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Found 22 results

  1. PTI leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi. Photo: File MULTAN: The nomination papers of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi claim ownership of more that Rs283 million.Qureshi, who is vying to contest the July 25 general...
  2. “Jaa Simran jaa...jee le apni zindagi,” this has been our go-to dialogue ever since an overwhelmed Amrish Puri said it to Kajol in the filmiest climax ever. Romance would have never been the same if it wasn't for Shah Rukh Khan. The actor introduced us to the idea of love in a way no one could (well, more like an illusion and an unrealistic manner). But we still loved it. © YRF If there is one thing that Bollywood fans swear by, it is 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge'. The movie is truly iconic and we are just obsessed with it, even now. While SRK ruled our hearts with his performance in the film, you would be surprised to know that Saif Ali Khan was actually the first choice for the role. Interestingly, Raj Malhotra's character was written keeping Hollywood star Tom Cruise in mind. Isn't that surprising? DDLJ changed the lives of many in the 90s (even though it gave us a false impression of romance). However, we still enjoy watching it even now. The movie, which completed a 1000-week-run at Maratha Mandir in Mumbai, is loved by millions across the globe. The love story of Raj and Simran was not out of the box, but the viewers still connected with the whole cliché drama. But you will be surprised to know that King Khan actually finds DDLJ “silly”. Shocking right? Not many know this, but when the movie was being made, the whole crew was under the impression that it will fall flat in the box office. They were all proved wrong in the most spectacular way. © Twitter In fact, Salman Khan watched the movie before it hit the theatres and gave a verdict that it will be a hit. However, Shah Rukh thought he was just being friendly. © YRF In an interview with Film Companion, Ranbir Kapoor shared something SRK told him, “Besharam was the only film in my career which was by design. I wanted to do a masala film. But to get a big hit like '3 Idiots' and 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan', that is the hardest genre. Sometimes it comes by chance. For example, Mr. Shah Rukh Khan used to tell me that he always thought 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge' is silly. It's a silly love story. But see what that film did.” We do agree with SRK, but that's how most Bollywood movies are. Silly.
  3. Murad Ali Shah. Photo: File The assets details of former Sindh chief minister Murad Ali Shah were revealed on Friday. As per nomination papers filed by the ex-chief minister, Shah has declared assets worth more than Rs213 million.Shah, who also...
  4. What started as an inspiring message for the whole country to take a lesson from has now turned into a hot debate, which does not seem to die down anytime soon. We're talking about our power couple, Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, who trended more than Salman Khan and 'Race 3' over the weekend. Instagram Unless you were busy checking reviews of 'Race 3', you must have come across a certain video posted by Virat Kohli, where Anushka Sharma is seen scolding a man for carelessly throwing garbage on the street. Now, what can possibly go wrong in a celebrity turning into an environment crusader, and calling someone out for something that's wrong? Well, in Anushka and Virat's case, everything. Saw these people throwing garbage on the road and pulled them up rightfully. Travelling in a luxury car and brains gone for a toss. These people will keep our country clean? Yeah right!!! If you see something wrong happening like this, do the same and spread awareness. @anushkasharma A post shared by Virat Kohli (@virat.kohli) on Jun 16, 2018 at 4:43am PDT Soon after the video went viral, social media saw itself divided into two parts – one that supports Virushka and the other that feels they should have hid the man's identity or the way they treated him was wrong. Two members from the latter part happened to be the man himself and his mother, who went all out to shame Virat-Anushka and called it a publicity stunt. Disclaimer: i have no desire to gain any mileage from this post of mine... Horrible! So I happened to carelessly Litter a sq mm of plastic while driving ! A car passing by rolls their window down and there we have our wonderful @anushkasharma ranting and yelling like a crazy roadside person! While I'm apologetic for my carelessness , Mrs Anushka Sharma Kohli a little etiquette and politeness in ur dialogue wouldn't have made u a lesser star !! There are all kinds of manners and hygiene .. verbal etiquette is one of them ! The garbage that mistakenly went out of the window of my "luxury car"... Was way less then the garbage that came out from your mouth... From ur "luxury car's" window... Or the trashy mind @virat.kohli to shoot and post this online... For whatever gains... Now thats some serious trash!!! A post shared by Arhhan Singh (@arhhansingh) on Jun 16, 2018 at 7:05am PDT Well, thanks to Virushka revealing the man's face, the internet tapped into their inner Sherlock and found all the necessary details about the man. The man's name is Arhhan Singh aka Sunny, who even posted a long note slamming Virushka. But, we're yet to reach to the interesting part. He was popular since he was a child and has worked with people like Shah Rukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit, and Shahid Kapoor. Red Chillies Entertainment Don't scratch your heads for too long, the kid in this picture opposite Shah Rukh Khan is the man who got scolded by Anushka. He worked with him in the 1996 movie 'English Babu Desi Mem'. Red Chillies Entertainment He was also a part of the popular TV show from the 90s 'Dekh Bhai Dekh'. Recently, he was seen in 'Paathshaala' alongside Shahid Kapoor. Eros Entertainment Turns out, Arhhan is not a commoner who will get a free entry into the next season of 'Bigg Boss', now that he went viral. He can enter as a celebrity though, maybe!
  5. SUKKUR: Former opposition leader Khursheed Shah said on Monday that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan claims to pursue politics for masses but goes on a chartered plane to perform Umrah."There is a stark difference between his words and...
  6. “Our business is our business, none of your business” – this dialogue of Daisy Shah from 'Race 3' isn't going to fade away from our minds anytime soon. Blame it on the makers of the film or the Twitterati, this line has been on our lips ever since we heard it for the first time. Daisy Shah deserves an Oscar just for this ððð­ð­pic.twitter.com/K5E71bLQjv — Parsva (@Parsva10) May 16, 2018 Well, we did watch the film and now this line makes absolute sense to us. “Race 3 is Salman Khan's business none of the viewers' business” and of course, you know why. However, coming back to Daisy, it was not only her dialogue that was savagely trolled, but even she herself was not spared. © SKF While 'Race 3' is making big bucks at the box office, we spoke to Daisy and asked her some questions that many of us would love to know. The 'Hate Story 3' actress had been struggling for a while and was trying to make her place in the industry for a very long time, and despite the entire backlash, 'Race 3' finally gave her the recognition she was always looking for. © Instagram Talking about her experience to MensXP she said, “We had a lot of physical challenges to go through in this film. In my case, I had to raise the bar. I'm doing a movie like this, on such a big scale after 'Jai Ho'... after 3-4 years. I had to be physically, mentally and emotionally fit. So, it took a lot for me. But I'm happy, so far it has been good. Just waiting for the audience to like it.” Paresh Rawal Rocked, Daisy Shah Shocked!#Race3MostViewedTrailerIn24Hrs #Race3Trailer pic.twitter.com/Nlh8ukBURi — The Timeliners (@the_timeliners) May 18, 2018 Now that the whole nation has been talking about her dialogue, she finally opened up about it and said something that might pique your interest. © SKF “I don't think it can be called being trolled. I think people are giving me that much importance and today, everyone has started talking about my dialogue, which means they're talking about me and I'm so happy that it's worked in my advantage, so I don't think it's trolling. I feel it's a compliment and I feel blessed,” she said. © SKF Well, Daisy is certainly enjoying all the attention she is getting at the moment and taking it all in her stride. Looks like getting trolled ain't that bad after all! © SKF The high octane action sequences of 'Race 3' are the one thing that people are in awe of, but as expected, pulling it off wasn't that easy. Talking about it she said, “The movie is action packed but I specifically requested Remo sir to let me do the action sequences myself. He was more than happy to let me perform them. I was ready to put in the training, but I wanted to do them without the help of a body double. It was a different and a new challenge for me.” © SKF She also revealed what she learned from Salman Khan and Anil Kapoor during the filming and we are impressed. “There's a lot to learn from Salman sir and Anil sir. I had a great learning experience from them on set. Salman sir's attitude and his selflessness are inspiring and I wish to be like him. Anil sir is a legend in his own right and he's extremely passionate and dedicated. I really enjoyed working with them,” she said. While the trolls are having their own sweet time, Daisy is trying her level best to prove that she doesn't really care and is loving every moment of her new-found fame.
  7. 'Chaiyya Chaiyya' is truly iconic. Everyone knows the song, the dance, the video, and I'm pretty sure a lot of people have tried to recreate it. So many Bollywood actors are just as great at dancing as they are at acting, but it's still hard to imagine any of them being able to recreate the 'Chaiyya Chaiyya' dance with the same kind of effect. Ranbir Kapoor gave it his shot, but in my honest opinion, he's no match to King Khan. During some promotions for 'Sanju', he took a break from being the reel life Sanjay to channel SRK and give us a few seconds of him dancing. One of the reporters asked Ranbir to dance to 'Chaiyya Chaiyya', and well, looks like he did pretty good. Chal, chaiyya, chaiyya, chaiyya, #sanju #duttstheway #hindisong #hindicinema #bollywood #bollywoodworld #bollywoodactor #bollywoodlovers #bollywoodsong #shahrukhkhan #chaiyyachaiyya #dilse #ranbir #ranbirkapoor#versuchskind @versuchskind A post shared by AJAY KALOYA (@ajaykaloya.hair) on Jun 15, 2018 at 4:07am PDT Sorry Ranbir, full points for the effort but there can only be one Shah Rukh Khan. But wait, this proved one thing – Ranbir is and always has been a huge SRK fan. We also have a little bonus – Ranveer Singh dancing to 'Chaiyya Chaiyya' with SRK himself. How old is this video? Plus, Ranveer almost nailed it, have to give him that.
  8. [embed_video1 url=http://stream.jeem.tv/vod/cc849177211abd53f30a3e55c05953b5.mp4/playlist.m3u8?wmsAuthSign=c2VydmVyX3RpbWU9Ni8xMy8yMDE4IDg6Mzk6NDYgQU0maGFzaF92YWx1ZT1lOUkwMjVESkVaaUlTWVhQMS9JUGl3PT0mdmFsaWRtaW51dGVzPTYwJmlkPTE=...
  9. PPP leader Khursheed Shah - File Photo PANO AQIL: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Syed Khursheed Shah said on Friday that former President General (retd) Pervez Musharraf would not return to Pakistan.On Thursday, the Supreme Court of Pakistan...
  10. The favourite joke of every desi person on the internet right now is this one particular dialogue from 'Race 3'. Don't even pretend to not know what I'm talking about. If you don't agree with the fact that this is the most hilarious dialogue ever, then that is your business and none of our business. (even though you're wrong!) We've seen every possible vibration of these two lines, some were hilarious, some were simply not; some jokes were so bad that they were good, but some were just really, really bad and cringy. One of the worst possible joke made using this new meme format came from everyone's favourite person on Twitter – Uday Chopra. We all know Uday Chopra's Twitter account is a goldmine of weird and cryptic posts which probably only he understands, and this new tweet wasn't any different. My mother is my mother but only cause of my father. Just like my father is my father only cause of my mother. This sounds like nonsense but actually it's not. — Uday Chopra (@udaychopra) June 4, 2018 Okay, maybe it's not exactly like the 'Race 3' joke, but it's close enough to be considered that. He also posted an explanation, and even though it's scientific, but it's still didn't make him immune to all the trolling that was coming his way. Explanation: (ugh!!!) The only possibility that I exist is that my exact parents had to produce me as their off-spring. If they did not combine their DNA I would not be produced. Hence my mother would not be my mother if she produced a child from anyone else except my father. — Uday Chopra (@udaychopra) June 4, 2018 People were confused. I think this particular reply is on each and every one of his tweets. Pass the dealers number please — Mukesh Pawar (@pawarmukeshm) June 5, 2018 But, do you really want it? pic.twitter.com/ToXXQmBfZW — Ticks (@ticks1301) June 4, 2018 Wow. Thank you so much dear Uday Chopra for being another #Pappu , substituting RG in his absence..Who else can fill that void but for you.. — Akshini (@Akshinii) June 4, 2018 Don't think that'll help. Thoda nimbu paani pi le .... utar jaegi ð — Ultra Nationalist (@ShrimanYogee) June 4, 2018 Brutal.
  11. PPP leader Nafisa Shah commented on how Zulfiqar and Fehmida Mirza had loans worth Rs 430 million written off. Geo.tv via Geo News KARACHI: Nafisa Shah, a leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), on Sunday inquired the Mirza couple ? who left...
  12. We bet you are quite aware of the buzz Salman Khan's movie Race 3 is creating. Everyone has seen the trailer of Bhai's upcoming movie. For those of you who haven't, please check out the trailer to understand what we are talking about. The trailer, of course, was loved by many for its high octane action sequences, cinematography, but then it became viral for all the wrong reasons. It just took one dialogue for Daisy Shah to become an internet sensation. A post shared by ð BIGGEST CHUTIYAPA PAGE ðµ (@chutiya.spotted) on May 18, 2018 at 10:09am PDT Daisy Shah deserves an Oscar just for this ððð­ð­pic.twitter.com/K5E71bLQjv — Parsva (@Parsva10) May 16, 2018 Tweeple couldn't get over the “Our Business Is Our Business, None Of Your Business” dialogue, and it instantly became fodder for memesters on the prowl. Our timeline was flooded with this 'Race 3' dialogue and we've got to admit it was fun. The drama didn't stop there, as Bhai instantly came to the rescue of his protégé, making us squirm over his so-called cool response! While everyone was trolling 'Race 3', the Mumbai Police also joined the “none of your business” meme brigade, slaying it like a boss. And now, the latest song from the movie has caught everyone's attention, spurring our beloved memesters on Twitter to get creative. The song 'Selfish' written by Salman Khan himself, has become Twitter's latest target, and believe us when we say it's for all the right reasons. © SKF Wonder why? Wait till you hear the lyrics! We really want to ask what made Bhai 'Selfish' enough to even write this song and then have the nerve to release it? Ek baar #Selfish hoke apne liye jiyo na . Song out now on @tipsofficial - https://t.co/fMk1pyFVq3 @itsaadee @IuliaVantur @VishalMMishra @remodsouza @RameshTaurani @SKFilmsOfficial #Race3ThisEid #Race3 — Salman Khan (@BeingSalmanKhan) May 25, 2018 Did you hear those cringe-worthy lyrics? Is this song really taking a toll on everyone's mind or is it just us? Car ka steering or Song writing ke pen, kabhi salman khan ke hath me na de. #Selfish #SelfishSong worst lyrics ever. — Khan Aadil (@KhanAadil15) May 25, 2018 The song is sung by the amazing Atif Aslam and let's have a moment of silence for him, as he might be recovering from the tragic moment. Atif Aslam after #Selfish song: pic.twitter.com/h0X2zKGh9D — Nik. (@Mausiquii) May 26, 2018 I just can't stop laughing after watching that #Selfish video from #Race3 ð𤣠Bhai's songwriting skills are typical of Bhai only ð#UnintentionalComedy — Santhosh (@SanthM) May 25, 2018 The lyrics are literally all over the place and people can't help but compare him with Dhinchak Pooja. Did you actually take lessons from her Bhai? Lessons in how to go viral while making a complete fool out of yourself? When bhai is in #dhinchakpooja mode and writes a song ðð#Selfish #Race3ThisEid https://t.co/6kySvxAowz — Sagar Paleja (@Sagar_Paleja) May 25, 2018 When bhai is in #dhinchakpooja mode and writes a song ðð#Selfish #Race3ThisEid https://t.co/6kySvxAowz — Sagar Paleja (@Sagar_Paleja) May 25, 2018 #Selfish read somewhere that @BeingSalmanKhan has written the song. All my doubts are cleared now. First it was ZERO in acting now ZERO in writing too. Worst song of the year. Worst movie of the year for sure. — Suman Raju (@sumanvraju) May 25, 2018 Bhai i am a huge fan of yours, but please only do the acting thing. U are not meant for other things. U just ruined @itsaadee voice and iulia ventur wasnt even needed. Please bhai #selfish is the worst song of atif aslam. And u shouldnt do the casting thing also. — Tage Tajo (@tage_tajo) May 25, 2018 @BeingSalmanKhan , I Adore You as an actor, doesn't mean kuch bhi karte rahoge aur hum fans hain toh sab hazam karte rahenge. Wo din dur nahi hai ke mere jaise kai fans aapki bhi film dekhna bandh kardenge. Isliye actor ho, actor hi raho. And let others do their work. #Selfish — #Race_3 Bharat Kick 2 Dabang 3 (@ai_imon) May 25, 2018 Bhai's 'Moh & Maya' Just listened to the song #SELFISH from #Race3 Shocked to see Bhai wrote the lyrics why Bhai why??? Budget aacha tha toh ache Lyricist ko laate kyun hame paaka rahe ho. @ShahDaisy25 has already been a nightmare to us...@tipsofficial @BeingSalmanKhan @Asli_Jacqueline — Chirag Samani (@samani_chirag) May 25, 2018 Full respect for Dhinchak now! Aaj Dhinchak Pooja ke liye thodi izzat feel ho rhi h Selfish Salman Bhaiððð@BeingSalmanKhan Ek baar #selfish hoke apne liye jiyo naa#Race3 #Race3ThisEid — Harendra Gurliya (@HRGurliya) May 25, 2018 Someone even said it's a gareeb version of Salman's song 'Dil Diya Gallan'. What do you think? Gareeb version of Dil Diyan Gallan #Selfish — Shahzeb (@iShanzal) May 25, 2018 This song is the clear proof that Dhinchak Pooja & Tahir Shah are actually talented. Bhai, you have some serious competition to deal with! Aaj Dhinchak Pooja ke liye thodi izzat feel ho rhi h Selfish Salman Bhaiððð@BeingSalmanKhan Ek baar #selfish hoke apne liye jiyo naa#Race3 #Race3ThisEid — Harendra Gurliya (@HRGurliya) May 25, 2018 Reaction of music legends after listening #Selfish pic.twitter.com/PgVxU50HXE — Mannu.. ð¬ (@mannkakhiladi) May 24, 2018 True that! After listening to #SelfishSong from #Race3 pic.twitter.com/8pTlZDVAj4 — Gourav Guptaðï¸ (@LekhanKarmchari) May 25, 2018 Who did this ? ððððð #Selfish pic.twitter.com/lfTVvOj788 — AAMIR KHAN ð¥ (@RoyalAamirian1) May 25, 2018 My reaction when I watch #SelfishSong.#Race3 Mummy kasam ulti aa rahi thi. pic.twitter.com/8hDZ5GOswy — Rana R Jangid (@Rana_R_Jangid) May 25, 2018 Honest reactions! After listening to #selfishsong from #race3 Public's reaction pic.twitter.com/flgKh8gnwO — दà¥à¤¸à¥ बालठ(@arunbhardwaj312) May 25, 2018 Firstly Trailer, Then #Selfish , n now came to know Sonakshi has a special item number in #Race3 .. This film is a weapon of Mass Destruction.. This is a National Tragedy.. God blast and protest citizens of this country and Give them the Strength to surpass this Calamity — We the people.. (@Asiff__) May 25, 2018 Salman khan when Ramesh Taurani asked who should they hire to write the lyrics in #Race3 #Selfish . pic.twitter.com/vCs2tsFXRm — Rohan (@Rohanparihar2) May 25, 2018 After #selfish song , we #Salmaniac like ð... pic.twitter.com/DJEjYjkB3k — BeingVic (@vicky_rd) May 24, 2018 Me to good luck :#Selfish #Race3 pic.twitter.com/SwGtkbVMCt — Savage ð®ð³ (@CutestFunniest) May 25, 2018 #SelfishSong #Selfish @BeingSalmanKhan @ShahDaisy25 trying to control laughter like... pic.twitter.com/ZYeu2waOv0 — Sachin Mahendrakar (@Sachin_20MR) May 26, 2018 Our Monday just got a lot better......oops, a lot more 'Selfish'. Thanks to the uberly talented Bhai! .
  13. ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has expressed hope that a consensus on the name for caretaker prime minister would be reached with Opposition Leader Khursheed Shah by Monday.Abbasi said so during an interview to anchorperson Talat...
  14. You know your movie is going to trend for all the wrong reasons; when people focus more on a 2-second dialogue than the movie itself. We're talking about Salman Khan's 'Race 3' and one of the most iconic dialogues in the history of Bollywood, delivered by Daisy Shah. Honestly, if you ever needed a reason to drag yourself to the theatre and ask the guy to give you tickets for 'Race 3', Daisy Shah's dialogue is reason enough. Salman Khan can come secondary. © SKFilms I won't say “Unless you were busy doing something else…” because there is no way on earth that you will have missed the golden memes that were made on Daisy Shah and her 'Our business is our business, none of your business' dialogue. Since the trailer was released, Twitter has been having a field day making memes on 'Race 3' and the dialogue and recently, Salman Khan too got back at the trolls using the same trick. © Instagram Now, actor Varun Dhawan too has joined the 'none of your business' brigade along with Director Remo D'Souza. Looks like Varun is either trying to impress Daisy Shah or auditioning for 'Race 4'. While, nothing of this sorts is happening as of now, can we just request Remo to release a movie, only on these memes and funny videos? #noneofyourbusiness @varundvn #race3 A post shared by Remo Dsouza (@remodsouza) on May 24, 2018 at 3:37am PDT
  15. Saying that famous men can buy whatever the hell they want, is like citing the goddamn obvious. But since we're in this drill anyway now, let's also mention that it's got a lot to do with their celebrity-brand too. They're bound to drop their cash on some dope-looking gear, because after all, they're born to look much better than us, so that we look up to them, and aspire to get better every day. Going by this self-assumed theory, Shah Rukh Khan's way of living life is no different at all. In fact, even his basic white T-shirts are hella different from our's. Point being, for a recent upload on his Instagram of 12.9 M users, the actor turned to a rather, expensive form of a white T-shirt, that happens to be quite adolescent-looking but is actually quite a stellar piece. Let's bring you all the details. My Fanboy moment. Inspiring to hear Mr.Nolan & Ms.Tacita Dean talk of the virtues of celluloid as an artist's medium. Thanks #ShiviDungarpur for having me over. A post shared by Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) on Mar 31, 2018 at 1:40am PDT At first glance, you'd notice nothing extraordinary about the T-shirt. In fact, it's a plain simple white and there's hardly the presence of groundbreaking craftsmanship in the distance. It's a plain, simple machine manufactured product. But while all of this holds true anyway, here's another truth: the marker-like scribble around the neckline is what makes this worthy of a buy. © Browns Detailed down, it's a white T-shirt from the international label, Saint Laurent and comes in the form of a relaxed fit. It's cut with short sleeves, a round neck and is a product of pure 100% cotton. The silhouette is a little over-sized, comes with a dropped shoulder raglan sleeves and hence, if you're looking a slightly better-fitted appearance on yourself, we'd suggest you opt for a size smaller. To put things into perspective on the MRP, the piece comes with a tag of £300, which is approx. Rs. 24,000. Looks like, buying a basic white T-shirt worth 400 bucks is hardly a biggie anymore. © Browns But that's like reading out a detailed note on the piece. The fact of the real matter is, even though, the T-shirt comes with a slight scribble somewhere around the shoulder, it's nowhere close to losing its sanctity as a basic piece of clothing. Whether you wear it with shorts/jeans/chinos or even a pair of deconstructed trousers, it's going to act like a primary and basic-arse piece of top wear. © Browns But while you're deciding on what to pair with it, don't forget your sunnies in the drawer. It's burning outside, you don't want the sun ruining your spirit (and summer style).
  16. [embed_video1 url=http://stream.jeem.tv/vod/02758d792ecbe5b6ca8717304f83f767.mp4/playlist.m3u8?wmsAuthSign=c2VydmVyX3RpbWU9NS8yNS8yMDE4IDQ6Mzc6MTcgQU0maGFzaF92YWx1ZT10b2hJOEE2MjlZY3A1bGJLcDdXcVJBPT0mdmFsaWRtaW51dGVzPTYwJmlkPTE=...
  17. File PhotoISLAMABAD: The opposition leader in Pakistan's National Assembly expressed displeasure Thursday night at being told that no judges would be named as candidates for the position of caretaker prime minister, especially considering that the...
  18. The current government is expected to conclude its five-year term on May 31. Photo: FileISLAMABAD: Opposition Leader Khursheed Shah announced on Thursday that he would no more meet Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi for consultation on the name of...
  19. Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and Opposition Leader in the National Assembly Khursheed Shah pictured during a meeting. Photo: file ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and Opposition Leader in the National Assembly Khursheed Shah...
  20. فرحت عباس شاہ میرا شام سلونا شاہ پیا ♡ کبھی جڑوں میں زہر اتار لِيا کبھی لبوں کے پیچھے مار لِيا اس ڈر سے کہ دُکھ کی شدت میں کہیں نکل نہ جائے آہ پِيا ميرا شام سلونا شاہ پِيا ♡ ہمیں جنگل جنگل بھٹکا دو ہمیں سُولی سُولی لٹکا دو جو جی چاہے سو يار کرو ہم پڑ جو گئے تيری راہ پِيا ميرا شام سلونا شاہ پِيا ♡ تيری شکل بصارت آنکھوں کی تيرا لمس رياضت ہاتھوں کی تيرا نام لبوں کی عادت ہے ميری اک اک سانس گواہ پِيا ميرا شام سالونا شاہ پِيا ♡ کہیں روح میں پياس پُکارے گی کہیں آنکھ میں آس پُکارے گی کہیں خون کہیں دل بولے گا کبھی آنا مقتل گاہ پِيا ميرا شام سلونا شاہ پِيا ♡ ہمیں مار گئی تيری چاہ پِيا ♡
  21. Share your fav Ashaar of wasi shah Wasi shah aj k jadeed door k bahtreen shairoo mai se aik hain. jin ki poetry dil ko choo jati hai. tu dosto lets shair his best poetry ashaar here Please sirf text poetry share kerain yahan wasi shah sahib ki. Image poetry allow nahi yahan so kindly do not share in this topic any picture poetry.Thanks ﻣﯿﮟ ﻧﮯ ﺁﻧﮑﮭﻮﮞ ﻣﯿﮟ ﺟﮭﺎﻧﮑﻨﺎ ﭼﺎﮨﺎ ﺍُﺱ ﻧﮯ ﺩﻝ ﻣﯿﮟ ﺍُﺗﺎﺭ ﺩﯼ ﺁﻧﮑﮭﯿﮟ
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