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Found 7 results

  1. FBR directs tobacco sector to place a track and trace system to identify non-duty paid products
  2. There are some perceptions about our favourite celebs which are extremely hard to break, even if you try. There is a reason why Aamir Khan is called a perfectionist. From taking years on a movie and changing his physical appearance for every project, the man is truly dedicated to his art. Now one might think that it is an acquired taste of giving insane amount of hard work to everything he does, but the man has probably always been like this. View this post on Instagram There is an old video of Aamir Khan before his debut movie Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak released in the year 1988 where he is promoting his own film. Back then there was no social media to run promotional campaigns and movies were actually promoted through advertisements of radio, TV and posters. So naturally there was a team of people putting posters on autos, billboards and walls to make sure people knew a film was releasing. Being a new actor, the guy left no stone unturned and actually took to Mumbai streets where he put posters on rickshaws and autos himself. View this post on Instagram The video also shows his co-star and actor Rajendranath Zutshi pasting posters all over the city. The video also had people going nostalgic on how cinema used to be and going to a movie used to be a big deal! © instagram Well, this was over 30 years ago and three decades later, his penchant for perfection has only increased! View the full article
  3. One of the growing trends that have emerged over the years among Bollywood stars is that your outfits must be impeccably styled at all times. Often, styling one's outfits depends on one's personality. While some like to choose quirky, statement-making outfits, others choose to keep things subtle. And then there are celebrities, who are big on sneaker trends and like to express themselves through OTT sneakers. Celebrities who come under this category include the likes of Ranveer Singh, Rajkummar Rao, and Shahid Kapoor. Another noteworthy celebrity from the category is Aparshakti Khurana , who has time and again proven that he clearly has the ability to relentlessly serve us with stellar looks, even amid the pandemic. This is commendable considering that even amid Unlock 5, the number of COVID-19 precautions that one has to follow while stepping out are countless. Yet, coming up with an inspiration-worthy outfit despite having a mask on definitely requires effort. Recently, Aparashakti was spotted wearing a rather unique outfit. Take a look at his outfit here: © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Aparashakti was wearing a vibrant and solid red sweatshirt along with a pair of faded black jeans. To complete the outfit, he wore a pair of Gucci's Rhyton sneakers with mouth print. © Viral Bhayani Take a look at the silhouette here: © gucci The sneaker silhouette is lip print with a drooling tongue on it. The sneaker is priced at 890 Dollars. This comes down to Rs 65,000. He is further wearing the Off-White mask that retails for 105 Dollars which comes down to Rs 7,700 approximately. Presently, the mask is out of stock. © Viral Bhayani Aparshakti's sneakers with the tongue sticking out of the mouth graphic are legitimately the most outlandish sneakers we've seen this year. View the full article
  4. Last year, Tiger Shroff was riding high, all thanks to the box office success that War was. Not only was this his highest-grossing film ever, raking in over Rs 500 crores from a number of avenues, it was also Indiaâs highest-grossing film. © Yash Raj Films Even his sense of style during the promotion of the film underwent a massive change. Remember the time when he wore a shirt with a meme printed on it, just to take a dig at his co-star? Well ever since then, there has been a notable change in the way he dresses, even for basic public appearances. © Viral Bhayani Whereas, earlier, Tigerâs sense of style was more of a fashion renegade, not really bothered by things such as fit and aesthetics, as during the launch, we saw Tiger embrace more militaristic colours and aesthetics. This included wearing cargos with huge technical pockets, camouflaged shirts and jackets, etc. © Viral Bhayani Well, it seems that this sense of style is something that Tiger is sticking to ardently. Having found a flair for himself in films that are jam-packed with action sequences that defy gravity, Tigerâs sense of style, just like his films, screams of adrenaline-fuelled action. © Viral Bhayani Tiger was seen promoting his upcoming film Baaghi 3 in an outfit that looked like it was straight out of a military boot camp. Tiger was seen wearing a basic, olive green jumper, which was paired with a rather dopey looking, technical cargos. The chunky pockets on the cargoes, combined with their thigh hugging fit, does look rather zany. © Viral Bhayani We particularly like the pair of basic, chunky white sneakers that Tiger has paired with the outfit. The white sneakers kinda look like those old, PT shoes that we had in our schools, but only chunkier. This somehow manages to add even more to the militaristic appeal of the outfit. © Viral Bhayani All in all, weâre really glad that Tiger now prefers a style that really compliments his well built, muscular physique. View the full article
  5. Tuxedos are expensive - not just in terms of money, but also towards the environment, considering how often, they require a lot of effort and exquisite materials to be made. With the award season just beginning to heat up, we can easily expect celebrities to walk down the red carpet in a number of exquisite and spectacular tuxedos and suits. © Reuters Well, it turns out, a lot of celebrities, barring Joaquin Phoenix. The actor who perhaps gave us the most nuanced and menacing portrayal of Batman's archnemesis, in Todd Phillip's Joker, whose endearing portrayal of Arther Fleck, in a way, redefined how we see antiheroes in films, has decided to stick to just one set of tuxedo. © Reuters This actually is a major break away from the tradition that celebrities have religiously followed of wearing something new and noteworthy for each award ceremony they attend. Stella McCartney, the British fashion designer who has designed and made the suit that Joaquin has chosen for this award season, put out a statement, which reveals why Joaquin has decided to take this route. © Reuters View this post on Instagram This man is a winner… wearing custom Stella because he chooses to make choices for the future of the planet and all of its creatures. He has also chosen to wear this same Tux for the entire award season to reduce waste. I am proud and honoured to join forces with you Joaquin, keep inspiring and keep shining your light x Stella⣠Joaquin Phoenix wins Best Actor at the 77th Golden Globe awards, wearing a custom #StellaMenswear Tuxedo.⣠. #JoaquinPhoenix⣠#StellaMcCartney⣠#GoldenGlobes #InStella A post shared by Stella McCartney (@stellamccartney) on Jan 6, 2020 at 3:09am PST “Joaquin chooses to make choices for the future of the planet and all of its creatures. Therefore, he has chosen to wear the same tux for the entire award season to reduce waste,” reads her Instagram post. Considering how most fashion houses are moving towards sustainability in a major way, this is actually a rather welcome step that honestly more celebrities should seriously consider. © Reuters Who would've thought that the planet would find a friend in the terminally unhinged Joker? © Warner Bros. Pictures As for the tuxedo itself, it is a rather classic affair. The silhouette is simplistic and yet, has a magnificent appeal. The shawled collar, with the single-breasted, single-button design, gives it a very contemporary appeal. © Instagram/goldenglobes With many critics having called Joaquin's portrayal of Arthur & the Joker, the best portrayal of DC's supervillain, ever, and considering the box office success that the film witnessed, it should be rather interesting to see how it fares during this awards season. View the full article
  6. Dieting is the most important or the most certain path to losing fat and getting in shape. For 90% of the people, it usually looks like this: Monday to Thursday - Diet Friday, Saturday - CHEAT days Sunday - I QUIT! If this is you, it is because your habits are not conducive to dieting. For long-term (yes, there are no shortcuts) and successful dieting, you need to develop habits that support your goal. Here are some habits you should develop if you want to get into the best shape of your life (and stay the same): 1. Track Your Nutrition © Wareable Everyone who successfully diets almost always track their nutrition. Be it through a calorie counting app, on spreadsheets, or even maintaining a journal. Tracking nutrition is not limited to accurately tracking calories and macros, it could be as simple as tracking portion sizes or even the foods that you eat. Because, to diet, you have to make some adjustments to your eating habits or routine. If you do not know what are you currently doing, how are you going to change things? It is the same as having a goal to have more savings but you do not really know where do you spend the money. Following a meal plan is easy and can work short-term but you cannot be dependent on a piece of paper to tell you what to eat all your life. 2. Do Not Fall For Fad Diets © Unsplash Every now and then, there will be a new trend that promises quick and effective results in a matter of days or weeks. These so-called magic diets do one of the following: a. Are not sustainable b. Are exclusive and restrict certain food groups altogether c. Are stupid d. Increase the risk of deficiencies and are unhealthy e. All of the above And all of them do not work in the long run. They will give you some short-term result but those results will be short-term as well, meh. The people who follow these fad diets, they have almost always followed four to five different fads in the past as well. There is a reason they are always looking for the next fad diet. 3. Moderation Is The Key © Unsplash Clean food vs. Dirty food is a foolish mentality to follow with your food and keeps you swinging in extremes. You are either here or there. And with that, you are severely restricting or outright binging. None of that is going to help you out. Instead, understand calories and eat the foods that you like in moderation. This will be a lot more pleasurable and your diet will be sustainable. And you really want that as I told before that if you are dieting and getting into shape is your goal, it is going to take longer than you may have expected. 4. There Is A Good Diet Vs A Bad Diet Good foods vs. Bad foods? Nah. That does not exist as you are not just going to eat one single food in your diet. Unless following a fad. If yes, read #2 again. But your diet can be good or bad considering the overall nutrition and the overall food choices you are making. And this is one of the outcomes of the extremities of IIFYM. Just because it fits your macros, does not mean you almost exclusively eat it. If you are exclusively eating junk, you will experience deficiencies, low energy, hunger, irritability, etc. Keep a majority of the foods in your diet to be whole, minimally processed and nutrient dense. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company and the founder of Mars Nutrition, a nutrition supplement company. Both his companies are geared towards providing you with the right information and products without any false or fake claims. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram.
  7. Taimur Ali Khan is an internet sensation, and why shouldn't he be? Little Taimur Ali Khan has become an internet sensation, and is that even surprising? It?s hard to resist gushing over his cuteness whenever his photos surface online. In his latest cuteness dose, the baby boy of Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan stuck out his tongue at the paparazzi snapping his photos on his day out. And he looked adorable, as always. Photo: India.com The toddler was wearing a bright yellow shirt and blue denims. Photo: India.com And, as always, the media couldn't resist clicking his photos. Photo: India.com The one-year-old, however, isn't shy at all. Photo: India.com In a recent interview, Saif Ali Khan shared that he understands why media is obsessed with his son. ?Taimur is rather delectable, so I don?t blame anyone. It?s a price he has to pay for it,? the actor said. Kareena, too, echoed Saif?s sentiments and said, ?My son is the gorgeous man on this side of the equator, in India technically.?
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