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Found 13 results

  1. Harrison Wagner, 27, died after he "ultimately lost his battle with addiction," his family revealed last month
  2. Being a celebrity is like walking on thin ice all the time. Everything these stars do or say is scrutinized and dissected into something which they may or may not intend. The Guardians Of The Galaxy star Chris Pratt can vouch for it, whose harmless Instagram post for his wife invited plenty of hate. © Instagram/Chris Pratt Pratt put up an appreciation post about his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger where he thanked her for giving him “a gorgeous healthy daughter” among other things. “Guys. For real. Look how she’s looking at me! I mean. Find you somebody that looks at you like that!! You know!? We met in church. She’s given me an amazing life, a gorgeous healthy daughter,” he wrote. © Instagram/Chris Pratt The couple welcomed their first daughter Lyla Maria Schwarzenegger Pratt in August last year. While some deemed the post as sweet and normal, others found his “healthy daughter” comment problematic, mainly because he has a nine-year-old son Jack, with his first wife Anna Faris, who was born premature and suffered a lot of health issues since birth. © Instagram/Anna Faris Pratt received flak from people for gushing about a healthy child when his son has been facing health issues, which could have been unintentional but sounded a bit inconsiderate about his first-born. A user wrote, “As a special needs parent, you triggered me when you said she gave you a ‘healthy’ daughter. Like implying your last wife didn’t? Your kiddo has special needs and he’s special and healthy too! You should praise her for everything she’s been through. And him too.” © Instagram/Chris Pratt Another commented, “It's really gross to me that Chris Pratt specifically mentions that she gave him a gorgeous healthy daughter, presumably in contrast to his son from his first marriage, who was premature and has had several medical issues.” Someone said it was a weird thing to say when the other child isn’t even mentioned in the post, while another pointed out why isn’t he thankful for her for being a great stepmother to his son? © Life & Style Mag When you think about it, it does sound disrespectful and contradictory to his son who hasn’t been exactly a healthy child, with no fault of his own. Maybe he could have been a bit careful with words. © Instagram/Chris Pratt Do you think people are reading between the lines and overreacting or is this actually a cringe thing to say when his son is concerned? Let us know in the comments below. View the full article
  3. It's almost been a month since Aryan Khan, the 23-year-old son of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan was arrested by the NCB in a drugs case on a Goa-bound cruise ship just off the Mumbai coast. However, there are continuous developments in the case, with the ongoing saga becoming the most talked about incident in the country. View the full article
  4. Umran Malik is the perfect example of how to make rare and important moments of your life count. Making his debut during SunRisers Hyderabad’s final match of the 2021 season of the Indian Premier League, he knew that this might be the only opportunity he would get to be noticed on the big stage, and he made the most out of it. View this post on Instagram Bowling the fastest delivery of the ongoing season recorded at 153 kmph, the 21-year old not only scalped an important wicket against Royal Challengers Bangalore in Srikar Bharat but also proved that he could bowl these lightening-fast deliveries at a consistent rate as he went over the 150kmph mark over six times in just one match. It is rather incredible how Malik got to make his debut. The SunRisers Hyderabad, which is known to pick some of the rarest gems of domestic cricket, knew that they were already out of playoff contention. Which is why they decided to give their regular bowlers a breather and make their benched players see some game-time action. View this post on Instagram Whatever the circumstances under which Umran made his IPL debut, for his father, Abdul Malik, it didn’t matter one bit. He was simply overjoyed about the fact that he got to see his son on the television, doing the only thing he had dedicated all his life to and that too on foreign soil, no less. It isn’t common to see players from Jammu and Kashmir make it big in the Indian cricket circuit, especially when they do not have the money to travel to the bigger cities for trials, or when they have to depend on their daily wages to find out how much food they will be able to afford the next day. All these things meant nothing to his father. View this post on Instagram In a conversation with India Today, the speedster’s dad relived all the hardships that he had to go through in order to help his son follow his dream. However, every struggle got its money’s worth as soon as Umran got to wear the SRH jersey and represent his franchise against the biggest names in the game. “My son got inclined to cricket when he was just 3 years old. He always dreamt of becoming a professional cricketer. We were so happy when he was picked up in the playing XI by Sunrisers Hyderabad on Sunday,” said Abdul. View this post on Instagram “We were glued to the TV and there were tears of joy in my and my wife’s eyes. My son has worked very hard. We always supported him. We hope that one day he plays for Team India,” he added. “It is not an ordinary achievement for us. We are from a poor family. I sell vegetables and fruits to make a living. My son has made me proud. Our joy knows no bounds. Even Lt Governor Sahib has congratulated us. I pray to [the] Almighty that my son continues to excel in his career,” he concluded. View the full article
  5. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics closing ceremony was as beautiful and technologically sound as many people from all over the world had expected out of Japan as a country and it did not disappoint one bit. It also meant that many of the athletes will get to go back home and celebrate the spoils of their victory with their loved ones and get treated like the heroes they are. Some athletes like Simone Biles got in a car parade down the street where she lives while other winners wrapped their medals around their necks and got drunk in their bus. For the one and only Indian gold medalist at the recently concluded quadrennial tournament Neeraj Chopra, the homecoming is going to be a lot of special. In a conversation with The Hindustan Times, Neeraj’s mother Saroj Bala revealed the plans to welcome her boy who went away just as another athlete but who’s returning as a heartthrob and an inspiration to a million hearts. “Desi ghee ka choorma” (a local delicacy prepared in clarified butter) will be ready for Neeraj, when he returns, said his mother Saroj Bala. View this post on Instagram “Choorma is Neeraj’s favourite, whenever he comes home after a long break, he asks me to prepare choorma, and this time I will again welcome him with choorma as he will be returning with a gold medal,” she added, making no effort to hide her elation. “Most of the time he remains away from home and comes to the village only once or twice in a year. He does not attend even marriages or other important functions in the village,” she said, referring to Chopra’s training schedule mostly keeping him away from home. View this post on Instagram At the moment he stepped on the podium after watching the Indian flag being hoisted at the peak with the national anthem playing in the background, he did speak to his uncle Bhim for a brief moment before having to hang up. He did speak to his father on Sunday morning. “Neeraj spoke to me only for a few seconds and he was very happy and excited,” said Bhim. “Gaad diya Papa lath,” those were the first words that came out of Neeraj’s mouth while speaking to his father after bagging the gold medal at the greatest sporting event in the world. View the full article
  6. We often come across real-life stories that only exist in movies and are unbelievable. Sometimes, they are extremely annoying and we can only pray that it turns out to be fake. And this time, in another bizarre incident, a woman attending her son’s wedding was left crying after she found out that the bride was her long-lost daughter. Yes, you read that right! The incident took place in Suzhou, Jiangsu province in China on March 31. The mother-in-law of the bride noticed a birthmark on her new daughter-in-law’s hand which was very similar to the one on her lost daughter’s hand. After noticing the birthmark, the woman approached the bride’s parents and asked if the girl was adopted. She enquired from the girl’s family if the girl was adopted over 20 years ago. © Unsplash The bride’s family was shocked to hear the questions as this had been a secret in their family and nobody knew about it. However, they revealed that they had found the baby girl on the roadside several years ago and then decided to bring her up as their own child. After hearing the story, the bride burst into tears and wanted to know more about her biological parents. She also described the moment of meeting her biological mother as ‘happier than the wedding day itself'. However, this is not it! There is a lot more to come. © Unsplash Later, the bride was concerned about marrying her elder brother but the mother-in-law revealed that there would be no objection as their son is also adopted. According to Oriental Daily, the woman had adopted a boy after losing all hopes of finding her missing daughter. She tried to find her missing daughter for years but all went in vain. So, there was no problem for them to get married as they weren’t biological siblings. © Unsplash The bride was happy to know this and the couple completed their wedding rituals and got married. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below! View the full article
  7. Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan welcomed their second baby on February 21, 2021. Kareena was admitted to Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai where she gave birth to her baby boy. They made a conscious decision to not show their baby’s face till it’s the right time because their first son Taimur Ali Khan was brutally trolled for his name. They haven’t revealed their second son’s name yet. View this post on Instagram Yesterday night, Randhir Kapoor shared a picture of a baby which he later deleted but by that time, people had already taken screenshots and circulated them online, claiming that this was Kareena and Saif's second son. He took to Instagram and shared a collage of two babies. While one appeared to be Taimur, the other one was the new member of the Pataudi family, as the fans claimed. Here’s the screenshot: © Instagram If you are thinking this is the picture of Kareena’s second son, there’s a twist here. A source close to Kareena exclusively told us, “The picture of the baby that is going viral is completely fake. The fans will have to wait a little longer as the couple hasn’t decided when to share the images of their son on social media.” Kareena has been working round the clock and returned to work just a month after she delivered her second baby. Speaking about it, Kareena had said in December, "No, there has never been any plan that I have to do this or that. It's just that I have never been that kind of a person who would sit at home and say, 'Now I want to put my feet up'. I am doing what I want to do. Working — whether it’s during my pregnancy or post-delivery — has been a point to just say that when has anyone ever said that pregnant women can’t work? The more active you are, the healthier the baby is and the happier the mother is. After delivery, too, once you feel fit enough, one should do what they feel like doing, and try to balance it out between giving time to the child as well as your work and yourself. I have always been very proud of being a working mother." View this post on Instagram She broke stereotypes when she became a mother for the first time and is following the same route again. Nonetheless, what do you think about the leaked picture incident? Do you think it's a fake or was it actually the picture of Kareena and Saif's second son? Tell us in the comments below. View the full article
  8. Over the last couple of Test series that the Indian cricket team has been a part of, a major takeaway for the fans has been the surprising rise of Washington Sundar as a batting expert against the red-ball. View this post on Instagram Stunning home and away spectators with his staggering debut against the Australian side at the Brisbane Cricket Ground while delivering a match-saving innings, Sundar quickly established himself as a top replacement man for injured top-tier stars and is making a strong case for becoming a regular part of the Team India rotation. And despite his prowess with the bat in the last match of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy and the first innings of the Chepauk Test versus England, most of his fans seem to be fixated on his unique name, something even his teammate Rishabh Pant ended up casually making fun of recently. "Mera naam hai Washington, Mereko jana hai DC" - Poet Rishabh Pant#INDvENG #Pant #ViratKohli #Kohli #RishabhPant #Root #Rahane pic.twitter.com/QBmuSMUNp3 — Abhi Khade (@khadeabhishek1) February 5, 2021 To scratch the fans’ itch about the reasons behind the 21-year-old’s name, Washington’s father finally opened up and told a really interesting story which makes the name hold a lot more value than any other name possibly could have for the family. “I am a Hindu and come from a very humble family. Two streets away from my home in Triplicane lived an ex-army man called PD Washington. Washington was extremely fond of cricket and would come to watch us play at the Marina ground. He took a liking for my game,” said M Sundar as quoted by the Twelfth Man Times. View this post on Instagram Unable to afford things like books and school fees for himself, Sundar received a lot of financial support from PD Washington and played a crucial role in the kind of education and training he received during his childhood days. PD Washington breathed his last back in 1999, the very year Sundar was blessed with a baby boy and although he’d thought of naming him ‘Srinivasan’, he decided to name him after the man who practically made him the man he is today. View this post on Instagram “As per the Hindu custom, I whispered a God’s name, ‘Srinivasan,’ in his ear. But I decided to name him Washington in memory of the man who had done so much for me,” M Sundar concluded. View the full article
  9. The whole fitness agenda can go overboard at times but there are people who actually take it seriously and it's high time we do too, considering our sedentary lifestyle. Being equally fit both mentally and physically plays an essential role and if you want to follow a fitness regime then look no further, as we have compiled a list of inspiring posts by actor Sonu Sood sweating it out with his teenage son who can help you get your ass off your chair and go for a quick run! The Dabangg actor, as we all know, is a big time fitness enthusiast. And like father like son, his son Eshaan is completely following his dad’s footsteps. © Instagram Recently Sood took a trip down the memory lane on his son’s birthday and shared one of his favourite father-son moments on his Instagram account from the times when Eshaan was small. Sonu Sood wrote, "Happy birthday my hero, Eshaan Sood. Finally I have someone who's going to give me competition in fitness." This is what he posted on his son’s birthday: View this post on InstagramHappy birthday my hero❤️ @eshaansoood . Finally I have someone who’s going to give me competition in fitness 😂A post shared by (@sonu_sood) There's absolutely no denying the fact that Eshaan indeed grew up to give Sonu Sood major fitness competition. These two are often spotted working out together. In fact, Eshaan often trends for his work-out posts and ripped physique. Sonu Sood’s son is a fitness enthusiast just like his father. Don’t believe us? You check it out here: View this post on InstagramTwinning 💪 @eshaansooodA post shared by (@sonu_sood) Their workout sessions together are a major father-son fitness goal. Eshaan often joins Sonu Sood's work-out sessions and their "quarantine gym sessions" turn out to be this intense. View this post on InstagramQuarantine Gym Session💪#stayindoors #staysafe #stayfit #fitnessjourney #sonusoodfitworldA post shared by (@sonu_sood) Well, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Sonu Sood and Eshaan are partners-in-crime in more ways than one. Here, take a look: View this post on Instagramseas the day😋A post shared by (@eshaansoood) Sonu in his interview with MensXP said, “When people say that I have one of the best physiques in the industry, it is kind of a responsibility on my shoulders and I have to live up to their expectations, I have to inspire them to look up to me.” “Your discipline, your workouts, your eating habits, you have to look after all of them. You need to keep on working hard, inspiring others and staying fit and there’s not excelling is not an option. I always say, ‘there are only 22 hours in a day for me, the rest of the two hours are for my workouts and nobody can take that away from me,” he added. © MensXP As much as he looks good from the outside, Sonu Sood is brilliant from within too. He became migrant workers’ messiah during the nationwide lockdown due to the COVID-19 global health crisis. From helping migrants to reach their homes safely to offering his hotel in Mumbai for healthcare professionals to stay in to arranging jobs for the unemployed, Sood turned out to be a real life hero. View this post on Instagramमुझे छाँव में रखा ख़ुद चलता रहा धूप में। मैंने देखा एक फ़रिश्ता मेरे पिता के रूप में। ❣️A post shared by (@sonu_sood) On the work front, he is best known for his roles in films such as Paltan, Dabangg, Happy New Year, R... Rajkumar and Simmba He may be a villain in reel life, but people across the country look at him as a hero in real life. Take a bow, Sonu! View the full article
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