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Found 49 results

  1. The real winters might have gone, but the virtual, more important winter is around the corner and we are already hyperventilating because we don't think we can't deal with it. Yes, 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 is almost here, and the dread of finality has taken over because the trailer has already dropped. Let's not even get into 'why we can't wait for it', but just the fact that the look and feel of season 8 is so edgy, that it is giving us goosebumps. If the trailer wasn't enough, here are 18 pictures of the characters from season 8 - all deadly, and much, much more fashionable than ever before. This season, they are all ready to slay us with their style game, before indulging in the great battle. Take a look. 1. Tyrion and Jaime © Entertainment 2. Arya and Sansa © Entertainment 3. Jon and Daenerys © Entertainment 4. Cersei © Entertainment 5. Samwell Tarly © Entertainment 6. Theon Greyjoy © Entertainment 7. Melisandre © Entertainment 8. Varys © Entertainment 9. Brienne Of Tarth © Entertainment 10. The Hound © Entertainment 11. Missandei © Entertainment 12. Grey Worm © Entertainment 13. The Mountain © Entertainment 14. Euron Greyjoy © Entertainment 15. Gilly © Entertainment 16. Bran Stark © Entertainment 17. Jorah Mormont © Entertainment 18. Davos Seaworth © Entertainment We. Can't. Wait.
  2. Respawn Entertainment's 'Apex Legends' is currently enjoying its time as one of the most popular Battle Royale titles of all time. The game recently hit 50 million players worldwide, which clearly means it's making some noise in the industry. Now that 'Apex Legends' has established a place for itself in the industry, it's important that we turn our attention to the future and see what Respawn Entertainment is cooking for us. Will there be a new map? New legends to play with? Yes, there are a lot of burning questions, so, here's everything we know about the Apex Legends battle pass: Apex Legends Roadmap Respawn Entertainment has always been pretty optimistic about the title and it even revealed its year one roadmap for the game during its launch last month. Here below is a peek at the roadmap: © Respawn Entertainment Yes, 'Apex Legends' season one will begin this month and the first battle pass will be available to purchase. We still don't have an exact date, but an anonymous source claims that March 12 will be the big day. Every new season, as you can see, will bring a new weapon (hopefully multiple weapons), legends, loot, and a new battle pass each time. We think there will also be an option to buy an annual battle pass, although there's no official word on that just yet. If everything goes as per the plan, then we'll get a new season every three months, which means the players are in for a slew of content throughout the year. Battle Pass Contents In the official Apex Legends FAQ page, the developer has clearly mentioned that the Battle Pass will reward players with exclusive cosmetic items. From legends and weapon skins to character quips and banner poses, we're expecting to see an influx of rewards. You'll also get Apex Packs, which will give you a chance of earning more cosmetic items. © Twitter The FAQ page also makes it very clear that new legends will not be a part of the Battle Pass. That, in all honesty, does make a lot of sense as the legends are a more valuable commodity and you can't have too many legends like, say, the skins. That being said, we think you'll be able to buy the new legends with Apex Coins or even with Legend tokens. Speaking of new legends, there are some leaks which suggest that we'll see a new legend named 'Octane' with some impressive abilities like restoring health, deployable jump pad, and more. We don't have all the info yet, but this is what the new legend could look like - © Electronic Arts Will There Be New Challenges? Challenges are the crux of every successful Battle Royale games like 'Fortnite'. Incentivize your challenges with high-quality rewards, and you can have the players engaged in your game for a long time. And if 'Apex Legends' truly wants to go head-to-head with the likes of 'Fortnite', then challenges would be a good place to start. However, there's no indication that the 'Apex Legends' Battle Pass will have any challenges just yet. © Respawn Entertainment How Much Will The Battle Pass Cost Respawn has remained tight-lipped about the Battle Pass so far, so your guess is as good as ours. But we hope 'Apex Legends' will undercut Fortnite's Battle Pass, which costs a little less than $10.
  3. We're in the penultimate phase of what has proven to be a scintillating Premier League campaign. With the title race still being a three horse race, many would say the title is Liverpool's to lose. Leading City by seven points at one time, Liverpool's constant stalemate with the Likes of Manchester United and Everton have put City in the driving seat. With many Manchester United and Everton fans enjoying this bottling of the title race by Liverpool, it is hardly anything but that. With only a point behind the Citizens, nine games to go and Manchester City still to play the likes of Manchester United and Spurs, Liverpool are still within the touching distance of the trophy, which the Anfield faithful have craved for around 30-years now. What isn't helping the Scousers right now is Jurgen Klopp's recently adopted defence first mechanism. A side which has impressed so much and garnered amazing results when playing attacking football has certainly being asked to look back before running forward. We don't know what is going on in his head but his bizarre reasons behind Liverpool's failure to grind out results has really made us question his reading of the game. Jurgen Klopp being triggered by a ball boy is the highlight of the weekend ðpic.twitter.com/OjZ2PnwBl9 — Football Daily (@footballdaily) March 4, 2019 After claiming the conditions were 'too windy' for his team to execute game plan perfectly vs Everton, here are some odd excuses Klopp has generated to cover up from Liverpool's recent mediocre performance. · Wolves 2-1 Liverpool: “Too Windy” It was in the FA Cup tie versus Wolves when Klopp's I-don't-know-what-the-hell-happened side came out. As the West Midlands club got an unlikely victory Jurgen Klopp was all out blaming the wind. “The wind didn't help with that, to be honest, obviously everybody on the pitch struggled a bit with controlling the ball and the first touch was, very often, not that good,” he said. ð Sore throats ð± Dry pitches ð¨ Windy days Jurgen Klopp could moan about ANYTHING pic.twitter.com/zDcUTd8hs8 — Dream Team (@dreamteamfc) March 4, 2019 · Liverpool 2-3 West Brom: “TV Broadcasters Cut The Game Short” After referee Jon Moss gave four minutes of added time instead of ten at the end of first half, Klopp alleged broadcasters were behind the referee's decision. “What I heard was that the actual extra time in the first half should have been 10 minutes,” Klopp said. “It was only four minutes. I heard that television said it's not longer than four minutes. Of course, that's not possible, you can't cut match time because there is something else to broadcast. I don't know what was afterwards, maybe the news or something. It was 10 minutes and so you need to play 10 minutes longer. You cannot say it's now a little bit too long.” · West Brom 2-2 Liverpool: “Pitch Too Dry” After throwing away a two-goal lead at West Brom, it was Klopp vs 'dry pitch' this time. The German slammed the pitch and told the Baggies to enjoy their dry turf in the Championship. “It was a difficult game, especially after the pitch got drier and drier, we had the ball constantly and it's not so easy,” Klopp said. “West Brom obviously decided not to water the pitch at half-time again. It was quite difficult. I was not happy with the pitch. You never played football, obviously. It makes a massive difference. If you're like West Brom, the ball constantly in the air, you don't need a wet pitch. That's how it is and we have to deal with that. They can do it next year, playing with a dry pitch in the Championship.” OUCH! Wind, snow, dry pitch, opponents getting intentional injuries just to kill the tempo of games, etc. Not sure any coach has had this much obstacles in a title race in the Premier League before. And he still manages to keep a smiling face. We need to cut Klopp some slack. — too saucy (@kodeine_papi) March 4, 2019 · Manchester United 0-0 Liverpool: “United Had Injuries” In what could've been an ideal scenario for Liverpool to do a season double over United, the Manchester club used up all of its three substitutions because of injuries, Klopp came out with, "United were favourites before the game, then it all changed and all of a sudden we had something to lose, people start to think if we don't beat this team there is something wrong with us. We are all human beings. “It was a strange game. We started really well. All the injuries in the game obviously cost us rhythm” added Klopp. “Man United injuries cost us our rhyth.” Klopp is an unbearbale man. — Jakè (@Jake__Parks) February 25, 2019
  4. It's February right now and there are two kinds of people here—the first category which is waiting for Valentine's Day and the other happy category which is only awaiting the arrival of Winter in April when the final season of 'Game Of Thrones' drops. While we have been hanging on a cliff-hanger since the epic finale of the last season dawned upon us, the wait keeps getting harder since 2018 was a no-show for 'GOT' lovers. The makers have promised that the wait will be worth it, so I guess we have to trust them. However, to announce that the winter is truly arriving soon, the makers have shared some new pictures from the final season. While a few are happy ones, some look very pensive in nature, especially our Cersei looks pretty tensed for sure. Queen Cersei. #GameofThrones pic.twitter.com/dZroB1FCuo — Game Of Thrones (@GameOfThrones) February 6, 2019 Hand of the Queen. #GameofThrones pic.twitter.com/a3JHjcQm3V — Game Of Thrones (@GameOfThrones) February 6, 2019 The Final Season. #GameofThrones pic.twitter.com/ICGuQvQDvp — Game Of Thrones (@GameOfThrones) February 6, 2019 The Starks are clearly preparing for the big war and the confidence shows. Arya Stark of Winterfell. #GameofThrones pic.twitter.com/WwfpylaWkC — Game Of Thrones (@GameOfThrones) February 6, 2019 The Final Season. #GameofThrones pic.twitter.com/QauKuEaWUc — Game Of Thrones (@GameOfThrones) February 6, 2019 Lady of Winterfell. #GameofThrones pic.twitter.com/9ERk4i8J5U — Game Of Thrones (@GameOfThrones) February 6, 2019 Khaleesi sure looks happy and while we have anticipated the reason, we can't wait to see exactly why. Also, the fate of these new love birds is a big question mark and it will be interesting to see what happens. ð+ ðº View new photos from #GameofThrones Season 8: https://t.co/ApqiW05D2w (Photos: Helen Sloan/HBO) pic.twitter.com/6WyIhQco3e — Game Of Thrones (@GameOfThrones) February 6, 2019 The Mother of Dragons. #GameofThrones pic.twitter.com/R2FrEBnSV5 — Game Of Thrones (@GameOfThrones) February 6, 2019 The Final Season. New Season 8 photos are here: https://t.co/8AfmeoVzdj #GameofThrones pic.twitter.com/QFsHap8UPY — Game Of Thrones (@GameOfThrones) February 6, 2019 The Night King is already marching to ensure the doom of everyone and the war is nearing its end. Please hold your breath till 14th April when the winter falls upon us finally.
  5. The legend is coming to an end! We are talking about the highly anticipated finale of 'Game of Thrones' Season 8 . The show started in April 2011 and is now nearing its end. Over the years, fans have speculated about various plots of the show. They came up with theories and possible spoilers about the show, especially after going through George R. R. Martin's books. Many of the fan theories have turned out to be true especially the one about Jon Snow coming back to life and the ice dragon. Fans are now coming up with new theories and possible explanations about Season 8. With every passing day, people are thinking deeply about the fate of their favourite characters. They are making predictions about their possible life or death scenarios. After going through a good number of fan theories, we have selected those that are completely intriguing. Let us tell you that these are just fan based contemplations which may or may not turn out to be true. Till we wait for the Season 8 premiere, let us take a look at these theories: 1. Bran Is The Night King Out of all the Stark kids, Bran Stark has got the ability to travel back in time. Ever since he fell down and lost his legs, he started getting these visions. However, to explain any relations between Bran Stark and the Night King is not that simple. Though he has got no ability to rewrite the past, by the end of season 7, we saw Bran's scattered visions taking shape. There can be a bad consequence of Bran staying in the past for a longer period of time. In fact, the Three-Eyed-Raven has time and again mentioned that if he stayed too long in the past, he will not be able to return. As per this theory, Bran travels back in time, when the Night King was created, by the children of the forest. It is being said that Bran has got too far in the past and was not able to make his way back to the present. He ultimately got trapped into the Night King's body. Moreover, the Night King's clothes resemble that of Bran if you take a close look. This could also be a possible explanation to why the Night King didn't kill Jon Snow when he could kill the Viserion so easily and rather kept gazing at him. A bit complicated theory may turn out to be true! 2. Ned Stark Is Alive What if we say that Ned Stark has been alive all this time? What if we tell you that 'Valar Morghulis', were his last words before he was beheaded? Sounds insane but a popular theory states that it was not Ned Stark who was murdered but one of the faceless man, Jaqen H'ghar (No One) created. Remember, how 'No One' taught Arya to become 'a girl with no name'? Also, in the final episode of the fifth season, while Jaqen H'ghar was standing behind Arya, she saw her face amongst one of the faces she pulls off the body on the floor, which indicates that a face of a living person can be worn by a dead one. Let us tell you that Jaqen H'ghar was also one of the occupants in the dark cells during the imprisonment of Ned Stark; he might have switched Ned's face with someone else. It could also be possible the Jaqen H'ghar is Ned Stark only. After all, he has looked after Arya so well. Till date fans have not settled for the fact that Ned Stark faced such a painful death. It would be the twist of the century if Ned Stark turns out to be alive, that's the only thing we would rather want after all the bloodshed! We want him back! 3. Arya Will Kill Cersei Via Jamie Since Season 1, fans have made many speculations about Cersei Lannister's death. Cersei and Jamie have seen it all – The death of their three children, the death of their father and the escape of their brother Tyrion Lannister. However, nothing could stop Cersei to ultimately get to the Iron Throne. After the death of Ned Stark, Arya's only motive has remained to take revenge and kill the people in her list. Arya is ultimately going to kill Cersei, else her reason to stay alive won't be justified. But how would that happen? Here comes a popular theory which states that Arya Stark would make her way to Cersei through her lover Jaime Lannister. Arya, being the 'No One' would use the impersonation of Jaime's face to kill the mad queen. Also, as per the 'Valonqar' theory, Cersei is destined to get killed at the hands of the 'Valonqar' which also means 'little brother' in Valyrian. However, if one looks ahead of this theory, it is Arya who would ultimately decide the fate of Cersei. 4. Jon Snow & Cersei Lannister's Marriage A new theory related to Season 8 claims that there could be a possibility of Jon Snow and Cersei Lannister's marriage. Cersei has a baby coming (the one from her twin brother Jaime Lannister) which would further bring her down in the eyes of her own people. Further, as people of Westeros disapprove of her as the rightful queen, she might think about saving her reputation by getting married to Jon Snow (King of the North). While Jon openly rejected to bow down in front of her, it may be possible that he would ultimately turn to Cersei for joining hands to defeat the army of the White Walkers. Thus, the two lead characters of the series might unite to save the North and the South. This may break the hearts of many fans, however, we believe if this theory turns up to be true, this might stop the Night King forever. Who knows how twisted this plot is going to be! 5. Jon Will Betray Daenerys Though we would never want this to happen, Jon Snow killing Daenerys Targaryen is one of the most favoured fan theories about Season 8. Daenerys Targaryen has remained the show's one of the most important characters and her invasion of the Westeros has been highly anticipated over all these years. Many fan theories have claimed that 'Game of Thrones' would end with the destruction of both Daenerys along with her dragons and the Night King and his army of the White Walkers; both are forces that have caused much havoc throughout the seven seasons. The true ending to the series would not be the one that would give us an ultimate climax where the good defeats the evil but the one on a much smaller note. It is the relationships between many characters that would unfold especially the one between Danny and Jon. Sacrifices will be made for the sake of the good, and one such sacrifice would be made by Snow. If the story of Azor Ahai and Nissa Nissa (as per George R. R. Martin's books) is going to be true, it is Jon Snow who will be putting a dagger across Danny. The final season might also showcase how Jon finally gets the knowledge from Bran's visions that would help him to sacrifice Daenerys in order to save the North and the South from the aftermath. An ending like this will be bittersweet!
  6. If you've enjoyed the Netflix original Indian series 'Scared Games', then I am sure you'd be happy to know that the pop-culture induced show will be back again for season 2. The show will definitely be packaged brand new, while the crew has decided to shoot in foreign shores for the second instalment. © Netflix The show will be concluded in Africa and we hear co-star Saif Ali Khan just finished shooting in Mumbai, while Nawazuddin had a long shoot schedule in Africa. We're hearing all sorts of stories about the show and the shoot, but the best one so far is Nawazuddin teasing the fans of 'Sacred Games' claiming the second season of the hit Netflix series will be the 'baap' of season one! “This season will be the baap of the first one. Even if people know Ganesh Gaitonde, they won't know what to expect from him. We shot extensively across Mombasa, Cape Town and Johannesburg,” - Nawaz told a popular entertainment weekly. © Netflix In the series, Nawazuddin plays the character of Ganesh Gaitonde, a gangster who is trying to trace his origins, while Saif, in a parallel plot plays Sartaj Singh, a cop who is trying to save Mumbai from an impending attack. Gaitonde was killed in the first episode of season one and the story is a narration of his past in a flashback. Season two. However, there will be more depth in his character, as the story will unfold his life further, unfolding nuances of his relationship with 'Guruji', played by Pankaj Tipathi, who was shooting in Africa for season two as well. As the show moves ahead with its plot, Vikramaditya Motwane will step down as the co-director for season two and the reigns will be given to Neeraj Ghaywan who directed 'Masaan', with Anurag Kashyap. Nawaz and Anurag have created some good history together and they'll be seen joining forces once again in 'Sacred Games'. “When Anurag is working with me, he is constantly pushing me to break my own boundaries. It comes from familiarity and my ability to go on a roller coaster with him. As an actor, I am someone who enjoys twirling myself up.” Nawaz told a popular entertainment weekly. © Netflix Nawaz didn't realise earlier how phenomenally hit the show was as he wasn't tracking its success on Netflix, where it was originally aired, neither did he know about how many people were watching it, not just in India, but in the western world too. In fact when he was shooting in Rome, he was caught off guard by a few people who recognised him and wanted to click pictures with him. “I realised the impact of the show when I was shooting in Rome, a week after its release. People came up to me to click pictures. My team would show me the memes that were doing the rounds on the Internet.” © Netflix We really hope season two is way more tight and interesting and really does turn out to be the 'baap' of season 1!
  7. If you're looking to start afresh with a new job, or life after a breakup, the first step should be an exciting makeover. A makeover not only changes the way you look but gives you a much-needed boost in your self-esteem so that you can exude confidence wherever you go. We're talking experimenting with your wardrobe: adding diverse colours to it. Adding accessories to your outfit to add extra detail and changing your haircut. Or getting a new perfume. Now, we understand that getting a change in haircut can be super stressful. From deciding what goes with your face shape and hair texture to save yourself from a major disaster. But don't you worry, here is a definite guide to interesting hairstyles that you should definitely try. The best part about these hairstyles is that they've been curated and mastered by Michel Baltzar, Lead Hairstylist and the Creative Director of Training & Education at Jean-Claude Biguine, India. 1. The GI JOE Look (a.k.a The Fading Buzz Cut) © Twitter An extremely popular style in the Latino culture, the fading buzz cut is characterized by tapered sides with a short crop of hair on top. “The best thing about this army inspired buzz cut is that it goes well with all kinds of face structures and especially works great with a well-groomed beard,” says Michel. The contouring if done right, can give you a strong, sharp and slick look. “It's also hassle-free and requires literally no styling or setting on a daily basis,” adds Michel, this look is fairly low maintenance if you don't count the fortnightly salon trips needed to retouch/trim the hair growth. (which is a great bargain for a sharp look like that) 2 The Crop Top © YouTube This style has been around for a long time in Europe, especially in England and is making a strong comeback this year around the world. Think Thomas Shelby from Peaky Blinders, that's exactly what we're talking about. “The crop top is a refined look and is understated yet fashionable. It involves a gradual fade on the side with focused short hair on the top-front,” says Michel. Being highly versatile, you can achieve both clean and messy looks with this cut. “Wax is ideally needed to set the hair in place as per your face structure,” adds Michel. 3 The Slick-Back Look © artofmanliness The classic look requires mid-length hair to give it a tamed appearance. It's a quick way to make your hair look stylish and offers many variations. “Using wax or gel is necessary to create this look, you can either direct it to the back or flip it to one side to give it a structured look,” says Michel. “This hairstyle blends well with an au naturel beard, a moustache or even a fresh clean-shaven look,” adds Michel. 4. The Mad Men Look © madmenfc A hairstyle inspired from the 'Mad Men', this elegant, clean look is a great choice for working professionals. This style is suitable for straight, fine hair but needs a little help of styling products. “You can cop this look by directing your top front hair to the side while following the outline of your head without creating much volume,” says Michel. 5 The BCBG: Bon Chic Bon Genre look © artofmanliness Inspired by Leonardo DiCaprio's legendary haircut in Titanic, this classic style of the 90s is back in force this year. “We love this messy-tousled style for its casual yet playful.
  8. Last week, HBO released a 1-minute 44-second teaser for the eighth and final season of 'Game of Thrones' with Sansa, Jon, and Arya walking through Winterfell crypts. We can also hear Ned and Catelyn's voices as the camera eerily follows the three Stark children. Amidst the dark tunnel, they see statues of their parents and then, to their surprise, statues of themselves. This could only mean something bad is going to happen right? But first, in case you've missed it, take a look: via GIPHY Usually, statues are symbolic of the occurrence of death, chaos and destruction on the show, as GoT fans would know. We mean for a show that's been labelled with most deaths so far, and counting. via GIPHY No surprises, right? But this is Jon, Sansa and Arya, the characters we've grown to love over the past 7 seasons. We don't want them to die. We want them to defeat the White Walkers and have a happy Stark family reunion, as impossible as it sounds. Dany would be an annoying addition. But if no one dies, that is. via GIPHY And while fandoms have been predicting Jon as the last man standing in the Stark family or Bran as the Night King and everyone else dying via GIPHY turns out, the promo, in fact, might not be true at all. Sophie Turner had once revealed that one of the promos is a total lie, explaining that this teaser wasn't a scene from any storyline or even the show. Game of Thrones fan site Winter Is Coming dug up an old interview of Sophie from the New York Comic Con last year, where she said, "We did this promo for season eight where—I don't know if I can say this, actually. Well, actually, no." via GIPHY "It's got nothing to do with the series; it's just a promo. It was this big kind of statue of me, of Sansa, and I wanted to have it in the garden of my new house. But they obviously wouldn't ship it from Belfast to New York, so…" It's obviously sad that Sophie Turner couldn't get her statue in her garden. But otherwise, more importantly, why are we being fooled? But here's the catch? Was it this promo? Or a promo that'll come after this one. What if there are 5 odd promos that release after this one and we never know which one it is. Or what if all of them are lies and they never want us to know the truth? via GIPHY
  9. Now that Season 4 on PUBG mobile is coming to an end in two days, the Battle Royale game is all set to bring new content for the upcoming season. © MensXP Tencent Gaming, the company behind the mobile version of PUBG is yet to release the official patch noted, however, information about the new season has been leaked. The new update is expected very soon and here's everything you need to know about PUBG Mobile Season 5: 1. Fire Theme Leaked stuff for season 5 with background leaks from Reddit credit to @minisideman pic.twitter.com/o9voaWBwPE — PubgmCommunity (@PubgmCommunity) January 10, 2019 Images for the content that will be used in Season 5 have been leaked, even though it is yet to be made official. Some images of cosmetics, weapon skins and unlockable items have been leaked. One of the images shows a burning forest, which indicates that the game may follow a theme of fire. Now that the winter and snow theme has been used in the previous update, this speculation sounds quite plausible. 2. New Outfits Also clothing that most likely will be coming along with season 5 pic.twitter.com/OwvN3R5yvA — PubgmCommunity (@PubgmCommunity) January 10, 2019 One of the more prominent leaks surrounding PUBG Mobile Season 5 has to do with some exciting outfits. There's going to be a birthday cake costume (sounds outlandish), a full-gold bodysuit and some traditional Japanese outfits. 3. New Weapon Skins More leaked skins. pic.twitter.com/IvfiL8DMXe — PubgmCommunity (@PubgmCommunity) January 12, 2019 Along with new outfits, weapon skins are also going to be a part of the new update. This includes gold skins for UMP and AKM, a black and white dragon skin for the Kar98k, and more. Skins for vehicles are also finding their way online where we will see an ice cream truck skin for the Volkswagen van. 4. A New Weapon Here is 0.10.5 update preview 1. New Royale Pass Season 5 2. MK47 Mutant 3. Laser Sight 4. Vikendi Custom Room Other small changes like Old voice back and now you can mute spawn island broadcast etc. pic.twitter.com/Ihyz94Aiiz — Shahid Khan (@shahidkhan1137) January 12, 2019 We will finally see the addition of a new weapon in the next update. The Season 5 will bring the MK47 Mutant assault rifle which has already been available in PUBG PC. © Twitter The patch that will add Season 5 to the game will be called PUBG Mobile Patch 0.10.5, however, details about its availability are not known yet. However, if previous updates are any indication, the new season will start to roll out a few days after Season 4 ends i.e. January 17th.
  10. The wait will finally come to an end this April, when the final season of our very beloved fantasy epic 'Game of Thrones' premieres on 14th April, 2019. HBO recently made the announcement at the beginning of the premiere episode of another of its popular show, 'True Detective'. © HBO A short teaser followed the announcement, and it is the max we have seen of 'Game of Thrones' season 8. While the teaser, like all the others we have seen over the years, looks extremely promising, viewers cannot be sure if it is the real deal or simply a distraction to amp up the intrigue in the minds of eager audience. © HBO The teaser begins with the Stark children's homecoming, to reunite in their family's crypt at Winterfell. Watch the entire teaser here, to find out what follows next: April 14. #ForTheThrone pic.twitter.com/Mzy22yxM6Z — Game Of Thrones (@GameOfThrones) January 14, 2019 As per a Polygon report, it is being speculated that the first episode of the final season of GOT might open with a full-blown Stark reunion, where we will witness a joint meetup between Sansa Stark, who currently holds the reins of Winterfell, and Jon and Daenerys who are on their way back from the disastrous trip to the wall. © HBO Things are expected to get tense when Sansa is asked to swear allegiance to Dany in the upcoming season, but until we can see all of that for ourselves, we will have to wait for the premiere episode to air in April. All we can say right now is, #CantWaitWontWait
  11. 2018, without a doubt, belonged to Vicky Kaushal. From the best roles to the best media presence which translated to the best fandom one could ask for, the lad had it all. One more thing that he really nailed last year, and clearly wants to excel at this year too, is his style game. He started off the year scoring a lot of brownie points in terms of his outfits and his shoes. He just wore a pair of shoes for the promotion of 'Uri', which are definite collectables. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Vicky is wearing the Yeezy 500 'Salt' sneakers - the super statement shoes with a suede panel sitting on top of a sporty mesh base. Just look at that chunky but edgy pair! © jordanupdate When it comes to collectables, sneakerheads will most definitely look forward to owning Yeezys, as they have pretty much set the tone for the bulky street aesthetic of new age sneakers (them and Balenciagas, of course). © jordanupdate This particular pair stands apart because of its blue tint and the luminous reflective panels. The bold calf suede sneakers feature a round toe, a lace-up front fastening, a rubber sole and an AdiPrene foam midsole. © jordanupdate These Adidas sneakers cost 200 USD, which is pleasantly inexpensive (by celebrity standards, 14K is inexpensive, don't @ us). © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Coming to his overall outfit, we love the turquoise pop on the black-brown base. Living the sartorial dream all right, Vicky!
  12. Mark your calendars as the last and final season of 'Games of Thrones' is coming in 2019. The eighth season of the epic fantasy will premiere in April 2019, bringing an end to the decade-old saga. The most popular show in the history of the world television will feature the last six episodes in the coming year; an early trailer of the show was recently released. As the saga is nearing its end, fans are filling their social media feeds with all sorts of predictions and theories. Little has been revealed about the fate of each character by the makers of the show and George R. R. Martin himself. If you have watched all seasons of 'Game of Thrones' and you know about each of the characters, here is a definitive list of everyone who is going to die or come out alive by the end of season eight: 1. Daenerys Targaryen Status: Dead Reason: Daenerys has always claimed herself to be the rightful queen of the seven kingdoms. Since Season one, she has been fighting for the Iron Throne with her three dragons (now two). What would 'Game of Thrones' be without its strongest character alive? But, hold your horses, as most of the fan theories claim Khaleesi's death near the end of Season 8. Now when Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow are each other's new love interests, their alliance will further lead to the birth of the Targaryen baby and it is during her childbirth when Daenerys might die. Another theory which supports her death is her vision of Khal Drogo holding the baby, as she walks away from the Iron Throne. This also indicates that Daenerys might not become the ultimate queen of the seven kingdoms but save the seven kingdoms by devoting her life for the baby. In any way, Dany's death is the most heartbreaking but probable outcome fans are expecting. 2. Jon Snow Status: Alive Reason: The last time Jon Snow died, fans completely lost their minds and troubled the show makers with one single question: When is Jon Snow going to be alive again? And now it looks like the makers of the show have got some other plans for Snow. All we have to do is to wait for their (Daenerys-Jon's) baby. Maybe, he becomes the ultimate ruler. Jon has to remain alive anyway. Also, as per an interesting theory, Jon Snow didn't do what his cousin Rob Stark did. Rob was killed for his loyalty to Walder Frey. This is what Snow avoided when Cersei asked him to bend the knee. Maybe, Jon is destined to live long! 3. Sansa Stark Status: Alive Reason: Sansa is another lead character in the series. She is not going to die, not until she takes the ultimate revenge for her parent's death. It would also be interesting to see how Sansa would save herself from the army of the White Walkers. We wonder how nothing could kill Sansa till now, neither the harsh life in King's Landing, nor Ramsay Bolton's atrocities. She made it alive to Winterfell. It simply indicates that the lady of Winterfell will survive. 4. Bran Stark Status: Dead-Alive Reason: Bran's story has remained different from the others. Though Bran has already united with his sisters, he has somehow always been destined to become the Three-Eyed Raven. He may become immortal soon so metaphorically he will be dead but not really! 5. Arya Stark Status: Dead Reason: We are afraid that Arya won't be able to survive the attack by the army of the dead. In other words, the girl might indeed become 'No One'. It is a bit hard to accept her fate since Arya has been the ultimate survivor, living solely to avenge the death of her father, and to see her die for nothing would be heart-breaking. 6. Cersei Lannister Status: Dead Reason: But before Arya is killed, she has to kill Cersei anyway. Remember, Cersei is still on Arya's list of people to kill. However, there could be another reason for Cersei's death. We believe her own lover cum twin, Jaime Lannister is going to kill her. 7. Jaime Lannister Status: Alive Reason: Though Jaime Lannister is the Kingslayer, there is no way his brother Tyrion is going to let him die at the hands of Jon Snow or Daenerys. Jaime saved Tyrion's life and the same could happen to him! He is the only person Tyrion trusts after all. 8. Tyrion Lannister Status: Alive Reason: He can't be dead. He is now Khaleesi's advisor and Jon loves Khaleesi, moreover, Jamie is his brother, so evidently, nobody is going to kill him or at least succeed in their attempts to do so. Tyrion's ultimate purpose is going to be for a greater good. Even suggesting his name for the list of dead people would be so much injustice. 9. Theon Greyjoy Status: Dead Reason: In his pursuit of saving his sister Yara from the hands of Euron, it may be possible that Theon might kill himself. Moreover, Ramsay Bolton has caused him so much physical and psychological damage that one can't possibly imagine what must be going through his mind right now. We are sure, Reek would keep coming back to him and that may be the ultimate reason for his death. 10. Yara Greyjoy Status: Dead Reason: Euron Greyjoy would kill her! Yara might not be able to see herself being saved by Theon. It was easy for Euron to capture Yara and make Theon run away. 11. Brienne of Tarth Status: Dead Reason: She is one character of utter importance in 'Game of Thrones' in all aspects. Brienne has pledged her life to Sansa and Arya, and there is no wayshe is going to leave them alone when the army of the dead reaches Winterfell. She would ultimately die fighting the war in the North. 12. Podrick Payne Status: Dead Reason: Who really cares if he is alive or dead? Podrick is a man without a purpose! 13. Samwell Tarly Status: Alive Reason: Sam has already faced the White Walkers and even killed one. He would go to any extent to serve his real purpose and save Gilly and the baby. Also, he is the cutest character in the series and Jon Snow's best friend. We aren't expecting his death. There is also a theory which states that the entire time, it was Samwell Tarly who was narrating 'A Song of Ice and Fire'. 14. Gilly Status: Alive (Maybe) Reason: It would be harsh to kill Gilly and let Sam be alone taking care of the baby. This is the only reason she might be able to come out of 'Game of Thrones' alive, however, things could take a different turn too. We have seen many unexpected deaths so far. 15. Little Sam Status: Obviously Alive Reason: Babies are harmless! 16. Lyanna Mormont Status: Alive Reason: She is fierce, unstoppable and a true lady. Not all queens are going to be killed, and she might be the one remaining untouched by death. 17. Jorah Mormont Status: Alive Reason: With Jorah Mormont finding a cure for his grayscale and back to helping Khaleesi and the team, we can't find any major reason for him being killed. As he would dedicate his life in fighting for the good, he might be the last amongst those surviving the war in the North. 18. Davos Seaworth Status: Alive Reason: The makers of the show have kept Davos alive till now and we believe he is going to survive further as well. Stannis could be killed but not Davos, people have got a different kind of admiration for him. 19. The Hound Status: Dead Reason: Cleganebowl, in an ultimate face-off! 20. Tormund Giantsbane Status: Dead Reason: He might die fighting the White Walkers. Though he has proved to be a medium between the Wildlings and the Crows, we are afraid he won't be able to last the fight. 21. Gendry Status: Alive Cause: What if we say that that Melisandre's magic is going to save him? 22. Bronn Status: Alive Reason: Since Jaime is going to survive, so does his best friend. 23. Varys Status: Alive Reason: Varys knows how to survive the worst. He has saved himself before from the wrath of Cersei, we believe he is going to stay alive to see his friend Tyrion's ultimate fate. 24. Ellaria Sand Status: Alive (For All We Know) Reason: Cersei is not going to kill her. Maybe, she stays alive, even if she has to watch her daughter die in front of her. 25. Edmure Tully Status: Dead (For All We Know) Reason: He may die in his cell! 26. Grey Worm Status: Dead Reason: He may die in a fight with the Golden Company only. Undoubtedly, he is a dedicated character. 27. Missandei Status: Alive Reason: We believe that Missandei is ultimately going to be the ruler of Meereen and Khaleesi would set her free from her role as Advisor to the Queen. 28. Daario Naharis Status: Dead (unclear) Reason: In season six, Daario and the Second Sons were left behind in Meereen and now when Daenerys has found her new love in Jon Snow, Daario's fate remains unclear. He would most probably be dead unknowingly. 29. Jaqen H'ghar Status: Alive Reason: Since he is 'No One', maybe he was already dead all this time! 30. Meera Reed Status: Alive Reason: She is the one who brought back Bran safely to Winterfell. Meera won't be seen in Season Eight, we are hoping that she will still be alive somewhere 31. Hot Pie Status: Dead Reason: Since the White Walkers would be taking over the North, Hot Pie might die without doing anything. 32. Grandmaester Ebrose Status: Alive Reason: No particular reason for him to be dead. 33. Beric Dondarrion Status: Dead Reason: Though his friend has saved him many times by bringing him back to life, he may be dead in the final season. 34. Melisandre Status: Dead Reason: The red woman is actually old anyway! Remember when she took off her red hood and necklace? She has given a second life to Jon Snow but we aren't sure if she has much left to her role. 35. Euron Greyjoy Status: Dead Reason: A complete villain, he is destined to die. 36. The Mountain Status: Dead Reason: Do we need to say Cleganebowl again? 37. Qyburn Status: Dead Reason: Being one of those on Cersei's team, he has to meet his ultimate fate and that is death. 38. Robin Arryn Status: Dead Reason: Why is he alive till now, especially when his parents are dead? He should have died when he humiliated Sansa! 39. Night King Status: Dead Reason: Season Seven was the first time we saw the Night King in full action. He effortlessly killed one of Khaleesi's mightiest dragons with his big icicle, convincing everyone that he is untouchable. However, one popular fan theory suggests that the Night King would ultimately win the war. He would later shatter himself to pieces as he sits on the Iron Throne (which is made up of a thousand valerian steel swords). If that has to happen, it would be one of the most bizarre endings to the show. 40. White Walkers Status: Alive Reason: The army of the White Walkers is so huge, that it is just impossible to kill them. Even if a major chunk of them die from the wrath of Khaleesi's dragons, there isn't a probability that all of them are going to be killed. As per the predictions, a major war is going to be fought between the living and the dead inside Winterfell and not all living will be able to kill the dead.
  13. Unless you're Ranveer Singh or Hrithik Roshan, it's safe to say you'd need a million products to keep your long 'tresses' in place. To be honest, even these guys would, but let's give them a benefit of the doubt and assume they are blessed with amazing hair. Now, if you're trying to tame your hair and look as good as the aforementioned, you would need an army of chemicals put in your hair. And sorry to burst your bubble, but that's going to do more harm than good. Unless, of course, you switch to natural alternatives from Qtrove.com which make your hair smooth and tamed, without harming a strand of hair on your head, literally. 1. Apple Cider Vinegar with Moroccan Clay Shampoo Bar Qtrove.com Moroccan clay is very rich in minerals and is an exceptional ingredient for hair care. Moroccan clay cleanses the hair, removing impurities, and leaves hair bouncy and voluminous. It naturally has a powerful, negative electromagnetic charge, while the majority of toxins have a positive charge. This makes rhassoul treatments ideal for drawing out impurities and detoxifying your hair with all the chemical buildup in the hair. 2. Coconut Milk Shampoo Bar (Sweet Almond & Jojoba Oils) Qtrove.com Coconut milk along with hair-friendly oils like sweet almond & jojoba leave the hair nourished and soft and along with essential oils of rosemary and peppermint stimulate hair growth and arrest hair fall. Now, wouldn't you want that? 3. Organic Hair Color Qtrove.com The 100% Natural Hair Coloring Kit is a perfect solution for colouring your hair with zero exposure to harmful chemicals. It is not recommended to use chemically loaded harsh hair dyes on the sensitive scalp and hair as they cause damage and breakage. Stay natural, stay safe! 4. Hairwash Shampoo Powder Qtrove.com Regular shampoos use chemicals to produce lather. Hairwash products being marketed as "Natural" mention shampoo base as an ingredient which contains a chemical foaming agent that damages hair. As a chemical-free alternative to shampoos, soapnuts are rich in lather producing 'saponins' and can be used as safe shampoos. It consists of crushed dehydrated soapnuts that grow wild in forests in India. It lathers and cleans the scalp as good as any other shampoo in the market but without the use of any artificial chemical. 5. Deva Thali & Mud Shampoo Qtrove.com This shampoo is known for the natural goodness of hibiscus, multani mitti, shikakai, and henna. It effectively tackles excess oil and problems like premature greying, dandruff and split ends/ashtapathy devathali-mud-shampoo. Find all of these wonderful products and much more at the one-stop-shop, Qtrove.com. They make sure that they deliver only the best to you. This curated marketplace exhibits and sells only natural and sustainable products from passionate sellers across the country. The products are made naturally and consciously by local sellers for Qtrove.com, which intends to bring their products to the national audience. So, it's time to say bye to mass-produced and boring factory-made goods. At Qtrove.com, products are made in limited numbers, either by hand or in small facilities with individual care. Embrace Qtrove.com as your go-to marketplace for all things pure and good. Spread the good karma by embracing the ultimate shop for good things- Qtrove.com! And for a limited period, you can save yourself from burning a hole in your pocket! If you pay using your PayTM wallet, you will get 10% cashback up to Rs 100 on Qtrove.com!
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  15. Among many of our vices, the ones that do the most damage to our teeth are coffee, tea and wine. And while the caffeine addict in you can't make it a day without its daily dose of expresso/tapri chai, you, my friend, are in trouble. Before you realize it, your pearly white smile will turn into a one with yellow tint. To get back that pearl white shine to your teeth is not always easy. Our nanis and dadis definitely had our back, and their age-old natural nushke will come straight to your rescue: 1. Rinse With Coconut Oil Everett Herald Before you question it, already putting this out there – it works! This is also known as the 'oil pulling' technique. Rinsing your mouth with coconut oil will help you fight the yellow stains and bacteria in your teeth and gums. The lauric acid in the oil does wonders for your oral health and hygiene, this includes working towards getting rid of plaque. 2. Brush With Baking Soda + Lemon/Water Paste oureverydaylife.com Baking soda is a popular ingredient in toothpastes due to its natural whitening properties. But if your regular paste isn't doing anything to beat the stains, try making your own paste using baking powder and lemon, or you can simply add a few droplets of water to the baking soda. Either way, this mild abrasive can remove the stains on the surface of your teeth. Do this a few times a week and you'll notice considerable differences. 3. Rinse With Apple Cider Vinegar Pexels Its naturally acidic qualities make this a natural scrubber and stain-remover for your teeth. It contains acetic acid, potassium, magnesium, probiotics and enzymes. Rinsing with just 1 to 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar can help break down plaque. However, make sure that you don't overuse this remedy as repetitive use of acids can be harmful to your teeth. 4. Apply A Strawberry + Salt + Baking Soda Paste diyhealthremedy.com Besides baking soda, strawberry too acts as a natural whitening tool thanks to its malic acid which breaks down yellow causing bacteria. And the holy trinity of teeth whitening tools – strawberry, salt and baking soda – will definitely make a difference. Let the paste stay on your teeth for 4-5 minutes and rinse after. Besides these home remedies, something that makes even more of a difference is the kind of the toothbrush that you use. Make sure that the bristles are soft and not harsh on your teeth. If you are looking for a good and organic toothbrush opt for this Bamboo toothbrush with plant-based bristles. Qtrove.com You can find this wonderful product and much more at the one-stop-shop, Qtrove.com. They make sure that they deliver only the best to you. This curated marketplace exhibits and sells only natural and sustainable products from passionate sellers across the country. The products are made naturally and consciously by local sellers for Qtrove.com, which intends to bring their products to the national audience. So, it's time to say bye to mass-produced and boring factory-made goods. At Qtrove.com, products are made in limited numbers, either by hand or in small facilities with individual care. Embrace Qtrove.com as your go-to marketplace for all things pure and good. Spread the good karma by embracing the ultimate shop for good things- Qtrove.com! And for a limited period, you can save yourself from burning a hole in your pocket! If you pay using your PayTM wallet, you will get 10% cashback up to Rs 100 on Qtrove.com!
  16. There're a very few shows that catch our attention in such a way that it becomes hard to get them out of our minds. In earlier times, 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S' did that magic and in recent times, 'The Big Bang Theory' succeeded to create enough buzz to make us stick to it till the last season And trust me, it's not easy for a show to make you watch 12 seasons. It takes really great writing, acting, and direction to keep the audience stick for such a long period. Kudos to the team of 'The Big Bang Theory', they've done it wonderfully. Seeing the success of this show and our beloved Sheldon Cooper, the network launched a new show named 'Young Sheldon'. We all really wanted to know how Sheldon was when he was young. Was he a relatively normal child or even then had such tantrums? Did he have a spot even in the classroom? Did he have friends in school/ college? All these questions kept bugging us because Jim Parsons played the character of Sheldon so well that we wanted to know more and more about his childhood. And keeping the same in mind, the network gave us what we wanted – 'Young Sheldon'. I have watched all its episodes till date and I have mixed emotions towards the show. Of course, it's a delight to watch Sheldon Cooper go (read struggle) through the childhood and develop those annoying habits which make adult Sheldon the way he is. And it becomes even better when the show is narrated by Jim Parsons himself. The show has some great actors as well. Iain Armitage simply nailed the role of young Sheldon. You can actually see the glimpse of Jim Parsons in that kid. It's not easy to portray a character which someone already did so wonderfully. Iain performed it so well that young Sheldon realistically feels like the younger version of the adult Sheldon. And that's the biggest compliment I can give considering who played the adult Sheldon. Other characters also, be it Sheldon's mom, George, MeeMow, Missy, Georgie, they all really did justice to their roles. And if you don't already know, Zoe Perry, who is playing the role of young Sheldon's mother, is actually the daughter of Laurie Spencer, the actress who played the role of the mother of adult Sheldon in 'The Big Bang Theory'. No wonder the resemblance is so striking! Now, where this show is lacking is its writing. It's not a funny show overall. Sure it has its moments and it's fun to see the adventures of young Sheldon, but the show fails to make you laugh since its first episode. At the start, I thought some shows take time and this is one of such shows which would pick up the rhythm in the next season maybe. But unfortunately, that didn't happen. It is just another show which has a great potential but thanks to the average writing, it's not up to the mark. Long story short, 'Young Sheldon' is a delight to watch, but only if you want to know more about the character of Sheldon. You will be able to drag through the episodes just to see how Sheldon became what he is. But if you want to watch it as an independent show, it is a disappointment. Watch it only if you're a huge fan of Sheldon Cooper. Else, there are other great series available to binge watch.
  17. The season of sturdy leather jackets, natty winter caps and “Oye, Goa chalein?” is on, but some of us aren't all that happy. Winters bring in joy for many, but then there are those of us who legit struggle to protect our skin and hair from the adverse effects of the dropping temperature. While chapped lips, flaky skin, and the whole Old-Man Winter appeal may urge most, if not all, men to reach out for anything and everything that ensures less shrivelled skin during winters, it's important that you suss out the best ways to cater to your skin's needs, especially during the chillier days. So, to make sure you don't go absolutely nuts trying to maintain that summer-like tough and unblemished skin, we at MensXP have curated a skin-care guide, which will help you survive the harsh winter season. After all, nothing should hinder you from acing the upcoming Christmas and New-Year jamborees! 1. Wash Your Face & Not Just With Water © Official Instagram/ Madhavan While washing your face with JUST water may seem like an easy and less time-consuming resort for some you (you know who you are!), the rest of you must know that your skin requires more than just the goodness of H2O. The first step of any skin care guide comprises of picking the best face-wash in the market, one that best suits your skin. After all, a good face wash will help unclog your skin's blocked pores, clear the oil mines on your face, and ensure a radiant facial skin, making them an absolute MUST have in your grooming kit. 2. Give Your Skin The Moisture It Deserves © Official Instagram/ Kartik Aaryan The second step of this four-step guide comprises of flooding your barren skin, with the moisture that it needs (and deserves!). Winters suck out most of your skin's moisture as if it were stranded in the Sahara Desert for centuries, yearning for just a few droplets of water. Not only does dry skin feel and look bad, but it can also lead to numerous skin issues, which can be highly daunting for most of us. As such, moisturizing your skin with the best winter moisturizers will ensure that you steer clear of the ill-effects of dehydrated skin. 3. Give Your Skin The Sustenance It Needs © Official Instagram/ Tiger Shroff While moisturizing creams and winter creams may seem identical to most men, they do incorporate certain distinguishing factors. Winters can cause your already rough skin to get rougher (for lack of a better word) because of the dryness caused by an insufficient amount of moisture in the skin. The best winter creams in the market, ones that are specially formulated for men, comprise of a wide array of ingredients which serve as forage for your skin, bestowing it with the nourishment it needs to remain healthy. 4. Combat The Scorching Sun Rays © Official Instagram/ Shahid Kapoor Winters might urge you to head out and soak up the heat of the seemingly calm winter sun, but you need to make sure that you are aptly geared. The first tool for your defence against the harmful UV rays of the sun has to be an A-grade sunscreen, with the right sun protection factor (SPF). An effective sunscreen will make sure that you are not exposed to the various ill (in some cases, grave) effects of direct sun exposure.
  18. There is some great news for Netflix regulars out there. If you've caught the scariest horror/thriller show on Netflix last month, get ready to watch the second season soon! Yes, that's right. 'Haunting Of The Hill House' , the show that gave us goosebumps for all of its 10 episodes, is likely to come out with its second season soon and we're doing anything but keeping our chill, upon hearing about this! © FlanaganFilm The series was released last month in October and it was seemingly based on Shirley Jackson's 1959 novel. People who watched it, including me, freaked out completely but were in awe of the concept and the storyline. But I wasn't the only one freaking out while watching it. There were reports of people passing out while watching the show and of cast members seeing 'things' while filming the show as well. What do you expect if you make a horror that's not only visually terrifying but psychologically alluring as well! © FlanaganFilm But that's not the best part. The best part is, if you were traumatised by the earlier season then brace yourself to be traumatised once again because news is director Mike Flanagan is now aiming to come back with a second season, in the form of an anthology, where actors will come back to experiment with different characters from the show. Isn't that scary and exciting all at once? According to Carla Gugino, the one who played Olivia Crain, Mike is definitely going with the notion of an anthology and everyone will be coming back together to partake in the series. "I think he feels like he has told the complete story of the Crain family. But if I was invited and I was able to, I would really love to, just because I do love to collaborate with him." she told a popular publication. © Twitter Even Micheal Huisman who plays Steve Crain gave us a little hint of assurance that there might be a spin-off of some sort to bring the second season in. "Well, you know what, very early on, when we were still shooting this show, we had conversations about what a second season could look like. I think that one of the crazy things about Mike is that he is an infinite well of ideas and stories. I don't think he ever sleeps. There are possibilities - if the show is a hit - to create a second season and still be in this world of Hill House."But I could also totally see [Flanagan] pitch an idea where we just do a spin-off. Film an anthology series and take it in a completely different direction. We have to wait and see." - Micheal revealed to a popular publication. © FlanaganFilm Meanwhile, while the actors and directors are figuring out season 2 of HELL house, why don't you do a complete re-do of season one, just so you don't forget the important parts and maybe give yourself a scare every once a while? I mean sometimes you do tend to store things that you'd rather forget in your subconscious and I believe it's time to bring those things out into your conscious mind! After all, we only live once don't we! Watch the trailer here
  19. Packed in the comfort of our baggy hoodies, looking nothing short of a huddle of walrus' sipping on warm cups of hot chocolate, we suddenly felt the temperature rising. The cause? Well, browsing through the sea of images on Instagram, we stumbled upon a dapper image of the Punchnama Baby, Kartik Aaryan, walking on a street, sporting a natty leather jacket, coupled with a pair of faded jeans (ripped in the right amount), a set of cool beige sneakers and a T-shirt which read - “Feminism is for everyone” (you had us there, Sonu!) Having swept the gorgeous Sara Ali Khan off her feet, Kartik Aaryan continues to win the hearts of an array of women (and making a wide range of men envious of his dashing looks). Boys, we absolutely understand your plight, and to prevent you from turning green in envy, we at MensXP decided to raid this fashion-forward star's official Instagram account, to pick out his best winter gear, to lend you some winter-wear-inspo. © Instagram/ Kartik Aaryan Jackets, Jackets, Jackets! If you have ever scrolled through this star's Instagram profile, you must be aware of his everlasting admiration for jackets. From the best winter jackets for men to classic leather jackets, athleisures and a multitude of trendy, printed and colourful variants, he owns anything and everything that a jacket lover's wardrobe must encompass. His profile is chock-full of dapper pictures of him, sporting the finest jackets a man could possess. © Instagram/ Kartik Aaryan © Instagram/ Kartik Aaryan Hoodies For Every Occasion On digging a little deeper, we came across certain awe-inspiring pictures of Aaryan, donning the best hoodies for men. It goes without saying that winters and hoodies are inseparable, and we are sure Kartik would agree to the same! So, whether you are planning to head out on an evening stroll or gearing up to meet your lady-love for a casual evening date, hooded jackets or sweatshirts make for a perfect fit for most, if not all, occasions. © Instagram/ Kartik Aaryan © Instagram/ Kartik Aaryan Winter Caps Winter caps may not be everybody's cup of tea, but they sure lend men a supremely dapper appeal. Kartik sure knows how to rightfully (and trendingly) sport these winter caps, making him a style icon all Indian men could look up to this winter season. © Instagram/ Kartik Aaryan © Instagram/ Kartik Aaryan T-shirts? Yes, T-shirts! While jackets and hoodies are indispensable components of a winter-wardrobe, the Sardi season demands layers! Besides owning the trendiest of jackets, and overcoats, the basic fundamental couture requirement of any man is a hip collection of the best T-shirts for men. While you must take pride in your stock of funky T-shirts, have you ever checked out Kartik Aryan's collection, and how modishly he pairs and layers it up? © Instagram/ Kartik Aaryan © Instragram/ Kartik Aaryan Accentuate Your Look With A Scarf A soft and snug scarf not only keeps you warm and cosy but also upgrades your winter look from hot to SUPER hot in no time! A trendy winter-scarf serves as the icing on the cake, and Kartik Aaryan aptly establishes it on his Instagram feed. © Instragram/ Kartik Aaryan
  20. 'Player Unknown's Battlegrounds' (PUBG) is refreshing its mobile version to a new season and it's called Royale Pass Season 4. The new season update was announced yesterday and it is now rolling out all users over-the-air. Keep in mind, PUBG Mobile Season 4 will not take season 3 rankings as well as scores into account which means that every user will start the new season with a clean slate and will have an equal opportunity to rise through the ranks in PUBG Mobile. © YouTube With the new update, players can complete daily and weekly missions to earn points and increase their rank as well as complete a certain number of missions every week to win additional crates and currency. While the gameplay has been tweaked and brings in loads of bug fixes. The Royal Pass gives players special benefits, including weekly challenges in which players are allowed to play up to the 100 RP level. Further, players can choose from the Elite Upgrade and Elite Upgrade Plus, which offer varying level-up benefits. © PUBG Corporation As far as weapons are concerned, the game now includes the M762 assault rifle that has three firing modes: single shot, triple shot, and full-auto. Its damage per second score is higher than the AKM with the rate of fire being close to that of Groza, but it all results in an even higher recoil. The M762 will be available in all the three maps- Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok. Sanhok map has received two new additions, this includes a scooter as well as dynamic weather. The developers have also added a hardcore mode to provide the same experience as PC. © PUBG Corporation In the hardcore mode, players won't have any visual cues or enemy footsteps indicator, players will also have to manually open doors, pick up weapons and reload their current weapon every time. The update also brings in more firearm finishes, rare outfits, new hairstyles, and character faces. Mission Cards have also been added and the redemption feature has been fine-tuned as well. To install the update, simply go to the Google Play Store (Android) or Apple App Store (iOS) and download the update. Fresh downloads mean that all new users will get the PUBG Mobile Season 4 automatically.
  21. Having trouble looking fashionable while sticking to traditional attire? Let us help you.
  22. After shattering numerous records with Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo is now on a quest to conquer Italy with his new club Juventus. The Portuguese might have taken some time to get going but he seems to be enjoying a strong start to life under Massimiliano Allegri, netting nine goals in 15 games. The Juventus forward showcased his striking abilities after smashing a breath-taking volley past goalkeeper David de Gea during their 2-1 loss against Manchester United in the UEFA Champions League. Then, during their Serie clash against AC Milan, Ronaldo's advice to his teammate Wojciech Szczesny helped the Juventus shot-stopper to save Gonzalo Higuain's penalty, before the Portuguese doubled the lead for his side in the 81st minute, securing a 2-0 win for his team. It's needless to say that Ronaldo had a great game and there was no surprise to see Milan youngster Raoul Bellanova asking the Juventus forward for a picture. Ronaldo and Bellanova eventually clicked a photo together, right outside the Juventus changing room at the San Siro. But, whosoever was clicking the picture, didn't take into account the individuals in the background. When you see it pic.twitter.com/K3KyhlJz09 — Troll Football (@TrollFootball) November 12, 2018 In what has now turned into one of the most hilarious football jokes on social media, a shirtless Ronaldo and young Bellanova were snapped together with Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini walking naked behind the two footballers. While Chiellini seemed unaware of the photo, his unintentional expose surely left the football fans in splits and Ronaldo probably red-faced. Chiellini looks like the evolution man who is always walking. pic.twitter.com/kaGemw99H3 — Riddhiman Medhi (@riddhis_life) November 12, 2018 Chiellini's "little boy" is probably better at lasting the full 90 mins of the game than Jones and Smalling combined for Man Utd. — Aumogh Sengupta (@aumogh24) November 12, 2018 pic.twitter.com/MtGQoI2RAY — Isaac™ ðºð¬ ð¯ (@tumisaac) November 12, 2018 pic.twitter.com/WlKU4syeUl — Gabriel Ogundele (@kneelyee) November 12, 2018 It's so small I can't even see it — Bay Zone (@MrAwisha) November 12, 2018 pic.twitter.com/0FKFrac9K4 — AZ (@awz94) November 12, 2018 pic.twitter.com/vyi0wgW1VW — dony (@dyfjrr) November 12, 2018 Literally ð pic.twitter.com/th3GrPOP6l — ` (@useful23) November 12, 2018 That guy is still defending his privacy..what a defender — Salah (@anderlukeshaw) November 12, 2018
  23. We all know what happens as a consequence of continuous, impulsive snacking and its ill-effects on our health! While you might have some self-control on normal days, festivities fill the air (and our stomachs) with yummy, but unhealthy foods. And don't your gym freak friends just hate that? Why not switch to something healthier, that's still tasty and keep everyone happy? Well, you're lucky because these healthy snacks from Qtrove.com will do just that: 1. Nuts, Seeds & Vegetable Bits (Crunchy Nuts Nuggets) Qtrove.com Nutritatva's tasty all-natural hygienically processed Crunchy Nuts & Nuggets mix is high in fibre, protein & beta-carotene. It is infused with flavourful spice and condiments. This is a crunchy mix of salted and honey roasted seeds & nuts along with coconut chips and bits of carrot, papaya, and squash with the flavours of lemon, ginger, and cinnamon. 2. Assorted Seed Mix Qtrove.com A blend of sunflower, pumpkin, and watermelon seeds for a power-packed snack mix. The best thing is that along with being absolutely delicious, this mix of seeds also gives you a feeling of satisfaction with their healthy crunch! With no added salt or flavourings, this mix combines the natural flavours and nutrients of three powerful seeds. Use this to top your salads, or make your own trail mix. 3. Certified Organic Jackfruit Papad Qtrove.com These papads can be deep-fried or if you are looking for a healthy option to cook it without oil, you could simply grill it over a low flame. Papads can also be cooked, without oil, in the toaster or microwave. Make sure that the toaster is on a light toast setting and that you keep an eye on them so they don't burn. 4. Seeds And Lentils Trail Mix Qtrove.com When masoor and watermelon seeds come together, what you get is a sumptuous snack. Enjoy the goodness of protein, amino acids, vitamins and iron in abundance! 5. Dill & Spicy Red Chilli Cracker Qtrove.com Dill cracker is here to save your day! This time again we bring you the goodness of 100% whole wheat and natural whey liquid; mixed with the popular local herb - Dill (Shepu). To add to the spiciness, there is some hot local chilli and an Indian spice mix. Free from maida, preservatives & additives, these crackers are rich in protein & calcium zero or negligible sugar. Pair it with cream cheese, plain cheese dip or a fresh yoghurt dip. You can also chop some onion, tomato & coriander, place them on top of your cracker and enjoy them as a party snack! And you can find all of these wonderful products and much more at the one-stop-shop for all things good- Qtrove.com, as they make sure they deliver only the best to you. This curated marketplace exhibits and sells only natural and sustainable products from passionate sellers across the country. The products are made naturally and consciously by local sellers which intends to bring their products to the national audience. So, it's time to say bye to mass-produced and boring factory-made goods. The products are made in limited numbers, either by hand or in small facilities with individual care. Spread the good karma by embracing this ultimate shop for all things good and natural. For a limited period, if you pay using your PayTM wallet, you will get 10% cashback up to Rs 100! So hurry up and get to shopping!
  24. Regardless of how tall you are, what your body type may be or how you define your sense of fashion, no Indian man's winter wardrobe can EVER be complete without a leather jacket. After all, a leather jacket has the potential to enhance your personality, become an incredibly useful tool for layering up your ensembles, and make you give off that bad boy vibe that so many women end up finding incredibly desirable. But finding an A-grade leather jacket can often be more challenging than pulling it off and so to help you avoid such a predicament, here are the best leather jackets for men that will help you get through the winter season in style. Check Out The Best Leather Jackets For Men In India That Warrant A Place In Your Winter Wardrobe 1. Flying Machine Men's Brown Jacket © Amazon India Flying Machine is one of the most sought after and reputable brands out there when it comes to curating men's apparels, and so you can rest assured about the quality and durability of this brown variant from their collection. Made of PU, this jacket will get you the look and feel of leather without making you splurge a fortune. Just team it up with a pair of black trousers and a white t-shirt and you'll be good to go. MRP: Rs. 2,749 Buy it here 2. Jack & Jones Men's Black Leather Jacket © Amazon India Made of 100% pure leather, this black variant from Jack & Jones makes for an incredibly worthy (and long term!) investment for anyone who wants to give their winter wardrobe a stylish upgrade. There are three reasons why we love this jacket so much - the asymmetrical zip closure that gives it a distinct touch, the rich quality of premium leather that is used in its composition, and the graphic print on its back that is certain to mark your arrival. A winner all around. MRP: Rs. 11,499 Buy it here 3. Gordania Men's Burgundy Faux Leather Jacket © Amazon India If you are tired of opting for those basic black and brown leather jackets, why not opt for something unique and stylish that is certain to make you stand out from the crowd? Well with this modish burgundy faux leather jacket from Gordania, you are certain to achieve just that! MRP: Rs. 3,209 Buy it here 4. Leather Retail Men's White Jacket © Amazon India It's often said that when you're in doubt, you should go with white. Well, this white variant from Leather Retail certainly helps reinforce that notion. Made of faux leather and equipped with a mock collar with multiple closures, this white jacket will make for the perfect ensemble for a night out with the friends or a dinner date with a love interest. Just team it up with a pair of washed jeans and white sneakers, and you'll be all set. MRP: Rs. 1,999 Buy it here 5. Flying Machine Men's Black Jacket © Amazon India Finally, we've got another option from Flying Machine's catalogue. This black variant has a worn out feel to it, that makes it a great option for anyone who wants to opt for a rugged look. Teaming it up with a white t-shirt anad pair of blue or black jeans is all you need to do to adorn a stylish (and badass!) ensemble. MRP: Rs. 3,499 Buy it here
  25. The final season of 'Game Of Thrones' might have been pushed further but the plethora of information that keeps coming our way has helped us manage the aching heart. The fate of all characters, the wall and the nightwalkers is something that has kept up biting our nails for too long now. © HBO In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kit Harrington and Emilia Clarke spilled a few beans and divulged some plot details of what is suppose to come up in the final season. The last season ended on a cliff hanger when the Night walkers started descending past the Wall. The opening episode will probably mirror the pilot episode of the show with Khaleesi's army arriving in the North, just like the first season began with King Robert's army marching. A lot of characters will meet who have previously not met. © HBO Everyone has to come together as they are facing a common enemy – the army of the dead and this collective danger will unite enemies and friends alike. Also, Sansa Stark will not be too happy to see that her brother bent the knee for his new lady love. Looks like it's going to get more gory and intense; after all, it is THE finale!