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Found 744 results

  1. Zain aur Shubham ne Finally Tandav dekh li and here are their honest thoughts. Should this Saif Ali Khan starrer series be banned? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. For more honest reviews, subscribe and stay tuned to MensXP. View the full article
  2. Queen had given Meghan Markle the National Theatre and The Association of Commonwealth Universities
  3. For months, all those Americans who were opposed to Joe Biden and didn't want him to be elected as the next President of the United States didn't hold back from saying that he is not their president, and will never be their president. Basically, it was all the Donald Trump supporters' war cry because they were so furious that Trump lost the election to Joe Biden. © Reuters Well, some people took the quote that people actually used to show their disapproval of their new president and turned it into one of the most hilarious jokes ever. One person, in particular, went viral for saying Joe Biden is not his president and he had a pretty accurate reason for that. An Indian guy named Prayag Tiwari replied to Joe Biden's tweet saying 'Joe Biden is not my President'. Joe biden is not my president — Prayag (@theprayagtiwari) January 20, 2021 Of course, someone assumed he's a Trump supporter but nope, he just lives in India and Joe Biden is obviously not his president. No I am from india — Prayag (@theprayagtiwari) January 20, 2021 The viral interaction has been shared widely all over the internet and it even resulted in a Twitter trend. #JoeBidenIsNotMyPresident will make literally everyone laugh. I AM LOSING MY FUCKING MIND IF YOU ARE WONDERING WHY #JoeBidenIsNotMyPresident IS TRENDING I THINK IT’S THIS pic.twitter.com/pzElEqRdbF — ajax ⭐️ loving husband hours (@atywashere) January 22, 2021 What a man! 🤣🤣 Man will be Man 🤣#JoeBidenIsNotMyPresident pic.twitter.com/WKEeuS4k1y — Sαмα∂нαη Ƙнαη∂αgℓє #UCC 🅙 (@twiiit_sam) January 22, 2021 Other countries are jumping in. #JoeBidenIsNotMyPresident because I'm Canadian but man, am I ecstatic that he's the American President right now. The world has become as much safer place. — 𝗧𝘄𝗶𝘁𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗝𝗮𝗶𝗹𝗦𝘂𝗰𝗸𝘀 (@TWlTTERjailFREE) January 22, 2021 The power of one man. #JoeBidenIsNotMyPresident is trending for wrong reasons thanks to @theprayagtiwari . Nailed it man. pic.twitter.com/xO19GhzTLk — Satya Dev (@satyadev41) January 22, 2021 Exactly. #JoeBidenIsNotMyPresident Only because I’m British and live in London, BUT if you live in America, Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico JOE BIDEN IS YOUR PRESIDENT. pic.twitter.com/nKiZP78QRw — KeanoTheDog (@judgeyourself99) January 22, 2021 Yep. #JoeBidenIsNotMyPresident My President is Ram Nath Kovind @rashtrapatibhvn who will be unfurling flag on 26th Jan pic.twitter.com/2HCknhnLBx — Maverick Is Listening (@Maverick_0705) January 22, 2021 The most Indian thing ever. Some Indian shit ️#JoeBidenIsNotMyPresident pic.twitter.com/wduIjfiILX — SáM || REST || Follow back limit reached (@blurytae) January 22, 2021 This collage, though. pic.twitter.com/YypCUzXoCn — Pemulung Kata (@nggatelisasi) January 21, 2021 Wow. Amazing country pic.twitter.com/UrYwxp8G4k — Bulls-eye (@Pr0PhaseShifter) January 22, 2021 Not our President, for sure. Not my president, either #BREAKING #JoeBidenIsNotMyPresident pic.twitter.com/Y8Dpxca9WY — Muallime (@FatosGzde) January 21, 2021 Wait, I don't want to have something common with MAGA supporters. MAGA trumpets Rest of the world 🤝 #JoeBidenIsNotMyPresident (But seriously this legend ) pic.twitter.com/4jWJdSV0F8 — Cinnabons (@thereylorolls) January 22, 2021 Oops. Indians are trending #JoeBidenIsNotMyPresident Le #RamNathKovind seeing the trend pic.twitter.com/ykmVCu7Y85 — karan (@notsoc00l_) January 22, 2021 Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States on Wednesday. © Reuters In his first remarks, Biden said, “Here we stand days after a riotous mob thought they could silence the will of the people. It will not happen, not today, not tomorrow, not ever.” He pledged to be honest with the country as it continues to confront difficulties, saying leaders had an obligation to “defend the truth and defeat the lies”. © Reuters His deputy, Kamala Harris, with origins from Jamaica and India, also took oath as the new Vice President, becoming the first woman, Black person, and first Asian-American to serve in the position. View the full article
  4. Shaving on a daily basis may give you a skilled hand, but will also worsen your skin. Any man who has been shaving regularly for a long time now can vouch for this. Regular shaving tends to dry out the skin and make it rougher with time. It also makes your beard hair rough and difficult to handle. This is where a pre-shave oil steps in and makes your job easier. As the name suggests, a pre-shave oil is meant to be used before shaving. It preps up your beard and makes sure that you get smoother shaves, with minimal effort. Not just this, there are many more benefits of this underrated shaving product. Here are 5 reasons why you should add a pre-shave oil to your routine, pronto. __ECOMLOOKS__2443__ __ECOMLOOKS__2444__ __ECOMLOOKS__2445__ __ECOMLOOKS__2446__ __ECOMLOOKS__2447__ The Bottomline Go on and try out a pre-shave oil. Trust us, you won’t regret it. It will make your life easier and your skin a whole lot smoother. Explore More View the full article
  5. According to HEC Chairman Tariq Banuri, the new policy will be effective from January 1, 2021
  6. In 2021, as consumers, we are becoming more aware of what goes into the product that we use on our skin. In fact, more people have started reading the back labels of packages than ever before. More than ever, we have an understanding, that in order to get the best skin, we need to know what we treat our skin with or what product we lather-up our face with, In fact, even state departments like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has banned around 30 chemicals for use in beauty and grooming products. This explains the ever-growing demand for 'clean' or ''natural' grooming products. But how can one be certain that the product that is claiming to be clean is actually clean? Clean products, by definition, are nontoxic, often plant-based, and safe for humans, and not toxic for the environment. This directly means steering clear of certain ingredients when it comes to your grooming products, these include: Parabens: Infamous for the reputation of being 'endocrine disruptors,' they mimic estrogen inside the body, which can cause hormonal and reproductive damage. © iStock Phthalates: A compound that helps preserve fragrances, but has been infamously linked to hormonal disruption and reproductive damage. © iStock Fragrance: There's a reason most beauty bloggers like us to be wary of scented products. Many scented grooming products use synthetics to create these aromas. This is precisely the reason why one should steer clear of scented products. Refined petroleum: The production of refined petroleum is inarguably harmful to the planet and the use has been linked to cancer as well. © iStock Chemical sunscreens: Toxic ingredients you need to be on the lookout for include oxybenzone and avobenzone and steep percentages of octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate, or octinoxate. They also have the reputation to disrupt both estrogen and testosterone production and besides that, they’re extremely harmful to marine life, also. © iStock Sulfates: Most products that form a lather when emulsified with hands have sulfates. Usually labelled, SLS and SLES (sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium lauryl ether sulfate). Built over time, they can prove to be carcinogenic. Besides, a sulfate-free grooming routine is better for your hair and skin.) View the full article
  7. According to WABetaInfo you should update to the new version "if you are not a beta tester"
  8. For most of you, grooming perhaps is an extremely important part of your daily routine. However, that doesn’t mean skincare stays at the forefront. Just like your beard and shaving, your skin needs regular care too. For those of you who are new to skincare, it’s all about using the right ingredients to treat your skin problems. This means that before even beginning your journey, you need to identify your skin type. In case you already know your skin type, it’s time to move on to the next step - the right skincare ingredients for your skin type. Keep reading and improve your skin in a jiffy! How To Recognise Your Skin Type ?Before seeing the best skincare ingredients for your skin type, it’s important that you know what your skin type is. There are four major skin types - normal, dry, oily and combination skin. If your skin is oily overall and tends to become shiny very often, your skin type is oily. If your skin is dry and flakey, you have a dry skin type. If your skin is neither too dry nor too oily, you have normal skin. If your skin is oily in the T-zone and dry elsewhere, you have a combination skin. Now that you know your skin type, let’s go through the best skincare ingredients for your skin type. __ECOMLOOKS__2434__ __ECOMLOOKS__2435__ __ECOMLOOKS__2436__ __ECOMLOOKS__2437__ The Bottomline It’s very important to know your skin type and the best ingredients for your skin. Skincare is all about the right ingredients, so make sure to do your research well. We have mentioned the best ingredients for your skin type, however, there are thousands of more ingredients out there. All with different purposes and for different results. Go ahead and begin your skincare journey! Explore More View the full article
  9. It doesn’t matter if it’s a date or a boardroom meeting, what matters is how well-groomed you look despite the occasion. There are certain grooming tips that take a longer time to make you look suave, but there are also a few grooming hacks that are actually less time-consuming and since you are always hustling, these can be literal lifesavers for you. Check out these 5 rather ingenious grooming habits that you didn't know existed. They are strange but quite effective: 1. Lip Balm & Shaving Cuts © iStock Shaving cuts can be very nasty, no surprises there. Rubbing some amount lip balm on your fingers and applying it on the wound will help control the cut. The wax texture of the balm will seal the cut and show rapid results in covering the clot. 2. A Soap Bar For Your Gym Bag © iStock After a strenuous workout at the gym and with your stinky clothes stowed in your bag, we know how your bag reeks after you come back home. Easy fix? Get a mini soap bar and just throw it in your gym bag. It's a long-lasting solution and it will resolve all your conundrums. 3. Control Bad Breath With Parsley © iStock So what if you don’t have any mint left with you before you step out of your house? At least you have some kitchen ingredients. Before you head out, take some parsley leaves and chew on it along with a clove. The enzymes in it can deodorise your bad breath. Rinse your mouth after this and you will be all set to make an impression. 4. Use A Blow Dryer On Your Razor For Longevity © iStock This may come as a shock to you but drying your razor is going to help you reuse it. Rust or grime on the blades can lessen the lifespan but using a hairdryer on it will save you from spending extra money on it. So, just 30 seconds out of your schedule and you will have a new razor all over again. 5. Conditioner Is A Good Option To Shave Down There © iStock Besides your traditional shaving foams, there are also some more options that will help shave down there blissful. If you wish to go full Brazilian, then do it right with a conditioner which makes for good shaving cream. The chances of you feeling dry after using a cream are higher but a hair conditioner, with its hair softening power, can control the accidental cuts. 6. Cut Your Nails Right After Showering © iStock Nails absorb water and in turn, help you get extra soft nails, especially after a cold shower. This is a perfect time to clip them off as they are flexible and the chances of you getting cuts are quite less. View the full article
  10. Maj Gen Iftikhar says claims made by Opposition parties regarding election rigging are "baseless", should be taken to relevant institutions
  11. Whether you’re a vegan yourself or just curious, chances are you’ve heard about a lot of myths on the subject. For those of you who may not know, veganism is a way of life that doesn’t depend on any kind of animal exploitation or cruelty. This includes everything from the clothes you wear to the food you eat. Veganism is becoming increasingly popular and this only means that we should all be better informed about it. From malnourishment to not having enough protein, today, we will debunk the most ridiculous myths about veganism. __ECOMLOOKS__2374__ __ECOMLOOKS__2375__ __ECOMLOOKS__2377__ __ECOMLOOKS__2379__ __ECOMLOOKS__2381__ The Bottomline Whether you’re planning to try veganism or have already made the switch, you need not believe in any of these myths. After all, it’s a lifestyle choice that many people follow without any such complaints. Explore More View the full article
  12. "A unanimous message should go from this house on Kashmiris' right to self-determination," stresses FM Qureshi
  13. Getting a tattoo is actually quite a monumental thing. That is why it is imperative that you do it just right. © Instagram/devilztattoozlokesh Apart from picking a good artist, you also need to ensure that you’re absolutely sure about the tattoo’s design and where on your body would you like to have it - after all, getting rid of it will be a whole lot more difficult and painful, than getting inked in the first place. © Instagram/devilztattoozlokesh We spoke to Lokesh Verma, a celebrity tattoo artist who has worked with stars like Remo D’Souza, Swara Bhaskar, Ishant Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Tapsee Pannu, and Umesh Yadav etc. He listed out a few key things that one ought to be mindful of, whether they’re getting inked for the first time or are a tattoo veteran. © Instagram/devilztattoozlokesh Here are 6 important things you should always remember when getting a tattoo: 1. Stay Sober © iStock Tattooing can be tough on your skin, depending on its condition. Don’t get a tattoo when you’re hungover, or are under the influence of anything because such things make the blood thinner and the tattoo doesn’t heal well. There may also be an adverse reaction to the ink. Stay off of alcohol & painkillers for at least 24 hours before your appointment. 2. Eat Something © iStock Have a light, but fulfilling meal before getting inked. Getting inked with an empty stomach is a really bad idea. Eat well before getting a tattoo or carry something with you. 3. Research Your Heart Out © iStock Research thoroughly about your preferred design as well as the tattoo artist that you are planning to go for. Check their portfolio thoroughly and see if they have done something similar to what you’re looking for. Also, if you’re getting words or phrases tattooed, make sure they are spell-checked and are grammatically correct. You don’t want to become a walking meme. 4. A Pre-Tattoo Skincare Is Paramount © iStock Although often ignored, skincare is an essential part of getting a tattoo, both before & after the process. Moisturise and groom your skin at least a week before getting the tattoo. Also, make sure you’re using a good sunscreen as well, as it protects the skin from the sun. A good pre-care routine actually helps in healing quickly. 5. A Post-Tattoo Skincare Routine © iStock A skincare routine for after the process is important. It helps the tattoo to come out well, and also helps in longevity. Most importantly, it wards off the risk of infections. Ask your tattoo artist what exactly should you do, what kind of products do you need to use, and what all kinds of products to stay away from for a few days. 6. Some Areas Are Better Than Others © iStock There are a few areas and places that you ought to avoid. In general, the fingers and the palm of your hand is not exactly a good idea, because the ink doesn’t stay on those areas for a long time. Also, the bonier the area, the higher the pain, so if you have lower pain tolerance, avoid them. The best bet is to always go for fleshier parts. View the full article
  14. Dua Lipa shares her thoughts regarding the emergence of the cancel culture and boom in bullying
  15. Private schools council demands government suspend registration fee and taxes for a year
  16. Boots consist of a huge chunk of your potential options while styling a Winter outfit. What's not to like about boots, they're comfortable, casual, and provide the best protection from the cold and rocks if you're out on a long walk. But boots also come in versatile styles, there's no one standard style. Here are some variants: 1. Work Boots © Viral Bhayani Work boots are one of the most mainstream kinds of boots out there. They originate from the boots given along with the work uniform of the construction sector, railway business, or maintenance provisions. However, now labels have started making designs for everyday wear. They come in various colours, materials, shapes. 2. Hiking Boots © Viral Bhayani In recent years, hiking boots have emerged in mainstream fashion as people have started leaning towards utilitarian fashion. While hiking boots were primarily used for hiking a decade ago, today they can be worn in the Winter and work best with your on-the-go outfit. 3. Chelsea Boots © Viral Bhayani Chelsea boots are the most commonly spotted boots out there. These boots are versatile and can be both dressed up and down. The slip-on design was first discovered in the 19th century, as an alternative to lace-up boots. They have a snug fit, they are usually ankle-high with an elastic side panel making them very easy to slip on. 4. Brogues © Viral Bhayani Brogues are a style of low-heeled boot traditionally by its upper decorative perforations and serration create a distinct design. They have a long British history that can be traced back to the Gaelic farmers. 5. Combat Boots © Viral Bhayani Combat boots or military boots have always been designed to be worn by soldiers during combat. Commercial combat boots provide a combination of grip, ankle stability, and foot protection which makes them super durable. View the full article
  17. Angel Lama makes history by becoming the first-ever transgender woman to be a finalist in the Himalayan nation’s most glamorous annual event- Miss Universe Nepal. Nepal is among the few countries in the world that accept trans contestant in their national pageants and only the third in Asia after Myanmar and Mongolia according to LGBT+ activists. © BCCL This only came after the new management changed the criteria for height, weight, and appearance. The new management has now allowed “bold, beautiful and confident woman” between 18 and 28 years to participate. Angel Lama, 21 years old told Thomson Reuters Foundation in an interview, “I have come to Miss Universe Nepal to show the diversity of people in the society.” “If I stand on that stage and showcase this, that will be the biggest crown ever,” she added. © BCCL The majority of Hindu Nepal is comparatively more accepting of the LGBT+ people and after the decade-long Maoist insurgency that ended in 2006 and the monarchy was abolished a few years after that. Nagma Shrestha, national director of the Miss Universe Nepal organization said, “everyone is equal, whatever their sexual orientation”. She said, “If they say they are women, they are women, and they should be treated like women.” The changed rules now allow trans women to compete and this is a great step for LGBT+ people. View the full article
  18. The limited series, The Queen’s Gambit, is one of the most-watched shows on Netflix right now and why wouldn’t it be, as the show is next level. The lead of the show Anya Taylor Joy, who has played the role of Beth Harmon, is a chess prodigy who overcomes substance abuse and also fights her troubled past along with becoming the best player in the world. If you haven’t watched this show yet, here are four reasons why you need to watch The Queen’s Gambit immediately- Anya Taylor Joy’s Amazing Performance © Netflix From her performance in 2015’s The Witch to her role in Split – she has been taking her acting to another level with each performance. She has already become one of the top-performing actors after her role as a chess prodigy Beth Harmon in this series. Outstanding Acting By Actor Who Plays Young Beth Harmon © Netflix The Queen’s Gambit shows us Beth Harmon’s childhood years wherein she is seen living in an orphanage. Isla Johnston has acted extremely well and set a bar very high with her portrayal of young Beth Harmon. In the series, she is seen living alone with her mother and loses her in a car accident, and is then sent to live in an orphanage. Beth Harmon’s Mentor © Netflix Bill Camp has done great work and is one of the characters who perform well in all the roles he has ever done. However, this time he plays the role of a janitor who teaches Beth to play chess and is only seen in the first few episodes of the series. Top-Notch Writing & Direction © Netflix The writing and direction showcase Scott Frank's talent and also keeps the audience hooked to the screen. Frank has already been nominated for Oscar twice for his shows Out of Sight and Logan. So, he exactly knows what he is doing which makes the show even better. View the full article
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