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Found 3 results

  1. One person's presence of mind might have just saved the lives of a lot of people and it's a lesson for everyone to not always be so involved in themselves and always be aware about their surroundings. Krishna Poojary, a 53-year-old man hailing from Karnataka has probably now become a hero for so many people who owe him their lives. He's a daily wage worker and despite having a weak leg, he ran 3km to inform authorities about a crack in the train tracks which saved thousands of lives. Because of his leg, he was advised by doctors to go on walks daily in order to strengthen his leg since he could not afford to seek further medical help. His walk last Saturday became quite memorable, with a happy ending, thankfully. Basically, while walking at the Brahmasthana Nagabana area in Korangrapady, he stumbled upon a crack in the train tracks and while he was figuring out what to do, a train passed, and the crack became even wider and more dangerous. © TOI As soon as he realized this was tragedy waiting to happen, he started running to get help and it had to be quick, before another train passes through. He immediately took off and ended up running 3km to find railway officials. While talking to TOI, he said, “I usually take a stroll for around 2km. I was walking near the tracks around 6.45am when I happened to see the crack. Soon a train passed by. I could only think of rushing to the officials.” © Pexels After his alert, two trains were halted until the matter could be fixed. After that, he led railway engineers to the spot and they fixed the crack and only after that the trains were allowed to pass. Not all heroes wear capes hasn't been truer, tbh. What a thing to do! He even put so much physical strain on himself, even though he was already in pain. He said, “I have severe pain in the leg. But I am glad I could be of help to people.”
  2. Aamir Khan who is loved on-screen for his brilliant portrayal of characters recently turned into a real-life hero and saved the life of his 'Dangal' colleague. It was his well-timed help that saved the life of National Film Award-winning sound engineer Shajith Koyeri. © Twitter After Koyeri suffered from a severe attack, he was rushed to Bandra's Lilavati Hospital on Thursday morning, where they waited for hours to get doctor's assistance. As per reports, the family had no option left and they reached out to Aamir Khan for help. After receiving the call, the actor immediately rushed to the hospital around midnight. The family confirmed that no doctor has examined him since the MRI was done. Instantly, Aamir moved him to Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital in Andheri for the treatment. The 'Thugs of Hindostan' actor got in touch with Anil Ambani's family who owns Kolikaben hospital and got the needful done. By 3 am, Koyeri was transferred. © Twitter As per the family, Koyeri was taken for an MRI after he suffered from the stroke. Though he was rushed into the intensive care unit (ICU), there was no doctor who came to examine him even once. Koyeri, who won a National Award for 'Omkara', complained about uneasiness quite a few times, but no one from the hospital was there to help. As his condition was deteriorating, they reached out for Aamir's help. Talking to Mumbai Mirror, Koyeri's sister Neesha said, "Had he not been there, who knows how bad it could have been?" © Twitter Meanwhile, Lilavati authorities have denied the allegation and stated that their doctors are always available round-the-clock and Koyeri received the required treatment on time. Though it is difficult to say what really happened, people for sure are loving Aamir's heroic act and showering him with love on Twitter. Aamir Khan is not only a great actor but also to be a great person. Thank you for caring for the crew of your film. Truly an inspiration for us fans! https://t.co/4vppjJlK7k — Mansaaaaaa (@Mad_Hu_Naa) September 9, 2018 As an Aamir Khan fan I feel very proud of what he has done. Shajith Koyeri get well soon. We all are praying for you. https://t.co/EblEgxYJee — M Ajith (@Ajithspeaks) September 9, 2018 Aamir Khan saved the life of award-winning sound designer Shajith Koyeri. https://t.co/6lwSudbLlA — Sneha Soni (@SnehaAbhiSood) September 9, 2018 It's great to see Aamir doing everything possible to save the life of a fellow worker and we wish Koyeri a healthy and speedy recovery.
  3. I get to hear this so much as a coach, 'Sir I can't achieve my physique goals as I can't go to the gym'. People find millions of reasons to skip gym time. But today, I am going to tell you a solution for this. Here's a full body workout with just a pair of dumbbells. So even if you cannot take a gym membership, just buy a pair of dumbbells and start working towards your goals. Things To Keep In Mind Before Starting © YouTube 1) This workout is for anyone who is at least clear about the basic form of performing the exercises mentioned in the program. I will also be sharing few tips to perform these exercise, so make sure you follow and implement them before getting on to the actual circuit. 2) It is a circuit workout. You can easily workout your complete body in about 45 minutes after your warm-up. 3) Make sure that the rest period between two exercises is not more than 30 seconds. This will make your workout more intense and help you with better hypertrophy and getting leaner. 4) Make sure to get ample rest after this workout as the circuit will recruit muscles from all over the body. Either perform it on alternate days or make sure that you are resting your body enough between two consecutive workout sessions. Let's Start- The Full Body Dumbbell Workout Exercise 1 Walking lunges with dumbbells: Total Sets- 3 : Reps 10-12 Steps © Thinkstock Your starting position will be where you are standing with an upright torso and holding the dumbbells in your hands by the sides. Now place one foot forward while keeping the other foot at the same place. Make sure that forward foot makes a perpendicular angle to the ground. Exercise 2 Stiff leg Dumbbell Deadlifts: Total Sets- 3 : Reps 10-12 © YouTube Hold the dumbbells at your arm's length at the sides. Stand approximately shoulder width apart of at a lesser stance. Now keep your back straight and lower the dumbbells towards your feet, feeling a good stretch on your hamstrings. Once the dumbbells are lowered just below the knees, extend your hips and core till you come back to the starting position. Exercise 3 Bent Over Dumbbell Rowing: Total Sets- 3 : Reps 10-12 © YouTube Bend your knees slightly and bring your torso forward by bending from the waist line. Make sure that your back is straight and almost parallel to the floor. While keeping the torso stationary, lift the dumbbells towards your sides. Make sure that the dumbbells are closer to your body. Squeeze your back muscle and hold for a second before coming back to the starting position. Exercise 4 Dumbbell Shrugs : Total Sets- 3 : Reps 10-12 © Gym geek Stand with an erected posture with dumbbell on each side. Your palms with face your torso when you begin. Now lift the dumbbell while keeping your forearms slightly bent or straight. Elevate your shoulders while squeezing your traps. Use only your shoulders in this exercise not your forearms and biceps. Exercise 5 Overhead Dumbbell Press : Total Sets- 3 : Reps 10-12 © Coachmag Sit on a straight bench and hold the dumbbell in each hand placing them just above your shoulders. Now push them upwards to almost a compete lockout of your elbow, extending your triceps. After holding them for half a second, lower them slowly to the starting position. Exercise 6 Dumbbell Bench Press : Total Sets- 3 : Reps 10-12 © YouTube Lie down on a flat bench with dumbbells in your hands. Bring them towards the side of your chest creating an almost a 90 degree angle at your elbow. Now while maintaining total control of the weight, push the dumbbells away from your body using your pectorals and triceps. Begin coming down slowly after hold up for a second. Exercise 7 Single Arm dumbbell Extension: Total Sets- 3 : Reps 10-12 © Fitmeup Take a dumbbell and extend your arm over your head so that it's perpendicular to the floor just behind your head. Now slowly lower the dumbbell towards your traps while keeping the elbows fixed. After feeling a complete stretch in your triceps, bring back the dumbbell to its starting position. Exercise 8 Dumbbell Biceps curls : Total Sets- 3 : Reps 10-12 Hold the pair of dumbbells in your hands at arm's length. Your palms will be facing forward and elbows will be close to the torso. Now keeping the arms stationary, curl the dumbbells while contracting your biceps muscles. After holding for half a second at contracted position, bring them back to the original position. Anuj Tyagi is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Sports Nutritionist and Therapeutic Exercise Specialist From American Council on Exercise (ACE) . He is the Founder of the website where he provides online Training. Though a Chartered Accountant by education, he has been closely associated with Fitness Industry since 2006. His motto is to transform people Naturally and he believes that the secret formula for Fitness is Consistency and commitment towards your Training and Nutrition. You can connect with him through Facebook and Youtube.