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Found 13 results

  1. There's nothing better than finding a sharp comeback or quoting something wise when your back is against the wall. Words can indeed be mightier than a sword. Following are some of the most awesome comebacks from famous movies or TV series which you can use on one occasion or the other: 1. When You Tell A Joke And Your Friend Doesn't Laugh: “I'll explain and I'll use small words so that you'll be sure to understand.” —The Princess Bride 2. When Your Friend Does A Silly Thing: “You are what the French call, les incompetent.” – Home Alone 3. When Someone Goes Below The Belt: “You are a sad, strange little man, and you have my pity.” – Toy Story 4. When Your Crush Asks You If She Should Laugh At Your Silly Joke: “Go ahead, make my day.” – Sudden Impact 5. When Someone Roasts You Badly In A Group: “You talking to me?” – Taxi Driver 6. When Your Girlfriend Complains You Drink Too Much: “Well, nobody's perfect.” – Some Like It Hot 7. When Your Bae Asks Why Are You Visiting The Friends/Relatives You Hate: “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.” – The Godfather II 8. When A Guy You Hate Tells You He'll Destroy You In Front Of Your Bae: "You come at the king, you best not miss." – The Wire 9. When Someone Is Trying To Roast You: “You're boring me.” – Blackish 10. When Your Drunk A*s Gets Into A Fight With The Bouncer & Your Friends Ask You To Chill: “I laugh in the face of danger!” – The Lion King Whatever the situation is, a wise-ass reply will make you savage!
  2. While they might not be favourites to win the tournament, the Pakistan cricket team is arguably the most unpredictable team in the ongoing ICC World Cup. The Sarfaraz Ahmed-led brigade lived up to its 'unpredictable' tag back in 2017 when they broke Indian hearts to clinch the Champions Trophy title. Since then, we've seen the Pakistani team elating fans with surprising performances and, at the same time, staying true to their nature, they have also given their fans some forgettable moments. On 31st May, Pakistan produced yet another embarrassing moment when they were bowled out for a mere 105 runs against the rampant pace attack of the West Indies. Asked to bat, Pakistan were treading with caution when Imam-ul-Haq's soft dismissal down the leg side instigated Sheldon Cottrell's iconic 'salute' send-off. Soon, Imam's opening partner Fakhar Zaman (22) followed him back into hut, with Andre Russell getting his name under wickets column. © Reuters Russell struck again in the 10th over to get the better of Haris Sohail (8) and Pakistan suddenly found themselves reeling at 45/3. Babar Azam (22) and captain Sarfaraz (8) were expected to carry the baton for their side, but Oshane Thomas and Jason Holder ensured their stay at the crease was brief. In what turned to be a massive collapse, Pakistan lost seven wickets for just 43 runs as Windies pace battery ran amok at Trent Bridge. It was Pakistan's second-lowest total in the World Cup history. And, while their fans were clearly unimpressed, cricket pundits, too, had their own opinion about their dismal show. Dear Pakistan, quickly work on your back foot play...the world is watching...you will get nothing to drive this WC. — Sanjay Manjrekar (@sanjaymanjrekar) May 31, 2019 Amongst the criticism, former Indian cricketer and commentator Sanjay Manjrekar also came up with a savage tweet to troll Pakistani batsmen. Taking a dig at them by highlighting their frailties, Manjrekar took to Twitter and wrote: "Dear Pakistan, quickly work on your back foot play...the world is watching...you will get nothing to drive this WC". As soon as the Manjrekar's tweet surfaced, cricket fans across the globe came up with their analogy of Pakistan's batting. Most of the dismissals were unlucky ones, especially Fakhar's, Imam's and Sarfraz's dismissal. Otherwise a poor display today. — Mohammad Hasham (@MhHasham) May 31, 2019 pic.twitter.com/g8PfcLrCTt — ravi... (@raviThenameof) May 31, 2019 They are still living in 2017. Have not moved forward from champions trophy. Even during 2047 WC they will continue to talk about champions trophy 2017 win, which they have not realized that it was a fluke. — RK (@ramheyram) May 31, 2019 Surgical stike again on Pakistan but this time from westindies. — arvind (@arvind_1352) May 31, 2019 Credit has to be given to the WI bowlers as well. They targeted those short balls with some serious pace ..... — Jayesh Kumar Dey (@dey_jayesh) May 31, 2019
  3. One of the newest Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) members, who also happened to be one of the better batters for the Indian cricket team, Gautam Gambhir, found himself in a Twitter battle against Omar Abdullah, when the former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir made a rather controversial statement hinting that the state had bargained for a separate Prime Minister and President and are hopeful to get them. Ever since the comments were made, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has addressed them without taking Abdullah's name. "He says we will take the clock back and replicate the situation before 1953 and there will be two Prime Ministers in India, Kashmir will have its separate PM,” the Prime Minister said at a Hyderabad rally. “(The Congress) must answer how its ally can say such a thing." Standing in full support with the leader of his party, Gambhir decided to join the war of words this afternoon. He tweeted: "Omar Abdullah wants a separate PM for J&K and I want to walk on oceans! Omar Abdullah wants a separate PM for J&K and I want pigs to fly! More than a separate PM Omar Abdullah needs some sleep followed by a strong coffee! If he still doesn't understand then a green Pakistani passport." @OmarAbdullah wants a separate PM for J&K & I want to walk on oceans! @OmarAbdullah wants a separate PM for J&K & I want pigs to fly! More than a separate PM @OmarAbdullah needs some sleep followed by a strong coffee! If he still doesn't understand then a green Pakistani passport — Gautam Gambhir (@GautamGambhir) April 2, 2019 Abdullah was quick to respond to the tweet: "Gautam, I never played much cricket because I knew I wasn't very good at it. You don't know very much about J&K, it's history or the role of @jknc_ in shaping that history yet you insist on displaying that ignorance for all to see. Stick to stuff you know about, tweet about the IPL." Gautam,I never played much cricket because I knew I wasn't very good at it. You don't know very much about J&K,it's history or the role of @jknc_ in shaping that history yet you insist on displaying that ignorance for all to see. Stick to stuff you know about, tweet about the IPL https://t.co/2ZSHJclWkt — Omar Abdullah (@OmarAbdullah) April 2, 2019 Gambhir quickly reacted to the sharp remarks: “Never mind your lack of cricketing prowess but Kashmiris and our country would have been well served if you knew a thing or two about selfless governance. By the way history is always consistent but perspectives are subjective. Better clean ur reading glasses.” Never mind your lack of cricketing prowess but Kashmiris and our country would have been well served if you knew a thing or two about selfless governance. By the way history is always consistent but perspectives are subjective. Better clean ur reading glasses. — Gautam Gambhir (@GautamGambhir) April 2, 2019 Regardless of who wins this battle of words, the rivalry has surely given enough fodder for people on Twitter to make their opinions public: @GautamGambhir - What is so special about Kashmiris that you have to be pampered and protected like some rare endangered species? Stop your tantrums and nonsense, and start behaving like the rest of the states. — This Too Shall Pass ï¸ (@thejendra) April 2, 2019 You aren't good at politics either Omar, a big difference between you and @GautamGambhir is that he reached where he did on his skills and hard work , you OTOH w/o daddy and grand daddy ..... — mayurwrites (@freentglty) April 2, 2019 Clean bowled! ð» — Argument8ive Indian (@idayre) April 2, 2019 Sir, ,, he won't understand your tweet! USKI level ka English likho.. It's Ambiguous — شبÛر اب٠بشÛر(SHABEER) (@SahirSmart78) April 2, 2019 Good piece of advise,Sir. @GautamGambhir seems to be suffering from Bhagwa Virus & needs a couple of anti Virus doses & some one plz tell him that Kashmir & its flora & fauna is famous for its green landscapes & history is testimony to that. "thori si to Gambirta dikhawo,Gautam! — Sajjad Shaheen (@sajjadshaheen) April 2, 2019 @OmarAbdullah now u r talking crazy, r u trying to educate WhatsApp University member, born after 2014? History n Geography isn't their forte. — Radhika (@RadhikaJampani) April 2, 2019 He is a Politician now. And Politicians doesn't need to have knowledge about Economy or history or religion like your leader Great RaGa. — Dr.Ramesh Patel (@pnhin) April 2, 2019 That's rude @OmarAbdullah. Poor Gauti has a shop of printing green Pakistani passports. https://t.co/LNRf0G6g1B — Amit Tyagi (@hiambuj) April 2, 2019
  4. Indian parents are a different league altogether and I bet you'd agree with me. If you haven't had a 'chappal' swung at you, have you even had a memorable childhood? From being savage to making sure you're the laughing stock of the family, Indian parents are a league apart and this Indian guy's tweet is stated testimony. via GIPHY Siddhu, a Twitter user (@cheekyponnama), talked about how his mother liked keeping his picture in her wallet, all the time. The lad got mighty emotional when he saw his picture in her wallet and went on to Tweet about it. But what he didn't expect was the answer that came as a surprise to him and really put him in his place with his mother's savage comeback. My mum has a photo of me in her wallet and not of my siblings. She said whenever she faces an obstacle, she looks at my photo and the problem disappears. I felt really touched till she said, she also tells herself, “what other problem can be bigger than this one?” ð¥ð¥ð¥ — Siddhu (@cheekyponnama) 17 February 2019 He realised what she was trying to say only when she finished her sentence. Ouch! 'She said whenever she faces an obstacle, she looks at my photo and the problem disappears,' he wrote. 'I felt really touched till she said, she also tells herself, “what other problem can be bigger than this one?' Now do you have a clearer understanding of what Indian mothers, if not parents, are like? They definitely love adding more fuel to fire, just so they can have some fun at your expense. Siddhu's Tweet went viral and people on the internet reacted to it. Savagery of savageries! I stan for your mom! pic.twitter.com/0nx18iAuLr — Duchess King Goshen ð DKG™ï¸ (@arrahdasoul) 19 February 2019 Reminds me of this pic.twitter.com/9smJNqL2jr — ðð¤ (@christinamagma) 20 February 2019 Damn, mama pic.twitter.com/yOiHUjmoxf — Vanyeetus Deletus (@VanthePapaya) 18 February 2019 Damn, Exactly what my mom did. Thanks for remind me hahaha — Arief Rahman (@AriefRptm) 19 February 2019 Siddhu, so far those who agrees with you are First born, those were d days but not in this generation even if you contribute to the family the most. All parents in their hearts, love their children all the same. This is facts. — Diamond Wong (@diamondwong) 18 February 2019 So, the next time you get excited about something good your parents have done for you, make sure you hear out the entire story first!
  5. Ever feel like wearing clothes that featured all the savage things you've been feeling like saying out loud? We all have, at some point. The feeling associated with wearing a piece of clothing that puts people in their place, without you having to say anything out loud, is beautiful, to say the least. It might put you in trouble in social situations (and definitely at work), but it's totally worth it (you know you agree). Designers Viktor and Rolf clearly feel the same, because they just showcased an incredible collection at the Paris Fashion Week, featuring the kind of messages you always wanted to yell across the meeting room at work. Here are 12 pictures from the collection that will definitely give you some sartorial inspiration. (Some DIY graffiti T-shirts, probably?) 1. "Don't be shy, you should speak more!" © Instagram/Viktorandrolf 2. "Are you sure you wanna eat those fries?" © Instagram/Viktorandrolf 3. "Can you do me a favour?" © Instagram/Viktorandrolf 4. "The meeting started half an hour ago." © Instagram/Viktorandrolf 5. "Do you honestly think I...." © Instagram/Viktorandrolf 6. Mid-week mood be like. © Instagram/Viktorandrolf 7. When you're wearing a bomb outfit and say something but low-key mean something else. © Instagram/Viktorandrolf 8. When you want them to spill the hot tea. © Instagram/Viktorandrolf 9. "You'll have to work during the weekend." © Instagram/Viktorandrolf 10. Friday evening mood. © Instagram/Viktorandrolf 11. When you're feeling extra while wearing a basic-ass outfit because you rule. © Instagram/Viktorandrolf 12. 4 AM mood after attending the third after-party. © Instagram/Viktorandrolf
  6. NVIDIA launched a brand new GPU for users who are budget conscious but still want to get the best experience for that price, and AMD, just days after, announced its new chip that will compete directly with the RTX 2080. © AMD In a roundtable attended by Gizmodo, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang laughed off the competition and described AMD's announcement as “underwhelming”. He claimed that the RTX 2080 will “crush” AMD's Radeon VII in benchmarks. “The performance is lousy,” said Huang, referring to AMD's latest GPU, Radeon 7. © AMD NVIDIA introduced a ray-tracing to their new GPUs and you can read all about it here. The technology has been developed over the past ten years in collaboration with Microsoft and game developers. You can read our review of the RTX 2080 and about its performance here. In our tests, the RTX 2080 performed extremely well with certain games and you can see our results below: © MensXP Ray tracing basically traces light in real-time that basically results in better textures, lighting effects, reflections and accurate shadows. AMD's latest GPU does not support this technology at the moment and the company claims it is 25 per cent more powerful than the previous generations. When asked, AMD CEO Lisa Su about Jensen's comments, Su responded, "What I would say is that we're very excited about Radeon VII, and I would probably suggest that he hasn't seen it yet." So, I guess we'll have to wait a few more weeks to see how things shake out with final hardware and drivers, and independent performance testing.
  7. When Sam Morrison, 27, decided to point out the rather conspicuous hypocrisy found in abundance in US President Donald Trump's tweets through flip-flops, he never imagined that his entire inventory will be sold out in a month. He decided to make physical flip flops that will feature a pair of Trump's contradictory tweets side by side, as a reminder of the huge question mark associated with the President's credibility and opinions. © Sam Morrison/Presidentflipflops Despite having no marketing budget, his flip-flops went viral, garnering an impressive response from media houses. In less than a month's time, he sold out his entire collection. He classified his collection into three categories: 'Syria', 'Electoral College', and 'Sources'. © Sam Morrison/Presidentflipflops © Sam Morrison/Presidentflipflops © Sam Morrison/Presidentflipflops The flip-flops can be purchased in his website presidentflipflops.com, the tagline of which reads "Going back on your word, one step at a time." Sam said it was an extremely time-consuming project, because he hand-printed all 1000 pairs (which was the number of flip-flops he manufactured). He says they are 'permanently sold out' now. © Sam Morrison/Presidentflipflops © Sam Morrison/Presidentflipflops Let's just say when it comes to savagery in fashion, it does not get better than this!
  8. We adore Anand S. Ahuja's style. The Delhi boy, now married to Sonam K. Ahuja hasn't let the glamour affect his sense of style. A true sneakerhead, comfort obviously is his first priority. But that, obviously, doesn't mean that he would stray away from keeping it suave. After all, marrying Sonam means keeping up with her style and that's not a very easy task. But boy, Anand never fails to keep up. Here are a few ways he curates his everyday looks that seem like hard work but at second glance, aren't very hard to cop. 1. Mr Ahuja knows his style game very well. White sneakers, groovy patterns and a well-fitted blazer, who knew this would make for a charming look? Look for blazers that hug your body perfectly without looking too tight. Experiment with funky patterns in t-shirts that would make your layer underneath the blazer. You could even try cool graphics. Pro tip: match a colour from the pattern of your t-shirt with the colour of the blazer. This will make your outfit look well put together. View this post on Instagram A post shared by anand s ahuja (@anandahuja) on Sep 23, 2018 at 1:13pm PDT 2. Sonam's style choices are fabulous. However, Anand is giving her some serious competition with a well-tailored suit that not only fits his frame flawlessly but complements Sonam's look. Now, that makes for a power couple look. © Instagram Accessorizing a suit makes all the difference. Add a nice tie and a pocket square, finish up by wearing a watch that works well with the suit. 3. A perfect example of how layering works really well for guys too. Blues and whites work well together: a breezy Summer outfit you don't want to miss for the next summer. Remember: Layering in Summer does not have to be tedious and tiresome. If you choose your fabrics right, you won't feel hot even with the added layers. Pro tip: Go for light cotton fabrics in cooler shades like white and pastels that don't let you feel hot and sweaty. Use a shirt to finish your outfit and voila! A finished look without doing too much. View this post on Instagram A post shared by anand s ahuja (@anandahuja) on Jul 30, 2018 at 3:25am PDT 4. Choice of footwear always matters. You can't step out in sliders if you're wearing a jacket or a blazer. An important detail that men tend to forget. Loafers don't work either. Choose comfortable sneakers that work well with chinos for a look like Anand's. Aside from Anand's sense of style, his brand Bhaane also has really cool pieces. Exhibit A: Look at him casually looking so fetching with a cool white t-shirt, a beige jacket and sneakers. Obviously. View this post on Instagram A post shared by anand s ahuja (@anandahuja) on May 26, 2018 at 6:59pm PDT 5. Jerseys are a great way to express your love for a team in a loud way. If that's your jam, you should also know that it can easily go wrong. For all the jersey lovers out there, here's a super cute way of pulling off a jersey without looking drab. Remember, you can't wear a jersey with formals, bad idea. So that rules out formal shoes and pants. Keep it casual and real with fitted track pants and shoes that stand out, and your look is made for the day. View this post on Instagram A post shared by anand s ahuja (@anandahuja) on Jul 23, 2017 at 11:40am PDT
  9. Following the return of Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Rajasthan Royals (RR), the eleventh edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) proved to be a major hit amongst the fans. Staging a brilliant comeback to the tournament, the MS Dhoni-led CSK overcame a resurgent Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) brigade in the final to clinch their third IPL title earlier this year. And, the 2019 edition of the IPL is expected to be no different. Promising some thrilling contests and slambang cricketing action, the upcoming edition of the tournament will once again pit the eight franchises against each other. But, even if the 2019 General Elections end up shifting the IPL outside India, the tournament, like in 2009, is not going to get affected (at least in terms of fanfare). While there are still a few months to go for the IPL to kickstart, the franchises seem to be busy spicing things up with some friendly banter on the social media. In what turned out to be an epic Twitter war, the likes of Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai Indians (MI) were recently seen locking horns in a trolling contest on the micro-blogging website. I had to hold my phone pretty high to fit Big Polly into the frame ð Happy to see you again my brother ð ⤠pic.twitter.com/lNXnI89B4E — hardik pandya (@hardikpandya7) November 13, 2018 It all began with Mumbai Indians' all-rounder Hardik Pandya tweeting a photo of himself in the company of his club mates Kieron Pollard and Krunal Pandya. "I had to hold my phone pretty high to fit Big Polly into the frame. Happy to see you again my brother," Hardik tweeted. Find a better allrounder trio. We will wait â³ð #CricketMeriJaan @hardikpandya7 @KieronPollard55 @krunalpandya24 https://t.co/wBnnKrVdF9 — Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) November 13, 2018 Taking note of their star cricketer's tweet, Mumbai wasted no time in firing pot-shots at other IPL franchises with their tweet: "Find a better allrounder trio. We will wait". The wait is over! ð pic.twitter.com/MM5nzuuJDt — SunRisers Hyderabad (@SunRisers) November 13, 2018 In response, Hyderabad were quick to share the photo of their all-rounder trio which included Rashid Khan, Shakib Al Hasan and Mohammad Nabi. "The wait is over," SRH tweeted. Moondru Mugam ð¦ð¦ð¦#Thala #WhistlePodu ð pic.twitter.com/0thaMqeIE1 — Chennai Super Kings (@ChennaiIPL) November 13, 2018 While Mumbai and Hyderabad were exchanging verbal volleys, Chennai, too, joined in the debate by sharing a photo of Dhoni, insinuating that their 'Thala' alone is equivalent to three all-rounders. The wait goes on...ððð pic.twitter.com/uDeM0WImIt — Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) November 13, 2018 Though Mumbai didn't seem to have any answer for Chennai's gem of a tweet, the three-time IPL champions marked a comeback with a savage reply for Hyderabad. Taking a dig at SRH, Mumbai shared a picture of its IPL trophies and shut the David Warner-led brigade with the caption: "the wait goes on". The twelfth edition of the IPL is slated to begin from 29th April 2019 and even if the tournament is eventually moved outside India, the epic Twitter banter between these three franchises proves that it is going to be a feisty affair.
  10. Former CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification) chief Pahlaj Nihalani aka the 'Master of Cuts', is getting a taste of his own medicine now that he is on the other side of the bridge. From mercilessly butchering scenes to banning words like 'Bombay'; Nihalani made things really tough for filmmakers during his tenure. However, now that he is wearing the producer's hat himself, he is having a tough time because his upcoming project 'Rangeela Raja' is the latest one to come under the axe. © chiragdeep international Nihalani, who earlier produced an erotic thriller 'Julie 2', is now gearing up for the release of 'Rangeela Raja' starring Govinda. According to reports, 'Rangeela Raja' is loosely based on the life of the 'King of Good Times', Vijay Mallya. Reportedly, the CBFC has ordered 20 cuts in the movie and this news has not gone down well with Nihalani at all. Nihalani told ANI that the cuts suggested for his film violate CBFC guidelines. While Nihalani was busy fighting with the CBFC over the cuts he suggested, the Internet, on the other hand, was having a gala time cracking jokes on how Karma is a b**ch. #Breaking | Irony jumped from the top of Censor Board building and got hit by Pahlaj Nihalani's car. https://t.co/b2hRqhji6C — Shivani Bazaz (@shivanibazaz) November 5, 2018 Cut! Cut! Take that you kiss-cutter! https://t.co/RhAnSfnIPn — Minu Ittyipe (@Sins_Of_Syntax) November 5, 2018 Thoughts after reading this tweet A. 'Rangeela Raja', seriously? B. Life comes a full circle. https://t.co/AACPVYzfHR — Raj Shekhar Jha (@rajshekharTOI) November 5, 2018 Karma ? https://t.co/4lhCZN5CRx — TheRichaChadha (@RichaChadha) November 5, 2018 Close enough? pic.twitter.com/9Zoh75MNx7 — Bollywood Gandu (@BollywoodGandu) November 5, 2018 Friend: "What is 69?" Me: https://t.co/g8FYwxAAPq — Sayantan Ghosh (@sayantansunnyg) November 5, 2018 That's how Karma works. If you give Soan Papdi to others, you get Soan Papdi in return. https://t.co/yeGAo4cMob — SAGAR (@sagarcasm) November 5, 2018 As u sow so shall u reap! — Ashish Kukreja (@akukreja08) November 5, 2018 pic.twitter.com/HHflaXYYz5 — Rishabh Srivastava (@AskRishabh) November 5, 2018 Nihalani further alleged that CBFC Chief Prasoon Joshi gave preference to Aamir Khan's 'Thugs Of Hindostan' despite him submitting the movie days after Nihalani did. In fact, Nihalani has even filed a complaint against CBFC at the Bombay High Court over the suggested cuts.
  11. The Indian world wide web has been abuzz lately with Netflix India's response to the jokes and memes that dominated Twitter just a little while ago with Radhika Apte taking the lead in yet another Netflix series 'Ghoul'. Innumerable memes like the one below began to do the rounds on the internet: When you open Netflix these days. pic.twitter.com/z0JawlbLPm — Bade Chote (@badechote) August 27, 2018 Sure enough, the message reached the Netflix India team and they made sure that the trolls knew their messages were being heard by playing along and owning up to the memes with an absolute show stealer for a response through this tweet: Whatever the role, Radhika apt hai. pic.twitter.com/H5vAI81qMG — Netflix India (@NetflixIndia) August 27, 2018 However, Zomato decided to fish in troubled waters by joining in to take a dig at Radhika's 'versatility' with this tweet: And you thought only Radhika is versatile ð pic.twitter.com/nqfHikbeeU — Zomato India (@ZomatoIN) August 29, 2018 Zomato tried to present the versatility of Paneer through a list of dishes, suggesting that's a possible rival Radhika might wanna watch out for, but it was Netflix India's response to this tweet that made Twitter lose their calm. Here's what the Netflix India team had to say: Well, she is everywhere. pic.twitter.com/XcEw0OjtHf — Netflix India (@NetflixIndia) August 29, 2018 Netflix team's witty comeback has stolen thousands of hearts wherein they yet again managed to to reiterate that Radhika is 'omnipresent' and can be found everywhere you look! Twitter can't stop laughing their hearts out it seems: Hahahha. Ith ka jawab Radhika se. https://t.co/tRMLYSuugi — Nishit (@i_EnVy) August 29, 2018 Netflix-1, Zomato-0 — Serendipity (@ConsiderMeHappy) August 29, 2018 Same. pic.twitter.com/fZEOLfgjsg — Buzzinga Digital (@BuzzingaDigital) August 29, 2018 @NetflixIndia admin deserves an appraisal !ðð#TooGood #GotNoChills https://t.co/c62P5BVyBf — Damini Thorat (@ThoratDamini) August 29, 2018 Miic Drop! Tweet of the century is here guys. Well Bloody played guys at @NetflixIndia https://t.co/XXraDxiMkM — Ashwin Fern&es | Social Media Ninja (@ashshanuferns) August 29, 2018 As for us, we're totally loving wherever this is headed. Radhika has given some stellar performances in 'Lust Stories' and 'Sacred Games', while the recently launched 'Ghoul' also looks promising. You wouldn't see us complaining any time soon, since we're loving the entertainment as well as the actor who has actively participated in this and dared to laugh at herself with the rest of the trolls.
  12. We all know about Priyanka Chopra's abrupt exit from Salman Khan's 'Bharat'. The news did disappoint many, as her fans were eagerly waiting for her Bollywood comeback. While a certain producer called Priyanka's exit 'unprofessional', director Ali Abbas Zafar, on the other hand, hinted towards her getting engaged to Nick Jonas and looked genuinely happy for her. Yes Priyanka Chopra is no more part of @Bharat_TheFilm & and the reason is very very special , she told us in the Nick of time about her decision and we are very happy for her ... Team Bharat wishes @priyankachopra loads of love & happiness for life ððð — ali abbas zafar (@aliabbaszafar) July 27, 2018 However, pretty soon the news about Priyanka signing a movie with Chris Pratt surfaced, which suddenly changed a lot of things, and everyone wanted to know only one thing- What did Salman Khan had to say to all of this? © Twitter And finally, when the inevitable question was posed to Salman Khan during the 'Loveratri' trailer launch in Delhi, he had it all ready. © Twitter TBH, things like this often happen in the industry. Cast changes at the end moment, but it is professionalism that counts. Listening to Salman, presented a different picture altogether. The actor's response was savage, snarky but on point. © Twitter “I 've not been reading the newspapers for the past 3-4 days. I've been busy with things. When I read, I will call and give you my answer,” Salman said. .@BeingSalmanKhan on @priyankachopra walking out of #Bharat! #LoveratriTrailerLaunch #LoveratriTrailer #SalmanKhan #PriyankaChopra #filmykiidapage pic.twitter.com/x3tCvKmdfK — Filmykiida (@filmykiidapage) August 6, 2018 However, later he did share his side of the story and said Priyanka visited him and expressed her desire to quit the film but the reason given that time was different. When journalists tried to push him he laughed and said, 'You know the reason of course.' But it was later on that they got to know that she had signed a Hollywood project. © Twitter The actor said they would have let her quit in either situation. Be it marriage or her signing a Hollywood movie. He also joked saying, ''It seems that she doesn't want to work with Salman,'' the actor added. #salmankhan on #priyankachopra leaving #bharat A post shared by Bollywood Daily (@bollywooddaily.insta) on Aug 6, 2018 at 9:56pm PDT Well, it was fun to see Salman in a witty mode. However, maintaining his dignity at the moment he also congratulated her and said that she is making India proud and he is happy for her. © Twitter Well, PeeCee's exit has definitely disappointed her B-town fans. But then again, someone's loss is someone's gain. And this time, it is Katrina Kaif who will once again be seen romancing Salman Khan.
  13. Gurmeet Choudhary just made a grand appearance for the promotion of his upcoming movie 'Paltan', that is based on the Indo-China war of 1962. Not deviating from the rugged theme of the movie, he chose to ride a monster bike (is that the Honda Goldwing? We think so). What was more eye-catching than the bike, however, was his black kickass leather overalls. Take a look. © Instagram The leather jacket is absolute 'goals', when it comes to the fit and construction, but what caught our attention is the fact that the zipper details are custom made to be colour coordinated with the maroon body of the bike, plus he chose to wear a pair of blue tinted sunnies for that playful contrast. Talk about attention to details and design sensibility! © Instagram His footwear and helmet are the perfect accompaniment to his black outfit. The leather patches and detailing are giving his overall outfit the sporty edge that a biker costume is all about. © Instagram Will you just look at that road monster, btw? Isn't it absolutely gorgeous? © Instagram Gurmeet chose to style his hair in a way that is helmet friendly and doesn't take a lot of maintenance. Plus that windswept aesthetic is perfect with a bike outfit. © Instagram A message to all of our homies with a superbike fixation: This is how you do it.