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Found 59 results

  1. Constantly trying to decipher what she means from the way she is texting you? Because it's not just a text; it is a lot more than that. You can learn a lot from the way a person messages you. Here are a few signs that tell whether or not someone likes you from the way they text you: 1. They Send Long Detailed Texts Adulting involves one very weird realisation that 24hours isn't enough to call it a day. It's almost impossible to stay sane, have a social life along with a full-time job. So, if they are texting you first and making an effort to keep the conversation going, they're probably into you. We barely have time to do anything and the world has so much to achieve. So if someone is writing long detailed texts to you, just be grateful that they are giving you that much attention. Yes, they like you and they care about you. © T-series 2. They Reply Quickly Don't you forget replying to people on Whatsapp or messages or wherever you're chatting? In fact, you try to be active on dating apps but you barely have the time. On the other hand, this cute girl replies really quickly. Chances are that she has fallen for you. Rapid replies are one of the surest signs that the other person likes you and is excited to reply to your text. 3. They Seem Concerned About You If they are making an effort to ensure if you've had food or whether or not you've reached home safely, then they are definitely concerned about you. If they envision a future with you, you'll notice something different and it won't be all fun. There will be things that are more than just 'fun' and their messages will be a little relationship-y. 4. They Use Too Many Emojis Too many emojis? Probably either the person is overexcited or they are trying to show your love through emoticons. If they send you a heart or a love-struck emoji now and then, then you should know that it's more than just friendly banter. Don't you? © Reliance Entertainment 5. They Remember Your Inside Jokes People who love you effortlessly get you. You don't have to explain to them what you meant or why was your joke funny, they'd just understand and then they'll remember. 6. They Text You First Thing In The Morning And Never Forget Wishing You Good Night Your day starts with their texts and ends with their texts. No, she is not clingy, she's just expressing what she feels. © Maddock Films If what you want coincides with what they want, then you have found yourself what you always wanted! View the full article
  2. One of the most common blowouts in modern-day relationships is “sexual boredom”. Two people who could once not keep their hands off of each other, would now much rather head for the television remote. But why is it so? *** is supposed to explosive, passionate, and the perfect antidote to bring a couple closer. However, does committed *** have a shelf life? Well, there's no denying that things eventually go from sizzling to scripted and boring. In fact, we have proof! Durex India conducted a study and found 74% of Indians want to try something new in bed. One's got to be innovative to nip the issue of deadbeat *** in the bud. I mean, #WhySoBoring guys? Durex recently uploaded a post which took the internet by storn. Take a look at it! View this post on Instagram India, we have seen the stats but it's time you give us the facts! So tell us, #WhySoBoring? A post shared by Durex India (@durex.india) on Nov 6, 2019 at 8:30pm PST In fact, Bollywood celebrities have been participating in the ongoing discourse as well. View this post on Instagram So this is a pretty staggering statistic presented by @durex.india I've told you why I think it is the way it is, but what do you say? Comment below with the hashtag #WhySoBoring A post shared by Eisha Chopra (@eishachopra) on Nov 7, 2019 at 2:27am PST Okay what's going on? *** is apparently boring now. I think I fall in the 24% that feels that the art of making love isn't boring and hence you gotta help me understand these numbers stated by @DurexIndia ! Comment below with what you think makes *** boring with #WhySoBoring! pic.twitter.com/VZFjpwFKs8 — Kenny Sebastian (@knowkenny) November 7, 2019 Whats up, India? Honestly, the stats by @DurexIndia has me ð³ A country that's having so much *** and yet finding it boring? Let's get creative with this, Comment below why you think *** is boring! #WhySoBoring pic.twitter.com/lNiCGvR3S9 — Bani Jâ¡ï¸ (@bani_j) November 7, 2019 Checkout what the common janta had to say- Do u know ...? The 26% who manages to make *** interesting every single time, how do you do it? Teach us your great mantra, too! @DurexIndia #WhySoBoring — Aashu Kumar (@GulatiCk) November 7, 2019 This 74% are such a disappointment and absolutely an under-estimation! I mean who has the time to spice things every single time? You only get lucky once a while, right? @DurexIndia #WhySoBoring — RITIKA (@Rhitika_) November 7, 2019 Here are 5 possible reasons why you and your partner might be missing the spark in bed lately: 1. Following The Usual Drill Unsplash One rule of thumb, when it comes to good *** is – keep it mysterious! Try new things, prop it up, throw in a new technique, the options are limitless. Because guys, if you've been following the same, battered and tattered *** routine, it's bound to get boring. 2. Neglecting Foreplay Unsplash Good *** has little to do with the actual act of ***, as a majority of it depends on chemistry, foreplay, and emotions. I mean, without a little talking and foreplay, *** is just “wham, bam, thank you ma'am”, and no couple really wants that. 3. Too Comfortable To Make An Effort Unsplash Ever been so comfortable with someone that you stop making efforts? Well, that's a big no-no in bed. Be it what you're wearing, kinky techniques, the sheets to the aroma candles, keep it all evolving and mysterious! 4. Silent *** – A Bummer! Unsplash If your bed is lacking conversation during ***, you need to pump it up. Be it compliments, nicknames, commands or whatever floats your boat, it's bound to spice it up for you guys. 5. Not Communicating What You Want Unsplash It's very crucial to let your partner know what you like in bed, something new you wish to try, a fetish you've suppressed for a while, or anything else! If you're too afraid to communicate this face-to-face, try your hand at sexting. Do what it takes, because talking about *** is a real game-changer. So guys, why do you think *** becomes boring after a point? Leave your answer in the comments section below! View the full article
  3. Yes, we know plastic is big 'No No' and a bigger issue than anything else right now. While the landfills are cluttered with heaps of plastic and cows are ingesting it and falling sick every day, we have to think of more probable solutions to reuse and recycle plastic, so that it doesn't assemble in places and cause more danger to our surroundings. But, even now, we fight with shop keepers to give us bags to carry our stuff in, and more often than not, the bags are obviously plastic! © Pinterest Canada, for that very reason, has developed a smart and funny way to get rid of this problem once and for all. While it's advisable to bring your own cloth bags for shopping, most people don't really bother with that and end up demanding plastic bags at most superstores. But this one superstore in Vancouver outdid most people who asked for plastic bags and we wish someone did the same here in India as well. We all know we need to cut down our use on plastic, but sometimes, we need a little nudge in the right direction, and here's what Canada is doing. The people who want to use plastic bags from the Independent Grocery store in East West Market, will get plastic bags with some really embarrassing things written on them, so the world can see what their plastic bag says while they carry it home! It's hilarious yet so important! © Pinterest The plastic bags say things like 'Into The Weird Adult Video Emporium' and 'The Colon Care Co-op', making it impossible for shoppers to carry around these plastic bags and opt for reusable bags instead or maybe carry their own shopping bags from home! "The message is, we should make a conscious effort to save our planet one step at a time, [Plastic bags] are a big problem, and every step helps." -David Lee Kwen, the owner of East West Market told an international publication. © Pinterest © Pinterest It's time we start campaigning against the use of plastic bags, because clearly there is an issue with the immense plastic usage in most cities and we will sooner than later pay the price for that. For now, let's hope someone catches on to this funny message and adopts something similar in most consumer stores around cities, so that consumers are compelled to use reusable plastic bags or something more sustainable.
  4. So, apart from all the chaos that took place in episode 5 of Game of Thrones some few things got overshadowed as the show burnt down to ashes, quite literally! Like, Varys's last few minutes on the show were overtly confusing and after watching the beginning of episode 5 again, we can definitely say, he was up to something big and mighty! (c)HBO Remember when he's sitting in his chambers and a little girl, probably one of his 'little birds' walks in. This is how their conversation went: Varys: “Nothing?” Girl: “She won't eat.” Varys: “We'll try again at supper.” Girl: “I think they're watching me.” Varys: “Who?” Girl: “Her soldiers.” Varys: “Of course they are. That's their job. What have I told you, Martha?” Girl: “The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward.” Varys: “Go on. They'll be missing you in the kitchen.” (c)HBO At first we thought he was looking out for the queen because she just lost her best friend, Missndei but when we thought about what he'd relayed in a conversation to Tyrion earlier, about how she's not a fit queen, we wondered if he was up to something else, and guess what, he probably was! So, in this conversation with this girl called Martha, he's planning on poisoning Daenerys, so that she doesn't rule the realm as Varys always believeed in the realm more than the ruler, and who makes the realm more plausible and fir to rule? The ruler of course. So for him if the ruler isn't fair or just, he will definitely try and get rid of them or change loyalties. In this case he knew Dany won't budge an inch and give the throne to Jon Snow, a more deserving candidate according to Varys, so he decided to take matters in his own hands and poison her instead. Now, read the conversation he has with Martha again and you'll figure it all out! (c)HBO And what do you think was the best way to poison someone in Game of Thrones? ICYMI, Varys totally tried to poison Dany at the beginning of the episode. The callbacks to season 1 are amazing: Ned: Poison is a woman's weapon. Pycelle: Yes. Women, cravens... and eunuchs. Grand Maester Pycelle then mentioned Lord Varys just seconds later! ð¤¯#GameofThrones pic.twitter.com/TVbL2uVmdJ — iTREVOR (@iLEADFARMER) 13 May 2019 Rewatching and Varys was def trying to poison Dany. She foiled him by not eating #GameofThrones — Sharonaâï¸Smiles (@SharonaSZN) 13 May 2019 #GameofThrones #ThronesYall wait a fucking minute is Varys trying to poison Dany yo, Dany is surrounded by traitors Jorah would neverð­ð­ pic.twitter.com/R8f3G4ynUp — M. Pelissier (@Is_Pelissier) 13 May 2019 So.... everyone else got this too right ?? Lord Varys was having Martha the little kitchen girl poison Danys food. She was nervous the guards were watching her, he reassured her by “Greater the risk, greater the reward“ #GamefThrones #GOT #HBO pic.twitter.com/QrigC5t7ON — Jessy Jess (@jessnicosia) 13 May 2019 So, yes coming back to, Varys trying to poison Dany. Usually, the use of jewellery to poison someone was common knowledge. If you remember, in season 4, Olenna used a poisoned stone from Sansa's necklace to poison beloved Joffrey. Poisoning through jewellery or the Tears of Lys has been an ongoing trend in Game of Thrones. So, before Varys was summoned by Dany, to be killed for betraying her, he took his ring off and hid it in a corner, before his death. (c)HBO It could be that the ring contained poison he would have given Dany, had she not burnt him alive. But since he hid the ring, it was obviously meant be to be found by someone. The question is who? Tyrion? Or maybe Jon? Nah Jon won't resort to poisoning someone but Tyrion probably would have. Either way, this confusion is definitely out of the way and quite alarming a detail to have completely missed our mind space because of the later scenes in the episode.
  5. EA's new battle royale title became a breakaway gaming hit of this year. The game quickly became one of the top titles of 2019 by attracting over 50 million players in just a few months' time. Now, the company wants to bring it to mobile devices. Yes, it's finally happening. In its earnings call, EA noted that “it's in advanced negotiations to bring Apex Legends to China and to mobile.” Unfortunately, they don't have an ETA for the same, but we believe that it'll arrive sooner rather than later. After all, they'd want to continue the momentum of the game and attract some players to take on the likes of PUBG Mobile and Fortnite. © Respawn EA didn't confirm whether it's planning to bring the game to both Android or iOS, but we assume the game will arrive on both platforms. It is, however, worth pointing out that the game may arrive first on iOS before making its way to Android. Given the success of Fortnite and PUBG Mobile on mobile platforms, it only makes to sense bring the game to both platforms. © Respawn Anyway, let's hope Apex Legends doesn't end up becoming a new found addiction for mobile gamers. Seriously, the last thing we want to see is people getting arrested for playing games. But let's face it, PUBG Mobile is going to have some serious competition because a lot of playing ditched PUBG to play Apex Legends when it arrived on PC and consoles earlier this year. Source: Gameinformer
  6. Donald Trump has said a lot of questionable things in the past. Like, seriously hilarious things. It's no surprise that he's referred to by those closest to him as an 'idiot', 'moron' among other things. But now the social media is trolling the President left and right for saying what we believe is one of the most hilarious things we've heard in quite some time now. While attending the National Republican Congressional Committee's spring fundraising dinner in Washington DC, he said, “If you have a windmill anywhere near your house, congratulations your house just went down 75% in value.” © Pexels He then continued to make a weird waving gesture with his arm in the air and said, “And they say the noise causes cancer, you tell me that one, OK.” Here, watch the hilarious video here - ICYMI: Trump at the NRCC dinner last night: "If you have a windmill anywhere near your house, congratulations, your house just went down 75 percent in value. And they say the noise causes cancer. You tell me that one, okay?" Then he makes a windmill noise. ð³ pic.twitter.com/2q1GIj0we9 — Amee Vanderpool (@girlsreallyrule) April 3, 2019 Just to be clear, windmills do not cause cancer. We repeat, windmills do not cause cancer. Yes, there are other health problems that are blamed on wind turbines, but cancer certainly isn't one of them. In addition to the social media, even GOP Senator Chuck Grassley called his comments completely “Idiotic“.
  7. In a world full of people who don't want to get settled, it becomes hard if you are looking for something stable. You get called prude, old-fashioned, and too patient. All you get from the left and right swipes is a date who wouldn't want to know you the morning after. That is how our generation has become. It is all about getting naked, and nothing about companionship or compatibility. And the ones who want to know you, they usually want to know about your wild fantasies. That's why dating these days feels like a sprint whereas it should be a marathon. If you too feel like you don't belong in this world, you need to change a little. Following are a few things you can do to casually look for something serious: · Don't Push For Commitment Right From The Start You can't get a commitment on the very first day. Understand that building a relationship takes time. It is something which happens with the flow. Don't scare off your date by talking about the commitment the first time you meet. Let him/her know that you're looking for something serious but you understand that it doesn't happen in a day or two. So you're ready to go with the flow. · Ask Questions Get to know your date as much as you can. Ask questions about their goals, their dream, their lifestyle. It will reveal the kind of person they are. Then you can judge better is they seem worth your time. More importantly, their answers will reveal if they're a casual person or they know how to be serious too. For instance, if a person's hobby is drinking and bar hopping, you may expect that they like a certain pace and might not be ready for stability. On the other hand, if you find someone who is discussing his life goals, that would be the person who is serious in life and might be looking for the same. · Hold Back & Be Mysterious Don't open your entire life on the first date. Hint about the crazy things you did but don't reveal it to them. The idea here is to get them hooked to you. If they are, then even if they're looking for something casual, they might think of sticking for a longer period. No matter how hook-up cultured your date is, if you show that you're independent, smart, fun, and there's some mystery, then thought of having something stable with you would cross their mind. And all is well that ends well. These were some of the things you can do to find something stable in this on-the-move world. As they say, if you want to change the world, change yourself first.
  8. The much-awaited first teaser of the upcoming period drama 'Kalank' is finally out amidst much hype. The movie marks Dharma Production venturing into the Sanjay Leela Bhansali genre with a period drama that is set in the pre-independence era. The onus lies on the love story between Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan, but the teaser shows a heart broken Alia marrying Aditya Roy Kapur instead. © Dharma Productions Besides the three leads, the movie brings together Sanjay Dutt and Madhuri Diixit after an insane hiatus. Also Sonakshi Sinha will be seen in a pivotal role. Sure, the teaser ensures us that this will be a stunning visual delight but however, it's not something you feel like you haven't already watched before. The movie is directed by Abhishek Varman and is set to release on 17th April.
  9. Ranveer Singh's prime weapon in promoting a film is the way he dresses for promotions. These outfits are out of the ordinary and no one can imagine wearing these outfits in the restricting space of Bollywood. The fact that someone mainstream like himself goes ahead and wears these outfits makes all the more flutters in the mainstream media. So, when he wears something even slightly mainstream, it is indeed shocking. Recently, Ranveer Singh wore a super wearable (IRL) gorgeous gold and black shibori sherwani with straight pencil pants by Rohit Bal in Abu Dabi, Dubai. Take a look © Instagram/Nitasha Gaurav © Instagram/Nitasha Gaurav Firstly, nothing outlandish there. There's nothing in here that you would possibly shrug off as not your league clothing. And here's the thing, he's also teaching us (or rather Nitasha Gaurav's styling is) how to pair accessories with shaadi lewks. He's wearing a Franck Muller Geneve watch and really smart Carrea shades and embellished heeled footwear that we adore.
  10. In the ever-changing age of the digital world, social media, from being a simple platform that initially came to fore with the promise of helping people to keep in touch and keep up with one another, has, now, gone on to become 'the thing' for people. No relationship is considered real unless it's posted on the likes of Facebook and Instagram. Happiness is now measured by the number of vacation photos you share on your social media profile. There is so much and, still, much more. Then, there are those social media trends that get the users spell-bound, making it almost imperative for others to participate while inflicting FOMO (another irritating new-age lingo) if they don't. Staying true to its nature, social media has a new trend for everyone to follow - '10 Year Challenge'. A harmless fad, right? Or, is it (that's questionable). (Plus,minus)- 10 Year Challenge ðð @rogerfederer #10yearchallenge pic.twitter.com/2lAvyKMNj6 — Belinda Bencic (@BelindaBencic) January 17, 2019 The rules are pretty simple: you simply upload two photographs of yourself - usually side by side - which were taken at least ten years apart. What's the overall message here, you'd ask? It's again simple: self-love and showing the world how you've 'glowed up' (in other words, showing how you haven't aged a day). The '10 Year Challenge' is already a rage on the social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; you name it. The collage of photos would have thronged your feed on social media. From cricketers to footballers and politicians to actors, everyone has been happily riding the bandwagon. And, why not, in the age where information is second-handed (read digital) and real life is secondary, social media trends is the oxygen you cannot do without. But, amid all the crazy collages of people we've seen, there came one from Rohit Sharma that stands apart from the rest. The only #10YearChallenge we should be worried about pic.twitter.com/Tph0EZUbsR — Rohit Sharma (@ImRo45) January 17, 2019 Using the '10 Year Challenge' fad as an opportunity, the Indian opener highlighted one of the long-standing problems that might soon spell doom for the mankind. Taking to Twitter, the Mumbai batsman shared a collage of photos of the marine life where the one from 2009 was colourful and lively, while the one from 2019 was dull and dusty. He captioned the post with a valid point: "The only #10YearChallenge we should be worried about". In the year, where we all were going gaga about the stock image of an egg beating Kylie Jenner's record of the most-liked photo on Instagram, before Netflix's 'Bird Box' had people running around blindfolded, Rohit has set a much-needed precedent for celebrities and fans alike, showing that such social media trends can actually be used responsibly, and for something good. And, while there are already rife allegations that the collages of the photos that we all have been happily sharing on the social media could very well be used as data to test the facial recognition algorithms, people must proceed with due diligence. After all, humans are the connective link between physical and digital worlds. It's human interactions that make the 'Internet of Things' interesting. And, sadly, our data is the fuel that makes businesses smarter and more profitable.
  11. Rohit Shetty is a name that our brain kind of automatically associates to for overarching elements that are synonymous to the director and films. This man is the one ruling master of full-power action sequences in Bollywood and exceptional dialogues that almost always go viral much before the movies hit the screens, dance sequences that instantly rub-off on youngsters and a different side of Goa that Shetty makes more appetizing with every new movie! © Eros International He uses the (almost) same props across his movies, yet there is something new about his latest releases that catches on to the pulse of its young audience, who love eating out of his hands when it comes to a typical Rohit Shetty movie. We want to call them mindless entertainment, something that a bunch of college friends can enjoy together, yet somehow every release tells you that there is more to Shetty's films than mere “mindlessness”. They are fun, entertaining AF and promise you a good time while we take every bait thrown our way most graciously. But most importantly Shetty can tell stories, and good stories at that. Behind those entertainment-ridden antics of his characters, he delivers his messages and stories effortlessly. © Reliance Entertainment His methods seem to be doing wonders for him because Shetty just became the first Bollywood director with eight back-to-back 100-crore films at the box office, with 'Simmba' being the latest glorious feather on his kickass hat! 'Simmba' has made over 124-crore at the box office within 5 days of it release. © Red chillies Entertainment Starting with 'Golmaal 3' (2010), 'Singham' (2011), 'Bol Bachchan' (2012), followed with 'Chennai Express' (2013), 'Singham Returns' (2014), 'Dilwale' (2015), 'Golmaal Again' (2016) and now 'Simmba' (2018), these 8 movies have turned Shetty into the king of the 100-crore club! © Dharma Productions Ranveer Singh couldn't have been more proud of this moment since 'Simmba' also happens to be his biggest solo hit now, and he has effectively expressed himself through a “roaring” Instagram post. View this post on Instagram ALL HAIL THE BLOCKBUSTER KING! ð RO-BRO BE SLAMMIN' CENTURY AFTER CENTURY ð¯ @itsrohitshetty ðð½ Ek hi toh hai ð A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on Jan 2, 2019 at 2:00am PST This tiger shall not be stopping any time soon, and we can only wait and see where the duo are headed after this blockbuster.
  12. Not everyone is a fan of comedy-drama, there are some of us who live on shows which knock the wind out of us with their unimaginable storyline. We long for plots that keep us on the edge of our couch, for well-charted out characters that keep our eyes glued to the screen, and the twists that keep us coming back for more, again and again. This sounds like the perfect plan for the long weekend to us. You know, the ones who prefer to stay at home and chill, rather than leave the comforts of our home to appear. If you are just like us, and totally believe in taking your mind for a spin when given the chance, then these 5 thrilling web series will prove to be the best way of spending the long weekend. 1. Sense8 - Netflix This is one hell of a series, that's wrapped in the most meaty plot. The story follows the lives of eight strangers (Sensates) who suddenly begin to experience each other's lives through the power of telepathy. Each one of them is located in a different city around the world, but their lives are connected to a point where they can not only read each other's thoughts but can also access each other's knowledge, language and skills. The gripping story unveils the many dangers they are set to face, and if or how they fight their demons. 2. Absentia - Prime Video The journey of an FBI agent who was on an official mission to hunt down a notorious serious killer, but goes missing instead. When she is found after six years she doesn't remember any details about the time she was gone. From the loss of her memory to finding herself wound up in a new series of murders, this quick-paced drama manages to keep you on your toes at all times. Your guesses at solving the mystery, and putting the pieces of the puzzle together, will always fail. Yet, you'll find yourself moving on to the next episode. 3. Altered Carbon - Netflix Set in the far away future, this story is sure to test your brain cells and spike up your endorphin levels. The basic premise of the story is that people's consciences have been downloaded to form stacks, which can be shifted to new bodies or “sleeves”. The first season begins with Takeshi Kovacs, a former U.N. soldier, resurfacing in a different sleeve of a private investigator, to solve the murder of the man who hires him. The fascinating plot promises solid rising action, while the actors look promising in their on-screen characters. However, it's the intricacies of the murder mystery that promises you a ride of a lifetime. 4. Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan - Prime Video Another thriller that has the audience hooked is 'Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan' which is based on the fictional characters from 'Ryanverse'. The series opens with Ryan, a CIA analyst, who gets caught in the tricky ways of fate and duty and is launched on a personal escapade to track down a dangerous Islamic terrorist. The cast is marvellous, the story is gripping, but it is the titular character and his amaze-balls ways that steal the show. 5. Dark This story might be hard to watch, but we promise you that it's even more difficult to stop watching. Shot in German, and in a gloomy setting which underlines its title, the story traces the lives of people living in the small town of Winden. The plot is full of cheating spouses, secrets, gruesome killings, and dead birds falling from the sky. The perpetual darkness is ominous of the many hidden mysteries, that are to unravel the ugly deeds of the last three generations. Get ready for a mind-boggling ride with these shows. We suggest keeping some snacks and good company handy while watching these.
  13. He is sassy, witty and holds the uncanny power to make a celeb cough up intimate details about themselves. Karan Johar is one of those few filmmakers who has been more than just a director. He has been an actor, producer, costume designer and he is the host of a popular show as well. The filmmaker, just like any other star in the industry, has earned his fair share of criticism and praise, but it goes without saying that he is one of a kind. On set! #Brahmastra!!! A post shared by Karan Johar (@karanjohar) on Jul 31, 2018 at 1:23pm PDT Recently, Karan appeared on Anaita Shroff Adajania's chat show 'Feet Up With The Stars' and got candid. From spilling details about his *** life to revealing who he would marry in a heartbeat, KJo went all out talking about things like never before. When asked about his love life, the actor went on to say something that certainly did shock us. #studentseries @s1dofficial #familyloveâ¤ï¸ A post shared by Karan Johar (@karanjohar) on Jul 13, 2018 at 1:32pm PDT “I am undersexed and underpaid. I don't date like serious dating. There are some situations that allow you to venture into an intimate zone, now and then.” Well, him being 'underpaid' and 'undersexed' does remind us of Salman Khan confessing to KJo on 'Koffee with Karan' that he is still a virgin. Yeah, you know what we are talking about! “Casual *** is not something that works for me at all. I need to be able to interact with the person. Have some level of conversation, therefore a level of comfort,” he added. When asked whom would he marry if he were to pick from Bollywood's bevy of beauties, he went on to reveal who he loves the most this time and no, it's not Twinkle Khanna. “Kareena. She is fun fabulous, entertaining and this is like everything that I would look for in a life partner.” Shaadi squad continues!!!! A post shared by Karan Johar (@karanjohar) on May 8, 2018 at 2:02am PDT When asked who would he like to play him if a biopic is made on his life, he said, “Ranbir Kapoor. He is obsessed with my life. He has the passcode to my phone with which he checks my messages, WhatsApp everything. He knows much more about my life than even I do.” And what is Kjo without spilling some beans about B-town's actors? He went on to say Arjun Kapoor (rumoured to be involved with Malaika Arora Khan) and Kriti Sanon are seeing someone. He further revealed that he is on a mission to find someone good for Katrina Kaif.
  14. MS Dhoni may not be the Indian Cricket team's captain anymore, but he will always be the 'captain cool', because literally everything he does is cool, no matter what, it doesn't even matter if we don't understand what he's trying to do. If you've seen Dhoni's Instagram, you would have noticed he posts more videos than pictures and he's given us a lot of little clips with his adorable daughter Ziva, like this- Attack on besan ka laddoo A post shared by M S Dhoni (@mahi7781) on Oct 14, 2017 at 11:25pm PDT And, this- Game over, had a nice sleep now back to Daddy's duties A post shared by M S Dhoni (@mahi7781) on Apr 26, 2018 at 2:54am PDT But, his latest video is something I can't figure out, even after watching it for the 10th time. Just for fun, plz try it at home. A post shared by M S Dhoni (@mahi7781) on Jul 31, 2018 at 5:09am PDT What are you trying to do, Dhoni? And, why are there so many people watching? Instagram What's with the stick? Why is it in your mouth? Instagram Okay, I'm too confused now. Instagram Did you forget a 'don't' in there or do you want people to actually do whatever you're doing? If someone has some answers, please enlighten me, I'm very lost. But, I guess a lot of people understood and left a bunch of laughing emojis. Guess there's a second part coming, let's wait and see.
  15. The legendary Nargis Dutt had a huge influence on the life of her son Sanjay Dutt. She was responsible for shaping his personality, his perspective and helped him in getting rid of his drug addiction. © Twitter In fact, Rajkumar Hirani's biopic 'Sanju' brilliantly portrayed the importance of Nargis in Sanjay's life. An interview from 1991surfaced on the web recently, where Sanjay, for the first time, talked about coming in terms with his mother's death. Nargis, who gave us some extraordinary films, succumbed to cancer just three days before Sanjay's debut film 'Rocky' hit the screens. She was adamant that the movie's premiere should not be postponed no matter what. As the family bid her goodbye, 'Rocky' released exactly on the date it was supposed to. © FoxSTarHindi “When my mother died, I did not cry, had no emotions – nothing. It was after 2 years that I was sitting in this group that all of a sudden this guy started playing the tape,” Sanjay says in the video. But when his friend played that recording of Nargis's final words from her deathbed, Sanjay confessed that he, “burst into tears and cried and cried for hours.” © Twitter In the audio recording, one can hear Nargis saying, “More than anything, Sanju, keep your humility. Keep your character. Never show off. Always be humble and always respect the elders. That is the thing that is going to take you far, and that is going to give you strength in your work.” The video is so hard-hitting that it did give us goosebumps. Check out the heart-breaking clip here: This tape even plays a vital part in Hirani's film, though the content is a little different. He showed us how due to drug addiction, Sanju couldn't digest his mother's (played by Manisha Koirala) death. It was only a year later, when his father (played by Paresh Rawal) played his mother's tape, that he got the courage to fight his addiction. © FoxStarHindi Until the film released, not many knew how Nargis' death had impacted Sanjay. The actress died of pancreatic cancer in 1981, at the age of 51. It was her tape that transformed Sanjay and changed his life for the better.
  16. Apple has announced the upcoming version of its mobile OS, iOS 12. The update is currently available via Developer channels and is expected to go public by the end of September. The update brings in a plethora of new features and fixes, but that does not mean the iOS 11 has been any inferior. The current update has a multitude of hidden tricks that will help you navigate and use your iPhone like a pro. We've listed down a few of these hidden tricks and tips which are there in plain sight, but often get ignored by most of the users: 1. View Recently Closed Sites in Safari: © MensXP If you accidentally close a tab or wish to reopen one you recently accessed, simply press and hold the plus button in the tabs view. This will pull up a list of recently closed tabs in Safari. The long-press input method can also be used to reorder tabs in iOS. Open up the tab view on an iPhone or iPad and tap and hold on the tab you want to move, then simply drag your finger to reorder the browser tabs accordingly. 2. Shake to Undo: © MensXP “Shake to Undo” is one of the nice little features of the Accessibility suits. It lets you undo the previous command on your iPhone or iPad. You can use “Shake to Undo” with any stock apps that allow you to type in. It's enabled by default. When you shake your device, it will delete all the text you wrote since the last change you made. So, if you made a spelling mistake and corrected it, you will be taken back to that point. 3. Clear All Notifications: © MensXP Has your notification center clogged up with age-old messages and alerts? Though iOS lets you clear multiple notifications at once, this can be done only to a specific time period of notifications by selecting the 'clear' option. If you want to clear out everything in one second, force touch the 'X' and you'll have the 'Clear All Notifications' option. 4. Dark Mode: © MensXP iOS 11 has a Smart Invert feature that essentially brings a dark mode to iPhone. This feature turns the white background into black and the black text into white. And it doesn't do anything to media like pictures and videos. Enable it from Settings, tap General, tap Accessibility, go to Display Accommodations, finally Invert Colors, and toggleSmart Invert. 5. Quick App Switcher: Fast app switching is a very convenient way to quickly switch back and forth between your recent apps. All you need to do, is instead of double tapping the home button, hold down or Force Touch the left side of your screen and slowly swipe towards the right.
  17. Depression is still considered a taboo subject in many societies. Despite many celebrities coming out and speaking about the struggles they have gone through while fighting depression, not many have the courage to talk openly about it. But, the fact remains, that this dangerous mental health issue is only growing and silently killing people. © Twitter Depression isn't just about having a bad day and then dwelling on it incessantly. It's about the hollowness and emptiness that people feel constantly without any hope in the near future. Their failure to even understand what they are going through is what makes things worse. While talking about this issue is still difficult, it is a good sign that influential people like Deepika Padukone, Hrithik Roshan and many more have started speaking about it in the forefront. And now, actor Anupam Kher is also doing his bit to make a difference. He has released a new video highlighting the subject and you just can't miss it. In the video, he encourages people to come out of the dark and speak up about what they feel. A post shared by Anupam Kher (@anupampkher) on May 14, 2018 at 3:13pm PDT Taking about it he said, “There is still a taboo associated with depression. People shy away from coming out in the open and discussing it. This even affects not just the victim but their near and dear ones too.” He urges people to live every moment to the fullest. "A day before my father passed away, he gave me the message of living life to the fullest and that's what I hope to encourage people to do with this video," he added. निà¤à¤²à¤¤à¤¾ हॠहर सà¥à¤¬à¤¹ à¤à¤ नया सà¥à¤°à¤ यह बतानॠà¤à¥ लिà¤.... à¤à¤¿ à¤à¤à¤¾à¤²à¥ बाà¤à¤ दà¥à¤¨à¥ सॠà¤à¤à¤¾à¤²à¥ à¤à¤® नहॠहà¥à¤¤à¥....:) #Optimism #Positivity #NewHorizons A post shared by Anupam Kher (@anupampkher) on Apr 27, 2018 at 10:31am PDT Looking at this, we hope people understand that depression is not a matter that should be swept quietly under the rug. When your body suffers, you immediately go to the doctor, right? Similarly, depression is also an issue where you need help and assistance. Don't shy away or feel apologetic about yourself, because there is nothing to be ashamed of depression. Check out the inspiring video here:
  18. If there is one man who is the heartbeat of an entire nation, it is Virat Kohli. We can safely say that this good-looking Delhi lad creates news with every little move he makes. Millions of his followers not only wait for his superb knocks on the field but also to find out what keeps Virat busy off-the-field. So clearly, when whispers of Virat Kohli insuring his beard reached us, we were flabbergasted! No offense fellas, we love Virat and we love him in any form and look, but is the news of him insuring his beard true? Isn't that a bit too much? So our sleuths started searching and turns out, he won't be the first one if the rumours are true. Bipasha Basu has her legs insured, while Aishwarya Rai, her eyes...for all the right reasons. I mean, they are really the features that make these stars stand out! But then again, Virat Kohli has always been someone who keeps up with the latest fashion trend, so when keeping your beard short and trimmed is the in-trend, why would he insure it? Well, our investigation led us to this video, where it looks like two agents are taking samples of Virat's beard. And this video has left us with more questions than answers. Is this actually happening? Is this true? Do you know anything about this? We just saw Virat signing something, was it the contract? Why are these men clicking photos of his beard and plucking his hair? There is a lot of noise around #ViratinsuresBeard, and we would love to get more information on this. This video has got us thinking, maybe insuring your beard is the actual trend we are missing out on right now? What do you think?
  19. If there is one man who is the heartbeat of an entire nation, it is Virat Kohli. We can safely say that this good-looking Delhi lad creates news with every little move he makes. Millions of his followers not only wait for his superb knocks on the field but also to find out what keeps Virat busy off-the-field. So clearly, when whispers of Virat Kohli insuring his beard reached us, we were flabbergasted! No offense fellas, we love Virat and we love him in any form and look, but is the news of him insuring his beard true? Isn't that a bit too much? So our sleuths started searching and turns out, he won't be the first one if the rumours are true. Bipasha Basu has her legs insured, while Aishwarya Rai, her eyes...for all the right reasons. I mean, they are really the features that make these stars stand out! But then again, Virat Kohli has always been someone who keeps up with the latest fashion trend, so when keeping your beard short and trimmed is the in-trend, why would he insure it? Well, our investigation led us to this video, where it looks like two agents are taking samples of Virat's beard. And this video has left us with more questions than answers. Is this actually happening? Is this true? Do you know anything about this? We just saw Virat signing something, was it the contract? Why are these men clicking photos of his beard and plucking his hair? There is a lot of noise around #ViratinsuresBeard, and we would love to get more information on this. This video has got us thinking, maybe insuring your beard is the actual trend we are missing out on right now? What do you think?
  20. When it comes to weight loss, most people, rather than being patient, start looking for ways to speed things up. In short, everyone start looking for shortcuts. This is where people start falling for stupid adverts like 'be in ketosis and eat fat to burn fat', 'mix butter in your coffee, it helps you lose fat faster'. You fall for it and start your keto journey but soon find out that it is not as easy you thought it would be. You are not losing fat any faster but you do feel like shit and can't eat anything you like. This is when you come across another advert claiming 'take our ketone supplements to get the same benefits without the hard work'. And your eyes start glistening! © YouTube That's when you think you've found it. The Holy Grail- the shortcut you've always dreamt of. But you haven't; instead you have been duped into spending your hard-earned money on another so-called supplement that does nothing but jackshit. Don't believe me? Keep reading to find out why ketone supplements for fat loss are just stupid. First Off, You Don't Need To Be In Ketosis To Lose Fat The makers of these supplements will go to any lengths to make you believe that in order to lose fat you NEED to be in ketosis. They will come up with reasons like - eating carbs spikes insulin and when insulin levels are raised your body stops burning fat. This has been time and again proved incorrect by a number of studies. Let's for a minute leave aside science and use common sense and logic. Yes, people have lost weight doing ketogenic but if it is the ONLY way, how do you explain people losing fat without following any keto/Lcd protocols? Bodybuilders have for decades relied on lower fat higher carbohydrate intakes to train at such high volumes to create the physiques you see on stage. If you needed to be ketogenic to lose body fat then how come some of the most ripped athletes on the planet aren't ketogenic? Let's Come Back To Science © YouTube In a study done by Kevin Hall et al, to determine whether low-carbohydrate ketogenic diets may promote greater weight loss than the conventional low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet. It was found out that ketogenic diet was outperformed slightly by high carb low fat diets in terms of losing fat. Fat burning does increase on a ketogenic diet but that is because you eat more fats and your body uses fats as energy as there is no glucose present to be used. But without a decrease in overall caloric intake you won't lose fat. Lastly, if you restrict your carbs while trying to perform a high-intensity workout, you are bound to suffer because, during high intensity workouts, your body primarily uses glucose as fuel. This is the reason high-end athletes eat carbohydrate-rich diets because it helps them perform at their best during those high intensities. Bottom Line The conclusion being none of the supplement makers that keep trying to sell you this crap have anything in terms of science and research in humans that categorically demonstrates a benefit attributable to their supplements. None. Nav Dhillon is an online coach with GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company that helps people with fitness goals right from losing weight to competing in bodybuilding shows. Nav is an avid bodybuilding enthusiast and heads the NABBA (National amateur bodybuilders association) as a General Secretary. This innate passion and position has helped him work with a lot of bodybuilders to help them take their physique at the next level. He also has a lovely pet called Buster whom he enjoys playing with in his free time. You can reach Nav on nav.dhillon@getsetgo.fitness to take your fitness and physique to the next level.
  21. Of all the years I have ruffled my way through training, not often have I come across guys with impeccable grit. There are dudes who show up for a week and then disappear. Then come in the dudes who show up for three months, mostly chasing a momentary (rarely lasting) transformation and then turn into fat slobs telling people how they once got shredded. Nobody really cares, bro. I mean, it's 2018. A filter can make you look like you lift, then why really go lift, right? That's how most people think now. They do it to prove something to world. They don't do it to prove things to themselves. This sets a sea of difference between the results and the things learned in the process. This is exactly where grit is lost. Do It For The Gram'! © pixabay Does this filter look good? How do you think the followers will react? Well, this picture must get a thousand likes, bro. All this takes up more time to decide than logging in the weights in a log book or thinking about bettering the next set. Filters make your 'body pop' so no point putting in the work. A little 'photo-shopping' here and there because, well, every fitness model does it! Thanks to social media, every session in the gym in not about being the best you can, it's about being likeable on social media. You will be judged on the number of followers you have, not by the number of years you have spent under the bar. If you aren't ripped 24/7, you aren't an authority on fitness. R.I.P ethics and (common sense)! What Are You Trying To Prove Anyway © pixabay At the end of the day, nobody cares what your body fat percentage is or how much you weigh. Life moves on. People don't care. If you really want to prove a point, set yourself up for some challenges and try to beat them every day. Go in, forget how many followers you have and get to the grind. Prove yourself that you are the best and the world will recognize. That's what grit is. © pixabay
  22. On days when Bollywood's Badshah, Shah Rukh Khan is not busy giving romance lessons to the world or asking the gorgeous Cate Blanchett for a selfie at Davos, he serves visual treat on a platter called Instagram for all his fans to gorge on. But, if it's a Sunday and he has nothing to do just like most of us, then his Instagram account can turn into an enigma code or the cryptic codes from 'The Matrix', making it difficult for us to decipher what he truly means. Instagram Well, maybe we exaggerated a bit, but after watching this video, we are sure you are going to feel the same way as we do - confused to an extent where we don't know how to react, so we like the post, tag our friends and leave it to their imagination to decode what exactly it was. In the video, SRK is seen wearing a tuxedo, his cool dark glasses and hair slicked back as he gears up to give a special surprise to his fans. Before we could understand what was happening, he dunked his face right inside the water, and played a couple of his famous dialogues. This didn't go as planned...but on a lazy Sunday afternoon, with my limited floatation expertise..this is the best I could do! Judge nahi karna, feel karna...Thx. A post shared by Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) on Feb 11, 2018 at 2:42am PST Well, like he said in the caption of the post, “Judge nahi karna, feel karna.” So we'll leave it at that and ask you guys to take charge and help us figuring out in what he was doing.
  23. The annual Consumer Electronics Show attracts some of the weirdest and coolest technology that anyone has ever seen. From self-driving cars to suitcases that follow you, everything was up for display at the annual conference. This was my first time at the show and I saw a few things that were more than memorable, but one thing that really stuck with me was the Table Tennis playing robot. I never got the chance to play with the thing but I saw a lot of people getting their asses handed to them by the robotic arm. Its called the Forpheus and was developed by Japanese company, Omron. It was displayed on the showroom floor where it showed a highly experienced Table Tennis player competing with the robot. The robot is massive in size and could easily fit in your Table Tennis room and is a perfect replacement for a human partner, if you like to practice alone. The robot uses an array of cameras and sensors that work in tandem with artificial intelligence to track the ball and the eyes of an opponent to predict where to hit the ball next. All of this is calculated and responded in a matter of milliseconds, which is quite an impressive feat. © Reuters In the event of a ball flying off the table, the robot is able to grab another one and serve on its own to get the game going again. The robot is capable of evaluating and predicting the opponents movements and the artificial intelligence can judge whether the opponent is experienced or not. Based on its evaluation, the Forpheus will automatically adjust the difficulty level, based on the opponent's skills. The Table Tennis ball can be a decptive piece of equipment as the speed of the ball and the spin can be rather tricky to replicate. The robot has the ability to take everything into account in order to keep the rally going. According to the company, “The ball's location is detected up to 80 times per second and can teach the movements of its opponent to predict when a smash is coming.” © YouTube It may not be practical to have a robot that plays Table Tennis in your home, however, this is a positive outlook for robotics and artificial intelligence. There can be many industrial applications of this technology, such as in transportation and many more. Eye tracking can be used for many purposes and the future looks incredibly bright if robots can work so well in different situations. If you want to see how responsive and fast this Table Tennis playing robot functions, have a look at this video below:
  24. The New Year's just begun and we've already got our travel plans sorted (thanks to all the long-weekends). So, to kick-start the year with our travel goals, let's go soak up the sun, sand and waves, forgetting the winter chill. While you pack your bags, don't forget that one fashion accessory we millennials just CANNOT stay without - a cool pair of sunglasses. To meet our cool expectations of style, a millennial collection of sunglasses is here to literally take our wanderlust to the next level. Not kidding, it's the new Oleo collection from Titan. They don't just look uber stylish but come with an innovative lens technology. The Oleo lens comes with a unique oleophobic coating that resists dust, water and smudges. Be it the beach or an infinity pool, you sure can just CHILL like a boss! Here are some styles that you can add to your travel accessories: 1. This Classic Aviator Titan While you are showing off your six-pack beach body, the only accessory you need above water level are these pair of aviators. It's a unisex style, so your lady love can play with them too! With accentuated temples, solid blue lens and blue metallic finish, this one's great for you if you are a true blue aqua-man (yeah, cooler than him). 2. This Oversized Pilot Titan Ahem! If you are the man who is quite a beach-celebrity (or you want to be one), this one's definitely going to be a head-turner. With brown gradient lenses and a matte dark grey frame, it'll serve as soothing shades for the bright, sunny day. And of course, while you laze on the beach chair, you'll definitely be catching some major attention. 3. These Reverse Supra Squares Titan Want something trendy to click some Insta-worthy pictures (which serves the purpose as well)? With a full black frame and dark grey metal on top, this stylish pair of reverse supra squares never fail to make a fashion statement. Its solid smoke lens adds that extra tinge of flamboyance to the beach look. 4. These Reverse Supra Rounds Titan It doesn't just suit Deepika's bae, as this one will look LIT on you too! With a full black rounded frame and dark grey metal on top, this bold pair of reverse supra rounds are a trendsetter. If you're going beach party-hopping, then this one's a must-have! 5. This Demi Acetate & Metal Combo Rounds Titan Adding to your beach-party collection! Its round brown demi-acetate with matte dark grey brow bar and metal temples cannot be missed even if a dozen guys strode across with their beach bodies. This one single dapper accessory can totally make you the show-stopper. 6. These Minimalistic Combo Squares Titan Stand in to stand out - this minimalistic pair of combo squares is perfect. Especially, if you're into water-sports and too much into adventure, this one's a pro accessory for you. Its brown metal front and demi plastic temples will give you the look and serve the purpose too. The Oleo collection even has added features like polarization and UV 400 filters that help cut glare, reduce harmful effects of UV light and enhance clarity. This pretty much ensures that you are sorted when you hit the water. So, what's your pick for your beach wardrobe this year?
  25. Anushka Shetty is back, and that too with a big, scary bang! The actress was already one of the biggest names in the film industry down South, but she gained mainstream prominence all over the world with her performance in the 'Baahubali' movies, which were some of the biggest and most talked about movies in the last few years. And now, Anushka has turned to the dark side, or at least her movies have. The trailer of the much-awaited 'Bhaagamathie' just dropped, and let's just say that it is definitely not for the faint-hearted. It starts off on a happy note, but good things never last, do they? The fast paced 2-minute trailer starts off with Anushka, who plays the role of an IAS officer, falling for a village leader played by Unni Mukundan. But, soon enough what seems like a happy love story turns into everyone's worst nightmare. First, Anushka can be seen behind bars, but then is thrown into a terrifying looking house and held captive there. But, the worst part is that the mansion is haunted by Bhaagamathie's spirit. There's so much paranormal activity going on in this house and Anushka can be seen being dragged and thrown off the walls by some unseen entity, an entity that is not at all happy to have an intruder. And, as if things weren't bad enough, Bhaagamathie, the strange entity, possesses Anushka's character. Well, we'll just have to wait for the movie to see how, or if, she survives this nightmare. Check out the scary and spine-chilling trailer here: A couple of months ago, the first poster of the horror movie stirred up a lot of anticipation among people. The poster showed one of Anushka's hands nailed to a wall, while she held a blood stained axe with the other one. She is coming! Presenting #BhaagamathieFL starring #Anushka#Bhaagamathie #HBDAnushkaShetty pic.twitter.com/mlL94ohN4m — UV Creations (@UV_Creations) November 6, 2017 'Baagamathie' will hit the theatres this Republic Day, and one piece of advice, you don't want to go watch this one alone.
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