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Found 14 results

  1. I am sure my school wasn't the only one that had the ritual of morning assemblies. You might like it or hate it, but I don't think you can forget those days easily. Keeping your bags in the classroom and then gathering in the school courtyard, early in the morning. It was a ritual that each kid religiously followed. Every morning, the assembly would begin with our Principal's speech and end with everyone singing the National Anthem. Back then, most of us would get away with only lip sync, and some would only hum while the rest of the crowd sang it dedicatedly. Twitter This video of the kid from Arunachal Pradesh trying his level best to sing the National Anthem reminds us of how we were as kids. From mixing up a few words to forgetting some lines, but still continuing with whatever he knows; this kid's innocent attempt at singing 'Jana Gana Mana' has brought a smile on everyone's face. He puts his heart and soul into singing the National Anthem and his infectious smile at the video says it all. This kid from #ArunachalPradesh singing Jana Gana Mana is the cutest thing you will see... pic.twitter.com/r6AgfOBQDy — Anupam Bordoloi (@asomputra) May 8, 2019 People on the internet are already in love with this kid and we can completely understand why. ननà¥à¤¹à¥ नाà¤à¤°à¤¿à¤ à¤à¥ सलाम — Uma Prakash (@ojhaup) May 9, 2019 At that age I did not know that much too ð³ð¤¦ð»‍âï¸ Kids these days are smart ð — Mariner (@JustMariner) May 8, 2019 I've seen it a few times already. Incredibly cute, Anupam. :) — Subhash Rai (@onlinejourno) May 8, 2019 This video actually made my day .. lots of hugs and love to the little angel.. — moringa fleur (@moringafleur) May 9, 2019 Cutest indianð — vaishali (@dj_vaishu) May 9, 2019 Good boy, a least putting his efforts will definitely give positive results — RakshTheLuck (@RakeshTheLuck3) May 11, 2019 What a beautiful version of our anthem ð¤ May God bless this child and may he grow up and make his Motherland even more proudð®ð³ — Politics and Poha. (@pallavidatta) May 11, 2019
  2. One of the first lessons most elementary schools try to imbibe in young minds reads something like, “a simple act of kindness goes a long way”. That is probably what we were also taught back in the day, but while many forget these precious lessons after writing those answers for the moral science paper, there is a young boy who became an overnight sensation for not only keeping this lesson close to his heart, but also applying it when it was most needed. Earlier this month, a 6-year-old boy named Derek C Lalchhanhima from Sairang in Mizoram went viral for inspiring the young and old through a simple act of kindness. Derek had accidentally run over his neighbour's chicken while cycling, and then rushed it to the nearest hospital with all the money he had (Rs. 10) to save it's life! People hailed his kindness and soon Derek turned into a school hero after he was rewarded by School St. Pio with a 'Word of Appreciation' award for his thoughtful gesture. But that's not all. More appreciation and awards have poured in for Derek who has now been declared as a 'Compassionate Kid' by animal rights organisation, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Underscoring the importance of furthering emotions of empathy and kindness towards animals in young children, PETA made a statement on this honour conferred on Derek and said, “Developing empathy for animals is a key step towards developing empathy for – and rejecting violence against – all beings, including humans. It's important, therefore, that students learn at an early age that the animals with whom we share this planet are, in many ways, not so different from us.” Look at Derek with his PETA award: © Twitter It is great to see the encouragement and appreciation that Derek has received for his sweet act. It will not only further motivate him to keep moving in this path, but also inspired many young minds like Derek to follow in the same footsteps.
  3. Yesterday, a little boy from Mizoram went viral for his simple act of kindness. In case you didn't know, the boy was cycling when he accidentally ran over his neighbour's chicken. He was so scared for the injured chicken that he rushed it to the nearest hospital and asked for help with whatever money he had. His simple act of kindness may not be something extraordinary, but the little kid is definitely a hero in his own right and his actions have taught us adults a huge lesson on humanity. The kid has been identified as 6-year-old Derek C Lalchhanhima from Sairang. In fact, Derek is now his school's hero too and was recently rewarded for his sweet gesture. Here's Derek proudly holding his 'Word of Appreciation' certificate, which he received at his School St. Pio, Sairang today. Reportedly, Derek came home with the chick that he had accidentally killed and did not understand that the chick is dead. He begged his parents, but when his parents told him to go himself, he did exactly that with whatever money he had i.e. Rs 10. The nurse couldn't stop from gushing over the little kid's innocence. Derek's innocent gesture has won everyone's heart and we hope more and more people can learn from this cute little 6-year-old.
  4. Free

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    Live Preview Ekattor School Management System is the most complete and versatile school management system on envato market. It is a school echo system combining teachers, students, parents and other school staffs in a single automation software. This complete package comes with a very advanced backend erp, frontend school website, ios and android mobile app. Login Page Admin Dashboard Full feature list Backend ERP Student admission system Fully functional and automated admission form for student enrolment Enroll students to a specific class for a certain session Bulk import of students Import as many students as you want using csv file Class management with multiple sections Add sections to a class Ability to assign teacher for a section Multiple sections under a certain class Class-wise subject management Add subjects for each class separately Assign a teacher for a subject Class routine or class schedule Manage class timetables section-wise Change timetable when required Student promotion Promote a student from one class to another Ability to choose which students get promoted and who are not Promote students to a new academic session Ability to have a look at student’s results while promoting Students’ daily attendance Take attendance of students daily Keep track if students are absent Students’ attendance report Get a well defined attendance report for all students of a certain class for a certain month Ability to print the attendance report Exam management Specify exam dates Add or remove any exam anytime you need Exam evaluations or marks management Evaluate or put exam marks for each student subject wise Compare students’ marks Print student marksheet Students’ tabulation sheet Get a report of marks of all students for a certain class for a specific exam Printing option of that tabulation sheet of students’ marks Question papers for students Ability to upload question papers for students Study materials for student Ability to upload study materials Study materials can be class specific Students can download the materials anytime they need Library Organize books class-wise Students can issue the books they need Librarian can keep track of the books issued Transportation management Add transport for your school Ability to attach students to a transport service Dorms Ability to manage school dorms Assign students to specific dorm Students’ fees management Create single invoice for student fees Mass invoice generation for convenience Ability to take multiple payments under single invoice Payments can be taken both online or manually Online payments Take student fees via PayPal Take fees via Payumoney SMS gateways MSG91, Twillio and Clickatell APIs are integrated Choose any one of them according to your need Ability to disable SMS services Private messaging Contact any user with private messages Receiver gets notified with email notification Academic year or session handling Keep your school records year-wise Ability to select academic sessions Ability to see previous session data Management of teachers Add/edit/delete teachers anytime you need Assign teacher to specific class or section Assign teacher to specific subject Accounting Create payment invoices Create mass invoices for a particular class Students’ payment history Expense management Add school expenses Keep track of expenses Set separate category for school expenses Parents Add/edit/delete parents Assign parents to student A parent can be associated with multiple children Librarians Separate user account for library management Responsible for issuing of books Accountants Separate user account for managing school fees Can also manage school expenses Can keep track of unpaid student fee invoices Universal noticeboard Add announcements or important notices for all users Notices are shown on each user’s dashboard on calendar Multi-language and rtl support Supports over 20 languages Ability to add language Ability to modify any phrase according to your need Multiple color scheme option for backend Change the look and feel by changing color schemes from system settings Customization of school information Change school name and other information from system settings Multiple payment gateways Take online payment via PayPal Take online payment via Payumoney Multiple SMS gateways Multiple SMS gateways integrated Choose among MSG91, Twillio or Clickatell One click updater Fully automatic updater for the script Update your application without loosing any data Password reset option School Logo customization Frontend school website management panelHomepage slider settings Ability to add three slider images with title and description for the school website’s main slider Events management Ability to create events that will show on website Ability to hide/show on school website Noticeboard The noticeboard of the school website is fetched from the backend erp noticeboard module School Gallery Ability to create Gallery for specific event Ability to add any number of images inside a gallery Ability to choose if the gallery will be shown on website or not Teacher profiles Teachers are fetched from teacher module Ability to select which teacher will be shown on website Frontend settings Modify contact information Modify header title Modify footer elements Upload separate logo for header and footer Ability to add social network links of your school Ability to add geo-location for maps Frontend School website theme management Installer For fresh setup of the application, an easier method is implemented via an auto installer Step by step guidance about installation process Frontend School Website Noticeboard The notices from backend erp Event List The events that are created by admin from frontend settings School Gallery The galleries with images which are allowed by admin to show on the website Admission form A simple admission form for offline/manual admission Teacher Profiles Teacher profiles with their contact info Contact Page Page for viewers from where they can contact the school administration
  5. India is a country that loves "bans". We'll ban anything and everything simply because a few people are offended or actually don't even understand the issue. The latest ban trend has been about the infamous battle royale game PUBG. The game has been a raging success in the country and everyone is hooked onto it. Users are spending hours every day playing the game and thanks to its well built in-app communication, playing with friends is even more fun. Owing to the craze, children and teenagers are glued to the game and often tend to ignore studies. © PUBG Corporation Gujarat is now officially the first state in India where the popular mobile game PUBG has been banned from primary schools. The state's primary education department has issued a circular that directs primary schools to ensure that a ban has been implemented on PUBG. The circular directed District Primary Education Officers to take the necessary steps to enforce a ban on the game in primary schools. It said the ban was necessary as children were getting addicted to the game and it was “adversely affecting their studies”. © PUBG Corporation Jagruti Pandya, who is the chairperson of the Gujarat child rights body, has also said that the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) has also issued a recommendation to ban PUBG in the entire state. This comes after a recent report by Quartz and Jana which states that a PUBG fan spends 8 or more hours in a week on an average in India. One reason why many Indians are playing the game is that “everyone's talking about it.” © iMore Gujarat Government isn't the first one to ban PUBG though, institutes like Vellore Institute of Technology have also banned the game in their campus. A few days ago, a fitness trainer had to be admitted to a hospital because he was addicted to PUBG. The fitness trainer got addicted to the game and played it for nearly 10 days in a row. He had to be hospitalized after he started hitting himself with blows and caused significant injury. Virtual games are supposed to give a temporary escape from the mundane routine and are a source of entertainment. They in no way should be taken seriously, and are definitely not worth investing in by ignoring other important aspects like studies and work. (With inputs from PTI)
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    Schoex application name has changed to OraSchool, New name with the same leadership and awesome suite OraSchool Built on Laravel 5, Bootstrap 4 And AngularJS. Compatible with php 7.2 Schoex support 5 types of users : Administrators username : admin password : admin123 Teachers username : teacher password : teacher123 Students username : student password : student123 Parents username : parent password : parent123 Accountants username : account password : account123 Documentation : http://solutionsbricks.com/docs/schoex/ Codecanyon Application Link
  7. We have always maintained that we like Sidharth Malhotra's shoe game. He just reminded us once again why. He stepped out wearing a pair of sneakers that made us nostalgic and reminded us of the last page of our notebooks from school. Confused? Take a look! © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Okay, you probably can't see it all the way from there, so here are the actual shoes. Sid is wearing Men's White Graffiti Canvas Sneakers from Vetements. © Lyst Don't they remind you of everything you scribbled on the last page of your school notebook? Right from the rants, to fun facts, crush's names, tic-tac-toe, to the famous game of 'FLAMES'? © Lyst The graffiti on the sneakers make them a super statement piece, that is perfect to be worn on a date or a dinner, or just a fun outing with homies. However, their price is not this 'casual'. They're worth INR 55,000. © Lyst Such a fun pair! We want 'em.
  8. As we near the end of the year, we're beginning to analyse how 2018 was for relationships. While some of them lasted longer than they should have, some saw a sad demise while the others made it to the apparent end goal- marriage. I would say 2018 was a mixed bag for relationships, where couple goals made an entry into the graph as non-reluctantly as possible. Although I'd also like to believe 2018 was the year for single people, who merely put themselves out there and probably faced the onslaught of a singleton as and when they had to. Maybe 'onslaught' is too harsh a word since single people have really lived up to their vices this year. © Thinkstock Interestingly, a popular online dating portal called OkCupid released some statistics and data on relationship movement and behaviour in 2018 and some of it was quite accurate from what I know. They definitely dismiss the theory of '2018 is the year for single people' and use data that are relevant for couples who love to spend time together. For those couples who met on the dating app, it was a thrilling year, to say the least. There were recounts of what they love doing together, where they like holidaying or have been throughout the year and what they individually like about each other. © Pintrest One thing that really caught our attention though, was something really specific the millennials like to indulge in, as a romantic gesture. The findings narrate that couples today like to indulge in an immense amount of PDA (public display of affection) and aren't shy or ashamed to proclaim their love for one another, in front of an audience. Of course, they don't want to see someone indulging in PDA, but when it comes to them, they're really big on PDA nowadays. According to the given data, 31% of men and women alike are big on PDA and aren't afraid or shy at showing off their physical affection in public one for each other. Another major indulgence we found through their data was men and women who like to pamper their respective GFs and BFs are more successful in their relationships. I guess PDA is a prominent part of that. According to OkCupid, 79% of men and women love to pamper their SOs silly. Which leads to healthier relationships with adequate attention given to both the individuals in the relationship. © Pintrest The new millennial dating structure is trying to ape the quintessential old-school methods of being around a partner and making relationships last. Earlier on, when dating techniques were relatively new, everything was a swipe away and fastidious. Millennials, this year, are learning to slow down with their respective relationships and care for the smaller things in life like pampering each other or showing an immense amount of physical love, publicly. Another aspect that came about on dating in 2018 was the couple's therapeutic release-travelling together. According to the given data, a lot of couples take travelling together as an undisputed way to spend time with each other. Goa happens to be the chosen destination of the year by most couples and a lot of them prefer stay-cations, where they can spend quality time together, just staying put in one place-like the couch and having a good time. © Pintrest Real-time relationships did see a bit of dynamic change in 2018, wherein men and women both mustered the will to do things a little more old-school than what we've been seeing as relationship trends. So, if you ever want to indulge in a long-term relationship and keep your partner happy, maybe spend a lot more time vacationing with them or travelling as a whole, pampering them and, of course, not limiting your sense of PDA, every once a while, whenever you get a chance to!
  9. Remember waking up on a Saturday morning, loving that you didn't have to go to school, heading straight to the TV, putting on your console and playing your favourite game? Yeah, that's what the weekends looked like when we were kids. Wasn't it fun? Way better than the present day when all we have to look forward to on the weekend is paying electricity bills and getting the flush repaired. Yes, we're all at an age where nostalgia is hitting us hard at every single turn, so today, let's look back at 5 video games we never got enough of as kids: Contra There's no way we're ever forgetting this game. From the cool music to the endless action, it was pretty much the best shooting game of its generation. I'm yet to meet anyone, gamer or non-gamer, who hasn't heard of Contra. As a kid, it was the ultimate video game for me. Shooting games couldn't possibly get any better, right? Boy, was I wrong! Still, you know how they say you never forget your first. Yeah, that! Super Mario Bros. There have been tons of different versions of Mario but the original will always be one of our favourites. No, we're talking about Mario's first appearance (Donkey Kong), we're talking about the game the entire family can enjoy. I remember my brother and my cousins patiently waiting for their turn to play. Spare a thought for Luigi though, the poor guy never stood a chance back then. Road Rash This list wouldn't be complete without paying homage to the first co-op video game in Indian history. No, Road Rash wasn't actually a co-op game, but all of us remember controlling the bike while our younger siblings got to kick anyone who came close to us. If that's not teamwork I don't know what is. I have some fond memories of this one. Midtown Madness Road Rash was our first tryst with racing games, but Midtown Madness was a cut above in more ways than one. We had so many vehicles to choose from, so many different maps. It was a dream to play. It was also my first introduction to the roadster. Boy that car could move. Pac-Man We end this list with possibly one of the most iconic games of the millennium, Pac-Man. The concept was simple, fun and the music just made it so much more enjoyable. It also taught us that eating fruit would scare ghosts away. Now that's top-notch life advice, right? We will never forget any of these video games no matter how many years go by. But, if you're looking for a, sort of, mini-jolt of nostalgia, check out 'Ralph Breaks The Internet.' It is a more than apt successor to the first movie and nostalgia is just one of the reasons why you should check it out.
  10. What would you do if you had the chance to interact with one of the world's most richest man that there is? Coming across such an opportunity would give us the power to shower them with some of our most eager questions! So, finally, when the opportunity presents itself, we will surely have the most superb (read eccentric) queries to pose to our heroes. © Reuters The world knows him as the face of Microsoft, or as the possessor of the former 'World's Richest Man' title. We are talking about Bill Gates, and the man is currently second only to Amazon's Jeff Bezos in terms of their riches. Gates holds the second rank on the list of world's richest men, and he is currently worth $90 billions as per Forbes' 'World Billionaires 2018' list. World's richest or not, generations of young students, entrepreneurs and professionals have been inspired by Gates' vision and achievements. Millions of people around the globe look up to him for the inspiration that he is. Similarly, Gates never disappoints his admirers and tries to interact with them as often as possible. © Reuters During his last interaction,Gates participated in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on social networking site Reddit. While numerous questions were posed by eager participants, the response to UncomfortableChuckle's question has shed new light on Bill Gates beliefs and ideologies. UncomfortableChuckle asked Bill Gates, “If you could give 19-year-old Bill Gates some advice, what would it be?” and Gates' response has been nothing less than a revelation. One read, and we realise that such clarity of thought and depth in perception only comes from experiencing life and being at the very top of the financial ladder. © Reuters Yet, every word that left Gates' mouth in response to the question are such gems, that we cannot help but admit that no school in the world would ever want us to learn about it. However, Gates swears by it and we can totally understand why. Here's the advice Bill Gates would like to give his younger self, that we can relate to as well: “I would explain that smartness is not single dimensional and not quite as important as I thought it was back then. I would say you might explore the developing world before you get into your forties. I wasn't very good socially back then, but I am not sure there is advice that would fix that — maybe I had to be awkward and just grow up?” © Reuters Allow us to break it down for your better understanding. There seem to be three very significant things that Gates is talking about, and here is exactly what you need to know about the life-altering advice: 1. Unlike What School Tries To Tell You, Being Smart Isn't Everything What Gates seems to be saying at the very onset is that smartness comes in many shapes and sizes, and it isn't the only prerogative that promises success. On the other hand, Bill Gates is actually suggesting that one must keep the curiosity alive and never stop gaining more knowledge. 2. Travel Should Top Your To-Do List Bill Gates then suggests that exploring the world while one is still young and able should turn into a priority. Travelling around the world and exploring new places and cultures allows a person to become more perceptive and aware, which helps them gain personal and professional insights. © Reuters One such exploration in South Africa changed Bill Gates and his wife's perception when they witnessed what extreme poverty and diseases looked it. Gates called the experience “phenomenal” and the couple later went on to establish the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to fight poverty and hunger around the world. 3. Being Shy Doesn't Make You 'Weird' The last thing Gates pointed out was that being shy isn't as weird as people suggest it to be. One should be okay with how they are, shy or not, and make the most of their strengths. Surely you remember how our teachers told the shy kids in the class to “speak up more often”, “participate more often” and the likes. All of this makes complete sense. The man gets the things our school hardly ever understood.
  11. Often compared with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, Neymar has established a reputation as one of the biggest stars in the footballing world. On the back of brilliant ball control and street-smart skills, the Brazilian became a vital cog in Barcelona's front line before departing for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). But, despite his footballing prowess, Neymar has often been left red-faced. His theatrics at the FIFA World Cup in Russia earlier this year gave birth to hilarious memes that thronged social media throughout the tournament. While some slammed him for his play-acting, others just couldn't help but poke fun at the Brazilian footballer. While the World Cup might have ended, the jokes on Neymar don't seem to be ending soon. © Reuters The UEFA Champions League clash between Liverpool and PSG was expected to be an exciting contest, but it had a lot more than one expected. Twin strikes from Daniel Sturridge and James Milner gave the Reds a 2-0 lead. However, Les Parisiens came roaring back thanks to Thomas Meunier and KylianMbappe. With the match turning into a dogfight, it was Roberto Firmino who eventually netter the winner for Liverpool. ðµ Outrageous. SadioMané sends Neymar and picks up Skill of the Day ð@Mastercard#UCLpic.twitter.com/nK7jqKWmSR — UEFA Champions League (@ChampionsLeague) 18 September 2018 If the goals galore enthralled the fans, Sadio Mane's dazzling skills made Neymar look like an amateur. Receiving the ball near the right corner flag, Mane approached the backtracking Neymar, and his quick feet, clubbed with a rapid change of direction left the PSG winger going the wrong way while the Senegalese sped off closer to goal. The short video of Mane's brilliance was tweeted by the UEFA on Twitter where the Liverpool star's move was labelled as the 'Skill of the Day'. And, as soon as the video was shared, football fans across the globe took turns to poke fun at Neymar and laud the Senegalese footballer for his skill. RIP to Neymar ð#LIVPSGpic.twitter.com/fr1WboCbuf — B s t F r n d ð (@__Siyabonga) 18 September 2018 Where did Neymar go?ðpic.twitter.com/ANCSseIl0f — Ahmadð¸ð¦âï¸ (@ahmad_itti_90) 18 September 2018 The most satisfying moment in that match, Neymar receiving what he offersð¤£#LIVPSGpic.twitter.com/GSqeQOYp1G — KAMLE (@totallykamle) 18 September 2018 It would not be a perfect game without a roast..and guess who was send to buy ððð Neymar got schooled. Next opponent please ðð#YNWApic.twitter.com/XIIXsJPfr7 — I Am McThaby (@bouyzy) 18 September 2018 Mane sent Neymar back to Brazil with this trick.. Filthy! ðpic.twitter.com/g06bXI1mbv — Football Stuff (@FootbalIStuff) 18 September 2018
  12. Remember that Disaster Management class you had back in school? If you didn't pay attention to all those safety tips and all the other important stuff, then it really sucks, because they can actually save your life and the lives of so many others in an emergency. Case in point- Zen Sadavarte, a 10-year-old who single-handedly stopped the death toll of a fire from reaching double digits. A massive fire broke out at a residential building, Crystal Tower, near Hindmata Cinema in Parel in Mumbai yesterday, claiming the lives of four people and injuring several others. Any person would have started panicking in such a situation, but this brave little girl used her presence of mind to save the lives of her family and her neighbours. After a huge fire broke out in Mumbai's #CrystalTower building, 12-year-old Zen Sadavarte showed great presence of mind and employed basic #FireSafety tips she had learnt in school and ensured the safety of her family. Real #DisasterManagement pic.twitter.com/NqS2foUA3K — Aniruddha's ADM (@aniruddhasadm) August 23, 2018 As soon as she realized that there was a fire in her building, she remained calm and informed her family and neighbours. Moreover, she made a make-shift purifier for everyone out of cloth and water, so that no one would suffocate from the smoke. Zen Gunratan Sadavarte, a 10-year-old girl helped in evacuation operation during the fire that broke out in Mumbai's Crystal Tower, today, says. 'I convinced people to put wet cloth on their face so that they do not suffocate. I had done a research on this.' #Maharashtra pic.twitter.com/9Gk7vgDao2 — ANI (@ANI) August 22, 2018 Now, that's so simple yet genius. Everyone in that situation should be able to do that but most would panic and run out, hoping for the best. This way, people can breathe while escaping to safety. Zen said, “I had learned this technique while researching for my Class 3 project for Disaster Management. I had also learnt during the project that in such scenarios one should not panic. I told everyone exactly the same. Later, I asked them to wet a cloth and cover their face and breathe through it." This is Zen Sadavarte, a ten-year-old girl who just saved 16 people's lives in a Mumbai building fire. She opened all the windows and knocked on neighbors' doors as soon as she saw the fire, and fashioned air purifiers out of cotton and water for each person present. #pics pic.twitter.com/svSvHFMQly — The Best Pictures (@BeautifuImages) August 23, 2018 It is being said that her technique helped in saving the lives of at least 16 people and if you don't think that's truly incredible, then something's wrong with you. People are applauding her, and rightly so. Zen Sadavarte: true hero! This 10 year old girl is a hero. She saved 14 lives from the fire that occurred in her building yesterday. Kept her cool and guided them to safety. She executed the safety drills she had read about ðð»ðð» — Aaditya Thackeray (@AUThackeray) August 23, 2018 Children like this make our country proud. This incident exemplifies the importance of quality real-life lessons in education. All the best dear Zen Sadavarte.https://t.co/1uphxQj5mf — H D Devegowda (@H_D_Devegowda) August 23, 2018 Proud of kids like”Zen Sadavarte”,who saved 15people from fire wid her presence of mind & learning from https://t.co/XA1ImtNkwK shows,school learning needs to be way beyond just,text books.#Mumbaihighrisefire @narendramodi @HRDMinistry @Nishara08793648 pic.twitter.com/c48UBgFwZq — Swati Agrawal Singh (@swatiagrwlsingh) August 23, 2018 The fruits of education are not the top rankers but the children like Zen Sadavarte who applied her knowledge to save lives. — Raviteja (@ravitejarules01) August 23, 2018 "Sometimes superheroes reside in the heart's of small children fighting big battles" Age is just a number when confidence is higher & intention is noble.Zen Sadavarte has proved it correct by saving lives of 16 people.A big Salute.@narendramodi @Manekagandhibjp @MrsGandhi pic.twitter.com/rtmEDHivc4 — Kasturi Mishra (@mishra_kasturi) August 23, 2018 Kudos to 10-year-old Zen Sadavarte who showed her presence of mind by employing safety tips she had learnt at school to ensure that her family and neighbours remained safe during the fire that broke out in #Mumbai's #CrystalTower. She deserves much applause.#MumbaiFireTragedy https://t.co/FSh8SvnSFx — Ashok Gehlot (@ashokgehlot51) August 22, 2018 Time to brush up on some Disaster Management techniques? Not to sound too deep, but it really is a matter of life and death.
  13. 'Are Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh getting married this year?' A question we still don't have a definite answer to, and probably won't have until they actually get married after pulling a Virushka. But, as the world speculates about their impending wedding, both of them seem very chilled out and still behave like they're both teenagers dating someone for the first time. Instead of posting PDA pictures all over social media – because they're classy like that – both of them just restrict the PDA to comments and often have something really lovey-dovey to say about each other's pictures, that too with a bunch of emojis. © Instagram In case you haven't noticed, Ranveer Singh's Instagram only screams one thing – this guy loves himself and looks like even Deepika loves this 'self-love' and how he posts so many nice pictures of himself on a daily basis. Yesterday, he posted this collage and among a sea of comments, one definitely stood out. âï¸âï¸âï¸ A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on Aug 12, 2018 at 7:59am PDT Here's a little bit of PDA we got in the comment section. © Instagram Doesn't this seem like a very “teenagers in love” kind of thing to say? “You stop it, no you stop it.” Actually, this is not even the first time both of them have done this. Yes, leaving comments is not a big deal but both of them have never confirmed their relationship publicly and this is all the confirmation we've gotten in years. Now, they're more open about their love and Deepika proved that by writing 'mine' on one of his pictures a while ago. © Instagram And, here's a bunch of times Ranveer was there to remind his girlfriend how drop dead gorgeous she is. © Instagram What a queen! © Instagram Yep, exactly. © Instagram A heart eyes emoji is worth a thousand words. © Instagram He really likes the word 'gosh'. © Instagram Okay, last one. © Instagram In conclusion, both of them are probably getting married soon but still behave like teenagers in love for the first time and it's beautiful to see, actually.
  14. COMBINATION PHOTO by Geo.tv: (L) A poster from the protest in Seoul as part of the #MeToo movement on International Women?s Day, South Korea, March 8, 2018. REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji/Files; (R) The 1978 employment application information for Dr....