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Found 50 results

  1. One thing we know for sure about Rajkummar Rao is that he has not only limited his world to acting but is an explorer on the fashion front as well. Apart from his stellar performances, he has aced different trends with absolute panache. © Viral Bhayani It's not just his outfits that garner attention but Rajkummar's contemporary choices when it comes to his sneakers is unmissable. Recently, he made heads turn yet again wearing sneakers that looked like they were stolen from Super Mario. Here, take a look: © Viral Bhayani © Onitsuka Tiger © Onitsuka Tiger © Onitsuka Tiger The Stree actor is wearing sneakers by Onitsuka Tiger. These shoes have an updated feature of soft leather upper with a dual overlay of synthetic leather. Further, these sneakers have a streamlined silhouette with spiked rubber sole. The bold aesthetics of this one make them appear like they were inspired by Super Mario's colour palette. These sneakers do look like they have a heavy price tag but surprisingly they are available in India for Rs 11,000. These sneakers are also your best bet on the jogging track, btw! © Viral Bhayani As for the rest of his outfit, Rajkummar wore a funky sweatshirt with black pants. The outfit sure looks relaxed but his sneakers took it a notch higher. This is the definition of eccentric. Well done, Rajkummar.
  2. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas met at the Met Gala 2017, where their love story started off. Clearly, the occasion means a lot to them, and they just proved that, too, by turning up at the Met Gala 2019 in looks that have us shook. © Instagram While Priyanka wore an eccentric silver gown with a cape, Nick Jonas served us white magic in Dior, replete with a scarf that he held like an Indian dupatta (well why won't he, he did get married to a desi girl after all). © Instagram Priyanka's hairstyle reminded us of Albert Einstein to start with, but on closer inspection, we leaned more towards Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, with her crazy eye-makeup and the thorny crown. Nick, tbh, reminded us of an Indian Littlefinger. © Instagram The couple stuck to the theme with gutso, which was 'Camp: Notes on Fashion'. While 'campy' isn't something that essentially has a positive connotation in terms of fashion, when one embraces it, it can turn out pretty entertaining, to say the least. Exhibit A. © Instagram After Priyanka Chopra's famous khaki dress with an extra long cape that inspired a million memes, this one, we're predicting, will follow suit and set the internet on fire. And why shouldn't it, we ask! © Instagram All we can say is, we're in love with the couple's sartorial playfulness.
  3. 'Avengers: Endgame,' what a spectacle. If anyone tells you there's no way to end a 10+ year story with a single movie while giving everyone closure, just show them everything the MCU has done till date. But here, I'm not going to be talking about any of the countless other things in the movie, I'm going to be focused on just one person, Steve Rogers. If there is anyone in the world who deserved a happy ending, it was this guy. Okay, before I delve deeper into this here's your mandatory spoiler warning. If you haven't watched the movie yet, don't read ahead till you do. If you have watched it, you absolutely must read ahead. Also, I understand how important Tony Stark and Robert Downey Jr. have been to this franchise. It's just that, for me, Captain America has way more impact… Source: Marvel Studios Now with nothing to disturb me I can finally get down to business. Remember that little guy in 'Captain America: The First Avenger?' No no, remember the Human Torch from 'Fantastic Four?' Yeah, that guy made me cry with one of the most epic scenes in cinema I've ever witnessed. Everyone knows Captain America is perhaps the purest among the Avengers. But is he worthy of carrying Mjolnir? Hell yeah. Not just carrying, but using it like a freaking legend. Watching him channel the lightning like he's been doing it for years is an image that's been implanted in my brain and will probably never fade away. (At least not for a while. :p) While writing about it, I couldn't help but replay it in my head another 10 times. This music only helps make it better. There's just one huge problem. Now, you'll want to watch it again. I already have tickets for Saturday and Sunday too. But, what about you? If you can't get anything before next week, come back on Sunday. I'll have a complete breakdown of the movie out. You can live vicariously through me. It doesn't cost anything. Source: Marvel Studios Moving on, all eyes are on Iron Man and he may just be the focus of every single discussion around you but, for me, it's Captain America who had the greatest effect. Is he the strongest Avenger? No. Is he a big, green, unkillable giant? No. Does he understand Quantum Physics? No. Why him then? He's their leader. He's the First Avenger. He's the man everyone rallies behind. It was pretty clear when he was standing alone in front of Thanos and his army that this guy was not going to back down even when nothing was in his favour. Luckily for him, he had a lot of people backing him up when he needed them but he had no idea they were coming. Once they did, who better to say the two words everyone has been dying to hear, 'Avengers Assemble' that the ultimate Avenger? Source: Marvel Studios But forget everything else, when all is said and done. The one scene which has had the most impact on me in all my years of existence is when Captain America grabs hold of Mjolnir. It brought tears of joy to my eyes. Seeing such a powerful scene really made my day. Captain America, just a guy from Brooklyn, was found worthy by a mythical hammer created for the Gods. Boy was he worthy…
  4. Vicky Kaushal is making headlines every day and for good reason. Delivering great movies one after the other, he's no more the boy next door. He has arrived. From supporting roles to carrying his own films flawlessly, the actor has really evolved. © Instagram/amandeepkaur But aside from his stellar acting, and great performances the actor also has a relatable sense of style. It's the kind of style that is neither too experimental and nor too loud and yet it makes a statement and an impressive one at that. Unlike actors like Ranveer Singh and Aparshakti Khurana who rely on the element of shock value to express their sense of personality pulling off impossible things with stride, Vicky Kaushal stays conventional and hits the right notes of style pairing the best of everything together. © Instagram/amandeepkaur Case in point: for the Filmfare awards, Vicky Kaushal wore the classic bow tie with a tuxedo. The thing about something so classic and conventional is that anyone can easily go wrong with them. But not Vicky Kaushal. He added a classic pair of brogues by House Of Sunil Mehra with a surface that has the perfect balance of shine and ruggedness on it. The shoes were the star of this outfit. They lifted the outfit and took it to another level. Take a look: © Instagram/amandeepkaur Hands up if you too want to get shoes like Vicky Kaushal because we do.
  5. Marvel Cinematic Universe is full of incredible movies, of course, but it is also full of even more incredible bromances. The entire cast loves each other and their off-screen friendship does translate well on-screen. I feel like Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans have the most famous MCU bromance but two other actors are here to try and take the title, with a little bit Chris Hemsworth mixed in. Ever since the second trailer for 'Avengers: Endgame' dropped, everyone is talking about it and coming up with more and more theories about it. But, no one can deny that the biggest thing that stood out was Jeremy Renner's new snazzy hairstyle. Yep, Hawkeye's mohawk inspired a lot of memes and jokes online and it was all very well-deserved. I still stand by my original thought of him getting the hairstyle just because of the name. While we were coming up with more jokes, Mark Ruffalo decided to remind everyone who has the inspiration behind the mohawk. It's been 15 years since the release of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and 0 years since @renner4real stole my look ðð»‍âï¸ But I don't blame him. It's a good look. Stealing from the best. (Sorry again, @chrishemsworth. It's for a good cause.) pic.twitter.com/fngC1ddDXu — Mark Ruffalo (@MarkRuffalo) March 19, 2019 Yes, we don't blame him for stealing, after all Mark should be an inspiration to all of us. Are we getting another 'I see you've copied my beard scene' in Endgame? Please say yes, Marvel. Unrelated, but everyone needs to see this right now. This is what really happened hahahah pic.twitter.com/bGXxFiI0md — Gabyð¨ð± (@rockmeperfect) March 19, 2019 Coming back to Mark's tweet, actually Jeremy is not the only thief in the MCU since Mark himself recently stole something from none other that the God of Thunder. Thor's friend from work recently stole Mjölnir, for charity of course. Yes, Jeremy, we all are. Well @MarkRuffalo @chrishemsworth it appears as if we are all thieves in our own way ð https://t.co/LgyGM3Gi1z — Jeremy Renner (@Renner4Real) March 19, 2019 What are you doing with his pillow, Banner? Firstly, @MarkRuffalo if it's for charity then I'll forgive you. Secondly, you also stole my pillow...which was kinda weird. Are you auctioning that off as well or just for your personal use? https://t.co/QfpzJtKZjF — Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth) March 14, 2019 Okay, Jeremy is the real culprit here. Ah @chrishemsworth I grabbed that pillow brother and a toothbrush.... but for personal use. Thanks @MarkRuffalo for the distraction ð¤ð» — Jeremy Renner (@Renner4Real) March 14, 2019
  6. Former adult star Mia Khalifa broke a million hearts over the weekend when she announced her engagement to her long time boyfriend Robert Sandberg. View this post on Instagram Vi är förlovade!!!! ðð¤µð¼ð°ð½♥ï¸ #StockholmSyndrome #Trapped A post shared by Mia K. (@miakhalifa) on Mar 13, 2019 at 8:19pm PDT The Swedish chef hid her ring in a bowl of dried ingredients and when Mia started eating them, he had to stop her from almost finding the ring and proposed to her. View this post on Instagram Thank you a million times over for the entire team at @smythchicago for helping @robertsandberg propose ð­♥ï¸ this trip and dinner was supposed to celebrate him getting his visa! Robert has planted the seed so deep in my mind for so long that he hates restaurant proposals so I never, EVER, saw this coming. I love y'all so much! Thank you! @smythchicago @chefjohnshields @officialchrisgerber @richieribando @povdejackee #StockholmSyndrome A post shared by Mia K. (@miakhalifa) on Mar 14, 2019 at 10:04am PDT Mia got divorced in 2011 and has been dating Robert for around three years after they reportedly met at a restaurant. Robert has always been fascinated with cooking ever since he was a kid and he knew he wanted to be a chef.. View this post on Instagram My first attempt of blindfolded chopping and the first sign of me in a kitchen. I don't remember anything of it except that I cried so much from the onions and that the knife was so blunt that I could probably use a pair of skates for a better result. And I actually invented Saltbae of my generation. 22 years and a lot of tattoos later I'm healthy, im happy, I'm curious, I have perfect friends, I have a perfect healthy family, and I have the love of my life @miakhalifa â¤ï¸ And im doing exactly what I love to do everyday. Cooking, cleaning, eating and hopefully inspiring.ð #swag A post shared by Robert Sandberg (@robertsandberg) on Jan 14, 2019 at 11:39am PST Robert Sandberg is currently based in Los Angeles but he was previously working as a sous chef at Kong Hans Kaelder in Copenhagen. View this post on Instagram Photoshoot with @kentaur.dk today. For sure my type of jackets. #copenhagen A post shared by Robert Sandberg (@robertsandberg) on Sep 3, 2018 at 4:55am PDT Robert and Mia even have a YouTube channel together where they record their daily life in fun videos and travel experiences as well. The wedding date has not been announced yet but anyway, pretty sure most men are already heartbroken across the globe.
  7. We always just look at the bad things about being broke all the time, but here's a story about the pros of constantly not having money in your bank account. This incident about a robbery in China has the thief coming off as the good guy. What a rare moment! The entire thing was captured on the CCTV footage from ICBC Bank in city of Heyuan. In the video, a woman is withdrawing cash at an ATM when a man wielding a knife walks up to her and demands that she hand over the money. Naturally, she did because she was terrified and gives the robber 2500 yuan, which is approximately Rs 26,000. Then, the robber demands to see her bank balance but after seeing that her account is empty and the 2500 yuan were the last of her money, he has a change of heart. After handing back the money to her, he's seen walking away smiling. A robber with a conscience? Who would've thought! Even though he turned out to be a good person for a second there, he was still arrested, and actually rightly so. The video went viral on Chinese social media with a lot of people surprised at this act of kindness. It was shared on Twitter as well, and people came up with a lot of jokes. Well, technically speaking, he is. I'm amazed! robbers are humans!ððð — Sahil Rahman (@SahilRa92056158) March 11, 2019 Shots fired. This robber has more decency than the average Politician! — Golf*Oscar*Delta*Delta*Yankee (@big_goddy) March 11, 2019 Well, not exactly. Wow!!! thats GREAT. But i think this robber is related to #Robin Hood. — Eben - Ezer (@Eze_065) March 11, 2019 Have you ever been this broke? If i were the victim the robber might actually return the money.., with interest. https://t.co/UuttRkZAGU — BENROSLAN (@M_HarithRoslan) March 13, 2019
  8. Tencent is probably not happy about the state of PUBG Mobile in India, as the game has found itself in the news for all the wrong reasons. The negative stories around the game have been pilling up and it doesn't seem to be getting better as a new story has showed up online. © PUBG According to a new report, a 15-year-old boy in Jalandhar has apparently stolen Rs 50,000 from his father's account to spend on PUBG Mobile. The teenager, who's a student of class 10th, used the money to buy himself a gamepad to play the title. As for the rest of the money, he is said to have spent it on the game's cosmetic items like skins, weapons, etc. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The matter was brought to light when the father filed a complaint with the local police. As it turns out, the boy used his father's account to transfer money to his friend's Paytm account, which was later used to buy the items online. The boy has since confessed on the matter and even revealed that he had deleted all the OTPs and transaction texts to keep his father in the dark. The cyber cell ended up launching an investigation, but the father dropped all the charges after discovering that his son was behind the whole fiasco. No wonder PUBG Mobile has been receiving a lot of flak lately. It's incidents like these that puts the game in a weird spot. In case you don't know, the game was recently banned by the Rajkot Police, and the authorities might take the necessary actions against the players found playing it in the banned region. Source: Hindustantimes
  9. Amitabh Bachchan might be 76, but there is a reason the man is still recognized as a legend. And no, we're not even talking about his acting chops here. When someone consistently keeps up - scratch that, gives youngsters a run for their money when it comes to style and fashion, that too at the age of 76, he must be doing something right. Big B just reminded us that he's the OG style icon once again, at Akash Ambani's wedding reception. He wore a simple kurta pyjama, but accessorized that with the most regal stole we've ever seen. Take a look. © Viral Bhayani We're in love with that black, white, silver, and blue striped stole, adorned with elaborately embroidered silver birds. Take a closer look here. © Viral Bhayani However, the credit here apparently goes to daughter Shweta Bachchan, because she is the one who chose her dad's outfit for the function, as mentioned by Big B himself in a heartwarming Instagram post. "Daughters are the best .. !! especially when she chooses what the Father should wear !!" - he wrote. © Instagram/Amitabhbachchan View this post on Instagram A post shared by Viral Bhayani (@viralbhayani) on Mar 10, 2019 at 10:59am PDT We love the super relaxed vibe of the black kurta and ultra wide pyjamas. Whoever thinks style can't be effortlessly comfortable should learn a lesson right here. © Viral Bhayani Also, is it just us or Mr Bachchan's jawline looks incredible? Age clearly is affecting him like it affects wine! © Viral Bhayani All we can say is, Bravo, sir. Also, Shweta Bachchan probably should become a stylist because she clearly is a natural. *Claps*
  10. Another Ambani wedding is on, and Bollywood is ready. Now, we are used to seeing our Bollywood starlets kill it with their outfits at every wedding, yes, but when someone from outside challenges their supremacy and emerges victorious, that truly ends up being a moment worth noticing. Google CEO Mr Sundar Pichai just proved it right by wearing an outfit, that managed to steal the thunder of everyone else at the wedding, including the one and only Shah Rukh Khan. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Viral Bhayani (@viralbhayani) on Mar 9, 2019 at 4:35am PST Not that King Khan's outfit was any less regal, though, hell no. He wore a white sherwani with statement Pathani lowers, that was royal AF. Plus, he accessorized it well with a regal neckpiece. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Viral Bhayani (@viralbhayani) on Mar 9, 2019 at 4:19am PST Who can possibly top that, right? That is what we thought as well. Just look at him! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Viral Bhayani (@viralbhayani) on Mar 9, 2019 at 4:30am PST However, enter the Google CEO, with his 'Sundar' sherwani. (see what we did there?) View this post on Instagram A post shared by Viral Bhayani (@viralbhayani) on Mar 9, 2019 at 4:10am PST I mean, what?! Is that Sundar Pichai, the always underdressed CEO of Google? Look at his shimmery swag in that silver Sherwani! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Viral Bhayani (@viralbhayani) on Mar 9, 2019 at 4:34am PST We are in love with the layered aesthetic of that silk kurta pyjama with that opulent sherwani. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani All we can say is, we're shook.
  11. It's that time of the year again, folks. The 61st Academy Awards, also known as the legendary Oscars, was held and the best in the business showed up in all their glory. While it's hard for men to compete with the glitz and the glamour that the ladies bring to the red carpet, they're not so far behind. From head-to-toe velvet to sequin trains, the red carpet had it all. The event has a black tie dress code, leaving lesser room for experiment. While there were a few classic tuxedos, a few edgier outfits also grabbed the spotlight this year. Here's our list of the 10 best dressed men at the Oscars 2019: 1. Jason Momoa © Getty Images Wearing a pink velvet suit designed by the late Karl Lagerfeld for Fendi, Jason Momoa looked classy AF. No one does it like Aquaman! 2. Chris Evans © Getty Images Cap wore a light blue velvet dinner jacket by Salvatore Ferragamo to the award show. Who else pulls off blue better than Captain America himself anyway? 3. Chadwick Boseman © Getty Images The Black Panther himself wore a black sequin jacket by Givenchy with a train and Bulgari jewelry. We're team Chadwick forever, just like Wakanda. 4. Billy Porter © Getty Images Actor Billy Porter wore a custom tuxedo gown by Christian Siriano and looked fabulous. It's 2019 and gender fluid clothing is definitely here to stay. 5. Michael B. Jordan © Getty Images Michael B. Jordan looked fine as hell in a midnight blue velvet dinner jacket by Tom Ford. Now that's the 'Creed' we believe in. 6. Paul Rudd © Getty Images Paul Rudd looked downright classy in a blue Canali suit with a bowtie. Never underestimate the power of blue, Ant-Man would agree. 7. Henry Golding © Getty Images The 'Crazy Rich Asians' star showed up in a custom Ralph Lauren Purple Label tuxedo. He opted for a white bowtie instead of a classic black one and made the look understated yet edgy. 8. Nicholas Hoult © Getty Images Nicholas Hoult looks chic in an asymmetric all-black Dior Homme outfit. The striking jacket has asymmetric pleat detailing which is a refreshing change to a classic tuxedo we didn't know we needed. 9. David Oyelowo © Getty Images Jewel tones never did anyone wrong. David Oyelowo rocks an all velvet green tuxedo by Etro at the red carpet and 'be-dazzled' everyone. 10. Bradley Cooper © Getty Images All things aside, a classic tuxedo is a fail-safe red carpet stunner. Bradley Cooper looked dapper in custom Tom Ford tuxedo. We're still in this look's 'Hangover' (excuse the puns please). Congratulations to all the award winners and these men who blessed our eyes with their style!
  12. Huawei has been churning out some spectacular devices in the past year which resulted in the Chinese company becoming the world's second-largest smartphone brand by market share. Recently, Samsung announced its latest flagship smartphone that impressed the world. However, one big caveat of the smartphone is its thickness when folded. Huawei may have come up with a solution and out-engineered the South Korean giant with a more practical foldable smartphone. It's called the Huawei Mate X and it was unveiled over the weekend ahead of Mobile World Congress (MWC). The smartphone trumps Samsung's fold in a lot of ways, for example, it has a better screen-to-body ratio. The Huawei Mate X has an 8-inch OLED display that basically folds at the centre and becomes a smaller smartphone with a screen on the back and the front. Samsung's Fold may look exciting, however, it has a cut out on its display when unfolded and has bigger bezels. © Reuters As we mentioned before, the Samsung Fold is not exactly a sleek smartphone that can fit right into your pocket. However, Huawei has made a foldable smartphone that's thinner when folded i.e. 11mm. That's 6mm thinner than Samsung's Fold making it easier to carry around. When it comes to different sizes when using different screens for different purposes, here's how the Mate X's display will work: â 6.6-inch (19.5:9 aspect ratio, 2480 x 1148 resolution) main display, when folded. â 6.4-inch (25:9, 2480 x 892) rear display, when folded. â 8-inch (8:7.1, 2480 x 2200) main display, when unfolded. When a smartphone has a massive screen when opened, it also needs a massive battery to power it for a long duration. The Mate X comes with a 4,500 mAh battery and can charge at 55W. That's getting an 85% charge in half an hour. When it comes to processing power, the Mate X is powered by the Kirin 980 chipset that is also present on the Mate 20 Pro and Honor View 20. It's coupled with Huawei's latest 5G modem and has peak download speeds of 4.6Gbps. That's double of what Qualcomm's n X50 5G chipset can achieve on the Samsung Galaxy Fold. © Huawei The Mate X comes with a quad camera setup however Huawei hasn't detailed much about them apart from the fact that it is "at par” with the Mate 20 Pro. The Mate 20 Pro was one of the best smartphones for mobile photography last year and is amongst the top Android smartphones of 2018. The Huawei Mate X has a lot going on that also demands a huge price tag. It's priced at 2,300 euros, which is roughly Rs 1,85,300 and is quite more expensive than Samsung's Galaxy Fold. It's expected to be available around June or July in select markets and we aren't sure if we will get to see Mate X launch in India until 5G networks take off.
  13. The Oscars this year was an interesting blend of glamour and glitz with some surprise wins, some well-deserved wins, and some power-packed performances which took our breath away (you're living under a rock if you still haven't watched Lady Gaga perform with Bradley Cooper today on TV). However, since these good looking people always dress to kill, we decided to do our own little round up of the best-dressed and the most gorgeous women, who shined bright like diamonds on the red carpet today. 1. Emilia Clarke- The mother of dragons shone brighter than the Sun as she walked down the red carpet and stole our hearts. Our Khaleesi has arrived! #GameOfThrones star @emiliaclarke is presenting tonight at the #Oscars! https://t.co/4VoixgNX2q pic.twitter.com/IFfMMc76N8 — ExtraTV (@extratv) February 24, 2019 2. Lady Gaga- Even before she won the Oscar, we could help but see the beautiful woman radiate confidence like a true winner. © Reuters 3. Brie Larson- Captain Marvel looked absolutely marvellous tonight. © Reuters 4. Emma Stone- Even though she was not a contender this year, that look is that of a winner. Stone looked simply radiant tonight on the red carpet. © Reuters Emma Stone's #Oscars look is already a #Favourite https://t.co/9VpkivxV3z pic.twitter.com/r8wQ0xZj0F — Variety (@Variety) February 25, 2019 5. Charlize Theron- Charlize left us gasping for air as she looked like she brought down the whole sky, walking on the red carpet looking like something out of our dreams. © Reuters 6. Jennifer Lopez- JLO has a secret behind that radiance, which we will probably never know about. Shining like a disco ball, she looked like a groovy diva. © Reuters 7. Constance Wu- The 'Crazy Rich Asians' star can make a sunflower look pale with her charm. © Reuters Who do you think owned the red carpet this year, let us know in the comments section.
  14. WWE wrestlers are expected to come up (or borrow) a particular move that is considered to be their 'signature move', so to speak. This manoeuvre should not only look dangerous and painful for their opponents but ideally, should also add to the kayfabe character of the particular wrestler. Take for example the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels' 'Sweet Chin Music' which was basically a direct kick to the jaw of the opponent. It was quick, unpredictable, appeared to be powerful enough and most importantly, it looked good, just what Michaels' character would want his finisher to be. Through the decades of WWE, we have come across many of these iconic moves that, let's be honest, we all have tried on our siblings. What a lot of people couldn't have fathomed was the fact that some of these moves, which not only seemed painful to watch, are very dangerous in reality and can knock your opponent out instantly or make them submit within seconds of engaging. Here's the list of the top four times, MMA fighters used WWE moves in real-life: 1. Jonno Mears against Aaron Jones - Chris Jericho's Walls Of Jericho: It felt as if Mears was on a dare as he was going for the legs ever since the beginning of the fight. When he was able to get a hold of Aaron Jones' legs, his instant reaction was to go for the Boston Crab, made famous by WWE's Y2K, Chris Jericho himself! Here's his version of the move: 2. Quinton Jackson against Ricardo Arona - Batista's Batista Bomb: Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson found himself halfway in a Triangle Choke in a bout versus Ricardo Arona. His quick thinking combined with his supernatural core strength led Jackson to counter the hold with an outrageous Power Bomb. Although not as dramatic, Jackson's move was obviously inspired by Batista's finisher, the Batista Bomb: 3. Alan Belcher vs. Patrick Cote - The Undertaker's Tombstone Piledriver: While not as clean, Belcher's version of The Undertaker's Piledriver was equally impactful. In a match against Patrick Cote, the then 25-year-old decided to lift Cote upside down before slamming him on his head. The crowd's reaction says it all: The Deadman's version is a lot more creepy though: 4. Cat Zingano vs. Amanda Nunes - Randy Orton's DDT Channelling her inner 'Viper', the American MMA fighter, Cat Zingano performed a DDT on UFC then-bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes as she locked her head and drove it to the mat. Cat's WWE inspired move also led to her winning the title later that evening. Randy Orton's DDT is a little different (and a lot more innovative) though:
  15. If you've watched 'Gully Boy' then you already know who we are talking about and in case you haven't watched the superb movie yet, chances are that you've surely heard this name and how his acting is rock solid in the movie. We are referring to actor Siddhant Chaturvedi who played the role of MC Sher in 'Gully Boy' and is now winning hearts everywhere. View this post on Instagram Rap = Poetry + Rhythm. #GullyBoy dialogue promo out now. @ritesh_sid @zoieakhtar @faroutakhtar @excelmovies @tigerbabyindia @ranveersingh @aliaabhatt @siddhantchaturvedi @kalkikanmani @zeemusiccompany #GullyBoy A post shared by Siddhant Chaturvedi (@siddhantchaturvedi) on Feb 5, 2019 at 3:06am PST MC Sher introduces Murad (played by Ranveer) and paves his way into the world of rapping and Hip hop in the movie. The 25-year-old actor hails from UP and was born to a CA father and a homemaker mother. View this post on Instagram Aane de picture Parde pe Sattar (70mm) Gully se Global Saare mere shooter ! . #14thFeb #Gullyboy A post shared by Siddhant Chaturvedi (@siddhantchaturvedi) on Jan 21, 2019 at 1:04am PST View this post on Instagram It's a Dhoop and Hope filled day. Meanwhile, Jaadoo dabs on a distant celestial rock. . . PC @bambaiya_clicks A post shared by Siddhant Chaturvedi (@siddhantchaturvedi) on Jan 23, 2019 at 9:36pm PST Acting was not his first choice but once the bug bit him, he knew he had to pursue this newfound passion. His break came in the form of a web series called 'Life Sahi Hai' which was helmed by director Luv Ranjan. He even starred in a few big brand advertisements and is also trained in Parkour and martial arts. View this post on Instagram Mast baharon ka main Aashiq! . . .ð·@bambaiya_clicks A post shared by Siddhant Chaturvedi (@siddhantchaturvedi) on Jun 21, 2018 at 6:22am PDT He eventually became a part of Amazon's 'Inside Edge' a show that was also nominated for an Emmy and during a success party, almost like a scripted serendipity, he was discovered by Zoya Akhtar who asked him to auition for 'Gully Boy'. Rest, as we know, is history for Siddhant. View this post on Instagram #MereGullyMein out now @ritesh_sid #ZoyaAkhtar @FarOutAkhtar @excelmovies @tigerbabyindia @RanveerOfficial @aliaa08 @SiddhantChturvD @kalkikanmani @kagtireema @ZeeMusicCompany @VivianDivine @NaezyTheBaA @ankurtewari @sezonthebeat Nachaya Machaya- @boscomartis A post shared by Siddhant Chaturvedi (@siddhantchaturvedi) on Jan 21, 2019 at 9:13pm PST View this post on Instagram Off camera toh ye the Mere Sher! Aur asli mein bhi - “Mere bhai jaisa koi hardich nahi hai” @ranveersingh ð A post shared by Siddhant Chaturvedi (@siddhantchaturvedi) on Feb 14, 2019 at 10:10pm PST While we are excited to see what projects await him, until then all we can say is that 'bhai jaisa koi hardich nahi hai'.
  16. When you have Beyonce perform at the pre-wedding ceremony, one can only wonder what the actual wedding will entail. Clearly, the whole of Bollywood was wondering the same thing when they attended the wedding, and boy did they 'dress'! Everyone put their best foot forward, but two gentlemen who stole everyone's thunder were Shah Rukh Khan and Suniel Shetty. Why, you ask? They brought back the incredibly underrated and most ignored item of Indian ethnic menswear - the good ol' Dhoti. Take a look! © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Both of them wore white dhotis and paired them with black achkans. While Suniel wore a classy, basic achkan with black buttons, SRK went ahead and wore one with golden buttons, replete with a rich maroon pocket square. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani The dhoti is one of the most comfortable and regal looking outfits ever, but it's been a while we saw a celebrity embrace it in all its royal glory, before these two men here did it with the utmost class. Don't they look phenomenal? © Viral Bhayani View this post on Instagram A post shared by Viral Bhayani (@viralbhayani) on Dec 12, 2018 at 11:57am PST View this post on Instagram A post shared by Viral Bhayani (@viralbhayani) on Dec 13, 2018 at 1:55am PST
  17. First of all, let's congratulate Isha Ambani, daughter of Asia's most powerful man Mukesh Ambani, for her wedding to Anand Piramal, that took place at the Ambani's Mumbai residence, Antilia. View this post on Instagram Ø£ÙÙÙت ÙÙ #اÙÙÙد Ùراس٠اÙزÙا٠اÙرسÙÙØ© ÙÙعرÙس #Ø¥Ùشا ابÙØ© أغÙ٠رج٠Ù٠اÙÙÙد #ÙÙÙÙØ´_Ø£ÙبÙÙÙØ Ùرج٠اÙأعÙا٠#Ø£ÙاÙد_بÙراÙا٠ÙÙ Ø­Ù٠أسطÙر٠ÙبحضÙر Ø£Ùا٠ÙجÙ٠اÙÙÙ ÙاÙسÙاسة ÙاÙأعÙا٠ÙÙ ÙختÙ٠أÙحاء اÙعاÙÙ Ø­ÙØ« ت٠تأÙÙÙ Ùح٠١٠٠طائرة ÙحضÙرÙÙ ÙÙ Ø­ÙÙ ÙاÙت Ùصادر ÙØ·Ùعة أ٠تÙÙÙØ© اÙزÙا٠اÙذ٠اÙتد Ù¥ Ø£Ùا٠ÙصÙت Ù¡Ù Ù ÙÙÙÙ٠دÙÙار. #سÙدت٠#sayidaty #india #anandpiramal #ishaambani A post shared by ÙجÙØ© سÙدت٠(@sayidatynet) on Dec 12, 2018 at 11:49pm PST After DeepVeer ki Shaadi and Priyanka-Nick's wedding, celebrities (and everyone who was stalking them on social media) geared up to attend the 'biggest wedding of the year' that took place on December 12. © viral bhayani We're not talking about Kapil Sharma's wedding. Congratulations to Kapil Sharma though. We're talking about the Antilia wedding, that was attended by every influential person you can possibly think of, including Hillary Clinton. © viral bhayani And just like every party (including their own wedding festivities), Deepika and Ranveer slayed at this one like it was nobody's god damn business. Right from the time they came back from Italy to their 345678th reception pictures, Ranveer and Deepika's fashion sense is as strong as the punches he packs in his upcoming movie 'Simmba'. The Ambani wedding wasn't any different either. © instagram They are truly giving major fashion goals to everyone and looks like Deepika has finally tamed the fashion monster in Ranveer. View this post on Instagram They almost got hit by a car! Just watch Ranveer and Jalal's reactionsð one side is brother can give her life for her and one side is her husband who already gave a life to her ð­â¤ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #deepikapadukone #deepika #deepu #dp #deepikaheartbeat @deepikapadukone @shaleenanathani ____________________________________________ #bollywood #Hollywood #padmavati #deepy #omshantiom #piku #yejawanihedeewani #ranveersingh #deepikaheaven #bajiraomastani #ramleela #ranveer #deepveer #ranveersingg #deepika #deepu #deepikabeautiful #Tamasha #gainfollowers #gainlikes #gainviews A post shared by ð Deepika's heartbeat ð (@deepika.heartbeat) on Dec 12, 2018 at 8:58pm PST The trio, Ranveer-Deepika-her ek chutki sindoor, looked ravishing as they complemented each other in colour co-ordinated outfits. From Ranveer going all out to protect Deepika from a car that almost touched her to the couple looking at each other romantically, it was their love and their sizzling chemistry that won people's hearts.
  18. One mega wedding just got over, and another one is happening right now as you read it. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are getting married right now, but the DeepVeer Saga still continues, and how! Today is the last leg of the celebrations, where the entire film fraternity of Mumbai is joining them. Of course, given how the power couple has been killing it in the pictues so far, people were curious about their look today, more than the previous occasions. The pictures are finally out, and boy, are they insane! Take a look. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on Dec 1, 2018 at 7:46am PST After going the desi way for all the other functions, they finally chose to let their wild side loose, and it surely is a sight to behold! Ranveer's black complements Deepika's devil red in ways we can't even comprehend! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Viral Bhayani (@viralbhayani) on Dec 1, 2018 at 8:02am PST View this post on Instagram A post shared by Viral Bhayani (@viralbhayani) on Dec 1, 2018 at 8:05am PST View this post on Instagram A post shared by Viral Bhayani (@viralbhayani) on Dec 1, 2018 at 8:03am PST View this post on Instagram A post shared by Viral Bhayani (@viralbhayani) on Dec 1, 2018 at 8:08am PST We are speechless. We truly are.
  19. Just like everything else, Chinese companies try to copy or steal ideas from innovative companies and sell it as their own. Of course, there are a few exceptions to the rule however in a new scandal, Chinese hackers and spies were caught by U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) for stealing confidential aircraft technology from American and French companies. According to the indictment, the two accused were Chinese intelligence officers. © YouTube We've already seen Chinese companies lifting ideas, technology and designs in other products such as smartphones, earphones and even cars; however, this is the first time Chinese intelligence officers have been caught stealing information. According to DOJ, that from January 2010 until May 2015, the officers and their teams attempted to hack and steal tech related to a new turbofan engine. Stealing the information would enable Chinese companies (public and private) to copy and build similar jet engines. Stealing of this information would prevent the Chinese from investing a lot of money into research and development. During the time of the hacks, a government-owned aerospace company was working to develop a comparable engine. © Pexels The Chinese hackers targeted firms like Capstone Turbine, French company Safran SA, that co-develops engines with U.S.-based General Electric and other companies in Arizona, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Oregon, and the United Kingdom. The packers used techniques such as phishing schemes, domain hijacking, and using the companies' own websites to steal visitor information. The two accused were employed by the French company and used their position to install the Sakula remote access trojan onto their systems. "State-sponsored hacking is a direct threat to our national security," said U.S. Attorney Adam Braverman. "The concerted effort to steal, rather than simply purchase, commercially available products should offend every company that invests talent, energy, and shareholder money into the development of products.” Seems like Chinese entities can't help themselves from stealing information and ideas rather than investing in research and development. Earlier this month, Yanjun Xu, a spy for the Chinese ministry of state security, was arrested for economic espionage and attempting to steal trade secrets from US aviation and aerospace companies. Source: Engadget
  20. When we said that Akshay Kumar and Ranveer Singh can single-handedly bring the whole house down, we weren't wrong and last night's episode just proved the same. The energy, craziness and the madness that Ranveer and Akshay brought to the table (in this case, couch) was unparalleled and something we love them for. © Star World The audience, including us, loved and thoroughly enjoyed watching these 'Desi' boys do their thing. But, for all those who missed out on this fun episode, we're here to give you a recap of everything that happened on the show. Their Kickass Entry If you're a fan of Kapil Sharma show, they you must have already seen Akshay Kumar's quirky entry in one of the episodes. This one wasn't different either and coupled with Ranveer Singh, the madness just multiplied. How is it even an entry, if you don't dance on the song 'Bholi Bhali Ladki' and make Karan dance as well. In fact, instead of sitting on the couch, the two go and sit on top of it. .@akshaykumar and @ranveerofficial channel their 90s dance moves on #KoffeeWithKaran!#KoffeeWithAkshay #KoffeeWithRanveer pic.twitter.com/lEotHp5psf — Star World (@StarWorldIndia) October 28, 2018 Ranveer & Akshay Both In Awe Of Deepika While this episode was supposed to be about the two 'Desi Boys', it turned out to be more about Deepika Padukone. Be it calling Deepika the hottest actress (after Twinkle) to giving her the credit and saying 'hats off' for tolerating Ranveer, Akshay was all praises for Deepika. And Ranveer too called her his 'hummingbird'. View this post on Instagram Koffee, Komedy, and loads of Krazy. Join the laughter riot as @akshaykumar and @ranveersingh take over the koffee couch this Sunday. #KoffeeWithKaran #KoffeeWithRanveer #KoffeeWithAkshay @hotstar A post shared by Star World (@starworldindia) on Oct 22, 2018 at 11:00pm PDT Ranveer Calls Taimur Ali Khan His 'Budhape Ka Sahara' Just like millions of other people, Ranveer too is obsessed with the youngest Nawab from the Pataudi family. In the episode, when asked which of the 'Khans' he wants to work with, he confessed that he is a big fan of Taimur Ali Khan and wants to play his father in a movie and called him his "budhape ka sahara". Well, Deepika too confessed in the first episode that looking at Taimur's pictures is her guilty pleasure. © Star World Akshay Speaks About Ranveer Dancing At Every Party In the show, Karan and Akshay take a dig at Ranveer for dancing at any and every party he attends and being the last one to leave. In fact, Ranveer too jokingly adds that no matter the occasion - birthday, wedding or mundan - he will dance because he doesn't like money getting wasted. Now that he is getting married, we wonder who will steal that crown from him. No wonder @akshaykumar is always laughing his way from the Box Office to the bank! #KoffeeWithKaran #KoffeeWithAkshay #KoffeeWithRanveer pic.twitter.com/y8ON8o7RZB — Star World (@StarWorldIndia) October 28, 2018 Ranveer Singh Has The Perfect Tinder Bio For Arjun Kapoor "I'm hung like a haathi. Swipe right if you dare." We did not say this, it's the Tinder bio that Ranveer Singh gave for Arjun Kapoor on the show. No one does wedding parties like @ranveerofficial! #KoffeeWithRanveer #KoffeeWithKaran pic.twitter.com/QNCxabMoCX — Star World (@StarWorldIndia) October 28, 2018 Ranveer Wants To Work In 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai 2' While Karan tried to make things awkward between Deepika and Alia by bringing up Ranbir Kapoor in the conversation, Ranveer went a step ahead and said that he wants to do a film with him. And not just any film, but sequel of 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai' with Alia, Deepika and Ranbir. Can we see this happening anytime soon Karan? © Star World Ranveer and Akshay's Worst Habits Akshay and Ranveer revealed their worst habits as well, which we guess is a universal thing that every husband and boyfriend will relate to. While Ranveer said, "I'm never on time and I got to work on my punctuality"; Akshay said he is a sports buff and at times does not pay enough attention to his wife Twinkle Khanna. .@akshaykumar & @ranveerofficial answer the most voted question on the Google poll. We wonder what @mrsfunnybones & @deepikapadukone have to say! #KoffeeWithKaran #KoffeeWithAkshay #KoffeeWithRanveer pic.twitter.com/rs4OwbLW6f — Star World (@StarWorldIndia) October 28, 2018
  21. Durga Puja celebrations are in full swing, and Bollywood has been revelling in the festivities like there is no tomorrow. From Varun Dhawan to Kajol, everyone has been offering their prayers and joining the customary 'pandal-hopping'. Here is a glimpse. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani However, one celebrity who has bowled us over with her special way of celebrating, is Sushmita Sen. Bringing out the inner Bengali in her, Sush decided to perform a kickass traditional 'Dhunuchi Naach' with her daughter. Sush clearly knows how to do it in style. Take a look. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Sushmita Sen (@sushmitasen47) on Oct 16, 2018 at 7:42pm PDT All we can say is, 'Dugga, dugga!'
  22. Though nothing can beat the Anushka memes when it comes to the promotions (a happy accident, this one) of 'Sui Dhaaga', homeboy Varun Dhawan isn't taking any chances. He has been going all out - right from wearing tri-coloured T-shirts that say 'Made In India' to showing off his sewing skills in reality TV shows, Varun clearly is as dedicated as 'Mauji' is. Probably that's why he got himself a super hypebeast-y jersey (or is that a delightful spin on the longline T-shirt?) that says 'Mauji'? © Viral Bhayani The red and white jersey with black detailing is exactly the kind of playful number that new age streetstyle is all about. It fits the streets, the ramp, as well as the football field. © Viral Bhayani However, what stole our focus away from the 'Mauji' jersey were the shoes he is wearing. Varun is sporting a pair of edgy black studded boots from Givenchy. The statement high tops are a pair that are totally capable of stealing the thunder of all other pairs around it. Take a look. © Instagram Along with the boots, his black ribbed leather finish pants from Balmain are just the kind of pants that go with an outfit as statement as the one he's wearing. Let's just say his stylists Priyanka and Kazim of 'The Vainglorious' really know how to pull all the stops out. © Viral Bhayani All we can say is that we're loving the quirk Varun is bringing along with all his outfits these days. Well done!
  23. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Truer words probably don't exist, when it comes to Bollywood and fashion. Just one candid picture of our favourite celebrity is enough for us to gauge their lifestyle (and at times, an idea about their bank balance). For example, here is a picture of Karan Johar and Varun Dhawan saying goodbye to each other - a seemingly ordinary picture that just happens to include famous people. But no, it says more. For fashion enthusiasts, this one picture is enough to form an opinion about the current fashion phase they are going through - not to mention their favourite brands and the aesthetic they have decided to embrace. Take a look before we analyse. © Viral Bhayani Now, we know how KJo has evolved into a cut-throat fashionista - the kind that serves oodles of 'fashion-inspo' (they don't use the word 'inspiration' these days, we've been told) even on an off-day. No, KJo legit is a walking, talking 'know-your-brand' diary. All a fashion student needs for a substantial amount of brand GK is follow him around for a weeks, and they should be all set. This picture is no different. Just take a careful look at what he's wearing. © Viral Bhayani © Farfetch Karan is wearing the Balenciaga Triple S White 2018 Reissue Sneakers. (Trivia: They cost around Rs 55,000.) Not surprising, because anyone who keeps a track of his outfits knows his love for this particular breed of sneakers, and rightfully so, as they are pretty much enough to give any other pair tough competition - bar what homeboy Varun Dhawan was wearing. © Viral Bhayani Varun is wearing the classic Nike Air Jordan 1s, but in a rare University Blue edition. We all know how they are Ranbir's favourite, but Mr Kapoor has always been partial to the Off-White versions. So, Varun's upgrade was rather impressive - as perhaps Air J's are the only breed of sneakers that are capable of stealing the limelight away from a pair of Triple S's (in spite of the price difference). © Farfetch Just as our verdict was almost ready in favour of Varun, KJo turned around and showed his backpack. Let's just say he turned the game around too right at that instant. He's carrying the black 'Everyday' backpack by Balenciaga, which is a super sophisticated yet playful piece that is extremely versatile. It costs around INR 1.2 Lakhs. © Viral Bhayani © Farfetch Just like KJo made Poo say it out loud in his movie, all we're thinking at this point is: "Not fair!"
  24. Singaporean authorities say the theft is the city state's biggest data breach to date. Photo: AFP file SINGAPORE: Hackers have stolen health records belonging to 1.5 million Singaporeans, including Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong who was...
  25. An ex-Apple engineer on Monday was charged with stealing secrets from a hush-hush self-driving car technology project days before he quit to go to a Chinese startup. Phto: file SAN FRANCISCO: An ex-Apple engineer on Monday was charged with...
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