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Found 7 results

  1. THE SHIT THAT FITS Made up of the broken pieces made up from the shattered bits made up of the the little fragments made up of the shit that fits I am made from all my battles resurrected from the ground put together oh so slowly from pieces lying all around made up from the broken moments made from all my lonely days made from what I had to carry made up from those long dark ways made up from those weary moments all the times I fell apart put together on so slowly from broken pieces of my heart made from times I could not handle made from every tear I shed made from all my weakest moments made from all those times I bled put together oh so slowly pieces picked up little bits made up from those broken moments made up from the shit that fits ~ Jack Skeleton (C)
  2. No, this is not a late April Fool's joke or a prank by Apple. According to a new patent filing submitted by Apple, future devices such as the iPhone and Apple Watches may have “smell recognition capabilities”. © MensXP The company has been trying to detect air pollution levels and other harmful particles with tiny sensors that could be embedded into future devices. The new patent also shows that Apple could use other multiple sensors that will be able to detect body odour, rotten food and maybe sugar levels. The patent is called “System and Methods for Environment Sensing” and it explains a system where sensors could be used with an “artificial intelligence engineer to recognize smells associated with certain chemicals.” The patent also shows how an ionic liquid sensor would be tuned to specific ranges and enclosed into an SoC. How Sensors Will Work? The system would have an in-built that will be able to raise temperatures on the ionic fluid in order to reverse any chemical reactions. Patents show that Apple is going to add the smelling technology to the Apple Watch and the iPhone. © YouTube Previous patents show that Apple wants to give owners of their devices to access air quality data. This would be highly useful especially in areas where pollution levels are off the roof. The previous patent by Apple shows that Apple wants to monitor the ozone, carbon monoxide and other harmful gases. © MensXP For diabetic patients, it would be awesome to detect blood sugar levels without the need for withdrawing blood. This would be a game changer for people who want to get rid of the tedious process. As for detecting body odour, that would help everyone from being embarrassed for sure. Being a patent, we cannot expect to see these sensors and features on a new iPhone anytime soon. In fact, there's a good chance we may never get to see it. Having said that, if this patent comes to fruition, we can all be excited about the future.
  3. After surviving a scare in the 2nd ODI, the Indian cricket team put their best foot forward to produce clinical performances against West Indies to eventually sweep the five-match series 3-1. The turn of events during the fifth and final ODI once again highlighted why Team India is considered one of the best sides in limited-overs cricket. If Ravindra Jadeja's four-wicket haul restricted the Windies to a mere 104 runs, the sublime form of Rohit Sharma (63*) and Virat Kohli (33*) ensured India romped their way to an emphatic nine-wicket win at the Greenfield International Stadium in Thiruvananthapuram. And, the fact that Kohli (453 runs) emerged with most runs and Kuldeep Yadav (9 scalps) with most wickets in the series goes on to show how dominating the Indian side has been against the Windies. Their brilliant showing in almost every facet of the game surely called for celebrations. And, that's exactly what the Indian cricketers were seen doing when they returned to their team hotel after the series triumph against the visitors. But, amid all the celebrations which also included a cake-cutting ceremony, two Indian stars stole the show. Back at the team hotel after an early wrap and it is time to celebrate.ð #TeamIndia #INDvWI pic.twitter.com/qW7mtAoXgq — BCCI (@BCCI) November 1, 2018 In a video shared by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) on Twitter, the Indian cricketers were seen arriving at the team hotel to a rousing welcome. Kohli was then seen making his way to the centre where a beautiful cake awaited him and his boys. And, it was great to see the Indian skipper asking Rohit to cut the cake on behalf of the team. While Rohit came forth to cut the cake, MS Dhoni and Jadeja were seen plotting a hilarious prank on the Mumbai batsman. And, as soon as Rohit did the needful, Dhoni asked Jadeja to burst some balloons right next to Rohit's ear. Surprised by the sudden noise, Rohit was scared shitless as both Dhoni and Jadeja broke into laughter. Apart from pulling off a brilliant prank on Rohit, Dhoni and Jadeja were earlier engrossed in an animated on-field conversation during the fifth ODI. In the 16th over of West Indies' innings, Shimron Hetmyer got struck on the pad close to the stumps. Jadeja and his teammates immediately went up in appeal, but umpire Anil Chaudhary denied the appeal. While Kohli and Dhoni were still mulling the idea of going for a review, Jadeja was convinced that the on-field umpire got it wrong. Dhoni was not sure but Sir Jadeja says it's out. Jaddu supersedes Dhoni and it's hitting the stumps. A reluctant review pays off. pic.twitter.com/IXdINbkqQ7 — This is HUGE! (@ghanta_10) November 1, 2018 Though Dhoni was convinced that it was not worth a review, Jadeja remained adamant that they bring third umpire Ian Gould into play. In a bid to avoid wasting a review, Dhoni even yelled at Jadeja for not forcing the third umpire's intervention. But, the Saurashtra cricketer insisted Kohli to go for a review after their animated discussion. Going against Dhoni, especially on DRS, is not something anyone recommends, but the replays suggested that Jadeja was indeed right on his call. The ball had pitched in line, beating the bat to hit Hetmyer right in front of the stumps and the hawk-eye suggested that it would have gone on to hit the middle stump. As soon as the replays confirmed Hetmyer's dismissal, the Indian fans cheered in the stands and Dhoni, for once, chuckled for being proved wrong.
  4. North Korea has absolutely no chill and clearly, they don’t give a ****. The country has come out with their very own iPad and they didn’t even shy away from calling it the same name. It is dubbed the "Ryonghung iPad” and was featured in the country’s “Foreign Trade” magazine. The advertisement in the magazine says "The iPad has been...highly appreciated at the third national sci-tech festival and the national intellectual property products show in 2016," © YouTube It claims that the iPad has a Quadcore 1.2 Ghz CPU, 1GB of RAM (Haha!) and 8GB internal storage (ha ha again!). The device also has support for HDMI mirroring and a keyboard that can also be attached. The North Korean iPad is manufactured by the Myohyang IT Company. © Reutres The country has blatantly ripped off Apple’s trademarks by producing a tablet with the same name as the popular “iPad”. The isolated nation has infringed on Apple’s trademarks in the past as they also released a computer that eerily resembles the Mac OS X. © YouTube The reclusive state has not really shared what OS the Ryonghung iPad will run on but it is very likely the tablet will run some form of Android. Source: Mashable
  5. Kids have innocuous demands and when you speak of birthdays, they can be pretty demanding. A cute little girl just turned three and had her own definite idea of a theme birthday party. The only problem is that it wasn’t a Disney theme or a princess theme that she wanted, but a ‘poop’ theme party. Yepp! © Facebook © Facebook Her parents exclaimed that for months she requested to have poop balloons and poop cake and was pretty sure that was what she wanted. © Facebook © Facebook The guests found this theme hilarious and couldn’t help but join the fun. © Facebook Well, you can’t argue with a 3-year-old after all.
  6. If you Google Danny Goffey—that’s his real name—the first option that comes up is Danny Goffey net worth. The second option is Supergrass—that’s his 1993 to 2010 musical project that made him the credible musician he is today. But, that’s not all. Goffey was also drummer to Pete Doherty’s band, Babyshambles. Of course, you remember Doherty… the guy who dated Kate Moss… © Insider 42-year-old British musician, Goffey formed Supergrass in 1993, as a Britpop band, along with a school friend, Gaz Coombes. Goffey formed his first band when he was only a child; it was called The Jubbly Spufflewubs, along with a friend and his brother on guitar. When he was 10 years old, he started his second band, titled The Fallopian Tubes under which, they made songs like, ‘My Wife Shut My Gonads In The Door’. Supergrass has easily been Goffey’s ride to the top and he has taken that one step ahead with the creation of his current band, Vangoffey. Danny released his debut album, Take Your Jacket Off & Get Into It with Vangoffey just last year. The band boasts of a kickass crew, consisting of Drew McConnell from Babyshambles, Louis Eliot from Rialto and Steve Mackey. One of the most enthralling things about Vangoffey is hands down, the rhythm and the music that will keep your feet tapping and your body itching to just f*ck everything and lose yourself to the groove. You can’t not have fun while listening to Vangoffey. Vangoffey is all set to kick off at Bacardi NH7 Weekender in Pune next month and fans and avid listeners have something great to look forward to.
  7. Yeah, well, I do watch the show quite religiously. Let’s get past the judgements please, because this needs to be said. It’s been only two days since the show started and Swami Om Ji has already said enough bullcrap to earn the ‘sexist douchebag’ title. Own it, rather. Colors TV Here’s a Godman of our country who’s being shamelessly sexist on national television and getting away with it. I don’t even want to imagine the kind of knowledge and wisdom he imparts to the thousands of bhakts in the country. If his outrageously intrusive and obnoxious comments on the female contestants on the show 5 minutes after meeting them weren’t enough, he went on to proudly narrate a rather disturbing (and disgusting) incident. He, quite proudly, revealed to Deepika Padukone that when the late Elizabeth Taylor visited him in India, he kicked her on the waist because he found her outfit ‘transparent’ and inappropriate. Deepika Padukone should have called out bullshit on him right then but surprisingly she didn’t, and he went on to say that he’s to thank for curing her backache. Colors TV The next day, contestant Akanksha Sharma was shown confiding in Gaurav Chopra about her ongoing divorce with Yuvraj Singh’s brother. No, she wasn’t probed or force. She chose to talk about it. She chose to talk about something about her own life to a person of her own choice. But Swami Om Ji hadn’t been sexist even once since he had woken up that morning all day; so he REALLY had to butt in. He warned Gaurav Chopra against Akanksha Sharma. He pulled misogyny to a new low when he suggested that Akanksha Sharma was trying to break Gaurav Chopra’s marriage because why else would a woman discuss her private life with a man? That’s not even all. He had the cheek to say “jo ek aadmi ki nahi ho payi woh kisi aur ki kya hogi” making a highly sexist reference to her failing marriage. He also threatened to harm a contestant’s life on the show because he wants us all to know he’s not just sexist and misogynistic, he’s also a Class-A douchebag. Colors TV What perturbs me is not that a certain Indian man made such sexist remarks, but the fact that I know so many Indian men out there who reflect his views, it’s going to be difficult to count them. Swami Om Ji’s presumptuous entitlement over the lives of women, what they should wear and what they shouldn’t and what determines their character reeks of the ‘typical Indian mindset’ we’ve been trying to fight for years now. And it’s a major problem when an icon people blindly follow gets away with all of this shit on national television. This is the same mindset that tells guys any woman who talks to them is ‘dropping a hint’. That a woman who decides to walk out of a failed marriage isn’t trustworthy and shall never be good enough for another man. That men have the authority to assassinate a woman’s character according to what they think is appropriate and what’s not. That it’s upon men to police women morally and on women to live with those judgements. Interestingly, the same shall never be said about a man. Swami Om Ji is truly an ‘Indiawala’. Slow clap, Bigg Boss.
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