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Found 193 results

  1. Woman in jail on murder charges says she was threatened her father would be framed in the case if she dared speak
  2. China's 'prepare for war' warning comes as relations between Beijing and Washington continue to deteriorate
  3. Government announces attractive rates for affordable housing scheme, divides it into 3 categories with max loan tenure of 20 years
  4. Over three hundred Kashmiris have been martyred by the Indian occupation forces during the last one year: FO
  5. We clean the beach again & again, only to have the city?s garbage dumped in our sea & sewerage lines, tweets Shaniera Akram
  6. In terms of total health expenditure as a percentage of the GDP in 2018-2019, the spending was 1.1%
  7. Data shows strict coronavirus lockdown in India's UP yielded commendable results as opposed to Pakistan's half measures
  8. With the ongoing national lockdown amid the coronavirus crises, people are finding new and creative ways to pass time in self-isolation at home. Since the 21-day lockdown was recently extended till May 3, more and more people are resorting to home delivery services to order things online instead of stepping out. © istock Major cities that have been using Dunzo during the lockdown including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Gurugram, and Pune. Some Indian cities med the most of it during the lockdown, this March. Delivering from pharmacies is clearly no child's play.#Contraceptives #Condoms #PregancyKits #HandWash #IPill #Pharmacies #Medicines #Lockdown2020 #quarantinelife #quarantineandchill pic.twitter.com/6fEvKMJniC â Dunzo (@DunzoIt) April 14, 2020 A Twitter post from Dunzo's official Twitter handle provides information about what residents across different cities have ordered the most from the platform in the month of March. For hand sanitisers. Chennai and Jaipur folks seem to prefer doing it solo. #swayamsevaks â Karthik Upadhya (@karthik_upadhya) April 14, 2020 And how WFHs are proving to be productive. So technically, WFH is making everyone to be highly productive indeed. â Ash (@peppers_guy) April 14, 2020 Someone decided to write a poem. Bangalore aur Pune mein , Kit -ne sare sapne hai.. Chennai aur Jaipur ki luck-heer badal jai, Haath dhona bhoolenge nai, Mumbai meri jaan, Safety net toh tumhe bahu-t zaroori hai, Hyderabad plz tumhe galti agar lage, Tablet tab-lighi lena bholna mat .. â Chetan Yallapurkar (@chetan_golfer) April 15, 2020 According to most of the pharmacists and drug stores across the country, a high surge in sales of condoms and contraceptive pills has been reported since the lockdown kickstarted. View the full article
  9. Harvey Weinstein, who turns 68 on Thursday, has stayed at New York's Rikers Island prison
  10. 'Press freedom, due process, and the rule of law are pillars of every democracy,' the State Department's Alice Wells says
  11. Due to coronavirus outbreak, Chinese authorities may allow people to start traveling by using a ?health code?
  12. Some of the watches gifted to Vice President Pence and CIA officials were destroyed on suspicion that they were surveillance devices
  13. Attention has now turned to tackling flash flooding expected in coming days following heaviest rains in 30 years
  14. Letâs get real, if youâre a Goa frequenter, thereâs a good chance that itâs been your getaway of choice for one of many good reasons - that booze in the state is wonderfully cheap, leading to year after year of holidays spent by the seaside, 30-Rupee beers glued to our fingers. © Unsplash Unfortunately, troubleâs brewing in paradise. After decades of being the countryâs top party-vacation destination, Goaâs crown is about to be knocked off - and at the hands of none other than the newly announced state budget. The budget, which happens to be the first announced by new BJP CM Pramod Sawant, was announced earlier this week on the 6th of February. A ârise in excise duties and fees paid by alcohol sellersâ was the reason behind the governmentâs decision. Fortunately, reports claim that the prices will continue to remain below national averages - so not all is lost. âWe have increased the tax rate very slightly to make sure the burden on the common man does not increase. Excise duties, fees, stamp duty, court fees â all have been increased slightly in this Budget. Land rates have been revised too,â the Chief Minister was quoted as saying in his press release. © Unsplash Part of the hikes also affect property rates - a change that the government hopes will inject Rs 250-300 crore of revenue, which is planned to be spent on infrastructure projects according to The Times of India. Goa has faced flak from tourists and locals alike for stalling infrastructure projects such as road rebuilding and bridges - so itâs good to hear that the state aims to focus on getting these plans through the door. Still, weâve got a good 2 months left before the prices rise, and with off-season rates on their way post-February, thereâs a good chance that March will be the perfect time to plan the most inebriated vacation of your life. So, hit your gang up and remember to keep your bottle openers with you - theyâll be well-used by the time youâre back. View the full article
  15. Photo: Reuters Kuwait's government Wednesday said that reports of US troops withdrawal Camp Arifjan were incorrect and that the state news agency was hacked which had made the claim. Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) apparently reported on Wednesday that Kuwait's defence minister received a letter from the commander in chief of a US military camp in Kuwait "declaring imminent withdrawal of all US military forces in three days." "Receiving such letter from Camp Arifjan was unexpected and we are communicating with US Department of Defense for more details and information,” the agency had reported the minister as saying. Also read: Aramco shares hit lowest level since market debut as US-Iran tensions rise Top Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani was killed last week in a US strike on Baghdad´s international airport, which led to escalation of tension between the two countries. The Pentagon had said US President Donald Trump ordered Soleimani's "killing," after a pro-Iran mob this week laid siege to the US embassy. Declaring three days of mourning across the country, Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei vowed to take "severe revenge" for Soleimani´s death. In a response to the US strike that killed Al Quds commander Qassem Soleimani, Iran fired multiple surface-to-surface ballistic missiles at two military bases in Iraq that housed American troops. This was the first time that Iran has directly engaged the US military in conflict as previously the two countries waged battles against each other through proxies and militias.
  16. Geo.tv/Files Prime Minister Imran Khan slammed the Modi-led government Friday saying that India’s fascist regime is engaging in violence against Kashmiris while the world remains silent. “How long will the world remain silent while the fascist extremist Modi regime indulges in state terrorism?” he said. Tensions reached a new high between India and Pakistan after August 5, 2019 when India scrapped the special status of occupied Kashmir (IoK). It has been almost six months and the curfew imposed on the disputed territory continues. Also read: PM Imran meets COAS to discuss on-going situation in country The valley has been under a strict military-enforced curfew as Indian authorities block communication services and restrict freedom of travel. CAA intensifies conflict between India and Pakistan India passed a new law a couple of days ago that grants citizenship to religious minorities fleeing from Muslim-majority countries — Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh — but excludes Muslim immigrants. The new legislation, known as the Citizenship Amendment Bill, is an amendment to India’s Citizenship Act 1955. It proposes to grant nationality to Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhist, Jains and Parsis, who arrived in India before 2015 but not Muslims. Thousands of people--who see the law as anti-Muslim--have taken to the streets in India against the CAA triggering violent unrest. A southern state imposed curbs on public gatherings to pre-empt further demonstrations. Many university students who were protesting against the bill were arrested by the authorities as well. President Arif Alvi on December 16 expressed outrage at the brutal tactics being adopted by Indian government to crush students protesting against CAA in the capital New Delhi. Read more: PM Imran warns India of 'befitting response' in case of false flag operation In a message posted on the social networking platform Twitter, the president shared a video of an unidentified girl who, in the video, narrates the ordeal of a group of girls beaten with sticks by the police on Sunday at a mosque inside the Jamia Millia Islamia university in New Delhi. Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi also said that Modi's controversial anti-Muslim citizenship law had split India into "two schools of thoughts" and exposed the Indian government's "Hindutva" mindset.
  17. Lebanon's judiciary has received a red notice from Interpol for the arrest of fugitive auto tycoon Carlos Ghosn. Photo: arabianbusiness.comLebanon's judiciary has received a red notice from Interpol for the arrest of fugitive auto tycoon Carlos Ghosn, the state-run National News Agency reported on Thursday. It quoted Justice Minister Albert Sarhan as announcing that "the public prosecutor... has received what is known as a red notice from Interpol in the Carlos Ghosn case." The French-Lebanese former Nissan boss, who had been under house arrest in Japan over several counts of financial misconduct, escaped in mysterious circumstances and arrived in Beirut on Monday. Read more: Ghosn received 8m euro in 'improper' payments: Nissan Interpol, which is headquartered in the French city of Lyon, is an international organisation that facilitates worldwide police cooperation. An Interpol 'red notice' is a request to police across the world to provisionally arrest a person pending extradition, surrender or similar legal action. It is not an arrest warrant. A Lebanese judicial source has already told AFP however that Lebanon and Japan do not have an extradition agreement under which Ghosn — who holds Lebanese, French, and Brazilian nationalities — could be sent back to Tokyo.
  18. The unimaginable is happening in Rajasthan, as yet again the desert state witnesses never-seen-before climatic changes. The city of Sikar in Rajasthan reportedly experienced zero-degree temperature and the news has left many shocked. © Twitter Known for its dry and dusty geography, Rajasthan isn't used to such low temperatures, but recently other parts of the state such as Mount Abu, Pilani, Churu and even Jaipur have seen the mercury dip drastically. © IANS Recently, another small town named Nagaur in Rajasthan received such heavy hailstorm, it almost seemed as if the landscape was covered with layers of snow! Just like Sikar, locals in Nagaur couldn't believe what they were experiencing. © Twitter This is yet another reminder of how climate change is impacting our lives in ways none of us would have predicted until now. The freezing temperature has left the locals and state administration in a state of worry as they fear the worst. © Twitter The state government is trying to help people in need by offering them night shelters, food and blankets to help them survive this cold blast. This is again a reminder that it's high time people took climate change more seriously. View the full article
  19. WASHINGTON: The Trump administration has approved a resumption of Pakistan’s participation in a coveted US military training and educational programme more than a year after it was suspended, the State Department said on Thursday. The decision to resume Islamabad’s participation in the International Military Education and Training Program, or IMET - for more than a decade a pillar of US-Pakistani military ties - underscores warming relations that have followed meetings this year between US President Donald Trump and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. Washington also has credited Islamabad with helping to facilitate negotiations on a US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. The talks recently resumed between the United States and the Taliban, who US officials say receive sanctuary and other aid from the Pakistan’s military-led intelligence agency. Pakistan denies the charge. The State Department administers IMET. It was a small facet of US security aid programmes for Pakistan worth some $2 billion that remain suspended on orders that Trump abruptly issued in January 2018 to compel the nuclear-armed South Asian nation to crackdown on militants. Trump’s decision, announced in a tweet, blindsided US officials. A State Department spokeswoman said in an email that Trump’s 2018 decision to suspend security assistance authorised “narrow exceptions for programmes that support vital US national security interests.” The decision to restore Pakistani participation in IMET was “one such exception,” she said. The programme “provides an opportunity to increase bilateral cooperation between our countries on shared priorities,” she added. “We want to continue to build on this foundation through concrete actions that advance regional security and stability.” A second US official said on condition of anonymity that Pakistan was in the process of selecting officers to send to the United States. The restart of the programme, however, is subject to approval by Congress. Republican and Democratic aides for the Senate and House of Representatives committees with jurisdiction over the process did not immediately respond to requests for comment. IMET affords spaces to foreign military officers at US military education institutions, such as the US Army War College and the US Naval War College. Pakistan’s suspension from the programme in August 2018 prompted the cancellation of 66 slots set aside that year for Pakistani military officers in one of the first known impacts of Trump’s decision to halt security assistance. The US military traditionally has sought to shield such educational programmes from political tensions, arguing that the ties built by bringing foreign military officers to the United States pay long-term dividends.
  20. ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said that State of Madina established by Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) was a guiding principle for the people of all ages as it had not merely focused the betterment of Muslims but the whole...
  21. The PM made the statement while meeting Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Babar Awan here today ? File photoISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Monday that the authority of the state should not be undermined as it comes before politics.The...
  22. There's a lot of things you can compare roads with, but honestly, I never thought 'cheeks' would be one of them. But, Madhya Pradesh minister PC Sharma is getting a little creative - and a lot creepy - while talking about the road repairs in the state. Basically, he said the roads in Bhopal would soon be 'chakachak, just like Hema Malini's cheeks'. Yep, this is real. You know what he thinks the roads look like right now? Apparently, the roads have spots similar to small-pox, like "(BJP general secretary) Kailash Vijayvargiya's cheeks". © Twitter What is his obsession with 'cheeks'? And, I wouldn't want to be Kailash Vijayvargiya right now, tbh. While talking to reporters yesterday, he said, "Under the leadership of Public Works minister Sajjan Vermaji and directives of chief minister Kamal Nathji, the roads would be repaired in 15 days. They will be made 'Chakachak', like Hema Malini's cheeks in 15 to 20 days." Obviously, the 'cheeky' comment is a little unsettling and it would've been weird if it wasn't called out. But, people didn't disappoint, of course. Yep, for sure. As Hema Malini turns 71 today, her cheeks are still figuring in day's headline with politicians considering them as standard parameter for good roads Dream Girl, who has done over 150 movies and is now an MP seems to hv strange fan base among lawmakers.https://t.co/Y6DjVTaTBn — Ashish Kedia (@kediashish) October 16, 2019 That person needs to be fired. "Expressing concern over bad condition of roads, the state law minister said the roads have spots similar to smallpox, like "(BJP gen sec) Kailash Vijayvargiya's cheeks." Who is this Minister's speechwriter? Also, #HappyBirthdayHemaMalini. We're sorry.https://t.co/FFrmrMGS50 — Maanvi (@Maanvi2501) October 16, 2019 Umm. Looks like Hema Malini's cheeks so smooth ð — marcopolo ð®ð³ (@shahtalai) October 11, 2019 Not in good taste. Irrespective of the party he represents such remarks are deplorable Roads in MP are like Vijayvargiya cheeks, will make them like Hema Malini's cheeks: State Min https://t.co/gYgthf4I6x pic.twitter.com/rG3pvVDLWk — Diganta Guha (@diganta_guha) October 15, 2019
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