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  1. Picture shows former anchor and journalist selling food on street to make ends meet due to the economic meltdown in Afghanistan
  2. Multiple sources stated on Wednesday that BharatPe founder Ashneer Grover allegedly sold thousands of free passes during the ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2021 last year and collected a few crore rupees from the sale of the majority of those tickets, adding fuel to the fire regarding the continuing Ashneer Grover - BharatPe controversy. The tournament's Global Partner was BharatPe. According to sources close to the situation, Grover allegedly sold each of these free passes for at least 750 dirhams (about Rs 15,000) and gained several crores in the process, which he allegedly deposited in a Dubai account. Adding fuel to the ongoing #AshneerGrover (@Ashneer_Grover)-#BharatPe saga, multiple sources on Wednesday confirmed that Grover allegedly sold thousands of free passes during ICC Mens' T20 World Cup 2021 last year & pocketed couple of crores from the sale of most of those passes. pic.twitter.com/P30vv6sVCz — IANS (@ians_india) March 16, 2022 According to sources, a Global Partner typically receives roughly 700 free passes for one match, and the fintech platform had hundreds of permits to give, most of which were allegedly sold. An IANS report suggests that BharatPe personnel were granted passes for the regular stands but not the VIP ones. From October 17 to October 22, the UAE and Oman hosted the ICC T20 World Cup 2021 in four venues: Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Muscat. On November 14, the tournament's final was held in Dubai. A total of sixteen teams competed in the tournament. View this post on Instagram The International Cricket Council (ICC) announced a strategic collaboration with BharatPe from 2021 to 2023 in June, last year. Throughout the length of the deal, BharatPe would be present and integrated at all ICC tournaments. However, it did not take long for the Shark Tank India celebrity to mock the report in his typical and hilarious fashion, sarcastically remarking his portrayal as someone who sells concert and match tickets in black while standing in front of a theatre or a stadium. What BharatPe Board thinks I am doing at ICC World Cup “10 ka 2, 10 ka 2, 10 ka 2 - aye sahab mangta hai kya ticket black mein ?!” What I am actually doing is ensuring Suhail Sameer and @sumeetsingh29 don’t drink silly the hospitality section dry. Kuchh nahi mila to kuchh bhi !!! pic.twitter.com/jI7vmWDECx — Ashneer Grover (@Ashneer_Grover) March 16, 2022 Grover, his wife Madhuri Jain, and their relatives were involved in alleged extensive misappropriation of company funds and grossly abused company money to fund their lavish lifestyles, according to the fintech platform. Grover also came under significant scrutiny after a recording of him allegedly abusing a bank executive went viral on YouTube and other online platforms. Madhuri Jain Grover was recently fired from the company due to alleged financial irregularities amounting to millions of rupees during her time as Head of Controls. Ashneer resigned after this, claiming that he was compelled to leave a company in which "I am a founder." View the full article
  3. Sony, Honda say they would form a joint venture this year and aim to begin selling from 2025
  4. 16 teams are set to battle across Australia between October 16 and November 13 during the T20 World Cup 2022
  5. Two tiaras, believed to have belonged to Napoleon Bonaparte's wife Josephine, were sold on Tuesday
  6. Competition and Markets Authority finds that last year's acquisition of Giphy would reduce competition between social media platforms
  7. Umran Malik is the perfect example of how to make rare and important moments of your life count. Making his debut during SunRisers Hyderabad’s final match of the 2021 season of the Indian Premier League, he knew that this might be the only opportunity he would get to be noticed on the big stage, and he made the most out of it. View this post on Instagram Bowling the fastest delivery of the ongoing season recorded at 153 kmph, the 21-year old not only scalped an important wicket against Royal Challengers Bangalore in Srikar Bharat but also proved that he could bowl these lightening-fast deliveries at a consistent rate as he went over the 150kmph mark over six times in just one match. It is rather incredible how Malik got to make his debut. The SunRisers Hyderabad, which is known to pick some of the rarest gems of domestic cricket, knew that they were already out of playoff contention. Which is why they decided to give their regular bowlers a breather and make their benched players see some game-time action. View this post on Instagram Whatever the circumstances under which Umran made his IPL debut, for his father, Abdul Malik, it didn’t matter one bit. He was simply overjoyed about the fact that he got to see his son on the television, doing the only thing he had dedicated all his life to and that too on foreign soil, no less. It isn’t common to see players from Jammu and Kashmir make it big in the Indian cricket circuit, especially when they do not have the money to travel to the bigger cities for trials, or when they have to depend on their daily wages to find out how much food they will be able to afford the next day. All these things meant nothing to his father. View this post on Instagram In a conversation with India Today, the speedster’s dad relived all the hardships that he had to go through in order to help his son follow his dream. However, every struggle got its money’s worth as soon as Umran got to wear the SRH jersey and represent his franchise against the biggest names in the game. “My son got inclined to cricket when he was just 3 years old. He always dreamt of becoming a professional cricketer. We were so happy when he was picked up in the playing XI by Sunrisers Hyderabad on Sunday,” said Abdul. View this post on Instagram “We were glued to the TV and there were tears of joy in my and my wife’s eyes. My son has worked very hard. We always supported him. We hope that one day he plays for Team India,” he added. “It is not an ordinary achievement for us. We are from a poor family. I sell vegetables and fruits to make a living. My son has made me proud. Our joy knows no bounds. Even Lt Governor Sahib has congratulated us. I pray to [the] Almighty that my son continues to excel in his career,” he concluded. View the full article
  8. Thousands of cricket enthusiasts thronged the Platinumlist website as soon as ICC announced sale was on
  9. The way common people of Afghanistan are struggling to live peacefully in their own country is more disappointing than shocking. As the Taliban continues to make their grip over the nation stronger, more and more stories of slavery, forced marriages and brutal murders are making news. So why not make t-shirts out of this burning topic and sell them online? There’s a million dollar idea! © TShirtAtLowPrice American websites TShirtAtLowPrice.com and Tee4Sport have added a new t-shirt design to their fine collection of clothing options and this one is a banger. It shows the silhouettes of a US Air Force Jet with two people falling to their death. The title of the t-shirt is “Kabul Skydiving Club EST 2021”. HA! Hilarious. According to The New York Post, there is also a dtailed description for what the design is all about so that buyers don’t miss out on the joke about people plummeting to their death. “Featuring the scene of the plane flying in the sky and suddenly, there are two people falling from it, the Kabul Skydiving Club Shirt is officially becoming a phenomenon and goes viral on the Internet after that!” reads the description. “For those who are into Parachuting, skydiving, those who love jumping from the airplane to experience the highest mood, this shirt is totally suitable to wear!” Believe it or not, but there was also a 19-second YouTube video highlighting the brilliance of this design and ensuring that people know that this t-shirt was available in five different colours and all sizes ranging between small to 5XL. Unfortunately, the video was taken down as it violated some sort of YouTube policy structure. What a bunch of wusses. Last week the harrowing scenes of people falling from a US military plane were seen all over the world as the helpless Afghans made a desperate attempt to flee the terrorising Taliban forces in Kabul. Among those who fell was also a 19-year-old footballer Zaki Anwari, who played for the national youth team and his death was confirmed by the General Directorate of Physical Education and Sports of Afghanistan on Thursday, according to Aljazeera. “Anwari, like thousands of Afghan youths, wanted to leave the country but fell off a US plane and died,” the group said in a statement posted on Facebook. As Afghans are fleeing and clinging to planes out of desperation, someone decided to capitalize on their pain and misery with this repulsive t-shirt. It’s being sold on at least half a dozen t-shirt printing websites right now. Humans can be so cruel. pic.twitter.com/du5cCbD2QA — Holly Dagres (@hdagres) August 18, 2021 “As Afghans are fleeing and clinging to planes out of desperation, someone decided to capitalize on their pain and misery with this repulsive t-shirt,” Holly Dagres, an Iranian American at the Atlantic Council wrote on Twitter. “It’s being sold on at least half a dozen t-shirt printing websites right now. Humans can be so cruel.” Are we so desensitized that we find humor in a tragedy unfolding before our eyes. To think just for a moment the sophie's choice these people were in you might have some compassion. I feel like I'll never know people who feel as I do — OG_organic (@bizzymrb) August 20, 2021I wish the person who imagined this on a t-shirt, fell from a plane wearing one of these. Karma will hit him back. — abhinavgupta.vns (@AbhinavguptaV) August 20, 2021I really want to know who designed this tee. The world should know, so noone ever makes the mistake of employing/hiring them. — Esther (@Bugablue2) August 20, 2021Vicious act of making money on others pain. Unless the money donated for the welfare of the victims and misfortune families! — Venkat (@tvchalapathi) August 20, 2021 View the full article
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