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Found 25 results

  1. A giant squid measuring 3.35 metres in length has been found alive on a shore in western Japan
  2. The wildly popular and uber violent Netflix series Squid Game, a South Korean-made survival game about people desperate to get out of debt, came in ninth position
  3. The infamous doll in hit South Korean show Squid Game was featured at a park in Seoul
  4. Squid Game director finally clears the air over the real meaning of the red and blue paper envelopes
  5. Ever since its release, Squid Game has broken all kinds of viewership records, becoming the most watched show on a popular streaming platform. © Siren Pictures inc As the name suggests, the show is based on a contest, where contestants are asked to play various childhood games in order to win a bumper prize money, with only caveat being that those who failed had to pay the price with their life. In one of the games, the participants are given ‘Dalgona candies’ with different shapes carved on it and are asked to etch them out using a needle. By the look of it the game seems quite easy but it’s far from it and Team India players found out the same when they took on this challenge. © Instagram ICC India's limited-over vice-captain Rohit Sharma, his partner in crime KL Rahul, fast bowling duo of Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammed Shami, middle-order batter Suryakumar Yadav and mystery spinner Varun Chakravarthy all embraced this challenge but only a few of them succeeded. Thankfully, unlike the web series, here their life was not at stake. View this post on Instagram “India put to the test in nerve-wracking game. Indian Cricket Team stars are put to the test with a game made famous by one of the world's most talked about shows,” ICC wrote on Instagram, sharing the video. © Instagram ICC Chakravarthy, whose bowling arsenal is full of mystery, tried hard but it wasn't good enough and he was the first one to bow out of this challenge. He was followed by Suryaumar Yadav who broke his candy into pieces and lost the challenge. The story wasn’t different for Rahul and Bumrah either, both of whom crashed out at the exact same time. The fast bowler, who is known for his toe-crushing yorkers, was glad that he wasn’t part of the actual Squid Game, otherwise he would have been dead. © Instagram ICC If you ask all those who failed they would say it was next to impossible but there were a couple of players who played the game with all seriousness and succeeded. These two players were none other than Rohit and Shami, who were able to etch out the shape from their candies without breaking it. In fact, Rohit was so invested that it felt as if he was actually part of the web series and was fighting for his life. © Siren Pictures inc While other players lost because they hurried, Rohit wanted to win anyhow and at one point he even tried to lick the candy and asked if he could get lighter. Shami, on the other hand, reaped rewards for being patient and not rushing through. “Cheez bhin nikali hai to, time to lena padega,” he says in the video. What did you make of Indian cricketers' performance and how would you have fared in this challenge, let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  6. Customers hurry through a course and then freeze at the sound of commands in Korean at the restaurant
  7. Squid Game ends up losing its status as Netflix?s Top 10 shows to this shocking release
  8. The dystopian South Korean thriller has become the most popular Netflix series launch ever
  9. The school sent a letter to parents saying that their children should not watch the show after observing similar scenes in the playground
  10. Squid Game is a South Korean survival drama television series streaming on Netflix. Keep watching for the Squid Game review by Shubham and Rrajesh, along with the UPSC section and Stupidity of the Week. View the full article
  11. Unless you’ve managed to pull off a Jared Leto and find yourself waking up to an unfamiliar world, you must have heard that it’s Squid Game season around town. Needless to say, this is going to be a spoiler-filled zone. So continue at your own peril! The premise of Squid Game is simple. 456 individuals who’ve signed up their bodies to debt recovery agents are forced to battle it out through 6 sinister gauntlets based on popular Korean childhood games. The prize money of 45.6 billion Won serves as the reward for their depraved bloodlust. © Netflix The multi-genre Korean thriller, written by Hwang Dong-hyuk, was released on September 17 and has swiftly become Netflix’s most-watched series globally. It’s easy to get lost in the hype and label it as just another dystopian work of fiction that global audiences seem to have latched onto, in the vein of Black Mirror and Hunger Games, however, the comparisons would be unjust. © Netflix The true success of Squid Game is in writer Hwang Dong-hyuk’s clinical diagnosis of the human condition; a critique of capitalistic societies in general. His characters are burdened by the increasingly money-minded nature of the world which has created a burgeoning chasm between the haves and the have-nots. They’re all humans left behind to contend with the grotesque underbellies of a society fixated on economic surplus as the only beacon of progress. © Netflix Whether it be Kang Sae-byok, a North Korean immigrant who needed money to reunite with her displaced family, or Cho Sang-woo, a man guilty of embezzling funds and on the run from various collectors, their debts remain the perennial albatross around their neck. It’s a sentiment eerily familiar to the world we currently live in as well, and intentionally so. In fact, the writer has explained that the show is meant to reflect the cutthroat world we live in. Dong-hyuk says, “This is a story about losers, those who struggle through the challenges of everyday life and get left behind, while the "winners level up." © Netflix Episode 1 ‘Red Light, Green Light’ opens with a ne’er-do-well Seong Gi-hun, shamelessly sponging off his elderly mother. It’s established that Gi-hun wasn’t always like this. Now divorced, he works as a despondent chauffeur, trying to salvage his relationship with his daughter, Ga-yeong. The aged matriarch is seen fending for all his needs despite her deteriorating health condition, while the seemingly irresponsible son whiles away time betting on horses. © Netflix For those who are privileged, bad days can seem like an aberration from the norm. Inconvenient at best. But for people like Seong Gi-hun, life can seem like a relentless onslaught of miseries, piling on one after the other. © Netflix Seong Gi-hun’s gambling addiction isn’t the cause for his pitiful situation, rather he gambles in an attempt to get back into this race we call life. His gambling is the symptom of an underlying disease; the societal pressures that someone like him must contend with just to live. © Netflix His attempts at playing catchup with the rest of the world catch up with him eventually. Desperate and drowning in debts, Gi-hun is left with no choice but to sign off his vital organs to money lenders. © Netflix Soon after, he finds himself enrolled in the Squid Game after several humiliating rounds of ddkaji. Throughout the games, Seong Gi-hun serves as the heart of the series. It is during their confinement on the island that we see his character really blossom. He goes from being a capricious gambler to becoming a sincere friend to many of his inmates. © Netflix At many points during the show, Gi-hun is shown to fawn over childhood friend Cho Sang-woo, due to the latter’s college-level education, but it is our bumbling protagonist who licks his sugar honeycomb to safety in Episode 3 ‘The Man With The Umbrella’. In episode 5 ‘A Fair World’, we find out that Gi-hun used to work at a car manufacturing company before he was laid off due to corrupt executives. This incident happened right around his daughter’s due date. He and his colleagues went on a strike to protest the injustice, barricading themselves in the factory. However, a co-worker lost his life in front of him when the authorities tried to break the strike. Traumatized by the incident, Seong Gi-hun never fully recovered from it, potentially leading to his failed businesses, insurmountable debts, and eventual divorce. © Netflix In Episode 6 ‘Gganbu’, we witness Seong Gi-hun’s desperation to survive. Perhaps it’s unfair to judge him for trying to take advantage of Il-nam’s rapidly progressing dementia in order to proceed to the next round (considering the grand reveal at the end of the series), but it was a stern reminder that ethics and morality are the first to go out of the window when an individual’s life is at stake. © Netflix Here onwards, we see the slow and suffocating demise of Seong Gi-hun’s conscience. The Squid Game mirrors a society designed to keep its poor within the rigid confines of the rich. The illusion of free will is part and parcel of the experience. They dictate rules to a game that the impoverished never signed up for. It’s meant to keep them trapped in the mousetrap of daily miseries. A game they can never win, but one they can’t escape either. © Netflix By the time Seong Gi-hun won the final round, he had been utterly broken by the game. He may have won the prize money, but at what cost? He goes back to a broken home to find his deceased mother on the floor. All the money in the world couldn’t save her. The once smiling character had transformed into a despondent and mentally fractured version of himself. © Netflix Goes to show that there’s no winning the Squid Game. View the full article
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