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Found 3 results

  1. Every once in a while, there comes along an athlete who outgrows their competition in extreme ways, sometimes quite literally, but that doesn't take away their right to love and marry the people of the 'normal size'. Here's a list of four giant athletes who married averaged sized humans: 1. Shaquille O'Neal and Laticia Rolle The former NBA player was a massive force to deal with during his prime. Despite his 147 kg, 7'1'' frame, Shaq was god-gifted with extreme agility and athleticism, making him one of the most dominating players in the history of basketball. © TNT After a series of casual relationships and a divorce, the former Los Angeles Lakers Centre found true love in blogger-turned model Laticia Rolle, with whom Shaq has shared a stable relationship since 2014. Her height? 5'6''. 2. The Great Khali and Harminder Kaur The most successful Indian to have stepped into the WWE ring and fight legends like The Undertaker and John Cena, the Great Khali aka Dalip Singh Rana has found fame both in India and abroad and has even done his nation proud in international movies. © CJ Kapil Even though he was portrayed as the 'Punjabi Playboy' during the second half of his career with the wrestling organisation, the 7'1'' tall Khali, on many occasions, has expressed his affection for his 5'9'' tall wife Harminder Kaur, with whom he has shared a married life since 2002. 3. 'The Mountain' Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson and Kelsey Henson Björnsson, who plays the role of Gregor 'The Mountain' Clegane in HBO's popular show 'Game of Thrones' is also a powerlifter who has competed and won numerous highly prestigious competitions such as the 2019 Arnold's Classic and The World's Strongest Man. Very recently he even broke his own record in deadlifting. View this post on Instagram Loving our new limited edition gear by @sbdapparel!! . . @thorbjornsson . . #iceland #canada #canadian #woman #fit #fitness #fitfam #fitspo #train #training #partner #flex #gym #lift #weights #girlswholift #strong #build #strength #grow #gains #dedication #motivation #selflove #discipline #progress #sbd A post shared by Kelsey Henson (@kelc33) on Jul 20, 2018 at 1:47pm PDT Married to fitness model Kelsey Henson since October last year, Björnsson considers her to be his “lucky charm” as the athlete has not lost a single competition he has entered ever since the couple tied the knot. Henson is all of 5'2'' while Björnsson is 6'9'' tall. 4. Yao Ming and Ye Li When we say Yao Ming is tall, we mean he can touch the top of the backboard of a basketball ring without jumping. Towering at an amazing height of 7'3'', Ming was one the first Asians to have played in the NBA court for the Houston Rockets. © Princess Cruise Although his wife Ye Li is also a basketball player and is 6'3'' tall, when standing next to Ming, she looks way tinier than she actually is.
  2. Let's talk about pants for a minute. Getting a perfect fit for your pants is more often than not neglected. Men's pants are either too tight or too lose. Normally, less thought is given to how a pair of pants fits than how it looks while the latter is equally pants. You need well-fitted pants not just for achieving a polished outfit but also for your own sake, because well-fitted pants can be really comfortable. Anyway, wearing ill-fitted pants to an interview is a big mistake. I mean the most obvious pointer is that if they're too baggy and falling off like this if you forget a belt one day: via GIPHY Then you get rid of them. But in case you're confused about how to judge what a comfortable pair of pants looks like, here is a guide to help you with that. 1) The Pinch Test © stitch fix man You need to pinch your pants while you're wearing it. Ideally, you should be able to pinch about 1 inch of fabric but not more. If you can pinch more, that means your pants are lose and you should get a smaller size. Your pants should never fit too tight or bend at the knees. 2) The Consistency Test via GIPHY You don't want your pants to be so uncomfortable that you have problems adjusting while sitting and standing up. A pair of pants with the said tightness won't let you move around freely which defeats the purpose of pants. Trust me, if you get the fit right, you won't even realize you're wearing pants. They'll feel like PJs. For that, your pants need to feel consistent around your butt and lower legs. A similar circumference ensures a good fit. 3) Never Trust A Number via GIPHY The waist size that you have might not match with the waist size of some other brand. Within a brand, what is a 36 this year, might not be the same next year. You need to go to the trial room or get fittings done properly. You can't assume your size. Never make that mistake. 4) The No Break Check You need to check if your pants end right above your ankle to create a no-break effect. This complements your body structure, and will make you look taller as well.
  3. Samsung has finally offered new details about its upcoming smartphone, that has been rumoured for a while to launch soon. In an interview with CNET, Samsung's DJ Koh revealed that the foldable smartphone will basically be a tablet that can turn into a pocket-sized smartphone. © Samsung It has been rumoured to be called the 'Galaxy F' and Koh claims, that the device will probably be one of the more practical devices in the market when it launches. Koh did not reveal any details about the foldable smartphone and neither did he mention any launch date. “When we deliver a foldable phone, it has to be really meaningful to our customer,” Koh said in an interview. “If the user experience is not up to my standard, I don't want to deliver those kinds of products.” Koh stressed that the device will not a gimmick and will probably be a nice product when it launches. “It may be a niche market, but definitely, it will expand,” Koh told CNET. “I'm positive that we do need a foldable phone.” © Twitter The South Korean company has been trying to develop a foldable smartphone since 2013, when the company teased a bendable OLED display at CES 2013. Koh, however, did confirm that the smartphone will launch sometime this year and could even make an appearance at Samsung's Developer Conference next month. Huawei is also looking to launch a similar smartphone as early as next month and it seems like the competition in this space is getting heated already. Huawei is currently the world's second largest smartphone maker and is now creeping up Samsung's territory to dethrone the South Korean giant. Source: Cnet