval Test. Again both teams and support staff groups are safe. — BLACKCAPS (@BLACKCAPS) March 15, 2019
  18. Women's safety has forever been a concern in India, especially in New Delhi. And when reports surface about women getting molested and raped even in broad daylight, our faith only crumbles and the thought of travelling alone at night turns into a nightmarish vision for many women. However, some women have started feeling safe while travelling at night, thanks to certain people who are going out of their way to ensure that women are safe irrespective of what time it is. One such person is Praveen Ranjan, an auto driver, who commands all our respect for doing his bit to help women. Twitter Praveen Ranjan never takes fare from the women who are travelling at night. When asked about the reason, he said, "Madam main kuch nahi leta ladkiyon se itni raat ko. Unko thik se ghar pahuchana zyada zaroori hain." Praveen's story was shared by Neha Das, who said she was glad that she met him. She wrote in her post, "Yesterday was just another day in office. Finished work just in time to leave a little before 12 am. Delhi winters are here, the streets are mostly empty. While I waited for an auto outside office, this gentleman stopped. On asking the fare, he said "Madam main kuch nahi leta ladkiyon se itni raat ko. Unko thik se ghar pahuchana zyada zaroori hain." "I stood there wondering is he for real," she further wrote and I am sure everyone reading this post would have thought the same. This autowala, whom I would like to call the unsung hero, refused to take any money from Neha, but after she insisted, he took the fare without the night charges. Not all heroes wear capes, some like Praveen silently help women rebuild their trust in society and ensure their safety. We salute this unsung hero.
  19. Buses and cab services are meant for our convenience, but sadly, many of us think twice and sometimes thrice before sitting in them. At times, we even skip them for reasons that aren't hidden from anyone. On days when we do take cabs, the first thing our parents tell us is "Share the cab details with us" or "Send us the exact location." But, thanks to Santosh, a lot of people will now feel safer while calling for a cab. Pexels Santosh is an Uber driver, who just like any other ordinary cabbie was doing his job of dropping people to their desired location. But, the reason we're talking about him is extraordinary. It was around 1 AM when Santosh dropped a woman and her mother at their destination. When he realised that the gate to their residence was shut, he refused to leave them alone and waited with them for 1.5 hours until they got inside their house. The woman took to social media to thank him for his actions. hey @Uber_India , wanted to tell you about your driver Santosh. Last night the place we were staying had it's gate was closed. It was 1 AM. He refused to let us go & waited for 1.5 hours till we got in. Kudos to him. Mom and I eternally grateful pic.twitter.com/tIjz9n2A8O — Priyashmita Guha (@priyashmita) October 14, 2018 In fact, in her comments, the woman even mentioned how the passenger of his next ride was getting angry, but he said: "I am sorry but I cannot leave them." As a driver, it wasn't his job to wait and could have easily ended his trip and driven away. But, as a human, he did his job and we respect him for that. Honestly, he deserves more than a 5-star rating. However, Santosh isn't the only hero in our society who is out there protecting women. A few days ago, a Mumbai driver and conductor made the whole bus wait at 1.30 AM in the night, until one of the female passengers found an auto.
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