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Found 10 results

  1. If there’s one annoying thing about Holi, it’s that the colours don’t come off easily. It takes multiple showers and vigorous scrubbing to get these stubborn Holi colours off and still we are left with either a tint all over our face or find a hidden spot we missed out on a couple of days later. © iStock Regardless of how much you prep and lather your skin with moisturiser, you could still need some extra tips and tricks up your sleeve after you are done playing Holi, to easily get the colours off. And, here are some that might just help you out. © iStock Take a look at some of the sneakiest and pro hacks and tips that can help remove the Holi colours in just one shower: 1. Dust Off The Colour First © iStock Taking a shower directly can make it harder for you to wash the colours off your skin or hair since it settles deeper with water. Wipe your face with a dry towel to get the colour off as much as you can before washing. Similarly, before using water in your hair, dust off the excess colour with your hands from your beard and hair and then shampoo it. 2. Use Coconut Oil Before & After © iStock We hope you are moisturising your skin and hair before you play Holi. It makes the colour come right off and protects your skin and hair from drying and the effects of harmful chemicals too. However, you can use the moisturiser to easily get rid of the colour too. Use coconut oil to break down the stubborn colour and bathe like usual. 3. Use Q-Tip © iStock Often, there are certain places where you miss out on removing the colours because either they are hard to reach or difficult to wash the colours off. Inside and behind the ear, nail beds and between toes are some of the difficult places to clean. However, you can use a cotton swab to properly clean these areas. Dip the cotton swab in coconut oil or any moisturise and clean the skin. View the full article
  2. When we talk about celebrities living the glamorous and rich life, we often skip only to the good parts. The fame, the popularity, the love and the exciting TV appearances, that make you wonder what living life under all that limelight is really like. But what we get blinded to, is the other side to it, which isn’t as ideal as it seems. The trolling being one, for instance. © Ashneer Grover BharatPe co-founder Ashneer Grover who recently appeared on the reality show Shark Tank India, was one of the most talked-about ‘sharks’ on the panel, and for good reason at that. His unabashed and unfiltered self didn’t just inspire a lot of memes on the internet but also, sadly, ended up instigating trolls who had nothing better to do than bring him down. In a chat with popular comedians Rohan Joshi and Sahil Shah for Rohan's YouTube channel, Ashneer was asked about the setbacks that he faced after appearing on the show as a ‘Shark’. To which Ashneer replied, "Bahut gaali padti hai. Abhi bhi raat ko chhup chhup kar main 3 baje uth kar gande comments to delete maarta hoon (I get abused a lot. Even now, I get up at 3 am and sneakily delete abusive comments from my social media)." View this post on Instagram And considering how relentless trolls can be in the comments section, especially to Ashneer who was popularly liked and disliked for his crude feedback to contestants, we can understand his plight. He further went on to share, “I block them also and even select the option 'not only this person but any account they create in the future'.” And for those who think that handling fame came naturally to him, were wrong. View this post on InstagramTalking about how it took him a while to make sense of what was happening, Ashneer said, “People often come to click selfies and I have to smile at two different cameras while they do that. I don't get it. If you want a selfie, get one with a pretty actress, why me?" Guess, the shark didn’t know just how deep he’d started running in the minds of the audience which was transfixed at Ashneer Grover for his savage comebacks! View the full article
  3. *** is taboo in India, even for married couples. Sad, but true. Your parents or little cousins finding a condom is as scandalous as (actually worse than) them finding drugs in your room. It’s the jugaads that come to the rescue for desi couples who are living in big, conservative families aka most Indian households to keep their *** lives private. © Vishesh Films A curious Reddit user asked Indian couples how they manage to discard condoms while living with their fam. They wrote, “My cousins are married and they live in a big family. I always wonder what they do with the condoms. For legal reasons, I can't ask them directly. So how do you get rid of it?” It’s low-key creepy or might be a smarter version of ‘asking for a friend’ but the answers could be of help for someone. So, here it is. © Dharma Productions People listed down the strangest and sneakiest ways they have come up with to get rid of the used condoms without anyone knowing. For whomsoever it may concern, here are some tried and tested ways to discard condoms in a joint family (or otherwise): 1. No One Checks Zomato & Swiggy Boxes “I shove the used condom in its packet and put it inside zomato delivery package which I save, Wrap it and throw it in the dustbin.” –atharvbokya © Colour Yellow Productions 2. Just Make Sure There Are No Kids In The House Who Snoop “Put it in the Lays wrapper and fold it” –Shitsnoone 3. Listen To Your Elders, Go For A Walk Daily “Go for morning/evening walk and dispose.” 4. We Don’t Recommend This, But… “Neighbor's terrace” –notasimp_1 © Vishesh Films 5. Again, Not Recommended Unless You Want To End Up With A Clogged Toilet "Flush… flush… but that stuff doesn’t go down so easily... need lots of water..." 6. Killing Two Birds With One Stone “Use your empty cigarette packet, put it in and throw it away as simple as that! Lol” –susanta_helios1987 7. Or You Know, Just Keep A Personal Bin In Your Room “They might have a dustbin inside room/bathroom OR have something like paper or plastic bag to wrap around” –NdroidDude © Colour Yellow Productions Some of these could come in handy for people who are beginners at this. We hope! View the full article
  4. Every person in this world, whether they agree or not, has a kink that they can’t deny. For some it could be an obsession with the feet, for others it could be a fondness for role play. But today what we’re going to talk about is people who get turned on by making out in unconventional places. via GIPHY Having *** on the bed is good, great even, but for a lot of people going the extra mile and having *** in an unlikely place, comes rather naturally. And one thing other than a kink, that might drive this behaviour is your star sign. Here is a list of zodiac signs that like to have *** in unconventional places: 1) Cancer © iStock Owe it to their fixation towards having shower *** (considering they are water babies) or the fact that a Cancerian knows how to add flavour to their sexual endeavours, but people from this sun sign would always be up to amp things up and catch you off guard by proposing to have *** in the most unconventional places. 2) Leo © iStock Leos love to assert control and that includes taking charge of things, even in bed. It is their taste for drama and OTT that drives them to try something out of the ordinary and do it right! This sun sign could be spotted getting hot at even the idea of doing something adventurous. 3) Virgo © iStock This is a sign that likes to have ‘almost’ experiences. And by that, we mean, ‘almost getting caught’. Anything that would involve thrill and an adrenaline rush would entice a Virgo more than anything, which is why if you ever catch someone getting frisky in an unlikely place, chances are that it would be a Virgo! 4) Aquarius © iStock People from this star sign are both - blessed with and enticed by everything that is sexual and of an experimental nature. *** against the window? They’re up for it. *** in a public washroom, they’ll be there with a sanitiser. *** in the pool? They’ll show you how it’s done. Aquarians love to explore their options and that is what makes them perfect for this list! View the full article
  5. Dakota Johnson hits back against ?sneaky? paparazzi who have ?graduated? into ?invisible germs?
  6. If you're someone who prefers a cleanshaven look over the fully-grown beard, then we reckon that shaving takes the most amount of time during your morning grooming routine. But for a process that takes so long, it's always annoying to see red marks over your face in the aftermath. © iStock If you want to avoid aftershave rashes and ingrown hair, you need a few tweaks in your grooming routine. But What Are Ingrown Hair?Ingrown hair can pop-up anywhere on your body but are prevalent in areas where you shave regularly. An ingrown hair is defined by a hair follicle that grows into the skin instead of upwards. It occurs when you shave, which can irritate the skin. © iStock Why Do We Spot Ingrown Hair?Ingrown hairs usually occur when you shave against the direction the hair grows towards. Other reasons include skin prone to acne and abnormal release from the sebaceous glands. Whilst shaving, if the blade slices the hair at a wrong angle, it pokes through the skin and grows backward. How To Prevent Ingrown Hairs1. Try an electric shaver that has a foil cover over the blades. This keeps the blades from cutting the hair unevenly preventing ingrown hair. © iStock 2. Shave after a shower to get a close shave sans ingrown hair. The hot water and the subsequent steam will make your hair follicles softer and easier to cut. 3. Wash your face and use a scrub weekly which helps fix the existing ingrown hair and helps even out the skin. © iStock 4. Use an applicator foam or gel-based shaving supplement. This product acts as a skin barrier to help protect against sharp blades' impact on the skin. Ingrown hairs are particularly prevalent in the neck region where the uneven surface makes it difficult to shave smoothly. An easy solution is to whip the shaving cream and applying it in a circular motion to lift the hair up. 5. Replace the blades regularly as soon as you feel they're losing their grip or start to get old. As a rule of thumb, change your blades every five to seven shaves. View the full article
  7. The creators of 'Game Of Thrones' have come up with a pre-release treat for fans. With Season 8 right here, most people are anxious to find out who will sit on the Iron Throne and who is going to be slaughtered. With an unending supply of elaborate theories on the internet, it's hard to scour for the truth. But if you too, like us, can't wait to figure out how this season is going to pan out, then read ahead. Courtesy of creators of GOT, the pair David Benioff and D.B. Weiss helped create a new Spotify playlist, 'Game of Thrones: The End Is Coming', to accompany their show's final season—and even included hints as to how the beloved series will conclude. © Instagram “The answer to the ending is one hundred per cent hidden in the playlist choices,” Benioff and Weiss told a publication in an email. “No one will believe us, but it's true.” © Spotify Obviously, the intention was much more than to have their fans guessing who is going to die next. It was also about sharing their love for rock, metal, and several other music genres. The tracks that Benioff and Weiss added in the new playlist include: “Her Black Wings” by Danzig, “Sleep Now in the Fire” by Rage Against The Machine, and “Girl from the North Country” by Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan. This new playlist was made to get 'Game of Thrones' fans hyped in the last few days before the final season's premiere on April 14.
  8. "No, I don't want to be taller," said no man ever. Every man out there wants to add a couple of inches to his height, and that is not a secret. So here are 12 neat tricks that can make you seem much taller than you actually are: 1. The most important thing to know in pursuit of looking taller is that posture matters a lot. You can follow all these tips and dress accordingly too but if at the end of the day you're slouching, all this hard work will go for nought. via GIPHY 2. Choosing structured silhouettes with a snug fit instead of baggy loose clothes also makes a lot of difference. A streamlined structure visibly gives length and makes you look taller instead of airy structured fits, which will only make you look broader. So, what we're saying is that, make a conscious effort in choosing your blazers and pants and ever jumpers that fit you well. © streetstyle 3. Dressing monochromatically also gives you the illusion of a few additional inches. For formals, choose one colour family and follow it through. © final- Instagram Vir Das is 5'6 and yet pulls off his outfits without looking short in them. 4. Here are a few more details you should consider before getting a suit stitched. © street tag 5. In terms of your hairstyle, a clean haircut trumps long ruffled up hair. Have a look. © Instagram 6. Wear pointed shoes instead of round or square shaped shoes. The pointed ones lengthen your legs and subsequently the legs. © amazon 7. Steer clear from horizontal stripes. They're your enemy. They might make you appear shorter than you actually are. 8. Instead, make vertical stripes your best friend. They work really well in giving the illusion of those few extra inches. © Street Style 9. Create a no-break look in your outfit, so that it seems that there is a straight line from your pants to your shoes without any breaks. Here's what a no break looks like. This look works best if your height is short. Taller men will prefer a half or a quarter break. © llyson 10. Formal vests draw attention to your chest and torso so you should avoid them at all costs. They will only make you seem shorter from a distance © abc 11. Long top coats create the false illusion of an extended torso. Long coats that end near your mid-thigh are perfect for making you seem taller. © streetstylehere 12. If you're really not satisfied with these minor changes, aside from heeled shoes and sneakers with a good sole height, you could also get height-increaser pads that you insert in your shoes to add a couple of inches in real time. Price: 449 © snapdeal Buy it here
  9. Game of Thrones fans, last season was too good to watch; after all, we had our hands on some of the episodes (on our laptops basically) even before its release. Well, the makers definitely realised how amazingly talented the hackers are when it comes to piracy and have decided to do something sneaky to keep hackers at bay. In order to avoid all the fiasco and spoil the last season of the most watched series, makers have come up with an amazing idea. Well, they know if season 8's episodes are leaked it will be written in history. Yeah, kind of! So they have decided to shoot multiple endings for the last season of GOT. Fans and hackers, if you think you are smart, it seems like makers are smarter! Speaking of The Morning Call, the head of HBO, Casey Bloys, talked about their intention to do so and said, “I know in Game of Thrones, the ending, they're going to shoot multiple versions so that nobody really knows what happens . You have to do that on a long show. Because when you're shooting something, people know. So they're going to shoot multiple versions so that there's no real definitive answer until the end." As many of us, HBO served a major hack this year and couple of the episodes were released online before it was officially aired. © HBO Talking about what the finale could be, he said, "Finales are tough. If you think about Six Feet Under, well, that was a pretty good finale. But if you think about Seinfeld, if you think about The Sopranos, if you think about Breaking Bad... Everybody has an opinion about how a show should end." Now it is obvious, that going through what HBO has already suffered, the makers don't mind going an extra mile and shooting several versions of the ending, so the whole finale is saved. Honestly, now we are very curious about how many endings will be shot and what all could be part of the predicted ending. Share your ideas with us.
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