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Found 9 results

  1. Ever since making her debut in 2013, Smriti Mandhana has come a long way to becoming a vital cog in the Indian women's cricket team. On the back of consistent performances, the left-hander has become one of the batting mainstays for her side across the formats. Her majestic strokeplay and ability to mould her innings have been the prime reasons why she is India's preferred opener. Such has been her batting performances that, in February, Mandhana became the world's no. 1 batswoman in One-Day Internationals (ODIs). She is also placed sixth in the list of top batswoman in Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is). One of the key members of the Indian women's team, the youngster has aided her side in crunch situations more often, than not. © Red Bull The 22-year-old's outstanding achievements in cricket also earned her the coveted Arjuna Award in 2018. In the same year, the International Cricket Council (ICC) also awarded her the Rachael Heyhoe-Flint Award for the best female cricketer of 2018. She was also named the ODI Player of the Year in 2018. While Mandhana's batting might has been well known around the globe, she has successfully managed to keep her personal life under wraps all this while. But, not anymore. In one of its first, the Red Bull athlete took the 'Quirky Questions Quiz' and spilt the beans on her real-life secrets. Q. If you had one hour left on Earth what would you do? A. Half an hour batting and the other half with my friends and family. Q. If you were not a cricketer what would you be? A. I would be a chef. It's been a long time I've been cooking. Earlier, I used to get time to cook. And, I've also taken classes of cooking Punjabi dishes. I use to love making paneer tikka masala and all. Q. What are the destinations on your travel bucket list? A. Right now, Switzerland and Austria. Q. What do you do on your day offs? A. I love sleeping and watching movies. Q. One cricketer you want to partner with? A. Australian captain Meg Lanning. I really admire her batting and it would be great to bat alongside her. Q. A well-kept locker room secret? A. If it's a secret well kept, it should be well kept in the locker room only. Q. What are you scared of the most? A. Crossing the road scares me the most. And, I also can't watch horror movies at all. Q. Pineapple on pizza? A. No, not at all.
  2. Have you ever wondered why despite following every tip and trick provided by your favourite bodybuilder on social media, you're still not achieving your goal of emulating their look? You're still buying supplements and cranking it out endlessly in the gym like they're asking you to, but you're getting nada. Could it be possible that among their oh, so many gems of wisdom, they are leaving out some really crucial advice? Listed below are 5 major muscle-building secrets that your favourite bodybuilder is probably not telling you: 1) Energy Balance This is hands down the most important factor when it comes to changing your body composition. Calories are king and they decide your body composition. If your goal is to lose fat, then you need to be in a negative energy balance aka calorie deficit. If your goal is to gain muscle, you need to be in a positive energy balance aka calorie surplus. © Pixabay 2) Flexible Dieting "Carbs from white rice is the same as the carbs from an ice-cream" You don't have to eat all your meals with rice, chicken and broccoli. You can have a wide variety of foods in your diet to complete your calories per day. Sustainable dieting can help you keep you happy mentally. 3) Meal Frequency You don't have to consume 7 meals per day to grow muscle. Muscle growth directly comes from training and nutrition augments it. In simple terms, you need to train hard and be in a calorie surplus. 4) Progressive Overload You must progress in the gym over time. This is done by adding a set or a rep or by adding load per muscle. Volume (sets x load x reps) is the main key to grow new muscle tissue. © Pixabay 5) Training Period Muscle growth takes a huge-ass time to grow, as you need to give years and years to achieve the look you've always wanted. Don't expect overnight changes. So, there you go. I'm sure you weren't expecting this but honestly, it's what matters the most. These are the very basics you need to keep in mind before putting your body through a significant change. And I am sorry, I did not tell you that BCAAs absolutely DON'T matter. Author bio: Yashovardhan Singh is an online fitness coach with www.getsetgo.fitness, an online fitness platform. Along with lifting weights and building his physique, he is also a motorbike enthusiast, an animal lover. You can connect with him on Instagram or drop him an email on yashovardhan@getsetgo.fitness.
  3. Arguably one of the biggest and most popular electronic music festivals in Asia, Sunburn, with its unique concept and star-studded guest-list, has enthralled EDM fans for the last eleven years. Thus, when the 12th edition of the music festival sprung to life in Pune this year, there was little doubt over its success in presence of the multi-cultural music devotees who congregated to surrender to their favourite artists. Hosted at the aesthetic 100-acre Oxford Valley and encircled by the beautiful valley of Lavale, the musical extravaganza ensured the EDM loyalists had inimitable and individualistic experiences, enabling them to begin their new year with zeal. With some of the biggest DJs in attendance, this year's edition had as many as four different stages - including the massive 5000-square-feet mainstage - to satiate the thirst of its attendees. The first day of the festival saw the likes of 'desi' bass king Nucleya, Israeli psy-trance perfectionist Vini Vici, Netherlands' electro wizard Don Diablo and Sweden's most prominent EDM duo Axwell & Ingrosso making full use of the LEDs, pyros and SFX at their disposal to send the fans into delirium and kickstart the three-day spectacle with a bang. © Sunburn If Day 1 left the fans reluctant to bid farewell to their music demons, the second day ensured they had more coming their way through another prominent line-up. If Sartek - India's first DJ to be signed by Hardwell's Revealed Recordings - set the ball rolling on Day 2, Bosnia's pride Salvatore Ganacci gave the crowd the time of their lives through his dramatic antics behind the decks. But, the biggest acts of the night undeniably came through Norway's rising talent Alan Walker and 'Trance King' Armin van Buuren who created unmatched intensity levels through their serene music and immersive visuals. For a festival that had the fans wanting for more on the first two days, there was no surprise to see the annual music fest carrying on the powerful momentum and leading to an extraordinary finale, ushering in the optimism of the New Year. This year's edition adequately repaid the faith of its fans - who had decided to celebrate the most important night of 2018 with Sunburn - via desi rap god DIVINE, Pakistan origin sister-duo Krewella and France's Grammy-nominated producer DJ Snake. While Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf had the fans screaming Krewella through widespread smiles, blissful dancing and their energy-thumping sounds, the headliner of the night - DJ Snake - was seen testing the sound system to its limits in what was arguably a relentless, sensory assault that lasted over an hour. On one hand, where the three-day festival - staying true to its reputation of being India's biggest music extravaganza - gave fans unforgettable memories, it also gave MensXP an opportunity to interact with some of the biggest artists on the EDM circuit and unravel their secrets at the event. Armin van Buuren © Sunburn Arguably one of the biggest names on the EDM circuit, Armin van Buuren needs to introduction to the music fests or the enthusiasts across the globe. The Dutch music maestro has been ruling the charts for two decades now. Thus, when Sunburn included the five-time winner of the DJ Mag's Top 100 DJs poll in their line-up this year, there was no surprise to see many fans circling the date and time of his performance on their calendars. But, while the 42-year-old made the Pune crowd to the beats, we grilled the Dutchman with some impromptu questions. Man Crush: "That would be my Lego Millennium Falcon." Woman Crush: "My woman crush is Sandra Bullock from the movie Birdbox." Weirdest/Funniest Dating Story: "Well, I remember, I was really in love with this girl and I ordered a bracelet with her name. And, when we went to watch a movie together, I gave her this bracelet. But, she was so surprised or scared that she immediately ran away. She was like 'Oh, he wants something from me'." A Rumour About You That's Not True: "That I made 15 million dollars in one year. And, that I have a private jet. But, I don't." Biggest Guilty Pleasure: "My Lego Millennium Falcon." Funniest Pick-up Line: "How would you like to do an extended set at my place." Favourite Indian DJ/Musician: "My favourite Indian DJ is Ritviz." Krewella © Sunburn Back in 2007, when sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf forged a partnership with Kris Trindl (who is no longer a part of the group), little did they know that Krewella would eventually reach the heights it has today. Producing a blend of electro house and dubstep with some shades of trap, Krewella has established its reputation as one of the biggest acts in the EDM scene. And, when they were roped in to bless the Pune crowd at Sunburn, there was little doubt that the American band would disappoint. Dropping one of the best sets at this year's festival, Krewella won over the attendees with mesmerising music. But, apart from what was arguably a standout performance, the sister duo spilled some secrets about their lives to us in a personal Q&A. Woman Crush: While Yasmine was quick to answer: "My woman crush is American actress Tessa Thompson", Jahan took some time before seeking her sister's help to eventually reply: "Deepika Padukone from Bajirao Mastani". Man Crush: Without wasting any time, Yasmine replied: "Her (Deepika Padukone) husband Ranveer Singh. We were just googling him and staring at his photos". Jahan, on the other hand, added: "He (Ranveer) is so talented too. He is an amazing performer and rapper. And, him and Deepika are the best couple". Weirdest/Funniest Dating Story: "I was really jet-lagged or just sleepless. We had just finished shooting the 'Alive' music video and I think I'd been up for three days straight. And, I had just one sip of beer on this date and I blacked out. This was when my date thought that I was on some kind of a drug, which I wasn't," said Jahan. When we asked Yasmine, she claimed: "I went out on a date with this guy. He was so nervous that he crashed his rental car (while I was in it) into the side of a building as he was parking". A Rumour About You That's Not True: "There was a rumour that Jahan started five years ago that I was engaged. But, I'm not engaged," Yasmine said. Answering for her sister, Yasmine claimed: "There's no rumour about her. She's rumour-less which is a great thing", Biggest Guilty Pleasure: For Yasmine, it was: "It has to be Oreos because it's really unhealthy and I shouldn't be eating them". When we asked Jahan, she claimed: "Every time we are in India, at naashta (breakfast), I sit for two or three hours, eating four-meals worth of food". Funniest Pick-up Line: "I could really help you with your career, if you let me," Yasmine replied on behalf of Jahan. "I've never had a bad pick-up line used on me so I use hers (Jahan)," Yasmine said for herself. Vini Vici © Sunburn Undeniably one of the biggest names on the psy-trance scene, Israeli duo Vini Vici have been setting music festivals ablaze ever since founding the group in 2013. Comprised of Matan Kadosh and Aviram Saharai, these Israeli demigods continue to entertain fans with infectious chants and ear-splitting basslines in their music. Such has been their success in the industry that it earned them collaborations with some of the veterans including Armin van Buuren, W&W, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Steve Aoki amongst others. But, despite their popularity, not many know them as a person or what do they like. While we missed out on Aviram (who didn't travel to Sunburn this year), MensXP did get hold of Matan to spill some secrets about him. Current Man Crush: "I don't know, maybe Johnny Depp." Current Woman Crush: "It would definitely be Gal Gadot." Weirdest/Funniest Dating Story: "I remember, this one time, I was in a club. I was really young and then I take a number of a girl. The next day, we went for a date and she looked completely different. So I just picked her up in my car and dropped her back after five minutes at the same spot." Biggest Guilty Pleasure: "There's an Israeli Pop group called 'Static & Benel Tavori' who are a rage amongst the teenagers. But, I really like their production." Funniest Pick-up Line: "God Is A DJ." Nucleya © Sunburn Often labelled as desi bass king, Udyan Sagar aka Nucleya has carved his own niche in the ever-growing electronic music scene in India. From using the dialogues of old horror movies to carefully aligning street sounds in his tracks, Udyan's ability to bridge the gap between indie and mainstream music has made him a countrywide phenomenon. The 39-year-old has been the must-have artist for music festivals across the country which probably explains why we weren't surprised to see him kill the set at Sunburn this year. For an artist who has become a household name in the country, we expected Udyan to spill secrets about his life. While he didn't speak much as we would have liked, Udyan still gave us something to remember him by. Current Man Crush: "Munna bhaiya (Divyendu Sharma) from web series Mirzapur." Current Woman Crush: "Radhika Apte from Sacred Games." Weirdest/Funniest Dating Story: "I got caught once...actually, you know what, I don't wanna talk about it." A Rumour About You That's Not True: "I don't think there are any rumours about me. I'm not so well known, no. I'm very weak at this game." Biggest Guilty Pleasure: "Pani puri, maybe." Funniest Pick-up Line: "None." Alan Walker © Sunburn For someone who had no musical background and learnt the art of producing music by watching YouTube tutorials, Alan Walker has undoubtedly come a long way to become one of the most prominent artists in the electronic music today. The Norwegian wonder kid struck a chord with electronic music enthusiasts through his track 'Fade' in 2014. But, it was 'Faded'- a remastered vocal version of 'Fade' released in 2015 - that earned him global recognition. The single received platinum certifications in over 10 countries and also topped the year-end charts in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Sweden, iTunes charts in 32 countries, as well as entering Top 10 in Spotify Global Chart. Since then, life has never been the same for the 21-year-old genius. While many have come to know his music, not many can say much about him as a person. But, not anymore. Weirdest Travel Story: "I don't think it's weird, it's more of a messed up story. It was basically like a bunch of delays and cancellations. And, rather than reaching home at (for example) 2 pm, I ended up getting there the next day." Favourite Musician: "It's gotta be Hans Zimmer." Favourite Indian Musician: "It's Lost Stories. They did a remix of my single 'Faded'. I really like how they used Indian instruments like flutes and all. I really like their style." One Thing You Always Carry With Yourself: "One thing that I just can't leave at home has got to be my cell phone." Funniest Thing A Fan Gave You: "A fan once gave a diary that had all my social media posts including Snapchat and Instagram stories. Everything was put together in that diary with handwritten captions." Biggest Guilty Pleasure: "It's undoubtedly food. I love food and my favourite dish is pizza." Have You Tried Indian Food: "I've tried Indian food a couple of times. But, I'm not a big fan of spicy food." Anish Sood © Sunburn Born and raised in Goa, Anish Sood began his innings with music at a tender age of 15 after getting some exposure from Armin van Buuren's podcast 'A State Of Trance'. Despite holding a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, Anish decided that it was through music that he was going to make his parents proud. At a time when dance music concept was at it's nascent stage in India, Anish was one of the first few breakthrough artists to make a mark in the rising circuit. Over the last decade, he has contributed majorly to the country's electronic music scene with his distinctive sound that also saw him winning an award at the Independent Music Awards (IMA), making him the first Indian to win in the Best Electronica/Dance Single category. But, apart from his DJing genius, Anish is a regular guy and these are his secrets. Current Man Crush: "I think, it has to be Roger Federer. He's been my man crush for a while now. I look to everything he amplifies and he's just a super cool guy." Current Woman Crush: "As boring as it sounds, I just got engaged so my current woman crush (and my crush for a very long time or the rest of my life), so it is going to be my fiancée." Weirdest/Funniest Dating Story: "To be honest, I haven't done much dating in my life. I haven't been on crazy blind dates and all. But, I'd definitely not recommend an artist or a musician to take their new girlfriends to a music festival because things go out of control backstage." A Rumour About You That's Not True: "That, I'm gay. And, I'm absolutely not." Biggest Guilty Pleasure: "That's probably watching romantic comedies." Funniest Pick-up Line: "I was playing this show when two middle-aged women came up to me and gave me a note. And, usually when you're playing, you get these notes that generally have song requests and all. But, this one had a hotel's room number and key inside. I think that was pretty creepy." Sartek © Sunburn A New Delhi native, Sarthak Sardana was a studious kid who cleared major examinations to become a Chartered accountant. But, after working in reputed organisations for a while, he realised that it was producing music that he liked more than tallying the balance sheets. He traded his corporate job to don a music producer's hat and began his journey as Sartek. His efforts paid off when he became the first Indian DJ to be roped in by Hardwell's Revealed Recordings and has witnessed all his releases making a mark on the Beatport Top 100 charts. There has been no looking back for the 30-year-old as he has attracted massive support from the likes of David Guetta, Afrojack, Sander van Doorn and Bassjackers. In a bid to know him better, we grilled him on a rapid-fire round and he didn't disappoint. Current Man Crush: "I would say Benedict Cumberbatch. But, in the DJing scene, if you ask me, it has to be Armin van Buuren. This guy hasn't aged in the last 20 years." Current Woman Crush: "I'm married so it's gonna be tough for me to answer. But, I think, it'll be Elnaaz Norouzi from Sacred Games." Weirdest/Funniest Dating Story: "This one time, I was dating this girl from my school and we went to watch a movie together. We wanted to watch an English movie, but my driver bought the wrong tickets. And, we had to watch a different movie which was in bhojpuri." Biggest Guilty Pleasure: "I'd say, it's food. I'm getting fat day by day and it's tough to control." Funniest Pick-up Line: "A girl once said 'Hey, what's your name? Sartek. Oh, that's really cool. It rhymes with your real name Sarthak. That's really smart.' But, I thought it was quite stupid."
  4. If you are deep into the world of social media, then there wouldn't have been a single day when you didn't come across a viral YouTube video on one platform or the another. The booming industry of producing YouTube videos usually stems from the basic need to share information and knowledge with a community of viewers with similar interests. But with the immense success and recognition, that the platform is capable of bringing to its creators, money has closely started to follow behind the early intentions. The Hindu once reported that “over 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and five million videos are watched every day.” With such impressive numbers, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the monetary benefits from YouTube are a major reason why more and more people are getting onto the platform. Earlier this year, YouTube made some changes to its monetisation policies which affected many niche content creators. As per the new requirements, creators now need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time within the past 12 months. Getting to this point is a tough task, especially if you are just starting out. Fret not, we did some research on your behalf and found out what these 5 successful YouTubers have to say about getting those numbers, and making big bucks through YouTube: 1. Sandeep Maheshwari Known for his insightful motivational talks and poignant YouTube videos, Maheshwari also happens to be the fastest growing entrepreneur in India, who founded Imagesbazaar.com. In the video posted below, Sandeep lays down the basics of the money-making aspect of YouTube for beginners to grasp, apply to their channels and grow it into a business over time. 2. Deadbeat Super Affiliate As the name suggests, Dan Brock sure knows a thing or two about how to churn out big bucks through affiliate marketing on YouTube. If you do not know what affiliate marketing is, then perhaps that's where you should start from. Affiliate marketing is one of the biggest ways of earning on YouTube, and the trick Brock shares in this video, will surely do the trick if done right. 3. BeerBiceps Most of you already know the guy and probably also swear by his content. Ranveer is not just a certified fitness and wellness coach, but also a highly successful YouTube influencer. In the following TEDx Talks video, he shares his own success story in great details and also imparts the audience with insider's tricks of how to employ different tactics to generate income using your YouTube brand. 4. Ur IndianConsumer Prasad Vedpathak aka Ur IndianConsumer on YouTube, is a reviewer and vlogger who has established himself as a credible brand for honest tech reviews. His video on how to make money on YouTube is a comprehensive guide for anyone who is new to this platform, and wishes to learn the tricks of the trade. Trust the guy to honestly give it to you in this video. 5. Video Influencers In the following video, Sean Cannell effectively elaborates on 5 solid ways of making money on YouTube. The detailed video will help you understand not only the basics of monetisation, but also the little intricacies of generating revenue. Spare those 10 minutes of your life, and unravel the trade secrets from the man himself. We hope you're pumped about those big bucks now.
  5. Women are said to be mysterious. Even though we can't be too sure about that claim, what we can surely tell you is that they don't seem to give it all away, even after months of knowing them. So, you expect that perhaps things will change once you get into a relationship with her and by getting to know her better, you'd be able to unravel all the mysteries she withholds in her smirks and subtle shaking of the head every now and then. But as you may know by now, that is not to be. © Dharma Productions You've tried to figure her out for long, and seem to have managed a great deal in trying to play along, as you steadily undo her little secrets. But the thing is, even when you feel you have her all figured out, she will still keep a few things to herself, simply because she wants to or feels that you don't need to know it all. But like always, we're here to save the day for you, because we have managed to get hold of a few secrets that every girlfriend keeps from her guy, for reasons unknown. But once you read them through, you'll kinda get an idea why that is so. 1. She Has Stalked Your Exes More Than Just Once No matter how much you want her to confess to it, she'll never agree that she has stalked and dissected your ex-girlfriend's social media accounts on more than one occasion. She knows more than you give her credit for, or let her know about. © Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment 2. Some Comparisons With Her Ex Do Pop-Up Every Once In A While Well, that's a bummer honestly. No guy wants his girl to be even thinking about her ex, let alone have the two of you be compared to each other. But before you get all dejected, you should know that it's rare, and the comparisons only pop up as gentle reminders of the jackpot she hit with you. 3. She Fantasised About Being With You Much Before It Even Happened You know they'll never tell you about this, but isn't it obvious why not? Just know that it's true(for most of them) and revel in those moments of satisfaction. © Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment 4. When She Says She's Ready, It Means In The Next 19 Minutes Will the guy who hasn't experienced this yet, please stand up? Most women wield this trick and well it kinda works, most of the time, to subconsciously believe they'd be here just any moment, which in turn helps in waiting “a little bit” longer. 5. She Frequently Checks Her Phone To See If You've Called/Texted It isn't something you didn't expect, is it? We have all been there, even done that a couple of times ourselves after sending a killer text. But who knew women do it regardless of any such situations, to simply see if their man is thinking of them, maybe? © Dharma Productions 6. She's Constantly Testing You When You Guys Are Just Starting Out Yes, mate. That happens too. You'll have to pass a number of tests before she allows herself to fall head over heels for you. But sorry to say that we don't know what they would be judging you on. Comment below if you would want us to dig deeper on this one. 7. She Appreciates It When You Tell Her You Like Her Company A girl needs her dose of attention every once in a while, and that doesn't have to be at loggerheads with her independent, self-reliant ideals. So, maybe do that occasionally and you'll see how positively that works in your favour. © Red Chillies Entertainment 8. A Little Jealousy Is Appreciated And we'd like to stress on it again, a little jealousy. Which means don't act all IDGAF when you see her excessively drooling over a guy or when she is receiving a lot of attention from a certain guy. Moderation is key here. 9. Some Fights Are Merely To Get Your Attention At least now you know why they pull out the guns every once in a while for no reason at all. Glad to have gotten this one, aren't you? Do you have the nerve to run these through with your girl?
  6. Often labelled as one of the most exciting and fiery draws in international cricket, the Super Four clash between India and Pakistan in the 2018 Asia Cup on 23rd September, failed to live up to the expectations, just like it did in the group stage earlier. Expected to be a livewire, Sunday's clash was nothing more than a damp squib. After a dismal show in the group-stage tie, the Pakistani cricket team was expected to take the field against India with more vigour, but it soon turned out to be yet another mediocre performance by Sarfraz Ahmed and his boys. Failing to negate the Indian bowlers, Pakistan crawled their way to a below-par total of 237 runs. And, while defending their score, Pakistan ran into the formidable opening pair of Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan, who ensured India didn't break a sweat to secure an emphatic nine-wicket win. Making a mockery of Pakistan's bowling attack, Rohit and Dhawan looked in majestic touch during their record-breaking 210-run opening stand, that laid the foundation of India's triumph in Dubai. Arguably one of the most prolific opening pairs in the modern era, Rohit and Dhawan eclipsed the 201-run partnership between Gautam Gambhir and Virender Sehwag (against New Zealand in 2009) to register the highest opening stand by an Indian pair in run-chases. © Reuters It was India's biggest opening partnership against Pakistan in ODIs. The opening pair of Sourav Ganguly and Sachin Tendulkar previously held that record for their 159-run stand recorded in 1998. When it comes to the Asia Cup, the partnership between Rohit and Dhawan was also the highest opening stand in the history of the tournament. While Dhawan played a blistering knock of 114 runs before eventually being run-out in the latter stages of the game, Rohit remained unbeaten on 111 runs and cruised the Indian ship to a convincing victory. Though the Indian bowlers proved pivotal in the match, it was undoubtedly the 'Hitman & Gabbar Show' that completely nullified Pakistan. Ravi Shastri presents the Hitman & Gabbar Show. What happens when coach @RaviShastriOfc turns presenter and does a rendezvous with captain @ImRo45 & @SDhawan25 ? You wouldn't want to miss this - by @28anand ð¹ð¹https://t.co/M8N2oSkwhN pic.twitter.com/gkP4PaKDQJ — BCCI (@BCCI) September 24, 2018 But, giving India a flying start and hitting the opposition bowlers to all ends of the ground isn't the only thing that this Indian pair is good at. Batting together at the top for India over the years, Rohit and Dhawan share a good rapport and complement each other both on and off the field. Following their triumph over arch-rivals Pakistan, the Indian openers were seen engrossed in a candid chat with coach Ravi Shastri. In a video shot by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), Shastri switched his role from being a coach to a presenter, as Rohit and Dhawan revealed inside secrets about each other. © Twitter/@BCCI The prolific form of Rohit and Dhawan has been pivotal in India's unbeaten run at the Asia Cup. While Dhawan has amassed 327 runs including two hundreds in four games, Rohit has slammed 269 runs including two fifties and a ton in the tournament. And, the fact that these two batsmen currently lead the list of top run-getters in this year's Asia Cup goes on to show how good they have been for India. The two marauding openers will once again be expected to carry the baton for India when they take on Afghanistan on 25th September. Having decimated Pakistan, Team India has virtually secured their berth for the tournament's final which is scheduled to take place on 28th September..
  7. Ever wondered, how that one guy manages to look just perfect each and every single time? And even though, he's not wearing the most expensive labels, high fashion brands or flaunting the #1 trends of the season, he's looking like a million bucks from every single angle. Boys and men, it's seems like you're looking at a supremely fashionable guy, who's well versed with a few (secret) style hacks. However, fret not; we're not letting them take these hacks to their grave. Here are 5 tricks that most of these style gods swear by: 1. Choosing Their Collars, Like Their Life's On The Line A post shared by Shahid Kapoor (@shahidkapoor) on Nov 20, 2017 at 8:48am PST Whether it's a formal shirt or a casual Polo T-shirt, most of the menswear available out there, comes with a collar (except T-shirts, Henleys etc). So, well, it's essential to pick out the right one. The idea is simple: pick out a collar that's contrasting to your face shape. For instance, if you have a wide face, pick a narrow collar (to make your face look longer) and similarly, if you have a small face, pick out a wide collar to accentuate your jawline. 2. Wearing Their Best-Fitted Pieces To The Mall Me heading for #Avengers like @matchlesslondon A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Apr 27, 2018 at 2:48am PDT This may sound absurd to you, but here's a quick trick to save on time. Since your well-fitted garments are a measure of what you should be buying, wear them to the mall, and save yourself a ton of time in the changing room! Or well, you might not even end up going to it. Just fold the T-shirt you are wearing over the T-shirt you intend on buying, and notice the difference in the silhouette. If it all looks proportionate, you're probably going to be a happy bunny. In the same way, compare your pairs of jeans or trousers as well. 3. Reading Every Clothing Tag & Label Here's another one: while you're out shopping in the day, before actually buying a piece of clothing, ensure you're checking every info/tag that comes with the piece. While two shirts may look the very same (they may be costing the same too), they could be made of different fabric blends. Or of completely different fabrics. Turn the piece over to check the insides, to figure out what's better than the other. In general, always make note of the fabrics/fits that suit your body type the best. By doing so, you'll be able to purchase things hassle-free! 4. Dressing According To Their Height Let me please introduce myself I'm a man of wealth and taste Suit, Tie and Pocket Square - @TOMFORD Shoes - @OKeeffeShoes Assisted by @shradhapamnani @priyanka2.0 Hair - @ajaykaloya.hair Makeup - Ajay Naik . @colstonjulian . #RanbirKapoor #Sanju #IIFA #TOMFORD #OKeeffe #OKeeffeShoes #TheRollingStones #SympathyForTheDevil A post shared by Priyanka & Kazim (@the.vainglorious) on Jun 25, 2018 at 3:37am PDT Unfortunately, a lot of men don't dress (or buy clothes) according to their height. Let's take picking out a suit for instance. As a general thumb rule, the number of buttons on your suit jacket should depend on your height. If you're quite tall, opt for a three-button suit and if you're short, a one-button jacket should be the ideal choice. Similarly, check the hemline of your trousers- it should be long enough to sit just above your shoes, but short enough to display your socks when you sit. 5. Accessorising. Because Tt's Magical My new Classic Black Durham from @danielwellington keeps me fashionably late Don't forget to grab yours and use the code KARTIK and get a 15% discount when you make a purchase on www.danielwellington.com or any of their stores! #dwmumbai A post shared by KARTIK AARYAN (@kartikaaryan) on Mar 14, 2018 at 9:19am PDT Besides just apparel choices, if there's one thing that men ignore, which is a vital ingredient to being fashionable, is the activity of accessorising. A simple yet unique accessory can really take your outfit up a notch. While watches are the most obvious choices most times, we suggest you diversify and try these 7 accessories too. But if you still want to opt for a timepiece, choose the right one depending on the occasion from our guide right here.
  8. Ever wondered where the colour red comes from in your jelly? Or how your favourite diet soft drink tastes even better after its makers claim it has no sugar in it? Well, welcome to 2018- an era where we, the consumers, have fallen prey to everything that the corporate giants tell us. "Eat this for a svelte figure", "grab the latest low-cal yoghurt for guaranteed weight loss!" Have you ever thought of questioning these claims? No, right? It's because when the claim is loud and repetitive, we tend to believe it to be true. This may come as a surprise to some, but the food that our grandparents used to eat was much healthier than what we consume today. Unfortunately for us, we have substituted local artisanal food with factory and industrial processing- a move that has diminished the quality of food, rather than making it more nutritious and digestible. Difficult to digest, right? Well, the buck doesn't stop here, here are some more secrets that the mass-produced giants are hiding from you: 1. Bottled Teas Are Devoid Of Antioxidants Recipe4living Let's face it, we Indians literally live on tea. Even though several coffee hubs have sprung around the country, a majority of us still long for a hot cup of tea every day. And slowly, but steadily, the craze of bottled green tea has also entered into the Indian diaspora, with one underlying communication message- Antioxidants! But hey, sorry to burst your bubble. According to a study, bottled tea contains very low levels of polyphenols, a kind of antioxidant found in tea, compared to the organic tea brewed at home. 2. Red Colour In Food Unsplash You can thank us later for this information, but did you know that the red color in many foods comes from crushed insects? Yes, according to a study conducted in Mexico, it was found that if you see carmine or cochineal extract in your jelly list, then this ingredient is nothing but a powdered bug. All the more reason to go organic don't you think? 3. Size Of Chicken Unsplash Have you noticed how the chicken that we get at home now, looks much bigger and fatter? How is it that the size of a chicken has drastically increased over the years? Well, that's because most factory farms feed antibiotics to their animals to increase the size. Not only this, but they are even cramped up in small cages- a move that curtails them to move/exercise. Next time you buy chicken from your local vendor- think organic. 4. Artificial Dyes In Food Unsplash This is another secret that most mass-produced giants very conveniently don't tell us. Did you know, that most of the processed foods contain artificial dyes? Yes, it's not just limited to your colourful lick lollies and candies. From burgers to canned soups and pickles, some amount of colouring may be found in them. To combat this, it's best to consume a well-balanced diet comprising of fresh and organic produce. 5. Hidden Salt Unsplash We all know how excess salt in our diet can have an adverse effect on our health in the long run. So, while you might be careful in adding salt to your food, did you know that most processed foods contain notorious amounts of salt, to increase their shelf life? And not just that, but it has also been found that salt can mask the bad flavour that sometimes is a by-product of foods that have been severely processed. 6. Low-Cal Doesn't Mean Healthy Unsplash Most of the low-calorie products have one ingredient in common- Aspartame. Aspartame is one of the many sugar substitutes that can be found in low-fat cereals, bottled teas, diet sodas etc. But did you know this ingredient increases the risk of UTI by reducing the acidity in urine? Also, it has been proven to disrupt metabolism, hormone balance, and nerve function. 7. The Goodness Of Milk Unsplash Remember the good old days when the milkman used to come early in the morning to give us fresh cow's milk? Fast forward to 2018, where most households prefer to get processed carton milk. Turns out, processing the milk destroys the many benefits that milk originally stands for. These are just some of the many lies these so-called mass produced giants are hiding from their consumers. And the victim is us. But there is a way to combat this and start afresh. Thank God for Qtrove- our one-stop destination for all things good. So you no longer have to worry about whether the food you eat is pure, or the cream you put on your face is devoid of chemicals. Qtrove makes sure they deliver only the best to you. This curated marketplace exhibits and sells only natural and sustainable products from passionate sellers across the country. The products are made naturally and consciously by local sellers for Qtrove, which intends to bring their products to the national audience. So, it's time to say bye to mass produced and boring factory-made goods. At Qtrove, products are made in limited numbers, either by hand or in small facilities with individual care. Embrace Qtrove as your go-to marketplace for all things pure and good. Spread the good karma by embracing the ultimate Shop for good things- Qtrove
  9. A hardware engineer, who until recently worked at Apple, was arrested at the San Jose International Airport while attempting to board a flight to Beijing. Xiaolang Zhang has been charged with stealing trade secrets from Apple surrounding Project Titan. © Twitter Project Titan is Apple's secret project, where the Cupertino giant is currently working on autonomous car technology. Zhang was a hardware engineer for the project and is now facing charges of Theft of Trade Secrets, with penalties of upto 10 years of imprisonment, a $250,000 fine, a $100 special assessment and three years of supervised release. According to the filing, Zhang was designing and testing circuit boards to analyse data from various sensors on the self-driving car. This granted Zhang access to the database that contained trade secrets and other intellectual property. In April, Zhang left Apple and was visiting his family in China. He informed the company that after he returns, he would be leaving the company and would continue to live in Guangzhou. He also informed his supervisors at the meeting that he would be joining Chinese electric car startup XMotors. © Twitter After Zhang turned in his company-issued devices, Apple noticed unusual download activity which led them to believe that he may have obtained sensitive data from Project Titan. Security Cameras and badge swipes also placed him in company labs during his alleged paternity leave. He later admitted being in the Apple's hardware labs and stealing two circuit boards and a Linux server. Moments B4 flight to Beijing, ex-#Apple worker Xiaolang Zhang nabbed by @FBISanFrancisco at @FlySJC for stealing autonomous-vehicle trade secrets while on paternity leave, per @USAO_NDCA. Zhang told agents he intended to work for @xmotorsglobal & air-dropped data to wife's laptop pic.twitter.com/TRKC3lZmzu — Henry K. Lee (@henrykleeKTVU) July 10, 2018 All evidence was submitted to the FBO after Apple discovered that at least 60% of the downloaded data on his wife's computer, had trade secrets. The report says that the FBO describes the information as “largely technical in nature, including engineering schematics, technical reference manuals, and technical reports.” Apple released a statement and explained that it is working with authorities to make sure Zhang is held responsible for his misdoings. “Apple takes confidentiality and the protection of our intellectual property very seriously,” company spokesman Tom Neumayr said in an email. “We're working with authorities on this matter and will do everything possible to make sure this individual and any other individuals involved are held accountable for their actions.”