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Found 286 results

  1. That fact that Varun Dhawan is a massive sneakerhead is no secret. He has one of the most varied and awe-inducing collections of sneakers in Bollywood. Time and again, he has shown us, as well as the rest of the Hindi film industry, just how quirky his sensibilities are when it comes to sneakers. © Viral Bhayani From sneakers that legit look they have been made out of fur, to a pair of really zany, rainbow-coloured sneakers, he has worn every kind of sneaker that one can think of. © Viral Bhayani Well, this time around, he was spotted wearing perhaps the chunkiest of sneakers we have ever seen. So chunky, in fact, that the treads on the sole of the sneakers look as if they are as deep as that of a car’s tyre. © Viral Bhayani But first, let’s have a look at his outfit. Varun was spotted outside the offices of Maddock Films, wearing a rather basic, but functional outfit - a black T-shirt with a pair of relax-fit, black joggers. We also like the Idee clubmaster-styled sunglasses that he has paired with the outfit. © Viral Bhayani All in all, this is actually a nice way to colour coordinate your outfits, and go for a monochrome outfit. © Viral Bhayani The centrepiece, so to speak, of Varun’s ensemble, however, are his sneakers, and boy are they something special. © Reebok Varun is seen here wearing the Classic Leather Legacy Sneakers In Chalk Blue, from Reebok. At first glance, they seem like any other, run of the mill sneakers. © Reebok Upon looking closely, one will realise, that these are perhaps the chunkiest sneakers anyone in Bollywood has ever worn. In fact, the treads on the sole of the sneaks, look humongous. They, in fact, look as big and deep, as the treads we see on the tyres of a car. © Reebok The upper of these sneakers are made using sustainable materials. The sneakers itself are a part of their ‘[Ree]Cycled’ sustainable collection. © Viral Bhayani Considering that we have seen Varun wear sneakers that cost as much as a new iPhone, these sneakers are actually affordable. Although they retail for about Rs 6,599, sneakerheads can pick these pair up for a lot less, if they know where to look and know how to play their cards right. © Viral Bhayani As quirky as these sneakers look, we actually kinda dig its aesthetic and colourway. The fact that they are somewhat sustainably made, is another cool aspect. View the full article
  2. Sneakers have become a huge part of every celebrity's style. Some bank on a basic pair of sneakers, while some are seen in outlandish shoes. Irrespective of the style, sneakers are undoubtedly a statement piece that can instantly amplify any basic look. © Viral Bhayani Varun Dhawan too has banked on this style several times and the formula has worked for him often. Dhawan is quite fashion-forward with his choices. Even though he is mostly seen wearing Reebok sneakers, he still never fails to make every look count. Think colourful sneakers, classic legacy shoes or dad sneakers, Varun has plausibly done it all. © Reebok Varun is wearing Brain Dead sneakers by Reebok and the iconic silhouette comes draped in mesh and nappy suede. These also have the brain dead logo on the tongue tag and the sides. Add to that, the sneakers have fuzzy yellow laces. © Viral Bhayani Coming to his outfit, we are a fan of his cargo pants here, since they have extra long strap protruding out of the pockets. Not just that, these pants are also minimally distressed. He has paired it with a white T-shirt and layered it with a grey hoodie. Overall, this is a perfect mix of street-style fashion. View the full article
  3. Shardul Thakur surely is on cloud nine. After a stunning performance at the Border-Gavaskar Trophy in Australia, particularly in the test match in Gabba, it is actually reasonable to expect one of the star performers to be so ecstatic. © Reuters It seems that apart from smashing Australian bowlers to smithereens, Shardul also knows how to dress down in style. © Viral Bhayani Recently, he was spotted at the Mumbai Airport, returning with the Indian Cricket Team after their Australian tour, where he was spotted in perhaps one of the coolest outfits that one can wear while taking a flight. © Viral Bhayani Shardul was seen wearing a white T-shirt with basic black joggers. On top of that, he had thrown on an oversized jacket in military camouflage. What caught our eye though, was the rather quirky pair of sneakers that he was wearing. © Viral Bhayani Shardul was seen wearing the Jordan Max 200 Lace-Up Sneakers from Nike. Designed in collaboration with Michael Jordan, arguable one of the all-time greats of basketball, the Jordan Max 200s or the Air200s as they are commonly referred to, are a pair of legacy sneakers. © Nike Although they are available in a number of colourways, the one that Shardul is seen wearing, in white, cream and red, was one of the original designs that was commissioned by Jordan. © Nike One would assume that such legacy sneakers would be insanely expensive. Although they aren’t exactly cheap, they are actually quite affordable, when you consider the legacy of those sneakers. © Viral Bhayani While the Jordan 200s are listed for an MRP of Rs 10,495, you can actually pick these up for as low as Rs 6,000 if you know where to shop, and if you play your cards right. © Nike Another piece that caught our eye was Shardul’s bright yellow Backpack. They are customised piece from Brune By Voga-Now, one of India’s most prominent luxury leather product makers. They also supply the Indian cricket team with their backpacks and duffle bags. © Viral Bhayani The particular backpack that we see Shardul carrying here is a customised version of the CZ-92, which retails for about Rs 21,999. Depending on your customisations, you’re looking at a price tag of roughly Rs 25,000-Rs 30,000. © Viral Bhayani It is actually quite nice to see Indian brands being appreciated by Indian athletes. As for Shardul, all we can say is, take a bow, man. View the full article
  4. Virat Kohli has not just been knocking it out of the park on the field but also knows how to do it even otherwise. He has also cemented his position in the fashion department as well. Be it his clothes, sneakers or exquisite timepieces, give him anything and he will show you some zany ways to wear it. © Viral Bhayani Virat also knows how to dress according to the occasion. From wearing a statement watch on his birthday to grabbing our attention with his sneakers, he has done it all. He had gone low-key with his appearances lately but since we spotted him after a very long time, we couldn't help but notice his style. One thing that's certain about Virat is that he makes a relatable style move every time. His recent ensemble looked easy and laid-back, but our eyes were stuck at the sneakers that he was wearing. Take a look at the pair here. © Puma Moreover, the outsole is engineered to have an ideal multi-directional movement. These also have rubber wrap-ups. View the full article
  5. Besides Govinda's dynamic persona and irreproachable acting skills, another inseparable element about him is his fashion sense. His sartorial taste is unlike other celebrities. There was a time when he would step out in some tacky denim and colourful, OTT jackets clad with baggy trousers. © Instagram/Govinda_FC © Viral Bhayani When it comes to footwear, celebrities are majorly seen in some zany sneakers. Govinda on the other hand, keeps his style quotient elevated with some classic pair of shoes. This time, he was seen sporting a relaxed pair of strappy sandals. The style that he is wearing looks comfortable and is a wearable option even for us, unlike other chunky sneakers that we have seen most celebrities in. View the full article
  6. When it comes to style, no one does it better than the stars in the South. While Bollywood actors have their own way of making a statement, a few actors from down South, with their incredible dressing sense, have struck a chord with us. If there is one actor though, who has time and again raised the stakes higher and also given B-towners a run for their money, it is Rana Daggubati. © Viral Bhayani © Sneakernews Coming to the price of this pair, these are worth Rs 11,706, approximately. These seem totally worth it, given the silhouette and the overall style of this pair. View the full article
  7. Shabir Ahluwalia is one of the most avidly followed television stars in the country, thanks to his rockstar like image, and his dope sense of fashion. And if you want any proof of it, just take a good hard look at his most recent outfit. © Viral Bhayani Shabir was spotted in a Mumbai, returning from a holiday in the Maldives apparently. It seems though that the actor is keen on keeping the beach aesthetic that he took up during his vacation a bit longer. Only in Mumbai, is something like this feasible. © Viral Bhayani Shabir’s outfit would be perfect for those of us who are missing a sunny beach. Thanks to the global pandemic, a lot of us had to cancel our vacation plans. This is actually a decent way to live vicariously, being voyeurs to a celebrity’s destination holidays. © Viral Bhayani Shabir was seen wearing a rather dope looking Cuban-collared floral shirt. This was paired to a pair of white shorts, which, quite frankly, looked rather dope. We also like the hairband he has on as an accessory. The overall outfit is perfectly balanced and is definitely something we would like to cop, the next time we go for a vacation. © Viral Bhayani The sneakers that Shabir is wearing though, are on a whole different level. We have discussed that certain television celebrities are actually bigger hypebeasts and sneakerheads than most Bollywood celebrities. Seems like we should add Shabir to that list as well. © Viral Bhayani He was spotted wearing a rather dope and unique pair of sneakers. Shabir was seen wearing a pair of orange Kenzo’s Move sneakers. © Kenzo This is truly a unique pair of sneakers. First of all, not many celebrities actually wear sneakers from Kenzo, not in public at least. Secondly, the sneakers have a rather bizarre but cool construction. © Kenzo The Orange upper is actually made of leather and has a generous amount of suede accents as well. The upper is complemented by a rather zany looking, vibrant blue sole, which pops up, over a certain section of the upper as well. This gives the sneaker a rather chunky aesthetic while helping the sneakers keep a low profile. © Kenzo Considering the price tags that some of the most commonly worn sneakers, mainly from Balenciagas and Off-White Air Jordans, come with, we have to say, these Kenzo sneakers actually seem cheap, although, they still are expensive. © Viral Bhayani The Kenzo Move Sneakers in Orange retails for about $265, or roughly Rs 20,000, plus taxes and import tariffs, if applicable. © Kenzo All in all, that’s a pretty dope outfit that Shabir has got on. Way to go, man. View the full article
  8. Aparshakti Khurana has carved a niche for himself in Bollywood with movies like Dangal, Stree Luka Chuppi etc. While his career graph is soaring, we also can't deny the fact that Apar has also been on the forefront, when it comes to fashion. Every time he is papped, he is seen acting on some killer pieces that never fail to catch our eyes. © Viral Bhayani There was a time when he was seen in a heavily distressed sweater by Alexander McQueen and then again, in a sweatshirt that had the price and security tags intact on it. Say, what may, Apar knows how to stand out with eclectic designs. © Viral Bhayani As for his outfit, the bright red T-shirt by Neil Barrett with black joggers looks outstanding, despite being basic. That, paired with New York Yankees beige cap and oversized glasses by Carerra added a good amount of contrast to his look. On the work front, Aparshakti would be seen in two main movies, including Kanpuriye and Helmet in 2021. View the full article
  9. As kids, the moment we used to switch on the television, the first thing we would hop onto would be some soothing songs of the 90s, that instantly struck a chord with us. © Viral Bhayani Shantanu Mukherji, very well known as Shaan, became a household name in the 90s. The singer gave some back to back hits with songs like Tanha Dil, Dus Bahaane, and so many others. Shaan certainly created magic in the music industry but if we also take a peek at his sartorial sensibilities, he is a fashionista who has also made some jaw-dropping statement with his style. © Gucci Shaan too was seen wearing Gucci's, Leather Suede Sneakers With Web Trims. These come with the signature design of the brand and these retro-inspired sneakers have printed bees at the heel, with the unique striped design on the sides. These are set on gummed rubber soles and the subtle light yellow mix of leather and suede material, makes the pair look fashionable. © Viral Bhayani Speaking of Shaan's outfit, he can be seen wearing a mint green sweater, teamed with printed chinos. The combination looks sublime and we haven't seen any celebrity pull such an unconventional pair of pants and sneakers in a long time. Way to go, Shaan. View the full article
  10. It's not just our B-towners who have a massive collection of sneakers but if you leave it up to some TV actors as well, they will show you some uber-cool collectables too. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani We have stars like Karan Tacker, Maniesh Paul, Prince Narula etc. who have stirred the fashion landscape with their sneakers. However, if there's one celebrity who beats them all, not just with his sneakers but also his style sense, has to be Jay Bhanusali. © Viral Bhayani Jay has established himself to be a great actor in the Television world. When it comes to his style statement, he makes it pretty relatable. He keeps it understated and yet knows how to stand out. This recent instance too, is a perfect example of that. © Viral Bhayani While his outfit looked laid-back and casual, his sneakers, on the other hand, caught our attention stat. Take a look: © Puma These sneakers that Jay is wearing are by Puma and are called X-ray sneakers. These are a vintage style pair, with the best athletic technology by the brand. The chunky silhouette and the oversized elements make for a perfect style for all the vintage enthusiasts. That, with injection-moulded EVA midsole, helps one stride comfortably. © Puma If we talk about the price of these sneakers, the good news is that these won't burn a big hole in our pockets too. These cost only Rs 3,000 right now and in fact, many celebrities are seen wearing this pair. © Viral Bhayani Coming to his outfit, the subtle white T-shirt with the branding of Pepe Jeans, looks stylish. The denim here totally made him score brownie points, for the way he has styled this ensemble. That, with a black mask, embroidered with a yellow danger sign, blends well with the aesthetics of this look. In all, we are taking notes from your sartorial style, Jay. View the full article
  11. After his famous monologue in Pyaar Ka Punchnama, Kartik Aaryan instantly became a hit and his brilliant comic timing made him the star that he is today. One thing about him, which is crystal clear, is that he knows how to make headlines with the roles he chooses. However, it's also his fashion game that draws a lot of attention. Kartik is a fashion icon whose simplistic style of aesthetic has been an inspiration for most millennials. From sporting some amazing athleisure pieces to making a statement in street fashion, he has been experimental with his sartorial sensibilities and has never failed to turn heads to his style. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani However, besides the fact that he is an eccentric dresser, Kartik has also flaunted some avant-garde sneakers as well. Be it a basic pair of white sneakers or wearing heeled sneakers, he has done it all. This time, as he was papped in a casual avatar, what piqued our interest was, yet again, the sneakers he was wearing. © Viral Bhayani Take a look: © Armani Exchange Kartik here is seen wearing Armani Exchange High sneakers. These sneakers come in neutral colours, and even though they have simple construction, the chunky outsole as well as the strap-like design, is adding more appeal to the overall construction. Talking more in detail about the pair, the style promises to be a perfect ally to dress up right, irrespective of the occasion. The best part? These sneakers are a perfect match that goes with everything and can be worn at anytime. © Armani Exchange As far as the price goes, these sneakers originally are worth Rs 15,336 but are available for Rs 9,201 right now. That seems like a good deal for a pair so outlandish. © Viral Bhayani His outfit too made a head-turning statement. We like the oversized nature of his shirt. That paired with classic denim and accessories screamed class. On the work front, Kartik has several movies lined up that include Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2, Dhamaka, Dostana 2, Luka Chuppi 2, etc. To sum it up, Kartik is a fashion luminary and we won't stop taking style notes from him. View the full article
  12. Ranveer Singh has an unapologetic dressing sense that sets him apart from most Bollywood actors. He is often credited for creating a sartorial stir in the fashion department and is irrepressible when it comes to going all out with his quirky choices. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani He constantly keeps reiterating the fact that he is an eccentric dresser and leaves no stone unturned with his ensembles as well as zany sneakers. The recent instance too establishes our claim. While most celebs would choose to step out in their casual best, Ranveer, on the other hand, is usually seen in pieces that are not just flamboyant but also come with a hefty price tag. Take a look at his sneakers now for example. © Adidas Ranveer is seen wearing Adidas Yeezy QNTM Teal Blue sneakers. These sneakers, which are a signature style and look stealthy and sleek, come from Kanye West's sneaker line and furthermore, have front lace-up fastening and flat rubber sole. © Adidas As for the price, these sneakers, given its edgy construction, are worth approximately Rs 20,000. Add import duties and customs to it, and the price of the pair will certainly shoot up. © Viral Bhayani Coming to his outfit, he is seen wearing a turquoise coloured tracksuit. That, with his edgy accessories makes him look swell. This is the best way to stand out, Ranveer. View the full article
  13. Ishaan Khatter, ever since he ventured into Bollywood, has ensured that his sartorial style gets noticed every time he is papped. And, just like so many other B-towners who go big on sneakers, Ishaan too, is a massive sneakerhead, we would say. From wearing the most confusing pair of sneakers to turning heads in his Uptempo shoes, he knows how to present his collectables in the most stylish ways. © Viral Bhayani Ishaan recently made an appearance where he was seen acing the athleisure trend, courtesy his oversized hoodie. But, a look below, and you will notice the intriguing element here - his sneakers, that are edgy and quite unconventional. Take a look: © Nike These sneakers are not very expensive and cost approximately Rs 7,496. This series of sneakers, in particular, has become a big deal at the moment in B-town as more and more celebs are donning this style. View the full article
  14. Sunny Singh recently made many appearances, and each time he is papped, we never leave a chance to talk about the star's zany sneakers. For the unversed, besides having on-point acting skills, Sunny is also a sneakerhead who has envious collectables. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani From wearing slanted heeled sneakers to standing out in a quirky, eccentric pair, Sunny has also worked extensively in the fashion department, and well, never failed to impress us with his fashion game. © Viral Bhayani This time too as he was seen at the gym, he didn't fail to make all the heads turn to his sartorial style. What grabbed our focus were the sneakers he wore. They aren't everyday running shoes but rather converse sneakers, which could possibly make working out in them a tad bit difficult. © Converse He is wearing Converse high top shoes, which have now become a classic. These sneakers have a comfortable insole with extra support and stability. The canvas upper is lightweight and durable and this timeless silhouette is an everyday style. © Converse But when it comes to the gym garb, Converse aren't ideal for workouts as they don't offer good arch support and flat shoes are a bad idea for workouts whereas trainers would be a best bet. © Viral Bhayani Still, we have to give Sunny points for the way he has styled this gym look. A sleeveless T-shirt hoodie paired with black joggers with Converse, overall, looks fashionable. Hats off, Sunny! View the full article
  15. Sunny Singh has an upcoming movie lined up for the next year, Adipurush and he is busy shooting for it currently. Other than that, he's also started stepping out more often post lockdown and his social media has been more active than before, which is nothing but good news for his fans. In fact, he's gained a sizeable Instagram following after regularly posting his spiffy outfits on social media. This is just one example of the lot. View this post on Instagram Having done movies like Pyaar Ka Punchnama, Ujda Chaman, and Sonu Ki Titu Ki Sweety, Sunny Singh is now diversifying and trying out other kinds of films. On the style front, his style too has evolved over the years and has now become more transitional. In fact, while he always steps out in a pandemic-appropriate outfit, when it comes to events, he leaves no stone unturned as well. For instance, a recent outfit: © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Sunny stepped out in a solid white t-shirt with a pair of crisp blue jeans. He further layered with a jacket with two different coloured sleeves. Take a close look at his outfit here: © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani He completed the outfit with a pair of Nike's Air Max 90 that is priced at 140 US Dollars which comes down to Rs 10,000, approximately. It has blue & yellow colourways and comes with a white mesh upper and smooth white leather vamp overlays. Here's what the sneaker silhouette looks like: © Nike The sneakers also flaunt white suede swooshes, a slanted heel, and vintage tongue tags. For a massive sneakerhead, this collectable from Sunny Singh's collection is rather affordable. View the full article
  16. Pulkit's appearances might go under the radar, but the actor has hit it out of the park several times with his fashionable avatar. His sartorial sensibilities are quite quirky and it also won't be wrong to call the man the king of fashion too. His Instagram is a perfect demonstration of the same and he is seen most of the times on a sartorial high. © Viral Bhayani © Melissa Not many people know about this brand, but Pulkit here is seen wearing Melissa Crew sneakers with neon straps. For the unversed, Melissa is a Brazillian fashion brand that specialises in women's footwear, curating styles with zealous jelly colours. These sneakers too show the same. These high top sneakers with colourful straps add a 90s nostalgia with an ideal splash of fun to the outfit. © Viral Bhayani Coming to his outfit, Pulkit seems to have dressed perfectly for the airport, with his basic white T-shirt, and minimally distressed pants. We also like the subtle denim jacket that he has worn with a backpack. In all, these are the best, tall sneakers we've seen! View the full article
  17. From Ranveer Singh's exulting fashion sense to Ayushmann Khurrana's on-point athleisure style, several B-town hunks have shown their love to dress up right, irrespective of the occasion. Then there are celebs like Arjun Kapoor and Sunny Singh, who also have their style sense on-point even when they are working out. © Viral Bhayani Joining the same league is Emraan Hashmi who has time and again sported some stellar workout outfits, which have left most of us inspired. His style statement is not just limited to his clothes as the man is also a low-key sneakerhead, who doesn't miss a chance to flaunt his zany sneakers, even at the gym. © Nike These are Nike's Air Max Sneakers which come in bright hues. The outsole is dual-toned with a reverse colour palette. Add to that, the chunky bright silhouette makes it look outstanding. View the full article
  18. Sometimes, even the most well-dressed celebs of Bollywood are not able to do what Kartik does with his fashion game. © Instagram/Kartik Aaryan Kartik has often been spotted in some classy ensembles but when he is not promoting his movies or is at any event, he has a relatable fashion sense. Aaryan also has a few statement pieces from some high-end luxury brands that we always pay heed to. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Besides his on-point sartorial sensibilities, one can't miss talking about his sneakers choices as well. From being spotted wearing an eccentric pair to turning heads in the most basic of shoes, this man knows how to tick the sartorial boxes right. © Viral Bhayani He was recently spotted at Mumbai airport as he was dropping off his sister. He was dressed head-to-toe in athleisure but what piqued our interest, were his sneakers. © Viral Bhayani In reality, the sneakers that Kartik is wearing are crystal white. But, it looks like Kartik let them turn become dirty, intentionally. These sneakers look as if they have been used and worn for years but that's the beauty of this trend. Often, celebrities have been seen donning the distressed trend and Kartik's style move has totally impressed us. © H&M © Viral Bhayani Add to that, we also like his choice of wearing an oversized hoodie here. This 'Thugger' hoodie is from H&M and is worth Rs 2,500. That, coupled with classic denims, made his overall look stand out. View the full article
  19. Siddhant Chaturvedi's fashion game is unbeatable. The stellar actor has never left a chance in flaunting some of his zany outfits. Not just that, for the unversed, Siddhant is also a massive sneakerhead who makes a relatable style statement, most of the time. While a few celebrities buy shoes that will probably burn a big hole in our wallets, Siddhant, on the other hand, has worn some dope pairs that are mostly under Rs 10K. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani On the work front, Siddhant is currently prepping for his upcoming movie Bhoot Police and is usually spotted with Ishaan Khatter. In most instances, they are both seen competing with their sneaker game. Siddhant this time stole our attention with his gradient burst sneakers. If you take a closer look, the intriguing element here is actually his pants. © Viral Bhayani Siddhant's cargo pants actually look like tent pants. The overall volume of the pants, plus the clasps and other detailing justifies our statement. We also like the way he has worn them, showing off his ankles and putting more emphasis on the sneakers. The silhouette also includes large pockets. The outfit is carefully coordinated with a striking, comfortable hoodie. © Skechers © Skechers Coming to his sneakers, we can see him wearing Skechers Max Road 4 sneakers. Designed for a long run, these come with Hyper burst cushioning. It has a rubber outsole along with knit fabric upper, for a sock like fit. The price as usual is not very high and these cost Rs 9,000. Not a bad deal, if you ask us. We are totally digging this look, Siddhant. View the full article
  20. Thanks to 2020, we saw a lot of celebrities elevate their style game with zany sneakers. Come 2021, nothing seems to have changed and we are seeing more stars embracing the trend and flaunting their statement pieces. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani One such celebrity is Vivek Oberoi, who unexpectedly made an airport appearance this time, setting a great example for us to look at his style trial. His sartorial style is very inspirational and we take the onus to also talk about the recent pair of sneakers that he donned at the airport. © Viral Bhayani Here's why we think that they are a dope pair of sneakers that we have seen so far in 2021. © Viral Bhayani Firstly, the silhouette is quite chunky and these are the type of shoes that some big time sneakerheads across the globe wear. Speaking of them in detail, we are already a fan of the subtle colour palette. Add to that, the chunky outsole makes it aesthetically more appealing. Time and again we have seen B-towners, for example Ranbir Kapoor, Aparshakti Khurana, Siddharth Malhotra, etc. flaunt such sneakers, but these are unique and flamboyant in their own way and we truly appreciate Vivek's style move. © Viral Bhayani As for his outfit, he wore a military green henley T-shirt and topped it off with an oversized hoodie. The tapered white pants work perfectly here and overall, this is an uber-cool attire for relaxed travelling. That being said, the sneakers do stand out in all regards. Way to go, Vivek. View the full article
  21. It looks like the ongoing shoot for the upcoming film Bhoot Police is not over yet. The film is set to star the likes of Ishaan Khatter, Katrina Kaif, and Siddhant Chaturvedi, who have often been seen hanging out together lately. View this post on InstagramRecently, Ishaan Khatter was spotted with Siddhant Chaturvedi on the streets. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Ishaan was seen wearing a classic pair of blue pinstriped pants with a white logo t-shirt. He layered it with a quirky jacket and a few chunky rings. For sneakers, he wore the Nike Air Jordan 1 in retro high OG edition in the colourways of red, blue, and black. These retail at 320 US Dollars which comes down to Rs 23,000 approximately. © farfetch In comparison, Siddhant Chaturvedi was seen wearing an all-black athleisure outfit with a bandana that doubled-up as a mask. Siddhant was also wearing a regular pair of black sneakers. If we were to compare the two pairs of sneakers, Ishaan's Air Jordans easily stand out. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani In the last year, Ishaan worked on projects like A Suitable Boy, an OTT series also starring Tabu and Tanya Maniktala, and Khaali Peeli, a film with Ananya Pandey. We hope he signs up for more OTT projects this year. View the full article
  22. If there is one actor in Bollywood whose personal sense of style has well acclimated to the changing times, it is Arjun Kapoor. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit us last year, everyone was stuck at home for months. When it was finally safe to step out, we had to take precautions, and even our clothes had to be functional to be safe. View this post on Instagram Ever since Arjun Kapoor has started shooting again, he's been conscious of his style choices and sets a great example for his fans with OOTDs that are perfect for working amid the pandemic. Case in point a recent outfit: © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Arjun Kapoor was seen wearing a Fear of God Essentials sweatshirt that is priced at 47.99 Dollars which comes down to Rs. 3,000 approximately. He paired it with a pair of sneakers by Nike in the Air Max 270 "Travis Scott Cactus Trails" edition that is priced at 999 Dollars which comes down to Rs. 73,300 approximately. The outsole of the sneaker looks visibly dirty and unwashed, so Arjun is trying to pull off a vintage aesthetic here. Take a look at the sneaker silhouette: © Farfetch He completed the outfit with a pair of black pants and a quirky baseball cap. This outfit works well for a trip to the gym, work, or even to the grocery store. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani In a nutshell, the 'essential' ensemble and 'cactus' sneakers is the perfect combination when you want to keep things casual. View the full article
  23. Ranbir Kapoor is a massive sneakerhead who has some of the most insane sneakers that any sneakerhead would love to get his hands on - this is a fact that almost everyone who follows Bollywood is well aware of. © Viral Bhayani That’s why, whenever he carries something that manages to outshine his sneakers, people notice. Well, something similar happened very recently. © Viral Bhayani Ranbir Kapoor was spotted at the Mumbai Airport wearing one of the dopest pairs of sneakers that money can buy. However, it was his duffle bag that stole all our attention. © Viral Bhayani Before we get to his duffle bag, let’s take a look at his outfit. Ranbir was seen wearing a rather dope outfit, which comprised of a cool pair of distressed denims, a grey sweatshirt, and a blue coloured sleeveless jacket. Keen-eyed viewers will also notice that he was wearing one of his favourite Rolex watches, the Sky-Dweller. This is an exquisite timepiece that retails for about Rs 9.76 Lakhs, if you’re lucky enough to find one available in retail. © Rolex However, as dope as that Rolex is, it pales in comparison to the pair of sneakers that he was wearing. In fact, these are perhaps one of the most expensive sneakers that we have ever seen a Bollywood celebrity wear. © Viral Bhayani Ranbir was spotted wearing the Jordan 1 Retro High Dior, a pair of sneakers that was a part of a capsule collection made Nike & Dior. Also known as the Air Dior, the sneaker had a limited production run of 8,500, which when you compare it to other Air Jordan 1s, is not that high a number. © Dior Given that it has Dior in its name, the sneakers, of course, are expensive. When it was brand new, it retailed for $2,000 or just over Rs 1.56 Lakhs. Add your import duties and taxes, and you’re looking at sneaker that costs north of Rs 2.3 Lakhs, easily. But that’s not what the sneakers are worth today. © Viral Bhayani As of writing this article, the sneakers resell for anything between $7,200 & $9,000. To put it in Rupees, that’s Rs 5.65 Lakhs to Rs 6.60 Lakhs. Seriously, how good an investment do legacy sneakers make, right? © Hypebeast Coming to the duffle bag that Ranbir’s carrying, don’t be fooled by its basic print. That one’s super expensive as well. In fact, it is more expensive than what most of us pay for rent in a year. © Maison Goyard Ranbir is seen here with the Blue Croisière 50 Duffle Bag from Maison Goyard, the french luxury luggage makers. These bags used to retail for $3,500 or roughly Rs 2.7 Lakhs, when they were new. © Viral Bhayani Now that’s what we call making a statement with your basic, normcore outfit. And an expensive statement at that. View the full article
  24. If you’re not impressed by the acting capabilities of the performer that Jimmy Sheirgill is, there is something seriously wrong with you. We love his sense of style, just as much as his skills in front of the camera. © Viral Bhayani The thing is, Jimmy has a very laidback and a chilled out sense of style. Most of the times, when he is spotted in public, you’ll see him in simple joggers, and a sweatshirt. His sneakers though aren’t that simple. Yup, Jimmy too, is a massive sneakerhead. © Viral Bhayani Very recently, he was spotted in Mumbai, wearing one of the dopest pair of white sneakers that you can get your hands on. But first, let’s have a look at his outfit. © Viral Bhayani In a style that is quintessentially him, Jimmy was seen in a basic camouflaged cargo pants, and a black T-shirt. He also decided to match his camo-printed mask with his cargo pants. Simple, clean, functional, and yet stylish, this is a great outfit to step out of your homes. © Viral Bhayani His sneakers, however, are anything but simple. On the surface, they may seem like any regular chunky white sneakers. However, if you look closely, you’ll see that they are a classic piece from Nike and a collector’s favourite. © Viral Bhayani Jimmy is seen here wearing the Nike Air Max 90 Recraft Triple White. The particular version that Jimmy’s wearing was launched by Nike to commemorate 30 years of the Air Max 90 line of sneakers. Since it had a very limited production run and was released in very limited numbers, sneakerheads around the world try to get their hands on this one. © Nike One might assume that the Air Max 90 Recraft would be bonkers expensive. Well, the thing is, getting your hands on the Recraft edition is a task. A regular, white Air Max 90, though is very easy to find, and can be picked for as low as Rs 7,000. © Hypebeast Sheirgill’s Recraft editions though are a dope pair. As dope as that sweet, Mercedes AMG G63 G-Wagon he has. Now that’s what we call a baller ride. View the full article
  25. Sunny Singh's acting career soared with some great movies like Pyaar Ka Punchnama and Sonu Ki Titu Ki Sweety. While he is on a rise on the work front, he has also been on a roll with his fashion game. His appearances might go under the radar, but we never fail to take notice of his sense of style. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani The latest instance is a testament to that. We have seen Sunny in some of the zaniest sneakers, but this pair stole our attention completely. © Nike Since Sunny usually sticks to affordable pairs, this one too falls in the budget as they are worth only Rs 7,496. View the full article
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