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Found 51 results

  1. Ratan Tata, formerly known as the chairman of the Tata Group, is one of the most humble industrialists that India has seen. With a net worth of more than $1 billion, he is also in the list of richest people of India. The successful businessman has donated for several causes, including the fiscally challenging times of the pandemic. To give you a peek inside the businessman's life, check out this list of expensive things that Ratan Tata owns. 1. Tata Residence © BCCL Owning a house in Mumbai is a farfetched dream for many, but since we are talking about Ratan Tata's residence, let us tell you that this huge mansion, which is sprawling over 14,000 sq. ft is estimated to cost around Rs 150 Crore. This sea-facing Bungalow is situated in the heart of Mumbai, near Colaba. This mansion is a little world in itself with luxurious rooms, gym, swimming pool, sun deck and more. 2. Dassault Falcon Private Jet © Getty Images If you didn't know this already, let us also tell you that Ratan Tata is a trained pilot, the first Indian Civilian who got to fly an F-16 Falcon in 2007. This jet is his pride and joy and it costs roughly around $30 million dollars. The interior of the jet has been customised with Tata's specifications which includes conference facility, sleeping arena and bathroom. It has the trans-continental range and Tata usually flies this Falcon himself. 3. Jaguar XF-R © Jaguar Jaguar XF-R is one of the most powerful saloon cars with supercharged speed. The car is high on speed and can hit 100mph in just a few seconds. This car is decked with beautiful interior and it is said that Tata customised the car, bringing in some improvements which include expensive alloy wheels and customised seating. The price paid for this car, however, is currently around $40,000. 4. Ferrari California © Instagram/Ratan Tata Ferrari specialises in manufacturing high-speed and top-notch cars. Ratan Tata bought a top-speed, convertible, red Ferrari California. This car is already super premium, and it is said that it was upgraded with more extras before being purchased by Ratan Tata. The cost of this car is estimated to be Rs 3.45 crore approximately. 5. Maserati Quattroporte © Maserati With an amazing built and design, the Maserati Quattroporte is synonymous with class and elegance. This amazing car features an acceleration speed of 0-60 that too in 4.7 seconds. It has exquisite Italian Zegna silk with high-quality materials that were dovetailed to design this masterpiece. Tata once said that this car is smoother than Ferrari and a terrific one to drive. This sports sedan is estimated to be around $100,000. View the full article
  2. When the world is hit by an apocalypse, the chances of survival are near to zero. But, for the rich, this has never been the case. The days of hiding out in a shelter dug by hand are gone and the rich are now moving into underground doomsday bunkers, that are as luxurious as their houses. Now that we are hit by a pandemic and with the virus leading to social anxiety, these safe mansions are becoming a rage now. Gary Lynch, general manager of Texas-based Rising S Bunkers, said that their phone has been ringing non-stop for enquiries about the bunkers. The bunkers are architecturally quite pleasing to the eyes and make up a whole underground world, with an entertainment centre, even if the world is ending. Let us give you an insiders' glance into what these bunkers look like and how expensive they are. 1. The Oppidum © Oppidum Oppidum is the 'largest billionaire bunker' in the world. Located in the Czech Republic, this one is in the middle of the mountains. The construction of this particular bunker began back in 1984, at the time of Cold war and is now ready to offer protection, for any sort of apocalypse. The bunker includes a gym, spa, cinema, library and other luxurious facilities. The bunker is actually so gorgeous, that you wouldn't want to leave this heavenly place. This one was constructed by Jakub Zamrazil, a successful real estate businessman. The price will set you back around $8 Million. 2. Vivos Europa One © YouTube Made under a mountain, Vivos Europa One has the ultimate experience of a luxury house. The bunker has five-star facilities that even private apartments cannot give you. This one costs a whopping $2.3 million. It is also one of the fanciest bunkers and was built to save people from nuclear blasts. 3. The Safe House © Business Insider The name says it all! The modern aesthetics of this bunker is literally to save one from blasts or if a zombie apocalypse broke out The walls are like that of a transformer, that convert into comfortable, safe rooms. Every area of this bunker is well protected and is surrounded by lush green gardens and a swimming pool, if you want to take a dip in the pool, even during apocalypse. 4. Survival Condo Penthouse © Survival Condo A customisable doomsday house, worth almost $4.5 million, this one is like any other luxury house you would locate in a city. The condo includes a gym, rock climbing facility, library, movie theatre and also a dog park. This is literally a condo, to keep yourself safe and have fun too! 5. The Aristocrat © Youtube The luxury shelter named the Aristrocrat charges a bomb, which is worth more than $8.3 million to get your own customised bunker. The lavish aesthetics with modern built, this spacious underground bunker will fit in your cars too. Add to that, you can get a sauna room, greenhouse, and much more. The bunker has enough space and if you need some sun, just go above to the safe house! 6. Trident Lakes © Trident Lakes If you need a place to survive an apocalypse, be ready to dish out around $449,00 to $1,949,000 on Trident Lakes bunker. Located in Texas, this one can survive any sort of calamity, while letting you have fun inside. With room for more than 3,000 people, this bunker has the best of facilities along with an adventure course, to keep yourself entertained. View the full article
  3. Political leaders the world over, hold a rather unique position. They have the ability to define an era or define their times in a very unique and definitive way. Naturally, keeping a track of time, therefore, is paramount to them. © Reuters Rarely, will you ever see a countryâs president or a prime minister not wear a watch. As much as watches serve a defined function, telling the time and in some cases, other things such as the date, for our world leaders, watches also go a long way in building up that public persona that they have. Watches are a key instrument for them in defining their style and how people see them. © Reuters Whether they were part of diplomatic gift packages or whether they were bought personally, we list out some of the most iconic world leaders of our era, and their favourite watches, which people have spotted them wearing on a number of important world events. 1. Vladimir Putin © Reuters As far as presidents and world leaders go, Vladimir Putin has one of the most varying and luxurious collections of watches. Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Rolex - these are just some of the luxury brands that Putin has collected over the years. But the one piece that is very commonly associated with the Russian President, is the A. Lange & Sohne 1815 Up/Down. The watch has a very clean, and rather sombre look. Donât be fooled though - this seemingly basic watch is made of platinum and costs $27,400. Would you be surprised to know that this particular one is not the most expensive watch from his collection? That title goes to a super rare, A. Lange & Sohne that is estimated to be worth $450,000. © Hodinkee 2. The Dalai Lama © Wiki Commons The 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, is a rather modest man, with very few material possessions. Having said that, the Dalai Lama has always had a fascination with mechanical objects, especially watches. Several of the biographies that have been written on him, often recount the tales from his younger days when he used to open small, mechanical watches, and put them back together, to study the way the function. An avid watch collector, the Dalai Lama apparently always carries a Patek Philippe pocket watch, the Reference 658 on his person. Former President of The United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt gave the watch as a gift, in 1943. Since then, this timeless horological masterpiece has often gone in for repairs and services, whenever, the Dalai Lama himself, was not able to get the watch working properly. © Patek Philippe 3. Donald Trump - Vacheron Constantin © WHCA Press Say what you will about the man, there are a few things that the current President of the United States of America does better than everyone else. Controlling the prevalent narrative, connecting with his core voters and supporters to name a few. Donald J Trump has a collection of watches with his name, which he used to sell as part of his overall brand image that has made him what he is today. He also owned a couple of Rolex Daytonas and Patek Philippes. But the watch that we see him wear whenever he is at a rally, or addressing the world, is a Vacheron Constantin Historiques Ultra-Fine from 1968. He has also been seen in a number of rose gold editions of the same watch. Just in case youâre wondering, how much does this one actually cost, the watch retails for north of â¬39,000, easily. © Vacheron Constantin 4. Narendra Modi © Reuters Our very own Prime Minister has a very well defined sense of style, thanks to the manner in which he accessorises. From a rather dope looking pair of sunglasses to the manner in which has jazzed up his outfits, PM Modi can indeed give a masterclass or two on style. As far as his watches are concerned, it has been documented a number of times where he was seen wearing some or the other watch from the American watchmakers, Movado. Known for their rather simple styling cues and minimalistic appeal, the watch that we have seen PM Modi wear often, are from their Museum series. © Movado 5. Barack Obama © Reuters Finally, we have the former President of the United States of America, Barrack Obama. Although for a better part of the two terms of his presidency President Obama would wear the Secret Service limited edition watch that he was gifted on his birthday, but we have also seen him wear the Tag Heuer Series 1500 from time to time. Essentially, a diverâs watch, the Tag Heuer has a luminous dial which glows in the dark. A really cool watch, if you ask us. © Tag Heuer Indeed, our world leaders know how to roll with style. View the full article
  4. Last year, Tiger Shroff was riding high, all thanks to the box office success that War was. Not only was this his highest-grossing film ever, raking in over Rs 500 crores from a number of avenues, it was also Indiaâs highest-grossing film. © Yash Raj Films Even his sense of style during the promotion of the film underwent a massive change. Remember the time when he wore a shirt with a meme printed on it, just to take a dig at his co-star? Well ever since then, there has been a notable change in the way he dresses, even for basic public appearances. © Viral Bhayani Whereas, earlier, Tigerâs sense of style was more of a fashion renegade, not really bothered by things such as fit and aesthetics, as during the launch, we saw Tiger embrace more militaristic colours and aesthetics. This included wearing cargos with huge technical pockets, camouflaged shirts and jackets, etc. © Viral Bhayani Well, it seems that this sense of style is something that Tiger is sticking to ardently. Having found a flair for himself in films that are jam-packed with action sequences that defy gravity, Tigerâs sense of style, just like his films, screams of adrenaline-fuelled action. © Viral Bhayani Tiger was seen promoting his upcoming film Baaghi 3 in an outfit that looked like it was straight out of a military boot camp. Tiger was seen wearing a basic, olive green jumper, which was paired with a rather dopey looking, technical cargos. The chunky pockets on the cargoes, combined with their thigh hugging fit, does look rather zany. © Viral Bhayani We particularly like the pair of basic, chunky white sneakers that Tiger has paired with the outfit. The white sneakers kinda look like those old, PT shoes that we had in our schools, but only chunkier. This somehow manages to add even more to the militaristic appeal of the outfit. © Viral Bhayani All in all, weâre really glad that Tiger now prefers a style that really compliments his well built, muscular physique. View the full article
  5. Pakistani actress Maya Ali was recently trolled for wearing a pair of ripped jeans, and instead of taking any offence the Teefa In Trouble starlet came up with a reply that proved she is blessed with a good sense of humor along with incredible acting skills. Ali had shared one of her photos on Instagram that showed her donning ripped jeans as she struck a pose on one of her vacations abroad. "I can buy you new jeans - that don’t have holes in them. Also you should ask for a raise," one of her over 3 million fans commented. Not only did the actor notice the comment, but also offered a funny reply. "I'll be grateful to you if you can give me your feather and diamante jeans.... I want some “glitter” in my life ria," she quipped with a ROFL emoji.
  6. This article contains heavy spoilers. Proceed with caution! The 5th episode of the World's greatest show aired early morning today and most of us, who need to deduce fair points at the end of the day from it, have already seen it. Well, to be fair it wasn't as bad as the last two episodes, as this one seemed more real and impactful. There were loose ends, of course, but because it was rounding up towards the finale, there were some closure points as well. But alternatively so, the episode lacked a lot of insightful tools we usually look forward to while watching an episode of 'Game of Thrones' and because of that, there were some things that didn't make sense. © HBO Apart from the much-awaited 'Cleganebowl' and the death and destruction in and of King's Landing, everything that was shown was packed in a hurry, like most of this season has been. That's been our only takeaway from most of the episodes in Season 8, which also make us question some major plot-lines and small little logical nuances, missing from the show. For instance, a beautifully narrated story, comes to a drastic end, with little or no effort made towards it. Dany taking over the throne literally fell flat in making a singular impression upon the fans, and that's quite sad. Here are 5 things that didn't make sense in episode 5, season 8 of 'Game of Thrones': (1) Fairly Poor Character Arcs Towards The End The character arcs for certain characters have drastically fallen. What was built on a proper premise with a beautiful storyline, ended with little or no closure whatsoever. For example, Jon's character throughout 'GoT' has been on a rise and he was always shown as someone who will eventually save the day. Right after he was brought back from the dead, till he fought the White Walkers far beyond the wall, his character kept up with pace and adequacy, till it eventually fell flat in season 7. He was practically doing nothing in the last two wars, except sharing some screen-time running about and using his sword sparingly. It was as good as him not being there, which in the books, he really wasn't. He dies in the books, so I am assuming the writers couldn't figure in two years what to actually do with his character, which is partially shameless and mostly callous! © HBO Similarly, Arya's purpose to kill the queen, or Jaime's to fight or save Cersei, was all washed out in vain when the Mad Queen decided to destroy the city, making that the only focus of the entire show, giving their characters little or no purpose towards the end of the most iconic show ever. (2) How Does The Most Important Villain Die Under Dust And Rubble? For almost 7 seasons, we assumed the most important villain was the Night King, up until episode 3 where was he was destroyed, making Cersei the ultimate villain the North would have to face. But no! Cersei barely put up a fight before she died with her lover when the structure crumbled and killed both her and Jaime! I feel it was the most useless death for one of the most important villains in history. Not like we were expecting a grandiose execution or another walk of atonement, but a proper face-off between her and Dany was something that should have naturally happened. Instead, the writers decided to finish off her character crying in the arms of her lover and eventually dying with him. Just didn't go down too well for some of us! © HBO (3) Arya's Entire Build-Up With No Purpose Since season 6, we've been hearing Arya's wish to kill the queen, aka Cersei. She's headed towards King's Landing in season 7, when Hot Pie tells her that the Starks have won back Winterfell from the Boltons. But even so, her eventual goal is to kill the queen. The Red Woman had also predicted she'll shut 'green eyes' and up until now, we thought she'd be killing Cersei. She left Winterfell, with The Hound, for the same purpose, didn't she? So, what happens when she reaches KL? The entire build-up is in vain because Arya's just picking herself up for the next one hour, while Dany is creating havoc in KL. Yes, Arya killed the Night King, so maybe her greater purpose was over and done with, but to keep her alive, not knowing what to do with her character next is quite pointless. If she hasn't exited the show yet, maybe the queen she'd eventually kill is Dany, as Dany has green eyes too and is a threat to the Seven Kingdoms. But the sudden downfall of Arya's character arc was quite disappointing TBH. © HBO (4) The Bigger Purpose For The Battle Was Lost The entire reason Dany was going to fight for the throne was because she was passionate about it, not because she was angry at people in King's Landing, but towards the end, it just seemed like Dany was only causing so much havoc and destruction because she was avenging Missandei's death. The entire plot didn't bank on the build-up over so many years, but was an abrupt decision taken by the Mother of Dragons, and she acted on rage rather than patience and kindness. The same goes for Greyworm, who attacked the Lannister army after the bells were rung, in an absolute rage to avenge his lover's death. Seems like the battle was only this chaotic and destructive because both of them were pissed off about losing Missandei, which defeated the actual, bigger purpose- winning over the civilians of King's Landing with kindness and nothing more, while taking over the throne, simultaneously. © HBO (5) The Dany-Goes-Mad-Arc Was Poorly Handled It seems it was a long-term plan to have Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragon's lose her sh*t in the end. It was always foreshadowed in the show when references were made to her 'Mad' father and somewhere the writers tried to tell us she may meet the same fate. But even so, her character arc was beautifully built. She was constantly portrayed as a folk hero, the 'breaker of chains', the ender of slavery, the kindest ruler to exist, throughout the earlier seasons and it was a slow build up for sure. We only get to see Dany change characters towards the end of season 7. Nay, beginning of season 8 rather, when she finds out Jon is the true heir to the throne. © HBO The character transition was a little too abrupt and poorly handled and didn't give the audience enough time to digest the madness she was turning into. Yes, agreed that her want for the throne made her go absolutely bonkers, but she'd been wanting the throne for far too long. Why was she suddenly shown as absolutely crazy for it, towards the end? The progression could be handled a bit more tastefully. © HBO While I am pretty sure what happens next, because let's face it, the writers have made the plot fairly predictable with their lazy writing, I don't think there's enough time left for complete and absolute closure we've been waiting for since episode 1 of this season! Unless of course, if they surprise us with an episode 7! Well, I am sure that's not happening, so let's just digest this mighty episode and wait for the next one, next week.
  7. Fitness is a growing scene in India and many people have even started taking it seriously as a career choice. There are many good trainers and coaches globally who put evidence-based fitness practices to use and help their audiences. Like everything else, this good comes with a bad side as well. There are trainers who make claims that are more absurd than the Flat Earth theory and make evidence-based practitioners like me want to cry tears of blood. © Getty Images Here are five foolish claims made by gym trainers and gurujis: 1. High Repetitions For Fat Loss & Low Repetitions For Muscle Gain: This is absolutely stupid. Your goal, at any time, should be to gain or maintain strength. Doing high reps with low weights could actually make you lose your gains. Truth – Fat Loss / Cutting is achieved by following a calorie deficit nutrition plan, combined with adequate protein (1.6 g.kg – 2.2 g/kg) and progressive resistance training. 2. Consume Protein Shake Within 30 Minutes Post Workout: This is based on the belief that there is a magical window of opportunity and if you do not drink a protein shake in that, you will lose muscle. Truth – The anabolic window is not so short that one will lose their gains if they postpone their meal after the workout for some time. Especially, when the Pre-Workout meal (rich in protein) was consumed close to the workout. 3. Changing Hormones For Fat Loss: You need to diet in a certain way to control your hormones like insulin, testosterone, and growth hormone to lose fat or build muscle. Truth – It's true that hormones play a role in Fat Loss/ Muscle Gain. But the problem is, we can't do much about it. Changing hormones is complex and can only be done by Doctors who have studied this field for endless years. Instead, fixing our nutrition and lifestyle would be our best bet. 4. Restricting Salt & Condiments For Fat Loss: I cannot tell you how stupid it is that they say this. Stop salt for fat loss or to reduce salt intake. Truth – It's true that sodium contained in Salt causes us to hold water. However, this is purely normal and required by our body to sustain its normal functions. Instead, add them to your diet and make your meals tasty. 5. Shock And Confuse Your Muscles In Every Workout: It is said that your muscles get used to certain exercises and that you need to keep changing exercises to shock your muscle. © Getty Images Truth – Changing training program frequently would not do any good as muscles don't grow in the initial period of starting any new exercise. The real gains come after you start progressing on these exercises after 2-3 weeks. It's this time when your muscles start to grow. Summary – With zero filtration rate in the fitness industry, frauds will prevail in every field. It's the duty of the audience to research about a particular belief multiple times and then follow that advice. Author Bio: A strong believer of the no-nonsense approach when it comes to fitness, Rachit Bir has been fortunate enough to learn from the brightest minds in the industry. A supporter of KAIZEN - Continuous Improvement, he's on a mission to bust and improve the scammed Indian Fitness Industry. For any fitness queries, contact – www.instagram.com/birafit
  8. The more I watch the ending of the last episode of 'Game of Thrones', the more convinced I am about a few revelations that will make a breakthrough in the next episode. Well, they can't leave us with unanswered questions on how Arya flew all the way, in the sneakiest way possible to kill the Night King, or how the Dothraki just disappeared in approximately 10 seconds. Everything from the 'darkest' episode in the history of TV series was a blur and we're really looking forward to some closure. © HBO A lot of fan theories are going about on the internet and we caught hold of one which made a lot of sense. Because we do need a close ended scenario here! So, do you remember the scene when Jon is trying to fight the zombie dragon, towards the end? Well, to be honest Jon didn't do much throughout the episode. He was either flying his dragon with his lover or fighting a dead dragon. But now it seems like he was helping Arya out in the end. How you ask? Well, according to a fan, while Jon was fighting and screaming at the dead dragon, he wasn't just randomly screaming at the dragon. Then what was he screaming at? © HBO Here's what the fan posted on Reddit about this theory: "Jon screamed at the undead dragon to distract it so Arya can run past and kill the Night King. The undead dragon was protecting the entrance to the Godswood. Watch it again, you can actually hear him scream 'GOOOOO – GO – GO.' 10 seconds later the scene you can see the hair of a White Walker flying up when Arya sprints past the group of White Walkers. Jon once again was ready to sacrifice himself to kill the Night King." So, basically, the dragon was manning the entry to the Godswood, so to distract him Jon started fighting him and yelling 'GO' to Arya at the same time. That'll be one interesting theory if it does come true. It'll certainly give us a fair amount of closure if nothing else! Which also means, everything was plotted and planned carefully in order to kill the Night King. But how does Arya fly all the way over to him and how is it that no one hears her coming? © HBO Well, take a look at the ending anyway, just so you can get a clearer sense of it: So, let's also add the fact that Jon was probably sacrificing himself to make Arya the last hero. Is that a fact? I want to certainly believe it because let's face it, it's Jon! Since this seems quite probable, I am really hoping they break certain revelations to us in episode 4, so we can be at peace and forgive HBO for forgetting to add enough light to watch the damn episode.
  9. The Battle Of Winterfell is done and dusted with. However, do you really think that all the business with the Night King is over? I mean, sire, the battle with Cersei matters more and is probably central to 'Game Of Thrones'. But do you really think that the Night King and his Army of the Dead, which was hyped since season 1, would go down this easily? But here's the thing, the great Battle of Winterfell was not without flaws of its own. Like, what was Bran up to while Theon was fighting away the dead. Why would Bran willingly send off Theon to his death? Why are all the main characters or at least the characters whose storylines matter, dead? Wasn't 'Game Of Thrones' built on the principle of catching the audience off guard killing people off who mattered? That's the alarming part and we're not even getting any answers. However, there is a new theory that suggests the unthinkable. So, far, we've thought of Cersei, Sansa, and even the Dragon Queen Daenerys as evil and a possible threat to the Iron Throne. But, what if it's none of them but Bran? What if Bran is the villain everyone should be afraid of? In a Reddit post from user ColdBeing titled “Something just doesn't feel right,” ColdBeing expresses suspicion about the Night King's demise (something that outraged most fans after the third episode of GOT). “They hyped up The Night King for seasons upon seasons, years upon years and this is how he goes out? There's just no way,” the Redditor wrote. They also questioned why Bran warged for so long while Theon was defending him. “Could he have been making a deal with The Night King?” Then, here's a tweet that complicates everything: How did the #NightKing change Craster's babies? By touching them. How did he change Viserion? By touching it. What did Bloodraven say to #BranStark in the cave? "He touched you."#foodforthought#nightking #GameofThrones — Vladimir Furdik (@Vladimir_furdik) April 28, 2019 The theory notes how strange it is that Bran appreciated Theon Greyjoy for being a good man right before he ran to his death. Even when he knows, all the trauma has made him, well a little aloof. © HBO So, while it was great to see Arya plunge the Valyrian steel dagger in the Night King's heart, something isn't quite adding up. And the thing is, Game Of Thrones is good at this sort of a thing where they surprise the audience out of nowhere. Could this be why Bran has been straight off cold and stoic this season? Or the fact that it's just Bran's body and the three-eyed Raven's soul, but then at what point did Bran leave the body? We will only find out in the next episode, hopefully.
  10. Sansa Stark has had her share of worries throughout the series and we've all been wary of it. She's gone through the most out of all the characters and has come out unscathed and alive and transformed rather beautifully to become one of the strongest characters in the series. Her relationships in the past with a few men though haven't been very pleasant and each one she's fathomed has been more challenging than the last. It all started with her courtship with Joffrey, where she was promised to him in the form of an alliance. When it didn't work out, she was seen as a fit match for Tyrion Lannister, as Tywin thought it would serve him well if he married his son off to a Stark. When that fell through, Little Finger piled her over to Ramsay Bolton who was absolutely ruthless and gruesome in his ways. Somewhere in the middle, Sansa dealt with Little Finger's obsession and mind games which he paid for later. (c)HBO If we look back now, her trajectory has been rough and when in Season 8 she meets Tyrion again, we see a form of relief in her demeanour. It seems like she's been through the worst and now she's in a place in her life where she can make her own choices with some sensible people around. There isn't much interaction between the two until they're found together in episode 3 of the same season. The two take refuge with the other women and children in the crypt during the battle of Winterfell and they go way back in time to when they were actually married. It's believed in Westeros that if you don't consummate your marriage, you're not technically married and the two never did. But even so, if you've seen the episode, the two discussed the 'elephant' in the room while down at the crypt and delved into the 'what ifs'. (c)HBO Of course, Sansa and Tyrion didn't get to say goodbye to each other the last time they were 'officially' together. The two had immense respect for one another and that was fairly visible from their interaction. The conversation started with the awkwardness of the fact that Tyrion is currently the Hand Of The Queen, whom Sansa is disapproving of. Sansa also said that if they were married now, 'it would have never worked out', as Tyrion's alliance was towards the Dragon Queen. She also mentioned that he was the best out of the lot, to which Tyrion snarkily said it doesn't really account to much. (c)HBO Having said all that, Tyrion and Sansa did share an emotional and tender moment when the dead were attacking the crypt. Both hid behind a tomb and before they were getting ready to face their enemy, Tyrion took Sansa's hand and kissed it. We were worried that either wouldn't make it alive post the zombie apocalypse but since the Night King was defeated, all the main characters, except a few are alive, including Tyrion and Sansa. (c)HBO Now what remains to be seen is a little confusing. Yes, Tyrion and Sansa did share a moment of brief intimacy when they were being attacked. But was that because they both believed they were going to die and it was a sweet farewell or was it because both realised they may have feelings for each other and it wasn't just a sham marriage? Sansa's concern is the Dragon Lady, of course, but she wasn't absolutely opposed to the idea of Tyrion when the topic was being discussed. Can we talk about this scene between Sansa and Tyrion? this change everything! the board is moving... #GameOfThrones pic.twitter.com/4Dj3u6s7ns — Re'lar Fer (@LuisFernandoSR) 29 April 2019 Could Tyrion and Sansa fall in love? I mean, judging by the men Sansa has been with, who were not so nice to her, Tyrion was like a breath of fresh air. He took care of her and always let her have her way. Since a little girl, Sansa has always dreamt of the perfect man, a handsome prince who would ask for her hand in marriage and that's why she was always disgusted by the prospect of marrying Tyrion. But now, because he's been the man that no one could, could she fall in love with someone she never dreamt of falling in love with? this scene with sansa and tyrion was one of the best parts of the episode. they have one of the best dynamics on the show and they truly thought they were going to die together. so fucking heart wrenching. #GameOfThrones pic.twitter.com/boOdt3plkT — ðð ‎âï¸ (@briesstark) 29 April 2019 Well, with Theon gone, if Sansa was to end up with anyone in the series, Tyrion would make the most sense. The two were married before, they know each other well, they respect each other and they're part of one of the greatest houses in the Seven Kingdoms. The only thing left to see is that if this does unfold, will Tyrion change his allegiance from Dany and Snow towards Sansa, while Sansa rules the North or will Sansa change her opinion on Dany's position in power, and give in to what Dany wants so that Sansa can make things work with Tyrion? Well, it's all left to speculation but Sansa better hurry. I don't think there are many men left after the Battle of Winterfell anyway!
  11. The wait is finally over, the movie is out, and yes it was incredible, better than anyone and everyone's expectations as well. I'm guessing only a few people have watched it till now and we're still avoiding giving out spoilers for a few hours because, as the Russo Brothers said, Thanos still demands our silence. But, for people who have watched it, they obviously can't stop themselves from talking about it. So, here's a loophole - spoilers without context, so nothing is actually getting spoiled. There's a bonus as well - they're all truly hilarious. Spoilers without context are perfectly balanced, as all things should be, since people who haven't watched won't have the movie spoiled for real, and everyone who's watched it can have a laugh. So, here's my pick of a few spoilers without context because it's the best way to talk about the movie without actually talking about the movie. 1. Remy's Ratatouille would be a hit with the Avengers. © Pixar 2. Taco Tuesday came on a Friday. © Unsplash 3. Salman Khan kills Thanos. © Twitter 4. No, wait, Taylor Swift does. © Taylor Swift Vevo 5. Avengers love IPL as well. © Twitter 6. Who even makes a baby-sized spacesuit? © Twitter 7. Who knew Spongebob was thicc? © Nickelodeon 8. Stairs are the worst, tho © Twitter 9. “Who are you?” “I'm you, but stronger.” © Twitter 10. A bigger crossover than 'Infinity War' © DC 11. Being a viral really takes you places © Twitter 12. Bottom's up, everyone © Fox
  12. We woke up to news about the Galaxy Fold suffering damages to the screen when it was handed out to journalists. Early impressions of the smartphone were great but it turned out that some of the devices were suffering from display damage. Even though there were complaints from reviewers, the damage was partly due to user error. © Twitter_MKBD The Galaxy Fold comes with a protective layer that protects the foldable smartphone from scratches and debris. In fact, many of the reviewers voluntarily removed the protective layer wig make the smartphone susceptible to damage. It may have been a genuine mistake because Samsung does not clearly warn users from not removing the protective layer. PSA: There's a layer that appears to be a screen protector on the Galaxy Fold's display. It's NOT a screen protector. Do NOT remove it. I got this far peeling it off before the display spazzed and blacked out. Started over with a replacement. pic.twitter.com/ZhEG2Bqulr — Marques Brownlee (@MKBHD) April 17, 2019 To be honest, the protective layer on the phone was doing the job it was supposed and we finally got to see what would happen when removed. Samsung will now give a clear warning with the Galaxy Fold so that other users don't end up making the same mistake. © The Verge_Twitter In a statement, Samsung said “A limited number of early Galaxy Fold samples were provided to media for review. We have received a few reports regarding the main display on the samples provided. We will thoroughly inspect these units in person to determine the cause of the matter. Separately, a few reviewers reported having removed the top layer of the display causing damage to the screen. The main display on the Galaxy Fold features a top protective layer, which is part of the display structure designed to protect the screen from unintended scratches. Removing the protective layer or adding adhesives to the main display may cause damage. We will ensure this information is clearly delivered to our customers.” The foldable smartphone will go on sale and is on track but will now come with prior warnings about the protective layer. The Galaxy Fold will also be coming to India soon as it was confirmed by DJ Koh at the India Samsung Galaxy S10 launch.
  13. We are less than two weeks away from experiencing the end of an era when the final piece of the current phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, 'Avengers: Endgame' drops in theatres worldwide on 26th April 2019 and nerdy people like us from all around the world have dedicated their lives to predict what the three-hour long movie has in store for us. Such a responsibility, therefore, leads to the formation of numerous theories and speculations ranging from “meh” to absolutely bizarre reactions from the audience and a seemingly endless flow of discussion. One such theory talks about the final outcome of 'Endgame' and the role of Doctor Stephen Strange, who's currently in the 'dust' form on Thanos' home planet of Titan. Before Peter Quill a.k.a. the main reason behind the destruction of half the universe, decided to ruin the ad hoc Avengers' plan to get the Infinity gauntlet out of Thanos' hand, Strange spoke of about 1,40,00,605 scenarios in the future and that there was only one favourable possibility for all of humanity. And during the events of 'Infinity War', Doctor Strange was forced to choose between the life of Tony Stark and his beloved Time Stone and he decided to keep Iron Man alive while giving the Infinity stone to the 'Mad Titan'. Strange later told Stark that it was important for him to stay alive if that one possibility were to come true. via GIPHY Now, if you rewatch the scene from the movie when Strange gives the Time Stone to Thanos, you'd notice that it is glowing and that too not a dull, smouldering glow but the kind each of the stones glow when they are being actively used. via GIPHY This suggests that Stephen Strange might be using the Time stone while surrendering it, maybe even to create a time loop as he did to trap Dormammu and protect the rest of the planet from danger in “real-time”. A couple of months ago, a Redditor by the name of RahulVijh had forward a theory according to which Strange had trapped the Avengers and Thanos in a similar time loop at this point to ensure that they finally reach that one outcome, regardless of how many retakes goes into getting there. The glowing of the stone, therefore, might signal the starting point of the loop. What also gives this argument further weightage is how the trailers for 'Endgame' have been including a lot of footage from the previous movies in the timeline. Also, directors, Anthony and Joseph Russo have admitted to tweaking some clips from older movies to make them look a little different than each other, suggesting all the minor differences that may have occurred in the various times that particular event took place. via GIPHY The more you pay attention to the theory, the more sense it makes and with Dr Strange probably being the only person on the good guys' side, who has the ability to see the future outcomes, the conjecture might be worth putting some thought into.
  14. When it comes to Bollywood, we guess we all can agree that our filmmakers have come a long way from where they began, and have given us some truly amazing movies in recent time. BUT, then there are some movies that are so senseless that their very existence makes us question our faith in Bollywood. However, not all of them are bad when you are high on 'bhaang' and want to waste your time doing nothing but watch a movie where you don't need logic. Since it's Holi today, we decided to share a list of movies that only make sense or you can sit through, after having a nice dose of good old 'bhaang'. 1. Jaani Dushman: Ek Anokhi Kahaani Everything the writers thought was right was exactly what was wrong with the film - right from the CGI, costumes, storyline, huge list of actors, a ghost bride to the main lead turning into a snake, car, bike...truck, bus, ship, a walking flamethrower and every possible thing imaginable. Shankar Movies Manisha Koirala singing 'Aaja' was probably us asking our brains to come back. 2. Love Story 2050 Hrithik Roshan's doppelganger falls in love with Priyanka Chopra's character, who dies in an accident. To bring her back he decides to go back in time but instead, gets transported to 2050. If only he could have brought back some logic in that same time machine, things would have been easier for the ones watching it. Baweja Movies 3. Aap Kaa Surroor: The Moviee - The Real Luv Story Don't ask about logic here because it's as pointless as the number of ee's and aa's in the movie name. All we know is that the movie was shot in Germany and the writer made sure that everyone remembers this by the end of the movie. Also, since when did Germany have Indian auto rickshaws and why were we not told about this? Mehboob Studio 4. What's Your Raashee? After watching this I am sure a lot of us asked ourselves, "What's my IQ?" Again, the movie stars Hrithik's doppelganger Harman Baweja and Priyanka Chopra in the lead. The movie is basically about Harman meeting one woman from every zodiac sign so that he can decide whom to marry. Wow! If weddings were this twisted, half the people would have gone bald scratching their heads. UTV Motion Pictures 5. Action Replayy The film is based on 'Back To The Future' and features Aditya Roy Kapur as a son who travels back in time to make his parents fall in love with each other. Another time-travel movie where the script only led us to the time machine and nothing else. Blockbuster Movie Entertainers 6. Cash What started off as a diamond heist soon turns into a vicious battle where everyone was fighting everyone. The characters were fighting for their lives, the audience was fighting to get their money back and our brain was fighting for sitting through that. Seven Entertainment Ltd. 7. Fool N Final The only thing this movie gave us is the fact that gangsters' names can be weirder than a Bengali child's 'daak naam'. Moscow Chikna, Gunmaster G9...seriously? We won't blame you if you forgot about this movie's existence. Shemaroo Entertainment 8. Himmatwala All we have to say about this one is that if you manage to sit through the whole movie you're the real himmatwala. Also, it's not your bro, but a tiger who's the best wingman in the whole world. UTV Motion Pictures 9. Rudraksh Bipasha Basu plays a paranormal researcher, who's trying to gain "knowledge that cannot be explained by science or logic", which pretty much explains the whole movie. Off all the characters in the movie, it was the laser-shooting eyed CGI rat we felt really bad for. Karma Entertainment 10. Race 3 'Race 3' does not only make your brain leave your body, but it also makes sure that your brain hates you so much that it never comes back to you. And if you saw it in 3D, you deserve our respect. The exact moment when we saw our brain and logic leaving our body was when this happened - "Our business is our business, none of your business." Salman Khan Films In case, you feel that you still have time to watch more such interesting stuff, you can watch 'Sasural Simar Ka' and 'Naagin' too.
  15. A couple of years back, a relatively unknown – at least in the Indian subcontinent – Hasan Minhaj furthered the politician-comedian parentification (don't look up the dictionary; the meme below explains the meaning of this word better) through his White House correspondents' dinner address. He took digs at the bigotry of Donald Trump & Co, but that didn't make much of an impact in India because, of course, we're stuck in deep shit of our own. © 9gag Over the course of this weekend though, the American comedian of Indian origin finally turned towards the subcontinent in an outright courageous, half-an-hour long episode about the upcoming Indian general assembly elections, on the second season of his Netflix original 'Patriot Act'. And since it touched a lot of nerves, India is kinda…umm abuzz. “Since [Narendra] Modi came to power, India has grown more hostile to minority groups. There's been a resurgence in religious nationalism, specifically Hindu nationalism, the idea that India is a Hindu nation,” opens the monologue. Ha! How dare? A bunch of trolls on my Twitter, and some of you reading this on MensXP (judging by the quality – or the lack of thereof, of a lot of comments on our Facebook page), would disagree. But the bad news for you guys is that he backs it up with solid facts (not Whatsapp forwards and 4Chan theories) to tell you how almost 300 people have been physically assaulted (including the 50 killed) in cow-related violence in India. But I don't expect this lot to understand, let alone be empathetic. After all, I was called a 'cow-eater' just last week on a metro ride to work, because I had put on a kurta (serious offence in this day and age of pigeonholed points of view). So Hasan's Pakistani (then Qatar and then Iran) spy joke hits home instantly. Me reading the comments on the latest episode. https://t.co/dSUYanFAuD pic.twitter.com/btFPPyvoE4 — Hasan Minhaj (@hasanminhaj) March 18, 2019 That's not the only talking point from the episode. An unflinching Minhaj goes on to poke fun at the Indian TV media community that is drawing the ire of international compatriots, especially for its role in the coverage of the recent Indo-Pak tensions. More TV anchors let out war cries than the concerned people and more TV studios were turned into battlefields than the actual ones. If truth be spoken, sane debates – both on air and off it, seem like a distant memory. Trust me, I'm an ex-Muslim man in the 'media business,' and get to physically interact with maybe more people than the average Indian bhakt. In his own style, Minhaj also interviews Indian National Congress' outspoken Member of Parliament, Shashi Tharoor for the episode (FYI, he failed to get a response from the Bharatiya Janata Party and, going by his Twitter handle, Chowkidar Narendra Modi, 'who is the first PM in the country to never hold a press conference'). The comedian goes on to revive the age-old joke of the direct proportionality between an Indian politician and the number of criminal charges against them. For crying out loud, he confronted Tharoor about his wife's murder during their interview. It's a real moment of pride when this is the actual state of Indian media at present. And finally, he also addresses the He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named of Indian politics, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) (yes, my name is Khan and I'm not a terrorist). Minhaj calls upon their problematic history and Narendra Modi's close ties with them, with reference to the rise of right-wing politics across the world in the recent past. Apart from Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adiyanath's 'Aap Ki Adalat' appearance with Rajat Sharma (another TV anchor with dicey political ties), former chief MS Golwalkar deciding to name his book 'A Bunch of Thoughts' also became the butt of his jokes. I didn't listen. #NowStreaming pic.twitter.com/7fnuDuaImW — Hasan Minhaj (@hasanminhaj) March 17, 2019 The Twitter troll army, surprisingly, did stay away from going all-out in harassing Minhaj (at least in the first 24 hours of the episode's release), despite him poking ample fun at Modiji & Co. That's, in some ways, a testimony to the narrative's middle-of-the-road approach, and in a lot of ways an unlikely masterclass for Indian TV media. Well, these were my bunch of thoughts on the show and how Minhaj's rational, hilarious, and neutral take on the Indian political climate, and the dire state of our TV 'journalism'. Without further spoilers, here is the entire episode; check it out.
  16. Spotify's silent launch in India last week sent out waves around the music industry, and the streaming app has already added more than 1 million users in the country. It's a remarkable number, but there's no denying that the service already has stiff competition from the existing streaming platforms, especially Apple Music. As an Apple Music user myself, I was really excited about Spotify's India launch and I instantly pulled the trigger on Spotify. Having used Spotify as my primary music streaming app this past week, I have a few observations. So, just how good is Spotify when compared with Apple Music, one of its biggest competitors in the country? Here's a quick look at the points that matter: Pricing Pricing is honestly one of the first and most important factors while picking any service in general. In this case, I would say Spotify has an upper hand, mainly because of the varied subscription packages. Unlike other music streaming services, Spotify gives its users an option to opt for either the daily, weekly, half-yearly or yearly packages, in addition to the monthly subscription. Essentially, you can avail all the premium Spotify subscription for as low as Rs. 13/ day to see if you like the service and all the features that it offers. Apple Music, on the other hand, offers only one option, i.e. Rs. 120/ month. You'll effectively be shelling out Rs. 360 for three months, Rs.600 for six months and so on. So, Spotify is the clear winner here. You can just sign up for a single day and check out the app and all its features which we'll be discussing below. Music Selection & Beyond As soon as you start using Spotify in India, it won't be too long until you realize that a lot of your favourite music isn't there. Yes, it's really a bummer. It's like the Netflix debacle all over again, when a lot of binge-worthy shows like 'House of Cards' wasn't available at launch in India. Of course, things will get better over time (hopefully), but if you love your Iron Maiden or Led Zeppelin playlist, then Apple Music is a no brainer. © Spotify The native-language song selection, on the other hand, isn't bad on either service. Both Apple Music and Spotify will ask you for your preference in music to suggest similar kinds of tracks, artists, and more. If you are into local Indian music, however, I think you'd be better off using services like Gaana.com and JioSaavn. They have partnerships with better record companies under their belt and therefore you'll get to enjoy more comprehensive libraries. Again, Spotify may end up signing better labels, but for now, it is safe to say that they're barely scratching the surface with T-series. Both platforms also suggest curated playlist, but I found myself spending more time on Spotify's curated playlist than Apple Music. Apple has its own way of doing things, and the curated lists are based on the genres you select, as opposed to the songs you listen the most as Spotify does. It comes down to personal preference, but I found Spotify's 'Your Daily Mix 1' or 'Your Daily Mix 2' etc. to be more appealing than Apple Music's 'Friends Mix', and 'Chill Mix' playlists. Lastly, it is worth pointing out that Apple Music gives you a lot of options like podcasts, music videos, short films, etc., whereas Spotify only gives the option of listening to podcasts apart from songs. Music Sharing & Platform support Both platforms let you follow your friends and family members using the service. You can share, say, a playlist or keep a track of what others are listening to. The sharing features, however, are much better on Spotify. Besides connecting to your friends, you can also share your tracks via mediums like Instagram Stories, which is where most people are spending their time these days anyway. © Spotify Coming to platforms, both Spotify and Apple Music are available on Android, iOS, Windows and macOS. But if I was to switch back to Apple Music again, I'll definitely be missing the web player. It's effortless to pull up a web browser and switch over seamlessly from your phone, tablet, etc. Just a convenience that I am not ready to give up anytime soon. Final Thoughts Both streaming services in their current state have caveats of their own. While Spotify has better algorithms in place giving it an upper hand on the music discovery over the others, Apple Music has a strong music selection and has its own ecosystem with deep Siri integration. I personally won't be switching to Apple Music again, because I am not particularly bothered by lack of artists. I am also quite optimistic about Spotify's growth in India. If it's not a major a concern for you too, then I highly recommend checking out Spotify's premium subscribing at least for a day.
  17. Opens Instagram Sees a picture of a guy with a six-pack abs The bio reads Fitness Influencer/Lifetime Natural Checks posts All ab shots Closes Instagram and feels bad about self. How often have you found yourself doing this? See, going on a diet to get abs is not a bad thing at all. Losing fat generally is healthy for you and putting in the work to get lean is rewarding. But there is a difference between lean and shredded. Let me break it down for you: . Lean and athletic - 8 to 14% body fat . Shredded - Below 8% body fat The problem is that there are these enhanced and drugged bodybuilders who keep posting pictures of themselves looking shredded with rock-hard abs all year round, making you feel bad about yourself, even when you are lean. You are in a constant battle against yourself to stay shredded all year round like them. If you are building a physique without using any drugs for assistance (aka anabolic steroids), here are five reasons why trying to be shredded year round is plain stupid: © Pinterest 1. Your Testosterone Levels Will Take A Hit Dieting to a very low body fat percentage impacts your testosterone levels. Your hormones dip. It will impact your recovery, mood, and sexual health negatively. The reason guys on anabolics do not face this problem is them taking the hormones externally. They inject testosterone in supra-physiological doses on a weekly basis. Natural testosterone levels do not mean shit to them. 2. Constant Hunger Low body-fat means your hunger and satiety hormones are at a whack. Your leptin or satiety hormone is at an all-time low and your ghrelin or hunger hormone is at an all-time high. You are in a constant bad mood and cranky all the time. People around you do not like this side of you as well. 3. Too Restricted You will have to micro-manage every single meal that goes into your body to stay shredded. You will have to count every macro, weigh every food item, completely cut out every delicious food from your diet to be shredded. After a point, this becomes super stressful. You cannot focus on other things in life. You will be food obsessed. 4. Cannot Make Gains To gain muscle, you need to be in a calorie surplus and gain weight slow and steady. You will gain body fat. To be shredded and maintain your abs, you will need to be in a constant caloric deficit or at best, at your maintenance calories. As you see, these are two sides of a coin. You cannot have both. It is one or the other. Again, enhanced guys get bigger taking steroids is the hormones injected externally. © Pinterest 5. Body Image Issues A lot of well-known bodybuilders and fitness models have come out and spoken about this. Once you see your body look a certain way and you always desire to look that way, the obsession takes an ugly turn. A lot of athletes have admitted to being in a state of depression due to this. Attempting to stay shredded all year round is not just harmful to your physical health but also your mental health. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness an online fitness company and the founder of Mars Nutrition a nutrition supplement company. Both his companies are geared towards providing you the right information and products without any false or fake claims. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram.
  18. The CES (Consumer Electronic Show) has been a medium to show-off new and upcoming technology from all over the world. Hundreds of companies unveil their products, and it's one of the most happening days for a tech aficionado. This year, we've witnessed rollable TVs, 8K TVs, party-ready speakers, and even a foldable phone. The announcements establish a roadmap for the coming year, and with intense competition, every brand wants to make a mark. On the other hand, the tradeshow also gets a tonne of quirky gadgets that'll make you wonder “…wait, what?” Here's a list of the weirdest gadgets we've seen at CES 2019: 1. Lovot: © Mashable This robot from Japan has one mission- make you happy. It's designed by a startup called Groove X and is supposed to behave like a real living thing. It has a cute teddy bear-like body with cartoon eyes, and in the company's words, is built to “nurture people's capacity to love”. Lovot uses a video camera mounted on its head to recognise the face of its owner and to avoid collisions. It's for people who are lonely and need someone or something to talk to. Loneliness is a rising issue in Japan where people are isolating themselves from the outer world because they feel left out. Groove X hopes that the robots, which cost US$ 6000 (Rs 4,20,000) for a pair, can become companions for Japan's ageing population, but is also planning to release the devices in the US in the future. 2. Inubox: © Inubox Pet dogs constantly require your attention, especially when they are young or untrained. You need to take them out for nature's call periodically, and Inubox aims to simplify this task for you. Inubox is presenting itself as an all-in-one indoor toilet for dogs. It can sense when a dog has done its business, then automatically bag up the waste while cleaning off the platform. The waste processed by Inubox is put in a closed bag that can be disposed of easily. By wrapping up the waste in bags, Inubox is designed to make sure your house has no trace of the smell of waste. The expected retail price of the gadget is US$ 1,200 (Rs 84,500). 3. LavvieBot: © LavvieBot Why should Dogs have all the fun? LavvieBot is an automated cat litter box that can clean up waste and refill the litter when the time comes. You'll have to clean up the machine every few weeks, but it helps in reducing the number of times cleaning has to be done. Instead of manually sifting litter every day, the LavvieBot has a self-scooping mechanism which scoops waste out of the main box at an interval of your choosing. It also comes with an app that claims to be able to monitor your cat's health by keeping track of its litter box use and weight changes. 4. Foldimate: © Foldimate Year after year we keep seeing the return of folding machines that intend to eliminate the daunting task of folding your clothes. Israeli tech start-up Foldimate has unveiled a robot that's capable of folding all sorts of clothing with minimal assistance. FoldImate will also fold standard size towels and pillowcases. Users simply feed their clothes into the opening near the top of the product before they appear neatly folded from a hatch near the bottom of the machine. The Foldimate will go on sale later this year and is expected to cost about $US 1,000 (Rs 70,000). 5. Lumen: © Lumen We've all wondered, what should we have dinner? It often becomes a difficult task to decide considering the number of options we have. To ease this, Lumen is a smartphone app that determines what foods you should eat based on the results of a breathalyser test. It also tells people things like how well they are digesting food or burning calories. The firm says this provides a way of monitoring a person's metabolism - the chemical processes that, among other things, convert food into energy. The breathalyser is available for purchase at a market price of US$ 250 (Rs 17,500). 6. Ovis Suitcase: © ForwardX Nobody likes to carry around luggage when travelling, especially when airports are getting bigger and bigger. To ease out transits, ForwardX has launched the Ovis suitcase that moves on its own. Unlike standard luggage, the Ovis Suitcase uses self-driving technology and algorithms to side-follow users anywhere, including airports, city streets, and hotels. On escalators and stairs, users can place their hand on the Ovis Suitcase handle to switch it to manual mode. Users can also wear a band that notifies the bag of your location and an in-built GPS module will always keep a track of your bag. The suitcase will be available for US$ 799 (Rs 56,000) from the second half of 2019. 7. Little Cat: © Gizmodo This another product is made, especially for cats. The Little Cat is a pet treadmill that tempts your cat onto its rotating ring using LED lights. Like a hamster chasing food, your cat then pads along the inside of the device. The gadget is made by South Korean company Pet Ding. The company intends to make your cat healthier by giving it the option to exercise even when you're not around. Though, it carries a hefty price tag of US$ 1,800 (Rs 1,27,000). H
  19. No offence, but desi Twitter (and not brown twitter, T-Pain) is where it's at! Indian people really do know how to make a joke or a meme out of anything and everything and every year we realize it after laughing throughout the year at the best tweets and then re-living it at the end of the year with a mandatory compilation so everyone can end their year with a laugh. So, here are this year's winners, the tweets that are so funny, you will momentarily forget about the shitty year. Enjoy! 1. A fake accent they acquired just in a week. When your friend returns from abroad with a fake accent pic.twitter.com/gupmlLal7r — Bade Chote (@badechote) January 20, 2018 2. Oh no. Indian Actors with Canadian Citizens. pic.twitter.com/YGUyHcO4BW — Jet Lee(Vasooli Bhai) (@Vishj05) February 20, 2018 3. Everyone knows this situation. When everyone knows you ate the last slice of ð but you refuse to admit it. pic.twitter.com/8oJhNh4KaP — Vir Das (@thevirdas) June 10, 2018 4. Literally every song. 10 seconds into an Atif Aslam song pic.twitter.com/g2cr3kEqAV — Vighnesh Rane (@Vighrane01) June 28, 2018 5. Allow him to keep his last name as well. Definitely allowing my husband to work after marriage. I'm such a progressive woman 𤷠— Perpetually screamin' (@AnantikaMehra) January 11, 2018 6. The only way to do it. Drug Testing.... FBI- Microscopes. CIA- Advance Toxicology Labs CID legend- pic.twitter.com/h13JFTtlXs — Pun of god (@Punofgod) October 12, 2018 7. Can't argue with this logic. 'Mom trying to let his son eat carrot ð¥' Son- Why should we eat carrot,mom? Other countries- Because it contains beta-carotene baby, it's good for eyes. Indian mom- Tune kabhi khargosh ko chasma lagate huye dekha hai !! — Pritamð (@pritamkdas99) July 16, 2018 8. Things are getting real now. indian culture is having had entire relationships and traumatic breakups without your parents ever knowing — mazikeen (@RecklessAtSix) July 22, 2018 9. Don't you mean Radflix? Radhika Aapte on Netflix pic.twitter.com/SgoQ6dbe5u — Freelance 007 (@James_Beyond) August 27, 2018 10. A picture is worth a thousand words? Skjllkgjkjh this is still the funniest pic, Anushka's look of utterly bemused disgust ð­ pic.twitter.com/kCn0uxCCM6 — Dinah Laurel Lance (@LordPotter4eva) November 8, 2018 11. Apparently. For The Ambani's everyone is Alexa. — Godman Chikna (@Madan_Chikna) December 10, 2018 12. One wink is all it takes. Same. pic.twitter.com/u9eakRppXX — Trendulkar (@Trendulkar) July 20, 2018 13. How is this so accurate? Siddharth Malhotra sounds like the name of a character Ranbir Kapoor would play. — mukesh manjunath (@mukthegaul) January 25, 2018 14. Too true. white people after one (1) yoga class pic.twitter.com/eGFf9RaOTe — Neha Yadav (@nay_yeah) February 21, 2018 15. It's going to be 2019 in a few hours but we need to talk about 2004. Weirdest Year for BOLLYWOOD ? - 2004 Julie - Hit Murder - Super Hit Swades - Flop Lakshya - Flop National Award - Saif Ali Khan for Hum Tum ð — AAVISHKAR (@aavishhkar) September 13, 2018 16. Totally accurate. Indian patriarchy summed up in one photo. pic.twitter.com/OSvU5tuE5t — Tushar Abhichandani (@YawnOkPlease) August 29, 2018 17. Ooh, shots fired at Mark. All the hidden Facebook apps the moment you login to Facebook pic.twitter.com/PbaFeHvMrW — Gabbbar (@GabbbarSingh) April 11, 2018 18. Great pun! Oneplus 6T pic.twitter.com/nVNY3h6wdG — 㤠㤠㤠㤠㤠㤠㤠㤠㤠(@theesmaarkhan) October 31, 2018 19. Kahaani ghar ghar ki? [Visiting the doctor with my mom] Doc: "Kya takleef hai aapki?" Me: "Feve..." Mom: "Yeh saara time video game khelta rehta hai" — ð¨ (@pranavsapra) September 4, 2018 20. Wait, so you're telling me that's not a fish? I'm so Bengali that I thought it was a fish in his hand. pic.twitter.com/oC3vf66qOw — nin (@NautankiNinja) July 30, 2018 21. It's so sad. Alexa, play Despacito. Friend : you watched Dhadak? Me : yes Friend : so, who dies at the end of Dhadak? Me : Sairat — Pakchikpak Raja Babu (@HaramiParindey) July 24, 2018 22. It's so great! Post wedding dress usage! ð pic.twitter.com/cOy2D1mhTo — bhaavna arora (@BhaavnaArora) December 5, 2018 23. The only kiki challenge we need. Trying to decide whether to write à¤à¤¿ or à¤à¥ in a Hindi sentence was the first à¤à¥à¤à¤¿ Challenge. — mohit ghune (@Ghunegaar) August 6, 2018 24. Who did it, dammit! Who called it Priyanka Chopra's wedding and not Nick-ah? — Avinash Iyer (@IyerAvin) August 18, 2018 25. Because he's bhai. When you get a medal from Salman Khan, HE gets to stand on the podium pic.twitter.com/x4an2QEi2t — Manik Mahna (@manikmahna) January 31, 2018 26. What happened, Saif? When you get a medal from Salman Khan, HE gets to stand on the podium pic.twitter.com/x4an2QEi2t — Manik Mahna (@manikmahna) January 31, 2018 27. Should've been the background score. "Jaane kya hoga rama re, jaane kya hoga maula re." pic.twitter.com/N5xHWWildL — Abhijit Dey (@babumoshaaye) March 19, 2018 28. Oops. *laughs in Indian* https://t.co/e2YdqlqRwk — mallu papi (@shyxmm) July 16, 2018 29. Why is it soooo long? Maula Mere Aakhein teriiii Maula Mere Maula Mere Maula Mere Maula Mere Maula Mere ................... pic.twitter.com/nbp21WKxTl — Rameez (@Sychlops) July 31, 2018 30. Every Ranbir Kapoor movie ever. This could be any movie. pic.twitter.com/XqWikC5B2U — Anirudh (@anirudhpatil) June 30, 2018 31. So many feels. áµáµáµáµáµ áµáµáµáµáµ áµáµ ᶦˢˢ áµá¶¦Ë¡ ˢᵠáµáµÊ° â¿á¶¦áµáµË¡áµá¶¦ ʳáµÊ°á¶¦ áµáµá¶Ê° áµáµÊ° Ë¢áµá¶»áµ áµÊ°á¶¦ áµÊ¸áµáµÊ³ áµá¶¦ áµá¶¦ áµá¶¦Ë¢áµ áµÊ¸áµ áµáµâ¿áµáµÊ° áµá¶¦Ê¸áµ JO LUT GAYEEEEEEEEEEEEE pic.twitter.com/v51QHlPJGp — Secret Santanoo (@tantanoo) September 14, 2018 32. Don't you mean south delhi girls? Bandruuuh Gurrrrrlz trying to get a Rickshaw... pic.twitter.com/Qb4nANnBVr — That Goan Boy (@schmmuck) April 22, 2018 33. I'm still confused. Aadhaar Card is not mandatory for opening Bank Account. But PAN Card is mandatory for Bank Account. And PAN-Aadhar are Mandatory for filing Tax returns. #AadhaarVerdict pic.twitter.com/SIpkh9hNZg — SAGAR (@sagarcasm) September 26, 2018 34. True. Crazy Rich Asians is not releasing in India. India, on the other hand, is always releasing its Crazy Rich Asians. — Samit Basu (@samitbasu) August 21, 2018 35. Glo up! Me in 9th standard spending 3 hours chatting on the phone right after school VS me in 2018 having a panic attack every time the phone rings pic.twitter.com/rZYkOAtEl6 — Bratticus (@bharatunnithan) September 6, 2018 36. Age is just a number. Priyanka: 36y old Nick: 26y old Malaika: 45y old Arjun: 33y old Milind: 53 y old Ankita: 27y old Don't make a big deal about the age difference. Nothing really matters as long as you fucking love each other. Akshar Pathak: 29y old Chicken Malai Tikka in the fridge: 3 days old — Akshar (@AksharPathak) November 12, 2018 37. Should I be offended? Legend has it that if you come to Bombay and say "nice weather" three times, a Delhi person appears from thin air and say "Yeh toh kuch nahi bc in our real winters we hibernate for six months and then eat our offspring to keep ourselves warm" — Pranav Tonseker (@peeteeonyou) December 11, 2018 38. A little too spot on. 1. Shuttle cock during first serve 2. Shuttle cock after 1 game pic.twitter.com/ZZ1AOQ54j0 — Bade Chote (@badechote) July 29, 2018 39. The universal answer. 1. Shuttle cock during first serve 2. Shuttle cock after 1 game pic.twitter.com/ZZ1AOQ54j0 — Bade Chote (@badechote) July 29, 2018 40. That's the dream. Indian parents push you very hard in life so that one day, you're successful enough to pay for regular therapy. — chethana (@iamdatemike) November 25, 2018 41. Seriously, log kya kahenge> Daughter: *breathes* Brown parents: Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Don't say it Brown parents: log kya kahenge? — sai (@Saisailu97) November 18, 2018 42. Justice for Sonu Sood. Sonu Sood saal bhar body banata hai climax mein pitne ke liye — adrak (@ubercoolosis) December 3, 2018 43. Bas challa do. When you invest all your life savings on a startup pic.twitter.com/ZH4GaS8Rys — AmbyZee The FreeBird (@Cheese_Pakora) September 24, 2018 44. Only a little cringey. reading my own romantic whatsapp correspondences at 3 am. pic.twitter.com/5QsYuOoMrH — The Life & Opinions Of 'PaladinContent': Gentleman (@PaladinContent) September 3, 2018 45. I love how people are still not over this. One taught me love, one taught me patience, one taught me pain. pic.twitter.com/BWCK3U62Nn — Jackie J. Thakkar (@Juvenile_Jack) November 6, 2018 46. Not cool. No wonder Aman pushed you to another guy and died instead https://t.co/BMunvU85ON — not a damsel, but in distress (@KiskuGhoorra) November 18, 2018 47. Sponjali? tum paas aaye.. pic.twitter.com/kGxURLqjCp — half golden mongoose (@slugcharmer) April 3, 2018 48. Or maybe he does know. my dad doesn't know what some emojis mean ð­ð­ð­ pic.twitter.com/3lmP3MavPh — ìë (@shrutithenaik) June 5, 2018 49. Every single time. Me trying to see name of the movie whenever it appears on screen. pic.twitter.com/iLlnsJitC1 — Aarpee (@TweetsofRP) April 8, 2018 50. The best way. This is how we blocked people in our days :) pic.twitter.com/YwE464sOBf — Tausi Malik (@TausiMalik1) December 18, 2018
  20. There is a famous training approach that all the gym trainers and desi gym gurujis have been married to since the dawn of time. It is the classic 'One body part a day' training approach aka the bro-split. Whenever a novice joins the gym with the goal to lose fat and get lean, they are often made to train this way by the desi gym trainers. © Pixabay Their training split looks like this: Monday - Chest Tuesday - Shoulder Wednesday - Back Thursday - Arms Friday - Legs Weekend - Off Reason? Pro bodybuilders train that way. Yeah, makes no sense at all. Now, if your goal is fat loss, the main thing that drives it is a caloric deficit. How do you create a caloric deficit, you ask? By eating lesser calories and by burning maximum calories possible. To understand the eating part, about what really matters, read this article.Think about it for a minute now, which exercise would help you burn more calories? Three sets of bicep curls or three sets of squats? Obviously, three sets of squats. And as you get leaner, those arms that you have been working on for a session straight will anyway show up. Better use them as accessory work than dedicating an entire session to it. If you want to burn more calories in the gym after reading this article, and if you are a beginner, you can follow this sample workout: © Pixabay Session A Leg Press - 3 sets of 8 to 12 Barbell Rows - 3 sets of 8 to 12 Machine Chest Press - 3 sets of 8 to 12 Lat Pulldowns - 3 sets of 8 to 12 Machine Overhead Press - 3 sets of 8 to 12 Triceps - 3 sets of 8 to 12 Biceps - 3 sets of 8 to 12 Session B Squats - 3 sets of 8 to 12 Seated Rows - 3 sets of 8 to 12 Decline Chest Press - 3 sets of 8 to 12 Reverse-Grip Lat Pulldowns - 3 sets of 8 to 12 Incline Dumbbell Press - 3 sets of 8 to 12 Calves - 3 sets of 8 to 12 Abs - 3 sets of 8 to 12 Your training split will effectively look like this: Monday - Session A Wednesday - Session B Friday - Session A Monday - Session B With this, not only you would be not going to the gym and wasting your time dedicating an hour of arm training, you will be able to do some other activity as well of your choice and enjoy training in general. And obviously, burn more calories. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.
  21. After teasing us for months, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh finally dropped their wedding announcement on social media on Sunday. Seriously, after this much-awaited announcement, how can anyone keep calm or focus on anything else? Can there be anything more interesting than this? But, Karan Johar came around, whispered 'hold my beer...' and gave us the first episode of 'Koffee With Karan 6', which gave us highly interesting insights into Ranveer and Deepika's relationship, which until now, were kept well under the wraps by them. View this post on Instagram Season opener!!!!!!! #girlpower all the way!!! @deepikapadukone @aliaabhatt âï¸âï¸âï¸âï¸âï¸ A post shared by Karan Johar (@karanjohar) on Oct 6, 2018 at 5:10am PDT Deepika was at her candid best and was comfortable and open while talking about her relationship with Ranveer, and so was Alia Bhatt about Ranbir Kapoor. But the 'couple of the moment' is Deepika and Ranveer and their relationship was the major highlight of the episode. A picture speaks a thousand words... that are chosen by @aliaa08 and @deepikapadukone. RT if you are loving this episode! #KoffeeWithKaran #KoffeeWithAlia #KoffeeWithDeepika pic.twitter.com/jZbCuCweiD — Star World (@StarWorldIndia) October 21, 2018 Amidst Karan and Alia constantly badgering her about her upcoming wedding plans, the dates that we now already know, Deepika went all out and confessed that the two have been in a relationship for 6 years. In fact, Deepika revealed that Ranveer shows her all the messages that Karan Johar sends him (a universal rule for every boyfriend we guess). View this post on Instagram ððð #coffeewithkaran A post shared by Deepika Padukone (@deepikapadukone) on Oct 6, 2018 at 4:33am PDT But Karan Johar being Karan Johar, made sure that Deepika spills all the beans about her relationship with Ranveer and she did exactly that. When asked about what she loves, hates and tolerates about Ranveer Singh, she says "I love him for his emotional capabilities and that he is extremely expressive. Hate him for his lifestyle pattern and I tolerate his fashion sense." Watch @deepikapadukone get candid about her relationship with @RanveerOfficial on #KoffeeWithKaran. #KoffeeWithDeepika pic.twitter.com/aF7Tv8fqSS — Star World (@StarWorldIndia) October 21, 2018 In fact, during the rapid fire round, Deepika gave the 'Best Kisser' award to Ranveer and the 'Heart of Gold' award to Shah Rukh Khan. She even said that Ranveer will be a mamma's boy when Johar asked her, "What kind of a husband Ranveer would make- emotional, mamma's boy or chauvinistic?" ðð½ pic.twitter.com/5L6euh6TtR — Ranveer Singh (@RanveerOfficial) October 21, 2018 Their wedding celebrations will take place on November 14 and 15, and the venue is yet to be announced. While Deepika and Alia set the couch on fire, we can't wait for the second episode featuring Akshay Kumar and Ranveer Singh, which is going to be equally explosive for sure.
  22. CrossFit could be easily compared to the Kiki challenge. Many people are doing it as it is popular and getting injured pointlessly. CrossFit boxes (that is what they call a gym) are opening around every nook and corner of a street and people are running to buy memberships as bees sticking to honey. The question is: is CrossFit worth the hype? There definitely would be people who would come and wholeheartedly pledge their allegiance to the sport and protect it like a religion, but the question still needs to be addressed. © Pixabay Yes, there are a few positives like community support and pushing each other are commendable about this sport but do they do enough to overcome the negatives associated with them? The reason I am being so critically vocal of CrossFit is that there are so many negatives. 1. High Risk Of Injury The goal of any sport-specific training would be to avoid an injury as much as possible. An injury means non-improvement for an athlete. On the other hand, in CrossFit, injuries are considered to be proud of. Just last year, the CrossFit nationals in the USA had over 24 pec tears. Those are surgery level injuries and not the usual sprains or strains. Even high-level combat sports do not see these extents of injuries at the top level. 2. Stupid High Volumes Olympic and compound lifts are usually done with a very low volume as they are highly technique-driven. In the Olympics or Powerlifting meets, you'd see athletes attempt 1RMs. During the training of these lifts as well, they are not trained with very high volumes and with sufficient rest between sets. Talk about CrossFit, these exercises are programmed to do for sets of 30 or 40. Most of the time, without any consideration for form or technique as the WOD, needs to be timed after all. 3. Individualization Is Lost The group culture and class structure are amazing but the specificity or individualization part of exercise programming is lost like a kid in outer space. A kid in space. That does not exist, right? Well, exactly my point. Beginner, intermediate, advanced, previous injury, whatever category you are in, you have to do the WOD. One plan fits all. 4. Pain Is Celebrated The goal of any exercise routine is increased performance, strength, endurance, skill, etc; not pain or being hurt. In CrossFit, it is the other way round. Due to unplanned and hard workouts most of the times, the athletes or enthusiasts are often sore, tired, and exhausted. While they celebrate this fact, it simply is defeating the purpose of an exercise routine in the first place. © Pixabay 5. Puke Walls, Seriously? Most of these CrossFit boxes have a 'Puke Wall of Fame'. Ridiculous, right! You write your name and puke there after a tough workout. This happens almost to everyone initially. The classic no pain no gain or rather no puke no stupid here. A supposed 'sport' where pukes and pain are celebrated and injuries are worn as a badge of honor? No thank you! Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.
  23. To start with, almost every western website calls Roti as the Indian Flat Bread. Nope, it's not an Indian Flat Bread. It's a Roti or a Chapati, and that's how it is addressed and should be addressed. We don't call bread as the American roti or the Canadian Chapati, or Australian Naan. Let's stop distorting the terms, as these simple distortions create confusions in a lot of senses. A Westerner who has never had a roti, just because he thinks it's a kind of bread made in India, he starts thinking that a roti is made the same way a bread is made, using the same ingredients, which it isn't, except for a few of the ingredients. A Little History Of Our Roti © Pixabay Acc. to the CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) research, people have been making flat breads for over 6,000 years, and today about 80 to 85% of the total wheat produced in the country is used for the preparation of chapatti. Paranthas Aren't Unhealthy! © YouTube This is one of the biggest myths in conjunction with the topic at discussion. Often people tell me that they have brown bread sandwich or cornflakes for breakfast and I ask them why not paranthas? The answer is common. It is fattening. And this is the same case with most Indian foods today. - What is a parantha made of? Whole wheat or different grains mixed together like jowar, bajra, soy, chana and ragi. There is no maida or sugar added, until and unless there is a specific reason to do so. - What do you add in a parantha? Generally, vegetables or spices. - What do you apply on a parantha? Little ghee or butter, not a toxic refined cooking oil. Can you tell me what is unhealthy in the above list of ingredients? The answer often is ghee and butter. If you didn't know, ghee is one of the healthiest fats you can consume. What is bread made of? - Maida or refined carbohydrates as the base, with added sugar (that's why it tastes sweet) - toxic low grade refined oil (that's why when you press a bread, you have oil on your fingers) - salt (to preserve it and make it taste better, when you combine it with sugar and refined oils) - caramel color to make it brown - and yeast to make it fluffy - and may be some wheat and other grains if it is labelled whole wheat. What Actually Is Wheat Bread? Firstly, there is nothing called Brown Bread. It's simply white bread coloured brown. The colour is industrial caramel colour added to it, about which we will discuss later in the text. Now, there are other forms of breads like whole wheat, multi grain, ragi, bran, etc. But at the end of the day, they have a larger percentage as refined carbs or maida along with the other ingredients. Roti Vs Bread: How Fresh? If you prepare a roti/parantha at home, how long can you keep it outside before consuming? May be half a day, or a bit more! Why? Because, there is no ingredients added to it to preserve it. On the other hand, breads are kept for over weeks on the shelves of your supermarket. Why? Because they need to be preserved to be kept in open. A Stupid Comparison A lot of articles and dieticians compare roti and breads on the basis of calories. This is just for the sake of comparison, because there are many stronger views against bread and for roti, than mere calories. This is a stupid comparison. A slice of bread has approx 60cal, and a roti has around 70-80cal, depending on the size and thickness of the roti and bread. This does not make it a point of comparison. Breads Aren't Better Than Rotis © YouTube Another big and most misunderstood point is that whole wheat breads are better. Which country are you living in? Firstly, high quality breads are made at very few places in the world, which use the traditional methods of baking which they have been using since centuries, using locally produced ingredients, without the use of preservatives and other toxic refined oils. Such breads are consumed fresh on the same day, as you cannot preserve them for long, just like rotis. Breads are not bad, but the really good quality breads are rare, and very rare in India. One Of The Longest Living Human Group Eats Roti Some of the best and the most extensive research is on the longest living people in the world, people who live over a hundred (centenarians) and are still in the best of their health. One of the such population is the Hunza, which resides in the mountainous region of North Pakistan. Roti is one of the most consumed foods by the Hunza, and they have it in almost all their meals. Akshay Chopra, is a graduate of the National Defence Academy & the Air Force Academy, and a former IAF pilot. He is one of the most qualified health, fitness & nutrition consultants in the country, and an author of multiple books & ebooks. He is among the few in the country to have a background of competitive athletics, military training and bodybuilding. He is the co-founder of the Body Mechanics chain of gyms, and India's first research based channel We R Stupid. You can check out his Youtube here.
  24. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, India's 10th Prime Minister and perhaps also one of the most beloved leaders among the massed, changed the face of India and even Indian politics on the global platform. Showing the world just how crucial political positions are meant to be held, he put India on the roadmap to development and international recognition. © Reuters Vajpayee was known for having been India's first non-Congress PM and his tenure was marked by a myriad of memorable events. An excellent orator, gifted writer and a visionary, he wished to make India strong, independent and glorious, and remains to be one of the most important personalities who redefined secularism in our nation. The Backstory © Reuters Born in Gwalior on 25th December 1924, Vajpayee's father was a poet and a school teacher who imbibed in him the love for the written word. A meritorious student, he scored distinctions in Hindi, English and Sanskrit in college and graduated with a first-class M.A. degree in Political Science from DAV College in Kanpur. Due to the India-Pakistan partition riots, he had to give up studying for his law degree. © Reuters Vajpayee's first brush with politics was during the Quit India Movement when he and his elder brother were put in jail for 23 days. In 1951 he became the National Secretary of the Bharatiya Jana Sangh, which was to later morph into the Bhartiya Janata Party. As the party's founding member, he went on to change the face of Indian politics in the years to follow. When he took over the reins as PM in 1996, he stepped forward to shoulder his responsibilities with a vision in mind, one that he came to fulfil during his term. Though there have been a few events that went awry during his tenure, his achievements overshadow a lot of it and his ways continue to remain unparalleled to this day. © Twitter Why The 2015 Bharat Ratna Awardee Truly Deserves To Wear The Crown While Vajpayee's roadmap to lead India towards development was well charted, he put his words to action and held open India's road to glory by launching ambitious and successful road projects - the Golden Quadrilateral and the Pradhan Mantri Gramin Sadak Yojna. It connected a greater part of rural India and made access to health care, transport and education much easier. © Reuters During his tenure, India's GDP saw an all-time high, one that was close to a double digit. The Fiscal Responsibility Act boosted public-sector savings, which rose from -0.8% of GDP in FY 2000, to 2.3% in FY 2005. The Telecom Revolution is credited to him because he introduced the New Telecom Policy, which led to greater telecom penetration which rose from 3% in 1993 to 70% in 2012. © Reuters Vajpayee is also known for improving India's relations with the US as well as Pakistan. Bill Clinton's visit to India in 2000 ended the cold war between the two countries. He also inaugurated the Delhi-Lahore Bus service and rode on it to Lahore, thereby establishing road connectivity between the two nations since 1947. His love for science and a strong belief in the development of India in the field of technology, allowed him to show faith in India's capabilities to achieve greatness in this arena too. In 1998, India successfully conducted 5 underground Nuclear tests in a week and this happened under his leadership, which gave India a major upper-hand internationally. Moreover, he also passed the Chandrayan-I project, which saw India's own spacecraft land on the moon in 2008. © Reuters Another great move by the former PM has to be the launch of the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan in 2002 that declared education as a Fundamental Right in India, thereby providing universal access to free elementary education for children aged 6-14 years. A move that has been lauded by the nation at large and put India on its path to great achievements. Interestingly, with Delhi Metro's latest Pink Line opening its gates to the public, we also need to mention that it was Vajpayee who had given approval to the Delhi Metro Project and made it the country's best mass transit public transport system! © Reuters There is a lot more we'd like to say but words fall short at a time like this. When the entire nation mourns the loss of a great leader and visionary, we leave you with this quote by the amazing man himself: “This power of democracy is a matter of pride for our country, something which we must always cherish, preserve and further strengthen.” © Twitter
  25. Anil Kapoor is a father to 3 beautiful and successful children, is a fashion icon at 61, is the true Bollywood OG and has the ball rolling like no other actor can! He might have played a million spectacular roles and enjoys the love and admiration from a lot of fans, but in real life, it is his love story with his beloved wife Sunita Kapoor, which is more beautiful than any Bollywood romance you might have seen. © Instagram In a recent post, the 'Humans Of Bombay' page shared a small interview with the handsome actor where he narrated his entire love story like a movie script. He was broke, she was rich, he was still struggling, while she was already a successful model. She even paid for the cabs he used to take when he came to meet her! His entire struggle of building a life was driven by pure love. Anil knew that he had to be successful in order to marry the woman of his dreams. Their romance started with a phone call and still goes on, even after being together for 45 years. Their love story gives hope to us millennials, and it is proof that love truly, triumphs everything!
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