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Found 124 results

  1. Playing with electronic gadgets is fun. What if we tell you that the world of electronic gadgets and grooming is a wonderful place to be in? Here's a list of grooming gadgets that you should have in your kit. 1. Beard Trimmer © Amazon If you still shave your beard, it's time you explore the wonderful world of trimming. You might never want to come back. A trimmer works like magic in getting rid of the unwanted whiffs without scarring the face.You'll also be surprised by the flawless finish a trimmer gives. 2. Nose, Ear And Eyebrow Hair Trimmer © Amazon Now this one looks very different from the usual trimmers. You need these to get to to the nooks and crannies that a regular trimmer won't reach. Just use the trimmer to get all the irritated crop out. 3. Body Trimmer © Amazon One of the golden rules for using a trimmer is that the one you use for your face should be different from the one you use for the body. And honestly a trimmer is any day better than razor in giving you a smooth torso and other parts of your body. 4. Electric Flosser © Amazon An electric flosser gets those inside debris that a toothbrush can't. It works by way of ejecting water stream in your teeth that cleans the teeth with the help of the pressure involved. 5. Electric Toothbrush © Amazon An electric toothbrush works by way of a battery that operates and makes the bristles circle around your teeth. The cleaning is much faster and and steadier than it is manually. 6. Cleansing Brush © Amazon A cleansing brush is a gadget that works as a face bristle to clean your face and get rid of the dead skin cells from your face. It also reaches the skin beneath your beard and prevents painful ingrown hair. 7. Hair Dryer © Amazon Hair dryer is one of the most important gadgets that you should have in your kit. Be it the bed hair, the frizzy hair or the whiff, all of these can be styled with a hair dryer.
  2. Remember the time when aftershaves weren't popular yet, and your barber used to rub your face with a block of 'Fitkari' post a shave? Well, if you're too young and from a metro city, you'd probably not even know what 'Fitkari' or Alum is, and for good reason. Fitkari or Alum (also called potassium alum, potash alum, or potassium aluminium sulfate) is a colourless astringent compound which is a hydrated double sulphate of aluminium and potassium, used in solution in dyeing and tanning. It is easily available in the market, and here are 5 reasons why every man should keep some of it handy in his bathroom cabinet. 1. As An Aftershave Alum can be used after a shave instead of an aftershave lotion. It stops bleeding from minor cuts, and is a great skin healer. © Getty Images 2. As A Natural Toner And Skin Tightener Alum is an amazing toner, and also tightens the skin, giving it a natural glow. Especially for older people who suffer from sensitive skin, this can be a great alternative to regular products. © Instagram/Tigerjackieshroff 3. As A Cure For Mouth Ulcers Alum can be used to cure mouth ulcers and canker sores. All one needs to do is put some alum powder on top of the ulcer/sore, leave it on for about 30-40 seconds, and then wash it off. 4. For Bad Breath Add a pinch of alum powder along with a pinch of rock salt to a glass of warm water and use it as a mouthwash. It acts as a great natural alternative to a mouthwash. © Getty Images 5. To Get Rid Of Dark Circles A little bit of alum powder mixed with water, when applied on dark circles, will help you get rid of them. One product, so many benefits! The more you know, they said.
  3. Just like your girlfriend's night skincare routine or the makeup kit that she carries around, you too need a grooming kit in place. Why do you ask? If you do not take care of your skin and your hair or your beard, you'll definitely be adding years to your face. Also if you're out in the dating game, not taking care of yourself is not attractive at all. So, here are 4 super essential grooming products (apart from the basic face wash and moisturizer) that you should add to your grooming kit: 1. An Essential Oil © Getty Images An essential oil, be it tea tree or lavender, or even any other natural ingredient that you like, can help you in countless ways. Firstly, they help tackle dryness, they also help to get you to sleep at night in case you have trouble doing so. They also reduce puffiness and signs of ageing. 2. An Under Eye Cream © Amazon An under-eye cream is a boon for racoon eyes and post-hangover cleanup. If you are awake from partying all night, use this so that your boss does not find out. In fact, they are a more permanent solution to dark eye circles. 3. A Face Mist © Amazon Another hangover remedy, a face mist helps freshen up your face and tackles all the dryness and tiredness from the night before. Just steal one from your girlfriend's kit and you'll never want to return it. 4. A Roll-On Deo © Getty Images In case you have a long day ahead of you, you need a roll-on to quickly stroke your pits with for a refreshing fragrance that doesn't turn off women.
  4. If one were to make a list of all of the essential fashion staples that Indian men rely on, t-shirts are going to top that list. After all, not only are they super easy to pull off, they are also comfortable to wear, easy to maintain, and also end up providing you with multiple options to layer up your outfits with. Simply put, the utility of a t-shirt in a man's wardrobe simply cannot be stressed enough. But as important as t-shirts are for men, the latter usually aren't aware of all of the variants of the former they ought to be adding to their collection. Most of them are more than satisfied with a pair of solid colours, and while solid tees are important as well (more on that later!), they are not enough, nowhere close. And so to help Indian men upgrade their collection of such an integral fashion staple, here are all of the different types of t-shirts they ought to be investing in. 1. Solid T-Shirts © Amazon Right off the bat, the first type of t-shirts you need to be investing in are solid tees. After all, these are going to act as the staples you will constantly be depending on for your choice of attire. As such, no man's wardrobe can possibly be complete without the best black t shirts or the best white tees out there. But besides the monochromatic blacks and whites, you also need to be investing in other solid colours, including pastel shades (lavender, sky blue, and beige) and powerful hues (navy blue, bottle green, and red). Another major reason why your wardrobe should be stocked up with solid tees? You get multiple options to layer up your outfits and create arresting and fashion-forward ensembles that are certain to grab everyone's attention. 2. Printed T-Shirts © Amazon After you've stocked up your closet with a variety of solid tees, your next priority should be to opt for printed t-shirts. After all, a lot can be achieved by rocking the best printed t-shirts for men out there. Broadly speaking, there are two types of prints that you should ensure you invest in - minimalist and over-the-top. For minimalist prints, micro-ditsy, conversational, and even typography prints make for great choices, especially if you layer them up with a simple pair of trousers or joggers. For over-the-top prints, opting for bold graphic tees, and floral prints is advisable. Pro tip: Going for camouflage prints is always a good idea. 3. Polo T-Shirts © Amazon No man's wardrobe can possibly be complete without a collection of classy polo t-shirts. Considered to be one of the most effortlessly stylish fashion staples men could opt for, polo tees reinforce that golden rule of fashion - 'less is more'. The fact that they also help you look more mature doesn't hurt. In most cases, they also make for a great option for a first date. When looking for the best polo t-shirts for men, you should make sure you opt for reliable brands, go for solid colours (blacks, whites, blues, and reds), and get the right fit. 4. Supima Cotton T-Shirts © The March Tee Sometimes, how durable your t-shirt is going to be, how much comfort it will give, and whether it's going to last long are the primary factors you should be looking for in a t-shirt. Which is why investing in Supima cotton t-shirts ends up being such a great option. Not only will they make for the most comfortable t-shirts in your wardrobe (Supima cotton, after all, is up to FOUR TIMES softer than regular cotton), but they will also be more durable and resistant to wear and tear (Supima cotton is TWICE as strong as regular cotton) than your other tees. And despite being a tad bit more expensive than regular t-shirts, they actually end up providing you with more value for your money. Since they are more durable and long-lasting, investing in Supima cotton t-shirts helps you save money that you'd otherwise be spending on replacing your other regular t-shirts that are almost certain to get worn out in just a few months. 5. Full-Sleeve T-Shirts © Amazon Because t-shirts primarily tend to be a summer fashion staple, most men almost always associate them with short-sleeves. In reality, full-sleeve t-shirts can be just as effective and useful (if not more!) than their half-sleeved counterparts. In fact, full-sleeve t-shirts actually make for a more stylish and fashion-forward ensemble, especially if you team them up with the right clothes and accessories. You can also wear these tees during the warmer months of the year - October and November come to mind - when it's neither too hot, nor too cold. 6. High-Neck T-Shirts © Amazon Make no mistake, some of the best t-shirts for men out there are actually high-neck variants. Exuding class and high-fashion, there is no reason why you shouldn't be stocking up your closet with them. The trick here is to layer them up with the right clothes. In most cases, a high-neck t-shirt should NOT be layered with an additional jacket or pullover, as that ends up defeating the purpose of wearing them in the first place.
  5. In 2019, you should focus on being the best version of yourself. This means aggressively chasing your goals, asking out that crush of yours and most importantly, taking care of yourself. Here's the thing, looking good directly factors in feeling good. This means you should put significant effort into taking care of yourself. This will also help you stand out in a group of people who don't care for themselves. 1. Not Dismissing Manicure & Pedicure Sessions Traditionally, seen as something that only women care for. However, if you have nails that often end up looking like this. © Instagram They will not only drive away your crush but also come off as dirty to your fellow colleagues and boss, and the worst case scenario is that no one will be willing to share food with you during lunch. Now, before that happens, go for a manicure/pedicure session. You'll be surprised to discover the wonderful packages that exist out there. Some of them include massages and a completely calming session. You could even turn this into a date. © Instagram 2. Making The Concealer A Part Of Your Everyday Routine © Instagram The concealer is not a gendered product. Repeat this after me. A concealer is a blessing. We're talking about the racoon eyes that you get from partying all night, acne scars, huge pimples and the hickeys that you don't want to show to anyone else. It conceals everything with one stroke. You can easily steal it from your girlfriend's beauty kit or just simply ask her for it. Additionally, here's a list of other super helpful products you could steal from your girlfriend. © Instagram 3. Investing In A Skincare Routine © Instagram Try to consciously try to look after your skin. Now lathering a skin cream every now and then is not taking care of your skin. You need a regular and fixed routine in place with products curated that suit your skin type. For example, if you have dry skin, choose moisturizing cleansers and creams or if you have acne-prone skin go for anti-acne products. Also, you could make the whole routine fun with face sheet masks and that is literally no effort at all. © Instagram Even celebrities like Ansel Elgort vouch by fun face masks. For a good skin care routine, you ideally need a cleanser, a good moisturizer, essential oil and a weekly face mask and a scrub. 4. Always Carry A Pocket Mouth Wash Or Mints © Instagram Bad breath is imminent if you don't take care of your oral hygiene. Bad breath can be a big turn off at a date or off-putting at an office meeting. It's best to always have mints or a pocket mouth face wash handy. 5. Make Sure To Use A Roll-On After Shower © Instagram While taking regular showers is a good thing, it's also important to supplement it with a roll-on to make sure you don't have a case of body odour throughout the day.
  6. At the beginning of this month, Apex Legends was announced, a Battle Royale game that is free-to-play just like PUBG and Fortnite. The game is developed by Respawn and Electronic Arts and is available for download on PS4, Xbox One, and Origin for PC. © KnowTechie Last week, Respawn revealed that the game has hit 25 million total players and had "well over" 2 million concurrent players during the weekend. If we compare, Fortnite took four months to achieve the same numbers and the game currently has 200 million players. Today, the developer has revealed that it has already banned more than 16,000 accounts for cheating. The company also asked users to capture proof of cheaters, such as a screenshot or video clip and send it to them. Even if the proof isn't available, they are urging players to report the cheaters' ID and it shall be taken up for investigation. © Respawn The game currently lacks an in-game reporting tool and the developer has acknowledged that it's a "good idea". Though, there isn't a timeline on when the feature will be rolled out. Given the massive popularity of the game, we expect the reporting system to drop soon since a manual complain filing is bothersome for players as well as the company. A cheater who goes by the name of Mengiez on Twitch was caught cheating in his own broadcast. Viewers noticed that he's asking a wall hack to keep an eye on his opponent's location. Another Twitch streamer going by the name Dharyxd was caught using an aimbot. The videos have since been deleted, but the cheating cost them their accounts. © Respawn The game will have a second patch this week, but we don't know what to expect with the upcoming Apex Legends patch. So far, Respawn has been doing pretty well with their response to player concerns. Many players have been complaining that PUBG has a huge issue with hackers and the developers aren't doing enough to curb it. Using hacks to score points ruins the fun of the game because no player should have an undue advantage. In December, PUBG received a new anti-cheating tool called BattlEye, and it helped in 30,000 cheating accounts.
  7. With winter season all set to decamp (not for the GOT buffs though), it's about time that you shove those woolen blankets and garms into those packed-to-the-T bed boxes, and dig out your airy cotton articles. Whether you are a summer baby or not, the scorching heat is certain to make your hackles rise, at least once during the boiling months, and the situation gets even more exasperating when you are not equipped with the right kind of clothing. Given that, while there's no denying the fact that cotton makes for the most skin-friendly fabric during summers, one which allows your skin to breathe and stay at ease, it is also almost cardinal that you understand the distinction between the various types of cotton that are there in the market. While discerning the difference between the diverse varieties of cotton may be a potato-patato thing for the majority of men, it is essential that you have hold of it, so you do not end up draining your money down the sewer investing on the wrong type of fabric. So, to help you sail through, we give you a hang of the best type of cotton that is there, so you can have a hassle-free summer season! 1. Supima Cotton © March Tee The Tom Hanks of the textile industry, Supima or Pima cotton is inarguably one of the finest members of the cotton family, which has recently entered the scene to change your dressing game for the best. The top-notch quality of this fabric is owed to its extra long staple fibre, which ensures a softer and stronger finish, such which any man (rather, any mortal!) would love to own. The fabric crafted from Supima cotton is obscenely smooth on the skin and makes for a godsend when the fiery summers are upon us. So, whether you are scouring around to find the best t shirts for men, or any other piece of garm, it is imperative that you make sure that it features a Supima cotton make. 2. Egyption Cotton © Pixabay Another member from the extra-long staple fibre family, Egyptian cotton is well-known across the globe for its superior quality. The A-grade strength of the fibre makes this cotton more resistant to stress, which WE definitely are not (when's the weekend?). A little birdie told us that this type of cotton in particular is invariably handpicked, something which guarantees purity and also prevents the fibre from undergoing any mechanical stress. This in turn, keeps the fibre unharmed, and intact, which is further crafted into the highest quality fabric. Featuring an exceptional softness, this fabric makes for the best bet when you are looking for something supremely smooth to sheath your torso. 3. Sea Island Cotton © flickr If you are someone who is all about luxury clothing, and big brands, then you must have at least once glanced at the name “Sea Island Cotton” on one of those garment labels. Well-known for its nonpareil quality which emulates silk, the Sea island cotton is one of the most expensive type of cotton that is there in the market, one which is predominantly utilized by colossal brands. The fabric is exceptionally smooth on the skin, and the silky texture is owed to its ultra-smooth fibres. The ultra long staple fibre makes sure that the fabric is highly durable, and does not exhaust too soon. Although a tad bit hefty on the pocket, the Sea island cotton is the real deal. So the next time you plan on stock up on your collection of summer shirts, casual trousers or the best round neck t-shirts for men, investing in Sea Island cotton makes sense. 4. Upland Cotton © flickr Make way, for here's something from the American Land! The most extensively cultivated (and utilized) types in the family, Upland cotton or the American Upland cotton is the most economical varieties of cotton. This type of cotton, as the name suggests, is chiefly cultivated in the South and Southwest regions of America. While this cotton features a basic quality and durability, it works amazingly well when clubbed together with man-made fabrics, making for one of the most versatile variants. This type of cotton is used for fabricating a myriad of things ranging from t shirts to shorts, denim, and much more!
  8. Of all the grooming accessories that you will find in a man's grooming kit, the razor he uses possibly holds the most importance. It's his go-to tool for a quick shave, to groom his facial hair, and to be ready for an impromptu date. But despite the importance it harbours, it's surprising to discover that many men aren't even aware of all the different types of razors that are out there. In fact, as unbelievable as this may sound, but many Indian men's knowledge of razors is solely confined to the one that they are using. Needless to say, this needs to change. So, to help all of our bros invest in the right grooming essentials that perfectly cater to their needs, here are the different types of razors that all Indian men should be informed about: 1. Electric Razors © Pexels Unlike the other razors mentioned on our list, electric razors tend to run on electricity, and so don't require any shaving cream or water for you to shave. Primarily speaking, they can be classified into two main categories - foil shavers and rotary shavers. While foil shavers come equipped with a silver foil on the top of their blades that ensure that the blades themselves are never in direct contact with your skin, rotary shavers come equipped with three round shaped blades that move in a circular motion. Foil shavers are less noisy and easier to clean, whereas rotary shavers will help you get the closest shave. On the flip side, electric razors are dependent on a power supply, so they pretty much become ineffective if they run out of battery and you don't have the means to charge them. 2. Safety Razors © Amazon Of all the types of razors out there, safety razors are as old school as it gets. In fact, in all likelihood, this was the razor that your grandfather would have used for shaving his facial scruff. As the name suggests itself, these razors are considered to be the safest option to add to your grooming kit. This is because, while they come equipped with a double-edged blade, they also have a safety guard that helps protect your skin from unintentional cuts. Additionally, a safety razor also ensures that only a single razor blade is going to be making contact with your skin, which only adds to your sense of safety. Safety razors also tend to be incredibly easy to use, are super affordable, and maker for the perfect choice for all those men who are looking for an option that will require minimal pressure and cause the least amount of irritation on your skin. 3. Straight Razors © Amazon There used to be a time when straight razors were the only type of razors that were used for shaving. Nowadays, these are the razors you'd mostly see those local barbers who practice under a tree use for shaving. Also known as 'cut-throat' razors, these incredibly simple razors come equipped with a sharp blade that folds into the handle. It's a great choice for those looking for a razor that will give them the sharpest of shaves, which will be incredibly durable and won't cost a fortune. However, it's important to remember that these razors also provide the least amount of security, and you can easily cause a serious injury to yourself. 4. Cartridge Razors © Amazon These are perhaps the most commonly used type of razors out there. In fact, if you were to go to your washroom right now and take a closer look at the type of razor you are currently using, chances are it's going to be a cartridge razor. They are mostly made of a metal or plastic body, with a flexible centre that helps you get a smooth shave as it follows the shape of your face. The blades in these razors come in cartridges (hence the name), which are easily replaceable. The cartridges can have anywhere between two to six blades and are incredibly safe to use. Depending on the number of blades they have, they can be mostly classified into the following types of razors: A) Two-blade razors B)Three-blade razors C) Five-blade razors 5. Disposable Razors © Amazon The name pretty much speaks for itself. Disposable razors are perfect for those looking for a cheap and quick shave, perhaps for an impromptu meeting or an unexpected dinner date. You can use them for a couple of shaves, before discarding them, which is why they end up being the best razors for all those avid-travellers who may be planning a road trip or weekend getaway but don't want their razor or trimmer to take up extra space in their bags. Despite their usefulness, however, you should know that the blades that are used in such razors aren't exactly of the highest quality.
  9. Navigating relationships is easy or tough depending solely on whom you ask. Relationships are complicated and need two people to find their functional settings. Often in relationships, there are 'Red Flags' that we ignore due to some misplaced insecurity often resulting in people being falsely content in mediocre relationships. While accepting people and their flaws is generally a good thing, there are cases when it may be apt to cut ties and severe any prospects of a future together. © Reaiance Entertainment Here are a couple of red flags to look out for and generally how to keep an eye out for the future. Red Flags To Ignore This could be something quite pedantic like she doesn't like to drink too much, isn't a big fan of red meat, likes only strawberry ice cream, drinks tea not coffee etc. In any relationship, there must be a compromise, as these small quirks are mostly cute harmless inconsistencies from your own worldview and can be easily ignored for the rest of your days. If you can spend 90% of your time happy around this person, I'd say you're luckier than 50% of the world that gets divorced. Let the small things slide, in time you will learn to love them even. © Eros International Medium Or Average Red Flags The tough stuff now: Your partner may not be into the same shows or movies etc. This may not be so bad but could get annoying in the long run. As long as both people in the relationship are open to discussion and new experiences – media consumption shouldn't be that big a factor. However, if the majority of your conversations are mitigated only by the sound of silence - that type of stuff is what can be considered a pretty big red flag. Consequently, if someone is TOO into you, it could also mean a possible alert. It's not bad to have someone put you on a pedestal but then the expectations also rise proportionately. A lot of this is also down to your own ego and ability to communicate effectively. Still always best to know what you want, before hurting someone else. © Viacom 18 Motion Pictures Major Red Flags The final one: The thing about red flags is that they often appear in other parts of our lives and we mistakenly miss the ones we ought not to have. If they're abusive (verbal or otherwise) or if they're mean to the service staff. Generally speaking, if they're mean to everyone below their own station in life, it may not take very long for you to be treated in a similar vein as well. © Eros International If they're too secretive about their dealings, or their past, but constantly on their phone. Having a disingenuous partner can only cause grief and turmoil in the long run. If they have no other hobbies and interests, if they want to go out and socialize constantly, if they lack any semblance of ambition and only want constant satiation in some form – I would consider such behaviour possible major red flags. Yes, granted that a lot of this is stuff is down to personal preference and choice but the point is - in a relationship we should all aspire to be akin to partners, not hostages. © Fox Star Studios Many of us ignore many such red flags and signs that our friends and loved ones try to point out about a current flame. Sometimes jumping from one relationship and partner to the next may not be the thing to do. Don't be petty and only look for someone's flaws but it is important to recognise these said flaws and acknowledge their effect on your time together. Mostly, people just want to love and be loved. This, however, can be done without compromise and coercion. We give in to the pressures of family, society and partners knowing full well it's not what we want. Thus it is important to figure out how much space, how much energy and time we can devote to our relationships. Sometimes, you might be the red flag yourself. In any case, it's not something to lose sleep over. Acknowledging your own behaviour and patterns might be the first step to being a well-rounded person and a key to havingbetter relationships.
  10. Here are 5 reasons why adopting a dog is a way better option than buying one.
  11. We're sure that so far you've got your grooming basics right and you're most probably washing your face at least once a day and using a moisturizer (if you're not, you should definitely read this). But apart from that, there is one essential grooming product that men fail to add to their grooming kit that can change their skins for good. A BB Cream. © Getty Images South Korean beauty and grooming secrets are a treasure and should be adapted because have you seen these guys age? They never do. A BB Cream, a South Korean discovery is that one product you should definitely have in your grooming kit. BB creams also known as blemish balms aim to blur out imperfections whilst also taking care of pigmentation, oil control and hydrating skin simultaneously. It also gives the benefit of sun protection, oil control and an anti-ageing in one cream. © Getty Images It's also an easy remedy to cover scars, blemishes and skin discolouration like an Instagram filter, except this work in IRL being a product squished inside a tube. © Getty Images They might look like it's a feminine product, but they also come in unisex packaging. Use a BB cream next time before a big date to hide the bugging pimples, scars and blemishes. It really makes a difference.
  12. All grooming products come with an expiry date which means you'll have to dump them at some point. With weather conditions like that of India's, it's likely that the expensive products you buy will get spoiled well before their expiry date. That's the worst scenario you could imagine, however, there is a preventive measure that you can take from stopping your grooming products from spoiling like storing them in the fridge. Besides lasting longer, they will even feel better on your skin. Here are four products that you should be storing in the fridge: 1. Fumes © idiva Without a doubt, you should be storing your fumes inside of the fridge. The heat and humidity degrade the quality of the fume. 2. Eye Cream © innisfree green tea seed eye cream Firstly, if you don't have an eye cream, get one. Especially if you don't want racoon eyes for the rest of your life. Secondly, put that in the fridge. Besides, a chilled out eye cream works better in soothing and de-bloating your blood vessels under the eye. 3. Beard Oil © prospector They tend to become a little runny in the Summer heat. Shove them in the fridge for uniform consistency. Also, the emollients degrade when they come in contact with the UV rays. 4. Toner/Moisturizer © Dove Again, just for the immediate benefit of how it would feel on your skin in its chilled glory. But in case you're using organic products, they anyway shouldn't be outside.
  13. While mobile gaming has been on the rise and insanely trending right now, nothing can take away the experience a PC can deliver. Even laptops have made phenomenal improvements in the last few years and offer top of the line specifications. Instead of a full-fledged PC, a laptop also provides the comfort of portability. Brands have been working on integrating desktop grade GPU's in laptops, and they can now deliver on par performance. In fact, Nvidia has also released special GPUs for laptops and this, in turn, has not only brought down the price of owning a gaming laptop but also offers a complete package. Based on multiple metrics like display size and quality, processor, GPU, additional gaming-centric features, and battery life, we've compiled a list of the top gaming laptops one can buy in India (they're sorted according to price). 1. Acer Nitro Ryzen 5 (Rs 53,990) © YouTube Acer's launched multiple laptops last year and the Nitro series has been an instant success. While most other machines are powered by Intel's processor, this one is the only exception. It has a 15.6-inch display and is powered by a quad-core AMD Ryzen 5 chipset clocked at 2.0Ghz with 8GB RAM. The laptop has a dedicated Radeon RX 560X GPU with 4GB memory and ships with a 1TB hard drive for storage. It comes with Windows 10 Home pre-installed and weighs 2.7Kg. If you're looking for a budget gaming rig, this one should be your first consideration since it has all basic necessities and doubles up as a gaming machine. 2. HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop (Rs 68,000) © HP There are various configurations available in the series, but we recommend the BC406TX since it has a balanced spec-sheet and is much more portable than the Nitro 5. It has a 15.6-inch display that refreshed at 60Hz and distinct under keyboard lights make the design look very modern. HP claims the battery can charge from 0 to 90 per cent within 90 minutes. Powering the laptop is an Intel Core i5 8300H chipset, clocked at 2.3GHz along with 8GB RAM. The GPU consists of an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 with 4GB dedicated memory. This variant comes with a 1TB hard drive and Windows 10 pre-installed. It is significantly lighter and weighs 2.1Kg. 3. ASUS TUF FX505 (Rs 89,990) © YouTube The new TUF gaming laptops offer an ultra-slim profile and feature a NanoEdge display with a 144Hz refresh rate. The laptop can remain cool for an extended period of time thanks to Anti-Dust Cooling (ADC) system, fan overboost technology, and dual-fan cooling CPU and GPU. The laptop has a 15.6-inch display and is powered by Intel's Core i7-8750H processor with 8GB RAM. It has an Nvidia GeForce GTX1050 Ti GPU with 4GB dedicated memory. Storage options include a hybrid of 1TB hard-drive and 256GB SSD. 4. Lenovo Legion Y530 (Rs 91,990) © YouTube The Legion series offers a significantly better design with tiny bezels and thin body construction. Only one variant of the laptop is officially available in India and it has a 15.6-inch FHD display with a 144Hz refresh rate. Lenovo says it has a dual channel thermal system that offers best-in-class performance output and minimal noise. It is powered by an Intel Core i7-8750H processor that comes with up to six cores and 12 threads for high-end gaming. Alongside is an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 GPU with 4GB dedicated memory. Even though the laptop is fairly thin, the keyboard offers 1.7mm of travel and the speakers are powered by Harman. Lastly, it has a dual storage system consisting of a 1TB hard drive and 128GB SSD. 5. ASUS ROG Strix SCARII (Rs 139,990) © Trusted Reviews ASUS's ROG lineup has been immensely popular and the brand has been doubling down on its presence in India. The SCARII comes with a 15.6-inch 144Hz super-narrow-bezel display. It has a HyperStrike Pro gaming keyboard for better controls and HyperCool Pro technology for longer performance endurance. It is powered by an 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8750H processor, coupled along with an Nvidia GeForce GTX1060 GPU and 16GB RAM. Additionally, with ROG Overstroke technology, it enables earlier key actuation and has a longer overstroke distance. 6. MSI RTX Series (Starts at 79,990) © YouTube MSI launched the new RTX offerings in India this week and multiple configurations are available. Ray Tracing technology is a major stand-out feature for the series and keep in mind, these machines are built for serious gamers only. The GL73 comes with a 15.6-inch display that refreshed at 144Hz and is powered by an 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8750H processor. The laptop comes with 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD and 1TB SATA drive. For graphics, it has Nvidia's RTX 2060 GPU with 6GB dedicated memory. The GL75 comes in two display sizes, 17.3-inch and 15.6-inch.
  14. What do you keep in mind when you're shopping for a new t shirt? Chances are, not a whole lot. In all fairness, when confronted with shelves upon shelves of t shirts that feature a mind-boggling array of fabrics and fits, it doesn't take long for this seemingly straightforward chore to turn into a Herculean task. It's around this time that we start wondering, “How important IS a t shirt, really?” before grabbing the first ones that fit, from the first store we enter, and then simply forgetting about them until we need new ones. As it turns out, buying the right t shirt is actually quite important - after all, there isn't a more dependable and durable article of clothing in your entire wardrobe. Whether worn casually on its own or as part of a more suave layered ensemble, the ideal t shirt feels like a second skin. So, it makes sense that your first point of consideration should be its fabric. And when it comes to looking for quality t shirt fabric that's light and comfortable while at the same time strong and durable, you can't get any better than supima cotton. Haven't heard of supima cotton before? Don't worry, we've done all the necessary research on why supima cotton is the ideal fabric for your t shirts. Read on, and we're sure you'll feel the same way when you get to the end! Supima Cotton Should Be Your Go-To T Shirt Fabric And Here's Why 1. It's Good For Your Wallet (No, Seriously) © Pixabay This isn't a sneaky ploy to get you to switch to supima, there's actually logic and reasoning behind it. It's all got to do with long term thinking - supima cotton is two times as strong as regular cotton, and produces products that are much more durable and resistant to daily wear and tear. So while you might not see the difference on the price tag, the extraordinary resilience of the supima cotton t shirts make them an ideal long term investment. You'll definitely notice the welcome change in your wallet in the long run, because you won't need to splurge on buying new t shirts as often! 2. It Makes For A Tee-riffic Fashion Experience © Pexels Thanks to its extra long staple cotton fibres, supima cotton makes for extra smooth products that feel sumptuously soft on your skin. Regular cotton fibres are about one inch long, whereas supima cotton's fibre averages one and a half, so it's an appreciable difference too! So, as we said earlier, the ideal t shirt needs to feel like your second skin, which is why it makes sense that it's made from a fabric that's soft, comfortable and breathable.They're also much more breathable than those made from regular cotton, so they won't stick to your skin annoyingly in the hot, sultry weather. As a welcome added bonus, while regular cotton products become increasingly rough over time thanks to countless washes, supima cotton products only get softer as time passes. 3. It'll Make Your Wardrobe Pop © Unsplash It's not just about the feel of supima cotton products - it's the look that's superior as well. The extra long fibres of supima cotton are not only more comfortable, they also absorb colour with a deeper, more lasting penetration. The enhanced shade depth elevates your wardrobe instantly, giving you the option of playing around with richer hues that are sure to make any outfits stand out. And while regular cotton products fade over time, you can rest assured that supima products retain their brilliance year after year, wash after wash. 4. It'll Help You Become A Friend Of Nature © Unsplash We've all heard horror stories of the trials and travails of farmers in remote parts of the world (especially India!) who work tirelessly in their fields to provide the really top-notch fabrics for our pleasure, only to be paid a pittance for their efforts. That's not the case with supima cotton, however - the utmost care is taken to ensure that there is minimum impact on the environment. GPS-navigated tractors are used to plant and harvest the cotton, and satellite technology and soil monitors are used to monitor the conditions. The result is the best quality cotton in the world which you can wear with aplomb, secure in the knowledge that the environment was not harmed in the process. 5. It Doesn't Need Any Extra Attention © Pixabay A running theme with the most exclusive items - be it the fabrics in your wardrobe, gadgets in your room, showpieces on your shelves - is that they need painstaking care to maintain them in all their glory. Not in this case - despite its clear and distinct superiority over regular cotton, supima cotton products do not require any special treatment and can be taken care of just like your regular cotton clothes.
  15. Unlike the first T20I match at Wellington, the Indian bowling side looked a lot more in control of the game as the important wickets of Tim Seifert and Colin Munro fell quickly. While the newbie went away on a caught-behind after hitting a four and a six, Munro was dismissed by a Rohit Sharma catch off Krunal Pandya. However, what is probably going to be the major point of discussion of the match is the questionable decision given out by the third Umpire, Shaun Haig when batsman Daryl Mitchell asked for a review on an LBW appeal. While the original decision given by the on-field umpire was against the Kiwi, upon review, it was seen that the ball edged the bat before touching Mitchell's pad. However, the Snickometer did not pick up any sound on the ball making a contact with the bat. Drama at Eden Park, Auckland! A lot of questions will be asked of the third umpire Shaun Haig, Hotspot and DRS. Daryl Mitchell must be gutted and confused at the same time. #NZvIND #INDvNZ #TeamIndia #DarylMitchell #KrunalPandya #DRS #Hotspot #T20I — Ameya Tilak (@ameyatilak) February 8, 2019 All these technologies and still can't figure out a clear inside edge. #indvnz #DarylMitchell — Ankit (@ankitchandram) February 8, 2019 This is what probably led to Haig calling a decision in favour of the on-field umpire's original call and gave Mitchell an 'out'. However, the fans, the Kiwi batsmen and even the Indian players seemed to be surprised with the third umpire's final say. Assembling at the centre of the Eden Park, everyone was asking another as to how exactly was the righty batter out. Daryl Mitchell could be seen literally begging in front of the Indian skipper Rohit Sharma and keeper MS Dhoni to advocate his case in front of the umpires and let him continue to bat. Although Sharma smiled at the hapless batsman, it was evidently clear that he wasn't going to help him as he was asked to leave the field. If a bowling team feels that the umpire's decision to send a batsman away was wrong, they have the right to call him back to the pitch. It is not just a rule on paper. It has been exercised by teams on a number of occasions with former skipper Dhoni himself calling back English batsman Ian Bell after getting him for a run-out on a legitimate confusion. So, in such a scenario, should Rohit Sharma have called Mitchell back?
  16. Stupid and smart, at its extremes, are the two things that co-exist on the gym floor. There will be a guy who understands strength progression and would be tracking his training, whereas the other would be stacking plates on the bar for a squat PR, where the maximum movement he will achieve is his knee moving a bit. Funnily enough, the latter guys would happily post their videos on social media with the #neweeeknewpr (LOL). Keeping such guys in mind, here are a few things you shouldn't be proud of doing at the gym: 1. Leg Press PRs © YouTube Set 1 - 2 plates each side Set 2 - Add 3 more plates Set 3 - Add 2 guys Set 4 - Just hope you don't land at the hospital Leg press is the most common exercise that gives people a false sense of strength. Mainly because they hardly have any range of motion there. Annoyingly, some trainers promote this nonsense even when they know their clients cannot handle much weight. I've written a piece on it here 2. Ab Punches © Tnation I thought this stupidity had worn off until I saw it again recently. A guy doing hanging leg raises and his gym partner punching him when his legs came down! When doing leg raises, you're working on the function of spinal flexion. Punching is plain stupid. It doesn't make any sense. Oh, but what it does is increase your chances of injury. 3. Training Away To Failure © Thinkstock Images There is consistent data that shows that regular training to failure leads to: a. Impaired recovery b. Higher risk of injury c. Lesser gains d. Lesser adaptations to training Still, you will see bros shouting 'lightweight baby' and taking every set to failure. *facepalm* 4. Being Sore After Every Workout © Pixabay This is the USP that bro-splits have. Bro-split - 1 body part a day training. Guys who train this way will do 10 exercises for a body part and be sore to even move that body part for a week. How does that training make sense? The one that makes you feel disabled? And yes, there is data that shows that even when the number of sets and reps are equated, exercising the body part 2x a week results in greater strength and hypertrophy. 5. Running Like A Maniac On The Treadmill © YouTube If your goal is to build an impressive physique, weight training has to be your bread and butter. Not cardio. Then there are those who will run marathon distances on the treadmill. By doing this, you're just hurting your joints that will impact both your gains and health long term. Enjoy running? Do it outdoors. And yes, you should not only stop being proud of these 5 ridiculous things, but try and stop doing them completely. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company and the founder of Mars Nutrition, a nutrition supplement company. Both his companies are geared towards providing you with the right information and products without any false or fake claims. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram.
  17. Xiaomi's new TV segment kicked off with a bang last year and it seems like the company isn't slowing down anytime soon. The Chinese company launched a new iteration of the already popular 4K TV called the “MI LED TV 4X Pro”. © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla It follows the same philosophy as some of Xiaomi's other products i.e. high end specifications at an affordable price. In fact, the Mi LED TV 4X Pro 55-inch is the only 4k TV you should be investing in 2019 because of all it can offer. It costs only Rs 40,000 and is probably one of the most affordable 4K TVs out there. Here's our review of the Mi LED TV 4X Pro: Design In terms of design, the MI LED TV 4X Pro is thicker, heavier and has a larger footprint than the Mi LED Smart TV 4 which was launched last year. Due to the larger footprint, the TV now houses the 20W stereo speakers that offers better sound output than its predecessor. © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla The panel itself as a metallic grey finish and has noticeable bezels are in line with other 4K TVs out there. You might miss the bezel-less/frame-less design from the Mi LED Smart TV 4, however we prefer a better sound output than a kickass design. The enhanced sound output improves the viewing experience which was one of the caveats on the previous model. Display And Performance © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla The display off the Mi LED TV 4X Pro is 55-inches in size and has a 10-bit panel which supports HDR 10 content. In fact, this may just be the cheapest 4K UHD TV in the market that has support for HDR 10 content. The new panel also has better colour representation and can produce 1,056,964,608 more colours than an 8-bit panel. The panel also as a refresh rate of 60Hz which is great for console gaming on the Xbox One X. However, the TV has a response time of 6.5ms which is not great for online gaming but is more than enough for playing single player titles. HDR 10 content looks absolutely mind-blowing when keeping the price tag in mind. © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla Viewing angles have also been improved than the previous model as we didn't see any black patches when viewing content from various angles. This was an issue with the Mi TV Smart TV 4 that has now been resolved with the Mi LED TV 4X Pro. Having said that, in order to watch 4K content, you will either need an Apple TV 4K, Chromecast Ultra or a 4k Fire Stick TV. The TV does not have native support for apps like Netflix/Amazon Prime who also happen to be the only 4K content providers in India. The new 20W speakers at the back also improved the sound quality when compared to the previous iteration. The sound is now louder, clearer and refined which was our only complaint from the Mi Smart TV 4. In case you want to have an even better experience, you can always pair it with the Mi Soundbar and you can read our review here. The Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4X Pro is powered by a 64-bit quad-core Amlogic Cortex A53 chipset, which is accompanied by 2GB of RAM and a Mali-450 GPU. There is also 8GB of internal storage for you to store files locally. The remote that comes with the TV is identical to the one you get with the Mi LED 4A Pro. It uses Bluetooth for transmitting signals and doesn't need to be used in the line of sight of the TV. However, we still wished it came with a mute button as it really needs that support in case you get many phone calls or are having a conversation in the same room as the TV. Software © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla The Xiaomi TV OS or better known as Patchwall is what powers all the smart features in the TV. It works the same way as it does on other Xiaomi TVs but it also has the additional interface of Android TV. The UI itself is very reminiscent of Apple TV with tiles that automatically fetches your favourite TV shows or sporting events from your DTH. It's easier to find content on Xiaomi's PatchWall OS rather than browsing TV channels from the set top box. Having said that, Netflix and Amazon Prime are not available on PatchWall at the moment so you will need a device such as an Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Chromecast or a gaming console that has support for native 4K content. There's also Chromecast built-in however it doesn't support Netflix either and Amazon has blocked Prime on any Google product altogether. If you want use a device, we recommend the Apple TV as it has every app you need to be a true cord-cutter. Ports In terms of ports, there are various choices you can use to power your home entertainment system. The Mi LED TV 4X Pro has 2 USB ports, 1 AV Input, 1 S/PDIF Out, 3 HDMI Portsï¼1 contains ARC), ethernet port and also has Wi-Fi support. The ports are on the left side at the back of the panel and can be easily accessed when not using the wall-mount brackets. You can use these ports to power a home theatre system using one of the output ports however we recommend using the S/PDIF Out for the best audio experience. The Final Say To be honest, the Mi LED 4X Pro offers more than it should for Rs 39,999. In fact, I personally own two Samsung 4K TVs that doesn't even have Bluetooth support. The Mi LED 4X Pro is only the 4K you should be buying if you want the best value for your money. It has multiple output ports, offers a 10-bit panel and a great OS experience. Yes, you will need to buy device like an Apple TV to watch 4K TV but even then it turns out to be a cheaper offering. Overall, we can confidently offer a 4X Pro to anyone who is looking to upgrade to a 4K TV and also wants to save money,
  18. Your twenties really are the best time to travel. You don't have as many liabilities, all your friends aren't married yet and travelling to the different corners of the world changes your perspective towards life in more ways than you can imagine. Also, let's be honest, you gotta keep up with those #travelgoals on social media! And what better place than Phuket to kick off your 2019 travel bucket list! We'll tell you why. © GettyImages Bangkok is passé. Phuket is not-so-slowly and very steadily becoming the next big destination, especially for Indians. Direct flights from Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru by airlines like GoAir have actually made it possible to reach Phuket in just four hours! This is the easiest international travel could ever get to a place that offers beaches most definitely cleaner than the ones you find in India, and at such an affordable price! © GettyImages If you live for food, Phuket is paradise. Thai cuisine offers some of the most exquisite seafood out in the world and it's going to be a drool-worthy affair. We're talking shrimp pad Thai and Nasi Goreng! © GettyImages Sunsets at Phuket are magical. The sea changes colour every passing second and the sky is unlike any other place in the whole world! Watching the sun set into the horizon in Phuket is an experience in itself. There are a lot of beaches and hotels in Phuket that offer some of the most stunning views that just cannot be missed! © GettyImages Phuket is a place for everyone. The affordability is what is attracting the young Indian crowd to Thailand but if you're a fan of luxury, Phuket has some of the most interesting opportunities. In the last few months, there has been an influx of Indian buyers that have shown great interest in buying some of the most luxurious homes at Royal Phuket Marina that are also rented out for people who want to spend some time in a beautiful home, away from home, taking in the best of Phuket before they get back to their mundane lives. © GettyImages Let's not forget that while Phuket is serene, calm and picturesque, it also offers nightlife you won't find anywhere else in the whole of Asia! No vacation is complete without partying and letting go, and Phuket really is one place you've got to hit with your best friends! © GettyImages Talking of luxury, Koh Rang Noi, Phuket is a private island in Phuket, owned by John Baldwin and it's safe to call it a goldmine of everything expensive and fancy! This sun-soaked tropical paradise with its landscaped villas and infinity pools and breathtaking views will make you want to spend the rest of your life there! And that's just one of the many islands in Phuket! A lot of others boast of popular restaurants, quaint beaches for nature enthusiasts. © GettyImages Phuket is as much about the vast, calm sea as it is about the party culture. And lately, it has been attracting a lot of boating enthusiasts because buying a boat in Thailand is duty-free. That means it is way cheaper than you would expect it to be! Owned by the British Indian businessman Gulu Lalvani, Royal Phuket Marina not only has residential quarters but is also a marina which offers all parking services you can think of to promote that fancy, waterfront lifestyle. It also hosted the Thailand Yacht Show recently that showcased some insanely luxurious boats and yachts and you'd surprised to know how much popularity it has been gaining recently amongst Indians! © GettyImages Of course, there's the Thai culture that people from all around the world love exploring! When it comes to hospitality and welcoming tourists, the Thais have no match. From Wat Chalong to the Big Buddha to Weekend Night Markets to the elephant sanctuary, your itinerary is always going to be an exciting mix! © GettyImages So, cancel that Goa trip and head over to Phuket! Coz travel makes memories.
  19. If you're looking for someone to date or fall in love with in 2019, your timing couldn't be perfect. I don't just mean that because it's a brand new year and it's still the beginning, but because 2019 is a marvellous year of revelations and strengthening certain aspects about how you react to things around you. Just like how everything happens with an evolutionary spin, dating too takes that curve every once a while and permits us to seek new rules every time we want to start exploring the world with someone. Apart from the rules you need to stick to, for dating in different cities, there are something's which are stagnant and unanimous, in terms of qualifying as the 'deal breaker'. And for a man, in 2019 particularly, it's his tryst with honesty. © Eros International Even with a heavy spin off on finding the 'perfect match' at a brink of a second, we're still looking for folds of realism in people we ardently want to be with and if things aren't real, it's difficult to define what the intent actually is. The crux of everything a man is today or what he should be doing, is all matched up to how honest he is as a human being and if he's indeed as honest as he should be, greater good does come his way. In relationships though, which are certainly not archaic anymore, honesty has become a trivial concept and it certainly shouldn't be one. Because people are dishonest they move away and start swiping again but if you're honest to one another, you're amorous, even though you want to head in different directions eventually. So here are 4 pertinent things every man should definitely be honest about, if he's looking to date in 2019: (1) What You Really Want From Her The new year brings a new age, or that's the easiest assumption I summon. No, really, can we go a little old school here? Remember a time when there were no dating apps or much of social media influencing our decisions? We would take time to wonder and think what we really want out of a dynamic? Yes, let's bring that back. Be open about what you really want because honestly, women are done with men playing games or giving them the chase. If you want an open relationship, be vocal about it, if you want to be in a relationship, there's no harm sharing that, if you just want something casual, let it out, but there isn't any point of being dishonest about your intent, because when she finds out you're dishonest, you'll just be a man who lies and gets away with it! © Fox Star Studios (2) Are You Commitment Phobic? A commitment phobic person could break at any point in time. If you're not ready for a commitment, don't dazzle her with your charm and leave her to figure the rest. Let her know that commitment scares you and even if you really want to be with her and the big 'C' gets in the way, ask her to help you out with it. Maybe she can help you take it slow, maybe she can opt for something casual with you. Who knows? and you won't know either unless you voice out your very obvious concern. Don't let her find out through some 10,000 alarming signals you let off, during the day. © Fox Star Studios (3) That Sexism Scares You, Not Feminism Yup, as text-bookish as I may sound right about now, it's actually true. Be wary, you're always judged for that and that's not because women want to judge you till you evaporate, it's because equality is very important for them and if you're on the same wavelength, hallelujah! Women have found a voice in 2019, well they had one way before too, maybe you just weren't listening. But now, if you hear, they're saying it's okay to understand what they really need and want from a man, which doesn't reek of sexist behaviour and aligns with some feminist ideology. It certainly doesn't mean you have to embrace everything in the name of feminism, it just means you have to start being equals. Chivalry is great but maybe go dutch on the bill? Let her drive you for a change or even pull a chair back for you? © Eros International (4) Be Honest About Your Long-Term Goals You can slip it into a conversation or just have a long conversation and disclose all you want to about what you're looking at, in 2019. You could be looking at getting married or maybe just being with someone, whatever it is, being honest about it, rather than shying away from it is way easier and classier, might I add. © Yash Raj Films You could add-on more honest things to be honest about other than these 4 pointers and make a classic example of how you've understood what I am trying to say, or you can just press the little obnoxious cross on the top-right corner of your window and close this article, but let me tell you this- Who doesn't love an honest man? He can live a tough life but he'd never be forgotten and that's how important a role honesty really plays, in society and of course in 2019, today.
  20. An interview is an essential process and the first step towards getting a dream job. While prepping answers and getting the company's history that you're interviewing for is the most important aspect of the interview prep, your physical presentation also matters. The first impression to the interviewer is how you look. There is an unspoken rule book of things that you should never wear to an interview. But besides that, there are certain general common mistakes that people tend to make before going for interviews. For example: 1. Not Planning Your Interview Outfit You might spend all your time in interview prep and not give a single passing thought to the outfit that you're going to wear. That's a big problem. What if your pants don't fit you right anymore? What if the shirt that you usually wear has an ink stain on it? What if the tie doesn't go with the outfit and stands out but in a bad way? Too many whats and ifs. However, if you plan your outfit before hand, it saves you from last minute anxiety and otherwise easily preventable disasters. 2. Not Ironing Your Outfits Even if you're sorted with the exact details of the outfit in your head, it doesn't mean your job is over. Hey, you need to to take that outfit out and iron it to perfection. Make sure you get that middle crease with the pants. Also, hang your clothes and put them away in a corner so that all that hard work doesn't go waste. 3. Not Getting A Fresh Shave And A Haircut You need to get a formal beard that is sharply cut and a presentable hairstyle for your interview. You don't want the interviewer to think you're going to lounge around in the office once you get the job (even if that is exactly what you plan to do) © allstyles 4. Not Wearing The Right Kind Of Shoes You can't wear open toe-d shoes or sneakers to an interview. An office's environment might allow you to make these changes later to your outfit. However, for the interview it's best to keep it formal because you don't know the mindset of the interviewer. © farfetch 5. Not Polishing Your Shoes Even if you have the right kind of shoes, not polishing them is a huge eye-brow raiser. If you have everything else going right for you, don't forget to polish your shoes. 6. Not Using A Mouthwash It is very likely that an interview might take place after hours of waiting. You don't want to take the chance and have your mouth stink when you open it in front of the interviewer. Always keep emergency mints and a travel mouthwash bottle with you and use it whenever you feel the need to freshen up. Trust me, it makes all the difference. 7. Not Removing Your Jewellery We're talking lockets, bracelets, rings, studs. You don't want to heavily accessorize before the big day. Feel free to wear these trinkets once you get the job but during an interview, you don't want to let an interviewer's opinion of your metal trinkets affect your career prospects, right?
  21. Many things change as time marches on. Slavery was abolished, the man went to the moon, phones and tech became portable, the internet brought us closer. But through all this change EVERYONE still enjoys having ***. An important pre-requisite to having *** is the dating game, which too has changed in recent years, and is certainly not what it used to be even a decade ago. © Instagram Here are our 10 rules of modern dating all men should at least be aware of in 2019: (1) Confidence Not Cockiness Confidence is eternal, but a cocky person is an entitled brat, with insecurities. Right out of the gate, let's establish that confidence is a quality that is a must-have if one is going to seek out the correct partner(s). Confidence is not an inherent trait in everyone and is acquired through exploration of self and individual skills. This is, however, a double-edged sword. Being cocky sometimes is alright when you have the chops to back it up but no one likes somebody who is cocky 24/7. The modern woman doesn't find cocky attractive. Confidence with humility is the way to go for 2019. © Getty Images (2) Get Bumble As far as dating apps go, Tinder has been a mainstay for quite some time. For those of you living under a rock, there now exist apps that allow us to carousel prospective suitors/matches with a flick of a finger. Bumble ups the ante by making itself more user-friendly. On Bumble, women find your profile, swipe to like, and must initiate the conversation with the men of their liking. If this is not progressive thought, I don't know what is. A must have in 2019. © Getty Images (3) Be Honest & Transparent This is an old trope. But it is a golden one too. If you, like many others, enjoy the thrill and stress of dating multiple partners simultaneously, it will be far easier to manage the several women in your life if you are honest. Hiding your phone, sneaky phone calls, shady texting apps are all contributors to having a stressful love life. Be honest about your intentions and feelings, if she reciprocates and accepts you for you – amazing. If not, just keep in mind you don't want to be the kind of person that hurts someone. Being honest and transparent is the key. © Getty Images (4) Be Interesting By Developing Your Personality Being unique is not as tough as you might think. Work on becoming a well-rounded person. Go travel, experience different cuisines, have unique capabilities, go for a cross-country drive, take a yoga class, climb a mountain; be a connoisseur of life. Do things that give you more depth as an individual. Not only will this help when talking to women but, also in the long run. By being in these unique environments, you never know whom you may meet. Maybe a possible love interest is born out of mutual interest. © Getty Images (5) Get Creative With Dates Drinks and dinner is classic, but boring. Think out of the box when planning your dates; breakfast in pyjamas, a live music show, stand-up comedy, or perhaps, karaoke? The point is, be bold with your choices. Be yourself, and find someone who appreciates you for who you are and your interests. © Getty Images (6) Humour Goes A Long Way A good sense of humour is a trait that increases your viability as a long-term partner. In the short term it has a more important benefit – if you can make your date laugh, you can ease the tension and awkwardness that is typical of first dates. Making the date fun can increase your chances of a second date. Which, in turn dramatically increases the odds of you getting laid. Most importantly, though, if it doesn't go well, you'll know how to laugh it off! © Getty Images (7) Be In Shape & Dress Well Well, in line with our opinion of confidence, a fit physique will also help overcome any perceived insecurities when approaching women. Atop the healthy you, be sure to wear sharp & fitted clothes that make YOU feel good. Simply put, if you dress and feel like a million bucks, others will want to know what's in your cup too. © Getty Images (8) Practice Makes Perfect The entire saying is 'perfect practice makes perfect'. Since perfection in the dating game is unknowable, it is best to keep the charm on as often as you can. Dealing with clients and dates isn't too different. At the end of the day, you have to sell yourself to them. Be suave, cool and composed. Don't let the possibility of rejection make you desperate. If they don't like what you're selling, move on. Focus on finding someone who values what you have to offer, and won't be able to resist that curated charm. © Getty Images (9) Don't Make Assumptions Do not assume anything. We mean anything. Don't assume she's looking to be monogamous. Don't assume she drinks. Don't assume she doesn't drink. Don't assume texting early is a no-no. Don't assume you are the only one on her radar. Do not assume she likes bad boys or nice guys. Do NOT assume anything! © Getty Images (10) Chivalry 2.0 The line between chivalry and chauvinism has been blurred. Systemic patriarchy has only served as the constant fuel on the fire that is the male-female dynamic in the 21st century. A sensitive topic nowadays with all the #MeToo horror stories, some men have developed a genuine apprehension to dating with respect to how we should behave, given that we feel our gender is being torn down at every turn. However, in spite of the perceived bad apples, as men, we must be courteous, chivalrous and charming. Holding the door open, treating people with respect, offering to pay for the meal are all classics and will never go out of style. In a world full of assholes, hold yourself to a better standard. Women will respond to a man with solid morals and principles.
  22. Sledging - the art of getting under your competition's skin by throwing shade at them via verbal intimidation. The idea is to shake your opponent's concentration thereby putting them in a situation in which they are likely to make mistakes and give you the opportunity to exploit their distraction. Having said that, there exists a very fine line between competitively mocking someone and actually offending them on levels that are not only socially unacceptable but can also mentally scar them, and sledging works along that thin line. Understandably, the process could get a bit tricky especially in today's era of the internet in which information travels faster than light and nothing ever is truly forgotten. In the first month of 2019, the cricketing world has seen two examples of sledging that were triggered for similar reasons but turned out to be poles apart in terms of their respective outcomes. While on one hand, we got to witness the great competitive spirit between the Indian wicketkeeper, Rishabh Pant and the Aussie Test captain, Tim Paine, during the Test series between India and Australia, on the other, was what we can only call a complete disaster at the hands of the Pakistani skipper Sarfraz Ahmed against South Africa's Andile Phehlukwayo. During India's tour Down Under, there were various instances in which Pant and Paine exchanged some cheeky comments. While Paine called him a 'babysitter', the 21-year-old returned the favour by asking him how his 'temporary' captaincy was going. The fact that Tim's wife Bonnie Paine joined the ongoing sketch with the classic photo with Pant and even the Australian Prime Minister appreciating the competition, made the rivalry a lot more exciting and fun to watch. Tim Paine doing some recruiting for the @HurricanesBBL out in the middle of the 'G... ð#AUSvIND pic.twitter.com/6btRZA3KI7 — cricket.com.au (@cricketcomau) December 28, 2018 Despite the comical banter, the two wicketkeepers and batsmen kept it classy while respecting the competing nature of one another. No badmouthing or display of passive aggression was reported during the series or even after it. It was good entertainment for the players, the commentators and the millions of Indian and Australian fans of the game who tuned in daily to watch the two historically great teams go head-to-head. It was Rishabh Pant's turn for some fun on the stump mic today... #AUSvIND pic.twitter.com/RS8I6kI55f — cricket.com.au (@cricketcomau) December 29, 2018 And then there is Pakistan captain, Sarfraz Ahmed's absolute blunder which came up during the second ODI against South Africa. In a desperate attempt to break a completely dialled-in Andile Phehlukwayo's focus, the wicketkeeper yelled out: “Abey kaale, teri ammi aaj kahaan baitheen hain? Kya padhwa ke aaye hai aaj? (Hey black guy, where's your mother sitting today? What [prayer] have you got her to say for you today?).” Not so subtle, is it? Sarfaraz Ahmed to Andile Phehlukwayo: "abbay kaale teri Ami kahan bethi hoyi hain aaj, kya parhwa kay aya hai aaj" "black man wheres your mother sat? What have you asked your mother to pray for you today?"#SAvPAK pic.twitter.com/vw6yuE73OE — Saj Sadiq (@Saj_PakPassion) January 22, 2019 The comment was so offensive that even the legendary Ramiz Raja, the on-air commentator during the match, seemed uncomfortable even speaking about it and when asked by fellow commentator Mike Haysman to translate it for the rest of the English speaking audience, he bailed out by saying that it was a “big long sentence” and was therefore “difficult really to translate.” Racism, in any form, is unacceptable and when you are visiting a country like South Africa, that has a history so tainted by sacrifice and blood lost over colour based discrimination for decades, the visitors must be extra sensitive about such issues. For Ahmed, who happens to be the captain of a national team and therefore the most influential representative of his country, to say something so appalling, is a testament to his lack of sportsmanship and insensitivity towards the others. Pakistan not only lost the match at the hands of Phehlukwayo, who went on to become the Man of the Match but now, Ahmed is also looking at some very serious sanctions that the ICC is mulling over his violation of the ICC Anti-Racism Policy for International Cricket.
  23. There was a time when games would first come to iOS, followed by Android. This is now rapidly changing and developers are often prioritizing the open source platform, thanks to the larger available user base. While 2018 has been all about battle royale games like PUBG and Fortnite, there are thousands of simulation and arcade games that are equally fun to play and less time intensive. With the new year already here, now's a good time to reboot the available games on your phone and try something different. We've compiled a list of trending games for Android that are fun to play and are challenging as well! 1. Command and Conquer: Rivals © Android Central Command & Conquer: Rivals is a real-time player versus player (PvP) game, where gamers lead their faction to victory in the war for Tiberium, a key resource. EA's new Command & Conquer: Rivals was designed with mobile platforms like Android in mind. The game offers players two factions: The Global Defense Initiative and Brotherhood of Nod. Each faction has different commanders with different abilities. In the new mode, EA said players go on a run of battles, competing with others in a unique matchmaking pool. Competition is segmented by rank. The better people perform, the more rewards they receive. While the game works fine on mobile, it is even more convenient and fun to play on a tablet. Download from Google Play Store 2. Assassin's Creed Rebellion © EA You can grab Assassin's Creed Rebellion off the Play Store for free, though advertisements are included along with in-game purchases. According to the listing, you'll find access to over 40 characters, some old and some new, building a group of assassin to take on the Templars and oppression taking place in Spain. You'll be able to manage your own base of assassins, build new rooms, craft new equipment, gather resources and create new medicine. You'll be building up your assassin army and expanding your domain, all the while pulling off missions, similar to Fallout Shelter. Download from Google Play Store 3. F1 Mobile Racing © YouTube You can develop and customise your own F1 car from the ground up, or race for one of the 10 official F1 teams. In the multi-player mode, you can challenge opponents from around the world, or add up your friends to race. It also features official circuits, including Hockenheim in Germany. It doesn't end here, you can also assume the role of legends like Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso. The graphics are stunning and the gameplay is top-notch. In fact, we can confidently say this is one of the best simulation/racing game for Android. Download form Google Play Store 4. Asphalt 9: Legends © Gameloft Gameloft has retained the frenetic, cinematic action that made the earlier games so popular and taken things up another notch. The game is free to download but features ads and in-app purchases. This game features a top roster of real hypercars from manufacturers like Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and W Motors. Gamers can start their street journey in Career mode by completing over 60 seasons and 800 events. Gamers can race against up to 7 rival plays from all over the world in the online multiplayer mode. Other features include a new Club mode where you and your friends can work towards achieving more challenging rewards, as well as 8-player local multiplayer. Download from Google Play Store 5. Skiddy Car © YouTube Compared to other simulation games, the controls on this one are fairly simple. Just tap to turn right, release to turn left and drift your way to the finish line. Sounds easy? The actual experience is extremely challenging and requires focus. If you want a game that gets you hooked and constantly tests you, this one is definitely built keeping you in mind. It has a wide collection of vehicles to choose from, the graphics are colourful, and the tracks have different designs as well. Overall, it's a light game to pass time quickly. Download from Google Play Store 6. Rise Up © YouTube The goal of the game is simple, you are tasked with protecting a balloon as it rises through various obstacles, and it shouldn't hit anything. With a single finger, you have to drag a circle around it to deflect the objects and obstacles that appear. All you need to do is move your shield with one finger to protect your balloon. Clear your way as you reach higher and higher, but reaching the top score is extremely difficult. This is another game that is exceedingly light and best for short duration fun. Download from Google Play Store 7. HeliHopper © Oddrok HeliHopper is a fun helicopter game where you hop from a helipad to another. It has missions, endless mode, tons of unlockables and a simple UI. The game is controlled by a simple slingshot mechanism and you can perform side-hops in the air by swiping the screen during the flight. Wind and various landing pads make things even more tricky. In total, it has 65 missions and 9 endless levels to choose from, along with 10 different helicopters. Download from Google Play Store
  24. PUBG Mobile and Fortnite have been sensational in 2018 and the craze is yet to fade. While these games undoubtedly redefined the capabilities of mobile gaming on a larger scale, they've also proven to be extremely resource intensive and often addictive. In the past, we've seen games like Temple Run and Pokemon Go become instant hits and the ones who started early ruled the leaderboards. We've compiled a list of games for iOS devices that you should be playing right now. These aren't exhaustive for the phone and also offer the right combination of fun, without the addiction! 1. Garena Free Fire - Winterland © Malavida It is a survival shooter game wherein the player is placed onto a remote island for ten minutes and pitted against 49 players, and the ultimate survivor wins. This game belongs to the infamous battle royale genre, but add a lot of different twists to it. You can freely choose your starting point and should aim to stay within the safe zone all the time. You can also create a squad of four players and pit against various other teams. How is this different from PUBG? The game is built to be short, so you don't end up spending almost an hour playing just one round. Get it here 2. Helix Jump © YouTube If you are in the mood for a cool and challenging reaction game, you should try Helix Jump. Your goal is to make the bouncing ball descend as much as possible as it jumps constantly on the same spot. In this game, you don't control the ball at all, but you get to turn the platform around to make the ball fall down through the gaps. How long will you last though? Get it here 3. Press Inc © Ruby Games Like seeing those satisfying videos on YouTube about various things getting crushed under a hydraulic press? This game intends to bring the same concept in a more interactive way. You can crush literally anything, starting with a cake to a nuclear fuel pod, anything! Why play the game? It is human to vent out stress by breaking things. Why go through actual physical damage when you can experience the same virtually? This game has actually helped many relieve stress in a non-lethal way, and besides, it's always fun to see a hydraulic press working! Get it here 4. Modern Combat 5 © Gameloft While it is common to see PC games getting mobile versions these days, it is really rare to see mobile games get made into a PC game, which is happening for Gameloft's Modern Combat 5. Modern Combat 5 is an intense FPS that puts you in control of one of 10 unique soldier classes, each packing their own unique arsenal, skills, and personality. You can completely customize your combat style by first choosing a class to play as, then unlock new skills as you level up, and equip advanced tactical suits and weapon attachments to fine-tune your capabilities. Get it here 5. Left To Survive © YouTube As the name suggests, you need to defend yourself from oncoming zombie attacks in a post-apocalyptic world. Build your encampment to defend yourself against enemy attacks and attack using rifles, grenades, shotguns, and anything in your arsenal. As you climb up the levels, new addition includes a helicopter for aerial attacks as well as challenging Zombie bosses. Another interesting aspect of the game is its intense PvP mode wherein you can test your skills against live players. Get it here 6. Need For Speed: No Limits © EA Need For Speed: No Limits is a free racing game that delivers short but intense races as you blast through an underground street racing circuit. You can heavily customize your car, and the branded cars actually include Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Pagani, Koenigsegg, Hennessey, and more. Just like most other Need for Speed games, you can play multiple channels like evading police, drifting, time trials, as well as online racing with friends. Being free to play, NFS: No Limits features a variety of in-game and premium currency systems, as well as a fuel system. Get it here 7. Egg Inc © AUX Brain While the Instagram egg has been the hottest word in town, this game is about a future in which eggs unlock the secrets of the universe. The very nature of the idle game allows players to do nothing and still be rewarded, occasionally pressing a button to increase the reward or the speed at which they are rewarded. Hatch chickens, build hen houses, hire drivers, and commission research to build the most advanced egg farm in the world. Basically, a modern day Farmville for eggs! Get it here
  25. A leather jacket should be a staple in every man's wardrobe. Not only are they great for biker dudes, but work great for a casual date in the day. A leather jacket adds an added charm, structure and ruggedness to your outfit. It also acts as a a great layering agent and adding dimensions to your outfit. © YouTube You could use trends like athleisure and animal print to add a little funk to your outfit. Think joggers, striped pants to begin. Or you could just monochrome it by colour coordinating an all black everything ensemble. You could even wear a sweater underneath for a chilled out look. © Viral Bhayani Here are some leather jackets that we like and we recommend for your closet. 1. Panelled Faux Leather Jacket By Arrow Sports With a standing collar and ribbed hems this leather jacket is perfect for a brunch date. © Nnow Price: 3,000 Buy It Here 2. Biker Panel PU Leather Jacket By Fort Collins This one has cool stick-on patches to break the colour with groovy elements. © Koovs Price:2,373 Buy it here 3. Men Black Solid Leather Jacket by French Connection A leather jacket with huge pockets on the chest is both utilitarian and keeps it high-key fashionable. © Myntra Price: 3,499 Buy it here 4. Lapelled leather biker jacket by Mango With crisp details like biker design and camp collar, this is one of the finer jackets you could own. © Mango Price: 22,990 Buy it here 5. Faux Leather Biker Jacket By Zara © Zara Price: 6,490 Buy it here 6. Biker jacket By H&M A jacket with a slanting zip that gives structure to your body. Buy it if you don't have time to go to the gym. © H&M Price: 4,499 Buy it here 7. Men Black Solid Leather Jacket By Justtanned A basic leather jacket that would work really well with a pair of cool white sneakers. © Jabong Price: 8998 Buy it here