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  1. Video from dress rehearsal for Asia Cup decider goes viral on social media where Naseem Shah was seen interacting with fans
  2. Eyewitnesses tell police train driver repeatedly honked to warn men but they refused to move away from railway track
  3. "I was thinking it might be funny if one of the collectors collected my face," 22-year-old Indonesian student says
  4. On first day of Australian Open, world's best male tennis player Novac Djokovic agrees to photos with fellow travellers at Dubai airport
  5. A video of Kartik Aaryan has surfaced on the internet. The video shows the actor in his car clueless about where to go while he was driving in Panchgani when he took a wrong turn and lost his way. In the video, Kartik is seen in the driver’s seat and is looking extremely confused. Someone from behind the camera asks him where he is headed, to which Kartik responds by saying that he was supposed to take the last right. When the person filming the video said ‘Kya yaar aap bhi (Not you too),’ Kartik asked him why everyone decided to follow him. View this post on Instagram Kartik then saw a few policemen approaching towards him and told the cameraperson about it. However, instead of asking Kartik Aaryan what was wrong, those cops decided to click pictures with him. Kartik Aaryan obliged the cops with a smile and asked him to take sunglasses off. When teased about whether he was getting late for the shoot, Kartik laughed it off and said 'no'. The actor also shared pictures from Panchgani on his Instagram stories. On the work front, Kartik is shooting for his upcoming movie Freddy with director Shashank Ghosh there. Kartik recently wrapped up shooting for the climax scenes of Freddy and Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2. View the full article
  6. By now, if you live on the internet, chances are that you’ve probably already seen those AI deepfakes where people reanimate pictures of their great-grandfathers or even famous celebrities, dead or otherwise. Using the MyHeritage AI service, people took to Twitter to share reanimated pictures of everything from freedom fighters… Kind of surreal to take a photo of the singularly inspiring Bhagat Singh -- a revolutionary voice in 1920s India, who was hung by the British in 1931, at the age of 24 -- run it through the Heritage AI algorithm, and see him reanimated. pic.twitter.com/CfC0Gu6Gxk — Keerthik Sasidharan (@KS1729) February 28, 2021 …to their late grandparents… Coz I want you to move one more time nana I miss you every minute. pic.twitter.com/QiwReB0iZG — Harika (@Kodipilla_) March 10, 2021 ...to horrifying screencaps, action figures, and pretty much whatever you can think of. I used an AI to animate a @MattMaloneTV screencap... pic.twitter.com/C4GtzY3jbB — RankUpGamers (@RankUpGamers) March 6, 2021I tried #DeepNostalgia with a #HeMan action figure and it looks like something from an adult version of Toy Story Poke @BattleRamBlog @MOTUdrawing @GrumpySkeletor pic.twitter.com/Awrxnqx1Wn — NicoMartelle 🦇️⚔️ (@NicoMartelle) March 4, 2021 Here’s a whole compilation someone made of famous Indian personalities: MyHeritage offers new AI (Artificial Intelligence) tool to turn photos of the dead into life! Omg! It’s Awesome, Amazing & Mesmerising!#Nostalgic pic.twitter.com/XS6VyfuLWB — Prof. Bholanath Dutta 🇮🇳 , IAF Veteran (@BholanathDutta) March 2, 2021To be honest with you, it’s all kinda (a lot) creepy. And now it’s gone a step further, and people are using a mobile app called Wombo.ai to make their selfies (and others’) sing. Take a look at this nightmarish clip of Rekha from Umrao Jaan singing to the 1998 hit Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!! Rekha × Vengaboys pic.twitter.com/9cZxTTXvRq — Manish Vij (@vijmn) March 11, 2021 Someone animated their dog. LMFAOOOOOO #womboai pic.twitter.com/lAjGsyOMsF — Bebop (@Beb0pu) March 10, 2021 And, of course, someone did this. This WOMBO AI is crazy lol pic.twitter.com/A7aVT4ISBN — heyben10 (@HeyBen10_) March 10, 2021 *surprised pikachu face* This is so cursed and i love it#womboai pic.twitter.com/MALJwQAom4 — ItsDaddyAJToYou (@ItsDaddyAJToYou) March 10, 2021 I never knew peaches could get more cursed. When your fruit starts to serenade you...#womboai #wombo pic.twitter.com/agENcivMOK — Pure (@Silvanas_lol) March 11, 2021 Please make it stop, I beg you. OKAY I've been revived! #womboai pic.twitter.com/1tRObKRYu3 — Nighbos Sife (@NighbosSife) March 10, 2021Amid all these fun and games lies a rising concern over protection of facial data and what apps for easily creating deepfakes like these mean for the future. Not like anyone’s going to pay attention to it until it’s too late. Anyway, that’s enough social media for me today. Let me know what you think about this new trend in the comments! View the full article
  7. Humanity is a pretty narcissistic species - from inventing self-portraits to front-facing cameras, weâve been obsessed with capturing our own faces with âselfiesâ for a long time now. Every now and then however, you come across a selfie thatâs incredible - usually depending on its context and when it was taken. Here are a few of the very best. The First Selfie Ever Taken © Wikimedia The selfie as we know it today began to take shape in the mid-2000s, and peaked after the iPhone 4âs front camera shook up the industry in 2010. Youâd be mistaken in thinking this trend was a new invention by any means though - the first actual selfie dates back. Way back, to 1839. The image above is a self-taken âdaguerreotypeâ photo taken by Robert Cornelius, an American lamp manufacturer by day, but photography pioneer by night. At the age of 30, he set up a camera in the back of his familyâs store, ran in front of the lens and crossed his arms - beating all of us by just over 180 years. The Ellen Selfie © Reuters After sortaâ breaking the internet in 2014, this Oscar selfie became a huge deal - inspiring at least a yearâs worth of memes and parodies. Interestingly, if you did the math at the time, itâs not so surprising to see why it became so viral - not only does it feature some very popular A-listers, but their combined worth in 2014 skyrocketed past one billion dollars. Sure, thatâs laughable in front of a single selfie of Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos, but still, one hell of a photograph. Too bad Jared Leto didnât quite make it in. Ex-World Leader Selfie © Twitter It happened at a rather unlikely place. Five days after Nelson Mandelaâs death in December 2013, the world gathered to mourn his death at Johannesburgâs FNB Stadium. It was here that then-US President Barack Obama would bump into then-UK Prime Minister David Cameron, with Helle Thorning-Schmidt, the Danish PM, sandwiched in between. The three then began to take selfies together in a moment as iconic as it was controversial. Some werenât pleased that the trio thought taking selfies was appropriate for Mandelaâs memorial. The First Selfie⦠In Space © Twitter/Reddit NASAâs Gemini-12 mission from 1966 had a pretty difficult goal ahead of itself - proving that human beings were capable of functionally surviving outside of a spacecraft. Before he became famous for walking on the moon, Edwin âBuzzâ Aldrinâs previous mission saw him break a different kind of record, as he took the worldâs first selfie from space while holding onto the NASAâs Agena spacecraft. In 2015, a vintage print of the selfie sold for around $9,200 at an auction in London. George Harrison At The Taj Mahal © Twitter Seems like 1966 really was an iconic year for selfies. After turning 23, legendary Beatles lead guitarist George Harrison decided to spend some time in India, visiting the Taj Mahal and taking this iconic photograph. Not only did he have a classic piece of music history in his hands, this very same visit saw him pick up the sitar, learning under the tutelage of Pandit Ravi Shankar. Tottiâs Selfie Celebration For A.S. Roma © Twitter While Italian football has certainly seen better days, back in the 2015 season, Francesco Totti blew back Lazioâs two-nil lead with two goals of his own, celebrating by taking footballâs most famous selfie - but did you know it was all planned? © A.S.Roma According to the team website; âI gave my phone to [goalkeeping coach] Guido Nanni,â explained Totti. âI asked him to take it with him when he went out to the pitch.â Twenty minutes later, Totti performed his miracle, breaking Lazio hearts and taking the selfie. And the actual photo? Totti handed his phone to one of the journalists on the club website and told him to do what he wanted with it. It went viral, obviously. Modiâs Bollywood Selfie © Twitter This one blew up across Indian news back in January 2019 - the Prime Minister attended a meeting organised by filmmaking mogul Karan Johar and producer Mahaveer Jain. The delegates also included celebrities like filmmaker Rohit Shetty, actors Bhumi Pednekar, Ashwini Iyer, Sidharth Malhotra, Ekta Kapoor, Rajkummar Rao, Vicky Kaushal and Varun Dhawan. Ranveer Singh, Ranbir Kapoor, Ayushmann Khurrana were also there, and the former snapped this selfie which lead to not just excited Bollywood fans, but a good deal of political debate around the ties between film and government. View the full article
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