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  1. Billie Eilish pays special tribute to Spice Girls as she rocks T-shirt with a picture of them during her appearance in LA
  2. Victoria Beckham, Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell and Mel C sent heartwarming wishes to fellow Spice Girls' band member Mel B
  3. David Beckham ran into his wife Victoria Beckham?s Spice Girl mate Geri Horner at the F1 Grand Prix
  4. Sporty Spice says the group is once again planning a reunion tour after the success of their 2019 UK tour
  5. Mel B will be awarded an MBE (Order of the British Empire) for her services to victims of domestic violence
  6. The Warner Bros. version of the classic Frank Herbert opus lost 62 percent from its debut weekend,
  7. Spice Girls are reportedly working on trying to get Victoria Beckham to join their joint tour plan
  8. Being in a long term relationship has its pros and cons. While companionship, reliability and support are readily available, the ‘spark’ often fades away after the initial phase. But does it mean the spark is gone forever? Not really. As much as we hate putting effort into a relationship, it’s essential, especially when it comes to your *** life. When you know your partner’s kinks and quirks, the *** may become monotonous after a while. This is when you put on your creative hat and shake things up. How do you do that? By starting to use more lubricants to your advantage. Here’s all that you need to know about using it the right way: Benefits Of Using A Lubricant © Giphy Using lubes has been quite stigmatised. The most common notion is that lubes are ‘only’ meant for a woman’s pleasure and need. This is not true. Lubes can do wonders for your *** life and is necessary for better sexual hygiene. Here’s how: 1. It Reduces Friction No one likes friction during ***. Not only is it the opposite of pleasure, but it also increases your chances of passing on or catching an infection. __ECOMPRODUCT__2646__ 2. It Can Spice Up Your Single Life © Giphy Lubes can be used by anyone regardless of their gender, age or relationship status. In other words, use some lube the next time you masturbate and see how it enhances your pleasure. __ECOMPRODUCT__2647__ 3. Ideal For All Types Of *** From oral *** to anal ***, using lube is often recommended by experts if you want a safer and pleasurable experience. __ECOMPRODUCT__2484__ 4. Perfect For The ‘Dry Phase’ Experiencing dryness during *** is very common for women. However, it doesn’t mean that she’s not into it. It’s probably because of some hormonal changes. No matter what the reason is, lube is the only thing that will help you here. __ECOMPRODUCT__2648__ 5. Pleasure All The Way There are many different types of lubes available in the market. From different flavours to the ones that offer different sensations, there’s a lot to experiment with. Think *** toys and foreplays. __ECOMPRODUCT__2649__ Types Of Lubricants Choosing the right type of lubricant is the first and the most important step. There are four major types of lubricants: 1. Water Based: Water-based lubes are most popularly used. Firstly, they are safer to use for women. Secondly, they do not stain and some of them can be ingested during oral ***. Lastly, they are safe to use with latex condoms. __ECOMPRODUCT__2143__ 2. Oil Based As the name suggests, oil-based lubes are made using natural vegetable or nut oils. They are slightly greasier because of the oils and can also harbour bacteria. They can also break a latex condom and increase the risk of STIs and STDs. __ECOMPRODUCT__2650__ 3. Silicone Based Silicone lubes, unlike water-based, provide long-lasting lubrication and may not need reapplications. This is why it’s the best type of lube to use in the hot tub, swimming pool or shower. __ECOMPRODUCT__1527__ 4. Natural Lubes Lastly, all-natural lubes like aloe vera gel and coconut oil are also popular. However, we do recommend that you take a professional’s advice before using these products as lubricants. Just because something’s naturally lubricating doesn’t mean it can be used as a lubricant. How To Use A Lubricant Using a lubricant during *** is not rocket science. Just squeeze out the required amount into your hands. Then apply it on your genitals or any other area and voila, you’re done. __ECOMPRODUCT__2651__ Avoid applying lube directly from the tube to your genitals because that may transfer germs and bacteria. Other than the obvious way of using it, make sure that you aren’t afraid to get out of your comfort zone. You can use lube during foreplay, while using different types of *** toys, during oral and anal ***. __ECOMPRODUCT__1813__ Once you figure out which is the best and the safest lube for you, you can get creative with it. Use it as often, as much and wherever you want. What To Avoid? Even though this product is mostly safe, there are some precautions that you should practice. __ECOMPRODUCT__2235__ Before buying the product, make sure that you look at the ingredients. Some ingredients like glycerine and petroleum should be avoided at all costs. It can affect the pH levels of your skin and make you more susceptible to infections, dryness and itchiness. More Lube, More Pleasure... © Giphy Regardless of your gender or age, lubes will make *** more pleasurable for you. It helps in decreasing minor cuts, chafing and infections. Not only will it make penetration less painful for you, but it’ll also make the experience more pleasurable for your female partner. Do you have more questions on using lubes for ***? Drop a comment below and we’ll address them! Explore More View the full article
  9. Welcome to our special edition of *** tips, brought to you by the zodiac signs! What can your star sign tell you about your bedroom behaviour? A lot. What turns you on, how you set the mood, your preferred style of doin’ it. Everything. Some signs have a slower but more sensual approach to seduction (talking to you, Taurus and Cancer), while others prefer a passionate “let’s do it right here, right now” attitude (Aries, Scorpio). Some signs unleash their desires within the safety of their bedroom (Virgo, Capricorn), while others like the idea of doing it outside (all eyes on you, Sag and Aqua). And, of course, some signs reveal their performative versatility through *** (Leo, Gemini), while others explore erotic harmony through lovemaking (a shoutout to the romantics, Libra and Pisces). See? Insightful. So, based on your zodiac sign here’s what can work in your favour and help you reap the raunchy rewards. (March 21 - April 19) Aries: Use The TemperYou have a fun bedroom energy. Impulsive, rapid bursts of passion are your turn on points and you’re no stranger to quickies. Your go-to line? “Take off your shirt.” Try up-against-the-wall positions. But before that, give foreplay a chance. We know you’re not a fan but you’ll enjoy the part where you get to take the charge. __ECOMPRODUCT__1344__ (April 20 - May 20) Taurus: Sensual Massage With PartnerThe bulls are a fan of all things sensual, especially when they can just relax and experience it. This is why your idea of lovemaking often includes a full-body massage or a luxurious bubble bath surrounded by aromatic candles and essential oils. The Venusian sign’s libido is closely connected to sound, sight, taste, smell and touch. You’re aroused by delectable aphrodisiacs and smooth linen or silk bed sheets. As a Taurus, your most erogenous zone is the neck and throat area, so kisses or nibbles in this region will surely make you blush. Also, you secretly love the missionary position (with an eye-contact). __ECOMPRODUCT__2035__ (May 21 - June 20) Gemini: Dirty TalksYou are a fun, fantastic date. You are quite a talker. No wonder dirty talk and sexting are a part of your love language. You can write erotica with extreme details of lovemaking, effortlessly. Details can turn you on. Switching positions frequently during *** is extremely arousing for you. The twins don’t need a threesome to make intercourse feel like an orgy. __ECOMPRODUCT__1769__ (June 21 – July 22) Cancer: Eye Contact Is The KeyCrabs like their passion served with a pinch of romance. As a Cancer, you enjoy being seen, feeling protected and wanted. Making eye contact with your partner while having *** can take the intimacy to a whole new level for the sweetest water sign. To come out of your shell you need to feel fully comfortable. Once the gloves come off, you make for an extremely erotic partner. Experiment with wraparound positions where you both can make eye contact. Your focus is your partner’s pleasure. Your bedside table can be stocked with condoms but your favourite part is cuddling, spooning and hand-holding. __ECOMPRODUCT__1436__ (July 23 - August 22) Leo: Add Some DramaLeos really come alive through drama, especially when they can be the star of their bedroom fantasies. The moment you get the spotlight, you’ll show your partner a performance of the lifetime. The biggest turn-on of the lions is to feel desired. You enjoy the art of seduction through lavish dates and grand gestures. Leos should try seated positions in chairs (sorry, we meant throne). __ECOMPRODUCT__1887__ (August 23 - September 22) Virgo: Submission PlayVirgos are like horny teenagers—they’re hard-working but they’re also one of the kinkiest signs. This intellectual sign is most aroused by witty and intelligent conversations. As a Virgo, you love romantic writing and don’t be surprised if things get steamy while sexting. Virgos are submissive and creatures of habit. You enjoy regular *** and exploring kinky proclivities within a safe and secure environment. Focus on more submissive *** positions. That’s where all the fun is. __ECOMPRODUCT__1878__ (September 23 - October 22) Libra: Let Go & Get Louder Everyone falls in love with you a little. We know you like to be prim and proper but when it comes to ***, you’ve got to let go. Get louder and more vocal. Of course, you can’t let go of harmony but take a break from people-pleasing. Let your partner know what’s working for you and what’s not. If you want them to reciprocate, be honest. You’re an elegant lover and you treat your partner’s body and mind as a work of art. You’re a giver, that too a generous one. This is why you need to tell your partner that you’re expecting a return of all the favours. Your lower back is a highly erogenous area for you. Try 69 position to bring more balance and harmony to your steamy nights. __ECOMPRODUCT__2036__ (October 23 - November 21) Scorpio: Turn Off The LightsScorpios are extremely sexual beings. You’re intense and private at the same time. When the lights are off, you freely concentrate on pleasure and are capable of surprising your partner without holding back. Exploring the power play of dominance and submission arouse you. __ECOMPRODUCT__2037__ (November 22 - December 21) Sagittarius: Take It Outside*** is always an adventure for Sagittarians. You seek thrill in romance and usually keep a carefree attitude when it comes to *** and intimacy. Sags love a hint of danger while committing an act of lovemaking. Your erogenous zone is the hips and *** in public is a huge turn-on for you. That adrenaline rush you get when there’s the added risk of being caught, you love it. __ECOMPRODUCT__1437__ (December 22 - January 19) Capricorn: Dominance Play As a Capricorn, you feel comfortable in your seat of power. This bossy trait of yours easily converts to sexual prowess. You’re determined and dedicated to providing complete pleasure to your partner. You come across as an unemotional and detached partner at first when it comes to romance. But once you’re at ease, you’re one of the freakiest lovers of the zodiac family. Your competitive nature pays off when you’re acting out your fantasies that can bring the sea goats to their knees in the bedroom. Loosen up and explore role-playing! __ECOMPRODUCT__2038__ (January 20 - February 18) Aquarius: *** ToysThis air sign loves technology and they appreciate art. So don’t shy away from exploring *** gadgets because you’ll absolutely love them. As an Aquarian, you’re innovative, your thoughts are nonconformist and you’ve probably tried at least a few Kama Sutra positions. Your imagination isn’t limited to animalistic desires, you’re the man of abstract. A man of a million possibilities. You seek an unconventional partner who doesn’t follow a script. Breaking rules is your biggest turn on. __ECOMPRODUCT__1026__ (February 19 - March 20) Pisces: Bring In Some VarietyPisces are emotional, nostalgic and romantic, so you might end up in the same position over and over again. Piscean *** is extremely spiritual. For you, lovemaking, the act of intercourse is a magical experience and you respect and enjoy every moment of it. A steamy foot massage can surely prompt the siren’s song in your head. Browse through the pages of the Kama Sutra or explore tantric *** to give meaning to your wild imaginations. __ECOMPRODUCT__1480__ Now, that you’re an expert, share these tips with your partner. Explore More View the full article
  10. Victoria and other girls were posing with their hands on their hips in iconic red Baywatch swimsuits
  11. English fashion designer Victoria Beckham said Beyonce was inspired by the Spice Girls
  12. The Grammy-nominated boy band?s meal will launch starting next month in nearly 50 countries
  13. Victoria Beckham praised Kim Kardashian as 'The Perfect Posh' for her adorable throwback post
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